Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why did you get into politics? I mean sincerely, why? 
If its to help people great! If it was just for the job, not so great! I mean, jeez, our country was on the verge of financial ruin, and you refused to reopen the government cause you were afraid you might not get reelected? Really? You are willing to destroy our way of life so you might be secure in your job? 
Do you just hate ‘Obamacare’ or do you just hate the rest of us even having healthcare?
Your party and its affiliates has spent untold millions of dollars trying to block our President’s healthcare plan. Wouldn’t it have been wiser if you were so unhappy with it, to instead of trying to taint it as literary the devil in disguise, you had instead spent all that time, all those resources on either amending it and making it better, or actually coming up with a better plan. In the process, you’ve slowly turned your brethren into a pact of crazed lunatics. Honestly was this a good use of your resources?
I've been thinking, maybe the truth behind your healthcare fear goes even deeper... maybe Obamacare is bad because it actually gives people the opportunity, finally, to get healthcare. The only option that has been discussed by your side of the aisle is having none! Not one suggestion! 
If you add that, to the assault on women’s healthcare, by attacking places that perform or even instruct women about abortions, the far right has been helping to shut down any and all healthcare to thousands if not millions of people in our nation. And in their zeal to rid our world of abortion, I might say that attack has had the effect of harming any and all women in their pursuit of healthcare. Simply by causing the mere closing of these clinics, these zealots, are causing real harm to the lives of real people. In fact punishing the masses for the sin they believe has been taking place. So what if the innocent gets hurt in the crosshairs, the sinners must pay! And if you are at all associated, you deserve to suffer for it! Hence, no clinic, no healthcare. No healthcare, live in pain, eventually you die! 
Why are you in politics to begin with If you seriously think the world’s ending? And if thats the case, should you be involved in ANY decisions politically that effect the rest of us, that is, if we somehow survive the upcoming apocalypse!
Michele Bachman talks about ‘End of Days’ coming and has the balls to even discuss making budget decisions…listen lady, either it’s all gonna blow up or it ain’t; and if it ain’t, maybe we should play it safe? Cause if it is, why the hell should it matter? 
Lady you is literally playing with fire. You wanna see riots in the streets? You wanna tear this country apart? Keep it up!
Republicans Help me here. Remind me again how it’s all about cutting deficits and growing the economy
This last attempt at killing healthcare cost our nation an estimated 24 billion! Tell me how does this get people jobs? Me thinks your games, simply keep hurting our nation and not helping the American people you so desperately want to lead. It hurt us on interest rates, slows down any momentum in the economy, again.   
In your zeal to kill the ‘Affordable Healthcare Law,’ you almost damaged our nation worse then those planes did on 9/11. We consider those zealots terrorists. Sadly it seems even after the ending was near, the zealots, the health-haters still say they should have kept the government closed! Screw everything, destroy the lives of millions of people around the world. Whose the worst terrorists? 
I guess if you think ‘end of days’ is coming doing so much damage doesn’t matter. People’s suffering doesn’t matter. Since I guess the rest of us are moral degenerates who believe in equality, in women’s rights, and oh my God, healthcare for all, are simply following the Devil! All those abortionists are sinners. We deserve to burn to the ground because we disagree with their backwards thinking views. 
Facts be damned, science and truth are tricks to cover us disbelievers from what is their truth. If you believe those thoughts, good for you. But people who try to destroy everything because they believe fantasies, should have no place in running our nation! Remember the world isn't flat anymore, but it seems, your viewpoints are!
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Saturday October 19, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

So, now that the crazies are doing their best to destroy our country, I was just wondering if these backward thinking, uneducated, hypocrites should be arrested and put on trial for treason!
As has been reported on numerous occasions, most recently in the New York Times, several members of the Republican Party reportedly got together and discussed doing everything they could do to stop the newly elected President Obama with anything and everything he tried to do. In effect, trying to make his Presidency a disaster. Disregarding whatever the effects it has on our country and its citizens. And this was occurring during the worst economic time of our nations history, probably since the Great Depression!
And now it's reported that they've done a similar thing, but this time dealing with our government when it comes to The Affordable Care ActFirst by demanding that 'Obamacare' be scrapped or they would shut the government down! 
But now that that plan has failed, they're still holding the nation's future as well as the worlds economy hostage unless they get there way! Damn the ramifications!
How is this not treason? A bunch of zealots causing trouble, trying to overthrow our way of life, because they think their God has spoken to them. 
