Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald, stop playing with the world as it's your own personal toy chest
So today, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, I was awoken with the sad news that yet another ISIL inspired attack had occurred. This time in Brussels, at least 31 people have been killed in another terrorist attack. And how sad is this, the worst part of the entire thing for me is that I'm more upset about Donald Trump spouting off nonsense via a phone on a national news program then I am about the 31 victims.
Its bad enough that the man drowns out everything in his wake on television. I mean, instead of broadcasting Bernie Sanders speech after a big vote was counted, we the audience instead were thrilled to watch an empty stage where Donald Trump "was about to go on". Talk about a waste of air time, and I'm not discussing when he finally arrived.
Somehow, the media has allowed his practice of calling in to discuss todays 'important' update from him to become his standard free advertising for his campaign. While all the other candidates  have to wait their turns for air time and pay millions of dollars in fees to put up commercials promoting themselves or attacking their opponents, otherwise to put it flatly, the voters wouldn't know they were even in the race. But Donald Trump gets to talk, via a phone and talk for minutes if not hours. I'm wondering if he gets paid for 'these' appearances. Talk about a racket. And we wonder why he got so high in the polls? Thanks media for creating this monster.
Its like his tweets, the other night, CNN actually had a segment discussing his latest tweets. The funny thing was, as the segment was occurring, the Donald was tweeting and they began to read each new one as if it was "breaking news" I sat back watching with my mouth open in stunned disbelief. The hysterical part for me was, I bet Donald was watching CNN and he was tweeting to see if it got on the air. I simply couldn't believe it. Somehow this man has tweaked the mindset of the media. Turned them into mindless drones, just because, supposedly its news or helps with their rating, I've heard both excuses.
Now I can understand them taking a call once in a while, especially if something newsworthy is occurring. Say, Donald announces he's dropping out of the race. But, to have each call made out to be an "exclusive interview" with a Presidential candidate, when all he's doing is repeating the same old talking points is honestly obscene.
We are, excuse me, the world is, under attack by a band of religious lunatics, bent on transforming our world into whatever the Hell they believe their Heaven should be. For the first time in my life, I actually believe these nut jobs are capable of doing real damage to our World. At least the World that I'm aware of, that I think of everyday, Europe, The United States, The Middle East. Did I say, The United States, good, bad or whatever, ISIL has transformed how our world is discussed. Seemingly changing borders, well at least changing the political talking points on the road to the White House.
Well, today I think is the day this should all stop. Sadly I'm just discussing Donald's free calls.
After hearing the news of the murders in Brussels, and seeing the video of some of it, I had the unfortunate pleasure of listening to Donald spout off nonsense. Wait, let me rewrite. Spout off dangerous rhetoric about torturing our enemies. We should change the laws. blah, blah, blah. Sadly nothing that he hasn't said before.
But the man is now running for President , let me repeat that… the man is the leading Republican candidate for President, and could seriously be our next President.  And shouldn't be given free airtime to spout off dangerous rhetoric especially when he could be in his PJs while doing it. He should be in the studio so the 'news' people could actually confront him with his bull to his face, and not on the phone. I'm sorry, his words matter now. What he says matters. Millions of people have voted for him an millions more will be.  Not a few nut jobs  but the majority of voters in the lost party formally known at The Republicans. Sad to write this, but that is the truth.  
Unlike many, I didn't find, even the beginning of our new National nightmare, the concept of a Presidential Trump very funny. Sorry, I've never found it funny when people fall or trip. I don't laugh at other people's mishaps. And when I see a charlatan bamboozle a nation starving for answers. Who have been brainwashed by the enemies of the state, oh sorry, thats just my opinion, I meant to write FOX FAUX NEWS… that all Government is bad, at least by those lying cheating people in Washington, oh I'those lying cheating Democrats, the Republicans are saints… if you believe their spin. I'm sorry, I mean watching him spout off the worst vile, racist, close to nazi rhetoric. And seeing people's worst traits rise to the surface, like a bad 1950's film noir cold war drama, mixed with scenes from V for Vendetta, as seen  through the eyes of a bad racist white southern town, makes me want to scream. Hearing his unfiltered nonsense, simply should not be allowed to air, especially while he's running for President.
I guess the only thing good about him spouting his filth is, we get to see how he would react as the President. So I guess thank you media for being his whipping post. For allowing his to use you. Well keep being used, and I'll stop watching.
Just one man's opinion
©Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues, March 22, 2016 

Friday, March 04, 2016

I've had pets, and loved them, but calling any of them 'free' well, sorry thats a stretch… sorry 
OK, so it seems I'm on a bunch of pet owner's sh*t list...
There was a posting yesterday on Facebook... 
With the headline, I'm Free! and so I watched the video …

