Friday, July 08, 2016


Wait, but not the Gun Violence, but how to end the psycho, who is now killing the police. Well I guess that's a start.

"HOW TO END THIS?" As I flicked the channel, I heard that quote on my television, but I soon realized it wasn't about gun violence or the killing of civilians by police officers either doing their jobs badly, literally killing people without a shred of humanity in their souls. But, it was a quote by a police officer discussing how to end the assault on the police that happened yesterday in Dallas. How to kill another human who was currently killing them. 
Now I understand the sentiment, lives were in the balance and something needed to be done. And I presume, that the end result was probably the best ending to what is and was a horrible event. But, why does it take the deaths of police officers to be the thing that wakes up the media? 
We've been living through this perpetual nightmare, deaths and murders of innocent people, the President keeps coming out, practically in tears, seemingly once a week, practically begging for something to be done. And all we get is lip service, until the next event, and the cycle begins anew. 
But, maybe this trifecta of hate, 3 events in less then a week can actually get the powers that be to listen to the nation and our President and actually get something accomplished. Maybe the Democrats actually seemingly growing a spine from out of left field the week before, also might have helped push today's response by the media. 
And finally, maybe we discovered the one thing that could take the Hillary witch hunt off the air, from its never ending air time. The killing of police officers, even on Fox, must be considered news.
After a week of civilians being seemingly murdered in our streets by cops, as the protests began to erupt, again,  throughout our nation after the latest questionable police arrest… or should I write murder. A sort of trifecta of hate, may finally be the event that actually gets the powers that be to take some real action. Of course, this isn't the first time Loretta Lynch has come out and made her speech and our leaders, both political as well as religious  have come out and stated that this must change. That we will finally find a solution. But, as before, I will wait to see if anything comes of it.
I mention the Republicans on-going never-ending pursuit, because even as events not once, but twice (at least the ones we've heard about so far), never seems to end on our airways. As the deaths of civilians, by the police, either on purpose or accidentally, as some of the police officers now claim. For the most part we got most networks, at least breaking away from Benghazi to showcase these latest tragedy's and probable crimes. But Fox Faux News and its brother station Fox Faux Business still never ceased their attack against her. All day long yesterday, the entire network was attacking her, not even the guests are impartial. There is no semblance of fair and honest journalism, at least the other channels try to camouflage it. And even now, when they discuss the most recent hearing, the one with FBI Director Comey they never bring up the entire facts brought out by the hearing, they only discuss their attacks, not shall we call it reality. And whats worse, they bring out all the attack dogs who went after him at the hearing, but not the ones who argued against their conspiracies. The fact that all of theirs were debunked is never discussed, or discussed in a way to makes them sound plausible. Again no semblance of fair and honest journalism. But, after 5 police officers were killed, or lets put it out like it is, butchered down by one lone psycho nut job, finally that even got the political powers in Republican land, to wake up and report the news.
I'm sad to write, history showcases that the powers that be in Congress will surely find more ways somehow not to do anything, even after yesterday. Nothing seems to sway the deniers or the bought off politicians. And even if  somehow we vote in a whole new class in Washington, and I'm not discussing the Presidency, but the House and Senate. If somehow the Democrats take over again, will there be enough of a majority to enact changes.
Remember before the Republicans took over, the Democrats had the majority for decades, but the then minority party seemed be able to have their way. And they used that minority status to take over Washington, which gave us the no nothing Congress that everyone hates. This stop anything of progress game has only intensified since they've taken over. Last weeks Democratic filibuster seems like the day the dam might have burst and like that classic motion picture, 'Network', finally the Democrats are Mad as Hell and aren't gonna take it anymore. Perhaps after yesterdays events, that actually could be the new policy of the entire Congress in at least this instance. 
Sadly, even though I am sick and tired of the attacks against Hillary, and listening to even more conspiracy nonsense, I much prefer seeing that on my television then watching another slew of murders and seeing the faces of the families. Having to listen to the horrors of the event, over and over again. Perhaps, now we can discuss a real way forward with guns in our nation. Perhaps now we can actually have a grown up conversation not tainted by political agendas but dealing with peoples lives. Perhaps yesterday for all its horrors, is the event, that actually brings this nightmare to an end. Perhaps this is just another day in the life of America in 2016, well if President Obama could happen. If Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman President could happen, and if even Fox could spare us one day with out another attack against her, anything is possible. One can only hope, otherwise why even try.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neiizms, Friday, July 8, 2016

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