Sunday, February 26, 2012

President Obama wants everyone in America to go to college. What a snob,” Santorum said. “There are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day and put their skills to the test who aren’t taught by some liberal college professor who tries to indoctrinate.” Santorum explained, “There are a lot of people in this country that have no desire, or no aspiration to go to college because they have a different set of skills, desires, and dreams that don’t include college.” “We have some real problems on our college campuses with political correctness, with an ideology that is forced upon people who may not agree with the politically correct left doctrine.”
I don't know how you do it Rick but with each new day, we get more and more reasons why you shouldn't be President. Now you are suggesting that college is a bad thing. That higher education warps your brain. I guess in college people learn all that B.S. propaganda about contraception, equal rights, the gay's, slavery. That is unless they rid higher education of those topics in the future. Rick, RIck, Rick. Stop it already. You are beginning to sound a little off your rocker. Perhaps the idea that you might actually win the presidency is getting to you. Cause the higher your poll numbers go the wackier your 'performances' on the campaign are getting. 
Yesterday in Troy, Michigan, Rick Santorum explained why kids shouldn't go to college. There, liberal professors "indoctrinate" them, and "remake" them in the image of Barack Obama... 

To watch the video on this please check out the link
Simply scary this Santorum guy. The scary thing is that anyone would vote for him in the first place. But then again, I said the same thing about Bush Jr., Nixon, and Ronald Regan.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

"I don'™t know if he's a Christian or not," Mitchell said. "I've never met the man. I've never talked with him and a lot of people say that they're Christians. That doesn't mean that they are."
This struck me when the never-ending question about President Obama's authenticity was again asked, by  MSNBC's Martin Bashir who was outraged over guest's Dr. Craig Mitchell's refusal to say that he believed Obama is a Christian on his show onWednesday.
This  exchange took place a day after another MSNBC guest,
, the son of televangelist Billy Graham questioned President Obama's religious beliefs. Graham refused to say whether he knew that Obama was Franklin Grahama Christian.
During Wednesdays show, Mitchell said that other American presidents have faced those charges, and that people had the right to question Obama. "But you know, people do have their concerns and it'™s not wrong for them to express those ideas," he said.
Bashir asked him to identify other presidents who have been questioned over their religious beliefs. Mitchell said that Obama "has a unique set of circumstances." The MSNBC host then asked his guest a blunt question. "Sir, do you believe he's a Christian?" 
"What I know is that he says he's a Christian, so I have to take him at his word," Mitchell answered. Bashir was not satisfied and added  "I'm not asking you if you take him at his word,"  "Do you believe that he's a Christian?"
"I don'™t know if he' a Christian or not," Mitchell said. "I've never met the man. I've never talked with him and a lot of people say that they're Christians. That doesn't mean that they are." He later said added, "All I know is that he says he's a Christian and that's sufficient." When pressed to explain further, Mitchell said, "What I'm saying is I accept the fact that he says he's a Christian and until I actually talk with him, I won't know for sure."
The discussion and the aggressive manner that 
Martin Bashir showcased honestly got me unnerved. You see, it struck me that the answer he had given made total sense.
"I don'™t know if he's a Christian or not," Mitchell said. "I've never met the man. I've never talked with him and a lot of people say that they're Christians. That doesn't mean that they are."
But that wasn't good enough for Martin Bashir, no, he had to press him for a 'better' answer. Like The big 'gotcha' was coming. And when he couldn't get one, he seemed upset.
You know Martin, the answer you were given was fine. And you know honestly how else can you answer it.
The problem is not the question. It seems until President Obama ran, the question was more cautionary. With Obama it was more.... Profiling. He fit the image of a Muslim. I mean could you imagine Bush Jr. being queried about his heritage. Or his father for that matter. Where were the questions about Perry or why not Paul. Why not? Nobody has queried either of them, if perhaps they were Illegals. Why hasn't the media been pressing for their 'Birth Certificates.'
