Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Karma has begun to bite Trump on his tuchus big time, as his past misdeeds have come back to haunt him in a really bad way, and boy can you see it on his face and in his demeanor

DONALD IS TOAST… at least that’s how it feels as I write this. If what we’ve learned so far, even with out all of the redactions filling in the blanks, it doesn’t look good for the liar in chief. Even without that so-called smoking gun proving without any shadow of a doubt that our sitting president got into office with the assistance from a lot of people he shouldn’t have ever been associated with, which doesn’t include all of the other very bad things Donald is alleged to have done. And thanks to the recent revelations from Michael Cohen, General Michael Flynn, and David Pecker no less, Donald J. Trump turns out was in on the crimes to hide his infidelities and his other misdeeds during the campaign, which eventually got him into the White House. 

That alone would be enough for any president or political figure to have to seriously think about resigning and making a deal. But, that treasonous act is only the first of many investigations which are now beginning to swallow Donald’s entire world up. Even if what Donald, Rudy and Kellyanne Conway keep saying and tweeting are the opposite. Even if the traitors masquerading as politicians in what used to be known as the republican party, come out and act as if no crimes ever occurred. And if they did, it doesn’t matter because the man is president, and you can’t indict a sitting president. Disregarding his crimes, or that those crimes by him and others aided his coronation. That’s right, that the latest and most insane excuse from the trumpeters. Apparently Donald committing the crimes doesn’t matter any more, he’s already practically admitting it anyway. You see there’s a method to his madness, according to them even if he did it, it doesn’t matter. That’s the new defense for Trump’s crimes. Since he’s the sitting president and he can’t get in trouble for any crimes that he might have committed, no matter how treasonous, he’s safe. Like Donald once said, he could shoot a  man on Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen to him. Even if those crimes helped him get into the presidency. Who’s the genius that thought up this defense? Scarily I’m asking how many will believe it, or worse, what if that’s how he gets away with all it, as he transforms from president to king of Trumpland. 

The shame in all this is, all of the players in this game that Donald is playing are crooked in one way or another. So when the star witness, turns out to be somebody like Michael Cohen, it gives Donald’s defenders the most obvious defense they can come with. How can you believe a word that Michael Cohen says? Especially now that the words convicted liar has been tattooed across his forehead for all of the world to see. How could we possibly believe that he of all people is finally telling the truth? Of course the trumpeters seem to forget and disregard everything else that’s been revealed, as they’ve done since Trump became the presumptive nominee of the republican party. Something the hypocrites in the trumpeting version of the republican party pretty much do that with all of their members, no matter how disgusting, deplorable, or treasonous they turn out to be.

Those talking heads who are trying to brush aside Donald’s illegal and treasonous actions, with all of their never minds and who gives a flying… totally disregards what we learned just this past week, that publisher David Pecker has corroborated with Donald all the way back to 2015. Unbelievably, but not surprisingly it turns out that Donald J. Trump, while a candidate for President, was in the room with Michael Cohen and David Pecker as they discussed and agreed to work together on a scheme to aide the republican candidate’s campaign for the presidency. Oops! According to David Pecker, Donald orchestrated the deal, not Michael Cohen. The National Enquirer, which David Pecker publishes, would align their ‘news’ as pro trump and anti Hillary. Anyone who saw their covers could figure that out. But what we the general public didn’t know was that the editorial of the publication was in coordination with Donald’s campaign. Shall we say, time to resign. Seems Donald set up a hush money scam with the publisher, using tricks like ‘Catch and Kill’ to bury items that could ruin his presidential dreams. Well Rudy, Donald, and his other talking heads are now pitching as their excuse that there was nothing illegal in paying off women for his personal failings, According to them, everybody does it. John Edwards did it and got away with it. So see its nothing to lose sleep over. Of course, the reality is, they did it to stop the stories from getting out, because Donald was running for President and it could hurt his chances. So instead of reading weeks, if not days before Election Day about Trumps paying off women illegally, and whatever other news bits that would damage his electoral chances, we got the Wikileaks dump of emails stolen from the DNC. We got lots of accusations from Donald and his crew of how crooked Hillary was, how she as president would rip off the public and enrich their own bank accounts, how her presidency would be a non-stop legal nightmare for her, and because of that, nothing would get accomplished. Sounds familiar

Amazingly, less then a week after Donald’s really bad day of December 7th, his D Day if you will, we’ve actually gotten an even worse day for him to deal with. On December 13th, it got even worse for Donald, and my smile grew a lot bigger, as it turned out that David Pecker, the publisher of The National Enquirer, had agreed to corroborate with the investigation, which pretty much has cooked Donald J. Trump’s goose. With Pecker’s agreement, we have learned that the meeting that included Michael Cohen and David Pecker, which dealt with publishers assistance during the campaign, you know, dealing with the hush money. The payments to at least the 2 lovely ladies that we know about, was attended no less by the man himself. That’s right, Donald who completely denied a meeting ever took place, or that there was ever a conversation or deal, was in the meeting.  The one that he suggested that people speak to his attorney Michael Cohen about it. The one that, according to them now,  even if it happened it wasn’t crime. The one… like rat caught in a trap. So conspiring with David Pecker, in the real world, to help swing the presidential election, should be enough alone for Donald’s presidency be on borrowed time. But sadly the real world ended the day Donald came down that escalator and spewed hatred, and the sad news that he was running to take over the free world. And since we’re not living in what I hope isn’t reality these days, that alone might not be enough to sway enough republicans to help kick out the treasonous actors. 

