Friday, December 30, 2016


Seems his latest twitter deflection has covered up his most recent appointee. Just wondering if those new Israeli settlements, are now Trump properties too, as his personal wealth enlarges as fast as our nation crumbles around us… go ahead Kellyanne, explain this one too

TALK ABOUT A HINT: “I think we should get on with our lives”… that’s how Donald is choosing to deflect his latest addition to his menagerie of deplorable’s. Instead of coming out with a real comment about President Barack Obama’s response to Russian involvement in our democracy. Either pro or against, he instead came out and wanted to brush it aside. The election is over, he won, screw how it happened, or who assisted him in capturing his prize. The fact that another nation hacked ours, doesn’t mean anything. I guess if we find out he knew about it from the inside as opposed to laughing it off as simply a liberal media made up conspiracy, then maybe one day, his lackadaisical attitude will be revealed for what it is. Simply more lies by a master manipulator. For Donald, only the Fox faux news conspiracies are believable no matter how far fetched they are.So whats not being talked about, is Donald hiring his own legal advisor in real estate, to make deals with other countries for the nation, while still operating all of his own businesses and the world doesn’t even cough. I’m sorry I can not believe the size of Donald Trumps balls. Now I see how he became president. Amazing, no matter what he does, nothing goes too far. Seems his need to get over the hacking as so last year, is his current deflection strategy. Notice this is all we are discussing, nothing about his latest hire. Again, I’m sorry, when does it stop? Not the doing of it, until Donald is cold and dead underground that part of his DNA will continue. I’m talking about everyone else who allows it. I get why his past issues didn’t kill the dragon. I understand why grabbing a pussy or lying straight to our faces wasn’t a turn off to millions. Its entertainment. Its not real. Its TV! What I don’t understand or comprehend is how he keeps doing it right in our faces. These events aren’t taken place behind the scenes, hidden from view. No, its like he wants all of us to enjoy his craft of thievery. I can not understand or accept that we as a nation and as Americans are allowing this to continue. So now that his own employee, a Jason Greenblatt, who has spent the last 20 years negotiating deals on Donald’s behalf, will become ‘our’ employee, since now he’s basically working for all of us, right? Just like Donald is, at least that’s what its supposed to be, right? So does that mean he’s resigning from Donald’s payroll? Does that mean his only job will be working for the United States government, or will he be working two jobs? Both at the same time? Why not, guess maybe alternating shifts? Perhaps something is not kosher in Denmark my friends, I smell a big rat. Maybe I’m just grasping at straws, but maybe, we’ve got that last straw that could break the camels back, is finally here again. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that somebody out there, with any pull disregards Donald hacking camouflage and actually pushes this story. But so far, nobody wants to show this Trump where to go. Cause Heavens to Betsy, if they do, Donald’s gonna throw a shit storm of tweets at them. The not so hidden truth is, its seems when he does, his victims, become targets for those sheep who seriously need a padded room. Maybe Donald’s over confidence, boasted by his in your face rubbing our noses in it, probably criminal activities.  It seriously boggles the mind listening to Donald, but mostly his Trumpeters, especially Kellyanne cheerfully dismiss everything that’s done by the liar-in-chief elect. So now it’s the hacking of our democracy, and last year, so unimportant, seriously not worth our time. Let’s instead nonsensically drone on how Hillary is being a sore loser. Even though she’s the only one who hasn’t said anything. Seems they never did the things the democrats are doing now. Maybe because the Democrats never did anything to warrant any investigations. Seems, disrespecting our new president is only done by the Democrats. How dare they! Everything that occurred over the last two terms of our president, never took place. Or they prattle on about Junior’s charity being ripped out his hands. Look at how many people it was helping. Look how selfish the democrats are being, how evil of them. It’s funny, in a quasi treasonous way, how they argue that whatever did occur had absolutely nothing to do with the election results. That no matter what, Donald is the next President, even if it’s discovered he was in it with Putin. I get it, any doubts about the results would put the Donald’s precarious win even more in doubt. His so-called mandate a Trump talking point which makes him sound more delusional then laughable. Seems, either the people were suckered in by all the leaks which were hacked by the soviets. Sorry if you’re gonna act like KGB, you’re a soviet. If Putin doesn’t want to act like its 2016, and really we’re back in the wonderful 1950’s, then we should refer to his and his nation as the Soviet Union. Lets discuss this with the Ukraine, shall we, see what they think of it. So it’s still the Cold War, and it seems we’re back in the good old days that Trump yearns for so much. So if the tainting of Hillary wasn’t enough to make the final results something that needs to be looked into, at least warranting a real evaluation of the election I’m not sure anything does. Should I mention the many reports of voting devices being faulty, uncounted ballots just sitting there, gerrymandering, and voter suppression. Or of course the voter obstruction in minority areas that anyone who doesn’t see some problem is either lying to us, to themselves, or being paid off in some way or the other.So we get this huge statement by our President, Barack Obama, putting his foot down. Setting a line in the sand. And the Trumpeters act like it’s yesterday’s news. Barack’s really not in power anymore. The republicans proved that when they halted his Supreme Court choice. They’ve simply been allowing him to hold court. Look at how they all played us. I’m almost beginning to believe this Trump phenomenon was set up by the Koch brothers themselves. Meaning, all their arguments against Donald’s personal actions, his politics and any other, what now seems to be nonsense to them, was just an act. Seems far most of them got what they really wanted. All of them have gotten a better seat at the table, and every one if their draconian polices are soon gonna be enacted into law. So after President Barack Obama’s smack down of Vladimir today, what does Donald do? Instead of siding with our President, he sides with Putin’s non actions. Seems Vladimir’s not fighting back is showing strong leadership, and in his brain, President Obama is the one being weak today. Huh? Well I presume this means that Donald and Vladimir have already spoken about the punishment that the Russians received and once the swearing in takes place, those minor slaps will be reversed at once. The media is actually discussing if Donald dare’s remove the Presidents actions today, as if that might make Trump look bad. As if he cares what anyone thinks. In fact Donald will probably help build the KGB new locations inside our borders. Why not, it appears their in bed together. Lets make it official.See, no one is discussing Trumps decision to upgrade his attorney with his presidential seal. It’s not on anyone’s radar. All we are now gonna get is the BS about how unprecedented this latest Trump tweet was. Endless hours of the arguments from the liberal biased press and the Fox liars shushing it aside as just what it really is nothing. Nothing but another demonstration once again how Donald Trump is in bed with Putin. On every occasion the man never fails to agree with the Russian dictator, and well to put it nicely, wasn’t that once considered treason. As with everything, the Trumpeters brush anything and everything aside, that even hints at a problem as just sad poor losers. It is rather amazing seeing this change of perspective in disregarding everything, after having suffered through the never ending attacks against Hillary on everything. How they drummed up everything into the next watergate, but nothing, even a Russian invasion, possibly aided by some of their own, deserves a look-see. And finally, here’s a thought to make you curl up and die. Maybe in the long run, I guess Hillary Clinton becoming the Secretary of State, showcasing why she was the right person to become our next President was the worst thing she could have ever done. Instead if she had sat back and simple bided her time till 2016 as the heir apparent, right now she would be getting ready to be in charge. Seems if she hadn’t put her thumb down, and showcased to the world and most importantly to Vladimir Putin that this lady wasn’t gonna just bow down to his whims. Maybe if she had played nice with Vladimir, he would have helped her win this election as opposed to Donald. Maybe her not being the puppet is the reason Donald is about to be sworn in. Perhaps, as his many victims of the Soviet dictator have learned, if you’re not nice and do what he wants, he pay the price. Me thinks right now, we all are living in Vladimir’s world and Donald is just his partner in crime.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 30, 2016


