Thursday, November 10, 2022

While the final results aren't in, and even though we've seemingly survived what could have been, sadly some of the worst republicans beat out some of the best Democrats, so I guess some people simply prefer their elected officials who don't pitch trumpian dystopias.

APPARENTLY ELECTION DENIALISM IS A BAD THING when you’re running for political power, and at least in the voting booth, but if you’re really a pathetic piece of garbage republican you could still win against a seriously great Democrat… sad. But at least it looks like Biden could still retain a small majority in the Senate, and at least if they don't retain the House, the Republican majority won't be big enough, to be able to do too much damage, or worse to tarnish the third and forth years of President Biden's tenure. Because that's gonna be their plan. Stop everything, and drum the beat that Biden is a failed President, and the Democratic party is a failed far too radical party that needs to be put out to pastor. 

The problem of course, a lot if not most of what the Democrats and President Biden have signed into law, will begin to make their existence known amongst the population, over the course of the next  two years, and the American people will not only hear about it and see it, they will actually feel it. But because of the attempted blockade by the entire Republican party, the only way anything could get accomplished in President Biden's first two years, except for a few noted exceptions, was if the entire Democratic majority all voted in unison. And sadly for them most part even if they eventually accomplished a deal, and Biden signed it too law, there seemed to always be the 2 supposed Democrats that always seemed to muck up the moment. The problem being, and lots of Democratic candidates running this year mentioned it, especially if they lost their primary's… the hold up, the delay, caused the laws and their ramifications and delivered goodies, like jobs, and increased salaries, didn't effect that many, and definitely wasn't felt at a time when food prices, gas prices and everything in between kept getting more expensive. 

So my feelings are that by the time our President, you know Joe Biden, begins to run for reelection, if he chooses too, his poll numbers should begin to go up, bigly. Let's not forget, President Biden won the election by a pretty big majority. He received more voted then any person in history, including President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Donald John Trump…and yes Donald, the votes that beat you were legal! According to the experts, he has accomplished more in his first two years as President, with the bills that he has singed into law, then possibly any other President in American history. And he did this, as he had to deal with a pandemic turned genocide by the previous tenant in the oval office. An economy that was plummeting, and a mad man dressed in Kabuki orange clown make-up acting like a lunatic as he tried to spread his con man circus act throughout the land. And I won't hold my breath over it any longer, but more likely then not, Donald will probably be dealing with one legal issue or the other, even if or when he announces his run for 2024, that 'We The People' will probably have to fend off another Republican running for the big chair. At present that monster looks to be Ron DeSantis, but one can hope his words, monstrous deeds, and the opposite of personal charm and charisma, will by then bite him on his ass enough that his chances won't be enough to worry anyone anymore. 

So not only has Joe Biden been so far the most successful first term president in American history, with the number of bills they assigned a law that could change the course of American history, he’s also showcased he’s done better then pretty much every President who’s been in office during the first midterm election of their presidency. So he won the presidency because the American people decided they had enough with Trump, and I guess the American people have said it again, 'I don’t really like you Donald'. It’s a shame the leaders of the party that follow Donald like a puppy can’t see reality. But then again all they do is pitch lies and false prophets, and I guess as we are seeing the results come in, its a good thing they're are so in their own worlds, that reality is just unfathomable, which is why they just go off to insanityville whenever confronted with anything that goes against whatever conspiracy hole they've completely gotten lost in.

Perhaps Americans are just not into Donald or his ilk anymore. Perhaps Americans were sick of crazy people pitching crazy conspiracies, screaming at the top of their lungs about injustice, having nothing to show except the venom that they spew in such a way, that I'm actually surprised that most of them aren't confined to a padded cell, on 24/7 watch wearing straight jackets, as they look for insects to devour. 

The best thing in all of this is, unless of course, the numbers turn out to be worse case scenario, is that we will not be spending the next two years discussing impeaching Biden, or voting to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, or at least cutting the limbs out of them… or voting to make women second-class citizens, and allowing them to still have any of their own rights. Not to forget to mention that the Republicans have already declared if the get into power, say good bye to any funding for Ukraine…  I know President from that country, who will be sleeping better tonight, now that that scenario for at least now has been put to bed. And speaking of Ukraine, I mean Hunter Biden, might actually scrape by if the majority for the Republicans is only a few or better yet somehow the Democrats retain the Senate. That of course might be pushing the good feelings I have right now, but one can dream can't one. 

 So once we discover what the eventuality of the election is, we could then start worrying about the next election. Apparently on TV, it's already the top question on everyone's lips, 'Will Joe Biden run for a second term?' It seems his polls numbers are in the tank, and… unbelievable, in my viewpoint pretty obnoxious and quite disgusting. Why isn't that question asked to Donald ever? Or, you keep telling us you are running for President, or at least hinting at it? So, when are you gonna release you taxes, since you're running again? And as a person, who might be headed to multiple courtrooms, and sit for many depositions when would you have time to run. And why should people decide that you should be their candidate, when you could wind up in prison, possibly death row for an unbelievable amount of criminal and worse actions. And about the genocide you caused by your ego, your words, your lies, and your actions, I'm just not sure which caused more pain, agony, despair, and death, shouldn't that alone take him off the list?

Huma Abedin was on Morning Joe yesterday, and her opinion was that this changes everything for President Biden. If the Republican's had actually had a 'red wave' as they tried to brainwash our nation into believing, well at least them into believing the mantra, that is was a foregone conclusion it was gonna be a "bloodbath" as Donald Trump Jr., had shared on social media. According to her, if that had happened, Biden would now be a lame duck President. Pretty much waiting out his term, at the mercy of the Republicans, the inmates were now running the asylum once known as America. But instead, because of the results so far, and the trajectory of the races still left undecided, she pretty much said, President Biden can now start the second half of his first tenure ready and willing to continue his agenda to actually make America really great, and maybe for the first time. At least that's the interpretation I'm taking from what she said on MSNBC. 

So once again, we've supposedly survived, as of now, hopefully, the 'most important election' in history, and this time it actually felt like it. Not that the last election where Biden whooped Trumps behind, and Donald helped to turn the House and the Senate blue. All the threats that the Republicans were promising that they would do, to take our nation backwards, and seemingly transforming our government and our country's way of life into an apartheid like nation with confederate tendencies. I think scared and woke up enough Americans out there, because it was so in your face, that I still keep expecting the monsters in the trumpian Republican clan, to come out in full white robe, or even worse, if that's possible Nazi uniforms, goose stepping along with Donald's favorite songs. The Rolling Stones 'I can't get no satisfaction,' and the Village People's crowd pleaser, well at least at his rally's. 'Macho Macho Man,'. 

And yes I understand that this current election is the most important one in our history, but Scarily 2024, you know the one in just two short years, will definitely be once again the most important election in our history. Because once again we will have to be voting against Republicans trying to send us backwards, and fighting for and with the Democrats and other like-minded individuals still striving to take us forward. So now the Democrats must think about adding additional Supreme Court members. The department of justice must make sure legally that Trump cannot be the next president of United States, and that the Democrats win in 2024, because once again if Republicans take over, the end of our democracy could occur. I just wonder when states like Texas and Florida will look in the mirror and wake up. It's like a bad joke, and the people don't realize that they're the punch line with the pie on their faces. The sitting people in power have done nothing but make the lives of their citizens worse, apparently their citizens like it that way. Sad and the worst part is the two candidates that lost in those elections were great. And thanks to states like New York and California whose citizens were not fooled by the lies and pitches by the Republicans trying to take over states that really wasn’t into them at all.  

On a positive note, since the Election is technically over Merrick Garland will start rounding up the trumpeters, right? Since supposedly he was waiting till the election was done to do that, right? He didn't want to effect the totals…you know break any precedent. Sadly we've learned what happens when precedent get's thrown out. Of course, I hope he doesn't wait till all the elections results are settled, especially since he political experts are warning that we won't get an actual conclusion for another month or maybe longer. Fingers crossed on that one but don't hold your breath.

So even if we've dodged a bullet, or an insurrection, that's still ongoing, scarily, we already have to worry about 2024. It goes without saying, but once again if Republicans gain a majority or worse a super majority in either or both houses of Congress, and if they also win the Presidency,  and this, after getting a Supreme Court majority that is swiftly erasing one hundred years of progress in less then seemingly a year or two, everything that President Biden and the Democratic party accomplished the last two years, not to mention the last century would have be erased from existence. Heck, they're trying to erase slavery already… Everything that the people got up off their sofa's to vote for, would have been for nothing, accept slowing down the inevitable end of the American experiment, as it was penned in the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. Well aren't I the half empty type. I guess it least 'the experiment' has survived another test in 2022. I can't promise it will the next time it's tested, but I've got to believe that 2022 was a wake-up call, especially after the last 2 years, and of course January 6th. We got so close to the fire, that we all felt a little burned. And maybe just maybe, that burn, has awoken the American spirit in enough true patriots, that the ending of America, possibly was pushed back forever. And we as a nation can finally get to the next level, where no man has gone before…

Just one man's opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022

Tuesday, November 08, 2022


Somehow it appears, the party that lies, cheats, steals, promises to gut Social Security and medicare, while attempting to overthrow Democracy and all precedents, could actually win and turn our nation into an apartheid confederacy… when they say our votes count, they really mean it. Are you listening America? 

