Thursday, December 24, 2015

One by one, the list of States I consider part of this Union… shrinks!
The race for the most obnoxious state in our Union, and the ones that need to be drop kicked out off of it, keeps expanding. Seemingly each trying to out do the other in how poorly they treat their citizens.
is… Kentucky, Detroit, Alabama, Baltimore, Kansas, Texas, Arizona… I could keep going. I’m amazed the citizens of these ‘great’ States seriously don’t either should think about moving away and go, or celebrate the fact that their homeland has become seriously unsafe to live in.
My latest screaming moment, about this subject, happened in Texas.  Luckily I only read about it, and don’t have to survive it personally. Its bad enough to take away people ability to vote. Only our most fundamental right as citizens of these United States, but to take away peoples healthcare, their HIV medication… Here’s what I just wrote on Facebook, with a little rewriting and additional thoughts.
Texas… how do I say this…  To hurt woman for having abortions I can almost understand, having watched the news lately, this is the Republican party, t his is their goal… no abortions allowed, I get it. The whole world gets it. Even God gets it. I can understand it, but I don’t agree with it, and hysterically funny, that these so-called law-abiding citizens keep forgetting the simple fact that its, abortion, legal. It has been for almost half a century. But, I get it, and sadly people feel its their personal right and responsibility to do whatever it takes to prevent it. I get it, thats one thing, but, and I mean but, to destroy the lives of innocent people by taking away their HIV medication is just beyond me. 
Of course, the same stupidity that these inbreds, excuse me, these believers use to justify closing down of health clinics because of the now bogus discredited edited videos. Lets not even go to court on this, lets just shut down the clinics, without a trial. And as usual, these vile voices are coming from the same mouths who hate gay marriage, and the gays themselves. So killing planned parenthood seems to be a win win for them. I could say that I hope anyone responsible for this inbred decision, gets the virus and now has f*cked themselves right up the ass, cause their medication won’t be available to them. Ha ha.
These are also the same inbreds, yes, I wrote it again, who want to end immigration, and cease any minorities from entering our shores, ever again!
To the citizens of Texas still with a brain, please leave this wasteland and join the rest of America, cause your state has officially been crossed off my list of United States territories…
Screw ‘em! They want their own education, change history by excising slavery, screw ‘em, its wants its own laws, its way of thinking, its wants to secede, fine. Let it. Good riddance! Its not part of our nation anymore.
We can switch it with Puerto Rico! And we still have 50… and at least there, they act like Americans and not like inbred backward thinking redneck racists…but that would be profiling an entire geographical area, and that wouldn’t be a good thing. Would it Trump! Cruz! Rubio! Jeb! 
Or I could just say, sorry people, you elected ‘em, now suffer the consequences...
Just one man’s opinion                              
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Seems, its not just for Republicans anymore
Hysterical, so a person working for the Bernie Sanders campaign did something bad, and his campaign is getting smacked for it. Yet 'they' are complaining that the DNC is playing political games… really? I love it when crooks blame their accusers.
Hm… The good thing in all this, the Sanders campaign immediately fired the fool when this was discovered or shall we say, when it was revealed to the press & the media… would they have if it hadn't come out, I'd like to believe it, but sadly, it seems hypocrisy is everywhere. Even in the land of Bernie. Even, in what I'd like to call the sane party. You know, the ones who live in reality and not some fantasy of how great things used to be when slavery still existed.
Well, the crook was just interviewed via phone on MSNBC,  he claims his crime was just "an experiment" to see if what he did would be noticed. He was checking the system… he was being the good guy. Well tell that to the judge at your trial.
Now the DNC has suspended the Sanders Campaign, to access of the voter data (this is something described on television as a big deal), till they, the Sanders Campaign can prove what information they have illegally taken or if they have nothing as they claim. Until they do, they are cut off the list. They were caught in the cookie jar, and now they have to prove what they did or didn't do… 
As in any conversation about the state of the Democratic Party, its all Debbie's fault… the Clinton insider…  
They are using this again, to smear Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who it seems is the poster child for those who feel the system is rigged. We must rid our party of her. As soon as she's gone all would be right with this world!
Sadly the fringe of the Democratic party who want Bernie Sanders to win, are seemingly turning into the horror show that they supposedly are against…accusations and conspiracies! I'd had hoped they were above that… guess not.
Amazingly, in all this, Hillary Clinton is completely innocent, but somehow, a person working for the Sanders Campaign, fired for doing the wrong, possibly illegal thing, his actions are being turned into another attack against her… its always Hillary's fault, even when others get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  
I'm now awaiting the attacks by those in the Republican Party, almost afraid to flick on FOX FAUX NEWS, to see how they use this to smear Hillary and the Democrats as much as possible. Sadly what these conspiracy nuts don't get, is by creating this conspiracy out of the damage that one of Sanders' supporters has done, they've only hurt their own candidate. And by doing do, helped in their own small way to elect someone who none of want to be sitting in the Oval Office in 2016, one of the Republican clowns. Don't they know that this bull will be used to showcase that Sanders is a communist, he was cheating, just like Hillary always does. I just hope this is a blip on this years radar, and will be forgotten by New Years. I won't hold my breath on that. 
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Monday, December 07, 2015

Maybe its time, you checked yourself off the air!
Stop it…talk about UGLY! Having a ‘guest’ call our President a “PUSSY” really… and what gets me is, beside the obvious “what’s wrong with this picture?” aspect of the profanity being used… what the inbred is spouting is just hatred and worse, simply treasonous. 
Enough, we are in their own words… AT WAR! And to have an entire station or network of stations with the main goal to disavow whatever our President is doing is pretty much putting them in league with with terrorist.  
I understand we are discussing FOX FAUX NEWS, and I shouldn’t expect more from them, I know, I know. Really. But seriously, when did we as a nation not fall behind our Commander-in-Chief when the nation was threatened? As far as I can research, always… even when the fool George W attacked the wrong nation… remember!