So there you have it the real question here. Is it racist? Is it backwards thinking? Is is anti-American? And if so, does it effect their votes. And how?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"I've repeatedly said I don't question the president's faith," Santorum told host Bob Schieffer, denying what some have said was a signal that Santorum had challenged the legitimacy of Obama's Christianity. "I've repeatedly said that I believe the president's Christian -- he says he's Christian. But I am talking about his worldview, the way he addresses problems in this country, and they're different than most people view it in America."
How dare you Rick Santorum. Trying to separate people. Trying to scare people. Trying to take people's worse fears and make them real. Trying to scare real Americans into thinking our President really isn't one of us. You should be smacked. Who the heck do you think you are. You ingrate. How dare you. You really should be ashamed of yourself. You want to be President, yet you insult the leader of the free world, your President. You know what, you should be punished. Go ahead, stand in the corner with the 'dunce' hat on. You deserve it.
It seems this weeks flavor has gotten campaign 2012 fever. In other world, the racist, inane ways come out,
I'm sorry Rick, it's not the President whose view is different. It's you. It seems your opinion is the minority. Most people live in the 21st century. His 'world-view' is fine. It's your American view we should be discussing. Our president is now a known quantity, and you my friend are the unknown. 
The good thing about you now being the flavor of the month is that now you get to be in the spotlight. All your demons will be showcased to the public. All your 'crazy' backward beliefs will be revealed. The truth will set us free as they say. And the truth will save America from you and your kind.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Simply amazing, with all the good feelings coming out of the Jeremy Lin story, you would think nothing could put a damper on it. But no. Turns out that there's a few characters out there trying to taint the mood. With stories coming out today that an ESPN editor was fired for using the 'c' word [chink] and Madison Square Garden (the home of the Knicks), loves 'fortune cookies'. Simply sad. The fact that the editor that used the term, "Chink in the armor" to discuss the Lin storyline, came out afterwards; saying he had no idea that he was offending anyone. That he had used the term lots of times in headlines to discuss other stories, and never realized the racial stigma with the expression, says something about how as a society we have far to go when it comes to racism. In less then three weeks of hype, an asian player in the NBA already has has to deal with something as disgusting as this.
But at least the subject has come out. Let the discussions begin. Better now, then later.  
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Enough already. Please. All we heard before the campaign really began was the economy.  Obama's plan would destroy our country [lets forget the fact that our plan practically put us in a ditch]. Granted it looked really bad for President Obama, especially when he came out with his statement on the economy.“A year from now I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress,” ”But there’s still going to be some pain out there. If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Well Mr. President it seems you were right. Over the course of your first term, we've watched as the Republicans have attacked you non-stop on the economy. For how bad it was. It was all your fault. You single-handedly kept us in the crapper. Well a funny thing happened on the way to your reelection. It turns out that you were right, again. Now amazingly the unemployment levels have showcased how the economy has been slowly recovering. Perhaps if they had allowed your policy's to have been fully approved the recovery would have been a lot faster. Perhaps.
They blamed you for the high levels, even when it was really the fault of  the fool who used to have your job. Claiming the country's job losses on you, even though they were really Bush's. Blaming him on the stimulus' numbers, even though it was the former President's. The funny thing is that the stimulus actually worked. If it was a larger plan as Obama wanted, it would have worked sooner [possibly]. 
So now that the numbers seem to have gone against the Republican plan for re-take-over, here we go again with the hidden agenda [they hide so badly]... the attack on women. Every time it seems that they lose a game they've been trying, a women's issue gets attacked. Lets change the subject. Every time they try to shut down the government down, a new Abortion bill comes out. Every time they attempt to stop the 1% from getting a tax increase, Planned Parenthood gets trampled on. I wonder what the wives of these ingrates think. Maybe they don't. Perhaps they are dumb from living with their backward thinking husbands their entire lives.