HOPE YOU VOTED BLUE! I've been away a while, but I got a little inspired for today's historic importance, and thought it was time for me to say a few words, before that ability was removed for what was once known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. And the hub but about mail in voting today that I awoke to, begins my latest Neilizms # 417. To the political leaders who are trying to throw out mail in ballots because a date was either missing or wrong on the outside envelope… GO FUQ yourselves… I had to help my mother do hers, I had to go over the instructions at least 3 times, and I still had to fix a mistake I had made so it would be good to go…Ridiculous… its not on the ballot, Oh in NY the ballot is 4 sides!! Two large pages, perforated together!  I spent a good 5 minutes just opening it to figure out the voting, and where, in fact I almost missed one category…It was a not so fun 15 minutes, but eventuality she chose her picks… yeah for my mom…And I delivered it by hand to post office early so I knew it would arrive early enough… that is unless the post office still run by DeJoy plays games again… Now I voted early myself, by walking into the voting polls and doing my patriotic duty…last week. So now, I have to sit back and ponder if my mothers mail in, will count and will my early voting actually be counted as well…If we somehow can still vote in 2 years, I will once again vote in person on the big day, because this world where 1/3 of the nation believes lies, without any evidence, is possibly in the process of over throwing our nation and turning it into well, something that ain't America and never was…I called it an Apartheid Confederacy on Facebook. American, please don't let that happen. Minority white rule in the United States, I guess Donald's MAGA plan is sadly coming into fruition.

So now people are saying that (if) the Democrats lose, they should have a post mortem on why… because how badly they played this campaign season. Even though, historically the party in power always gets creamed during the mid-terms. At least that's what Ana Navarro said on CNN, where's she's currently one of that networks political experts, that is besides being a co-host on ABCs The View.  Well, I think If the Dems lose, the  reason why is People simply didn't give a flying fuq about our Democracy, or of course Women's Right, screw that! All they care about are lies by the same people who tried to overthrow our country. Point blank, it's insanity. My feeling is, I guess the Democrats and liked minded American's couldn’t believe that the American people would actually vote for people who attempted to overthrow our democracy. That somehow all the ugliness that the republicans have been pitching would awaken the brainwashed and help throw out the people spewing and spreading the garbage. What gets me is some of the candidates who were actually inside the Capitol or at least on the grounds, during January 6th on that historic day. Worse, the ones who are using that history as a badge of honor… That being written, remember a lot of us couldn't believe Donald Trump would ever get elected in the first place, so what do us like-minded people know? I mean the morning of 2016, the New York Times on their front pages printed that Hillary Clinton had an 85% chance of winning. Oops. So what do the experts know. 

Even if people didn’t think about that part of the equation, you know our very Democracy slipping away, what gets me, that once again people could be fooled by a bunch of really terrible commercials, and even worse the most unqualified candidates that one could possibly fear. If not involved, these some of these monsters at least voted to decertify the electoral ballots that the then former Vice President, Joseph Biden Jr., had earned (by winning the election by over 7 million vote lead).  Even after the January 6th riots or however you want to classify it, for the now President, Joe Biden. In reality, the attempted coup at least slowed down the historic mostly symbolic event from going forward.  Which include those who said they would throw out the 2020 results, and, or, have promised pretty much that Donald would get back into power in 2024 no matter what. What ever that means… 

Well phew, I feel a little better now, of course, until I know the actual final results I will be on pins and needles, worried I'll have to turn Catholic and maybe be forced to learn Russian. The circumcism part, sorry, that ain't changing. For the most part I've been bombarded online and especially on television by people seemingly all in on the pitch that the Republicans are throwing. As usual, when there's an election they seem to know how to spew the BS in such a way that no matter how evil they are or how little they have to pitch or have accomplished in office, they always come up with the best way to spin it. No matter what they come up with, seemingly out of some April Fool's joke book or a plot out of a gorefest horror movie. No matter how unbelievable and totally debunked, somehow too many Americans will fall for it, and the worse possible monsters camouflaged in Republican red will get elected or reelected back into power. And no matter how good the Democratic candidate is, no matter now many times they shoot down the lies and conspiracies with facts and evidence, it doesn't seem to matter or work.    

We've got too things I keep hearing: Food prices… well all prices are too high. A woman on TV actually said 'I can't worry about things like peoples rights I have to worry about putting food on the table.' Of course, she probably hasn't researched how much food is in places run by dictators. The other, a friend of mind brought up, and it instantly brought me back to the onslaught on commercials banging the drum about the Bail bound issue. Crime! Oh my God! It's worse now then the caravans of rapists and murderers invading our southern border they tell us are storming the beaches of Dallas and Miami. Boy has this BS worked well, and every time the Republicans need to change the subject from one of their people being outed as he monster they are, or something like a little thing called ending Roe V. Wade. Magically somehow, the borders have opened up once again, and the entire population of Latin America has invaded America, and they're all gonna get registered on the same day, vote Democratic, and steal some election, and somehow watch, the Democrats funded them. 

Now, The Bail Bound issue:  the problem was, people for example were put in Rikers or some other God forsaken hellhole, for nothing. Simply because they didn't have enough to pay their bail fees. And sometimes, unbelievably for years, left to pretty much die…surrounded by to put it nicely, the real scum of the Earth. No kidding, people have died inside, or even sadder some have gotten out, but couldn't handle what they 'lived' through and committed suicide.

And of course, the main reason they did something about this, was because the people waiting in house jails, and such were predominately of color and poor. So if you've got money, you can go on vacation, or to a spa, and hire the best attorney, and whine how you were treated inhumanly because treated you like everyone else. So they wrote a bill, for fairness, so people wouldn't be stuck in jail, or a prison like place, until they could find the funds or their case was simply thrown out, because in some cases for example, the time they waited inside, even if they had gotten the maximum sentence, was actually longer then the sentence they would've have received if they had been convicted of the crime.

Here's the rub, and what's the monsters on the right are doing with it. Unfortunately a few monsters snuck through the cracks, and now of course in Republican talking points and every commercial against a Democrat, the whole world is burning. The perfect republicans attack. And obviously it's working on way too many, at least if the poll numbers in New York City are accurate.

Now, remember, as we talk about that, let's ignore, if they get in, if the Republicans get the majority: the no abortion policy's spreading even further across the land. Women will now officially become second class citizens, who have to ask permission to do things. Screw democracy. Our votes won't count, even if we still can still be allowed to vote, if only ceremonial. And say goodbye to Social Security & Medicare… And  sit back and watch as lots and lots of elderly people begin starving to death across the land. 

Last thing, according to the political experts on MSNBC, so take that with a grain of salt, apparently the candidates that Trump pushed on the Republican party, seemingly those are the Republicans having the most trouble in their own races. And in a year where Republicans could have easily won the majority in both the Senate and the House, his candidates, in the end, might be the reason, the Democrats retain the majority in either one or both.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, Nov. 8th, 2022

Wednesday, May 04, 2022


If there is anything positive to Republicans getting closer to ending Roe V. Wade, it's the anger in the American people now boiling over. Which if the Democrats play their cards right, could help transform the predictions of a catastrophe against them, into a landslide for the Democrats come election day. 