People still won’t get their heads out of their asses on that boondoggle, and admit the truth, even if you show them a map, it doesn’t matter. If W said it, it must have been true. Everyone else is lying about it. Even with the facts and the evidence, Cheney and his terrorist gang have spoken their gospel, and if you don’t agree with them you are anti American, or worse. Look at what happened to The Dixie Chicks!
So instead of admitting that they were duped, they’d rather double down on the hatred and the lies, as we spiral into a possible real war that now seems unending… its like W pulled his finger from the Dam and now the flood gates are about to explode. President Obama has been trying to stem the tide… tying to solve this riddle, with seemingly no real answer. Even if in reality it seems his decisions in the long run will work, this strategy seemingly opposed by all the doubters in the room. These voices of dissent and hatred, supposed patriots who are trying to poison even the very possibility that his actions are the right ones to take. Even if we decided to bomb the place out of existence as some have been promoting or suggesting, the nut jobs will still be out there… how as he said, do we rid our world of this Cancer, seemingly with no cure. 
Please check out this link to learn more. Thanks
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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Finally, a MUSLIM terrorists on our shores. Are we happy now? Must be ISIL!
So after months and months, sadly years now, of senseless shootings on our shores, a white person, a Christian bible thumping individual was not the culprit in yet another mass shooting. So I guess we should disregard all the others and just harp on the latest as if they’ve done all of the damage over the course of the last few months and years. 
As the racism, hatred and nonsensical attacks against the Muslim religion, and its followers have only grown, a person with the name associated with Muslims, has been associated with an act of Domestic Terrorism. Which of course, immediately makes them ISIL! Forget any investigating to find out the facts, or the reasons. This ‘couple’ decided to act, and cause the death of so many innocent people. Must be ISIL. 
Especially since the Paris incident in November. As soon as the reports of a Syrian passport was discovered amongst the ruins of the terrorist attack, the floodgates of hatred in our country exploded. It must be ISIL. Even though. Almost immediately, the passport was described as a plant. Meaning it wasn’t a Syrian who had caused the destruction, ergo, we shouldn’t be condemning an entire group of people, especially when those people had nothing to do with the attacks. Sounds a little like George W. Bush is behind another major mistake.
But that of course didn’t stop the attacks, especially by those running for the Republican nomination. Most notably Donald Trump, and those who are using the heinous acts of a few nut jobs to alter the very fabric of our nation… how Patriotic can you not be.
Well now that its been revealed that the situation in San Bernardino, was caused by a couple who were Muslims. Or at least were the right color and had the right names, all niceties are over. The blame game is already happening. In fact, immediately, as the events were still unfolding, on FOX FAUX NEWS, a ‘fool’ was already blaming our President for it, without any of the facts. We are talking minutes... this being said, of course with out any real evidence.  
Well what gets me, now, just a day later, on ALL the news stations, they are spending their day basically throwing out opinions. Not reporting facts. Just throwing out theories about why the shooters did it? What were their motives? Were they terrorists or simply crazed individuals. Nothing really known yet, except what ifs. Kind of like every other event lately. Isn’t there any other news to report, while you find anything new to report?  
Today its been reported that Governor Christie is already attacking our President for not calling it a terrorist attack…It must be ISIL! Amazing a former Prosecutor should know better? Shouldn’t he? Haven’t we spent enough time and money persecuting Hillary Clinton for the  ‘talking-points’ on Benghazi? The New York Post has already proudly stated that a Muslim was the killer…MUSLIM KILLERS… really?!?! Finally I guess they’ve got a face that isn’t white to use… see, must mean all Muslims are terrorists…  right?
Wrong… enough of this rush to judgment! 
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thurs., Dec 3, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Or is it just a few bad apples & some scarily wanting to be our next President?
If anyone is seriously gonna be voting for the next election, watch these 'Americans' showcase why the term Ugly Americans has become so popular!
In the wake of the Paris attacks (no I'm not discussing World War II), A bunch of Republican leaders and Presidential candidates have announced their opposition to any of the Syrian refugees to be allowed to enter our sacred shores. How American of them… guess they forgot our history! Forgot our values! Just bask in your fears and hatred and try to make political points in the process. And worse seek funds because of it.
Its possible we could be discussing the start of the real World War III. As opposed to all the others that have occurred since the end of the last War to end all Wars. It seems, finally we have a real threat on our hands. Not just a foreign war amongst warring sections of a few small countries that we seem to be giving advice to and lots of our tax payers money.
Ever since President George W. Bush disregarded the warnings and we got attacked on 9/11, and we entered this current vicious non-ending military action, by attacking the wrong nation! It seems we have been playing war games in the sand. With Drones and air power, and for the most part, without boots on the ground, supposedly. Leading various attempts at downsizing this latest threat, which currently is ISIL. Each step seemingly a logical attempt at fixing a sadly illogical enemy, And sadly it seems, each attempt has actually seemed to strengthen this monstrous entity's zeal for their eventual goals. Seemingly to destroy everything that disagrees with their centuries old religious beliefs.Or their twisted interpretations of those sacred laws.
The scary part of this is, there is some small part of me that sees a grain of salt in their justification for their hatred and demonizing of these poor refugees who are simply trying to find a place to live. Not for their hatred and demonizing, I completely disagree with that, but for their fear in the unknown. The what ifs.
So, if you wanna live with the what-ifs scenarios, then if, a few or the many, of these refugees or as they like to think of them as mindless terrorists, are amongst the thousands entering our shores. What if they are simply here to infiltrate our mighty nation. And defeat us from within!!! Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmb!
I'm sorry, if that was true, that scenario would have occurred time and again over the years with each new foreign invasion. I mean, the Germans came, we didn't demonize all of them after the war was over. All Germans aren't Nazis! Are they? If not, then how are all Muslims, terrorists? Just saying.
The Irish, The British for Gods sake…we do have some history fighting them, don't we ? Guess we shouldn't have let The Beatles on our shore!  I mean we did call it The British Invasion… didn't we?