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


As I still mourn election day, Republicans keep demanding the Democrats accept Donald Trump as our next President. Let's just hope that sentiment dies along with this calendar year

IT WAS BAD ENOUGH when 2016 took Democracy, but now our Princess is gone… man, FU 2016! As this year has unfolded, one-by-one my heroes, the people that influenced me growing up, the talents in literature, films, television and those I've listened to have departed our world I keep saying to myself yet another one. Here's just a partial list, but ones who all had meaning to me.  Prince, Jack Davis, John Glenn, Ron Glass, Florence Henderson, Gwen Ifill, Robert Vaughn, Leonard Cohen, Tammy Grimes, Arnold Palmer, Edward Albee. Seriously read some of these names, Muhammad Ali, Patty Duke, Gene Wilder, George Kennedy, David Bowie, Elie Wiesel, Fritz Weaver, Grant Tinker, Noel Neill, Garry Marshall, Gloria DeHaven, Peter Shaffer, Alan Rickman and yes even Frank Sinatra Jr., look who we lost this year, and scarily its not over yet. My admiration for their talents and gifts will be always treasured by myself and millions of others. I keep saying as they each leave us, what did any of them do to 2016 that made this year so unfeeling to take them away from all of us. Then a day like today occurs, when not one but two of our heroes pass on the same day. Carrie Fisher, the Worlds Princess is now gone, sadly yesterday's news report didn't have a happy ending. And only a few hours later, I heard that the author of Watership Down, Richard Adams had also gone. Both of these passings happened a day after George Michael. All I want to say is, make it stop, please. Thank God we live in an age where these great people's legacies have been captured for posterity. Saved and available for all of us to enjoy from now till our very own passings. But the gifts they still could have given us is are over and makes their loses hurt so much. And this year, with so many punches to the gut, for what reason 2016 feels more like a jolt to the system then most years. As each new name get added to the list, the end of something seems to be in the air. I understand this happens every year, but it feels different this time. Something or someone is trying to tell us something. Without sounding crazy, maybe some one, hint hint,  should investigate if there's a pattern in any of it. I mean, come on, now Carrie Fisher's gone. If there was a time that we ever really needed the Force. Wouldn't you think its that time now?  

It just feels like it keeps getting worse. And what gets me is 2016 began with so much promise. Everything seemed to be going our way. It actually looked like Hillary Clinton was gonna be in the White House, or maybe even Bernie Sanders. Jobs, peace, health care, people's rights, and even the comedy antics of Donald Trump made 2016 a year I thought I was gonna treasure for a long time. But one by one as people passed, as our election seesawed into what it eventually became something began to become apparent. As the reality of what Donald Trump is probably gonna be doing once he gets the keys to the Oval Office sets in, maybe something or someone is trying too give us a heads up. I mean people, somethings gotta be up. What does it have to take to sense a pattern here. Prince, David Bowie and now George Michael all in the same year? I have to say, I find it a little ironic that in a year when Donald Trump is having a hard time finding anyone to perform at his Inauguration many of our favorite talented entertainers won't be able to answer his call. My entire play list of my twenties just waved goodbye. Plus, Carrie Fisher, I had almost gotten over Prince, then Muhammad Ali, Patty Duke, and Gene Wilder, but Carrie Fisher, seriously they all hurt, but its Princess Leia. If there ever was the Force, with what's occurring to our Democracy right in front of our eyes or what could, if the Force actually ever existed, we surely need it now. Cause how do I say this, Donald J. Trump is our very own Death Star, and he and his minions are getting ready to start doing a lot damage, and from the reports in the media, he's already done a little already. So to answer the republicans decisively, about bowing down to his Trumpness, not now, not ever! But I'd gladly accept his resignation, and applaud his incarceration. You had to ask, now about his wife’s papers, ‘his’ pay-to-play scams, his bogus Foundation, his son’s bogus foundation, oh yes, his taxes… So is he still gonna still own the hotel and run the country at the same time, even though that's against the rules? I wrote hold my breath on any of these, and expect that one or more of them might eventually be the reason he is forced out of office. 

Now that I got that out of the way, to actually answer the question, you want me to accept Donald Trump? Easy, clean up your act! End all of the many things that make you unacceptable. Stop lying, stop tweeting and just do the job that a minority of the American people elected you into office to do. Otherwise, all I can do is say, no thanks. I guess I'll become like the sheep were for the last half dozen years or so. I'll throw out insults, argue everything you do is treasonous, and hope you don’t destroy everything along the way. I just wonder, if it comes out that Trump and his Republican menagerie are currently working with the Russians, and that they helped hack the Democrats, that their removal from power comes swifter then this year wants to end. That all, any, or some if really guilty of crimes against the state, that their crimes won't be brushed aside as partisan attacks and actually are treated as the treasonous acts that they are. If Donald's illicit business practises and personal peccadillo's are not, shall we say investigated properly by the media and actually reported correctly by all. If any of its proven criminal, any of it, no matter how small or big, he and they all should get the prison cells they all deserve. And of course If Donald's own pockets are being stuffed with money from lets say the tax payers, congressional actions, or even other nations making international deals which help his corporations. I just hope that if he uses any of his executive power to try to get away with anything, the powers that be slam the book of justice upside Trumps head. 

The one thing nobody discussed before election day was, what if Donald wins? How do we live through four, maybe eight years of not only a Trump presidency, but his surrogates too? The notion of having to listen to any of them continuous for the foreseeable future makes me cringe. The conspiracies, the memorized talking points, the out right lies. All we heard from the media before election day was, that people would go mad because of all the Clinton hearings. The republicans were threatening this as a campaign pitch not to vote for Hillary  As if to save us from that misery, better just to vote for the ass on the right. Save all of us from more of the same. Seriously they argued, how much could we as a nation take? With so many Hillary conspiracies and illegalities, that we all know were true they kept screaming in our ears. The over abundance of them would make people hate politics and destroy their beliefs in Democracy. Funny or is that maddening his issues were never discussed. If they were, nothing seemed to matter to most except for her server and her emails. All that mattered was the bullshit that they had spewed, and nothing that they may or may not have really done. 

