Wednesday, May 04, 2022


If there is anything positive to Republicans getting closer to ending Roe V. Wade, it's the anger in the American people now boiling over. Which if the Democrats play their cards right, could help transform the predictions of a catastrophe against them, into a landslide for the Democrats come election day. 

THANKS DONALD, OH & MITCH this is definitely on you too. And let's not forget the 'tools' they used to get the job done (and I mean that in every possible way you could think of). You know the 3 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court that they shoved down the people's throats. I mean they were chosen, as promised by Donald J. Trump, to point blank kill a women's right to choose. What did anyone expect would happen once they got in? Let's just hope in the end, that everything will work out, and women will get all the rights they so justly deserve, even if Roe V. Wade gets overturned for now.
A lot of talking heads, all over the airwaves have been discussing this for years, especially once Donald defiled the White House with his stench. And after Russia assisted his entry ... and yes, I'm still going there. Maybe now that Vladimir has completely outed himself as a war criminal and genocidal murderer, some Republicans might finally come around, maybe? Especially when you connect the dots, when it comes to Donald's 'perfect' phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his attempted blackmailing to simply force him to lie and say they were opening an investigation into Hunter Biden and payments from the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma Holdings, even if they weren’t. The conspiracy I think, is that they only hired Hunter to get in with the then Vice President Joe Biden, who at the time, wasn’t even running for office, or something like that. Somehow this insane plot in a really bad screenplay, that would never see the light of day, caused Trump to get Impeached for the first time. Who knew a simple "perfect" phone call, could have such ramifications a few years later in Ukraine. Elections do have consequences, and luckily for everyone, the Donald no longer runs our nation, and a real President is now in charge. And as he would say it, that's "no malarkey".
Well the good thing in all this, at least at present, Donald isn’t our President. I mean could you imagine the party he would have thrown at the Capitol steps if he was in charge when the leak was released to the world? He might, knowing him, have announced the news himself. Who needs a leaker, when you’ve got a Trumpeter. Especially after the way he and his Republican monsters partied when the House passed the bill to kill Obamacare, remember? It hadn’t made it’s way to the Senate yet for a vote, and an eventual defeat thanks to Senator John McCain’s, famous thumbs down vote. But Donald crowed as if he had slayed the dragon, President Barack Obama’s most historic achievement, if not Obama himself.
But the plan was simple. By getting like minded conservative judges onto the court, they eventually could overthrow the law. Mind you this might take a while, but in the mean time, we’ll go after it in every possible way their evil minds can come up with. And then they found the man that could get them to the promised land. Donald John Trump, the ultimate circus barker. So what if he came with lots of damage and went against everything they preached. Whatever Donald did, was fine, no matter how shocking or illegal. I mean you sell your soul, what's a little hijinks by the orange made up clown in kabuki war paint? When you have plans to have dominion over half the population, they’re suffer the consequences to reap the rewards. Of course the two Impeachments didn't help. Nor was having an insurrection to spoil their trifecta of conservative appointed justices, to pretty much taint the Supreme Court for the next half century or so.  
Of course let’s not forget Justice Samuel Alito, who’s ‘leaked’ draft showcasing Roe V. Wade’s time is running out has set the world a blaze. I’m sorry, but, what the f - - k? So unless it’s written in the original Constitution, it doesn’t count. So does that mean that African Americans are now back to being slaves? I wonder if they will have any say in that regard? And yes, I’m going there you. How dare you. No seriously, how dare you. Now, my apologies, I won’t be reading your leaked decision any time soon. Ot as I read the Mueller Report from cover to cover. At least from what I read of your insult to common sense and decency, I wouldn’t waste my time.  
Remember President Trump made no secret of his plans in regards the U.S. Supreme Court and abortion rights. So why was there even a question what would happen, if or when the opportunity arrived to gut Woe V. Wade. The fact that all of Trump’s nominee’s lied in front of the world, and most importantly in front of the Senate, under oath, in each of their own hearings. All with such smug faces just to get the gig, does kind of twist the knife into everyone who believes what they are now doing is seriously on the next level evil.