That said, as we know, this is a different age, a different enemy, nothing is out of the question. But, we live in the real world and sorry, I have to believe that these nightmare scenario's are just that nightmares. For me, the scarier threat is if one of these so called Americans become our next President. And that people simply do not seem to change. This hatred that some of these people are spouting sounds like the same garbage we heard decades ago against numerous minorities and immigrants.

Please check out this link to learn more.

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Is anything in your bio, real, or are you just a surgeon with a Walter Mitty complex?
Its pretty amazing watching Ben Carson get upset because for a 'few days' people are asking him questions… imagine if they gave him a lie detector test… the sweat poring down his brow. But then again, the man seems so, relaxed most of the time, he might hum as he answers all the questions with out a problem.
Imagine if an entire business model was created to attack him and go after his place of birth… if a news cable outlet went on a 24/7 attack mode on everything and anything he has ever done… hm, oh, thats right, thats what they've been doing to our President since he began his first campaign for President… Oh, and there's Hillary Clinton, nope, nobody ever went after her…  not one conspiracy not one attack… oh, her husband, kind of was attacked without end… and there's Jack Kennedy's Catholic background and family history… and then… Buddy me thinks you protest too much!
I think its more like this. Simply you've fabricated your life, like a new version of The Great Imposter! Sorry sir, if your candidacy is based on how you've lived your life, the only thing we have to gage, if you are up to the job is what you've given us. You're running on a campaign of being the one candidate that will tell us the truth… right? Since you have no public record of accomplishments… No military experience. No budgetary experience, no seemingly real world experience, just what would you like us to believe?
Sorry sir, if we are basing your candidacy on your storytelling… your tomes… how many books you written… these are what we have to go on… so we need to see if what you wrote and what you are pitching actually happened…I mean, did your publishers hire any fact checkers for the books? Or did they just publish them as is… because of your personal charms?
How truthful have you been to the world…since the few people that they've spoken to so far, seemingly none have ever have had knowledge of any of your so-called amazing experiences. The one's which you claim, changed you into the man you became. What if these experiences never happened, then what do we have to go on? Just your word. And if your words continue to sound like a crazy person is spewing them, with your odd explanations of historical events, like "Pyramids were really Grain Silos"… which happens to be my personal favorite… seriously would you believe someone else, who claimed the same things that you do? Really?
The more you persist and act like you are being attacked, the more it seems you are hiding the real truth. That your past stories, the fables you made up about yourself, to make yourself feel better about who you really are are simply that… made up. After seeing pictures in the media, of your home. Your shrine to yourself… you and your pal Jesus doing a selfie, I think the only thing we really know is that you are a surgeon who has concocted a make-believe facade…
And scarily you seem to speak in biblical times when it comes to how you see our world and how you want to run it. We have yet to get any semblance of a real plan for any of the issues that face our world today. Sorry, but using bible text as your outline on how to fix our tax code is scary…
At least he hasn't point blank said, I think… that God spoke to him and told him to run! No, all I've heard him say, was that the people have told me to run, they asked me… sounds a little too much like he's making himself into a prophet… hm,  that portrait of him & Jesus is beginning to give me the creeps.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Mon., Nov 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guess it was all of about race, from the very beginning after all 
So, Mike Huckabee has solved the Republican electorate problem… just remove the voters who won't vote for you. Guess that's one way of winning... No blacks allowed. 
Seems, someone's actually figured out a way to win the next election, just remove all the black voters. If you can't beat them simply remove them. And then I guess, its smooth sailing for the biggest bible thumper out there. Seems Mike doesn't realize that that's just one of the many reasons his party is losing the debate in modern politics. At least in the case of the Presidency.
The scary part of all this, Mister Holier-than-thou, doesn't believe that black people are American citizens. Huh? You see, he doesn't believe The 13th & The 14th Amendments are in fact laws! Which simply means to him, blacks 'aren't' citizens, and ergo, can not vote. In other words, to him, black people are basically slaves in his eyes and should be shining his shoes. I wonder if he's even be okay with them being allowed to sit in the front of the bus!
Simply put, the man's a racist… why doesn't someone call hm out on this… maybe some have, but now he's running for the Presidency. So I think this warrants at least some conversation about his views in the national media. 60 Minutes, MSNBC, any takers? Maybe CNN will query him on this during the next debate… I hope so, cause I'm sorry, if he wants to seriously be our next President, this for me is the number one question he needs to respond to. 
So let's take this a step further, let's remove all the pretense, all the niceties, the last 8 years we have been swamped with a higher and higher level of racist garbage thrown at our President, and those around him. The 'other' label they've been trying to tar him with. Is he really American, after all, just say it, cause our he's black. Is that simply it? Nothing to do with his nationality, or his politics, it's all about his color. Cause now that we've learned whats in Huckabee's mind, in his view point, our President isn't a citizen, because in fact that he's black, Okay, maybe only half black, but remember that one-drop rule, so, sorry, Obama is considered black by him, he can't in thru the cracks… or probably in his mind set, the crack… cause I'm sure he looks at all black people as crack heads on food stamps living on Welfare, taking handouts from the Government, while refusing to work.  
Seems our President shouldn't have lied... about being born in Kenya, cause that isn't at issue here. If it was, Ted Cruz's heritage would be a national conversation… and it isn't. Is it! What's at issue here is that, in his view point and those of his ilk, is that a black person was elected by black people. If those people couldn't vote, then we wouldn't be in this pickle now would we. Ergo, no black voters, history would have brought us a President Romney… or worse, a Vice President Palin!
Question: Are any black people out there voting for Mike Huckabee or know anyone who is, of any color? Please don't and please tell anyone who is planning on doing so, to not! Seems to me those Confederate Flags are gonna be going right back up there and oh, about intermarriage, forget that one…if he gets elected. Not that he'd got a shot in Hell, but look at Trump and Carson now, anything is possible. The man's evil, he obviously doesn't understand our Constitution. This whole Kim Davis story is creeping me out with his religious notions on the separation of Church and State, seemingly in his viewpoint its the opposite, the Church is our nation and the State just does its bidding… didn't we form this great nation in fact to get away from that?  