It really is a shame. That in 2012 we have to deal with idiots trying to take us back to the dark ages. I can understand political differences. Different beliefs. But, I'm sorry Santorum, sex isn't just for procreation. Maybe in your marriage, but most of us believe its for more then just increasing the population. I'm sorry I don't think God had it in his plans to overpopulate the world into extinction. And I'm sorry, to have a 'Congressional' hearing about women's issues without women involved truly showcase how screwed up these people are, and why they need to be gotten rid of.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

"It was a stupid joke."
That's how former Rick Santorum described a comment made Thursday by one of his biggest backers. Foster Friess,  was discussing Santorum's stances on social issues during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell when he declared: 
"Back in my days, they used Bayer Aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly."
 "He told a bad, off-color joke and he shouldn't have done it, but that's his business." That was Santorum's inane excuse,  Oh really... A stupid joke? Or maybe your candidacy is a stupid joke? What is it about candidates, that cause them to turn obnoxious, opinionated fools. Whenever their lot is queried about a comment or statement, they always use the excuse that the comment was a joke. When is dealing with important issues supposed to be a joke. Sorry sir, I don't seem to have the same sense is humor as yourself. 
And what is it with the republicans and women's rights to begin with. They keep bringing out this issues as if the last one hundred years never happened. To have a Committee on women's issues with no women involved is the height of hypocrisy. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said it best.
We almost couldn’t believe it. Today, at a House Oversight Committee hearing, House Republicans convened a panel on denying access to birth control converge with five men and no women. As my colleague Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney asked, where are the women?" Pelosi says in the email. "Join me in our call to Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Chairman Issa and all House Republicans to demand that women be brought to the table when discussing women’s health issues. Help us gather 50,000 signatures before Congress heads home tomorrow." 
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Another legend gone. Another icon lost. Another shooting star that shined brightest, but whose sparkled for a brief moment and then sputtered and died. Died way too soon. Died tragically. Another in a long but still growing list of talents that gave up their souls for the talent they each were born with.
Be careful for what you with wish you. Because your penance for that gift, might one day find you lifeless, dead, accidentally OD'd on assorted pills or worse.
A once beautiful exception to the ordinary. A one in million, once in a lifetime, a talent that touches the masses arrives and alters the very fiber of your being,
Whitney Houston for me was one of those talents, another giant voice bring sung by a frail body. Not unusual in these sad stories. 
Remember Piaf. Remember Judy. All once angelic faces, body and voice who were ravaged by the use of alcohol, drugs, fame or simply life itself. Perhaps this is the curse with being given such an extraordinary gift. A talent that within moments of witnessing makes those who witnessed it, chemically altered. The air around you seemingly buzzing with excitement.
For me Whitney Houston will always be that shooting star. In the same I felt the buzz the first time I saw Meryl Streep on stage, in The Cherry Orchid. You just know it when you see it. The first time I ever witnessed Miss Houston's talents was singing back-up. I will never forget seeing this beautiful angelic child. Standing there as if lost. For me what was so wonderful about her voice was how it touched you. How you felt that she was singing her own words. And she was singing it to you from the heart. She wrote the words, not some song writer.
I still remember the night, seems so long ago, but like it was yesterday. Watching her first performance on the Grammy's looking like a scared child. But once she opened her throat, her magnificent voice transcended to the heavens. Mesmerizing a room filled with the best voices on Earth. All realizing at once that they were witnessing something special.
What most amazed me, the second time I witnessed her singing live, was how great she was at such a young age. All I kept telling everyone I would speak to about her was, I can't wait till she's older and learns to use that instrument, that voice. Cause when she does can you imagine how great she will become. Sadly we won't ever
hear how great she could have been. We can only enjoy how great she was.
On her last album, it was apparent that the years of abuse [whatever that might have been] had taken their toll on her supreme instrument. But still, the beauty of her gift shined through.