I'm sorry, when these same people are talking "End of days" as they discuss the budget for next year, something is obviously not kosher. It seems to these people, that elections and more importantly facts have no place in any conversation. Just personal opinions and hidden agendas.
Hopefully somehow, the power-brokers in Washington will right this ship. But, if or when this crisis is averted these so-called zealots have to be investigated. And if these 'traitors' are proven to have colluded to 'overthrow' our nation, to throw it under the bridge. To literally decide to stop our President in every possible way, and now to destroy our economy, they need to pay the price! 
First by losing their political power, second by entering their well deserved prison cells. And, or third, if its really proven, and they are convicted of treason, perhaps they all can be sent to Texas and strapped into it's electric chair. Cause doesn't treason come with the death penalty!  Now thats "End of days" isn't  it Michele BachmanThen, you can really have those so called long conversations with your God as you like to describe it! Elections have consequences, and so does trying to destroy our nation!
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Saturday October 12, 2013

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Honestly, let’s call them out. Traitors! These so called citizens, want to dismantle our Government. Literally causing a shutdown... No FOX news, not a streamlining of the government.... A SHUTDOWN!  
You think this is funny? Do you think the citizens of the United States laughing? Simply having your talking heads come out, saying the exact same talking points, word for word, doesn’t change the facts. Saying you’ve come up with several options, that you’re trying to negotiate doesn’t alter the truth. You want one thing, you want our nation to go back in time. 
You selfish few forget exactly why our nation was formed. If you want to discuss what goes into the budget, thats when you discuss it. And funny thing is... You did! The budget was passed! You don’t get to renegotiate the budget again, afterwards. Not when it’s time to pay the bill. After you have a steak dinner, you can’t decide to pay just for the salad, cause you want to. This budget was approved and signed into law. Pay the bill! 
How complicated is that. Because of a few bible thumping backward thinking politicians, being unhappy with that resolution. They now decide, oh sorry, disregard what we agreed on. Disregard the wished of the majority, what next Abortion? Oh thats right, thats's already happening all over the country... Just like the election. Guess the people who voted in the President by more then 5 million votes never happened. (oh, that BS commentary that you won the Congress, well you might have 'won' the elections, but in actuality, you lost the vote... thats right, the democratic candidates actually received more votes... so that theory is shot. Next) 
I guess all the people coming up to you are really the voices that matter. As of now, most of these 'voices of the people' have only been talked about, and never seen. It would be nice to actually have some of these 'complainers showcased, let the public see what you see. Maybe the complaints are sincere, real, and factual. Or maybe, they are simply made-up BS, cause thats all you really got. Kind of like those pesky DEATH PANELS! Or perhaps maybe we will finally find those missing WMDs! 
So let’s just keep every program you dislike unfunded. Department of Defense.... Ok, department of education... screw that, everyone start home schooling.. Social security, Medicare, taxes...everyone for themselves!  Let just end the country...  
Simply put, the tea party faithful, have put a gun to the head of the United States. And that’s without discussing guns! Guess the term united has to be reconfigured, cause really how united are we... really? With politicians trying to make it more difficult to vote. Shut the Government down... Good? it won’t really hurt... Really? 
End Obamacare! End any chance for healthcare for all of its citizens... Sorry, it ain’t happening.. Don’t hold your breath. Cause once the citizens of this nation really and fully realize what you ingrates are trying to pull. Taking away millions of peoples chances of literally being able to get basic medical care. You’ve heard of the million man march....   How do I put this... you wanted to start a fight with the lives of millions upon millions of Americans... you might not be so happy you did!
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Monday October 7, 2013

Sunday, September 08, 2013

I keep hearing the mantra: We shouldn’t get involved. It’s not our war. Its not our job. Its not out business. That unless we specifically get attacked, we should simply sit on the sidelines doing nothing. At the same time, others bitch that we should have been doing something for 2 years. Arguing for an all out attack, with possible boots on the ground... 
Seriously, when do we act? After the next use of weapons, perhaps this time outside their borders! Perhaps after an attack against Israel or another one of our allies! 
I understand about waiting, after President George W. Bush lied us all the way to wars that weren’t necessary, especially after the Mission accomplished fiasco! Sadly the warmongers who drove us into the ditch the last decade are now either completely against action this time and/or are calling for an all out war! 