Sadly for all the complaining about the troubles that we couldn't stomach anymore, the reality was no one was thinking that he was actually gonna win. It was a forgone conclusion, that our nation was gonna be swamped with Republican obstructionism during Hillary Clinton's tenure so that idea was never discussed. Well all knew that there would be nonstop congressional hearings against Hillary Clinton and anything else that could do to taint her presidency. But no one explained how do would survive his. How many lies would we have to listen to, before the masses stopped believing him at all. Listening to the Trumpeters continue ad nauseam even before Donald's swearing in, as they now demand total obedience, as if they're preparing to take over a Kingdom and their ruler is now the ultimate power. I mean their arrogance during the campaign was pretty obnoxious, but at least they kept their knifes at bay, but now that their king is seemingly days away from his crown, all niceties are off. So as the days count down till this year end, as our heroes seem to be falling like snowflakes in a winter storm, I just hope the storm has passed this year for good. I understand that winter is coming, I've felt it for months. I just wish the harbingers of doom were less unforgiving.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016


As Trump continues his destructive path, his hired hands are making excuses for Donald's greed and crying alligator tears that they're the real victims in all of it. 

Donald 'Trump' Drumpf:  Con Man, Liar & Crook, & those are his best qualities. © Neil Feigeles 2016 

DONALD DID HINT ABOUT THIS, REMEMBER? Sadly, it seems most people out there, didn’t hear the warnings. Didn’t see the red flags. They were okay with his rhetoric and disregarded the horrors that his words actually were implying. Or most likely thought he was just spouting off at the top of his lungs, just for the fun of it. Lucky for them, they weren’t waking up in cold sweats, as visions of end times crept into their worst nightmares like it's done to me. We had a candidate who joked about using Nuclear weapons and for the most part no one blinked. Well they weren’t actually jokes, I guess I'd describe them as he would, when one of his statements turn out to upset people. He was just being sarcastic. His comments about letting everyone have Nuclear capabilities, why not? Ha ha! See, they were simply sarcastic laugh riots that chilled me to the bone. If its possible, out of all the rhetoric that Donald J. Trump has spewed even before he announced his now winning presidential ambitions, his quips about allowing other nations, and of course our own to enjoy a Nuclear build-up made me know deep down inside, that this man was someone we should all be afraid of. I just realized something, remember all those sightings of evil clowns we've had recently, perhaps that was a harbinger of whats to come in a Trump presidency.  

What could go wrong with a person who appears to lose it at the first provocation or insult? Just imagine if that person had the power to basically wipe everyone off the face of the world with a flick of a switch. Or the touch of a button. Wait till we start seeing people turning up missing or poisoned in his wake. How scary is it that the real monsters in our world aren’t the make believe kind in movies, or the dictators we’ve been brainwashed to believe who want to destroy our way of life, or dear I say it, even ISIS. The real horror story we have to deal with is the one whose headed into the Oval Office, with the gleeful help of his band of Trumpeters. Watching his talking heads, led by Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer disregard every comment that could actually cause harm to millions, as simply ‘we are misunderstanding’ what he said seriously gets me more agitated each time they throw out the same lame excuses. If its something they don't want to talk about or have no excuses at the ready, they act like its something they either have no prior knowledge of or it isn't something they would be privy to. Rachel Maddow tried like mad to get a straight answer from Kellyanne about Trump's nuclear tweets and all she got was blue in the face. On several fronts Rachel queried, thinking I know I got her, but each time Kellyanne creepily segwayed to another bogus talking point. I honestly applaud Rachel for not losing it and pushing Kellyanne out the door on camera. Mrs. Conway is one scary, lying soulless harpy on a good day, and yesterday she was sitting there, like a deer in headlights, being hit left and right by a pro, and you could almost see the programming in that Alt-right brain of hers twisting till she spewed out another talking point. Changing the subject every time she proclaimed that we might think she was, but wasn’t, Kellyanne was making a point to answer every question, without answering any questions. It was classic Conway. I can understand why Donald chose her, I’m just wondering how long it will take the public and the news media to turn on her? The way things are going, I’m now expecting her to run for President in four to eight years, I mean we wanted a woman president, right? Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut or as they say, be careful what you wish for. So depending on if our world still spins and if Donald hasn’t been escorted out the door in handcuffs, or to cheers, if somehow, I am wrong and he turns out to be the savior his sheep so desperately pray that he is. Our next President after Donald could be Kerryanne Conway. 

Possibly my favorite line of dialogue ever, or at least the one I always look forward to hearing each time I watch any Star Wars movie, surely fits Donald's latest twitter ta do, ‘I have a bad feeling about this!’ Of course in this case, the bad feeling has to do with ‘our’ I hate to even think this, next president and his comments which either he understands exactly what he's doing or worse, doesn't care or understand what he says actually has consequences. That’s right, Donald J. Trump, Presidential-elect, his latest tweets about the world getting into an arms race, putting it out there that he wants to expand our nuclear capabilities and is okay with other nations doing the same. Seems there are just too many scary people out there for his taste, so if the nukes we have now, that dwarf every other nation on the face of the world, aren’t enough to make the man sleep comfortably at night, he wants more. So I guess that means he’s gonna build up an arms race, bust the budget on his new toys, and probably have to kill something else to help pay for it. I get it, seems its a good thing he picked a few who wanted to tear them apart in the first place. How lucky are we that he can soon give his command to his  commandants and magically that department will be gone and he’ll be considered a hero for not putting us into even more debt. At least on this day. That is until the reason for the department is realized and all the pain and suffering that Donald's latest genius move and kept us on to that path he's brought us on, making sure to make America great again, as he destroys it bit by bit right in front of our eyes. But they will claim the debt that was created by that failed Democratic President Barack Obama. 

Well happily to take my mind off of the end of the world we might be heading, hysterically all of his Trumpeters and even the Donald himself are whining how terrible it is, that his son isn't gonna be dabbling in his Charity events anymore. Or at least that's what he's announced. As with everything else that comes out of their mouths, I won't hold my breath. Like this charity event that his sons supposedly had nothing to do with, but their names were in the contracts. Seems making money for the Trump empire isn't sitting well with most people outside of Donald's inner circle. Somehow the pay for play issues that they screamed and yelled to high heaven that the Clinton's were doing aren't what the Trumps are trying to pull now. Seems their phony accusations, were only thrown out to camouflage their own issues. According to Junior, Its all to help others. Nothing they do is bad. The fact that others can't see it boggles them as they sarcastically smile, and rub their greed into our faces. So as we watch as hotel reservations are changed from other venues to Trumps new Hotel, the best excuses I've heard so far, are simply, it was time for a change. 

