Sunday, December 07, 2014

Or is the Shoot to Kill mentality, simply part of the job?
I've been joking this week… I understand that whats been happening lately, though out the United States, in regards to the Police (basically getting away with murder), isn't something that warrants a joke. But, sometimes my way of rationalizing things I can't believe actually occur in the real world (a.k.a. racism or bigotry), is by making a… funny. A not politically correct sarcastic comment, and hopefully when I do I'm careful who is within earshot of said commentary, because sometimes, my words could get me into deep trouble. But here goes, "I'm glad I'm white and I don't live in Ferguson… ha ha ha, or any other city in America!"  
Sorry, I know, not very funny…I hope I didn't offend too many people. But seemingly just sadly way too true in America today. Our so-called protectors are really the people we should be afraid of, as opposed to the criminals that are out there that they are supposed to protect us from. 
Because no matter how obvious the crime is, these peace officers seem to get off scot-free when they kill their suspects, even when showcased on video! Making the idea of putting camera's on the police, maybe a mute suggestion.
To think that in this and age, people still look at other people, who are a different color and immediately think criminal or worse. That 'these' people must be doing something wrong, just because their skin color is black, or brown or any color that isn't white, is simply wrong. The fact that this racist mentality is seemingly rampart in our nations police force, is obviously a scary idea.
And even if that was the case, why don't they just arrest these felons, these obvious crooks, why must they shoot to kill… their suspects? That instead of talking or even tasering, they need to shoot to kill their prey, or worse. How simply beyond my scope of reasoning that the police, are right in front of everyones eyes, getting away with murder!
As these deaths have been occurring, I've so far waited to write something on it, trying to get a handle on why this 'problem' is coming out of nowhere? But has it? Maybe its been happening for decades, but until recently has been kept quiet? I guess while other things have been getting all the press. But sadly the most recent events have thrown the issue into the face of the American consciousness, and shall we say, awoken the crime to everyone. 
Well at least the ones who aren't hiding behind their racist statements.
When the idea of this commentary came to mind, I google searched the subject (some of the links are showcased below), subjects like Shoot to Kill and Deadly Force. I wanted to know how these police officers are trained and if the killings are legal, and just a day at the office. And what I learned honestly stunned me. 
Seems, that these police officers, have been trained to not hurt, but to kill! Surprise! Its seems, better safe then sorry is their policy. Who knew? That our protectors are not our friends, but our Prison Guards. They've been trained to shoot first and then make up the excuses later!  
We just have to hope that the person inside the uniform isn't doing their jobs with a personal vendetta against certain people. That as soon as they put on the uniform, all humanity is gone, especially when the suspect isn't white.
I've been harping for years about people and their 2nd Amendment Rights. How people should give up their guns. I mean, why do we need them? We've got the police to protect us from criminals, right? Well it seems that maybe I was wrong, perhaps, the citizens should keep their guns. Perhaps we need them to protect ourselves from the police themselves. I mean if they're going to presume that we are guilty, and sentenced to death without a trial, perhaps we need to arm ourselves! 
Or perhaps this is just the last gasp of a dying breed. With the internet, now available practically everywhere and to everyone, perhaps these incidents are finally coming to the front. Perhaps the You Tube generation, by showcasing the wrongs of the police can finally correct them. Or does a revolution in the streets need to happen before this despicable disease is removed from society.
Whats amazing to me is that the fools currently in charge, didn't expect that the people would wise up one day. Guess they expected the sheep to remain so. They've allowed this evil to fester in our society, this racist mentality that seems to run thru the minds and hearts of our nation's police. 
Just listening to some of the commentary by some is honestly heartbreaking, not that people would actually say such words, but that the people who are saying it, seemingly how no clue that what they are saying is so reprehensible. They actually think their backward thinking logic is, well kosher.
Perhaps, and thats possible, just maybe, its not a racist thing at all. I'm trying, my best to look at all possible reasonings behind the senseless deaths of innocents, obviously some of these victims of the police are maybe not innocent as children and perhaps deserved to be arrested, but none of them deserved to die or be murdered for their acts, for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Especially when 'not' white…
Or, perhaps its more of the mindset that these Police officers are really just our protectors. The so-called enforcers of the peace. Trained instead of just to protect our lives, but to control us. They seem to have the mind-set that they can tell us what to do, just because they have the power, the weapons. The old Lord of the Flies mentality. And seemingly after watching the news, they seem to control the law itself. Since the law itself, let's them walk on these criminal acts, because they should get the benefit of the doubt, I mean they are wearing the uniform, right?
A segment of the population is presumed guilty, and not worthy of their day in court. Pretty sad in 2014, almost 2015. And people actually think this is okay!
Here are a few links which answers some of my questions here:
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Or was my memory playing games with my head
For some reason, the other day, I was a thinking, that years ago The Supreme Court had ended The Death Penalty. The thought came out of left field. Perhaps the latest news flash about the subject woke something in my subconscious. But I remembered that sometime in the 1960's or 1970's the high court had ended the punishment. If so how was it that people were being put to death left and right lately via the Death Penalty…I mean was my mind playing tricks on me.
So I just googled and discovered, I wasn't losing my mind. Yes, I was correct. It was in 1972. The Supreme Court did overturn 'most' Death Penalty Laws. 
