Wednesday, September 16, 2020


So is Trump Insane or is this Willful Indifference or worse? I started my political blog in October 2011 when President Barack Hussein Obama was running for reelection against what we thought was an evil Republican, how naive we all were... 400 Neilizms' later, and an astonishing 181,000 visitors and counting, and we find ourselves less than 50 days away from what actually is the most important election in American history, no really.

It is September 16th, 2020, and as yesterday our nation passed 200,000 fatalities (200,171, +1,171 in the last 24 hrs) and 6.75 million infections (6,787,613 +35,912 in the last 24 hrs), and I’ve got to wonder if all our friends and loved ones are simply the victims of Donald’s very own, Trump derangement syndrome? If not TDS, which I don’t honestly believe even exists, I’ve gotta ask is Trump a cold blooded genocidal premeditated mass murdering psychopathic maniac death cult creating nut job? Or is this all in my mind and I myself have TDS? 
What if Trump is worse than insane? I’m at the point that everything is possible, and after what we’ve suffered through, perhaps Donald is in actuality one of the cloned 95 offspring of Hitler’s very own ‘Boys From Brazil’? That would explain everything. His lack of a sense of humor, his love of tyrants and dictators, not one iota of compassion, empathy or humanity. Who doesn’t know he’s telling a lie, or doesn’t know what the truth is anymore. Or simply he’s an admirer of Hitler, currently trying to top the Nazi’s deadly regime totals
Remember we now know he knows how deadly and infectious it is He’s still willing to hurt... kill people, for no reason imaginable. And it’s all on tape! And I’m not talking the Access Hollywood audio of his love for grabbing women’s... We now know Donald knows the truth, we know he knows the science and understands it no less, at least he sounded like he did on the tape, so why still act like a delusional psychopathic schizophrenic, even after being outed?   
So did the deaths and infections in such a high numbers make Donald lose his mind? I mean he was taped by Bob Woodward, calling COVID19 a “Plague”. Or, did Donald already lose it when he won the Republican nomination and then the Presidency, as he realized he had now absolute power and had no freaking idea how to do the job? So is his apparent insanity, utter disbelief of truth, and facts, all an act? He certainly sounds sane on the tapes. I mean if you were faking it, confronted by a pandemic of monstrous proportions, and hadn’t a clue on how to con an “invisible enemy” you too might lose it, and desperately try to magically wish it all away over and over again, in an avalanche of lies.
If only Donald had told the truth as opposed to lying ... again maybe we would have panicked, or maybe not, but either way a whole lot more people would still be alive. Instead, we panicked because the man in orange, acted like an insane psychopath, calling the virus a Democratic hoax, as thousands died daily. While fools argued that Trump’s lies was reality and all the death and destruction was all Joe Biden’s fault! And now only The Donald himself can “make America Great Again ... again?!?!? 
Six months to the day of the first reported death in America we’ve reached 200,000 lost souls with no end in sight. By saving us from “panic” in his rewriting of reality, he has himself caused the health crisis to transform into what now has to be considered genocide. And all of this sickness and death, is Trump’s willful indifference, and the American people are simply collateral damage to him. I guess we should be happy, he claims by his early actions, he’s saved million of  lives. But I live in reality, and in reality, those numbers, will pale in comparison to the millions that could actually die, especially if we let him stay in power.
He’s been actively pushing herd mentality (oh excuse me, Trump’s words) Herd Immunity for months, fully knowing that COVID19 was a “killer”. Talk about the Second Coming of... Adolf. I mean who needs a gas chamber, when all you’ve got to do is hold rallies or worse force school children into petri dishes of infection, all the while knowing how deadly and contagious this “killer” is. And whats most damning, having his victims sign waivers so they can’t sue him if they too become yet another tragic victim of Donald J. Trump’s genocide of the American people. 
So it looks like the answer to the question is yes! Donald Trump is that diabolical, that sick, that evil, that twisted, and that barbaric. He’s willing to let people die, to suffer, simply because he can. Why not? Remember, he said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, right? Well now, he’s killing an average of over 1,000 Americans a day and people are praising him like Jesus! Praise the Lord, and pass around the COVID19!
I mean what other excuse can you come up with? It can’t simply be because nobody really loves him? Or he has daddy issues... can it? He’s just another lonely obese Fox loving hate filled depressed white male loser, who decided to take it out on the world because nobody loved him? You know what, that’s hysterical, and sad, because that I can believe. And if he gets his way, his hate, will kill us all. He lied, People died, and haven’t stopped dying since.