I think by now, at least some of us have learned to be weary when these previous stars of our Government come out of hiding and speak their collective mantra of war. After the financial debacle and the WMD’s miscalculation & their bogus jobs plans, any suggestions or opinions by these so-called experts should be questioned. They weren’t right then, why the hell should we think they are right now or ever. I understand people’s trepidation about ‘smacking’ Syria for using chemical weapons. I understand people’s fears, specifically after the debacle of the Bush years. But I also understand history, remember Adolf...
I for one am backing our President’s decision. He has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the one politician I can believe in! Always using intelligence, logic and reasoning with all of his decisions. Always seemingly in the best interest of the American people. Always sitting back, taking a moment to listen to the opinions of everyone. Actually changing his plans when given a good reason. Throughout his entire political life, President Obama has proven time and again to be right about his decisions, seeing the truth through the B.S., seemingly the only voice in our Government standing up against the lies 
Even my choice at the time, Senator Hillary Clinton, fell for the B.S. or at least decided she should side with the President on military action. I mean our President wouldn’t ever lie to the American people, let alone the entire world, would he? The decision, probably, helping the most to lose her race against the eventual President.
If as President Obama asserts, that Assad has used chemical weapons. As the evidence sadly seemingly showcases, against his own people, he needs to be smacked one way or another. Be it today in a surprise strategic hit, or with an announced strike, so Assad (or any other leaders who are even contemplating using these foul weapons of mass destruction), can watch as it happens. Knowing that there is a penalty if they do. 
If we don’t do anything, I can not even imagine what terrible things might happen next. And if we do nothing, what do we say, when the inevitable next attack happens. 
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Sunday September 8, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Maybe we are alone. Maybe life was simply one big accident or maybe some of us are just inbred racists living off the corpses of the rest of us! Phew...
Maybe life was meant to be a struggle. Maybe the simple fact that theirs a humanity is a scientific anomaly. Our planet itself a one time accident. Maybe we really are alone in the universe, Huh? Sorry not what I was expecting to be writing about. Stream of consciousness thing... now to today’s sermon. 
What I wanted to write about was ‘a living wage’ and ‘profits’ and really the whole superior mentality that some gonads seem to have out there. Plus lets throw in a little racism for good measure...
I think this whole situation between the haves and have nots stem from growing up as a child of privilege. Where does that comes from? As my father would say, “their sh*t stinks just as much as mine does.” I’m trying to showcase a lifestyle, a way of life that perpetuates the ‘I’m better then you mentality has been bred into us for centuries. As slaves, serfs, servants, maids, etc., people have been ‘assisting’ others for centuries. First as property, then as hired hands. In any event always seemingly looking down at these ‘hired hands’ simply as the help, not as equals, not as human beings. 
I thought we were all equal? Aren’t we? I really do think that if you grew up with any servants, or house keepers, you are ‘trained’ to see others as lesser beings. Look at the way some people treat waitresses, or store clerks. Like they’re superior to them. Why? who the fu*k do they think they are? Sorry we were all born the same way. No one person is better then anyone else.
Even today in the corporate world, or in any other profession the people in charge seem to look down at their employees, messengers, doormen, and other low wage earners as second class citizens, or worse. The fact that people scoff at ‘a living wage’, or even the idea of a minimum wage sickens me. Doesn’t the person you are hiring deserve to live like a human being. How dare you suggest a wage that wasn’t acceptable 20 years ago. Would you accept it?
I mean how much profit is enough, as your minimum wage employees struggle to even pay for their meals. How dare people expect others to work at a wage, and be grateful for the few crumbs that’s awarded. Isn’t it the idea to reward good work, not leverage it. 
Seems, the Republican mantra of ‘The users against the Takers’ is a little backwards, The real users are the rich, using up and taking the rest of us for all we’re worth, then throwing us out to starve without any safety net to live on. People shouldn’t be thrown out like the last generation iPhone, just so your profits meet expectations!
What about incentives for your employees? Your corporation earned $5 billion in profits, maybe everyone should get a raise! Just rewarding CEO’s with multi-million dollar bonuses, while you lay off employees isn't exactly... a nice thing. 
People are not cattle. People are not slaves. Goes back to the old plantation mentality, I own you, I use you. Now go way. Too harsh?
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles
Neilizms, Friday August 23, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On behalf of all New Yorkers... please just get out of politics.  If you're so inclined, find a job helping people or volunteer in a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Just get of politics for good. Sorry your second chance just got revoked.
