Monday, February 12, 2018


So now after Trump’s pathetic showcase of reading a speech, the alleged smoking gun to end the “witch hunt” concocted by Devin Nunes and Trump himself has again showcased all they ever do is make stuff up and lie 

THIS PROVES ONE THING, DONALD NEVER READS and definitely watches way too much Fox Faux News for our nation’s own good. Talk about the perfect representation of what’s wrong with everything we are currently suffering through, a typo on invitations for the sheep who were planning on attending Trump’s latest attempt to try to read presidentially. Sadly this wasn’t the first but one of many screw-ups by those in Trump’s inner circle, who seemingly have never heard about spell check or proof readers. But come on, this was the State of the Union, the one time during the year when our ‘elected’ leader gets to go on television and showcase what a great job he or she did, and how they were planning on fixes for whatever problems that weren’t overhauled during the preceding year. 

I must write at the start that I honestly refused to watch the event, and still haven’t. Sorry, I just couldn’t. Not this year, not while this clown still has the title of President of the United States. The last time I missed one George Walker Bush was President, and sorry the only thing I wanted to hear from him was I screwed up. That he had started a war with the wrong nation on false Intel or worse, and caused our economy to implode with his tax cuts and never ending war. Sadly I am still awaiting that apology, and I am definitely waiting for some members of the Bush Walker White House to get the punishments that some if not all surely deserve. Other then than that I’ve never missed one. Even when Ronald Reagan was President, and I worried myself sick that any day World War 3 was gonna start I watched. I booed and shouted at my television, but I witnessed history in the making that at least came with a semblance of reality. Even if his reality was slightly off-kilter.

So after a year of Trump spouting off lies, tweeting like his life depended on it, and his never-ending attacks on others for simply doing their jobs, while systematically it appears on an agenda to destroy our very Democracy from the inside out, I decided to miss out on his version of history. I’m sorry how much more can one human being take before his television set becomes a victim of his shall we say dissatisfaction in how our world has turned into a perpetual nightmare. I know this speech is supposed to show us where our nation has been and where the person in charge is gonna be taking us, but I’m sorry I simply couldn’t stomach one more minute, let alone an hour or more of Donald reading off nonsense that most likely could be the first time he himself is learning about it what he’s reading. 

Some of my friends told me that I have to watch to see and hear it from my own perspective, especially since I write a blog about politics and definitely would be putting my two cents in. That listening to other interpretations of what he said, instead of hearing it on my own, makes me in some ways as bad as those who spout nonsense off on Fox that seemingly comes from their overseers in Moscow. That missing it, and discovering via others who had to sat through it, or as I can imagine suffered through it, wasn’t the proper thing to do if I was planning on writing an editorial dissecting the word salad that others had written for him. I guess you, the reader will be the judge if my missing it, helped or hindered my opinion of his big moment to shine a light on all of his accomplishments.

That said, after listening to how the speech was criticized and destroyed by most, and seeing the little of it that I could stomach, I think the best part of the speech was the fact that I was smart enough not to sit through it. Not to suffer listening to pretty much gibberish. It was refreshing for once to hear people not say how Presidential he was because he could read the TelePrompTer and behave like an adult. I thought MSNBC’s Chuck Todd actually made a bigger fool of himself, then usual when he seemed upset that Donny was boring and that during this big event he wasn’t “authentic” Trump. I guess, meaning a pathetic Don Rickles insult double, spewing hatred and insults to everyone who doesn’t bow down to his treasonous immoral impulses? Which is pretty much how Chuck Todd described it. I wish I was kidding, but Chuck actually was longing for a little off the cuff Trumpisms. While listening to him whine about Donald, I simply shook my head and said to myself, this is whats wrong with our political talking heads today, especially after listening to him for once bitch on and on and on about longing for a real leader to run our nation. No Chuck, honestly the only good thing about the event was that he didn’t go off script. What are we to make of the sad excuse for whats happening right in front of our eyes? The non-stop applause by Donald, for the things he just read off the TelePrompTer was kind of unnerving, even if seen only through clips of the event. Yes, the madness of King Drumpf gets more apparent every day, while his minions get more and more stuck in the muck that he or his associates got us in, in the first place. As their lies protecting their cherished cheeto faced president, get wackier and more insane each day then anyone could have believed possible.