My fear is that change could actually be our landscape, our very world. If anyone survives that is, we might have to have the map makers reconfigure the borders of our nation. What if Donald decides to scratch his itch? Lets show everyone whose really boss. What do we do then? I understand what I'm throwing out is far fetched and obviously I hope will never happen. But much of what we've gotten so far from this candidate and now future president, has been as unprecedented. Today Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played twitter games about Israel and their settlements, causing President Barack Obama to basically abstain from signing a U.N. resolution. Basically our President said, you guys wanted this, its now on you. I tried, Donald, you think you know best, Benjamin you've always thought you knew best. Go for it. I wipe my hands of the problem, your turn to lose sleep over it. 

Remember that little thing called Peace in the Middle East, at least between Israel and Palestine, guess that's not in the cards again, not in our lifetimes. That is at least unless, Donald and Benjamin are somehow planning on ridding the world of the Palestine's? Not that I wasn't being serious, but sadly me thinks in the near future there might be a little war out there, again. Which actually might suit Donald and whatever his plans about Israel really are. I'm sorry, not that I'm saying Donald is anti-Semetic, but I never understood how people who hate Jewish people love Israel. I never got that. I keep hearing these Alt-right inbreds argue they're the real Americans. Amongst the many things they hate, the thing they really hate most are the Jewish people. So why would those who follow those hateful beliefs want to help Israel? Maybe eventually ridding Israel of the Jewish people themselves and replacing them with the Alt-right. I mean they are the chosen people right? Isn't that what they taught up in Hebrew school? I know the rhetoric that Trump and the Republicans always proudly announce how much they love Israel and will do everything in their powers to keep it and its people safe. But in the back of my mind, it just doesn't square with me. I'm sorry, I can not separate the Jewish people from the state of Israel itself. If you didn't know or may have forgotten but the nation of Israel, is known as the Jewish state for a reason. So question, if you are an anti-Semitic, how do you separate the two? And if you're not, how do you believe others you spew hatred towards one, is okay with the other? I understand the historic significance of the location. I get the bible, its teachings and how its been used to educate and brainwash millions to follow the rules that society has deemed necessary to live by. But that being said, how do you square the rhetoric with the hatred? Who do you believe? Who can you trust? Especially after all the Nazi propaganda that accidentally or purposely crept into Donald presidential campaign this past year. I hear the arguments that Trump's son-in-law is a Jew so we should all chill out with those anti-Semitic comparisons. I also hear arguments that there's no Global Warming, but in both I sit back and and say look at the facts and the big picture. 

So another day passes, as we creep ever so near to the day Donald J. Trump is sworn in as our nation's Forty Fifth President. After what we as a nation have lived through so far in the era of Donald Trump, I find it almost comforting that more people are upset about The Rockettes being forced to perform at Donald's Inauguration then are upset that Nuclear war is close at hand. Well today my feeling is, there's pretty much nothing more I can do but what I've been doing. Keep telling it how I see it and hope the somehow the right person who could actually do something to end this trajectory we are currently on reads it, or luckily is also sensing what is the inevitable, and steps in, and this nations next real savior will appear and right this ship. And if that doesn't happen, and the tomorrow's begin running short, I'll just enjoy watching the rest of the world start loosing it when they realize the clock actually is ticking down. Sometimes it hurts being right, this is one of those times.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 23, 2016 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


And guess what, it turns out the Electorate College wasn't our last hope, there's yet another way to end a Trump Presidency before it even begins.  

SO IT WAS ALL A GAME! Turns out all the talk about the Electorate College voters flipping their picks and ending a Donald Trump presidency went out the window. Instead of simply voting in Hillary Clinton and ending our misery, or changing the vote in enough ballots to make Congress have to decide. I would have gladly accepted whomever they choose now and worry about whom it is, once I finally have a good nights sleep again. Instead what we got were a bunch of people who decided to make statements and pretty much screwed up their one big opportunity to really make history. At least the good kind. A bunch of Bernie fans voted for him in protest against Hillary, and a bunch of Republicans wasted theirs. Seems whatever doubts and fears that any of these voters had, were thrown out the door. Whatever his negatives were, his properties, his taxes, his family, his Russian connections, his comments, his sexual habits and all his possible illegalities, weren't important. Lets disregard everything and just go with the flow. In this crazy year of firsts, we finally have a candidate that their powers were created for, especially in a year where the Popular vote was won by nearly three million votes by the loser in the Electorate College. But no, seems like all of the other scenarios that were also concocted to stop Donald Trump from being sworn in, like this one were just fantasies. Just dreams that were simply camouflaging the pain that some of the followers of the losing candidate, Hillary Clinton were feeling. Well at least what I was feeling, I shouldn't speak for others. That being said, I might be alone in thinking that each glimmer of hope that possibly would have possibly stopped the inevitable presidency of Donald J. Trump has been one big tease. Either easing the pain I was feeling or simply twisting the knife into me. The feelings of fear, loss, death, even the possible end of our Democracy and our world as we know it may just be me spouting off, flipping the bird to what occurred. Perhaps in my heart, I know, that my way of dealing with it may just be my imagination playing games with me. But that doesn't make any of my fears not less real to me.

I do realize that what I've written off and on, especially since Donald's tenure in the White House became closer and closer to reality makes me sound more and more like a conspiracy nut. Exactly like the ones I much make fun of all the time. Like my latest interesting footnote to this years election. Either this is an ironic twist to this years campaign or a frightening coincidence. As I have brought up from time to time, besides Donald's Alt-right leanings and his love for the Russian leader, Trump has scarily been associated too much with Nazi propaganda. Well something I read yesterday put an eerie stamp on the Electorate College vote, which kind of puts everything in perspective to me and makes me even more nervous. Yesterday was December 19, 2016, the day Donald J. Trump won the final and most important vote and his election became official. Well decades a go, a certain Nazi took command of the German army, and guess what the date was? That's right, December 19th, 1941! After all we've witnessed this year, lets add that to the rubble of history being spat on. To discover that on December 19, 1941, Adolf Hitler took command of the German army! Just saying I find it pretty ironic, that the powers that be would make the anniversary of a pretty bad thing the same day as what could become our nation's last swearing in.

So am I nuts? Is my eventual acceptance into a mental ward, being foreshadowed by my nonacceptance of the presidency of Donald J Trump? Is my seriously coming off as a loony because I believe the zany notion that our future President could be blowing Vladimir, or that Trumps pocket book will grow by billions once he takes the reigns of our nations purse strings. Kellyanne Conway I'm sorry, every time, this twisted soulless traitor comes out and demands that we bow down to her leader, all I say to myself and to anyone who agrees with her is 'Birth certificate'! You want respect, stick it up your asses. I'll make a deal to all the Trumpeters, I'll give Donald as much respect as he's given President Barack Obama. That is before he didn't need him to explain everything from A- Z about how to be the President, to actually do the job. Its been approximately eight years of disrespect, so in other words in about eight years, I might begin to begin to respect him. Maybe, if he actually does a good job and doesn't destroy us, and I do mean all of us, then maybe I might. But remember I haven't mentioned everything else he's done. Boy, I might have to think on my agreement… this could take a while… of note, I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you.