How ironic it is that on a night that turned out to be a celebration of what was. A voice silenced forever. A voice that touched us with its sweet velvety smoothness. On this night where tears were shed throughout the world in sadness at the silencing of one great voice.
How ironic that a new voice seemingly out of the heavens has come down to step in and fill the void left.
A voice so different in tone, maturity and weight from Whitney's. A voice closer to Patsy Cline in sound then to Whitney's, who sounded more like voice from the heavens, then a belter. Adele is her name, and the song she sang 'Rolling in the Deep' with such perfection and assurance and verve made you sit back and listen. She showcased why in this great land of ours, a new voice will arrive to continue the music. Adele has arrived to continue the song. But the knowledge that the music continues with a new lead singer, doesn't take away the sting of what we've lost.
I'll remember the night at the Grammy's years a go when my mom came into my room, Whitney was performing 'The Greatest Love of All' live and I had entered the Heavens above. My mom asked me "who 'she' was?" After a few seconds I whispered "Whitney" as I reentered reality. Because whenever Whitney Houston sang I always seemed to go to another place. A better place. A place of beauty, where everything had a shine and all was well. That's what made Whitney special. There are a lot of good singers. And a lot of really great singers like Streisand that come along once in a generation. But for some reason Whitney was different then the other once in generation of great voices. She was the voice.
I will try to remember her as she was and as I imagined she would become. Rather then what actually happened. And any and all discoveries that the press reveals for me, only add to my beliefs, that people who are given great abilities have to deal with that. How do you handle the burden of being so great, when you cease being great. Or worse, when you somehow caused your own destruction. How sad. How truly sad.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

"I don't try to rig straw polls,"
Sen. Rick Santorum's seems to be accusing the honorable Mitt Romney on an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday. "I don't try to rig straw polls," "You have to talk to the Romney campaign and how many tickets they bought... We've heard all sorts of things." 
Accusing Mitt of doctoring the results of the CPAC contest. Yikes. I'm just saying Rick, be careful there. You don't wanna spite yourself. Remember what happened to Hillary.  Instead of waiting your turn at the Presidency in a comfortable office next to the big guy's, you're doing all the heavy lifting. Instead of a cosy office in Washington, you're travelling all over the world; gaining those bags under her eyes.  I'm just saying. 
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Collective bargaining is not a right," Walker said. "In the public sector, it is an expensive entitlement."
Oh really, Governor Scott Walker. And you are an expensive mistake. People voted for you on your platform, but once in, your true agenda came out.  And that's why you are going bye bye. At CPAC 2012 Walker basically was begging for his political future. 
"Lord help us if we fail," "I'm not planning on it, but if we were to fail, I think this sets aside any courageous act in American politics for at least a decade if not a generation." 
"This recall isn't about me and it isn't just about who will be the Governor of Wisconsin,"  "It is about all of us and whether or not we can make bold decisions for the future."
So let me get this straight, only the private sector, okay, the rich folk can negotiate. And that in the future if some nut job comes around trying to change the world into his deprived way, that we we stop him, we will stop any future bold plans by any psycho's... sounds like a plan.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Teachers need to make the money that they need to make," McGill said, according to the Times-Journal. "If you double a teacher's pay scale, you'll attract people who aren't called to teach ... and these teachers that are called to teach, regardless of the pay scale, they would teach. It's just in them to do. It's the ability that God give 'em."
At a prayer breakfast this week in Fort Payne, Alabama, state Sen. Shadrack McGill came out against increasing teachers' pay. I'm sorry, the idea that anyone would take a teachers job cause the pay is great is completely ass-backward. Why don't they just give teacher's a damned living wage. I know it's a shame you can't outsource the education of our children. Perhaps now with iPads becoming the norm, maybe we can start having home schooling. So no public education would be necessary. No teachers. No Department of Education. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it Republicans
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"I’m glad that you played the Rachel Maddow clip because I think she is the best argument in favor of her parents using contraception. I would be all for that. And all of the rest of the crowd at MSNBC, too, for that matter."
