Friday, July 22, 2016

Barking out lies and spewing out hatred, Donald accepts his party's nomination, giving me a multitude of feelings of wishing I had just skipped it in the first place! 

What's that old saying? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, or something like that. Of course what we just witnessed or is that survived was seriously the worst of all-times. And the best of times is now it's finally over , somehow we survived this winter in our real world Game of Thrones.
Seriously, it was like watching Martin Scorsese's dark comedy 'After Hours' if that film had been about politics. Seriously way too dark and if you believe Donald, we are currently living in Europe during the Second World War. Bombs are falling over our heads and the Nazi's are about to cross the 
Ironically, last night I actually had to work and miss the speech live. So I had to tape the event, figured if I'm up to it after I got home, I'd suffer through It. The ironic part was, that I was working as a stand-in on Showtime's television series, Billions, which is about a corrupt billionaire business man, and on the night when a real corrupt supposedly billionaire was giving his big FU to positivity and our futures, I was two feet away from Damian Lewis, wishing this actor was actually the one speaking in Cleveland. At least his reading of Trumps 'Dear John letter to our futures' might have made me stand up and cheer at the end, as opposed to wanting to crawl into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep. Well after I got home, I discovered his speech online and erased my taped version and sat back and suffered for what seemed like days. The man knows how to kill and hour or in this case approximately an hour and 18 minutes. Maybe now people will stop complaining about Bill Clinton's now almost infamous 1988 Democratic National Convention speech when he endorsed Mike Dukakis. For me it was the moment I discovered the husband of our future President. And it was the moment that made me sit up and say out loud, wow, an actual politician who was saying things that made sense. Talk about eye opening, just as years later, Barack Obama did the same thing at another DNC in 2004. Well, Donald J Trump, sorry I'm trying to be polite, the man is now the Republican nominee for President, its official, pay the man a little respect. 
I understand he wouldn't, I mean respect to him is only what others are supposed to do to him, he, he has his own rules. And please don't tell his daughter Ivanka Trump, who introduced her father, by reading off of a TelePrompTer as if she was a fembot. Reading off policies for woman and children that made it seem that her father was sent from heaven to save us all. Astonishing, if she had changed her father's name to Hillary's in the speech and spoke it at the Democratic National Convention next week I would have been cheering it, because those are Hillary's and the Democrats polices. But she was describing policies that don't even exist in the Republican world. Did they actually believe anyone but the sheep would believe one second of her lies? 
Man talk about bulls*t to the tenth degree and then our future Führer took the stage, happily there was no goose stepping as he signaled to his SS police, but what I witnessed was almost as frightening. While probably the best performance ever by Mr Trump, a performance is what we got. A scary end of the world act that seriously made you want to duck and cover under your second grade school desk. 
It actually seemed he had prepared for his big moment. This time, he had read his speech at least a few times before stepping on to that stage. And at least for once, there was no sexist or racist or anything too in your face commentary, which made the scariness factor pop off the charts even more. For here we had Donald at his most controlled hired hit man mode, and at one point he actually didn't jump in with the "Lock her Up" chants. Which almost silenced the crowd by their disbelief that Donald didn't join in for once.
So here's my recap written as I watched the now Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J Trump scare the bejeezuz out of me and I presume millions of others who are living in what Donald is basically describing as The Dark Ages!
How can I explain the feeling I had while watching Donald Trump make his acceptance speech. I guess you could call it dread, maybe a little fear thrown in, and that was just the first five minutes! Sitting there I could not believe what I was watching. Actually hearing Donald say, well, really read off the TelePrompTer.
"But here at our convention there will be no lies. We will honor the American people with the truth and nothing else."
Really, can't wait. Oh, I guess we should disregard everyone else who already spoke! And wham, the very next sentence he began the lies. And he sadly continued them till he stepped off stage. One lie, barked out after another, and the longer the speech went on, the more it felt like I was watching the 
Führer preaching to his followers. "This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton, Death, Destruction, terrorism and weakness." Slamming Hillary as a criminal or worse, made my skin crawl. Trying to paint this portrait of himself as the next Jesus Christ, or was that Benito Mussolini
Amazingly the Trump we saw and heard last night isn't the one we've mostly seen over this way too long campaign. We've seen the arrogance and the lies of course, but last night he was almost Presidential. He didn't go off script
, he didn't look like a clown. And whomever wrote his script I guess did good. But then he went off on President Obama, and that's when I started getting angry. 
I understand going after Hillary and our President, that's politics. But the way he described how Obama had derided our nation, sadly the bile I felt bubbling in my stomach made me want to erupt all over his golden tressed comb over. 
And it seems every single thing our President has done has failed and failed miserably. If I believed him, I might just shoot myself, cause man I was getting depressed. Sarcastically, let's all give Donald a standing ovation, well some actually did at the RNC, when he brought up gay rights, sadly in not exactly what I would call a helpful way. So rest easy "LGBTQ community" members, seems the Donald is gonna protect you from terrorists! Not from Americans who hate you, but you're safe from Isis. That's all he has to say about that, feel any better?  
And he double-downed on his immigration plans and again lied about Hillary's plan to increase Syrian refugees by 500% a lie he's been throwing out for months. Facts and truth be damned. And yes he brought up the damned walk! It took him almost an hour to get to it, but it's gonna be built and its gonna be big!
But then it got scary, when he announced that "On January 20, of 2017, the day I take the oath of office, Americans will finally wake up in a country where the laws of the United States are enforced!" Well when he barked out "enforced" I pictured storm troopers entering our cities and gathering up whomever didn't qualify to their approval. When I say fear crept into my bones, I am not exaggerating. And then I almost spit out my tea, as the old pitch meister took over, and he made running the free world seem like he was pitching pots & pans on QVC or HSN.
"I have made billions of dollars in business making deals, now I'm gonna make our country rich again!" He sounded like he was pitching his now ridiculed Trump University.
And then he got to the subject of taxes, and I wanted to scream, again! Let's just say for a man who refuses to release his own, what he was saying was literally laughable. And yes without using the words it was all trickle down economics, if this man gets in, if you thought George Walker Bush put us in ditch back then, Donald would destroy our economy!
But honestly what got me most was when he started to talk about young people and their tremendous debt because of education. You see where I'm going with this right? Mr Trump University is gonna fix student loans? Ha ha ha ha! Amazingly there was so much thrown into this speech that there was at least something for everyone in it. But as I watched it in its entirety it just kept hitting me that the entire charade, the whole spectacle, the way it was lit, the way it was staged, made it look like a sketch on 'Saturday Night Live'. 

"History is watching us now!" That's right Donald it is, and if you get to be President, this really will be the scary country you seem to think ours is. Donald "I'm with you!" Seriously no thanks! But thankfully, any day now Hillary will announce her choice for VP and then we actually get a real Presidential convention! And boy does our nation need it after the garbage that we suffered through. Donald you seriously should be embarrassed as opposed to feeling like you already won the White House. I actually refuse to turn on Fox Faux News, sorry I will not have them tell me what a great job he did and how crooked Hillary is. Sorry liars, we all know whose really crooked, the man who keeps telling us to "Believe me!" Practically begging us, demanding us to believe every one of his lies! Well was Hiikary said "Well Donald I don't believe you!"

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, July 22, 2016

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