Of course I could be taking his words out of context. He really believes all men were created equal… at least the White ones.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Sept 15, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sadly it seems for some on the right, it's a good time to attack
In one amazing and emotional moment, our former President showcases once again, at how lucky we were to have had him, as our President, even for just one term, as the leader of the free world.
And just like clockwork, the vultures on the right are chewing through anything to give themselves political talking points, to try to out do each other, anything to gain traction against the Frankenstein monster that they've helped create. Using this great man's personal health as an excuse to attack his policies as a way to attack Obama and in turn Hillary. Cause all things that they claim are bad are the fault of Obama and by extension, Hillary.
Growing up during the Carter administration was a life changing experience for me, in the same way as living through the Nixon years, or Clintons terms in office, and of course our current period as led by President Obama. Each defining a time in my life that showed me the different sides of the political debate. 
A child of the 1960s, born in 1959, I grew up in a time of great change in our nation. After Watergate and Viet Nam, I was a fully formed Democrat. From Flower power to Motown, from The Beatles to Neil Armstrong. I spent much of my teens with the fear that my future was in Viet Nam... and probably my last days on Earth would be spent evading death by the Viet Cong  While living through all the political assassinations, that kept me thinking Dr. Strangelove was not a movie... you can imagine what my young mind was thinking.  
The Presidency of Jimmy Carter was the first time I had faith in our political system. I actually cried cause I was too young too vote for him in 1976. The good guy finally won the day. The people arose and defeated the bad guys! 
But less then 4 years later, his plan to free the captives failed and everything decent about this great man was thrown away and the bloodthirsty mentality of the mob demanded revenge. We needed a real man... So we elected an actor to play the part of Commander-in-Chief. And sadly Jimmy Carter was just a great man and not something ordered from Central casting. Honestly for me it was the first time I felt utter disdain for political talking heads and the media. (To be honest I heard similar things about Nixon, but I agreed with those attacks, so my viewpoint here could be a little one-sided.) Helping to end his political career and dumping us into my worst nightmare, the Reagan debacle. 
After Carter lost, my faith in the political system was shook. I practically turned blue holding my breath at the Supreme Court's decision and then when people still re-elected Bush even after he made the worse decision ever by a sitting President, starting a war with the wrong nation. Well let's just say, I go into every election cycle knowing somehow that my worst fears will come true. 
Amazingly somehow we seem to survive anyway.... and like the Phoenix, out of nowhere came Obama, to right all the wrongs of the Bush years. And remember, Jimmy Carter was one of the first Democrats to choose Obama as the nominee. Surely signally to the masses that Obama had it in him to right our ship.
And now looking back, he was actually one of the better Presidents we've been lucky to elect in the last half century. History has a way of proving what really happened as opposed to how it's spun in the media. 
In the past week, as this amazing human being came out with such grace and dignity, they actually began insulting the man a day after his announcement of the sad news of his medical condition. Using it as ammo.
As always, staying as far away from classy as humanly possibility, and excusing it as 'we aren't talking about his health' oh no, not us, we wish him all the best, we're just saying he sucked big moose as President. No hard feelings.
Simply astonishing, giving the perfect example of why he was and will always be a better human being then any of these mental geniuses. 
One would think that his illness would give them an excuse to say something nice for once. But no. Evil to their core.
My thoughts and prayers go out to our former President. Keeping fingers crossed that this great man defeats another challenge. And shows up at our next Democratic Convention to introduce our next President.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday., August 24, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guess its OK, when it comes to scoring a few measly political points! 
How hysterical, Ted Cruz of all people wants to change our Constitution...Really? Ted Cruz, now ‘I’ demand to see your birth certificate. And more importantly, both of your parents since there is real concern that neither of your parents were Americans or had become American citizens before you were born in Canada. 
Then guess what, you aren’t really an American...! In facts as reports have explained, if that’s the case you are currently illegally holding a Senate seat and must resign! I wonder if that’s a criminal offense lying about your Citizenship? One would think so, wouldn't one. And better yet, this means he can't be elected President. So sit down and shut up! This explains how you seem to want to destroy our way of life, lets shut down the Government… again, Dr. Seuss!
It seems the birther party is in a big pickle. They’re in Trump mode and seem to be following his whims, screw the very fabric of our nation. I guess its good for ratings, I just can’t figure out for the life of me, how this is any good for our Country.
Seems the party who swears to high heaven anytime anything is done to change the Constitution is suddenly all in for changing the 14th Amendment, and has no problems altering the most basic right as an American. You're born here… you are American. Its not complicated. 
Whatever happened to their fits about the 2nd Amendment, I guess guns are not to be touched, but people’s rights can be taken away from them. Huh? 
Ok, what if we change it, so that at least one of the parents need to be citizen, in order to be considered official. A major get, if you ask me, but if you get that, you can’t own guns as a private citizen anymore! None! Sorry. Makes sense, get one, we get one. I dare you to suggest it.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday., August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After a half of century of public service is this what it comes down to?  
Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clintonthat's what I called my latest 'sketch'. Believe it or not, this is my first ever attempt at capturing the essence of possibly our next President. I've personally always admired her, but I've never tried to capture her likeness in art. Hopefully my illustration gives her the gravitas that I think she deserves. And as a portrait of a possible President, I think it feels just about right, but I'm just the artist, not the patron.
Sadly the politics of the moment, seems to be having an effect on her popularity, its amazing how much you're loved till you start to run for political office. 
Forgot all of her qualifications, all of her experience. Her work for woman and children around the world. Everything that she's ever done, which for the most part is all we heard before this current political cycle. That was until, Benghazi and the sharks smelled blood. And the attacks, that what she really did in her 'posts',was simply holding office while waiting for her coronation as Queen of the Universe.