Just one man’s opinion
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, Sept. 16, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020


So I guess it took Donald’s audio confession that he knew, after he’s already killed almost 200,000 Americans, and more than a thousand a day for months, was the thing needed to get me to write my 399th Neilizms!

TRUMP HAD PEOPLE SIGN WAIVERS TO ATTEND HIS EVENTS and pretty much demanded that everyone attend them without masks or social distancing. What do you call, if not premeditated murder? I think when you have to attend an event, where the ringleader of the event knowingly endangers his audiences life’s, where they force you to sign a waiver, where at the event, the ringleader himself, doesn’t wear a mask, attacks those who do, ridicules the press who are actually reporting the facts all the while as Donald keeps pitching his deadly lies, negates any legal hold Trump has on anyone. Don’t you think? Or are you one of Donald’s suckers or losers who deserve to rot in Hell too. So Americans sue away. Please. A few hundred thousand law suits, should make Donald’s head spin like in The Exorcist. As I tweeted to Chris Cuomo, another one of Trump’s COVID19 victims, “sue Trump”, he  caused you life to go into a tailspin, your family’s infected, possibly gotten it from you,  so they are also Trumps victims too. And his complicit Republican buddies, like Mr VP Pence who were all in on the briefings. They knew, they all knew, and they all lied just like trump. And worse, they had the power in their states to do something, and they lied and thousands of their constituents got the virus.  And thousands died who didn’t need too. Sue them all, fire them all. They all need to resign, yesterday,  just like Donald and enter their respective prisons cells. Remember all the republicans wanted to, or should I say, would agree to, after the Democrats put their foot down, and for once they had the power to actually do something, was simply paying for the test itself, not for the medical care that takes care of you, until you live through it, or die. And doesn’t pay for any after effects that the infected might have to pay for, suffer though for the rest of their lives. I wonder how many people will commit suicide over that, adding to Trumps body count?
Hopefully Trump won’t be President for that much longer, and then he will be a private citizens, and William Barr won’t be able to break the law for him and save him anymore. ‘Your’ President’s lie caused countless numbers of infections and deaths. Sorry he’s not mine. Mine is Hillary Clinton, and none of this horror would have ever happened if Trump hadn’t cheated to get in. None. All we would have had was a bunch of phony witch hunts going after her, that like all the rest in her storied career, would flail and be put onto the pile of conspiracies she’s had to live through and triumph over. And sorry Republicans there is no excuse for this one. Even though you’ve already have come up with many. And Laura Ingram, how many times do you Republican liars, attack Vice President Joe Biden for 47 years of public service, arguing he hasn’t done anything to warrant the Presidency. Really? And what has Trump done in those 47 years himself to warrant it? Lied his way into power? Cheat people? Rape woman? Bankrupt businesses? Rip off his creditors? Lies non-stop? He tried to have 5 innocent black children put to death even after they were exonerated! He didn’t care! He still wanted them dead! There’s a full page ad in the New York City News Papers he paid for to prove it! He pitched President Barack Obama wasn’t an American for years! And what has he done, that gave him the experience to run our nation? Oh yes, had a reality show where he ridiculed the cast and fired them. Sounds like all the experience one needs to step into power and destroy everything he touches. And once in power as President, he got impeached for crimes, should have been impeached over the Russian invasion, and now he’s admitted on tape to being the cause of 6.7 million infections in the United States, and 197,000 or more dead. I think you need to shove that 47 years of none service garbage when you dinner comes out… that is unless your bulimic and it would come out your pie hole instead.
What a bad week Trump is having. Excuses, deflections, and blaming others, well thats every week, heck, every second. Well this time Donald, we have you on tape. Oops! And this revelation happened a day or two after he was outed for hating the military, and thinking that all soldiers are losers and suckers. Especially the ones you got captured or were killed. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. What is the next nail in Trumps future, or lack of one. If he gets the death penalty, like he deserves. Boy Donald, me thinks there just might be a God, and karma is shouting your name from the roofs of everyone of your gaudy overpriced golden towels of babel with your fake name on it, Mister Drumpf. Trump was Impeached, for Christ Sake! And nobody seems to remember. The major networks, pretty much only had a few hours a day on the it… madness. Whats madness here is, the Republicans refused to remove him, not because Trump was innocent, it was because the Republicans made him unfireable…they made him king!