THANKS DONALD, OH & MITCH this is definitely on you too. And let's not forget the 'tools' they used to get the job done (and I mean that in every possible way you could think of). You know the 3 Associate Justices of the Supreme Court that they shoved down the people's throats. I mean they were chosen, as promised by Donald J. Trump, to point blank kill a women's right to choose. What did anyone expect would happen once they got in? Let's just hope in the end, that everything will work out, and women will get all the rights they so justly deserve, even if Roe V. Wade gets overturned for now.
A lot of talking heads, all over the airwaves have been discussing this for years, especially once Donald defiled the White House with his stench. And after Russia assisted his entry ... and yes, I'm still going there. Maybe now that Vladimir has completely outed himself as a war criminal and genocidal murderer, some Republicans might finally come around, maybe? Especially when you connect the dots, when it comes to Donald's 'perfect' phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his attempted blackmailing to simply force him to lie and say they were opening an investigation into Hunter Biden and payments from the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma Holdings, even if they weren’t. The conspiracy I think, is that they only hired Hunter to get in with the then Vice President Joe Biden, who at the time, wasn’t even running for office, or something like that. Somehow this insane plot in a really bad screenplay, that would never see the light of day, caused Trump to get Impeached for the first time. Who knew a simple "perfect" phone call, could have such ramifications a few years later in Ukraine. Elections do have consequences, and luckily for everyone, the Donald no longer runs our nation, and a real President is now in charge. And as he would say it, that's "no malarkey".
Well the good thing in all this, at least at present, Donald isn’t our President. I mean could you imagine the party he would have thrown at the Capitol steps if he was in charge when the leak was released to the world? He might, knowing him, have announced the news himself. Who needs a leaker, when you’ve got a Trumpeter. Especially after the way he and his Republican monsters partied when the House passed the bill to kill Obamacare, remember? It hadn’t made it’s way to the Senate yet for a vote, and an eventual defeat thanks to Senator John McCain’s, famous thumbs down vote. But Donald crowed as if he had slayed the dragon, President Barack Obama’s most historic achievement, if not Obama himself.
But the plan was simple. By getting like minded conservative judges onto the court, they eventually could overthrow the law. Mind you this might take a while, but in the mean time, we’ll go after it in every possible way their evil minds can come up with. And then they found the man that could get them to the promised land. Donald John Trump, the ultimate circus barker. So what if he came with lots of damage and went against everything they preached. Whatever Donald did, was fine, no matter how shocking or illegal. I mean you sell your soul, what's a little hijinks by the orange made up clown in kabuki war paint? When you have plans to have dominion over half the population, they’re suffer the consequences to reap the rewards. Of course the two Impeachments didn't help. Nor was having an insurrection to spoil their trifecta of conservative appointed justices, to pretty much taint the Supreme Court for the next half century or so.  
Of course let’s not forget Justice Samuel Alito, who’s ‘leaked’ draft showcasing Roe V. Wade’s time is running out has set the world a blaze. I’m sorry, but, what the f - - k? So unless it’s written in the original Constitution, it doesn’t count. So does that mean that African Americans are now back to being slaves? I wonder if they will have any say in that regard? And yes, I’m going there you. How dare you. No seriously, how dare you. Now, my apologies, I won’t be reading your leaked decision any time soon. Ot as I read the Mueller Report from cover to cover. At least from what I read of your insult to common sense and decency, I wouldn’t waste my time.  
Remember President Trump made no secret of his plans in regards the U.S. Supreme Court and abortion rights. So why was there even a question what would happen, if or when the opportunity arrived to gut Woe V. Wade. The fact that all of Trump’s nominee’s lied in front of the world, and most importantly in front of the Senate, under oath, in each of their own hearings. All with such smug faces just to get the gig, does kind of twist the knife into everyone who believes what they are now doing is seriously on the next level evil.
Don't you feel bad for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Senator Susan Collins of Maine? Let's not forget that they both fell for the charms of Brett Kavanaugh, a beer drinking, and accused womanizer ... isn't that ironic? And milquetoast Neil Gorsuch, a man who only got the gig because Mitch, yes, that one, invoked the "nuclear option' by eliminating the filibuster only in respect to Supreme Court nominees. Now isn't that ironic, with all of Mitch's threats that if Democrats removed the filibuster to anything passed, they would be sorry. Sorry is right. First Mitch used it to enshrine Gorsuch, who also lied to their faces about what he would do in regards to abortion. And then Mitch used it a second time when Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett, after Associate Ruth Bader Ginsburg's untimely passing. Talk about an injustice. I'm sorry, is it me? I mean she seems lovely enough, if you're into Stepford Wives, but honestly out of all the Trump and Mitch appointees, she scares me the most. 
Seems to me, the Republicans in their quest to get what they've been so focused on since the Supreme Court's decision on Roe V. Wade on January 22, 1973, might have finally stepped into a  hornet's nest, that just may help transform the Republican Party into a true minority, if this time the people are finally paying attention. It reminds me of their repeated attempts to kill off Obamacare, the more they tried, the more the people got angry. Eventually that more then anything else helped win the House, the Senate and Joe Biden’s Presidency. A clean sweep for the Democratic party. Let’s just hope this latest Republican attack on our freedoms will once again cause the people to rise up and defeat the monsters at our doors. 
And if the Democrats actually win a much bigger majority in the House and Senate, maybe our nation can finally step into the future we so desperately need to enter. The last time I felt like this was right before Bush was given the crown of the presidency by the Supreme Court. After the majority of the American people had voted Vice President Gore for President... now isn't that ironic? I was so excited about the future during the months leading up to the election, I had such high hopes. As with Trump now, I couldn't believe anyone then would vote for George Walker, the bumbling doofus and son of former President George H. W. Bush, a failed President in his own right. But sadly I was wrong then, and I was wrong when Hillary was running against Donald, a clown, carnival barker, who lied for a living. George Walker Bush was the worse President in our lifetimes, taking a growing and striving economy into a trash heap, that happily President Barack Obama transformed into the longest continuous economic growth in American history. In fact what President Obama did was so astonishing, it took Trump almost two years of ineptness, before he caused the economy to go into an even bigger ditch then George Walker, which was supercharged by Donald’s obviously criminal actions that turned a pandemic into a genocide.     
So once again Republican's evil actions have been revealed, causing the people to get riled up over something that they are doing. This week’s leaked news that The Supreme Court has decided that women didn’t have dominion over their own bodies, and worse, that this bit of history, was only the beginning of their plans to go back in time. So thanks Republicans who have just given the Democrats the best, or should I write the worse, bit of information they can now use to destroy the Republicans running for power and especially the ones already in, who are all in with the power grab of monumental proportions that had it’s unveiling on January 6, 2020. 
And you know what cracks me up most in all of this is? Mitch, that's right, good old McConnell. Boy is he upset, boy is he perturbed. Almost as if somebody turned him upside down on the beach, and the old turtle couldn't right himself up. Sadly the putz isn’t upset about women being stripped of their fundamental rights. No. No! No, the POS's upset because somebody leaked the draft opinion by the Supreme Court to strike down Roe V. Wade. As is usual with these monsters, the crime they want to complain about, isn't the actions of a few that could effect the entire population of our nation in a bad way. No. No, it’s the leaker. Ta Da! They, he or she, needs to be found, tarred and feathered, and put to death! Who gives a flying fu-- about women’s right, right Mitch? As is Mitch and the Republican M.O.'s with everything, whenever they are covering up for someone or themselves, they attack. Be it the whistleblowers, lawmakers, truth seekers or tellers, they attack as if they are real culprits that need to be punished, just disregard, reality and the evidence. Should I list the times he's done it just for Donald?
We hear it every election cycle, once again the next election is the most important election in our lifetime. And once again it sadly actually is. Seems Roe V. Wade, will no longer be the law of the land, the way things look. And as soon as that actually occurs, twenty or so states already have trigger laws that go into effect the day Roe V. Wade is gone. Which means abortion in the United State will only occur depending on which state you live in. A pseudo civil war in regards to women’s rights. And if the Republicans win back the majority in the House and the Senate, which could happen, the Republicans will no doubt vote to ban abortion completely throughout the United States. So, do you agree with me that people just might have a little more incentive to vote in 2022? As they call it, an Off Year election cycle. Which usually means, turn out is not very good, to say the least. Well I certainly do, and I hope the 81 million Americans at least will agree with me and enough of those will vote and save the rights of more then half the population. 
Of course, the House and Senate could pass bills that codifies Roe B. Wade into law, or come up with something new that could solve the problem, but we’ve got a filibuster issue to face here. But, if they do vote for this before Election Day, the people would know who is pro women’s right’s and who isn’t. Come out of the closet haters. Perhaps this would sway their hands and they would vote for women, for once. Of course anyone who believes that, still believes Donald is still President, Barack Obama was never born in America, and the world is flat. So the odds are pretty bad that they would pass it this term, so that President Joseph Biden could sign it into law, which could fix the whole problem. At least for now, because you know, that law would be taken up to the Supreme Court from now till they once again can figure out a legal word salad excuse to hurt women and those who disagree with their own personal beliefs.
So, as things go, before Election Day, Republicans will get their wish, and Abortion will be on borrowed time in America. In a third of the country, by then, abortion will already be outlawed, and the only thing that will save our nation from going full Bridesmaid Tale, is if the people rise up and vote the monsters out. If the Republicans gain the majority in the House and the Senate, they will definitely ban reproduction freedom in America. And once that happens, in swift order they will do the same thing with marriage equality, which means good bye gay marriage. You think I’m kidding? I've already heard rumblings by inbreds on cancelling interracial marriages. What next, women lose their rights to vote? Then what African Americans? What about Latino’s or Muslims? I mean they’re already banning books and planning barn fires to get rid of the evidence of sin, filth, and corruption that is ruing the morals of our youth. The Republicans keep complaining about ‘cancel’ culture, while at the same time, they actually are continuously taking away as many freedoms, they can possibly get away with.
How do I say this Democrats, I think we are way past the point of discussing if the filibuster should be obliterated. The question now is not if, but when. I’m sorry, enough Republicans. The line has been crossed by you guys way too many times, that you’ve destroyed it. So it’s time for karma to shall we say take revenge. Balance out the scales of justice just a little bit, if not a whole lot more then we ever dreamed of. We keep hearing how Republicans are going to win back the House and Senate in 2022 ‘it always happens’, it’s ‘precedent’, oh really? The scariest one for me being, Trump getting voted into power as the House Majority Leader replacing Nancy Pelosi! If that doesn't send shivers down your spine, get ready if they get the majority, when they start rounding up all the people who attempted to bring Trump and his band of insurrectionists for their crimes against America to justice. Well if there is anything Alito’s leaked document has proven, precedent is a thing of the past. That is unless you’re McConnell and want to use it as a threat to break another precedent to suit his needs. America, I’m begging you, please vote. And if ‘we’ do, and if that actually happens, the future has never seemed more bright to me. I mean look what we survived and look what we the voters accomplished. If the Democrats win a filibuster proof majority in the next session, the Republican's won't be able to prevent the American people from finally getting everything they've been wanting, needing, and asking for. And most importantly, what the politicians promised they would get if they got their vote. 
One would hope that the Democrats will gain the majority that they need in 2022, especially after this week’s Earth shattering news, I mean how much proof do you need that the Republicans aren’t working for you. So if the ramifications of the January 6th Hearings which begin airing live on air in June do their job, which is to fully reveal what happened on the historic day. The days running up to it, and the days since. And wait till we discover which of the Republicans were involved in the caper. Especially the ones seated inside the House and Senate who have been working behind the scenes with the former disgraced President.
Won’t it be funny when they get called out to their faces on national television. Please patriots in power, it’s time to fight back. Embarrass the liars and hypocrites, and yes we can now call them what they actually are, and let it me know for all time, insurrectionists. All of them had taken an oath to serve and protect the Constitution. Let’s see how the voting public take to their elected officials being outed as the monsters they be, sitting in the seat of power. If that combined with the assault on women’s rights doesn’t get the turn out that this crisis warrants, nothing will. 
So America it’s time to decide. I know what side I’m on. The question is do you? Hopefully the majority of the people agree with me, and in the end, everything will finally work out.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., May 4, 2022