And with the popularity of FOX Faux News, and after The Citizens United RulingI guess if you throw a billon dollars worth of negatives at anyone, even, dear I say it God, he/she wouldn't be so respected and loved with the amount of attacks this woman has gotten, on a daily basis.  
Remember until Bernie Sanders took fire, she was the only candidate, the only, and they attacked…  and they had two years to make her look bad, and boy are they trying, and sadly even succeeding probably better then they had even hoped. 
Before she ran, all we seem to get was attacks towards her, why isn't she running, why won't she say anything… all talk, all filling dead air. Then when she announced we got what are your policies?, we want everything… now. And through out we've gotten the Benghazi-gate and Email-gate. Both conspiracies are mostly smoke and mirrors. But with the media trying so desperately to make something out of the 'emails' and of course, now that a democrat, Bernie Sanders is actually gaining traction [because he's obviously captured the anger of the people who have been stuck in this meandering political game that our country is currently in.] Scarily what we are being showcased in the media and the news is the constant attack of the common man, and there is no better voice then Bernie Sanders to say what they want to hear. The perfect outsider, and possibly the perfect candidate for 2016. And probably the main reason I think Donald Trump has gained favor at least in the polls, is people are simply fed up with the B.S. specifically that the Republican Party has thrown at us for over decade. The worst part of all this, is that is seems The Republicans have decided to yet again double-down on the failed policies.
It's honestly scary if you believe in democracy. And sadly, it feels like I'm watching a replay of V for Vendetta and A Face in The Crowd in a loop every time of The Republican's open their traps.
So far, everyone of her policies seem to be right on target. She's saying the right things, her campaign strategy seems to be on course. And now she's responding to the attacks with intelligent well thought out answers, that actually shuts down the lies as what they are…total nonsense. And amazingly, I've yet to hear her make one verbal mistake, in fact, so far she's been practically the perfect candidate on the stomp. That said, sadly it seems to be that the media is really trying to push the negatives about Hillary, any semblance of a problem, gets drummed into a major problem, simply trying to come up with another news exclusive, even if its nothing it get shouted as this days bombshell. But even with all the attacks and with an honest to goodness real opponent to battle for the nomination, she still seems to be right on course for the nomination. And I for one can not wait for the debates. It could be another Clinton Vs. Obama battle to the finish.
So, will the stars align this time for her or is Bernie this election campaign's version of Obama? Or will this time, she be able to win the big prize. 
Win or lose, this great American has solidified her place in the history books. Personally I hope, her story has an even more historic chapter to write. I can only imagine what she could do leading our nation forward. I also understand, if she wins, the attacks on her could actually get worse and we could be in for another eight years of Republican blockage. But as we've seen with President Obama, a strong Democratic President can accomplish great things when given their chance.   
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., August 18, 2015

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Perhaps never… well its their extinction   
When will the republicans learn, they've demonized Senator and now President Obama, he was elected twice... easily!
They demonized Obamacare, 19 million and counting!
They continue trying to make Hillary Clinton unfavorable, and they keep touting Bernie...  
And they never have one damned idea or solution, except of course, to shut down our Government...
Not one of their candidates seems to have an idea that hasn't failed in the past, and none have anything original to add that doesn't sound like it was a bad joke. Seriously!
It's actually sad, that the Republican Party doesn't have one, not one candidate that might be ready to be President, at least 'W' had something... Sadly 'it' was useless.. And any and all of these would be suitors make him almost seem acceptable, even his seemingly dumber brother. Really scary! I mean whose casting these candidates? Seriously…
Not once in any of the comments or educated guesses does anyone ever discuss their qualifications, or their expertise. All they ever give us is talking points and hatred!
They're against education, unions, women's rights, women's basic healthcare, healthcare, equal rights, gun control, infrastructure, jobs, peace, ecological reality, even simple basic math... Oh they love tax breaks for the 1%! And all the news media is worried about is Hillary's favorables and how the Republicans have succeeded in lowering hers… excuse me, Congress is at what 5%… Hmmm, can we say, Hillary in a landslide!
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., August 5, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Sorry, just cause you say it, doesn't make it a reality.

I keep hearing these words when people discuss the Republican candidates in this year's class:  "An accomplished lineup of governors, senators and business people."  But as former President George W. Bush would say: 
“There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
Really, what have any of the politicians done? All their states are in trouble because of their policies. Their so-called fixes have worsened their economies, dumbed down or strangled funding away from education, eroded women's rights and refused free healthcare to their citizens [remember the Federal Government was handing it to them free].  
Accomplishments? The only accomplishments I can figure out is them getting elected into office in the first place. What they did or are still doing in office I wouldn't actually be so proud of. 
The sad joke being, that the candidates who are still in office, all they seem to be doing is campaigning for President, they aren't actually doing their current jobs. How is that an accomplishment? Basically these candidates are getting paid to run for the next job or term. They keep selling all the same old failed policies we heard the last two Presidential campaigns. Trying to showcase what a failure our current President is, while accomplishing nothing to prove they are even up to the job.  
The way I see it, right now the Democrats are gonna destroy them in the next election... all they have to do is keep reminding the voters about all of the great accomplishments of these so-called leaders. That is of course they don't do their usual witchcraft and somehow bedevil the masses into believing their candidate's lies and promises. Remember we won't touch abortion. Remember Compassionate Conservation, remember WMDs, remember the government shutdown. I do.
Vote anyone of these 'accomplished' leaders into office, say goodbye to abortions, a real education that doesn't include Moses as a founding father, any chance at saving our planet from a complete meltdown. About those EPA rules and regulations, who needs them too. Say goodbye to Obamacare, and oh, all those newly happily married gay couples, get ready to fight, this time to keep it legal. Cause they be coming to take away your happiness. I'm just saying, if you look up accomplishment in the dictionary, none of these leaders is mentioned.  
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., July 1, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Well at least in terms of marriage…
You asked for change America… well, your wish has been granted. Any doubts if Barack Hussein Obama wasn't cut out for the job, for me have been answered.    