Conservative columnist and FOX talking head, Cal Thomas spouted off after a clip of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow using her intelligence and sarcasm to debunk the right-wing argument on contraception. Its a real shame, to think that in the 21st century old fat white men still has the ears of any political party. And in most cases the power to get their agenda's accomplished. 
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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Good for you President ObamaBeat them at their own game.
Go ahead Mitt. I can already hear you Rick. Scream your lungs our Newt. Hitch a fit Paul. As for the rest of you talking heads, let me beat you to the punch
Go ahead bitch and complain how he was against it. He said it would ruin the political system. And how right he was. As we've already witnessed the political landscape has been forever changed because of The Supreme Court's landmark decision.
The fact that Newt Gingrich is still in the race and threatening to run till pigs fly is the first clue this wasn't an intelligent resolution to the problem. Allowing Romney to have such an overwhelming advantage to the rest of the field surely can be nothing less then unAmerican. Even the appearance that one person, family, corporation can single-handedly finance a candidate's campaign is honestly scary. And we are not talking a few measly bucks in contributions. We are discussing millions upon millions of dollars. 
Between this bonehead decision and the Lobbyist situation being allowed to practically run rampart it is truly amazing anything ever gets accomplished in Washington. And considering how stubborn and backstabbing the Tea Party and the talking heads of the Republican party have been, it's pretty astonishing how far we've gone in three years under President Obama's leadership. 
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The President honestly has no choice. He can sit back and watch as a few very rich people help spend him out of the White House, because of principle. Sorry. The one thing we've learned about our President, is if you like the man or despise him, we can all agree how smart he is. And there's no way he will allow our country to be taken over because of his stubbornness. 
If those in power who bitched against the Stimulus package, voted against it, and then begged for the funds when Obama signed it into law, can do that. Obama can have his own Super PAC, or should I correctly write others could create a Super PAC for the re-election of President Obama and donate their own millions. What's good for the goose, is good for the Obama. And thats good for our country.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 06, 2012

It was literary Déjà vu all over again yesterday, as the NFL'S NEW YORK/JERSEY GIANTS won its forth Super Bowl, defeating New England 21-17 for the second time in four years. Winning in Indianapolis, his older brother Peyton's home stadium, it seems all the stars were aligned for Eli Manning and his team mates.
Not only did he defeat New England for second time, touted by many as the best test team of the decade, he beat them both times as the underdog. But unlike the last game, this game Eli and the Giants dominated the game. If not for a last minute touchdown at the end of the first half, the final score seemed like it might have been  a rout. Eli and his offense spent most the the day eating up the clock, keeping New England's vaulted offense off the field.A similar trick another Giants team did to win anther championship. Isn't that right Buffalo. And as opposed to the last time, in this super rematch, the Giants played this game as if New England was the underdog. And just as last time, Eli and the Giants had to come back in the forth quarter in the final minutes to win the game. Of course this time it wasn't such a shock. The entire world who watched the game wasn't on its feet in disbelief. No not this time, and not ever again. Eli has proven time and again that he's now the man. 
The only questions I have about this team is next years outcome. Cause watching this years team grow at the end of the season. Winning its last several games easily, it seems that something awoke this sleeping Giant. Perhaps it was all the BS from the other side of the stadium... the Green side fuming at being left off the back pages. That somehow The Jets  had stolen the heart of the city away from them. 
A team that began the season with no thoughts of a championship, not many people picked them to even make the playoffs. After beginning the year at 6-2, the talk began (at least in the New York Press) about a possible division championship, it seemed the bottom dropped out. The Giants then lost four straight and well it didn't look good. The talk began about firing the coach. But then something funny began to happen. But at the same time that the Giants were losing, they began to play like a team. They might have lost the games, but it seemed like they were learning that they were as good as the best teams in the game. A loss may be a loss, but a loss can also be moral victory, and now it appears they learned their lessons. The Giants began to right themselves. To find a defense it seemed out of nowhere. As Eli Manning proved once and for all time that he wasn't just a Manning, but he was Eli Manning. 