Monday, January 31, 2022


Isn't it ironic? It turns out Rudy, the man who went around the country lying about election fraud, committed the actual crime in every courtroom he appeared in pitching Donald's big lie. 

I'M CONFUSED HERE… So we have a bunch of Republicans in multiple states, who wanted the loser to still be the next President, and somehow, several of them simply could get away with it if they believed what they were doing was the right thing to do? What?!?!?! Yup, that seems to be the consensus of opinion of the talking heads who know the law on television (Well at least the television I watch, CNN and MSNBC for the most part). Seriously? Then why does anyone worry about getting caught, getting convicted and actually facing some serious prison time? All we got, excuse me get, practically to our faces, is how they are gonna arrest, lock up and imprison, everyone who did anything to help prevent Trumps attempted coup to come to fruition. Much like they're still threatening to do to Hillary Clinton over her server and e-mail. But somehow everything they do, anything, from tax evasion to hate speech, and now if course an attempted coup (that still is going on by the way), should be simply forgotten, like Trump's first steal of the Presidency with Russia's help. As if there was nothing there, when the Mueller Report actually said, Oh, yes, there was, now do your jobs, and then maybe lock them up for their obvious crimes. Sadly Democrats simply resign and give up, even when victorious and innocent, for the greater good. Republicans, just spit in our faces, and after multiple lame excuses and differing responses, pretty much admit their crimes and go so what, take me to court, sue me, and then go on with the very crimes they've been caught red handed in doing. Lying they're not doing anything everyone else is actually doing the crime, and somehow only keep getting rewarded in the process for actually doing it. 

So like with the law, that we've discovered is seemingly a lot of precedents to what a President and the Powers that be can get away with… whomever said Donald was an idiot who picks the worst lawyers, has apparently not been paying attention. Because he's been making fools of the Constitutional experts, for the most part up till now. It's seems like the Presidential powers, planning an attempted coup, his inane legal advisors discovered that simply making the Election of a President and possibly all elected officials, also seemingly have precedents instead of law. Because I'm sorry, if you are all in on the coup, dumb, insane, or simply suckered in, you've still got to get punished for your crimes, even if you think you are being the hero in the tale, when in fact you are the scum of the Earth and should rot in a prison cell till your time on this planet is done. But what do I know I voted for the Democrat in the race. You know the winner by a country mile, who was elected by the American people.  
These fake electorates, or as they like to call themselves 'alternates' are all either insane, utter fools, criminals attempting a coup, or losers who got suckered in on a lie, by, someone who has been trying to reinstall into power the monster who calls himself Donald John Trump, who has now got to be considered the greatest con man in American History. And Donald that isn't a compliment, sometimes being the best at something, is actually being the worst of every body. Ignoring of course what the powers behind FOX not by a million miles NEWS has been brainwashing their viewers since they launched… man the damage they have done. The lives that have been lost because so many fools are watching dangerous rhetoric by soulless sellouts, who are preaching hate, lies, and conspiracies, possibly helping to end what they all preach they love so much, the American dream.
That's right folks, these alternate electors are the bad guys. These wolves in trump red MAGA hats, tried to change history, to alter the facts, to cheat, to steal, to rob the American people of the man they voted in, you know, good old Joseph R. Biden Jr., former Senator, former Vice President, and now the current President of these United States. All of them need to be rounded up, questioned, and if proven guilty, get the punishment they all so justly deserve. 
According to what we've learned, we've got multiple states, 7 to be exact, seemingly coordinating together, using the same or similar forged and doctored documents, by these traitors to our Constitution, to their oaths if they are actually already sworn in legislators or elected officials, all in on the con perpetuated by Rudy Giuliani, and bunch his Trumpian buddies. Somehow now that their crimes has been showcased to the world, some of them somehow could get away with it, because of the language in some of the fake documents, they all signed as if this was The Constitution, and what they was submitting was the law, the will of the people, pretty much all making themselves a story that we will be teaching in schools till the end of whenever the future of our nation occurs. Books will be written about this attempt at throwing out the will of the people. 
Rachel Maddow has been following this plot for a while now, and when she initially discussed it, is seemed like an odd blip in the big picture, if not just a one off, to be forgotten for all time. But that small blip, seems to have been a big part of the huge scheme in Trump's attempt to not only regain his seat at big table, but in install himself, much like Vladimir Putin has done in Russia, and enjoy a lifetime in power, and of course evade the punishment for his crimes.
Both former Trump aide told MSNBC in separate interviews, that they helped with the fake electors scheme. Peter Navarro nicknamed the con “Green Bay Sweep”. And what gets me in all of this, the fools who have been involved with this are so brazen with either their lies or their delusions, that they actually have the balls to admit it on national television, pretty much announcing that yes we did it, and yes we can get away it, and somehow everything they did was actually legal?!?!? It might be legal in their view point, but its amazing how so many of them refuse to come in and discuss what they know and or what they did, and if they had anything to do with the attempted take over of our government. I mean if what they did was legit, was so shy? If as they say Donald Trump's election was stolen, show up with some evidence, finally,  or give us your account of what occurred and show us what you did was cool. I though only criminals plead the fifth. If what they did was fine, why the delays, and the threats at the committee? 
I keep hearing from Talking Heads on TV, that the people that attempted to overthrow our government with the 'alternate electors' scheme, that if what they did they thought they were doing the right thing, like overthrowing our government because they thought the election was stolen, they could get away with it? As if that is an excuse for what their crimes help facilitate meant nothing That the harm to our democracy doesn't matter. Wait a minute… somehow if they think they were doing the right thing, even if it’s against the law,  even though a crime was committed that they were involved with, they pretty much can get away with it? What the… a woman, a black woman, is sitting in a prison cell for 5 years, because she thought she could vote, she asked, because she has served time, and wasn't sure if she could, if she had waited long enough. They told her to vote a provisional ballot, just in case, and that ballot even though it never was cast, they put away for casting an illegal ballot. And these, insurrectionists, traitors, pieces of… might get away with no punishment? WTF? The fact that some of those who signed the fake documents, which by the way is a crime itself, are either already in office or are currently running for political office is maddening, especially if since they are all running on a platform that the election was stolen from Donald Trump and the will pretty much throw away the ballots next time, if, or should I write have sworn to throw them out and switch them for Donald, or whomever they want once they get into power. WTF times 1000!
I understand that sometimes, people who do crimes don't face prison time or death row, because they were deemed amongst reasons, to be mentally ill, delusional, or worse, and couldn't be blamed because their minds can't comprehend what they did. I get that and depending on the case, and the person charged with the crimes, even those people have to face punishment, like say time in an asylum under medical supervision. So, shouldn’t those like Boris Epshteyn, Peter Navarro or Rudy when they get sentenced, if they are so delusional to believe their own delusions, shouldn't they enjoy a stay inside a white padded cell, looking for nourishment with the insects that you can find as pets. Seriously?  I’m sorry if they’re deemed delusional then they have to go to the insane asylum, and spend the same amount of freaking time they would’ve spent in prison for their crimes, if they don't get the prison time they deserve for their in the real world crimes… or am I the one that’s delusional here?!
And I’m sorry to the people that put a caveat in their bogus electors document, that if they get caught, it somehow makes it less of a crime, just because you put a caveat in it doesn’t mean you didn’t attempt to overthrow our government. It doesn't make you any less guilty of the crime. You were in the wrong, it doesn't matter if you had a feeling the election was tainted… without any actual proof, you attempted to help take over our country. What gets me is, seemingly Donald surrounded himself with other con men and carnival barkers pitching what I can only assume was mesmerizing enough for way too many to fall for. 
How the heck is that still not a crime? They used bogus forms. Doctored forms. They signed their name to these bogus documents, knowing all along they were making things up, how is that not still a crime? How can they get away with that? And why are we, as a nation, letting them know what to do next time? Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? 
So let’s get this straight, I submit to you your honor, that every courtroom that Rudy and his band of happy insurrectionists appeared in pitching their con, that was election fraud itself.  Seems, after lying for over a year that there was election fraud, and Donald was robbed (while they continue to argue that we should stop an election, overthrow democracy itself, reinstalling Donald into power, by throwing the votes of millions of American out, simply because people believe the lies that they've been pitching) they've also been working behind the scenes together in a plot to throw out the electoral votes of these 7 states as well. Let's not take any chances here. If one attempt doesn't work, let's try whatever other way to get our way, and get our man back into power. By somehow magically disqualifying votes for the actual winner, throwing them out, and using the alternate electors chosen by them to vote Trump back in, helping to put him back into power. Somehow always ignoring the fact how  if this crime they preach is true, then how did it not effect the other candidates on the ballots? And now it turns out, it seems The entire scam was being run by Rudy Giuliani himself… this one I never saw. But boy the mighty have fallen, when Rudy drank the Kool-Aid he drank the whole lot. He has gone down the rabbit hole, he took the wrong pill, and now Rudy is going to be now famous excuse me infamous for the rest of eternity… How funny that when this is all said and done Rudy might be the one walking that long green mile… and you know what? I’ll pay for the popcorn for the people to watch it. Question: Why isn’t Rudy in chains already?
Oh, I must add, over the weekend, Donald, you know, the former President, man it still hurts to write that or even think that actually happened, and he came out on stage in yet another COVID19 spreader event, to do his greatest hits… And as is the rule of thumb, went even further in his pitch to get back into power. This time pretty much announcing to the world that he was all in on the overthrow attempt, wow. And the best one yet, at how he would now pardon everyone who stormed the Capitol to help him stay in power. So I will ask it again, question: Why isn't Donald already in chains?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, January 31, 2022