To actually have the nerve to have this crap in your personal life and think you're up to the job of the Mayor of New York City. What a set of balls you must have...
When you first announced your candidacy I went, lets give him a chance. I liked him before, in fact I voted for him... once! And now he's repented. What's past is past. Well, seems Mr. Weiner's not exactly a new man. Sadly, he's more of the same.
So here goes... I beseech you please, just go away Anthony. Sadly you've become a literal joke. Watching your 'news' event, with the media, and your wife actually did help you. I mean if your wife can live with this why should the rest of us complain Heck, it worked for Bill, didn't it? Doesn't hurt either that the Mrs. works for Hillary. Guess you could say, you learned from the best... sorry, Anthony, it actually made you look stupider. 
How could you, she's perfect. Your 'addiction' or 'issues' has to be pretty bad if you literally can't keep it in your pants with her in your life.
So on behalf of all New Yorkers, please end your candidacy now. Show us, what a big man you really are... this time... sans Instagram! Save us from months of attack ads by your foes and the political right. Do you actually have the balls to let NYC have to be swamped with your so-called past, seemingly current peccadillo's for months on end. As you go out trying to showcase yourself as the best candidate for the job, we the electorate gets to be confronted by more of the same. Can you even imagine the media coverage and covers of the New York Post as we get closer to Election Day.
Mr Weiner, please be the big man about this. End your campaign, let New Yorkers vote for someone who we at least have less personal information about... and for once that's a good thing. We've already had enough sharing in this election, if you get my drift.
Just one man’s opinion © Neil Feigeles  
Neilizms, Wednesday July 24, 2013

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old African American woman, boarded a Montgomery City bus, and changed history (we hoped forever). Sadly, it seems the Republicans, still stinging from defeat at the hands of this century’s most historic person of color, President Obama are continuing their self-destructive tendencies.
This week the Supreme Court’s epic decision to remove sections of The Voter’s Right Act, has seemingly opened a Pandora’s box of new policy changes by Republican leading states. These changes in the rules, have only one aim, to make it more difficult  if not impossible for many citizens to have their natural born rights as Americans. 
Add to that, these same sad examples of humanity, are also trying their worst, to make women second class citizens. Watching the Texas legistrators try to steamroll their backwards thinking agenda, was simply to close for comfort with what occurred in Wisconsin the last few a few years back with the Union busting.
So my thinking here is, every person of color, every woman, and the men who agree with them, lets have a sit in.  Could you imagine if none of these people went to work for a day. If all of these people stopped traffic in streets. Could you imagine how quickly these fools feet would ram up their throats. 
You want to go backwards, you want to make decisions for the rest of us, using your narrow minded, racist thinking mantality, you shouldn't be in politics. 
Just one man’s opinion  © Neil Feigeles  
Neilizms, Tuesday July 2, 2013


Why not just separate the land masses. A few billion dollars well spent, ridding us of all the illegals. Sounds ridiculous? No seriously, why not. We already did that, when we created Panama Canal. Not convinced yet. You complain that the costs of doing this would just be too much. Really? Imagine the value of the land once Mexico has been excised off of our land. Separated by the ocean. I can only imagine how expensive the new Waterfront property would be on our side. How much money could be made by all those Texas land barons. You want a jobs plan. I got one right here. Imagine how many million would gain employment from this idea. First with the construction of the American Canal, and then with the creation of a all new stretch if beach. 
Come to think of it, Texans’ keeps threatening to leave our union. Go ahead. Why not dig a trench separating Texas from the Union. Let Texas, the country, deal with its neighboring country Mexico. Let them deal with the border problems. Why stop there let’s just build a Canal between Canada and these United States. Why not. I’ve always wondered why we never hear anything about all those Pesky Canadians. Think of all those comedic acting gigs stolen by those illegals from the North. I mean it couldn’t be because of the color of their skin. Hmmm, just pondering a little.
I realize how ridiculous this sounds. But honestly, an African American President didn’t see that one coming.  Hopefully a women replacing him in 2006. Gay marriage, honestly even the most liberal amongst us never envisioned that occurring. 
I’m just thinking out loud, wondering if I put this out there, how my half-backed crazy notion will add to the national conversation. Immigration reform, lets rethink that a little. If we build a canal, literally separating the continents, the NEW reforms could be open-shut. You are on our island, you are a citizen, you don’t like it, we put you on a boat back to Mexico, bye bye, see ya. 