We spent weeks being teased about the Nunes memo release. Seriously, the more they try to showcase that the whole thing is a left wing witch hunt conspiracy concocted to help Hillary Clinton and hurt Donald Trump, the more they look idiotic and all in on the crime. Seems a Russian troll named Carter Page who somehow got in bed with Donald, after years of working in Russia, is who they have decided to hang their hats on to defend their President or should I write their F├╝hrer. Seriously? This Bozo? Supposedly the anti FBI intelligence memo was going to be the smoking gun that would take out the Democrats and seemingly at the same time put the FBI into the grave. As usual with attacks by Republicans its always “bigger than Watergate” and that any public officials named in it would be sent to prison because of its shocking and anti American revelations. This sham concocted by fools was gonna prove without a shadow of doubt that everyone is against Donald. The FBI, the CIA, anyone who didn’t vote for him, that means the majority of citizens, and of course means the Democrats who according to Trump are now treasonous because they refused to give him any applause at his State of the Union fiasco. I presume the man in orange has never watched a State of Union address, because if he did he would know this is just standard protocol by the political parties not to give an inch to their adversaries. But with Donald, somehow he keeps forgetting he’s a President and not a Czar, Dictator or leader of communist nation.  

What gets me with this whole fiasco is that the members of Congress who have decided to work for Donald as opposed to the people who actually elected them, went against precedent and demanded to see the FBI transcripts against the wishes of everyone who isn’t in bed with Trump. Then after weeks of wrangling to get them, and having won that round, they obnoxiously did exactly what some of us worried about. They used the Intel, that nobody was supposed to ever see to not to seek the truth in what happened during the also election. But to instead try to end the investigation into the possibility that Donald J. Trump had stolen Hillary Clinton’s Presidency. Remember in the end we are describing what is the stealing of a presidency, with the assistance of a foreign government. For some reason, thats the one thing that all of these Republican fools keep forgetting to discuss. That crime, doesn’t seem to matter. According to Trumps minions colluding with a foreign country against our own isn’t criminal, but being the saint, who uncovered the crime is. The old lets attack the whistle blower defense.

So after a 24/7 onslaught by Fox News, as well as the Republican talking heads beating the drum that this memo had to be seen by the American people for transparency purposes, the Republicans on a straight party line vote handed Donald what they hoped would be his get out of jail card for free. Hysterically or is that sadly, neither Senator David Nunes or Donald J. Trump himself ever actually read the 4 page memo that supposedly was gonna exonerate the 45th President. I should say, that yes I did read the 4 page memo after reading Trump’s tweets announcing to the world that the memo proves that he’s innocent. That according to him, there is no collusion, it’s all fake news, and all of the conspiracies against him should all be called false and simply be forgotten. So he can enjoy the rest of his tenure as leader of the land of Trumptopia and do as many crimes as King Joffrey desires.  

A few days after the initial memo was released, except for Fox news of course, its actually had the opposite effect on people’s opinions then the Trumpeters had hoped or had well, trumpeted. Happily for democracy, it seems most people who are in the know, or who have actually read the memo have come out to say it showcases that Carter Page’s part of the investigation wasn’t what started people’s questions about the Trumps and their ties to Russia. Especially when in the very last paragraph of the memo it states that he in fact wasn’t the reason for the investigation. Something happened earlier which got the Fed’s juices flowing, and his name is George Papadopoulos who as we remember has already secretly pled guilty to lying to federal agents about his contacts with Kremlin-connected Russians. The fact is Carter Page was already under investigation way before he even got involved, proves the investigation currently taking place had nothing to do with any dossier. It had to do with all the other oddball and frankly criminal like behavior apparently everybody associated with Donald has been doing for years, or least for as long as they’ve been involved with Trumps political career.

So the question has to be, why go through all that process of distorting the facts, destroying precedent again, to try to help Donald get away with crimes against the state? Why? I understand if its to save your own bacon or the people you love, but for Trump, again why? I mean if you sold your soul for political or financial gain and the slop about to hit the fan, I get why some would do practically anything to muddy the waters to try to save themselves from a prison sentence or even better a firing squad. But if you’re gonna do it, shouldn’t you do it when its not such a pathetically bad attempt at a cover-up? I guess the good thing in all this is how pathetic the Trumpeters are when it comes to this espionage game. Every day, since day one, its been there own ineptitudes that in the end will be the reason they all wind up behind bars or on death row. 