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

From Obama to Trump, to Biden, while some things have gotten better, sadly we are at the point when an entire political party has turned from bad to genocidal. The question is have we finally begun to wake up, or will Democracy be dead by 2024, or sooner?

APPROXIMATELY TEN YEARS AGO THIS BLOG WAS BORN. Yes I could. Who said it wouldn’t last? Well I had my doubts. But in any event, on October 9, 2011, I launched my little blog with the hopes that somehow, something good could come from it. Maybe a few people might agree, maybe more, and hopefully when everything is said and done, it wasn’t just a waste of time. That nothing I put down, put out there, I will in the end wish I hadn’t. I wasn’t even sure that anyone would even be interested, but obviously I have a lot to say. Besides it’s probably healthier getting it out, instead of letting it fester. We’ve seen how others react when they keep things bottled down, or is that bottled up? 
Much to my amazement visitors started finding the blog, and I presume readers too. Amazingly this post is my 414th since it began. Somehow, along the way, believe it or not, over 250,000 visitors have dropped by either just to check the blog out, or hopefully read at least some of my ‘sometimes’ shall we called them novellas. As this post showcases, it is quite long, perhaps my longest, call it my anniversary gift to my readers. So thanks everyone. If you are a first time reader, welcome. 
And now its time for shall we say, my excuses this time, for taking a little too much time away... again. Which segues into what my latest post is really about, the Republicans quest for apparently absolute power has true collateral damage, as their actions have caused a pile of victims a mile high. What gets me is, the more people die from the virus, the more apparently way too many people are ignoring how many people are getting infected and dying every single day. Just like Trump’s lies about everything, became almost a joke to his followers. The people pretty much got used to it,  and pretty much ignore it, and whomever tries to acknowledge it, or out the lies, simply telling the truth, are attacked as the liars, while Americans die by the thousands every single day. And nobody even talks about it anymore. Used to lies, used to death. Sure sounds like the end to me.
Ironically most of those being hurt, infected, and sadly dying, are now their own voters. A little bit too ironic for them, yes, I really do think. Who says your vote doesn’t matter? Well the way things are going, that comment could be sadly way too true, as the Republicans are now ‘fixing’ the system to do what Donald wanted. Happily for us, those who could have down the evil deed, in 2020, didn’t. But, those in power who helped save everything, are now systemically being replaced by trumpeter’s, promising to do what they wouldn’t. In other words, steal our democracy, and turn America into what seems to be a white minority ruled Christian quasi dictatorship, where a women’s rights don’t mean jack. 
And as is there M.O., The Republicans continue to vote against anything to help Americans with everything, in a quest to showcase what a do-nothing President, Joe Biden is. Forgetting so soon, both the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, and the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. Both signed into law during his first year in office. Remember? Well I do. Well they almost all voted against both of Biden’s historic in size and scope bills. But instead of hearing how he’s actually done more than any President in US history by signing the historic bills in law, all we hear about is what a failure he is, and how unpopular he is. And any month now, his Build Back Better bill might get signed into law, so shove it republicans. And all we hear is how inflation will destroy everything, how everything is so expensive, and of course the biggest whiners are the ones making millions and billions off of the very lies, infection and death they keep spreading.
Its scary how so many people don’t see the irony of their pitch. They scream, that the Democrats can’t get anything done, while they themselves are the ones causing the apparent inaction. They are the ones mucking up the works as it were, and they are the one always voting against everything that could make America Great Again. You know the mantra they pounded into our brains for years. And only succeeded in making it worse, more violent, and outed way too many monsters on our midsts. When the Democrats finally figure out a way to get their bills passed and signed into law, without almost any Republicans assistance, helping everyone in the process, somehow the Republicans go out and pitch the programs in the bills as if they are the ones who got the deal done. While at the same time still arguing about the horrors and the costs, about inflations and crime, but that part of it, isn’t there fault. Heck, we voted against it, blame them for the problems. But...? Come on Republican voters, how many times are you gonna allow yourselves to get fooled again? And what gets me in all of this, when they do get in power, what do they actually do to help people? Give tax breaks to the rich? While the rest of us live in a country that is literally falling apart.
At the same time, they scream to the high heavens, that the Democrats are the monsters, they continue their pretty much in your face takeover on our democracy. But thanks to the powers that be, and of course the American people, the good guys won. The bad guys are beginning to get rounded up, and   that we still have the Democrats to save our country. Heck we still have a country! At least for the time being... According to the polls and of course every trumpeting Republican, by election day 2022, pretty much they will be running everything. All they do is pitch how terrible everything is, and somehow the polls numbers keep lowering.  I mean WTF? So whats gonna happen, a Republican will win the Presidency, because the good things that the Democrats put into place, finally are coming to fruition. And now the Republicans gets into power, reaps the benefits, and the economy explodes. Except, sadly what always happens, is the republicans then destroy everything to prove that the Democrats were wrong. And in so doing, help to elect the next democrat to fix the mess the republican left. And the cycle continues. Well I for one will hope, that Biden’s historic victory is a harbinger to come, and the low poll numbers will be forgotten by the time next election day occurs. As the, if I can be so bold, greatness of our current President and the rest of the democratic leaders who still believe we live in a democracy and not some Trumpian autocracy that they all seem to be jonesing for.
I personally think we will. We’ve collectively seen the horrors that they’ve done and what they could do. Me thinks this time we will be ready. Now let’s hope by then, the people in charge fix the attempts currently underway to pretty much take away all of our constitutional rights to vote, especially with the Supreme Court gutting Roe V. Wade. In theory that should get the masses aroused, which should make winning the next election cycle easy, unless that is, we don’t fix voting rights, and it’s actually too late to do anything but cry.
Now comes the apology for why it’s been too long since my last post. You see, maybe it’s because that it’s been 10 years since I started this, and it feels like nothing I’ve written about has done anything to help. I still can’t believe people voted for a monster like Trump, and worse, more people voted for him after his tenure revealed the worse of him. Maybe I’m just wasting my time, and energy. I mean, maybe it’s been all for nothing. I’ve spent countless hours on this blog, and sometimes it feels like all I’ve accomplished is the thrill that I’ve actually kept this up for a decade. Which of course was one of the reasons, I considered not creating it in the first place. Could I actually keep this up longer then a few weeks, let alone a decade? I mean who was I? It’s not like I have a built in fan base. Sadly unlike say an Influencer, I don’t have hundreds of thousands, or millions of followers awaiting my pitch for a new way to wear lipstick. And unlike others who have dabbled in the show business who used their fame to pitch their political views, I again don’t have the followers or the resume, that would make this venture possibly worth my time in this at all. But all that written, this blog wasn’t a quest to gain fame or fortune (that would be nice of course, maybe a book deal, would be way cool as well). No, it was a way for me to vent, to whine, to get out the venom and the poisons that too much of our world was pitching to us. It was in a way, my way to personally exorcise the evil that men do and try to make sense of it, even if I was the only person on Earth who read it, or who agreed with me, after it spewed out of me. I did hope however that some of what I’ve contemplated and discussed would seep into the ozone, and somehow find it’s way to voices out there that could make a change. Right a wrong and wake at least some people up. And even though I don’t have any proof that anything I’ve written has turned any heads, woken any brains, I do know that quite a lot of people have dropped by to at least check out the site, and my posts.
This post is my 414th ‘neilizms’ and according to the numbers, over 250,000 people have visited, 251,790 to be exact, as I am writing this. Of course from the little I’ve read up on such things, that number isn’t as huge as it might sound. But for someone who put out a blog, not expecting anyone to discover it, it’s a pretty heady total, which has helped to keep me going. So maybe I am getting through to a few? Perhaps my short posts, or more like novella’s sometimes has helped. Maybe Kamala and Joe, and the Georgia Democrats running for Senator last time were helped by me? Maybe? Well, I’ll never know, but that thought alone, makes continuing this blog an easy decision. Not that I ever considered ending it, but when the days I haven’t posted turn into weeks, and then a month or two, I must admit, I begin to ponder if it’s time to consider that idea. Except of course, there isn’t one day, when something doesn’t happen that makes me want to scream, that makes me want to jot something down in reaction. The question then has always been, what that reaction turns into. Sadly there are too many times when something stops me in my tracks and makes me sit back and shake my head, which makes what I am currently working on seem like last years news already, a day after it occurred. Which way too often these days, turns into events that can best be described as a snowball going down the side of a mountain, gaining size and momentum, as it takes down everything in a landslide of destruction. A lot of the Trump’s tenure has been just like that. But especially during the last few months of the last Presidential campaign, and the never ending lie-a-thon about how Donald’s presidency part 2, was stolen from him. Funnily, once Trump lost, I had hoped this blog would focus on other subjects, except he actually got worse and so did his minions. 
But sadly, a year into President Biden’s first term, it’s still mostly about Donald, and his never ending quest for power, while the rest of us get to live through what the ramifications of that means. That is those of us who still live. Not to rehash history, but it’s a shame Vice President Gore didn’t fight back, when he still had the chance. It’s possible the entire George Walker nightmare might never have happened, and the trajectory we were under under President Bill Clinton, could have continued. But let me not rehash that horror story, one which America still might not be over from, especially since we are still living through the current one, that Biden is trying to currently clean up. Please one nightmare at a time.  
For some, it might seem with this blog, like I disappear for weeks, and as is the case with this post, sometimes months.  But since what I write here, for the most part is in reaction to what happens in the political world, sometimes nothing that’s happening hits me the right way, or at least what I write in those moments, isn’t enough for me, or fleshed out enough to post and share. 
Honestly there have been times when just the thought of Donald Trump, family, or honestly anyone out there still pitching Donald’s lies these days have made me feel like vomiting. While other times, the events that take place, like the Infrastructure bill that President Biden signed into law, while important and historic, got pushed aside by other news seemingly over night, and usually it’s about something one of the Republicans have done that would only make Donald proud.  The short version is, I begin to write something, but another heinous event occurs which stops me in my tracks. That is until the next blockbuster event happens, which starts me up again. Sometimes that takes a few days, in this case it took me a few months. So let’s get to the events that got me to add Neilizms # 414 to the blog. Sadly, of course, it’s about the Republicans and their seemingly never ending attempt to hurt Americans, and to make the world a worser place. 
We've reached the sad point where over 50 million of our fellow Americans have been infected, and tragically over 800,000 have died, and still Republicans pitch quackery, conspiracies and lies, arguing against vaccines. What’s maddening in all of this, over 100,000 Americans a day are still getting infected, and the numbers are  currently actually rising, and that’s with a vaccine. Most of the deaths are coming from people who aren’t vaccinated, meaning people are dying for no reason except lies, and political criminality. I’m sorry, if you are pitching in your political voice, that the vaccine is the problem and getting vaccinated is the danger, not only shouldn’t you be allowed to have a  political office, or a say in the public conversation, you should be arrested and tried for premeditated murder.   
What I will never get with any of this is for once his con worked. For once a pitch by Donald John Trump wasn’t just a pipe dream, but a reality. And the conmen that pitched the fix to the Donald, were actually genuine heroes and saviors. But instead of celebrating Trump's magic elixir, and reaping the political goodwill, while in the process saving countless lives, the fools, who follow him, have taken his for once miraculous victory and transformed it into an ever worser defeat. By turning a pandemic into what more and more is turning out to be a man made genocide of epic proportion. I was already calling it a genocide when we had reached 30,000 deaths, but now we’ve reached 800,000 and still they argue against mask mandates and vaccinations. Perhaps we need another Nuremberg hearings, for this generations causes of our American genocide run by Donald and his pack of lying monsters. Amazingly the same people who helped cause it, are  the same ones who are all in on Trump’s attempted coup and their continued assault on our democracy.  
