Sunday, September 08, 2013

I keep hearing the mantra: We shouldn’t get involved. It’s not our war. Its not our job. Its not out business. That unless we specifically get attacked, we should simply sit on the sidelines doing nothing. At the same time, others bitch that we should have been doing something for 2 years. Arguing for an all out attack, with possible boots on the ground... 
Seriously, when do we act? After the next use of weapons, perhaps this time outside their borders! Perhaps after an attack against Israel or another one of our allies! 
I understand about waiting, after President George W. Bush lied us all the way to wars that weren’t necessary, especially after the Mission accomplished fiasco! Sadly the warmongers who drove us into the ditch the last decade are now either completely against action this time and/or are calling for an all out war! 
I think by now, at least some of us have learned to be weary when these previous stars of our Government come out of hiding and speak their collective mantra of war. After the financial debacle and the WMD’s miscalculation & their bogus jobs plans, any suggestions or opinions by these so-called experts should be questioned. They weren’t right then, why the hell should we think they are right now or ever. I understand people’s trepidation about ‘smacking’ Syria for using chemical weapons. I understand people’s fears, specifically after the debacle of the Bush years. But I also understand history, remember Adolf...
I for one am backing our President’s decision. He has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the one politician I can believe in! Always using intelligence, logic and reasoning with all of his decisions. Always seemingly in the best interest of the American people. Always sitting back, taking a moment to listen to the opinions of everyone. Actually changing his plans when given a good reason. Throughout his entire political life, President Obama has proven time and again to be right about his decisions, seeing the truth through the B.S., seemingly the only voice in our Government standing up against the lies 
Even my choice at the time, Senator Hillary Clinton, fell for the B.S. or at least decided she should side with the President on military action. I mean our President wouldn’t ever lie to the American people, let alone the entire world, would he? The decision, probably, helping the most to lose her race against the eventual President.
If as President Obama asserts, that Assad has used chemical weapons. As the evidence sadly seemingly showcases, against his own people, he needs to be smacked one way or another. Be it today in a surprise strategic hit, or with an announced strike, so Assad (or any other leaders who are even contemplating using these foul weapons of mass destruction), can watch as it happens. Knowing that there is a penalty if they do. 
If we don’t do anything, I can not even imagine what terrible things might happen next. And if we do nothing, what do we say, when the inevitable next attack happens. 
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Sunday September 8, 2013