Supreme Court Overturns Most Death Penalty LawsIn the 1972 case of Furman v. Georgia, 408 U.S. 153 (1972), the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision effectively striking down most federal and state death penalty laws finding them "arbitrary and capricious." The court held that the death penalty laws, as written, violated the "cruel and unusual punishment" provision of the Eighth Amendment and the due process guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Supreme Court Upholds New Death Penalty LawsThe Supreme Court's decision in Furman v. Georgia did not rule the death penalty itself to be unconstitutional, only the specific laws by which it was applied. Thus, the states quickly began to write new death penalty laws designed to comply with the court's ruling. 
But, afterwards creative legal minds worked their magic to get that lovely form punishment back into the equation of how we can punish the guilty in this land of opportunity.
The first of the new death penalty laws created by the states of Texas, Florida and Georgia gave the courts wider discretion in applying the death penalty for specific crimes and provided for the current "bifurcated" trial system, in which a first trial determines guilt or innocence and a second trial determines punishment. The Texas and Georgia laws allowed the jury to decide punishment, while Florida's law left the punishment up to the trial judge. 
Whats most troubling to me was, that all the states currently performing these executions all enacted new laws to go-around the new provisions written by The Supreme Court's ending the 'punishment'. I guess not all citizens of these United States are created equal.  
Here's the link:
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Friday, November 14, 2014

And of course, its all for political reasons!
Lets vote for the Keystone Pipeline already? Really? I mean isn't it about time? Why? As far as I've heard the President has been consistent on this from day one. Lets wait till the reports are finished… well, according to what he just came out and said, the reports are still not done. Ergo. Why put the Pipeline up for debate, since the President has announced that he won't go forward with it, till then. In other words, lets waste tax papers money and vote on something that will probably be vetoed!
Sadly for me, the entire debate is a joke. According to the educated, experts discussing the issue, the pipeline just doesn't make financial or ecological sense. And worse, their big reasoning for it, jobs, are so few, that the costs for the project makes the project itself, a joke. A windfall…really?  Sounds more like a non-starter to me.   
Veto away President Obama! … Republicans go ahead, shut the government down, and then blame the President for the shutdown… go ahead, have a tamper tantrum… 
Impeach him for sneezing already, get it out of your system. I dare you. Then maybe we can get some things accomplished when you get your heads out of your asses! The few voted you into power, probably Fox faux new's viewers, cause the majority decided it wasn't gonna really mean a thing. I mean, its only our freaking Government! 
Lets prove them wrong… do something… for once, that actually benefits the people, and not your benefactors. Oh, its seems you voted for it anyway, guess I missed my chance to sway any votes today… damn.

This commentary, was brought on by a post I read on Facebook, here's a link to what inspired the post that I read.
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Thursday, November 06, 2014

So I guess you can put lipstick
on a pig!
Simply put, maybe you can buy an election! Now before you  scream, take a breath, step back, because maybe it's just history repeating itself. As has been noted by fact checkers, this political game of self-correct goes on every 2 or 4 or 6 years, where the opposing party to The President takes control of both Houses of Congress. Basically smacking whomever is in The White House. It happened to Reagan, it happened Clinton, and it happened to Bush 2. Why shouldn't it happen to Obama?
Maybe the sky isn't gonna drop! Chill out Democrats, the end isn't near! All hope isn't lost, because historically, The Republicans have done the usual... which if you think about it… is a vast improvement over what they've done in recent years.
The worse part of the defeat is, that this historic norm will be promoted by The Republicans as another Obama failure. It doesn't matter if what happened yesterday, happens every time we have a President in his second term, and sometimes in his first.
Possibly the worse part of all this for me, was watching The Democrats act like they were scared to acknowledge the man in The White House. Who? Nope never heard of him. I mean what's an Obama? Scary. If you can't run on your association with The president, the leader of your own party, perhaps maybe you're in the wrong business? But, seeing how most of you all lost, perhaps someone, or everyone is trying to tell you something.
I understand as our President expressed in his 'concession' speech, each candidate did what they did, for political reasons. That he's not taking it personal, its only politics. An adult realization of the facts. But as usual, the opponents on the other side, aren't. Somehow even a minor victory is always considered a mandate. Like when Bush the 2nd was given his seat of power by The Supreme Court. Somehow the next day, that was also a mandate… really? How is it a mandate, if you really didn't win? 
The opposition, the victors, ran a campaign, a highly funded campaign, of deceit, half-truths, and out-right lies. About their policies and even on what they've done in the past. Talk about a wolf in sheep clothing. In fact the very next day after their victory speeches, where they preached bi-partism, they gleefully announced that they would be trying to repeal Obamacare…again! Seemingly the more things change the more things stay the same. Or maybe, simply don't trust what they say, or their interpretation of what they've accomplished, see the facts and see what they do. Amazingly it never winds up in the same hemisphere. 
Of course they been attacking our President with this since before he even was in office. Using a list of talking points that seemingly bewitched the masses and bedeviled their opponents. If we've learned one thing by now, it's that whose ever writing the play books for the parties, of the two parties, The Republicans surely know how to learn their lines.
And mostly what they did was try to wrap The Democrats in the throes of Obama lust. Blinded by the fowl smell of this imposter President. The soon to be Impeached President, had somehow tortured them into allowing the masses to have healthcare, and worse! He allowed those sinners, the gays to marry! Never told the truth on Benghazi! Allowed Ebola into our nation and hadn't declared any wars in at least the last ten days! And the last straw… tried to take our guns away!
All along The Democrats tried showcasing what they've accomplished as a party, they tried to tell the masses to look at the records, not to listen to their talking points. But the attacks kept coming. They sided with the president 97%! OMG, how wrong of them! Hey haters, our Presidents policies are the right policies, so agreeing with him, 97% of the time is a good thing!