White House Lit Up with Rainbow After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling   
First, one day Healthcare's [hopefully] finally the law of the land and the next, Marriage Equality actually happens. Call me crazy, but I think its time for a party. A rainbow colored celebration… where are the Skittles?
And yes a few happy tears. I must admit throughout the day as the announcement came out and began to travel through our hemisphere, my happiness and emotion at seeing history unfold before our very eyes has truly been inspiring.
In a matter of days, because of The Supreme Court's historic decisions. Thanks to them, was made this week, but without the steady hand of our President driving this nation forward into the 21st century, none of the monumental decisions made by the court would have possibly ever occurred. Well at last not this soon. Not Healthcare, and surely not marriage equality. 
And with the news seemingly one bad story after the other. The never-ending daily reports of gun shootings, ISIL attacks and police seemingly random for no real reason abuses and killings of mostly black people, boys, men, women, pregnant or elderly for the apparent reason of simply not being white. The hourly announcements of yet another child accidentally shooting a family member with a family 'toy'. Plus listening to the rhetoric of the candidates throw out utter nonsense and biblical tales of woe. The talking heads making matter worse, not wanting to discuss facts, but more interested in political jargon and end of days scare tactics if another liberal gets into The White House. Funny, I thought our President wan't really American, but now you consider him to be the most American of all, a Liberal. People look at what he's done. At what he's accomplished. Time to throw some confetti!
And at the same time, all of this is happening, he's also had to deal with the issues of race and racism and all manner of rhetoric, while trying to deal with everything any President has to deal with. But with one added bonus, the color of his skin.
At a moment of truly history events. After months if not years of never-ending shootings, an event occurs that may have changed America for good. Hopefully through this tragedy, the subject can be broached by our President, and finally the people screaming out nonsense, trying to drown out the conversation will be shouted down by the silence, by the truth. A racist, white man went into a Church and by doing the unthinkable, by his cowardly actions, he has allowed our President to finally have the clearance to set the record straight on matters of race in America. 
Over the course of his Presidency, we've watched as his voice has slowly opened. Not that he was ever shy about talking. Nope, this man loves to talk and better yet, listen. And as his years in office has showcased, when he decides he needs to say something, on most occasions, what he has to say, makes you sit back and just wonder how did we get so lucky. 
Seriously, just as this nation was actually collapsing, here comes this, well, savior. And under his watch look at whats occurred. With all the negatives out there, the unemployment, the never-ending wars. The threat of attack at any minute by the latest terrorist organization, that seemingly get scarier and more threatening with each mutation. With people in power on one side of the aisle who seem to have it out for the common man, or whomever isn't greasing their palms and saying anything and everything to destroy any advancements accomplished by him.  
But on days when history happens, like this week, its surely makes you wonder how we do it as a nation. Even when we are at our lowest, something or someone shows up and sets us on the right course. 
Eight years ago, that was Senator Barack Hussein Obama. From seemingly out of nowhere, he appeared, inspiring millions to believe in change for our Nation. To instead of going with Hillary Clinton or one of the Republicans, to trust in faith, yes faith in this historic chance. Could the person who talked the talk, actually walk the walk? 
All the doubters, including myself at first, mine was, his lack experience, or so I thought, but others throwing out everything from racist garbage to sincere fear, not that he was Black, nope, that would be a racist thing to say, but that he could be worse, an illegal, a Muslim. Heaven forbid!
Even with all the fear mongering, over the course of the election, and sadly ever since and still occurring even to this day, our President has pressed forward with his agenda. Trying his best against every conceivable attempt to stop everything. President Obama, has successfully done practically everything he set out to do and honestly a lot more then anyone could have ever thought in their wildest dreams. Even when you think he's lost an important goal, somehow he still gets a piece of what he promised. And sometimes he gets the entire enchilada. 
A while ago, Hilary Clinton was interviewed on NPR and was asked about how her opinion of Gay marriage had changed. Her answer I thought was perfect, but the interviewer tried to make it into a political football. Hillary basically said that 10 years ago nobody even discussed Gay marriage, it wasn't in the conversation. Well, at least nobody I heard was even suggesting it. It was more a question of equal rights and stopping hate crimes. And like a lot of other Americans, her opinions had changed. And once marriage equality did enter the conversation, she was all for it, unlike seemingly the entire clown car of Republican candidates.
And on this issue, so was our President. And with the help of Vice President Joe Biden's gentle push, the end of marriage inequality was at hand, sooner then anyone could have ever dreamed. And I could use that word, cause come on, on days like today, even fantasies can become a reality. And today, more then most, makes you proud to live in, yes I'll say it, the greatest country in the history of our Planet. 
To my friends and others out there, who have finally been given the right to marry, I congratulate you and just wish you all well. What an amazing feeling it must be to finally be given equality. To finally be allowed entry into society as an equal. No longer a second class citizen, having to hide their truths to the outside world. Now allowed to hold hands and kiss in public, without the police arresting you for unlawful acts, well at least legally. I'm afraid there are too many out there that want to live with hatred in their hearts and fear that their ways of life are gone. Hence the fight over the Confederate Flag. Its hostly sad to watch these backward thinking Americans, using God and religious teachings as a reason to hate others that are different, instead of seeing the beauty in the difference. Truly what a great thing, we have witnessed. And I couldn't be more prouder of our leaders in this nation that helped to change the futures of millions of people, actually all people with this landmark decision.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., June 27, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Really, since when is your opinion relevant, I seem to recall you got us into this mess in the first place.

So the former president finally spoke about the current state of affairs in the world, and shockingly (not) he doesn't agree with his successor…our President. The one that was elected into office to fix what was left of our great nation and what little respect that was left us after he attacked another nation. Falsely taking us into a war, overthrowing a dictator and setting into motion the nightmare that we are currently trying to wake up from. As one nation after the other seemingly is morphing into yet another nation that we've in our own small way helped destroy. Such a fine legacy.