Think about the cost savings with that new Canal, all the money wasted every year on border security could be spent on more important things, like education, or infrastructure. Maybe save a few bridges. Rebuilding money after the next Hurricane. Actually this is beginning to sound better then I originally thought. How about saving Social Security, shrinking our debt and fixing the Postal Office.
Or we can just can continue building fences. Instead of having to do this immigration reform thing, every 25 years or so. Adding all the illegals the next time the numbers force our political leaders into this jam that we’re in. This would end that from occurring again. There, just found us another half billion. The Republication are going love this idea. Which means I’m probably gonna hate the idea when they announce it at their next Presidential debates. Heck against Hilary, they’re gonna have to come up with something big, they are to any chance of defeating our next President. 
Now thats reform, now that’s real change. Well you did want fresh ideas, All we ever hear is we have to secure our borders, well, this definitely would do just that.
Just one man’s opinion  © Neil Feigeles  
Neilizms, Tuesday July 2, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's funny, ever since 9-11 the media has discussed one thing more then probably everything else. Muslims and their hatred of the West. Of America and its people. How much they want to destroy us. Blow us up. Bomb us out of existence. 
And now that hatred has come home to the shores of these United States. 
Two native sons, have showcased something that should worry all of us free thinkers. By harping on and harping on this hatred agenda the weak-minded and miserable found something to believe in. Their hatred, their misery combined with non-stop racist propaganda helped fuel their bile.
Wolves in sheep clothing became weapons of mass destruction.
It's funny, we never found and WMD's, did we Chaney. How does it feel to be the one who caused American citizens to become one.
If its true that the Muslims are all out to get us, or even the so-called zealots. The few, the extreme, the dangerous ones, then we are all screwed. We should just all give up and convert, cause with over one billion Muslims around the world, if just a small percentage attacked they would simply over power us.
And if the only safely measures our military leaders can use to defend us are Nuclear weapons we might as well simply give up. Cause in the end the only way out is Armageddon. 
Now I don't know about you, but maybe a little less 'noise' about the evilness of them, and maybe a lot more talk about the good in them might be a better solution. Can't we all just get along.  We are only as strong as the sum of all us. It takes a village...
Cause one way or the other we have to somehow survive this current stage of human history. 
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday April 27, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

You never know when something is gonna knock you a loop, and having witnessed the great Les Miserables in its original run on Broadway over 60 times one would think there would be few surprises in store for me upon watching the film adaptation. No I'm not obsessed, well maybe a little, but you see I was a volunteer for the American Theatre Wing and had the honor of chaperoning underprivileged children to their first Broadway shows (a very rewarding experience). So I thought I was used to all the tragedy that's happens on that stage. Seeing the film version, left few surprises at least in the plot for me and seeing it brought to beautiful and wonderful perfection on screen Christmas Day was something I will forever treasure, especially cause they actually got it right...for once. 
But watching it yesterday, for the first time since, on my SAG screener, something I never expected occurred that knocked me like a ton of bricks. In the midst of the big battle, when Gavroche, the angelic boy is killed by the French military the tragedy of Newton struck home. The recent murders in Connecticut smacked me literally in the face. The beautiful child who had just sung his last words on screen was no longer just a character in a story, he had become the representation of the children of Newton for me. And what had always been just one of a multitude of emotional moments in the plot now became simply too real. I imagined the slaughtered children, and I was overcome with emotion far beyond what had ever happened before. In my mind I now visualized the children being literally torn asunder by that pathetic madman who did such a horrible thing. 
Listening to what happened to those children, especially hearing the parents describing the 'remains' of their babies, one would think that would be real enough for anyone. But seeing that beautiful young boy on the screen, being gunned down, that made what occured real. I understand the weaponry is different, but seeing that child who had just entertained me struck down was like nothing I can ever remember. And for me any and all discussions in the matter have ended. From now on whenever I watch the film, or even listen to my many versions (get the original French, astonishing) the face of Gavroche will always remind me of those 20 beautiful souls, and I will treasure the show even more for now its not just a show, for me it has become real.
Now I ponder how this change in perspective alters my future viewings of my favorite musical. Will it forever taint it's greatness or has it actually made the experience more real and therefore possibly even greater, because now its real and not fiction.  And isn't that what art is supposed to do.
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday January 18, 2013