So then the Democrats got all excited about having their own memo released, arguing in Congress and everywhere possible that their’s which incidentally was approximately 10 pages long, needed to be released as well. Listening to the talking heads argue for and against this memo’s release is sadly also politically motivated. Some were using the fact that nothing in the republican memo revealed actually helped Trump’s defense, so why bother releasing another memo that might expose too much Intel? Apparently, as is the case with those voices, only Donald is allowed to break precedent. But the Democrats are having none of it, using the Republicans own talking points, the old ‘for the sake of transparency’ pitch to push the concept that the people have the right to get a clearer sense of whats really in the Intel and not some partisan memo possibly co-written in the oval office to be the only story that comes out. So on Monday, February 5, 2017, after the Democrats got step one of their wishes approved, when the Congressional members of the Intelligence committee voted unanimously to push their side of the story onto Donald’s big presidential desk, just a week after the Republicans had voted ‘no’ on a straight party line vote to releasing the Democratic memo. But after the Republican’s voted to allow their memo out, and it was unveiled to reveal what a joke they had allowed, they pretty much had no choice but to go against even themselves. Hm, seems something must of happened to make them go, maybe Donald needs to make a fool of himself on his own, without themselves joining in on the fun. 

Of course, the problem being, to get the Democrat’s side of the story out, Trump has to approve the release of their memo, which it turns out he decided not to. Thats right, the liar lied again. You see  when he was asked if he would also release the Democratic memo because he had already allowed the republican one, he said yes he would. I just wonder how many people actually believed he would release the memo at all? I kept hearing that he pretty much had to after releasing the Republican joke, but when has the orange faced bozo ever done what was expected of him? What I don’t understand in all this is even a monster named Trey Gowdy said the Republican memo doesn’t really help Trump. Seems even Trey believes going after Carter Page and the FBI for this conspiracy has nothing to do with Trump’s colluding with Russia. Donny was then given 5 days to allow its release, edit the Hell out of it and then release it, or decide not to at all. I for one didn’t think he would let it come out at least in its current form, and sadly I was right. Because it was announced early on Friday evening, February 9, 2018, that he blocked the release of the Democrats’ rebuttal to the GOP FISA memo. He wants edits in it, because the memo had too much information. The Republican talking heads argue that too many facts and truths are in it, and the Democrats knew that Donald would have to turn it down. Ironically the Trumpeters are calling the Democratic memo a stunt as opposed to their interpretation of the Intel that they came up with out of the Hellholes. Seems, they not the Republicans are playing political games. If you believe that bull, I have a bridge I can sell you.  

Currently we are on a holding pattern. According to some reports online, the Democrats actually can legally release their memo without Trump’s say so. But knowing the democrats they won’t because they don’t want to be accused of being the bad guy. No, they would rather have Donny and his minions go after them, attack them on trumped up bull, and hope it doesn’t hurt their own political futures. I also heard that if necessary the Democrats could read their memo into the record on the House floor. Knowing the talking heads, no matter what they do, somehow Trump will twist any positive into a negative. 

As we wait to see if Robert Mueller gets to finish his job, or if he gets canned by Donald before he does. We must ponder if he’s allowed to complete his mission, if it is better if he finishes before the next election or after it. Because at present it looks like the democrats will regain control of either the House, the Senate or both. If they do, its more likely that we would be seeing an Impeachment, especially if Mueller comes out with what we expect him to come out with. But if he finishes up  before election day and the Republicans are still in control, even if Mueller comes out and destroys Donald, its probably a sure bet that they would simply ignore the findings. Of course if the investigation ends and the facts clearly showcase that Donald and his minions did collude with Russia and that Trump did in fact obstruct justice, it is possible Republicans do exactly what their predecessors did during the Richard Nixon Watergate event. One would hope, they would do the right thing and help to remove him from the office he never should have been in, in the first place. But its probably safer waiting for election day anyway. Of course the longer he’s in office, the more damage he’ll be able to inflict upon our nation. Well I guess keep weathering the storm people, its got to get better right? God forbid it just keeps getting worse.     

 Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, February 12, 2018