But instead of defending our President and his achievements, thanks to them, they instead, acted like he was a pariah. It was just a coincidence that their votes were the same as his agenda.
How stupid can you get, people voted for our President because of his agenda, and that's how most of you got elected in the first place or at least re-elected. Revel in it, be proud of it. Their party wants to remove healthcare, voters rights, women's rights and a thousand other things, be proud of those votes! That's what makes you a Democrat or worse a Liberal
Sadly, having one of those Obama's Delegates, actually refuse, on multiple occasions, to say if she voted for our President probably was the end of any chance the Democrats had of at least keeping control of The House. Trying to showcase her independence killed any chance to end Mitch's eventual coronation. Instead of coming out, proudly saying that yes I voted for him, I agree on most of his accomplishments and what he's trying to do, she sounded defensive about it, and worse. Something which truly helped her opponent's one big weakness, being the absolute model of a Washington Insider. Dooming any real chance you and your party had of fighting against history's lesson. You can only do so much, till you learn you're pushing it. That you need to realize life ain't easy. It's supposed to be a struggle. Cause with each defeat, you strive to improve.
Meaning, if we didn't have Reagan we never would have had a Clinton. Which in turn brought us Bush. Which in turn brought us Obama.
Hopefully, this current nightmare in the hearts and minds of Democrats, the McConnell era, will bring about Hillary's reign. That is if The Republicans don't remove voters rights in the next two years.
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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Lets not give them a chance to prove it!
So its election day, and as a precursor to voting, I'm online checking out what the media, the press, and the experts have to say, before heading out and doing my patriotic duty. Yes!
So I wind up at MSNBC, as I tend to do, and I was immediately annoyed, as is my lot, with what was being discussed.
Today's segment was about The Republicans taking control over both The House and The Senate. Its amazing how sure these experts are with their opinions. And when they're wrong, all you hear are excuses. They are so sure, that history will repeat itself. The proposition being: how will these fine elected officials run our Government? When in power!
Andrea Mitchell who was hosting her program, Andrea Mitchell Reports. used one of those expressions I keep hearing, and have been hearing forever, that just makes my blood boil. 
"They have to prove that they can govern." 
My question right back to her and anyone who utters it is why? They shut the Government down, people still vote for them. They are trying to stop people from voting, people still vote for them. They seemingly have done 3 things since getting control of The House: Trying to abolish Obamacare, trying to make Benghazi an excuse to Impeach our President and stain Hillary Clinton. And possibly worse, attempting to remove the rights of millions upon millions American women… and people still vote for them.
All they do is insult our President, showcase no policies except, that he's wrong. Won't admit the reality of climate change, insult educated people, the young and women, suggesting they weren't smart enough or good enough to even think about voting. More people have lost the right to vote because of their policies… Thousands of Americans have had their rights stolen and people still vote for them.  
And I haven't brought up our economy yet…  and people still vote for them. 
They stopped practically everything our President has attempted to do, and they blame him for his failure to enact anything… and people STILL vote for them.
Sorry Andrea, they don't have to prove anything… people just wanna believe what they wanna believe.   
I'm just praying that enough people wake up today, and prove the experts wrong. That we break records with the number of voters who cast. Maybe the masses will arise and smack some reality into the haters. And then we'll see who wins this election. Cause the truth is, there are many more Democrats out there then Republicans… 
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's with The Gestapo tactics? What next a police state!
I understand things need to be tried, I mean a century of tokens, it's hard to just rid ourselves of old habits. And I know metrocards are pretty new. And even newer are these machines, these 'Select Bus Service Station's (as it called on website, on its +BusRapidTransit page),  sitting near the bus stop. You need to now use,m in order to ride the 'select' MTA buses in certain sections in New York. 
Instead of using your card to board the bus, you must insert the metro card into a pseudo ATM, it hopefully returns the card, removing the fee from it and then hopefully spits out a receipt. Which without it you are screwed.
Fine, so now taking the bus has turned into a tram ride at Disneyland. Great! Except now it seems we have check points. Where uniformed patrols enter as they did the other day, on my long journey into Manhattan. Three uniformed men, entered the bus, preceded to do a head count, sizing up the passengers and then one by one, or in the case of this day's once over, a second 'officer' looked over my receipt to prove we didn't sneak on the bus. I don't mind so much the once over, I do although not enjoy being looked upon like a criminal until proven innocent!
And what if we did? Is it simply a ticket? Are you booked? Are you now the Scarlet Passenger?
At first glance I was a little nervous about the new system. Personally it means walking an extra two Avenues, long Avenues… but mostly, any time there's a new way of doing anything different when it comes to making things better, progress its called, there sometimes a hidden agenda behind it. Hidden from view, that somehow bites us all in the ass afterwards. 
Perfect example is the iPhone's fingerprint ID, before it was just security. To get into it. Now it's everything.... who needs credit cards! 
All I know is that when the enforcers of MTA spent wasting close to fifteen minutes making the passengers of the bus, or at least myself, feel like we were guilty of some crime. The old guilty until proven innocent aroma filled the air. And it didn't make me feel very good. And of course this, advancement made me late for work. What next armed men with their drug sniffing dogs? Big brother indeed. We complained about Guiliani, perhaps we should start worrying about the current man in charge, before it's too late. A little paranoid, perhaps....
For those interested in learning about the new system, we New Yorkers are now supposed to know… here's a link:
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So now the voters aren't at fault, just the candidates who they didn't vote for!
I was listening to NPR yesterday about the Massachusetts's Governor's race between Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker, that is currently in a statistical tie in the polls. No biggie, I mean there's plenty of time for one of the candidates to pull away before the voting really begins.