The video was heart warming. It made you smile, and yes, brought a tear to my eyes. Yeah! 
Well I tend to look at both sides of the story… I honestly believed OJ innocent… I know… hence I watch all political channels… I want to see it for myself… 
I've learned that perspective on an issue, is important. 
So beside my happiness for the animal being 'freed' I also realized, that the term "free" in regard to pet ownership is kind of an odd choice of words. Really, how is that free? This rescued animal is now the property of its new owner…  
So I decided to make a comment. 
I wasn't trying to attack or bitch, or anything... Anyway... here is what I wrote:
"its makes you feel good, except for the fact that the animal is on a leash, being told exactly what to do… its not free… he's now a pet… hopefully he'll have a good home… but saying FREE… sorry…" 
That was my whole point… just acknowledge that FREE shouldn't be used in the conversation in regards to pet ownership… that's it. It wasn't an attack against owning pets or having them, its just 'mentioning' that the term FREE… is simply inaccurate.  
Well I guess my comment wasn't taken in the way I expected it would be. Cause I'm now it seems a zealot and a PETA fan because of what I wrote. To put it nicely, pet owners weren't happy… basically trying to talk sense into me, about all their love and devotion. How their animals are now apart of their lives. Which is all true…  I mean how could I think anything about owning a pet could be bad… Well stupid me. 
Here is some of the conversation…
Someone wrote:  Oh please. He is with a loving family who will adore him, he'll have a house full of lovely warm beds and spots in the sun to snooze, he'll go for walks and play in the park, he'll be loved and fed and well taken care of. Are you suggesting he'd be better off trying to forage miserably for himself out in the rain and the snow somewhere?So I tried to respond in my usual way, by writing this: Oh please… of course I'm not… but calling it FREE is a joke… sorry, if you don't see that. What right do we have to own another species as a pet… just saying.
Someone else wrote this: How about "free from" the terror of being alone-maybe not eating-being afraid of being hurt.Perhaps that's a more fair way to put it.My response to that was:glad the animal is away from its man-made cage… hopefully its new "owners' will treat it well…  but its still ownership… sorry…
Then I got this: Neil, you are being specious. Those of us who live with animals see them as members of our family. We treat them with dignity and respect. We feed them, love them, play with them, cuddle them, pet them, make sure they are happy and warm and well fed. We take care of their needs. We share our homes with them. Most of us are also active in rescuing strays from disastrous situations where they would otherwise die. This exact post shows a pathetic animal held in a cage, due to be euthanized, then being thrilled to be rescued and taken home to a loving family. This dog would be horrified to then be let out in a forest to be "free." That would also be considered animal abuse. If you somehow think this story isn't happy, or that our companion animals aren't beloved and well cared for, you're taking a very strange position indeed. You are peculiarly taking some sort of contrarian position against looking out for other creatures' well-being and loving our fellow living creatures. Why not post on an animal abusers' page and speak out against that? Why on earth would you try to speak out against animal lovers? You're picking the wrong enemy if you really love animals.
So I wrote this: I'm not saying DONT OWN PETS and ALL OWNERS ARE NIGHTMARES… I'm simply saying, why do humans find it necessary to own other species. never understood seeing animals in cages, or them doing tricks or owning them. I've had pets most of my life and loved them as a part of my family… but always felt bad about it… thats how I feel… if you cant understand that… sorry… If the shoe was on the other foot and you were the pet… not so sure if you'd like that collar around your neck either… just saying…
Someone responded to me with this: I think, for a lot of us, it's more accurate to say our pets own us, and personally, I don't have a problem with being owned by my pets. smile emoticonI responded with this:Well that's easy to say when your the one holding the leash... Just saying
Then the original poster wrote this to me: It's a PETA position that Neil is espousing. They actually kill as many companion animals as they can get their hands on because they feel it is wrong to "own" animals, especially pets in your home. That's what this trolling is about. Nuff said.well I had to answer that one:I'm sorry I'm not trolling… I understand about the love of pets… I just have a hard time with the concept of people owning animals… I'm not attacking or saying don't own them… and I have had pets… the fact that this is considered odd what I wrote… maybe if I hadn't grown up watching films of humans treating other species as pets or worse… I wouldn't have an issue with property in regards to animals…How is that trolling… I wrote a comment… and somehow now I'm being attacked for just responding with the same answer over and over again… love your pets… as family… great for you…but come down on me because I see it it another way… I love animals and most of my friends have them… and love them and treat them as family members… still doesnt change my opinion… I'm not hating any of you… I am just saying how I feel… so continue to attack me, call me a troll… fine. unfriend if you think I'm being obnoxious… cause if I was… believe me… you would have blocked me already…Oh, and I'm not a member of Peta… just so you know…
There were some more attempt at shaming me, so I this was my last response: ONE MORE TIME… I have no problems with people having pets… or helping animals or however you want to describe it…MY WHOLE POINT WAS… People never look at it from the other side… thats it. I'm not protesting, I'm not bitching, or whining or anything...LOVE YOUR PETS But I'm sorry, watching people dragging their animals, scolding them like children… 'punishing' them cause they did what they naturally do… for example pooping on the carpet cause they needed a walk and their owner left them alone for a day… I could go on…AGAIN LOVE YOUR PETS… I feel like I'm being attacked by gun owners who can't understand how someone who has an issue with them 'owning' the weapon itself has a problem… and yes, I don't believe in gun ownership too…
Oy, you know, having too much time on your hands, can get you into really ridiculous Facebook wars…  now back to my work search… and my emails.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues, March 4, 2016