And what makes things worse, these ghouls are also making money off of their lies. Unbelievably the liars and harbingers of infection and death, and now pitching actual dirt, to the masses, contaminated dirt no less. A product called BOO! You read that right, their latest quackery is, instead of offering up the vaccine that their savior helped make possible. They are selling contaminated dirt, to ingest, to use like soap and water, or whatever, and people are actually doing this. I have to write it again, unbelievable. And the only reason tis came out, was several people who purchased it, sent it to laboratory’s to find out what was in this miracle, and discovered it was in fact just dirt, and some of the dirt came from soil near landfilled, contaminated landfills. Sorry, people simply are fools. 
Believe it or not, finally I’m getting to the headline of today’s commentary. Here it is. The other day, in yet another attempt to make people hate politics, several of the Republican monsters in power, tried to play games just weeks before Christmas, threatening to shut down the government once again. Which is becoming a sad pattern, whenever the debt ceiling comes into the conversation. How to ruin the holiday spirit we've all been in since Thanksgiving. I know, let's throw a little more coal on the fire of discontent that’s percolating seemingly throughout our nation. To actually threaten to shut down everything, unless President Biden removes his, as they call it "draconian" vaccination mandates is really a bit too much, don't you think? Especially when what these monsters are attacking is simply President Joesph Biden Jr's attempt to save people's lives. Something Republicans seem to be always fighting against. Apparently Republicans only care about life if and only if it's inside a women womb. Not the woman mind you, just the fetus inside the woman. Screw the woman. That is as long as it is inside, other then that it’s pretty much just go ‘F’ yourself. Especially if you're the woman with the womb, and whatever happens, only you good or bad, ave to live with the ramifications of the pregnancy. What a perfect way to get folks who are already losing their minds out there , even angrier. Happily Mitch worked out a deal with Chuck, played with the filibuster rules and shut down the fools attempt to shut down the economy just as it waking up again, no thanks to them.   
So sadly if history repeats itself, people will once again vote against their own best interests. And once again the monsters could win, while little things like voter's rights, women’s rights, and well possibly all rights, might disappear even more, if not completely. The perfect Republican deflection, cause a problem, somehow with a little wordplay, turn the Democrats into the monsters, ignoring reality, and somehow the Republicans come out the winner. Hired by the American people to once again fix the mess, that in the real world they caused. Even though every time in the past they use that pitch, when victorious, they never actually do any work for the American people, but instead actually always make things worse. Republicans gets elected by demonizing the Democrats. They destroy the economy or use foreign politics, wars, to waste billions, and then the Democrats get back into power to fix the mess. Clinton came in to fix Daddy Bush’s mess. Obama came in to fix George Walker’s mess, and now Biden has come in to fix Trump’s mess. Immediately after Obama came in, the republicans argued non-stop that Obama didn’t know what he was doing, you should listen to us, we know best, negating the fact that Obama was still cleaning up the mess they created. Trump’s big pitch against Obama, was his cleaning it up was way too slow, disregarding the fact that Obama had the longest continuous economic growth, which actually continued under Donald, until his efforts to undue everything Obama had accomplished began to turn to positives negative again. And then of courser Trump’s handling of the pandemic that devastated our economy. 
Happily this latest insult to every American citizen, and the generations that came before us, it was shut down before it could cause any real harm. But, the idea of using 'personal' freedoms once again, to in fact hurt others continues to be the Republicans mantra. They keep pitching about personal freedoms, while at the same time, stripping as many of our rights as possible. Like for example, the Supreme Court’s current decision when it comes to Women's rights in regards to access to birth control, abortion, and their very lives!
Simply put, in my humble opinion, the Republicans are pitching the freedom to die. And sorry, that is not an exaggeration. In Texas, the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick actually said in 2020 that “Old people should volunteer to die to save the economy”, when he argued against shutdowns. “We should end this social-distancing business sooner rather than later in order to save the economy from the coronavirus.” Of course neglecting the part that that could actually be helping to spread the virus, infections, death, and possibly help create yet another variant of the COVID19 virus, and this one, could just be the death of us all. 
All they do is lie. All they do is lie! All they do is ... For example, Mark Meadows former, or is that the current lap dog of Donald Trump is out there now promoting a book. A book about his time in the White House, and his experiences with the Donald. Oh boy. I see sales...plummeting. Finger’s crossed. I bring this all up because according to the advance previews, you know the stuff that is supposed to get you buyers, then The New York Times Best Sellers list, and perhaps then a spot on FOX (not by a million light years) NEWS. Well not surprisingly, and rather evil even for him, if you ask me, but totally something a premeditated genocidal maniac would do. So in other words, totally Trump. The week Donald and Joe had their first debate, you know, the one where Trump was acting even more insane then he usually is? Where during it, Joe  eventually had enough and said "Will you shut up, man” and the nation let out a collection “Yes!” And stood up and cheered? Well I do obviously, and according to Meadows’ book, it turns out Trump it seems failed a COVID19 test. Then he supposedly had a negative as well. But instead of perhaps telling anyone, immediately quarantining him, kept him under watch, and separate from everyone, you know protocol, they kept silent, and endangered who knows how many people. At the same time, he had already got infected, Trump was having rehearsal's for the first debate, of note most of those attending the rehearsal got infected by COVID19 that week. Including Chris Christie, who wound up in the hospital on a ventilator. 
If that wasn’t bad enough, he also met with the parents of 4 Star families. And let me remind you, Donald has never stopped telling us how much they wanted to hug him. I mean how could he say no, it would be rude. So what if he possibly or on purpose, get a few hundred infected and some more blood on his hands. Soon afterwards, it was announced that he indeed was now infected and was rushed to the hospital. And lets not forget, the Vice Presidential debates, soon afterwards. Where Pence had a hissy fit, cause he didn’t want to look weak, when Kamala's people wanted plexiglas between the two candidates. And the pandemic task force leader, whined no, but eventually agreed to the rules. The fact that Trump could have infected Joe, and then Pence could have infected Kamala, sends chills up my spine. What freaking ghoulish monsters the two of them are. It was if they were trying to hurt them both, or worse. 
So, this new blockbuster, and it is a blockbuster, which is getting a lot of buzz, when Donald got wind of it (the joke being, he knew exactly what was in it. He just didn’t expect anyone to either notice, or disregard the criminality it revealed). Well Donald's not happy, because it showcases what a premeditated genocidal murderer he truly is. So as is his habit, Trump found a puppet to get him on air, and announced that the information in the book was "Fake news." The hysterical thing in all this is, the man, who wrote the book, or at least scribbled notes that a real writer translated into a book that was publishable, well he came out several hours after the twice impeached liar in chief, and agreed with his former, or is that current boss. He announced that the press had misread what he wrote and they were pitching the fake news, not himself. Trump was a great man, he would never write such a thing. 
WTF? But as several members of the press have explained, it's in the book. You know the one you wrote. Sorry you can't have it both ways. Plus, Meadows, is another one of Trump's inner circle that the January 6th Commission wants to talk to. Who is playing games, arguing they can't talk about things they talked about with Donald because of executive privilege, even after telling the world seemingly everything in a book they published that you made money off of. Profiting from his crimes if you will. Boy I can’t wait to see him killing time behind prison bars.
The trumpeting Republicans attack the truth, facts, medicine, even science itself, and make up or simply share garbage on a never ending loop, and somehow people believe the garbage, ignore the facts, and spit on those trying to save their very lives. They attack doctors, people simply following rules. They attack truth, justice and the American way, while arguing those disagreeing with them are the true enemies destroying our nation, while they the ones actually doing it. All they do is hurt people. And every day, specifically since the vaccine has become easily available, people have died because of them. We are still losing approximately 900 to 1000 people a day from the virus, and now almost all unnecessary. Let me remind you, that not one America had died yet of COVID19 when Donald lied to all of our faces, how magically the virus would just go away, that it was just like the flu, and then the body count began. We've now reached the unbelievable total of 819,315 American's who have died from the virus ... so far. While we’ve had unbelievable had over 50 million infections, 51,018,282 to be exact!  But instead of finally giving it up, I mean how much blood could you handle on your hands? These 'patriots' are calling Dr. Fauci a Nazi?!? He’s the Nazi, because he’s prescribing to the nation as our countries top doctor, to get vaccinated. As if the vaccine is poison, and the virus is the cure. Apparently these folks who think they have white privilege or just think they are better then others, think their own natural immunities will protect them, as opposed to those living in the real world. Or they survived their first meeting with the virus, and they now think they have enough anti-bodies from it, that they don’t need a stinking vaccination. And of course we all know, they do. 
Now I understand I'm the last person who should whine when other's call other people Nazi's. Since I do it so often, especially in regards to Trumpian Republicans or sadly too many ‘regular’ ones. But when wannabe members of Donald's SS have the audacity to compare a great man like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the current Chief Medical Advisor to the President of United States, to doctor Josef Mengele, the man who actually performed Nazi medical experiments on his concentration camp victims, for one of Trump's seemingly personal heroes' Adolf Hitler. That I think is going a bit far when they are the ones who are actually the real threat, the real danger.  Projection people. It’s also projection. What they do, they blame others for. And somehow the innocent get’s punished, and they get richer and or more powerful every single time. They attack the very people who are simply trying to save their lives. In the process helping to spread the virus a little more, helping to add to the numbers of unnecessary dead, and helping to possibly create a new even scarier variant. You want to talk Nazi’s? Who needs gas chambers, when the citizens themselves can become the weapons of mass destruction. Like Donald and his infection, they guesstimate, he was in content with over 500 people. How many of those got it, and how many of those infected, infected others. And on and so and so on. Like one of Trump’s former tweets, shared my millions. Spreading the vile hatred that the right seems to fester in. 
I ask you, why isn’t every single one of these people, like Dr. Randy Johnson  being round up and put on trial for endangering the people. Dr. Johnson, Trump’s ex White House ‘doctor’ who unbelievably is now a sitting congressman, is spouting off lies about the new variant of COVID-19, probably helping to kill a few more people in the process. It was bad enough when he lied to us about Trump's health, heck, he’s only the President, why should we know if his heart is giving out, or he’s got a terminal disease. But when he actually is infected with a very contagious deadly virus, and keeps that secret, there are no words. Except, go away, disappear, and never show your face in public again. Unless of course it’s at one of your many trials and court hearings. You will be attending, for possibly the rest of your miserable life.
What is it about doctors who become Congressmen or Senators, that once in power, they lie about things all things medical, especially in fields, they have no knowledge or training in. Like deadly infectious diseases! All seemingly for political purposes and of course financial gain? What? Did they simply forget the oath they swore to uphold? You know the one we always hear about. The Hippocratic Oath, the one he's obviously crapping all over? I mean why does he still have a medical license? I mean come on. Why is it that every Republican who is pitching lies about the virus and the vaccine, not round up, kicked out of power, and rushed into a prison cell. Or at least ostracized by society. I'm no legal expert, but I would call them all premeditated murderers, every single one of them. I mean how do you live with yourselves? How do you live with the guilt? I mean do they even have a soul? If they ever did. Especially the ones who are actually vaccinated, and know they're lying their faces off. It’s bad enough to actually try to destroy our democracy, in a not so slowly, slow moving coup. Acting as if they have all the power, as if by divine providence, while they try to drown out reality with their never ending word salad of lies and conspiracies. Getting away with murder, and no one but maybe a few, seem to notice. And all we get are bad comparisons like cancer deaths, a non contagious disease, to showcase how nothing 800,000 deaths are. Maddening to say the least. Scream inducing on way too many occasions.   
We see what’s happening in the real world, that things are actually getting better. How easily swayed and manipulated so many people are by the lies that the monsters who are ... who have caused a genocide. Especially when you discover that almost everybody who has died from COVID19 has not been vaccinated. Needless death, needless infection. It’s gut wrenching. And it’s got be a crime of some kind, if it isn’t. And if it is, come on authorities, do your jobs. Please. Any day now. I’m waiting. Pretty please... 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Dec. 14, 2021  