But what got me, I guess the word is annoyed, actually more pissed off then annoyed, was when one of that states constituents explained that he might not vote for the democrat, because "she lost to Scott Walker in her previous attempt at elected office""She didn't try hard enough last time!" "Its her fault Scott Walker is in power!"
Excuse me, is it her fault your fellow citizens listened and fell for the lies of Scott Walker! Your friends and loved ones  believed his campaign bull, his magic fixes. Well as you can see, his campaign was a complete and utter lie. Fabricating facts and figures as the gospel. And look what transpired! Try to remember fella, it wasn't her doing. It was the citizens who voted him in. 
Perhaps its time to make up for that mistake and actually vote in the candidate who will the job. I'm sorry, any one who falls for these born again compassionate Republicans who have seen the light. Who promise and swear upon a stack of Bibles that they will do not do certain things and then we discover once in office, instead  we get women, healthcare and Abortion hating self-appointed moral leaders who deem their personal religious beliefs more important then their political promises. Shame on them and the people who blame others for whom they've voted in. 
"Let's teach her a lesson" sorry sir, this isn't Kindergarten, this is the real world. Vote that Republican in, and let's see how long it is before getting rid of abortions is the first thing that's spouting from their lips. Remember we are stuck with these people, seemingly forever once they're in. So maybe to spite someone because you feel they didn't do such a good job in their last campaign, to teach them a lesson, is really a stupid reasoning to vote the other candidate in. Remember we've heard these lies before…
Perhaps its now time to wake up, to stop watching FOX none-news and realize that electing the right people into office does matter. 
Just one man's opinion
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yes… wait-a-minute… you mean this is what replaced him… who?
When Congressman Eric Cantor was defeated the other day, by an unknown Economics Professor, named David Brat, the clouds above this great nation departed, and a little sunshine was seen in some parts of Virginia for the first time in years. The stunning upset to the powers-that-be has thankfully lessened all the obnoxious discussions on our freed POW, U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. It has at least for the hour changed the conversation about Benghazi. I wonder if Hillary Clinton becomes President, will the hearings still be continuing? And it has saved us from yet another inbred, discussing gay conversion therapy.
Simply put, Eric Cantor got what he deserved. The Congressman was a bad representative for his community and for the citizens of our great nation. Seemingly he had the power to do great things to help millions but instead accomplished heinous things, like shutting down our Government… whoops, perhaps maybe that alone was why 'the' people threw him out. Trying to remove their healthcare over and over again, without doing anything about helping them find jobs, I could keep going!
But as with seemingly all politicians of his ilk, the talk was it. The truth was simply he had his own agenda, screw the masses, at the end of the day I'll be richly compensated! Well at least he finally got what he earned… a pink slip from his bosses, the citizens of his state!  
So who is this Economics Professor named David Brat. Any training in politics, nope. Any knowledge of healthcare, probably not. Does he know anything about foreign policy… maybe? My answer to those important questions, probably, none of the above! 
The perfect Republican candidate… completely unqualified for the job! No real experience, just talking points. And in this case, he hasn't been 'coached' yet! You want to be a Congressmen, and you don't have a response because you haven't 'crafted' your answer yet! Really?   
The scary thing is, he is teaching our youth. Maybe its better for them if he becomes Congressman. Of course, then he'll probably help destroy education in his reign of terror for the rest of the children of our nation! So better yet, let him destroy a few brains. The less damage he's allowed to do, the better for the rest of us!
If this 'person' with obviously no qualifications gets elected, then they deserve him. If the citizens of his state fall for whatever BS that his 'handlers' train him to say… then screw them. They don't deserve healthcare, they can all purchase guns together and accidentally kill each other. Because voting in another crazy, when its so in your face, is the reason we are in this situation to begin with.  
Look at the fools that 'we've' elected. Racists, backward thinking, mean-spirited, anti-American non-patriotic gay-bashing haters!  Go ahead continue watching FOX FAUX NEWS and their asinine so-called reporting, that takes real events and transforms them to help sell their zealot political agendas! Helping in their small way to tear the very fabric of our nation apart.
My commentary above, was brought on by an article I discovered today on Facebook (Here's the link to the article that the discussion was talking about):
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

So I was scrolling down Facebook today, when I discovered a 'discussion' about the current brew-ha-ha with the name of the NFL's Washington franchise, The Washington Redskins. I know its been in the news a lot lately, but personally not something I have been thinking about too much, or really ever. But it is something I've always wondered about. 
Even as a kid, I felt a little odd, but never really thought why it bothered me. Honestly I liked the uniform colors and thought the logo cool, I was a child. Figured it was a Cowboys and Indians thing, but for some reason, it didn't seem like a bad thing. But that was a long time ago, I've grown up, and the rest of the world, for the most part, has to. 
I do find it funny that in this day and age, that a national sports team would still have a name that most people know as a derogatory description of the Indian people. Sadly, as has been showcased all too often these days, there seems to be a lot of racist people out there. And today it seems that in the age of Facebook and Twitter, the worst of people's beliefs are pushed in your face with terrifying glee. Coming out with statements that make your skin crawl, especially when realize that people like Donald Sterling are all around us, even in the year 2014. 
When it comes to racism, of course, all you hear, are people defending it. Its their right. Its free speech, its in the Constitution, God-damn-it! So shut up, and take it. Take our backward thinking redneck mentality, and live with it.