And the Republicans in the process of trying to save their orange leader, they tried to destroy Hunter Biden and VP Joe Biden himself, in their cover-up for trump’s criminal behavior. In fact they still are, Until this weeks double whammy of hate and the lie of all time, the talking heads for Donald kept bringing up Trumps favorite conspiracies every time one of trumps horrors was questions. As if we are simply not gonna talk about it, and they only talk about what they want. Screw their oath they took on the Bible to work for the American people and not to be a loser that sold out their souls to a carnival barker wannabe Hitler and do whatever he wishes. And while they went after Joe Biden’s son, they continued to ignore Trump’s own children making millions on the side. Millions, and all their travels, on the peoples dime. Remember The Clinton Foundation and how they went after it during the campaign, and the upshot is, the Foundation is going strong, helping millions around the world, and Trump’s ‘charity’ was shut down for crimes, and he had to pay a $25 million fine. And he can’t hold charities anymore. The Law and Order President my ass.
And now we discover he lied, and has lied for months about COVID19, he knew how serious it was, at the same time he told us all how it would magically just go away, like smoke… sadly the same thing can’t be said of him. Trump even lied about masks and how they could actually save lives. I will end with 2 words, Herman Cain…he  died because he attended a Trump rally, where nobody wore masks! Where he didn’t wear one! And obnoxiously, during the 4 day RNC, lie fest, where the Trumpeters pitched the virus was done, it was over, that it was safe to go out and play again, no masks needed, Herman Cain’s name wasn’t mentioned once! The fact that he probably wouldn’t have been a speaker at the convention, I mean a black man who ran for President, speaking at the RNC, another house slave pitching for his master, it would have been a trifecta for Donald. Alas the pizza salesman who at one time was leading the Republican primaries,  Lastly,  he did this knowing what he was telling those in attendance, who signed a waiver, so they could not sue him if they got sick, remember, as he did this, knowing they could get sick, and some could die!  So, Herman Cains family can’t sue Trump. Well, since his twitter account was taken over for him by family and the first tweet was a pro-trump message, I guess even after being murdered, the suckers who believed the words of the biggest loser on Earth, who still won’t speak up, will be joined by Donald once he leaves his mortal coil, and ends up where we all know he’s earned for all eternity. 
Donald the bloody! Before he leaves office in 2021, or sooner, Trump will be culpable in the deaths of an estimated over 400,000 Americans, and the Republicans are still making excuses for him. They want him in power for life, and then they want his offspring to continue peeing on our once great nation, that he has helped to destroy. Cause right now what I see, I don’t recognize as America, it’s more akin to Nazi German, or the Soviet Union, how sad and pathetic is that?
He knew, and he lied, and they followed his lead. If they were innocent dupes, I could almost understand it. Almost. I still couldn’t stomach it. But if they were knowledgeable about how deadly it was. That Trump’s lies would actually harm and kill people, they too are guilty of murder, in the thousands! Theres an estimation of 500,000 children in American who have been infected by Trumps’ Virus. This simply happened because he lied, when he said that kids were practically immune, when he was pitching them to go back to school. Not pitching, demanding!  
He knew what he said was a lie, and it's all on tape. One of the reporters better ask him and demand some answers. And no backing down this time. Make Donald, run screaming and crying form his next lie fest. Donald has demanded for months that kids had to go to school, in school. That the staying home was worse for them, then the virus itself! Unbelievable! Because while he keeps telling parents and everyone else that the kids are safe, that the staying home would kill them, ruin their futures, stifle their social skills, my question to all of these trumpeters is, well what good is their future, when they come down with a virus that might kill them and they have no futures?!?! And he knew all this and lied repeatedly and attacked any naysayers as traitors and the real enemies of the state. We should lock those people up too! 500,000 children infected, and how many more from this week alone, I scared to see how many children are lost by October because of the opening of the school year. And no one is losing their minds over this?! And no one is calling for his head over this?!?! And no one is demanding his resignation over this… Jesus, what does a guy have to do to get axed? I guess become a democrat, and they're make stuff over it, and then get in power some more and again create an economic crisis and another way to kill off Americans, George Walker Bush, with his false war, and Trump with his false response from COVID 19. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Yeah, a really bit ironic, I really do think. And not in a good way.
