Saturday, July 23, 2016


A choice that surprised everyone, except apparently everyone, and it seems Hillary hit this one out of the park & by the end I was in tears of happiness

Seems yesterday Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, chose Tim Kaine, the United States Senator of Virginia, and the reactions are well all over the map. That is depending on your political views and seemingly who you were for last week. Most Democrats sound happy, especially when you see this man's biography and how people who know him describe him. The ones who sound resistant are those who were for Bernie Sanders, so unless she had picked the man himself or Elizabeth Warren, I think they would have been skeptical whomever she chose and they are. And The Republicans as predictable as death, haven't been so, nice. Donald J. Trump has already Tweeted comments that try to paint him as a crooked politician, which of course is hysterical, considering yesterday his favorite "Mexican' judge announced the case against him can go on. 'Whose crooked Donald?' 'Whose a liar, Donald?' Seriously, whose gonna lose, Donald?
Seriously a stupid accusation since, it was legal in his state and no one has ever been accused of doing anything wrong by any of his adversaries, that is until now. And of course he had to throw in that attempt at getting any Bernie supporters who are still upset that Sanders wasn't the pick. Sorry Donald J. Trump none of those voters were gonna vote anyway. So go ahead waste a tweet or two. Lie some more. 
And of course here's number three… 'he's owned by the banks' question Donald, how much money do you owe in loans. Wasn't there recently a story about an Arab Shiek who had leant you millions, not once but three times. Whose indebted to whom?
So, I understand he's trying to brand another one of his foes, like he does every time. 'Crooked Hillary', 'Boring Jeb',  and maybe his most offensive, 'Pocahontas' and so Tim Kaine, you better get prepared.You just lucked out and said yes to stepping in the shitty waters that Donald pisses in. 
So the big complaint we get, or we got before todays big reveal, is that Tim Kaine is just 'too' boring. Boring sounds almost too good to be true. As opposed to the biographies, that we learned in Cleveland which sounded too good to be true and for the most seemed like a work of fiction. Tim Kaine is a Christian, he almost became a Priest! Has been married once and one of his three children volunteered for military service and is about to be deployed to Paris in a few days. And talk about a political resume to make any citizen proud, basically he's had a job in every branch of the Government.  
Starting out his professional career as a very successful Civil Rights lawyer for 17 years. Let me repeat that, a Civil Rights attorney so he's for the rights of all, not just the elite. He then began his political career, as a Mayor where he was the minority in the room. Of note, he sent his kids to a predominately African American school. He didn't send his kids to hang with the white folk in the 'good' schools. Next he became the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, then the Governor, and then and currently he is a Senator. One other note, he was one of the finalists for the Vice Presidential slot when President Barack Obama was deciding on his running mate. He's a Christian thats vote for the rights of woman and he's a gun owner, that believes in common sense gun control and what a better endorsement then getting a F- from the NRA. Oh, he speaks fluent Spanish. Honestly what's not to love?
And then he spoke and I was smitten. Today, Hillary Clinton introduced Tim Kaine in public, not just in the Tweet heard around the world. And well, any doubts I had with this 'boring' choice went out window. As Hilary was describing him, I  discovered myself getting emotional. Then he started to talk and wham, there were tears in my eyes. When he discussed the Virginia Tech Massacre, in 2007, described murdered children and a Holocaust survivor's death during the event. When you saw him break and tears were coming to his eyes, with genuine emotion, not a read badly off the teleprompter emoting. And that was it. I was sold. 
As I was witnessing the person who should be our next Vice President, I was getting seriously emotional. Seeing who she picked, what a great choice, showcasing why he needs to be our next Vice President. The fact that I was lucky enough to witness, well history, was just getting to me. Perhaps it was suffering from watching too much of the recent Republican National Convention which had gotten me so depressed,  that seeing this almost perfectly made running mate got me happy. And in contrast, just thinking about the alternative of Mike Pence in his place. A man who practically bankrupted his state, who simply isn't up to the job and thats was Donald's choice. Talk about a statement about Hillary's decision making decisions. I mean as he continued to speak I could see this man becoming President one day. Frankly I can't see either Donald J Trump or Mike Pence anywhere near The White House except as visitors on a tour.
Honestly after this one viewing, I think Hillary nailed her choice. I was the first person who would have said no about this, I wanted Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker, but after seeing his resume and now hearing him speak, come on the man seems to be the perfect partner for her future tenure as President.
And talk about a picture of opposites, between Pence's introduction and Kaine's. Trump practically ran away from his VP, while Hillary, stood inches away just enjoying the moment. Again, she did good. She picked someone to do the job, not just to fill a slot. She picked something to take over, if God forbid something goes wrong. And she didn't pick someone who frankly is a joke. An even bigger joke then the candidate himself.
So am a very happy Democratic, a very happy follower of Hillary Clinton and an even happier citizen of these United State. If this is who Hillary decided to be her running mate, and by any indications her choice was simply a perfect decision. This can only be a forerunner of the oner people she will name in her cabinet. Which for me means Hillary Clinton will continue to advance the changes that President Barack Obama has started. And I for one am happy with what he has already accomplished. Every time we hear that as a negative, I wonder what the heck they are taking about. The alternative is to relive President George Walker Bush's America and I'm sorry, if you actually want to go there. Please bother someone else whose also delusional.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles. Neilizms, Saturday, July 23, 2016

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