Here's the link to the article that the discussion was talking about: Politics 
So while reading the responses to the discussion, one person of the many, sided with the team. But the answer sounded intelligent, which actually surprised me. It explained the history of the team's name and why its actually isn't really an insult but really a tribute to the Native Indian. Really?
Who knows, he might be historically right. So figured that I should research this a little (I always like to research the facts before making another statement that could shoot me in the foot). So I went to the wikipedia and typed in: (Here's link to that page)
I read the entire history, at least as how it was listed there. According to them, it really was a tribute to Indians… so, it seems this persons's response had weight to it, how interesting to read the entire story, sans screaming and yelling to find actually truth behind the reasoning for the name. So it was supposedly a noble gesture to name the team Redskin… who knew?
That said…I am sorry, doesn't matter. If the New York Yankees had been called the New York Yids as a tribute to the hard working jews in New York (I'm jewish, so please don't bitch) would the Rabbi's in NYC be happy about it? Or how about the NY Crackers? As a tribute to the white people that stole this nation from the Indians! I wouldn't be insulted in the least, would anyone else be? Why don't we just call the The Atlanta Falcons, The Atlanta Coonskins or worse (I am making a point here, not trying to insult anyone), some people might find that a cool name too. Why don't we just rename the team, The Washington Slaves! As a tribute to the many who helped build our nations on their backs. Then maybe the racists out there would be happy too… get it? 
The Name Redskins is heinous, screw the token gratitude!
Screw the bull… maybe, if any members of the families who supposedly were the ancestors of the Indians, that the team was named after come out and defend the name, then maybe I'd be ok with it. If the Indian Nation in fact supported the name, then maybe it would be cool! But since it seems everyone that comes out, is against the name… perhaps its time to wake up and step into the new world, like our ancestors did!  
Change your racist name… or go F•ck yourselves… I know for me, I will never ever watch another game featuring that team… even if my team is playing them in the Super-Bowl. Their is power in numbers. If enough fans decline to go to their games, buy their merchandise, if advertisers stop advertising, if the entire Indian Nation surrounded the Washington Redskins' stadium, in TeePees, in protests, maybe then they would get the hint? Or perhaps if a few Paleface's were scalped then maybe they would really get the message. Not that I'm suggesting any violence…
Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., May 24, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don’t you hate it when your villains turn out to be telling the truth? When the Republicans demonized Obamacare because of its ‘Death Panels’ we all scoffed at them. Well at least I did. I mean look at the messenger, Sarah Palin, honestly, did you actually believe one word? It seemed more like another SNL bit starring Tina Fey. Simply more Republican bull…  I thought, obviously they were just trying to destroy The Affordable Care Act’s credibility even before it was enacted… I thought. 
Amazingly it seems, every time the GOP bitch about the Democrats doing something, in actuality it turns out that they're doing the exact same thing or worse.
Sadly, it really was the Republican Governors who should have been given that title... and the Democrats should have accused them of future crimes against the state! Since with their refusal to allow healthcare, they’ve literally caused the possibility of deaths by lack of coverage to their states citizens. They’re putting people’s lives at risk, by preventing thousands from receiving healthcare. I guess they were right, if Obamacare was approved, that ‘Death Panels’ would occur... Sadly even when they are right, it turns out hurting others. And in this case it possibly could lead to us calling some of our elected officials murderers! A list of some of these Death Panelists, these Governors, who’ve refused healthcare to their constituents reads like a whose who in ‘What were they thinking? on election day!’ Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott are the leading faces in this insult to common public decency.
When the President was first elected the Republicans got together and decided to try to ruin his Presidency, how patriotic of them. Let’s try to destroy our newly elected Commander-in-Chief. Screw the ramifications, we have our agenda. Screw the citizens, we have our talking pointings. Screw what's right… even when we are in the wrong.
Even before the President’s healthcare law was approved, the ‘Death Panel’ plan was probably in the equation. Somewhere, these ‘leaders’ got together and decided to prevent their constituents from receiving healthcare and/or the Medicare expansion. Imagine the meeting, the conversations, the talking points discussed, the agenda. Imagine their laughter at the realization of how stupid they must believe the citizens of their states to be. I mean we actually got these idiots to elect us, they won’t even notice that we are sentencing some of them to death! I mean, why would they care if they can’t see a doctor? They don't seem to want to find any jobs. Why can't they just fend for them selves? Run on that republicans, I dare you! 
PLEASE CHECK OUT: Seems I’m not the only one who finds the actions of the GOP to be a bit offensive, in the least, and most likely criminal in the eyes of the law…  'The GOP Death Panel' (at the link below) is an excellent Op-Ed I discovered on-line that kind of back-ups what I’m discussing here. Highly recommended!
Just one man's opinion.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Simply, because of the breakthrough of your now iconic song “Same Love” you had become the voice of a generation. And now the first major message you put out there since, turns out to be the oldest form of hatred in history… antisemitism! 
And then you put out you had no idea... it was an innocent mistake in judgment… really? Tell it to millions of humans who died because of the hatred of others who thought that costume was funny in the past! You mean to tell me you never saw Oliver! The musical? You never watched or read The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare. Sorry you put it out there, it’s out there! I now have to wonder if there is somewhere a tape with your voice saying ‘anti-Semitic’ words... I mean where did the idea for ‘Thrift Shop’ come from, your imagination? Perhaps there’s a little Donald Sterling in you too? I know that maybe I’m exaggerating, but Ben Haggerty of the rap group Macklemore rightly or wrongly is now the voice of millions, and this is what he wanted to put out. 
