Sunday, July 03, 2016


Well, drop dead or should I write thanks for today's commentary

So a few days ago I received a response from a fellow social net-worker, which got me thinking. I mean at first I was so angry I wanted to scream, and, let's just say my response back wasn't very nice. And then I happily blocked him, hoping I never have to deal with the fool again.
But later as I was taking a shower it was as if a thunderbolt struck me. When I realized that his comment helped me come up with today's bit of word play.
You see I had commented, that Hillary had been exonerated  by the results of the committees finding. Well this person compared Hillary Clinton's exoneration to when President Ford pardoned NixonBasically comparing her to whom I consider to be one of worst felons who ever became our President. You can say many things about our next President, fingers crossed, but never compare her to Richard Millhous Nixon, at least to me. I'm sorry that's going a bit too far even if you're a mentally deranged Drumpf follower. Yes, I was the one in the stands at Yankee Stadium that booed the man whenever I saw him in the stands, or when they announced the 'great' man's appearance at a game. As if he wasn't the President who resigned in disgrace. Sorry not while the Democrat is in the house.
But that got me thinking, the way I look at Trump, is how all these accusers feel about Hillary. I mean, I simply don't get how anyone with working brain, could even consider the man. Of course I could say that about at least a half dozen to all the other Republicans, and even a few Democrats as well.  And don't get me started on the phony religious zealots who preach the word of God as holier they thou and do every thing they can to showcase they are actually the Devil in disguise. Look at Trey Gowdy, look at Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Governor Sam BrownbackGovernor Rick Scott, or Governor Scott Walker just to name some of the worst offenders.
Maybe its like the book, Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain. Showcasing that there are simply two types of people. Perhaps my type of person, is one side of the brain, and the haters are the other. But I can not believe its that simple. 
And now, its seems after seemingly Bill Clinton spoiled a perfectly great week for Hillary, with his airport rendez-vouz with Loretta Lynch, just before she finally met with the FBI, it looks like there will be no charges against her for her "unlawful" online server. Phew.  
And of course so far that is all perception by the talking heads, so as I write this her freedom is still in doubt in FOX Faux News land. Its really amazing listening to the haters  describe her, even after whatever conspiracy is thrown at her, and she again gets exonerated, they still won't listen to reality. Ever since the committee, released their findings, which found nothing… again. And sadly Bill, put his foot again in his mouth, met with the Attorney General, its been non-stop conspiracies, again. They are still throwing everything at Hillary again, cause its turning out that everything they hoped they would have, has turned out to be, well nothing but made up conspiracies and gossip. 
One would think that they could attack her for things she actually did or didn't do, as opposed to throwing out the same old bull. One would think that would realize by now, that the American people, are all sheep, and if they actually want town the election doing the same thing over and over only makes them seem like broken records. Kind of like Marco Rubio did during the debate they ruined his chances, that is if he really every had one. 
But comparing her to Nixon, because I used the word exoneration to describe her well, exoneration from seemingly a future firing squad, electric chair or Donald's personal favorite water boarding is pushing it. I mean, its enough when Drumpf calls her crooked, or worse, but Nixon… now that's fight words.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, July 3, 2016 

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