Don't you feel bad for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Susan Collins of Maine? Let's not forget that they both fell for the charms of Brett Kavanaugh, a beer drinking, and accused womanizer ... isn't that ironic? And milquetoast Neil Gorsuch, a man who only got the gig because Mitch, yes, that one, invoked the "nuclear option' by eliminating the filibuster only in respect to Supreme Court nominees. Now isn't that ironic, with all of Mitch's threats that if Democrats removed the filibuster to anything passed, they would be sorry. Sorry is right. First Mitch used it to enshrine Gorsuch, who also lied to their faces about what he would do in regards to abortion. And then Mitch used it a second time when Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett, after Associate Ruth Bader Ginsburg's untimely passing. Talk about an injustice. I'm sorry, is it me? I mean she seems lovely enough, if you're into Stepford Wives, but honestly out of all the Trump and Mitch appointees, she scares me the most. 
Seems to me, the Republicans in their quest to get what they've been so focused on since the Supreme Court's decision on Roe V. Wade on January 22, 1973, might have finally stepped into a  hornet's nest, that just may help transform the Republican Party into a true minority, if this time the people are finally paying attention. It reminds me of their repeated attempts to kill off Obamacare, the more they tried, the more the people got angry. Eventually that more then anything else helped win the House, the Senate and Joe Biden’s Presidency. A clean sweep for the Democratic party. Let’s just hope this latest Republican attack on our freedoms will once again cause the people to rise up and defeat the monsters at our doors. 
And if the Democrats actually win a much bigger majority in the House and Senate, maybe our nation can finally step into the future we so desperately need to enter. The last time I felt like this was right before Bush was given the crown of the presidency by the Supreme Court. After the majority of the American people had voted Vice President Gore for President... now isn't that ironic? I was so excited about the future during the months leading up to the election, I had such high hopes. As with Trump now, I couldn't believe anyone then would vote for George Walker, the bumbling doofus and son of former President George H. W. Bush, a failed President in his own right. But sadly I was wrong then, and I was wrong when Hillary was running against Donald, a clown, carnival barker, who lied for a living. George Walker Bush was the worse President in our lifetimes, taking a growing and striving economy into a trash heap, that happily President Barack Obama transformed into the longest continuous economic growth in American history. In fact what President Obama did was so astonishing, it took Trump almost two years of ineptness, before he caused the economy to go into an even bigger ditch then George Walker, which was supercharged by Donald’s obviously criminal actions that turned a pandemic into a genocide.     
So once again Republican's evil actions have been revealed, causing the people to get riled up over something that they are doing. This week’s leaked news that The Supreme Court has decided that women didn’t have dominion over their own bodies, and worse, that this bit of history, was only the beginning of their plans to go back in time. So thanks Republicans who have just given the Democrats the best, or should I write the worse, bit of information they can now use to destroy the Republicans running for power and especially the ones already in, who are all in with the power grab of monumental proportions that had it’s unveiling on January 6, 2020. 
And you know what cracks me up most in all of this is? Mitch, that's right, good old McConnell. Boy is he upset, boy is he perturbed. Almost as if somebody turned him upside down on the beach, and the old turtle couldn't right himself up. Sadly the putz isn’t upset about women being stripped of their fundamental rights. No. No! No, the POS's upset because somebody leaked the draft opinion by the Supreme Court to strike down Roe V. Wade. As is usual with these monsters, the crime they want to complain about, isn't the actions of a few that could effect the entire population of our nation in a bad way. No. No, it’s the leaker. Ta Da! They, he or she, needs to be found, tarred and feathered, and put to death! Who gives a flying fu-- about women’s right, right Mitch? As is Mitch and the Republican M.O.'s with everything, whenever they are covering up for someone or themselves, they attack. Be it the whistleblowers, lawmakers, truth seekers or tellers, they attack as if they are real culprits that need to be punished, just disregard, reality and the evidence. Should I list the times he's done it just for Donald?
We hear it every election cycle, once again the next election is the most important election in our lifetime. And once again it sadly actually is. Seems Roe V. Wade, will no longer be the law of the land, the way things look. And as soon as that actually occurs, twenty or so states already have trigger laws that go into effect the day Roe V. Wade is gone. Which means abortion in the United State will only occur depending on which state you live in. A pseudo civil war in regards to women’s rights. And if the Republicans win back the majority in the House and the Senate, which could happen, the Republicans will no doubt vote to ban abortion completely throughout the United States. So, do you agree with me that people just might have a little more incentive to vote in 2022? As they call it, an Off Year election cycle. Which usually means, turn out is not very good, to say the least. Well I certainly do, and I hope the 81 million Americans at least will agree with me and enough of those will vote and save the rights of more then half the population. 