Sadly like the ‘current’ fascination with *Hillary Clinton’s brain, once you put out anything... people will see it. And as a voice for the next generation, introducing them to this stereotype, to me negates any glow this spokesman for his generation ever earned. 
Any hatred is hatred. To disguise it with ignorance, sorry buddy, some of us can see right through it. You know the ones who thought your generation had learned the lessons of the past. Turns out, same love really means, same old hatred for others. You should love my choices, but yours we can make fun of. What if some gangster rapper decided to rap like an over the top ‘Nancy-boy’ would you be okay by that? I don’t think so. You rapped about love and togetherness and then you rap showcasing divisiveness. You blew it, big time... any credibility you created with your phenomenon is gone. 
I’m just glad I didn’t spend any money on any of your music. I like your song Same Love, I loved it's message, but the messenger seems to have the same old human frailties… he’s a little bit racist. If he doesn’t know it, and if he doesn’t realize what he showcased isn’t offensive, then it turns out the well educated hero of millions shouldn’t be the spokesmen for anyone. Instead he needs to be schooled on antisemitism!
*OF NOTE: About that little aside (I know I threw in a little politics into this commentary, sometimes it just fits), the saddest thing about Carl Rove’s suggestion that Hillary might have brain damage is, even if thats true, she still has more intelligence on life support then the entire line up of warnabees that the GOP can come up with combined. Talk about insulting the intelligence of the masses.
Just one man's opinion.
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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

So the Keystone Pipeline is gonna bring us jobs? Really… go on, tell us the numbers. Throw out your spin, stress your reasonings, try to explain away all scientific information as heresy and fiction. I'm waiting… oh, here it comes again, its a gold rush, a new era will begin, its gonna end unemployment as we know it! I mean, if you're gonna exaggerate, excuse me sell your scheme, why not go to the extreme. Come on, you can do it, how many jobs… tell us the numbers?
Really… how many… now how many of those are long time or short time positions. 
I know, what about WMDs… just somehow throw those initials into the mix, then you'll get what you want! Screw the truth, as long as a few people can earn millions, whats the problem if the few literary screw over a nation. 
I mean, why am I worried, some of the great thinkers pushing for this genius idea were behind, a few recently historically major, political mishaps. Like a couple of Wars we are still trying to get out of…
The sad truth behind this job creator, is that this deal, isn't really even for Americans! This whole deal is for TransCanada, a Canadian based company! So basically this foreign company, wants to use our nation as their private oil freeway. Screw what happens to our land, and our citizens. The proposed pipeline stretches 875 miles from Canada to Nebraska, where it would then connect with existing pipelines. So how does this really help the US in the long run?
What about the ecology? What if there's an accident? According to reports (showcased in the link below), over 800,000 barrels of oil will be flowing thru the pipeline per day. What if there's a hiccup, a little crack and a gush of biblical proportions occur, how will they handle the mishap. The Reactor in Japan is still seeping radiation. The clean ups on all the most recent accidents have proven to be a joke at best. You got a few hours to learn some facts, check google!
What can you say to dispel my doubts that you actually know what the hell you are talking about. Are any of you real experts or simply talking heads… go. 
Still waiting… I understand the likelihood of that happening is minuscule. And now, amazingly, these so-called leaders, are trying to side step the waiting process. They claim that we've waited long enough… that The Hover Dam was built in less time then it's taken for them to investigate this situation… blah blah blah. 
Sorry you're gonna have to find another excuse then it's taken too long for approval. It took over a decade to end a war that shouldn't have occurred in the first place! They are still building The Freedom Tower more then a decade after 9-11. Maybe we should wait as long before we possibly make an even bigger ecological mistake as a pipeline filled with flammable material which dissects our country literally in half!
What are you gonna use as an excuse, if a God forbid you are wrong? You are human after all, and humans do make bad decisions all the time. Thinking or hoping, or even knowing in your heart and your head, that they are doing the right thing doesn't in the end help, if they are wrong! Like stopping millions of Americans from receiving healthcare for their own political reasons! Listen as we know now from watching every channel on television, people in this great nation still believe that some races are superior then others... a certain NBA owner thinks so. Should we listen to his opinion on race. Again: question, how much do you really know? Are you an expert on the oil business? Have you even taken a class? 
So as an excellent article I read today showcases, the jackpot that is The Keystone Pipeline, doesn't exactly do what these zealots promises…
"Every time we have a show, somebody says something ... about Keystone, and somehow Keystone is going to create all these jobs," Jones said in the Feb. 3 episode of Crossfire. "Then it turns out, look at the actual numbers. It turns out the actual numbers are 3,900 temporary jobs in the construction sector and 35 permanent jobs."
Simply amazing! For something so major as a pipe that runs straight thru our nation me thinks you and your brethren can wait a few more months or years to confirm the safety of this concept. Considering that the job gain is potentially so small, and the ecological dangers to our environment and our health so scary. I think in this case, for once we should side on the side of safety. As Janet Jacket once sang… "Lets wait a while… "
So sorry, Pipeline lovers…better safe then sorry sounds good to me. You wanna help the economy, how about raising the minimum wage, or actually come up with a real jobs plan you great big job creators you. You want jobs, you want to build something… I've got a couple of bridges that look like they need fixing… its called infrastructure.