But believe it or not, with all that said, there is actually a glimmer of hope, I can report. It seems today Donald Trump was ordered by a Judge to testify under oath in a case which Donald brought on against two Chefs for cancelling their restaurant deals with Trump. You see, after Donald's racist Mexican comments, you know the ones where 'all of them were either rapists, drug users, or murderers, and of course some of them were cool' made the world scream and shout. That God awful day when he announced he was running for President. Well these two chefs announced they were cancelling the deals because of his vile comments. So, Donald being the arrogant egotistical fellow that he is, decided to sue them for breaking their contracts. How dare they! So the Judge in the case, ordered Donald to swear on a bible and to answer some questions under oath. Ta da! There it is. Right there, this could be the answer to all of our prayers.  Believe it or not. This in fact is how The Donald could be dethroned. Sounds far fetched, I know, but other giants have been defeated by things of a similar nature. Al Capone was imprisoned for tax evasion, not for any of his criminal activities. So why shouldn't Donald Trump be taken down a peg when he has to answer questions under oath in a court room? I'm sure there will be a limit to the type of questions asked. But I've seen enough trials both fictional, recreated for television, as well as documentary footage to know that even with restrictions to what is allowed to be asked, something could possibly lead to shall we say incriminating answers. That in the end could actually force our now official President-elect to step down. Which might lead to the perfect ending to our story with Trump. Donald spending his last days in a prison cell. 

Of course none of this fantasy is possible if Donald decides to drop the lawsuits. Simply cancel the suits, end the saga and get on to bigger things. In the end, I presume that will be what he does. Much like his settlement with the Trump University lawsuits which ended a possible political nightmare for our next commander-in-chief. Ending these lawsuit before it goes any further would appear to be the right way to go. But, we are talking Donald, and we are talking massive ego. So what if Trump now enveloped in his recent presidential victory aura, perhaps now thinks he can do no wrong? That whatever is thrown at him good or bad he can get past. Anyone who has witnessed the last two years knows what Donald has been able to deflect and in fact prosper from. So lets just ponder he decides to not listen to everyone and sits his ass down in court and puts his hand down on that sacred bible. Which as he has proudly stated on more then one occasion is his favorite book. So if Donald's hand or the bible doesn't burst into flames and if he does actually swear under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then we might see if his racist commentaries were just political mumble jumble or is Trump really a racist. We could find out about Donald's hiring practises, perhaps the way he really deals with women. The questions and answers my mind is coming up with make this latest victory by the Trump campaign a little more palatable. But, like the rest of the maybes, I'll believe it when I see it. As of now the reality of a Trump Presidency has begun to sink in, I just hope my anxieties are just something I ate, and I wake up tomorrow and somehow our next President hasn't done something that starts the final countdown.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Plus: Hoping Electoral College voters really think before they cast their fateful ballots. No pressure, but Democracy is literally in your hands!

TALK ABOUT A JOKE AND A HALF, lets have the man who could be part of the problem deciding if the problem actually existed. Makes sense, why not have Mitch McConnell who many believe aided and abated Vladimir Putin running the inquiry. Yes, lets have the man who has proudly talked about stopping anything and everything President Barack Obama would do since before our President was sworn in, and pretty much did just that, overseeing the inquiry into whether or not someone did something, shall we say treasonous. Which helped the worst candidate in possibly our countries history get elected our next President. Mitch McConnell, made it his business to make sure President Barack Obama would only be a one term President, and when that failed, it seems when the republicans couldn't get  his treasonous ambitions accomplished, its possible that he and his Republican traitors, in collusion with Vladimir Putin did just that. Helping to elect our next American President, Donald J. Trump, who only happens to be planning on destroying every action that President Barack Obama did while in office. How in heaven could anyone in their right minds, entrust McConnell in being nonpartisan in his quest? 

So is Mitch trying to do what he promised from day one, except this time after the fact? This kind of reminds me of The Flash television series. This season, the storyline is entitled Flashpoint, our hero, at the end of last season, after finally defeating the bad guy, against all obvious reasons, decides to go back in time and changes things for his own personal reasons. In this storyline, its to save his mother, which one might think is a good thing. But once he does that, as is the case whenever someone changes history in every story I've ever read or watched, it turns out that action causes ramifications that changes everything. If not obvious at first, but the old Butterfly effect hits hard. Sound familiar? Seems to me Mitch wants to erase the progress that President Barack Obama did, and like lots of Republicans, wants to erase the very notion that he we even had a President Barack Obama at all. Donald Trump pretty much began his political career trying to make our President an illegal alien, in other words, not legit, not real, eventually never happened. Simply a blip in our history. 

Perhaps if Mitch gets his way, actually works his magic, like he did when he talked his way into having the Russian hacking hidden till after the election results was settled. What gets me in all this is, I could understand any of this if President Barack Obama was a bad President or was an idiot or a failure. Was anything near as terrible as the Republicans have tried to say he was or turn him into. Perhaps if he was a Kenyan spy or foreign agent, had had had multiple affairs, broke a few laws or even cursed once in a while. Anything? Or worse, if he had turned out to be the next George Walker Bush. But he wasn't. By all accounts, record wise, President Barack Obama unless everything is erased, including those of us who remember what the man actually accomplished while in office,  the man will eventually be considered one of, if not the greatest President ever.

As for Monday's, excuse me, tomorrow's, big maybe final nail into Hillary's Presidency, I have mixed feeling about it.  You know the thing that's been on everyone minds since Donald Trump lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College. Especially as that popular vote lead has grown to almost 3 million voters. This vote, was after the recounts, and before Inauguration Day, our last best hope to stop what now seems inevitable. But even if Electoral College voters take away Donald Trumps winning number, stopping our worst nightmare from becoming real, who knows whom the Republicans would choose to become our next president. I mean sadly the options, though better then Donald, all have problems, that almost would make you lonesome for Trump once he's replaced, that is if he's replaced at all. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants if they chose Donald Trump in the end, wouldn't that be a real kick in the ass by the haters. And now, look whose gonna be running the asylum, and look whose possibly pulling the strings.

That is unless somehow they all flip and give it to Hillary Clinton. Making history and righting the wrong that some of us believe these treasonous traitors actually pulled off. That is if that latest conspiracy is real as the FBI and CIA has announced. Of course Donald Trump thinks some fat 400 pound loser is actually doing the hacking, so you can believe him. Funny, maybe if the man actually would go to his briefings, this important Intel, you know about Russian hacking, would be something he might actually know something about. Just saying. Unless Donny is in on it, or is getting all his Intel from those who are. Or at least from the Trumpeters, that he's receiving what little information that he gets.