And now fools like Alan Dershowitz and Devin Nunes, are showing their vile faces on Fox news and spewing bulls…, sorry, garbage, that General Michael T. Flynn was entrapped by the FBI when he lied to them. Apparently the fools on the right are gonna try to overthrow his guilty plea. So, lets get this straight,  the man who was running our national security for Donald, shouldn’t know not to lie to the feds? A lifelong military man, a fool who stood in front of the world and chanted to lock Hillary Clinton up, because of her supposed treasonous actions… hogwash. I guess we are all also to believe that he didn’t know that working with foreign nations at the same time that he was working for Donald’s cabinet, especially without telling anyone was a treasonous thing, either? So I guess Flynn’s defense’s scheme to attack the FBI in their plea for the lightest sentence possible for the traitor to the judge, was simply a pitch to Donald to get a pardon. And his seeing the light and giving up the Donald was simply buying time till he could send out smoke signals for a pardon. Because Trump’s response afterwards via an interview makes it sound to me like their pitch might actually work. Donald still wuves his little general, his little Michael. 

Well lets hope the treasonous general, still gets locked up for at least some time, when perhaps the traitor to our nation will maybe see the errors of his ways, and in turn, come out and fully apologize to Hillary Clinton and to the citizens of the United States for his crimes against democracy. Of course I’m fully expecting his future to be similar to Oliver North, another man who committed treason for a different republican president. But instead of being ridiculed and spit at as the traitor that he was, he became a political hero for the right, and has made a living off of his treasonous deeds ever since. Expect Flynn to be a star on Fox or worse Sinclair sometime in the near future, even perhaps while serving his time in federal prison. I’m sorry, the man deserves no cheers, no accolades, only ridicule and scorn. Flynn has only admitted his guilt to lying to the FBI, that’s it. He supposedly has been very helpful and forthright with information to his inquisitors, but as far as I can tell, he hasn’t apologized for his actions to the nation. He helped a traitor get into the White House, so no soup for him.

I do have mixed feelings on what we’ve learned recently, especially in regards to Michael Cohen. With him my feelings shifted from thinking he was a dumb witless stooge, a fixer who did the dirty work for Donald. Then with his seemingly change of heart, I thought for a few days that perhaps the man wasn’t the total douche bag thug that I had always sensed he was. Yes my friends, a former Trumpeter has been saved, Michael had finally seen the light. But then Friday, December 7th, occurred and even though the American people finally had his big reveal, we also discovered the man’s change of heart wasn’t total. On that day we learned Donald’s one time attorney was hiding things, he wasn’t the reformed sinner that he wanted all of us to think he had become. When I heard that, I was real disappointed. I mean I wanted this smoking gun in the guise of Michael Cohen that we all had been waiting for, to be perfect, not to have a blemish, not to give Donald any wiggle room to escape that long green mile. 

But honestly Michael Cohen doesn’t have to be perfect, he just needs to be the someone who can help connect the dots, which he was doing according to Mueller’s investigators in regards to their investigation. So at least Cohen’s getting some time behind bars that he so justly deserves, and most importantly he seems to be giving up the ghost on Donald. I must add, listening to Donald go off on Michael Cohen, as opposed to Michael Flynn who he is still praising, you know that Michael is telling the truth and Donald, well Donald doesn’t know how to react, how to keep his fat trap shut, or how to stop his stubby little fingers from tweeting. And as usual those outbursts always come back to bite him. After Michael was sentenced to spend over 3 years in prison, Trump tweeted some really juvenile insults and attacked Cohen and his family. Which apparently Michael Cohen wasn’t pleased about. So the newly convicted former fixer came out in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC and said a few things that should really shut the orange faced fool up. Words in my opinion that should send shivers down all of the trumpeters spines. “Nothing at the Trump organization was ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump. He directed me, as I said in my allocution and I said as well in the plea, he directed me to make the payments, he directed me to become involved in these matters. Including the one with McDougal, which was really between him and David Pecker and then David Pecker’s counsel. I just reviewed the documents ... in order to protect him. I gave loyalty to someone who truthfully does not deserve loyalty.” Honestly, that’s all I need to hear. Shut Donald’s presidency down. Anyone who knows anything about Donald has to feel that his commentary rules Donald out of ever being in the dark in any of the things that he probably was involved with. So please stop giving this shyster in orange face paint any benefit of the doubt. Quit believing his ever changing excuses, and his point blank lies about what occurred. He did it. He was in on it. They all were. The entire Trump organization, his family and even his presidency is a sham. I’m just hoping in the end that Michael Cohen will be remembered in history as Donald’s John Dean.