Just one man’s opinion
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Saturday, May 03, 2014

"Darrell Issa Subpoenas John Kerry To Testify On Benghazi" Thats the headline I woke to, today. "Darrell Issa Subpoenas John Kerry To Testify On Benghazi" Unbelievable! Really Mister Issa? I understand what happened was a tragedy, and that people died. Which is a real reason why getting to the truth is important. And I understand, that you know in your 'non-partisan' heart that obviously our President's political leanings or better still, a failure on the part of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must somehow be behind the events at the embassy, at least in your deluded 'non-partisan' thought processes. Even though you've already held numerous hearings on the 'tragic' events and haven't found anything that in any way implicates the President or former Secretary of State, Its nice to know, that even without any proof except you personal feelings; that you are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payers money to confirm at all costs that you are correct. Damned all the evidence! 
And now you are 'forcing' our current Secretary of State, John Kerry to appear at yet another hearing on the event.  Senator Issa, explain this to me: John Kerry was a Senator when this tragedy occurredErgo, he wasn't involved with what occurred over seas in Benghazi. So unless you want to query him on the vote that congress took which lowered funds for the protection of foreign embassies, what could this testimony give you which will help put any new light into your investigation.
Considering, according to information mentioned in an excellent article, posted online… That you opposed subpoenaing then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in regards to the the Iraq war (showcased below) makes you doing the opposite with current Secretary of StateJohn Kerry seem a little politically motivated. 
He also noted that Issa opposed subpoenaing then- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in 2007, in the years-log investigation of phony Iraq War evidence, during which Issa decried "The inappropriateness of hauling the secretary of state… out of the performance of her job."
That you opposed subpoenaing then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in regards to the Iraq war makes me wonder why you haven't put as much effort into investigating the reasons we went to that war itself. You've spent millions of dollars investigating the tragedy at the embassy, which of course is important. But wouldn't make more sense to use those funds to investigate what really brought us to war! Remember that their are of millions upon millions of lives lost because of a War that should never have happened in the first place.
Perhaps its time to face the truth, and its time to investigate what really happened in Iraq. And lets see who really should be put on trial for crimes against America and Humanity.
Just one man’s opinion
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PART 1: Isn't life obnoxious enough…
The other day I removed a person from my list of people that I've been communicating with or simply sharing with via Facebook. I usually make my commentaries on Twitter and forward them onto Facebook. Since I’m on both, it makes life easy. Well, as is the case with these so-called social networks, one acquires friends along the way, and/or thru those connections you receive responses that sometimes (A) make no sense, and or (B) can really upset you enough to wanna scream
A simple recap of what happened was, that after sharing an article I had read discussing the history between the Ukraine and Russia. I mentioned briefly how I had found it logical and intelligent how I thought it put what's happening into real historic context. (A copy of the whole conversation is showcased below.)
But instead of a like or a comment of any merit, I received a nonsensical ‘Birther’ commentary about President Obama. Now I can understand a joke, to a degree, but when someone demeans our President by throwing out the Kenyan crap, it begins to dawn on me that I'm not interested in having them in my life, even if its just on Facebook. We are discussing Russia here, not Obama's birthplace.  
So when, still thinking that perhaps the commentary was a joke, I responded with what I hoped was a nice warning... basically, don't go there. Sadly it seems, they did.
This time, upping the anti, by throwing in racist comments. Something that always pushes my button. Growing up in Crown Heights, in the 1960’s, as practically the only white person in my neighborhood, racism was something that was a tangible thing. I witnessed it on a numerous occasions. It is something that has stuck with me my whole life. Just the realization that some people actually believe themselves to be better then others just because of how they looked or who they were has always troubled me. And whenever I hear people use those beliefs as excuses to harm others, it always makes me very uneasy. Especially when they use their so-called religious teachings as their reasoning for their unbelievable racist comments. 
To put it nicely people, enough with the racism. Honestly. I'm sorry but in the year 2014, to have to receive garbage commentary by a so-called friend goes beyond simply making small talk and enters the realm of hate speech. To actually have some ingrate use the term, Negro to describe President Obama, and for that matter, any person of color in the year 2014 as a Negro is simply being a racist. And they are using Facebook as a forum for hate speech. I understand that its the first amendment and its their freedom of speech. But that doesn’t disqualify it for what it is… hatred towards people of color or those who have different beliefs. Its freaking 2014, yet sadly, I guess it could have been a lot worse… 
And then to add fuel to the fire, the fool decided to throw in a few token words to showcase their political and historical stupidity: Dictator, Socialist, Commie,  and best yet, Fascist! all words that the fools like to throw out to describe anyone they don't agree with.
Obviously they were just getting started…
So as the screen cap showcases, I have removed them as Facebook Friends… you will notice that I have covered up the persons name & photo's (sorry, not gonna give them any further promotion). 

PART 2 When Political experts slip and reveal the truth behind their messages…
Sadly today’s reports that Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld slammed President Barack Obama on Monday, saying "a trained ape" would have better foreign policy skills, shouldn’t surprise me. Seems every day we get another comparison of our President and/or worse his wife, to either an ape or something worse. Sadly this racist commentary has only grown louder as the President has continued to serve his nation proudly.
Amazingly the expression he used  to describe our Presidents handling of Russia’s current actions, "a trained ape" actually works as both a metaphor and as a racist commentary, really showcasing how smart Mr. Rumsfeld really is. Which for me, makes it even worse. Somehow covering himself, just in case the mud starts flying his direction because of his obviously racist comment. 
Of course by using the elephant in the room, the term ‘ape’ to describe the person doing the job, and that person currently is a ‘person of color’ as an ape, and better still, “a trained ape” is honestly despicable. Even if said without realizing what you might be inferring, and I’m sorry, Mr. Rumsfeld doesn’t say anything without thinking first. I can already hear, his defenders arguing how wrong I am.