But unless that miracle occurs, it almost feels like someones sticking another knife in me, and twisting it, and twisting some more. Making the pain I've felt, since the Election started falling Donald Trump's way seemingly never ending. My depression or whatever this feeling I've felt is, hasn't been lifted yet. I'm still in mourning. Not only a presidency for Hillary Clinton, but actually seeing a woman sitting in the Oval Office. The leader of the free world, that's something I so wanted to live to witness 'her' reign. I think as a nation and as a world, we needed to it. Especially with a Putin, seemingly recreating the old Soviet Union. Of course, if Donald Trumps' presidency somehow magically evaporates tomorrow, the pain I've felt could go away almost immediately. That is till we discover whom the Republicans choose in his place. But I'd would accept a Mike Pence right now. How sad is that? At least with Mike Pence, I think our world won't end. We might have a few protests against what Mike tries to do to go backwards in regards to Gay rights or women's rights, or simply human rights. But at least I feel we'll see tomorrow. Its amazing how little you will accept when you see your world exploding around you.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, December 18, 2018

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Seriously, shouldn't you choose people who want to fix things as opposed to those who wish to shut them down, or better yet, can actually remember the departments name during a debate!

OOPS, HE DID IT AGAIN! Donald J. Trump keeps filling up his cabinets with people that would make even the worse deplorable upset. Whatever happened to bringing in the best people, the most experienced? Seems not a one of his choices could even be in that conversation. I mean seriously am I the only one who see's this? Isn't it bad enough when Trump picks those possibly in bed with the Russians, but at least some of them seem to be able to do the job. Much like with Trump's other choices, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State whose a little too cozy with Putin and Exxon, Tom Price at HHS who wants to repeal Obamacare, Scott Pruitt for EPA who doesn't believe in Global Warming, or Andrew Puzder who wants a minimum wage almost as much as human labor at his fast food restaurants, picking Rick Perry as Energy Secretary demonstrates that Donald chooses people who plan on weakening, taking apart or flat our destroying the departments that he's picked them to lead and to make matters worse, he seems to be rubbing it in our faces. 

Again and again and again and again, every time he announces someone new, or teases a possibility of who no one in their right mind would pick, I constantly hear Taps in the background. What gets me is, were any of those talking heads, or political power players in the Republican Party, who came out at any time to denounce Donald Trump on whatever he said or did, were any of them at all telling the truth? Or was everything a complete lie just so their party gets back in power? No matter who the candidate is. No matter what crimes they may or may not have committed, or what Donald seems to be putting together,  honestly its the opposite of the Knights of the Round Table! A pseudo death quad. Remember all those things they complained about Hillary, I don't. Seems if you look back at the attacks now, its almost laughable at what they accused her of doing, cause reality has finally struck home with most people, and Donald you be the real crook in this past campaign. I've lived most of my life watching Bond's villains knowing that they were just fictional characters, even cheering them for their downright evilness, but I knew they were made-up, this wasn't reality. I've spent hour upon hour enjoying the pseudo dictators, stalkers, and nut jobs doing their worst, knowing that what I was enjoying was just a movie, a television program or even a cartoon. Some of my favorite experiences ever have been watching things like The Manchurian Candidate. Seeing Freddy Kruger do his worst, even watching Lawrence Olivier ask 'If its safe?" But living in an environment when the worst vile despicable tyrant  actually exists in the real world as our President, sorry I simply can not stomach that. And with each announcement of who is filling his list, when you check his twice, its beginning to seem like a picture out of central casting for a remake of The Saint Valentine's Massacre or a real life Suicide Squad. Seeing Trump lie straight faced, gives me no joy. Listening to his excuses, brings me no solace. There are no cheers in me, as I watch our nation be taken in a direction nobody ever hoped for, and most of us are currently dreading. Yet even his most harshest critics act like we must all just go with it. With Donald there is nothing too low to go after. No fact or evidence or allegation, that's worthy of even a conversation. With Hillary, the woman coughed and it was worthy of her being removed from office. But with Donald, he could share joint bank accounts Vladimir Putin, and there's nothing there. The man spends all his time insulting others, making threats, and meeting with celebrities seemingly to showcase who he knows. As opposed to actually preparing himself to do the job. I mean come on, Donny spends valuable time today with Kanye West instead of doing his homework. Unless Kanye is gonna be designing the uniforms of the next staff at the White House, or sharing his straight jacket that he just took home from his stay in whatever mental institution he needed to get his act back together recently. I'm sorry, there is no excuse for us having to witness that photo op. What is Trump gonna be making an appearance in next season's Kardashian reality show? Stop showing off whom you're buddies with, and start acting Presidential. 

Maybe the reason Trump doesn't believe that we were hacked by the Russians is because Sean Hannity is the person whose briefing him on foreign issues! It seems, Fox Faux New's number one Donald Trump fan, like all of the Trumpeters, want us to disregard what the CIA is telling us. Fine Sean, I'll make a deal with you, the next time the CIA has Intel that Donald needs to keep us safe, perhaps maybe they're say screw you sir. Ask Sean what you should do. Same with his new Secretary of State, instead of getting your Intel from the CIA, just listen to Rex Tillerson when he tells you stuff he actually got from Putin, then what the CIA professionals want to tell him. Or when Rex makes another deal to assist Exxon, but this time as Secretary of StateHappily the electoral college still hasn't officially voted yet, so there is still a chance this historic election could add one more moment that none of us will ever forget. The good thing in all his madness, is that the presidential elect has been throwing out nominations and hiring really scary people at an alarming rate. Hopefully his choices, a long with the horrible notion that the Russians seriously was involved with helping elect Trump could cause enough of the voters to shall we say make there own history. We're at the point that unless this works, the only other thing some of us have to look forward to is the fantasy that a Donald Trump presidency will be ended early because the man himself will be impeached and like Nixon will wind up being escorted out of the White House in disgrace.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Sadly we've heard this song and dance before, tear down a Clinton, and then when Republicans get back in power, their crimes, they never happened. As for us, we get played for fools as they make a killing off the backs of the American people.

TURNS OUT MITCH MCCONNELL and his buddies knew, about Russia's bad behavior and stalled its revelation to the American people, but Hillary's fair game! That's right, when the FBI director James Comey, decided against the wishes of his advisers to come out and pitch Hillary Clinton's possible new leaks on her highly demonized server, that was fine. That was okay for these so-called patriotic Republican power players, screw convention and normality. I mean according to them, all the facts had to be in out in the open. The American people needed to know, to make up their minds before they went into the voting booths. I kept hearing, wouldn't it be terrible if once she got in, we would face questions about her server, the nation would have to sit through all those congressional hearings on her foundation if she won. So releasing that intel, even if an unprecedented, to save our nation from a congressional nightmare had to be done. Mind you, as we discovered later, none of it was new, and all of it proved a waste of time, except that it was in fact a witch hunt concocted by someone to taint Hillary Clinton. But releasing damaging information by the FBI about Russian intervention into our election against The Clinton campaign was political and shouldn't be told to the voters, because this could effect people's perceptions? That Donald might have been helped by Russia, I mean, we wouldn't want to damage his reputation, would be? 