Sunday, September 05, 2021


Showcasing what real freedom in America means, Republicans just likely shoved women's rights back a century, and it has nothing to do with wearing a mask!  

PRECEDENT'S MY ASS, IT’S ALL BEEN A LIE, and we've always known it. Well I did. Sorry, I was never fooled by their word play, deflections, lies, mistruths or their pleading the fifths! But if there is a good in any of this, it looks like Republicans just made the next election not about Afghanistan, not about the 2020 election, not about Trump's handling of the pandemic, or the January 6th attempted coup, not even Donald's genocide on the American people. No, now it’s all going to be about women’s rights, and how the Supreme Court, thanks to the 3 conservative liars shoved in our faces by Donald and Mitch, who all swore they would never go against precedent, and that Roe v. Wade was safe for ever, don't worry, all good… guess not!

You know real freedoms not the freedom against wearing masks, but the freedom of women to decide what to do with their own bodies, without the permission of a man, or anyone. That’s the sin of these Republicans, they always argue against others doing crimes, blame others in their concocted accusations, for doing bad things when they themselves are working their evil black magic, their evil ways, to do things exactly like this. Freedom in America? Sure, to get a gun. To get a weapon of war and butcher hundreds of people in a clip, why not, what's the harm? It’s your rights, right? But if you are a woman, drop dead! If you just happen not to be swinging a penis in America, you're back to being a half a human being. What's next women lose the right to vote? 