He demanded like a monarch that his subjects, obey his commands, and 500,000 boys and girls, the future of our nation have been infected by an incurable virus. That Trump, is still pitching will magically one day just disappear. Sure, like cancer did when they got a vaccine for that. Oh wait… And the Republicans are either being silent, or defending him. As usual making up as far fetched as humanly possible conspiracies to cover up for his crimes. They are also going after Bob Woodward, for staying silent on the tapes for so long. Trump tweeted attacking the author, as if to say, if what I was telling you was so bad, why didn’t you come out sooner? Thats like Adolf arguing that their victims who entered the Gas chambers didn’t want to die, they shouldn’t’ have volunteered for the showers. Well Trump’s pitch for the children of America to go back to schools, is akin to forcing Hitler’s victims into taking a gas time out… for good.
That said, Sadly Bob Woodward, might have a little blood on his hands over this. I mean he could have come out a month or two ago, we are talking lives. But I’m sure he will explain the reasons why, he needed to get everything together before anything could come out, I mean, I can only imagine what the rest of his book reveals… but still, the sick, dying or dead, Mr’s writer, you’ve got some explaining to do. This book for you, wasn’t about another windfall and another best-seller. But, and it's a big butt, and in this case, I don’t like them… see it wasn’t a typo for once. This is all on Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States, who came into political prominence by pitching a con that President Barack Obama wasn’t an American citizen. And let's call it as it was, simply because of the color of his skin.  I won’t get into Trump’s facial clown make-up, right now. He had Russians help him get into power in the first place. He has single handling been transforming our government into his personal plaything, while gutting as much of our Constitution and our way of life as possible. He was impeached for trying to black mail a foreign President to at least concoct a story that Biden was a crook. People might shout, so he’s the Democratic Nominee, but Biden wasn’t even running at the time. Trump spent $10 million on a Super Bowl ad slamming Mike Bloomberg, because Bloomberg was running his own ad, but Bloomberg had already dropped out of the race. So why wouldn’t he concoct a story about Hunter Biden, just in case, just to troll President Obama?
He has pretty much lied to the American people from day one. Mexico is gonna pay for the wall. Hysterically, he now says, they still will?!?! You see, he’s gonna supposedly charge Mexicans a fee to go back and forth, thats gonna pay for the wall… unbelievable. Sure. And Hillary was the monster and criminal, right? And her whole entire presidency would have one big Impeachment trial, right? Lying sacks of… They even went after The Clinton’s Family’s Charity, and we soon discovered it was their own that was crooked, and a $25 million fine later. We also discovered he paid off a porn star and a hooker for sexual favors before he got into the White House, while his wife was giving birth to their child, the one we can’t talk about. And Michael Cohen went to prison over that. Does anyone think Hillary would have lied to the American people over this? Over a deadly pandemic? Does anyone believe she wouldn’t have dismantled Obama’s Pandemic Task force, so that when she was briefed on the dangers ahead, she wouldn’t have come out and warned out,. Prepared u for the war against Trump’s “invisible Enemy”. Of course knowing Trump fans and the audience of FOX and OANN and the other lying conspiracy rags, we would still millions of losers and suckers believing their lies, spreading the virus, but not controlling the bully pulpit.
And let's not forget that since day one, trump has tried to slow down testing, to say we don’t need them, That no new tests, mean no new cases! Remember? It was on a loop for a while, like no collusion. Remember? He came in and dismantled the pandemic task force, he removed the scientists in China that could have helped there. And he downplayed the ramifications of the virus, the real threats,  by pitching that it would simply go away, once the heat arrived in Spring, when of course the opposite occurred. Which is pretty much like everything Trump pitches. And all along when he could have come out and finally admitted defeat, didn’t. He was wrong, and he double downed on his calls to open up everything.  In fact he still is, even after the truth has outed him as the murderous monster that he truly is. Remember, they even set guidelines on when the states could open and all of the ones run by Trumpians, rushed ahead of all suggestions. Blowing any good that their shut-downs might have helped, how many more people could have been saved, if they had at least followed their own guidelines? It's simply madness, especially when you know the person in charge was lying throughout our national nightmare. And all along the number of cases and deaths rose, by the thousands, then the millions, and Donald continued to lie and said it would just fade away, and still people won’t say enough! 