Now that they've graduated and won the big game, next year they'll have to come out and prove this season wasn't a fluke. Next season The Giants have to come out and win 13 or 14 games, and then go on and win the championship again. Then for me this seasons promise would be realized. Cause this years Super Bowl victory was a nice surprise, and next years will be the real icing on the cake.
Oh, and if a certain quarterback from Indianapolis is back and Eli has to beat his brother for his third ring, now that definite would put an end to all talk about Eli's qualifications.

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

"Mr. President, Nevada has had enough of your kind of help" and added, "This president's misguided policies made these tough times last longer."
After his Mitt Romney atest campaign victoryMichael Roberson, a top Republican member of the state senate, talked to HuffingtonPost "This is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence and this time I'm going to take it to the White House," Romney said in addressing his supporters on Saturday night. He went on to level an attack on President Barack Obama. Roberson, continued "Mr. President, Nevada has had enough of your kind of help" and added, "This president's misguided policies made these tough times last longer."
And it's President Barack Obama 'misguided' policies which got our country into the mess that Obama was put into office to fix. And finally that he's got us going in the right direction I think it's wise to disregard your petty childish banter, and continue on his adult way. And I'm sorry, right now more then anything else we need the adult in the room to run the ship.
President Obama has seemingly begun to get our country going in the right direction. And right now our country needs to continue on the course it's on. We have a chance to really 'change' our country for the better. And right now the best choice is to stay the course and re-elect the President to finish what he was elected to do. Fix the mess that he inherited. 
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Newt you lost, Rick you lost, Ron you lost, even Mitt the winner in the primary, you lost. Cause ain't one of you is gonna see victory on the big day. The day Obama wins his second, well deserved term. And Newt, even if you get all the conservative vote. Whoopie. What's that 30 - 40% of the voters out there.
Give it up. I mean even if you knock off the phony, flip-flopper 'moderate' there's no way you can win the general election. You don't have the votes. So why not save yourself a lot of heartache and us a whole lot of headaches and give up now. Save us from countless hours of lies. Angry hate speech. Earth shattering ideas, small government big military bedroom bothering legal hocus pocus. That will do nothing more then upset the many and help the few.
I mean it wouldn't be so bad if you guys didn't just disrespect his race. I know that sounds ass backward. But the disrespect they show him, even to his face [Jan Brewer] is beyond belief. But he is the President for God sakes. Never in my life have I seen such disrespect for the man in the hot seat. It's so apparent that they hate this man. Not sure if its because he's a person of color... Okay black. If its because his mother was white and she god forbid married a black man. Maybe it's because he's uppity, and actually defeated his master. Are they so blind to their delusions, that anyone whose living in the real world is unAmerican. All I know is President Obama would have to solve world hunger, the cure for cancer, and full employment; and they would still say he wasn't up to the job. Heck they scream it from the highest mountain tops. "Obama is the worst president ever." Even after our last fun-tastic President, Bush Jr.
You mean to tell me that Obama is worse then Bush 2, the man who went into battle with false evidence. Obama's worse? When Bush was in office, we were losing 400,000 jobs a month. Since Obama's been President we've had 23 straight months of job growth. Since Obama's been President a once dying auto industry is now leading the world in car sales. And Mitt
wanted the cars to go away.   and the jobs. Well he does know how to downsize jobs... doesn't he. Do us a favor, why don't you all just go away. I fully realize "that you don't care about the poor.The problem being to you most people are the poor. 
Newt you lost Rick you lost. Ron you lost.  Even Mitt you lost. There were no winners in Florida. But there was one big winner, but sadly for the republicans the winner was in Washington DC. and his name is President Obama.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, February 2, 2012