“We have status of forces agreements probably with 100, 125 countries in the world," Rumsfeld said. "This administration, the White House, and the State Department, have failed to get a status of forces agreement. A trained ape could get a status of forces agreement. It doesn’t take a genius.”Quoted from an appearance by Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld "On the Record with Greta van Susteren,"  on Fox News.
When will it stop. It’s bad enough when your so-called friends make commentary that goes beyond common decency, and you can simply remove them from your ‘friends’… but to have public officials, people in real power or those who can sway public opinion throw out commentary that frankly reeks of racist commentary, in the year 2014 is simply beyond reasoning. And those people who throw out crap like Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld just did, should be removed from the public discourse. Enough already. 

To learn more about the Donald Rumsfeld’s quote above, and to also see a video, please check out the link below. 
Donald Rumsfeld: 'A Trained Ape' Would Be Better At Foreign Policy Than Obama

PART 3 Unbelievable, 2000 tweets, who knew?
After I post this commentary, I will be sharing it on Twitter. Amazingly, that tweet will be my 2000th! How the heck is that possible? I Might have to rethink my phone service contract…Either that means I have too much time on my hands, I read too much, I have too many interests and have this need to share my thoughts to the world. Hopefully, as when I originally signed up, really its as a way to stay connected to friends and loved ones about whats up with my life, career and whatever that they might find fascinating. So when I receive commentary from my so-called friends that (as above), it has nothing to do with my share and/or then throw in their personal opinions that franking cross common decency. It forces me to sit back and ponder why I'm even wasting my time and energy… I mean 2000 tweets, maybe someone should throw me a party for being so inclusive with my opinions. 
Just one man’s opinion
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Saturday, March 08, 2014





So now I get it... Russia has quietly gone backwards, back to the good old days…. It watched, as we wasted the last two decades on military actions that wasted our financial and military capabilities. And worse, watched as the small minded tried to ruin the basic idea behind our great nation's historic meaning. And now, as the petty, and greedy, spew their hatred, causing division and strife, Putin, has begun his attack. First Ukraine and then what, Poland? 
As opposed to the enemy that we've been facing, Al-Qaeda's of the world... Putin's actions with Yugoslavia, along with his current meanderings of the facts, reveals what might be the truth of his plans for the future of his country and for the world. Considering the fact that his time in office, is supposedly ending soon, scarily that could change… dictator perhaps, Czah? He doesn't act like a man whose gonna give up command easily. Perhaps this is the legacy he wishes to be remembered for... the reformation of the Soviet Union. Perhaps he's just testing us to see how far he can go. After all, Georgia, is still under his control.
Scary thoughts I know, but as opposed to the battle we have been engaged in, the possibility of military action between the US & Russia means a real good old fashioned war might be a brewing! And listening to the Republicans, the zeal for that possiblitiy, of war, plus their hatred for President Obama have seemed to merge into one common denominator: whose gonna be taking over the White House in 2016? This possibility of War, could have a major factor in who wins the next Presidency. A women in charge of our nation's defense, during a time of war, against the biggest threat to democracy in our world? I can already see them spewing that garbage. Perhaps Biden might have his chance now? Or perhaps this opens up the Republicans... After all aren't they better at defense? Haven't they proven their military genius the last 15 or 20 years... Maybe, instead, they should take a back seat and let somebody else do the job. 
Maybe just maybe, rational minds will prevail. Right…
Post script
Maybe it's because of Hillary Clinton's recent commentary comparing what Putin is doing to what The Nazi's did... 
“Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the 30s,” Clinton said, according to the Press-Telegram of Long Beach. “Hitler kept saying: ‘They’re not being treated right. I must go and protect my people.’ And that’s what’s gotten everybody so nervous.”
Responding to a question submitted at the UCLA talk, Clinton said “The claims by President Putin and other Russians that they had to go into Crimea and maybe further into eastern Ukraine because they had to protect the Russian minorities, that is reminiscent of claims that were made back in the 1930s when Germany under the Nazis kept talking about how they had to protect German minorities in Poland and Czechoslovakia and elsewhere throughout Europe”  
But I just had the most vivid, mini-movie? You know when you imagine an entire moment, and see it in your mind as if it was occurring, anyway...Today's news report of the ever escalating events in the Ukraine, a map of the area, showcasing what possibly is on the horizon, specificity if no one stops, what now seems inevitable. The reformation of the Soviet Empire. A little dramatic, perhaps... And then the mini-movie began. 
The recent Russian Olympic games. Specifically, the opening and closing ceremony's. In my mind I watched as a second scene appeared, this one in black and white, that overlapped the first merging the two scenes together as one. The second scene was of the 1940's Olympic Games, and I imagined Adolf and his brethren, side-by-side with Putin and the guests at the Russian arena.
A little creepy, a little scary but mostly eye-opening. Making it more unnerving is the statements by some of the leading members of the Right Wing. Using their petty beliefs and personal ambitions to go after our Presidents policies and accomplishments. His character and worst, the ones whose tones radiate vile racist agendas. At a time when it feels like the Rise of the Iron Curtain is upon us, to have these vipers in our midst spouting off comments that can only hurt, more they will ever help our great nation. By trying to make our President into their twisted interpretation of who he really is. It is rather ironic that these so-called proud Patriots attack our President, they seem to be praising Putin. Really? What a great leader that Putin is! Lets sing his praises. Well fellas if you keep of the drum beat, maybe you better start learning Russian. Or perhaps some or all of you already speak it!
How do I say this nicely, get your heads out if your asses already! 

* To learn more about the quote above, please check out the link below.

Just one man’s opinion
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