You tell me this doesn't come off as a crock? This doesn't smell fishy? They pulled off the same thing with Bill Clinton when he was president, as they just did against Hillary when she was running for president. They demonized him, spent countless hours and untold numbers, to prosecute Bill Clinton's actions, even when nothing there was there. But once George Walker Bush came into office, any and all questions on him, weren't worth investigating, and even worse these patriots, their reasoning is the same freaking thing as they are doing now. Move on, the nation is tired of all this bickering between parties, lets get on to the People's business. Except when George Walker did it, he had destroyed our economy and took us into a never ending war by attacking the wrong nation, seemingly to make money for his friends, you know real issues. Sounds familiar. Talk about Déjà vu.

Now these Republicans, are trying to shush away the possible stealing of our Presidency. So you tell me, maybe the reason they don't want this to be investigated, perhaps they themselves are in cahoots with those who did the evil, treasonous activities? I'm so sick of them attacking Hillary or Bill for coughing, but nothing any of them do is worthy of a discussion. We've spent a year and a half with all manner of questions into Donald J Trump and his problems, but nothing seems to matter. Why is that? How is that possible? We are now talking about the election of the presidency, when do even their blinders come off? When does it become more then just political partisanship, aren't we all supposed to be Americans? Should I laugh, or should I cry? Please someone explain this to me in a way that doesn't make me want to punch my fist into a wall and do some serious damage to both.

Perhaps we do have traitors in our midst's and those players were the ones pulling the strings in Washington. Perhaps, those liars fooled as many as possible to believe, they were against what Trump was pitching. The so called reasonable ones, all came out and scoffed at the Republican leaks as nothing, they argued they would go against Trump when they didn't agree with his policies. Why did anyone believe any of them at all, let alone seemingly most to this day. They screamed that this election was all on the up and up, and now that the results and this report showcase that nope, no it wasn't, these same liars want us to believe that the report itself is baseless. It doesn't prove anything, so lets disregard what it says. Donald's tweet basically threw out that the same people who claimed that their were WMD's are now the ones' claiming that the election was hacked by Russians, so we should disregard this information as nothing. Simply bow down to me, I mean if you want to look at how this whole scenario dissolved into Trump winning the Electoral College, you could spend hours looking back over the course of the last decade or so. Watch as even before the Republicans lost the majority in all three branches of Government that Barack Obama enjoyed when he entered the Oval Office. Remember how Mitch McConnell of all people crooned that his job was to stop everything President Obama would do. Remember? It seems the Republicans always play this number, they stop anything good from happening, tweak any positives into negatives and lie, lie, lie.  

And now, latest hint, or should I write Red Alert, of Russian activity or collusion, has been fired! Donald Trump supposedly is gonna select Rex Tillerson, an Exxon Mobil chief who has ties with Vladmir Putin, as his Secretary of State. Are you shitting me? I was scared by the invasion of White Supremacy and Nazism into our every day lives that our nation had dissolved into, but maybe the real horror show this year was the Russian invasion thats been happening secretly for years. Perhaps that television show starring Felicity as a Russian spy isn't a scripted series, but just another Reality program like Celebrity Apprentice. Sure it sounds absurd, but look who's supposedly gonna be our next President? Anything is possible these days. Not that I haven't been bringing up these little ties with the Russian President, but this one coupled with the revelation that Putin is possibly trying to takeover our nation has to be the most in your face item yet. Come on people, if this doesn't make even Paul Ryan of all people make a stink about Russia, or even Mitch McConnell the man himself, then I'm sorry all of them are in it along with Donald, and Trump for maybe only the second time in this election campaign spoke the truth. George Walker Bush lied, along with Mitch and the other republicans about the WMDs, and the election was rigged.

Now after all this, lets discuss the recounts. Why aren't they now mandatory in all fifty states? Not just the ones that look fishy. Seriously bad things happened during this campaign and unless they're actually in on it, which I sadly suspect is the case with a few if not many, then everyone should demand to know who our real President elect should be. And not like Al Gore said for the good of the country, but for the very fabric of its being. Instead of investigating the war the George Walker Bush began, and glossing over who was responsible for all the dead bodies and destruction of property, we went after Obamacare! So we've spent millions of dollars on wars that never had to me. We spent millions of dollars on never ending hearings to find something to put a woman away for crimes she never did. But investigating the stealing of a Presidency, as Trump said "is old news" is to put it nicely disgusting. I understand in Trump's mind old news is what he had for breakfast, and facts well, aren't, but honestly why isn't there an Executive Action by our current President, or someone in Congress who will filibuster everything until we actually find out who really won, and if it is true that the election was rigged, those involved must be at least given their own Congressional hearings. I'm sorry, let our current President continue doing the job, until we fix the mess that too many of the Republicans seemed to help make. Enough of the talking head Trumpeters, who want us to just quietly bow down and be patriotic, but screamed at everything possible and actually shut down our government for bogus reasons and personal agendas. Enough, of trying to scare people with Gestapo techniques. Enough, screw all the partisan complaints by the Republicans on their propaganda machine Fox Faux News. Screw the lies spewed by the paid off soulless traitors within our midst. Our very democracy is at a crossroads, and one party is destroying it for their own treasonous reasons. I might have said 'give up' yesterday, 'enjoy whatever time we have left', but this is getting me mad. We have traitors amongst us who have been getting away with murder for years, and it looks like they've finally gotten the keys to the White House. Scarily for them, the fun has just begun, but for the rest of us, their fun is surely gonna be a very long nightmare.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday. December 10, 2016

Friday, December 09, 2016


That's it, he's won, I give up. Looks like everything its about to all go up in flames, so i think its time to relax and enjoy whatever time any of us have left.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER BRICK DROPS! With the news that Donald Trump has tapped a climate change denier to serve as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, I've just about given into the fear. I mean why even bother anymore? As with all of his other choices Donald is picking the absolute worst possible person imaginable. This time his bullseye is aimed at the EPA and this harbinger of doom is named Scott Pruitt. A fossil Fuel-Friendly Oklahoman tea partier who was elected into Congress in the wave that swept over Washington in 2010. This man has been a critic of the EPA and has filed lawsuits and won ruling's against the Obama administration's environmental policies. So lets give the man who wants to dismantle the agency itself, the job of running it. What could go wrong? Bye bye clean energy, hello greenhouse gases! Immediately those out there who still value our futures, have come out with their chorus of boo's to this latest pick. While the Trumpeters as usual, are touting this as a way to save the EPA, man, we are all so royally screwed. So as we go one step closer to our demise, it seems, Donald's meeting with Al Gore, was all another distraction, and everyone fell hook, line and sinker. This wasn't showing that the man would be easy on our future, save us from the big flood that would soon swallow up parts of our nation. Maybe people argued, he might actually be able to say the words Climate Change and not cough up a lung. That maybe there was an smidgen of sanity in that deranged orange faced mind of his, and once he actually realizes the power that he now possesses, Donald will realize we need to take it down a notch and wake up to reality. But sadly as usual it was simply another deflection till he threw out his pitch. Oh, wait, now I see Leonardo DiCapio is meeting with him,  so maybe all is fine with the world and the new choice isn't gonna be as bad as possible? Wake up, its just a distraction from the truth.