You wanted to make America great again right, isn't the next on your agenda or is that slavery? I mean since you're outlawing the teaching that it even happened in our history, isn't it the right time, to bring it back?That was sarcasm, if you hadn't guessed yet. So now the Supreme Court has made it easy to have religious zealots who believe their rights are the only right's that matter, and definitely more important than yours, now can make a living by outing women who have dared to get abortions or those helping them, get a windfall for their hatred. WTF!?! You have people willing to let their children die because of their beliefs against vaccinations, so why shouldn't they now be willing to force women into having to set aside an additional $10,000 in the bank in order to get one, If sadly a woman needs an abortion, and somebody outs them. Simply unbelievable that now the Republicans in the Supreme Court found it cool with people deputizing themselves, becoming citizen bounty hunters, and going after anyone that assisted in any way women getting an abortion? Really? Well shame on them. And shame on everyone who voted for anybody who would allow this heinous action to be put into law. 
I just don’t understand it. You are the freaking Supreme Court? You are the law of the land, and you allowed this to happen? I so hate it when I am right. Have you people not been witnessing the last six months or longer, the whole freedom brigade? The right's pitch for their freedoms? No? Freedom from masks, from vaccines, freedom from reality, freedom from the democratic process. Our votes counts, your's don't sorry, we're white, we're Republicans, we are the only ones who have a say… say didn't our ancestor's own yours? Or better, freedom to try any concoction conceived by any witch doctor as an invisible shield from a killer virus, that's cool, as opposed to a FDA approved vaccine, them's the devils lie's! If the right doesn't help off you by assisting you in getting infected, they suggest magical elixir's that would end it a different way. Never listening to the doctors, just the losers who pitch conspiracies and never graduated from college or even high school, but know best. That is if you want to die! Maybe I'm the one that's crazy? Doctor's miraculously came up with a vaccine, it works. Yes, modern science and medicine are miraculous, it's simply a shame, that these fools, don't see that as something God has done. If man was created by God, isn't it logical to figure out, that God, invented the vaccine? It was his wish, to solve this problem. Wouldn't that be a logical response to their anti science, anti medicine denials? It solves the problem, yet their refusal to see it that way, has caused what should have been the victory of mankind, and possibly God, to take a step back, as they let the Delta strain pretty much, throw away any victory against this virus that we have achieved. What get's me is, in their evil ways, their plan is genius. If you cause enough death and infection to spread, Biden's poll numbers will go down. Look at how bad it got under him, look at how many deaths! This is all on Biden. This would have never happened under Republican leadership. Of course disregarding that they themselves have caused this spike of infection and death, by simply not wearing masks, listening to doctors, and follow simply safety guidelines. Oh, and get vaccinated, wouldn't hurt too. And to make matters more confusing, sadly even if you're vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask sometimes. And I know this is hard to comprehend, but, even though the vaccine saves your life, the virus can still get you sick, but, now you won't die! Get it. You can still get sick, like a bug, because sadly too many aren't listening to doctors but instead believe kooks, who are making money off of their lies. I'm sorry, but when do the politicians who pitch quack medicine, and cause sickness and death, get taken off the air and punished for their evil deeds? But that's another commentary. 

So here we are, the Republicans in power simply take away women’s rights, in fact legalizing people to become bounty hunters looking for a financial scores,and the Republican Supreme Court Justices installed by Mitch and Donald approved it. They weren't kidding when they said that elections have consequences! Whatever happened to 20 weeks, remember, that the embryo is not viable until 20 weeks? So pretty much all abortions were legal till that deadline! That was the precedent. Remember? That has been the deadline, the cut off point for the okay… nothing? Doesn't ring a bell, huh? I keep hearing that very soon, you guys in your fancy robes are gonna be deciding an abortion case for 15 weeks, which again is less then 20, and until this decision, this week, was always thrown out of court, because of that little old word, precedence. Precedence, something you all promised not to go against… under oath! At your hearing! Remember!?!?! All the experts say, that for the most part women don’t even know they're pregnant till after six weeks, and now they concocted a bill, that after 6 weeks, and you go, fine! Sorry, but pretty much, their pitch is, I understand we just cut out more then half the time, but suffer… I mean how evil can you get. Politicians once again going against medical advice. Just like with masks, with vaccines, and as always a woman's personal choices. Here's a thought. Aren't we lucky that in modern society most men don't earn enough, that women are allowed to work now a days. I mean if these people deciding our lives had their way, women would get married, stay home, raise the family, have 5 to 10 children, clean and cook and simply wait for their men in bed to do their legally enforced wifely duties. The Handmaid's tale come to life. And if these inbred racist losers continue to have their way, someday it just might happen. Laugh, I warned you about Trump, I've been warning people about Republicans and them doing this for years. My only surprise is, how surprised and stunned everyone else is. Have you not been paying attention? Perhaps, new people should become the talking heads that we all listen to, because some of us, seem to see reality a lot clearer then the so-called experts.

And as usual with these monsters, their hateful decision occurred in the middle of the night. Basically apparently with the stroke of a pen, they took the rights away of more then 50% of Americans! No discussion, not even a hint, or a hello. Just sorry it took us 50 years or so, but we cracked the code… oops for you., And you have no say in it. Aren't you glad you voted for the other guy, sadly too late this time again. Oops! So too bad, if you're stuck with a living, dead or stillborn inside of you, for months even if you don't want the pregnancy to continue. Call it a fetus, or unborn child, but sorry, and congratulations, you get to grow it inside of you… if it grows, till it's born, if it's… Just imagine, in the year 2021, woman might be forced to continue a pregnancy even when the child isn't gonna ever be alive… I mean, perhaps we are at the point in this madness where women have to carry a dead unborn in them till they die too, possibly for decades! My apologies if I'm grossing you out. But I hope I'm making my point. And as a bonus, just remember you get to pay for all the medical and legal bills as well. Yes! Me thinks everyone should be moving out of texas! Just remember to pick wisely, because now that it's been approved by the Supreme Court, expect this horror to spread quickly around the country. So keep a close eye to how the polls are in way too many states, you just might move from the frying pan into the fire, into the dark ages.

Well I for one am not surprised that the republicans are staying silent on this one. Instead of crowing like Trump would have done, who would have been celebrating on television having champaign, surrounded by the same monsters that cheered him when they thought they had ended Obamacare, before John McCain thankfully put a thumbs down on that attempt. But so far, the trumpeting Republicans are hiding in the shadows, I presume silently cheering their victory. Possibly some now realizing that with this run around, against women's rights to an abortion, could come with a giant clap back. That in the real world that they have just thrown a thunderbolt at, they just might have woken a sleeping giant. Those women and men who don't agree with them, who are waking up to the realization, that under the darkness of night, that the right's to women's own bodies, have so easily been swept away. Well, these victims of lies, and deception, might now rise up, and vote all of these monsters out! How dare they! You want to recall a sitting Governor, because you don't like the way he handled a multitude of crisis, like disagreeing with his decision to make you wear a mask? Wait till the citizens blame you for stealing their personal rights. Just remember that extraordinary outburst of peaceful protest all over the world, after Trump had officially become the 45th President. As millions protested the horrors we all knew were about to befall upon all of us. Soon afterwards, Trump gave us the first of three conservative republican judges on the court, which got us to this very scary moment in time in America. Now imagine what those marches could be about this historic and infamous moment in American history. 

In closing I ask, President Joseph Biden Jr., don't you think it’s time to rethink your stance on the filibuster?Since Mitch's long term plan has finally come to fruition, at least in terms of getting abortion outlawed in the United States, shouldn't you at least ponder some kind of change? If Mitch can do it for such evil, can't you do it for the greater good? Oh and Mitch, it's really annoying of you, to keep destroying precedent whenever it suits your needs. Like taking away the filibuster to enshrine that last lady Justice into the Supreme Court, who just might help bring back wire hangers as something all women have to have in their medicine cabinets. And now he's threatening the Democrats if they dare to do the same thing to save the rights of all American citizens and not just their rich white Republicans benefactors. Isn't that basically what you keep doing, every time the talk goes above a whisper that the democrats may have no choice but to alter or get rid of the filibuster. 

Every time, they threaten, yet they did it, and thanks to this gut punch into our collective freedoms, they've pretty much gut Roe v. Wade. So Mitch, your end game was finally revealed, and it doesn't look pretty to anyone one who isn't a Republican. I'm sorry, I am very angry right now. All we hear about is their freedoms, and all they do is try… no excuse me, succeed apparently, in taking away more and more of people's rights. They've spent the last year or so, enacting laws to take away voting rights, and now we see them attempting to take away a women's rights to choose. Apparently, the only freedoms in America we are now allowed anymore is getting even more rights to bare arms. Or the best one, the freedom to  spread a deadly virus, and continue Trump's genocide on the American people. I'm beginning to believe the master plan of the Republican party is to end all of our freedoms in America completely. They choose our leaders, no really, they are actually trying to do that by throwing away our votes when they decide what's best for them. They decide what we can learn in school, what we wear, our hair styles, diet, friends, how we speak. And now they're in our faces over our health and our welfare. It was bad enough when they accused President Obama of death camps, because he dared to give American's a better healthcare system, but now? The shame of it is, what they seem to believe went out in the dark ages, and their darkness is dimming what is great and beautiful about America. Instead of making America great again, they are seriously trying to make America over this time to a dystopian nightmare that never existed and never would have lasted as long as it has. The hope is of course, that as with this past election, right will prevail, and by right I don't mean Republican! 

Just one man's opinion

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sun., Sept. 5, 2021