Of course, the House and Senate could pass bills that codifies Roe B. Wade into law, or come up with something new that could solve the problem, but we’ve got a filibuster issue to face here. But, if they do vote for this before Election Day, the people would know who is pro women’s right’s and who isn’t. Come out of the closet haters. Perhaps this would sway their hands and they would vote for women, for once. Of course anyone who believes that, still believes Donald is still President, Barack Obama was never born in America, and the world is flat. So the odds are pretty bad that they would pass it this term, so that President Joseph Biden could sign it into law, which could fix the whole problem. At least for now, because you know, that law would be taken up to the Supreme Court from now till they once again can figure out a legal word salad excuse to hurt women and those who disagree with their own personal beliefs.
So, as things go, before Election Day, Republicans will get their wish, and Abortion will be on borrowed time in America. In a third of the country, by then, abortion will already be outlawed, and the only thing that will save our nation from going full Bridesmaid Tale, is if the people rise up and vote the monsters out. If the Republicans gain the majority in the House and the Senate, they will definitely ban reproduction freedom in America. And once that happens, in swift order they will do the same thing with marriage equality, which means good bye gay marriage. You think I’m kidding? I've already heard rumblings by inbreds on cancelling interracial marriages. What next, women lose their rights to vote? Then what African Americans? What about Latino’s or Muslims? I mean they’re already banning books and planning barn fires to get rid of the evidence of sin, filth, and corruption that is ruing the morals of our youth. The Republicans keep complaining about ‘cancel’ culture, while at the same time, they actually are continuously taking away as many freedoms, they can possibly get away with.
How do I say this Democrats, I think we are way past the point of discussing if the filibuster should be obliterated. The question now is not if, but when. I’m sorry, enough Republicans. The line has been crossed by you guys way too many times, that you’ve destroyed it. So it’s time for karma to shall we say take revenge. Balance out the scales of justice just a little bit, if not a whole lot more then we ever dreamed of. We keep hearing how Republicans are going to win back the House and Senate in 2022 ‘it always happens’, it’s ‘precedent’, oh really? The scariest one for me being, Trump getting voted into power as the House Majority Leader replacing Nancy Pelosi! If that doesn't send shivers down your spine, get ready if they get the majority, when they start rounding up all the people who attempted to bring Trump and his band of insurrectionists for their crimes against America to justice. Well if there is anything Alito’s leaked document has proven, precedent is a thing of the past. That is unless you’re McConnell and want to use it as a threat to break another precedent to suit his needs. America, I’m begging you, please vote. And if ‘we’ do, and if that actually happens, the future has never seemed more bright to me. I mean look what we survived and look what we the voters accomplished. If the Democrats win a filibuster proof majority in the next session, the Republican's won't be able to prevent the American people from finally getting everything they've been wanting, needing, and asking for. And most importantly, what the politicians promised they would get if they got their vote. 
One would hope that the Democrats will gain the majority that they need in 2022, especially after this week’s Earth shattering news, I mean how much proof do you need that the Republicans aren’t working for you. So if the ramifications of the January 6th Hearings which begin airing live on air in June do their job, which is to fully reveal what happened on the historic day. The days running up to it, and the days since. And wait till we discover which of the Republicans were involved in the caper. Especially the ones seated inside the House and Senate who have been working behind the scenes with the former disgraced President.
Won’t it be funny when they get called out to their faces on national television. Please patriots in power, it’s time to fight back. Embarrass the liars and hypocrites, and yes we can now call them what they actually are, and let it me know for all time, insurrectionists. All of them had taken an oath to serve and protect the Constitution. Let’s see how the voting public take to their elected officials being outed as the monsters they be, sitting in the seat of power. If that combined with the assault on women’s rights doesn’t get the turn out that this crisis warrants, nothing will. 
So America it’s time to decide. I know what side I’m on. The question is do you? Hopefully the majority of the people agree with me, and in the end, everything will finally work out.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., May 4, 2022