So it seems the fool has come out to speak, which as far as I know is pretty unusual and unheard of. I know former Vice President Chaney hasn't kept his trap shut since leaving office, but the former President, George Walker Bush has done what most past Presidents have done (at least in public), not make comments on the current man in the White House. Its kind of an unspoken rule. I understand that it was at a "private function" but he was asked, and he answered.
Of course by coming out of the shadows, and appearing to contradict President Obama's actions, our former President has possibly allowed his historic mishap in Iraq to bite him in the ass. Can we say war trials! I don't know, at least maybe we can have a real conversation finally, in the media or better yet in t he courts… if the person behind the biggest mistake in our nation's history wants to argue his cause, lets argue it. Perhaps he can wind up in Guantanamo along with his Vice President, now wouldn't that be ironic. I don't know, we keep having Senate Hearings on practically every thing related to  Hillary Clinton, one scandal after the other. But we still haven't had one real hearing on this President. Shouldn't we? Unlike Benghazi where four Americans died, we're talking hundreds of thousands of lives, and millions of dollars spent. I understand four lives were lost, but lets get some perspective here. Isn't that worth a real Senate Hearing? I mean if you're gonna waste millions of dollars of tax payers money on another witch hunt, perhaps we should really go after The Big Kahuna.  
Here's a link to the article in the NY Times to learn more:

Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Apr. 28, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015


If you thought the filth on the right was bad for Obama, strap yourself in, cause fellas the sh*ts gonna hit the fan. Or shall I write, it's already hitting it!

Not that there's any doubt to whomever knows me or who has read any of my political diatribes, but just to be perfectly upfront. My choice for President in 2016 is Hillary Clinton. There I said it. Call whatever I express slanted. Heck, I'm proud of it. So go ahead and ridicule me. Call me blind, misguided or whatever.
Approximately 8 years ago I voted for Hillary in the NY state Democratic Primary, and as far as I can recall, she won it. I also voted for her twice for her Senate seat. And I guess you could say I also voted for her when I voted for her husband twice.
So you see, my faith in her has been rewarded.
When Hillary Clinton, excuse me, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost, excuse me came in second to the future President, what did she do, she helped win him the Presidency. The two former adversaries, joined forces, and showed the world how Democracy is supposed to work.
I must admit at first that I was not a fan of the then candidate, Senator Barack Obama, well with Hillary's blessings, and my watching our now President as he handled himself, any of my misgivings of voting for him went out the window.
Of course, with the candidates on the right, unless any of the disgusting, practically racist attacks against our now President actually turned out to be true, like his birth place or his secret political leanings, there really wasn't a chance in Hell that I was gonna vote Republican. Simply I believe in the American people and they believe in the all mighty dollar, screw the consequences... and the fact that any of their attacks actually made them seem small and not up to the job.
And happily, my opinion of our now President was swayed, between his nomination and his eventual historic triumph. It was quickly apparent to me that the American people got it right, not that I think Hillary wouldn't have rocked it, but turns out Barack Obama was the right man for the job in 2008, and in 2012.
He's done a lot of smart things as President, but picking Senator Clinton to be his Secretary-of-State, was maybe one of the smartest things Obama has done as Commander-in-ChiefShowcasing he was above the personal and was simply seeking the best person for the job.
And Hillary Clinton did showcase as Secretary-of-State, she was certainly up to it.
Simply put, is there one person in the Republican Party, that you could name, that you would have put into the job instead of her...
And just as Vice President Gore was branded a third term Clinton Presidency as if that would be a bad thing. They have begun to attack Hillary (that was quick) as a third term ObamaSomehow again trying to showcase the connection as a bad thing.I seem to recall that things were pretty sweet under the first Clinton Presidency, that is until the second Bush got in and how shall I say this politely screwed everything up. Having President Obama, spend most of his time in office fixing the mess that 'W' left behind.
We're gonna already getting the same old attacks, but now, shall we say dressed up for a woman and not a Kenyan man of color.
Seems we are are gonna hear two central themes against her. That she's gonna be Obama 2.0, that all his "failed" policies, you know the ones that are all seemingly working, will continue under her watch as if she's simply a robot and not her own person. Or, they're gonna use all the old scandals that have all been debunked as proof that she's corrupt. Sorry, sadly it's like people who've been released from prison because they were innocent and wrongly convicted, but afterwards people still act like your guilty of the crime that you never committed. Then they attack you for being a criminal, disregarding the truth. There must be something there… I mean… right?
And now they're basically saying that, yes, she has a great resume, but what has she really done? She was a failure as Secretary-of-State, ignoring the fact that most of her job was trying to fix up the mess all around the world that was left for our President to fix after 'W's departure. And of course, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Disregarding that it was them who cut the funding which left the embassy's without enough security. But if there is a way to call something a conspiracy or find something out of nothing they will. Better to attack others, disregarding facts, truth and reality, for lies, gossip and straight out bull. Sadly, this conspiracy, seemingly will be kept at the top of the Right's talking points, until and even after Hillary passes away.
And then we have the sorted discussion about her emails. Which of course proves, without a speck of evidence, just accusations and personal opinions, that she is guilty of all sorts of illegal and unethical atrocities. And has been showcased regularly, all the scandals that have been thrown at her and her husband, which have all been debunked, are still being thrown out at her as if they actually occurred, and somehow she has gotten away with everything because she's a Clinton and who she knows. Doesn't matter if the facts prove that she's done nothing wrong. Which has been the case, time after time, every time another one is fabricated.
Sadly this seems to be all they have, except of course of their so-called policies which are literary the same policies that helped take us to the brink of depression and led us into not one but multiple wars. Seemingly a woman who has spent her life, practically half a century in the service of others, is secretly this horrible monster.
Perhaps I'm blinded by the Clinton mystic? I think not. Or perhaps they are blinded by their political handlers and personal gains.