And now as an excuse for Donald,  the Republicans have been blaming the Democrats for the impeachment “witch hunt” for Trump’s delay in handling the virus. Sorry complicit GOPers, Trump can’t use that excuse any more, even though of course they will.  I’m sorry Donald, you didn’t want to cause a panic?!?!?! Really, Mister caravans at the border with thousands of armed militia, with rapists and looters! What did we get from that, cages by the southern border of America, the land of the free? At least 9 human beings have died in those cages! Hundreds if not thousands of the kids are now orphans and their parents lives have been ruined forever. Their only hope now, is for a Joe Biden Presidency. Day one, those cages will be open. And the real search for their families will begin.
And what about Puerto Rico, as far as I know, all Trump ever did for the people after their historic multiple once in a century Hurricanes hit them, was toss a couple of rolls of paper tower at them, like throwing crumbs at the starving masses. Let them eat cake. Not sure if this is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it, but I read that in Puerto Rico got any stimulus checks. 
He lied, and people died, are dying, by the thousand daily, and have been doing this for months now… months! Daily! Over a thousand on average!  And on the Republican side, crickets. Now if Mitch knew about COVID 19 as well, and was in the briefings and as majority leader and personal blow buddy of Donald’s, going along with Trumps scheme to infect everybody and kill off a half a million or so in the process, if we should be so lucky, the way things are going now, and all this long he has been sitting on the truth, while millions of Americans are this close to becoming homeless, where millions of  others have lost their businesses. Moscow Mitch, needs to take a seat next to Donald on death row as well. As I finish this, his ‘skinny’ stimulus package was defeated in the Senate, meaning, the Republicans decided that it was politically better for them, to continue the death count, and let cities and states to go broke, and let millions of others starve to death,  so they could try to make the Democrats look bad. And it was their fault that the citizens suffer, not the complicit trumpeters. 
And as for Trump’s doctoring of our nations citizens, now remember, he knew what he was telling us all was a lie, he pitched injecting bleach into our systems, and light bulbs up are anuses. He’s now pitching that magically and maybe even on that special day, you know what that is…  Election day, that scientists and doctors might actually have a cure. People thats less than 2 months away… really, do you really believe that one too? How many lies before you wake u?. Now remember he’s saying this just as early voting is gonna begin, so if enough people who vote early, who plan to vote for him, maybe they will get suckered once again. I mean their President would never lie to them, ever? They can’t even conceive of that notion. Well its on tape, so they couldn’t argue that away ,right? Well, sadly they can, as one mentally deranged old coot on CNN refused to talk about it, because it's in one of those trash attack books. He didn’t care that there were audio tapes, he kept repeating his talking points. 
And let’s not forget, he knows that the virus is a lot deadlier than he says it is, and while he’s doing that he now has a monster in the white house pitching herd immunity! So they are trying to infect as many people as possible, while lying to the American people that it's safe. Its like Jim Jones demanding you drink his poison kool-aid! I’m sorry Donald, I am not a cow, I do not moo!  I am not a member of a herd and never will be, even if its way cool rock band. At the same time Donald is telling us that it safe, it’s a nothing, that kids are practically immune, and I haven’t even talked about the elderly! All of our grand parents who have died for no reason, accept for the preexisting conditions that Donald Trump was President, with the bully pulpit, who lied to the American people, and even  though he hasn’t stopped lying from day one, they still believe what he said! And because they did, millions of Americans are infected and close to 200,000 are dead. And sorry, having a preexisting condition, like being a human, doesn’t make the death by COVID 19 not count for Trump’s body count. Oh wait, I thought, Donald was all in with preexisting conditions, or was that a lie too? Oh that right, I almost forget, he currently has a case before the Supreme Court that would end Obama-care, and all preexisting conditions protections. So in Trump’s world, if you’re breathing and have ever so much as sneezed or even stubbed your toes, you won’t ever be covered for anything, ever again.