So, unluckily for Donald not only do we have a real life tabloid nightmare smacking him in his crooked orange face, we’ve also got the second knock out blow which also would normally be enough to at least have started impeachment hearings. Seems we’ve now learned that Donald and his family… excuse me his organization, yes this is a mob, is up to their neck in the Trump Tower Moscow project. Something we’ve discovered Donald has been dreaming of seemingly most of his adult life. Finally the deal was coming into fruition, and I actually don’t doubt what other people keep saying, that getting that dream tower built, was the real reason Donald ran for president in the first place. It is possible Donald wasn’t thinking of the political ramifications with the deal, just the deal itself. Remember as he keeps pitching, he’s a builder not a politician, so who knows in Donald’s mind it’s simply a hotel. Of course lets disregard that in this case he’s got to deal with Vladimir, because nothing gets done in Russia without Putin’s say so.

Remember all those times Donald came out and told everyone that he had no deals with Russia? Well since these revelations have come out, Rudy and Donald, amongst many, are now using the excuse that a lie isn’t criminal. That’s right, they’re currently pitching that none of those thousands of lies mean jack. Somehow the deal, kept secret to the world isn’t a problem. Never discussed by Donald’s defenders. As usual they’re trying to use the fact that the lying of it is the only problem with what occurred, and since he wasn’t under oath when he said them, its not a crime. But lets remember that when Donny became president,  he swore an oath on a bible to defend the constitution. My question is by constantly lying to the American people about his past illicit deeds, isn’t he breaking that oath he swore? Isn’t that a crime?

Speaking of liars, according to Rudy lying to the American people isn’t a crime if you’re the president. That’s their so-called legal defense. So what? Who cares? Sorry Rudy, sorry Donald, it matters and some of us do care. Maybe the lying isn’t illegal even with my question still out there to be answered, and these lies shouldn’t cause a president to resign from office, no matter how wrong it feels. But his dealing with Russians and others on the deal while campaigning for president, while hiding all of it, surely sounds like they doing something shady, if not impeachment worthy. And lets add an additional wrinkle to the mix. It turns out, if you deal with the wrong sort of people eventually they will turn on you, especially if they’ve been alone in a cell in a foreign land under the thumb of the feds. Which brings me to Maria Butina, a Russian spy who pled guilty on Thursday, December 13, in a plot to influence conservative republicans. Maria Butina will possibly be a name remembered as a tipping point in our nations history. I wouldn’t be surprised that before this is all over, besides Donald and company going down, if half the republican party goes down with them after their association with her is fully revealed. Amazing only 1 day after Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and his 3 year sentence was handed down. We’ve learned that a Russian spy began canoodling with the NRA all the way back in 2011 and did seemingly very little to have the republicans falling all over themselves over her Russian charms and her love of weaponry. Yes this crazy script we are living in even includes a hot redhead spy, perhaps Scarlett Johansson can play her in the movie.  

The only question we should have to ask now is when will VP Mike Pence’s own illegalities start coming out? After all he allowed Michael Flynn to get in, and even after he was warned about the general’s issues, he ignored the problem. What’s up with that? Let’s hope some time before Donald vacates the premises, Pence’s criminal acts also causes his resignation. Even if he didn’t commit any crimes, he got the position by illegal and treasonous means, which should simply mean go away Mike. That written, Pence should never be allowed to become president, and he shouldn’t be allowed to pardon Donald for any of his crimes. And ironies of all ironies, Nancy Pelosi could become our next president before all of this is said and done. Since she will be the majority leader of Congress when the Trump/Pence team is jettisoned off of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and she would be third in line for the presidency, that means she gets the gig. Can’t wait for the republicans heads to explode. That is if Pence doesn’t get to stay as president and choose his own pet poodle to be his vice president. I can only image which monster he would choose, or who his handlers would I should write. Of course, the proper thing to do in all of this is to have a phone conversation with Hillary Clinton and hand her the gig she shouldn’t have gotten over two years a go. They could make a deal so Donald vacates the premises, quietly, he could save a little face. And if he agrees and Hillary Clinton is installed as president, without any difficulties, the feds would not send him to a federal penitentiary immediately where he would wait until it’s time for his big death scene against the wall or in the hot seat. They would allow him to leave the office with his head up and those crimes which helped him get into office would be forgiven, in the same way that Nixon left after Watergate. 

All I know is, I’m thinking the second part of Donald’s tenure or however long it lasts, should be a lot more fun to live through if you love democracy, and want to watch it work its magic. That no one is above the law, and in the end things somehow work their way to the right conclusion. It should be interesting seeing the next election campaign’s commence, and not just because there will be so many qualified candidates in the democratic party to run for their party’s nomination. But because we still don’t know if Donald will run unopposed as the incumbent in his party, or will he still be even president. If he is, and runs again, will he have any challengers? Or better yet, will Pence be one of those challenges, going after a much weaker Donald? Or if things work out better than I can even hope for that will fools in charge will be gone, already replaced by Nancy Pelosi. And what if Nancy is the president, who does she pick for her vice president? What if its Hillary? Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that make a statement and a half? And if so, does Nancy then run as the incumbent, or does she step aside and let Hillary run as the true incumbent? See lots of fun questions to ponder as we start the countdown towards the end of Donald’s presidency.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 18, 2018