Sunday, June 30, 2024


If something does happens to our President, Joe Biden, let's not forget a certain VP named Kamala, remember her? She'd perform the gig, better than anybody out there, and personally I think that debate would end Donald's chance ever to be President again. Showcasing best, why if something does happens to Biden, the nation's in good hands. 

THE QUESTION SHOULDN'T BE, if Biden should step aside, it should be 'So who's gonna be Kamala's VP, if God Forbid, President Biden can't finish the job?' Or, I know, better yet, give the gig to Hillary, and then let the people get another chance to right the wrong that happened in 2016, I mean she was right about everything… and now that tag line, is actually been proven historically correct.
As for her potential VP, Gavin Newsom would be a slam dunk, except for the fact that they're both from California… How about Hillary Clinton, to drive the haters insane … and for Kamala to right a wrong. Of course thats not gonna be stopping the Republicans, if they pick Rubio as many suggest. Remember Donny is a resident of Florida these days… Of course that never stopped Dick Cheney and George Walker Bush, from playing games and getting their way as usual. I mean, the Supreme Court, gave them the White House… but that's another story. I presume he's  gonna pick the worst of them all, which could be Rick Scott, except he's from Florida too. Which leads me to Ted Cruz or Dan Crenshaw. I wouldn't be surprised if he chose a klansman, how about David Duke, to really rub it in how monstrous he truly is. It would be fun watching FOX and friends, try to pitch that as a good thing. 

Quit worrying about who would step in. Apparently all these naysayers, talking heads, and experts, completely forgot about the line of succession if something happens to the President. Haven't you learned in school, or read in a book or seen in a movie or television show, who's next in line to the Presidency. Didn't anyone watch Game of Thrones? Back to reality, now God Forbid, our current VP's not up to the job, then the gig goes to The Speaker of the House, and if that happens, right now, that would be, OMG the modern Moses, Mike Johnson. Which almost makes you go, maybe Donald as a dictator might not be so bad, compared to a wannabe messiah, who probably spends most of his days trying to figure out how to get rid of the woman's vote. I guess be careful what you wish for. I mean when Hillary was running against Donald, and he pitched, "Vote for me, what do you have to lose?" And I constantly screamed at my TV set, our very democracy. Who knew it would be our very lives! Sadly my worst fears came to fruition, and I am talking fears. That being written, I never expected genocide, so he even topped my worries. Well not really, since I was calling him the second coming of Hitler for months before he  took Hillary's crown.

What cracks me up is, so Biden had a bad night, and yes he’s old. But Trump didn't say one word that was truthful the entire event. In fact, I expect him to be served papers for another defamation lawsuit for his "I did not have sex with that pornstar" comment against Stormy Daniels, I think she's earned a nice payday, don't you? Seriously, the man has been convicted on 34 felonies. He’s been convicted of defamation and sexually harassing or raping a woman, and owes her $83 million, and let’s not forget  about the 16 to 21 other women who said he raped them. He’s also been convicted of lying about his taxes and cheating New York State for decades, and owes over $400 million for that crime. This, while we wait for his other cases to someday get to court, you know for stealing nuclear and other top secret documents, and of course one of his many attempts to steal Joe Biden's Presidential victory. And least we forget his 2 impeachments. One for his attempt trying to blackmail the newly elected Ukrainian President, the other for his hand in the attempted coup on January 6th. And no calls for him existing the race for any of those.

And whats gets me is, all the freaking lies, and I'm not just talking about the debate, which was non-stop from beginning to end. Supposedly he lied over 30,000 times while he was president, but that was just him trying to be funny, right? Or his mishandling on the COVID-19 pandemic, or should I write, the genocide he caused over the American people with his lies and quack medical pitches… But nobody, not once, said he should resign for that or be put on trial, I mean WTF and a half… trying to overthrow democracy, lying nonstop about who’s in charge of the department of justice that’s going after him… only because he's running for President and no crimes that he possibly could have committed.

How about his  separation of migrant families? There are still hundreds, who have not been put back together, or what about the flood in Puerto Rico and Donald’s big idea was throwing  three or four rows of paper towel and letting everybody else drown!!!! I could keep going. 

Donald pretty much is making Hitler look like a nice guy, and I’m not exaggerating. While pitching he will be a dictator from day one.  Who needs gas chambers when you have a deadly virus you can go kill as many Americans as possible if you gaslight them enough times… wow. From gaslighting to gas chambers, yes I guess Donald learned a few lessons from his favorite night time reading, Mein Kampf. Scarily, I think the same people who are following Donald would be still following, him, if they realized whom Donald truly adores…. well if Donald gets back in,  I guess we’re gonna go back to the good old days when women couldn't open checking accounts. Or be allowed to drive. Or vote. Or have any say in their lives or their children's lives. Where their rapists have more ownership on the babies, then the mothers they raped. But nobody saying he should get out of the race. To those who want Biden to exit, if God forbid something happens to him we have a VP who’s more than qualified to be president. 

One last thing on the debate, about Biden's performance in it. My question is, why isn't anyone asking if President Biden was slipped a Mickey Finn or something. Even it's been reported that, he doesn't understand what happened to him. It looked like he had taken some head cough medicine and it hit him the wrong way.  Something was fishy about it. It was bad enough that the moderators didn't fact  check Trump once, but they also seemed to be quite rude to Biden if I do say myself, while letting Donald, spew off like a volcano which had just erupted.

Now can we go back to the real world, where Biden's the President and still running, and this fantasy for some and nightmare for others, has expired it's 15 minutes of infamy. As we go back to a race between the most successful president in our lifetime, is running against a felon, who's all bluster and no substance, forever now known as Convict Don. Proving once and for all how Hillary was right about everything. Justice appears to finally not be on Donald's side, as the biggest rat in politics, gets caught in a trap of his own making. Ironic much, if Donald had just released his taxes before the 2016 election, he now might just be a foot note in history, as opposed to being the first former President convicted and possibly sentenced to retirement behind bars. 

IN CLOSING, WITH MY APOLOGIES, unbelievably it's been a little over a year since my last Neilizms post. Wow, I started a lot of Neilizms, that I just couldn't finish. Cause instead  of that news event, being the motherlode, it was like most others in Trump world, forgotten in the next Sunrise. I kept waiting for the Trump train to end, and no matter how bad Donald did in court room after courtroom, nothing seemed to blemish his Kabuki war painted face. Nothing. And no matter how many of President Biden's accomplishments continued to bear fruit, nothing seemed to wake the polls up in the least. Pretty much driving me nuts. I started at least half a dozen commentaries, but none felt finished and worth the time of the readers of this blog. But when my worst fears occurred while watching the debate. At first I actually thought President Biden was faking it, and then I thought someone had slipped him a Mickey (as mentioned above). The only saving grace was how horrible Trump had performed. Honestly the debate ended with me feeling the same way I did the night Hillary lost the election. That is until some of the talking heads began to brush back all the Biden must exit the race spin, and the polls actually looked Biden had gained ground. Apparently a liefest supersedes a bad night by a great president, in the minds of the voters, as opposed to the talking heads who came pout of the gate liker President Biden now had leprosy, has been diagnosed with a deadly virus or had actual skeletons in his  closet and not just made up garbage from the ass holes who think only they have the right to run the world, and if you don't like it, you get can out. Well not as long as Joe Biden is President. Guess you know whom I'm voting for. 

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, June 20th, 2024