Honestly to listen to the other side, sometimes, if not most times, it feels like they're are living in their own reality. Facts and science are nonsense, the world is flat and the Universe rotates around us.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Fri., Apr. 18, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015


So if you somehow cause her not to enter the Presidential Sweepstakes, I'm sure they've got it covered.

Lately I've been very busy responding to the various posts on Facebook, I know, why bother, especially since I have a blog, to do my talking for me. Since the latest scandal or should I write 'Republican lets keeps our fingers crossed, we think we got her this time' scandal has enveloped the media as if the second coming has occurred. And basically the theory being thrown out is if Hillary is toast, then the Democrats have no one out there to run. Oh really… says who?  Well this is one of my responses I posted, with a slight rewrite. I'm sorry, we're a year away from the nominating process… and all we hear is Hillary is it for the Democrats, that if she's not in it, they have no one else…The Press, the Republicans, the talking heads are popping up everywhere, on every channel expressing their personal opinions as fact. My feeling is its mostly because, they want to rid the election of her. Trying to remove someone that probably will win in a landslide… the current crop of Republicans are either from the last go around or seemingly out of the same cloth of backward thinking zanies.Ergo, by getting rid of Hilllary, they should breeze to an easy victory, especially since Hillary is the only Democrat running…The joke being, look what the fools on the right have been doing. And by attacking her, their crap is being quietly set aside. And since its Hillary and she gets ratings, screw the news, lets talk gossip. I am not saying what she did, isn't news, I'm just saying, please have a little perspective. I guess we stopped looking for those good old WMDs…Sorry haters and people spreading false rumors, trying to help your cause. I'm sure we've got one or two or half a dozen Democrats that could show up and be better then anyone of the treasonous fools on the right… enough with the she's the only one… If she doesn't run, believe me, they're be others its just bull being thrown by the press and the Republicans to make Hillary either look bad or worse or simply to drive up ratings.The fact that one party is harping so much on the emails as if POW, they got her is an indication of how personal the responses are. They're actually accusing her of major crimes against our nation… mostly on the pretense that, we know Hillary…and her past scandals…and the way she's so secretive… (I wonder if its has something to do with the fact that she worked on the Watergate hearings against Richard  Nixon?) We know it has a lot to do with who her husband is.They've been trying to rid the world of President Obama since he started his first campaign for the White House, why not Hillary before she even enters the race…

Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Fri., Mar. 13, 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

To showcase why they shouldn’t be the nominee or even in politics in the first place.
So, a bunch of the wannabes got together this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to throw out their pitches in hopes to become the chosen foe of Hillary Clinton. From what I see, can we say landslide. Oh, for the Democrats, if my comment was confusing to anyone.
The same old faces (for the most part), saying the same old rhetoric. Spewing bad jokes, bad politics and mostly wasting any chance that they have to showcase that they’ve learned anything since they got defeated six years ago by President Obama. One by one by came up, and told their stories, or pitched their bull. Seemingly repeating every failed attempted attack at our President, his politics, his accomplishments and of course his nationality and upbringing. I guess some dogs can’t learn any new tricks. 
Here are just a few samples of the ‘intelligence’ showcased at the conference… 
During a Thursday address, Scott Walker touted his confrontation with right-to-work protesters in Wisconsin as proof he can take on threats from the Middle East. “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world,”  Really Scott, you think a bunch of Americans, protesting their rights being taken away from them, holding signs, is a showcase of your toughness with a bunch of crazed zealots willing to chop peoples heads off. Fine, get on a plane and pound your chest, and lets see how they quake in fear… oh, you’ll be you crapping in your pants at the first sight of them.
Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul earned a standing ovation on Friday, with what I guess will be his campaign mantra, if Hillary runs: “Hillary’s war made us less safe. … As Hillary was declaring victory in Libya, Ambassador Stevens was begging for more security. … I believe that Hillary Clinton’s abdication of responsibility, her refusal to provide an adequate defense for Benghazi, her dereliction of duty, should forever preclude her from higher office. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to permanently retire.” Really, Rand, Hillary’s war?!?! Really, you mean the one that was caused by a certain Bush attacking the wrong nation! Of course, I’m just wondering where he plagiarized the comment from.  
Donald Trump speaking yet again about Obama’s Birth Certificate: “Now, whether or not that was a real certificate, because a lot of people question it ... I certainly question it,” Trump said in regards to Obama releasing the long form of his birth certificate  “But he didn’t do it for Hillary Clinton, he didn’t do it for [Arizona Sen.] John McCain, but he did it for me. So in one sense, I’m proud of it. Now all we need to do is find out whether or not it was real.” No words necessary. 
Speaking directly after Trump, another would-be candidate, former Sen. Rick Santorum tried to make a funny, “The president’s popularity is so bad around the world today,” Santorum quipped, “that I heard this report from a source that the Kenyan government is actually developing proof that Barack Obama was born in America.” Wow, good one… not. 
Of course the joke being, with crazies like Phil Robertson (of the Duck Dynasty clan) as one of the speakers, anything showcased at this conference has to be taken with a grain of salt. During his speech, Phil had to express his views on the causes of STD’s in our great nation. No seriously, this actually occurred. “You lose your religion, according to John Adams, and there goes your morality. We’re almost there,” Robertson said. “You want a godly, biblical, medically safe option? One man, one woman, married for life,” he said. “And if you hate me because I told you that, I told you my love for you is not contingent on how you feel about me. I love you anyway. I don’t want to see you die early or get sick. I’m trying to help you, for crying out loud. America, if I didn’t care about you, why would I bring this up?” In other words, no gay marriage, no premarital sex, no condoms… how old fashioned and American of you…. 
I could go on and on… but you get the gist. Its just sad that in this day and age, a whole segment of the population follows these bozos. Listening with false hope that the good old days would miraculously return… cause that would it would take to for them, a miracle. That somehow, our President would simply disappear as if he never existed. Of course the joke being, that if that was the case, a certain female, still deciding on a Presidential run would now be in her sixth year as Commander in Chief. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., Feb. 28, 2015