Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Just as my worst nightmares were coming true the voices of reason spoke up and my fears changed into happiness and my frown was turned upside down.

Well that was exhausting, I woke up yesterday to discover that the Democratic party, was imploding right in front my eyes. All the news outlets were gleefully discussing the days big events as earth-shattering news. And the worst part of all of it was Donald J. Trump practically drooling discussing the issues of the DNC. And honestly as I saw the thousands of people seemingly booing Hillary Clinton inside the arena for the first time in the entire campaign it felt like Donald J. Trump could actually win this election. I hadn't felt that once during the RNC, but as the day went on, it seemed all Hell had broken loose as the fans of Bernie Sanders seemed to turn on their leader. Sorry 'they' were saying, we don't care what he wants anymore, its all about us. Seems the newest members of the fraternity of voters in America aren't concerned who gets elected, as long as its the person they want to elect. No thoughts of the ramifications of what will happen if Donald wins, in fact they don't seem to know or understand either nominee's policies or platforms. All they care about is voting for Bernie, because he's their guy. I get it, but it is like banging your head against the wall when you listen to them explain their reasons for not voting for Hillary, even after Bernie said to.
That said, once the convention really got under way, after some rough waters early in the day, the mood in the arena began to rise. Even with several attempts by a small but very vocal group of Bernie supporters trying to spoil opening night, it pretty much was smooth sailing for most of the evening. And unlike the Republican National Convention not a single seat was empty, except for when the entire arena were giving standing ovations on multiple occasions.
For me watching the first night's event, is such a stark contrast to any of the evenings at the Republican National Convention. And talk about speakers, last night, one by one, celebrity and politician, citizen, both illegal and American each came out and hit it out the park. Even the entertainment was miles above what the Republicans had showcased. I mean the songs they performed were perfect, even the theme music made sense. Maybe Donald J. Trump should have let somebody else run the show? Or better yet, maybe they should have chosen a different candidate, or at least a better DJ. And for some reason, I don't think any of the musicians they played yesterday will be threatening to sue Hilary because the DNC used it. 
During the evenings telecast, I changed the channel a few times just to see how the coverage was, or sometimes if there was either a commercial or I noticed someone was on the stage talking, but the talking heads were ignoring them. And not surprisingly each channels talking points pretty much went the usual way you would figure. The Fox channels, were discussing the tension in the room, the implosion of the party because of the email scandals, and of course making light of the possibility of Russia's involvement in the DNC hacking. Hysterically they were not happy with how their convention was being characterized by the liberal media. I say 'their' convention, because that's the problem with the Fox Faux News networks, how can they be objective when they're siding or more appropriate, promoting one party? I mean the most bought and paid of the crowd Sean Hannity was closing the night out with his opinion of the Democratic calamity in Philadelphia. They were actually making fun about the fact that people had called the RNC a sad, pathetic joke. Yuck Yuck! And that was how they discussed the entire night. I wonder what they are thinking now? Maybe oh oh, or spin that new email scandal, and make sure to make it seem like yesterday was the end of the beginning of the Democrats in the White House. Pretty pathetic. The rest of the media, seemed to at least discuss the events like they really occurred. Well we already know how Donald is spinning it. He was just on television whining that ISIS wasn't mentioned once railing against them because they are so afraid to even speak that hateful title he has deemed the proper way to describe the terrorists, damn the ramifications for using it. Guess he doesn't realize what this convention is all about. Much like yours Donald, its all about Hillary or better said, its all about us, and not you except to make sure you should never step foot in the White House.
I do find one very bad pattern I'm noticing with the talking heads, why are so many Republicans showcased on CNN & MSNBC cause every single thing they say is Democrats are bad and Republicans are good. I didn't see the reverse at the RNC. And whenever a Democrat was on Fox, every question had to do with the email hacking, and the guests had to pull teeth to basically say, 'no, lets talk about Hillary and why they're for her'. It was seriously insane.
Funnily enough the moment that made the evening really begin for me was by a Bernie Sanders celebrity endorser. None other then Sarah Silverman. She came out with Senator Al Franken to introduce Paul Simon, seemingly to kill sometime before the great singer was ready, and she wasn't taking any nonsense from the 'protesters' in the room. Lets call them what they are, and basically smacked the Berniebots out of their collective stupor by simply saying that they're "being ridiculous" and the place awoke with cheers. And basically that was the end of any protests on day one.
But what we did get was a whose who in the Democratic party's progressive wing. Each person who came up to bat, especially Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and finally Bernie Sanders showcased why Hillary Clinton should be our next President. What she has done in her career, why she is the most accomplished and what she will bring to the White House, by the end, I was blown away by what they had presented. And on a number of occasions I found myself getting quite emotional, not as emotional as the followers of Bernie Sanders, that my friends will come on Thursday night when Hillary walks up on stage. I'm pretty positive that when President Bill Clinton brings the house down, and/or when Chelsea Clinton introduces her mother as the next President of these United States I most likely will make last nights cry babies look like smiling Cheshire cats. But as I was listening to First Lady Michelle Obama, wife of the current President, that's when I probably was the most emotional. Listening to a woman whose lived what Hillary had as First Lady, whose has seen her husband run our nation for more then 7 years, she of all the people on our planet know what its like to be in that Oval office, and listening to her describe the reasons why Hillary is the person she wants to run our nation for the sake of her children's future and all of our children's futures, well come on, can anyone touch that? And most importantly she brought up Donald's despicable Birther lies. Then Elizabeth Warren, came out and even though she's not the Vice Presidential choice, like I was kind of fantasizing about, her speech destroying Trump where he stands, and showcasing again why Hillary needs to be our next President was brilliant.  
And then Bernie closed out the night, and no it wan't his standard Bernie Sanders stomp speech. He did go on promoting what he accomplished, what 'they' accomplished, and brought up the differences between Hillary and himself. But as he has been doing lately, he transitioned his stomp speech and ion this occasion, his speech morphed into a full throttle endorsement of Hillary Clinton. He gave everyone who was for him the reasons why he's now with her and most importantly why they should be with her too! I must admit, I was a little taken aback by the love fest that greeted him as he entered to thunderous applause that went on way too long. But it was also thrilling to see how much love they have for him, and for a few moments or rather what felt like a few hours, Bernie fans was saying a big thank you to him. It was also, really their last grasp effort to try to sway the electorate. But Bernie, a man of his word, did exactly what he promised, and gave a 'huge' speech that should hopefully end this delusional convention mutiny that some are trying to pull off. It will be interesting when they do the roll call today, how the remaining hold-outs will act. 
So in a matter of hours we went from the total collapse of the democratic party, to a party that seems to be pretty much unified, t he opposite of what happened in Cleveland. I must mention that at one point after Bernie spoke, I turned on Fox Faux News and Rudy Giuliani was talking and he jokingly said "what he got out of it was that most of the people in that hall wanted Bernie" and I screamed at my television and changed it back to MSNBCOne last note about the first day at the DNC, there was more people of color on that stage, then probably appeared in the convention in Cleveland all week. Talk about a contrast in America's, a true picture of whats right and whats wrong in American politics. 
So basically it was one emotional day, that probably ended as good as it could have for Hillary Clinton, especially with the way the day began. And it showcases the one big difference between the parties, the Democrats are all together in their desire to not elect Donald J. Trump and to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, while the Republicans seemed to have surrendered to their own reality. Sadly they are stuck with him, lets do our best to camouflage the truth about our nominee, perhaps we won't lose too badly in November. Well as they say, today is another day, and after yesterdays opener I can only imagine how great tonight will be. That is unless something else unpredictable happens to try to spoil Hillary's historic Presidential election.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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