As the dust is settling on this choice, we also had the extreme horror to discover who shouldn't be chosen to be our next Labor Secretary, because thats who Donald Trump picked. This latest bullet into the citizens of our nation's back is named Andrew Puzdar. This man runs Hardee's and Carl's Jrs., fast food chains and pretty much hates the notion of raising the minimum wage. He in fact would probably prefer to get rid of it, so he is the perfect choice in a Trump White House. The best part, Trumps pick, dreams of replacing all of his fast food employee's with robots, so sadly the only jobs that would be available in the windfall Donny promised, probably are gonna be replaced with droids. As a bonus, this prize, also happens to be an anti-immigration zealot as well, so he fits in perfectly.

Add one more caveat to the Carrier deal, not only does Trump own a piece of Carrier, and his deal saved less jobs then he keeps pitching to the braindead that can't get their head out of their asses to see how he played them. Now the man in cage of carrier has announced that some of the saved jobs wouldn't be lasting. Seems he plans to use a lot of the tax incentives to make his factory more mechanized, saving money and killing jobs.  Another scam played perfectly by Donald that no matter how much you prove the deal was all dog and pony show, the Donald and his Trumpeters and spin it and the fools believe the bull and disbelieve reality.

So it seems the basket of deplorables has gotten just a bit more crowded, and the ones that already fill it perfectly are continuing to add to their pile of sewage. Kellyanne Conway, who never fails to open her trap and spew seriously obnoxious statements, now argues that anyone who says anything against our future king, should face "consequences" for simply saying their minds. So if reporters query or argue, that Donald is doing wrong, like continuing to Executive Produce the 'Celebrity Apprentice' even after taking the oath of office they could face consequences, or even citizens who take umbrage to something he says or does, they too could face fines or prison time. Somehow out of left field, commentating about our political leaders is a no no. What gets me after what we've lived through with the most vile show of rudeness to any political leader in my lifetime, all of that doesn't seem to be the equation. But if Kellyanne wants to make using our First Amendment right's illegal, I presume then we should make the crimes retroactive. Then lets go after the inbreds who went after our current President, Barack Obama. Remember? Your current boss, called our President illegal for years, and so did half of Congress, perhaps we should arrest all of them for crimes against the state?  Perhaps we should go after all the 'Americans' who posted images of our President and his family as apes! You want to play the criticism card, perhaps we should go after you, Miss High and Mighty for what you yourself said about Donald Trump when you worked for Ted Cruz, that is before you sold whatever you had left of your soul to him. Wouldn't take be funny if the witch found herself sharing a cell with one of those real Americans who are arguing against Trumps bullshit. Somehow, whatever he does is cool, no matter how illegal or unethical. 

What gets me is, with Trumps latest joke of  in-your-face hypocrisy of Donald still earning a paycheck for Celebrity Apprentice is that NBC just happens to have a news division. Remember? So as President, he could use his power to alter the news, perhaps use his show to promote his policies, pitch his products, golf courses, and of course his properties. I mean seeing foreign nations deciding now to spend their time at Trump hotels, does view me pause. Talk about a conflict of interest. As for Kellyanne's comment that Donny working on Celebrity Apprentice is like President Obama's playing a game of golf. What? Is she stoned on crack? I guess the fact that Trump would be making money on it, makes a difference, idiot! President Obama is playing a game, he's not in the sport professionally or a pro. He's not winning a check, he's playing a round. Wow, the excuses these Trumpeters spout is seriously nuts. 

But does it matter? Any of it. The more names Donald announces the surer I am that the madman is filling his basket with the monsters that he intends to help destroy our nation from within. These aren't picks out of thin air, each one seems to fit perfectly into what he's assembling. I could imagine if there was one or a few, we could say maybe we misjudged the man, lets give him a chance. But everyone of his menagerie seems to be a piece of his puzzle of horrors. Supposedly this puzzle when completed will make America great again. But what exactly does that America look like? I'm just afraid from seeing what he's trying to do, that any hope for our nation and our world is gone. 

As we watch the recounts being stopped by Republican judges for lack of reasons (according to them), as reports keep coming out that the places that asked for the recounts had so much irregularity that a recount should be a must. The more we learn the more we need to learn the truth, about who really won this election! The excuses that Kellyanne and the rest of the Trumpeters are using is that we all laughed at Donald when he claimed the election was rigged and argued that Donald would make a mockery if he demanded a recount. So now that the shows is on the other foot, the democrats are simply sore losers. Who can't face the truth. No, the reality is, by Donald using that pitch, and seemingly being in cahoots with those who actually rigged the system, the recount he wanted as long as he lost, should be down for both sides. Lets see what the truth of the matter is.

So again, what does it matter? The system is rigged, the Presidency was stolen. All of the great advances that occurred in our nation for the last century will soon be stripped out of our laws. But it doesn't matter, does it? 30 million people losing their healthcare, don't sweat it. Social Security who needs it, no big deal? People working for less then what is currently our minimum wage, piece of cake. I mean chill out everyone, cause some day soon when what we love about our nation is a thing of the past, and our present will be something a kin to our worst nightmare, all of this will be a distant memory. When the reality of what we now have sitting in the White House wakes up even the sheep and the riots erupt. Perhaps when those in power who aren't bowing down to his whims, suddenly mysteriously wind up dead, poisoned from something they drank or was injected in. So everyone take a deep breath, chill out, we are already a nation on the brink of destruction. The sheep did there part, now Donald's coven will do theirs. So why worry when we know that nothing we can do will stop the end from happening. So relax, if you need to pray that we will survive, heck it couldn't hurt. 

For me, as our nation possibly burns into the ground, I'll remember that we almost elected Hillary Clinton, into the White House the perfect candidate and smile through the agony we are living through. A woman that was gonna take us to the next level as a nation, and we let this possibility slip though our fingers. I have to say this, someone seriously fucked up this time. I mean come on. Instead of voting her in, and bringing in a new world order, of kindness and equality, 'we' voted in the worst candidate in probably the history of our nation, and the one who will probably destroy it. The only good if any, that could come out of a Trump presidency is if we actually can survive it. Meaning, when all is said and done, if America as we know it is still a nation in our world, and it hasn't turned into a new version of a Third Reich nation then I apologize big time. Maybe, this was all a test to prove that Democracy and our nation can survive almost anything? I guess that is something to celebrate, but why tell me, must the trials to prove its strength be oh so scary and oh so dangerous.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, December 9, 2016