Trumps minions who run various cities and states, have all repeated Trumps lies about the virus, about the sickness, about the masks, about trumps worse crime in American history. He is personally responsible for every single death in America. Every single one! The first case occurred after he was informed of the virus danger. Before the first case! Before the first death! And as the numbers started to grow, his lies about the pandemic grew. His attacks on people wearing masks grew. Just the other day, he practically ridiculed a reporter, and demanded he take his mask off. The reporter declined. Thank God. Well now I want that reporter to ask trump another question. Mr. President, the other day I asked you a question, and you asked me to take my mask  off, because he was having trouble hearing me.  Supposedly. My question should now be, you knew that the virus is transferred through the air, and you know that wearing masks could save lives. So are you trying to kill me? No seriously, like the thousands of others that have died because of you. All the mothers, and fathers, and children, and yes Donald even babies who have died from it! Are you a homicidal maniac? No seriously, what sort of person, comes out and goes after Vice President Joe Biden for wearing a mask, as if he has a fetish. Like there is something wrong with Vice President Joe Biden for doing what the medical experts are telling us to do. What the people in charge of the CDC are telling us to do! What we now find out the President of The United States, the most powerful man on Earth, where every word he says, is believed by millions, no matter how outlandish, no matter how much evidence, witnesses and well reality, showcases that he’s lying again. And came out, and is still coming out, maybe that will change now that the truth has been leaked…I spoke too soon. Nope, more excuses and lies, and apparently the reporters aren’t going after him, like they should be.  I mean, their is no sugar coating this anymore. But thank God, for Donald, that any day now, his doctors you know the same investigators who were finding dirt on President Obama and who went in search of dirt on the Biden’s, and of course Wiki leaks with Hillary and Donald’s deal with the Devil, otherwise known at the National Enquirer. Where we now discover Donald and David Pecker were coordinating with pieces on all of Trumps enemies. As  one by one they all went down in sewers worth of slime. And let’s not forget what felt like hundreds of cover stories on how Hillary was the greatest criminal in history, and how she was on deaths door at any minute. Really heinous material. I should mention here,  that I used to  work, for over a decade, at AMI, the publisher of the National Enquirer, but happily my days at the rag, occurred before Trump a weekly fixture, and not just a rich racist playboy, who wanted innocent African Americans to be put to death, even after they were exonerated. 
When will people say enough? I mean, when the gas chambers were discovered and Hitler’s master plan was revealed to the world, there were and still are people who refuse to believe the truth, the reality of the horrors that that generation’s monster caused. And yes, I’m going there, 190,000, Americans in six months, and the man is polling in the high 80%s or is that 90%s amongst Republicans. After Trump won, even with all the racism, people wondered, well I did, was the racism really nothing or was this really America.  Or was it just all the show, the entertain, the fantasy lifestyle of the rich and famous that suckered them all in?  Well as it has been revealed by all the openly racist ‘things’ that walk amongst us. That outright  homophobia, racism, women hating, murderers and mayhem, the anger when people are told to put on a mask, how it's destroying their freedoms. Well let's see their excuses now, when they discover Trump lied to all of them. Sadly, they probably will believe that the tapes are fake, and disregard reality once again. As they bury their love ones at unmasked burial services.  
As for the police and their murder spree, sadly my thinking that the police shooting black people in the back and choking, disrespecting, and dehumanizing them, is nothing, And only because of the iPhone and Steve Jobs’ genius, is the camera on our smartphones is finally revealing the ugly side of policing. The truth.  All police aren’t Andy Griffith, and don’t all come out of Mayberry. And what has trump done, he has sided with every single cop, innocent or guilty, it doesn’t matter. Well thank God for that one Black Senator in power, and his former star footballer, that Trump can put out there his few sellouts to showcase what a great master trump is… I’m sorry, no more niceties. Obama, was American, Trump lies, as a matter of fact, he was impeached over it, and now he’s culpable in the deaths of at least 190,000 Americans. Cased closed, Apparently Trump has shot a lot of people all over the nation, and so far the Republicans are letting him get away with it. The question now is, will the Americans who now kn w the truth, say enough is enough? 
I’m thinking we need a march on Washington to demand Trump resigns immediately! Shall we say a few million to a few hundred million all across the country, all masked, all converge on Washington, and have massive sit in, and nobody moves, nothing happens, till Trump resigns, and so does and people in power who was in on the murder spree. We complain abut George Walker Bush’s never ending war. Well Trump’s Virus, the ramifications of all the people who have been infected, how the virus effects their futures, remember we have no clue how the long term effects of the virus will do to the human body, that is if you survive at all.  It was suggested that Donald get pardoned by Pence for the COVID 19 situation, so we can get his ass out of power. I for once am against that. But, as long as his multiple, way too numerous to mark down crimes, can still be brought to justice. I would almost be OK. Personally I think he should be given the death penalty, without any chance to appeal. Even if they end capital punishment. Let the bloodthirsty butcher, get his just desserts. But that’s just me.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thurs., Sept. 10th, 2020

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