Thursday, December 29, 2011


In the past, political/editorial cartoons have caused international issues over political or religious beliefs. Usually overseas. For the most part I have kept quiet on them, if or when they bothered me. Once in a while I’d get a good laugh. There are times I’m pretty surprised or shocked at the nerve of some cartoonists and their editors for allowing the offensive cartoons to be published in the first place. What constitutes going too far. Usually if there’s an uproar, the newspaper claims first amendment rights. Well what if the artist does goes too far? What can you do besides bitch and complain. Write a note to the editor or decide to stop buying the paper itself. Usually I just forget about it and worry about other things instead. 
But inside Tuesday’s edition of the New York Post [published on December 27, 2011], when I opened it to read the Page Six editorial cartoon, I immediately cringed and wanted to scream "How could they.” I hoped what I saw, wasn’t what the artist or his editor had intended. Maybe I was putting my own agenda into the caricature. While the text in the image didn’t upset me [the usual republican talking points], I just couldn’t get over what I saw printed. 
You see, what I saw was [knocked out in white/almost in silhouette] an erect penis. And surrounding the stalk, were a huge pairs of balls [instead of ears]. I actually took a few double takes before I realized that the caricature was an hysterical interpretation of our President. thats right. Now I saw it, now I get the artist. It's right in right of my eyes, President Obama’s head on top of his neck. But the more I looked the more I felt that my first impressions were correct. My first thoughts were anger. Then I tried to compose myself. Perhaps I was mistaken, perhaps I was just putting my agitation at all the other racist images that have prospered since then, Senator Obama announced his first run for the White House. 
I’m sorry, but for some reason this time I feel the cartoonist and his editor have gone too far. It’s bad enough when a cartoonist interprets any black man as an ape, but a DIck HeadSo what could I do. Who could I complain to. Then it hit me, my blog. At least I can complain inform others on the internet. Perhaps maybe, someone will see it. A groundswell will erupt against the New York Post.Time to write another ‘Neilizm’.  So I started researching, looking for images of President Obama. I went on Google, looked under Racists cartoons of President Obama and the First Lady’ and found tons. And the more I researched, the more shocked I was at the epidemic of racist material out there. 
Below are some of the worst 'editorial' cartoons that I could find. If you touch them they enlarge [just like his head]. None are credited [sorry], except for The New York Post cartoon [on #2] and all are used without permission.  

You can also go directly to the source, below you will find the link to see a much 
larger version of the cartoon:

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 #10   “That’s correct.” what I meant to say is --
Just a day after announcing his plans to end abortion forever under any circumstances [once elected], Governor Rick Perry, of Texas changed his stance. It seems a little clarity had whacked him upside his head 
“[only] if the pregnancy threatened the mother’s life.”
How thoughtful. How considerate. Phew, now it’s safe for women to vote for him. I get it, throw out the worse case scenario and get everybody riled up. Then the very next day throw us a bone. Then all is fine. All is forgiven. You never meant to say, what you said. You is the man. You get my vote. Now all the women on the verge of death are still safe. A woman’s life has some value. Now I guess we’re okay with the rest of your Abortion agenda. We misunderstood. Aren’t you a kind a generous governor. Aren’t you the genius. Aren’t you special. 
Sorry but it wasn’t acceptable yesterday and it’s not acceptable today. I’m not even sure it’s even your policy. Possibly one of your handlers woke up, screamed “whoops” when he heard your latest verbal mistake. It’s simply amazing that in this age and time, we still have to listen to pompus middle-aged men who think they should have the right to control women. That women are still second class citizens. That women should just be happy to have the vote. That men allow them to work. 
I think I’ve always struggled with that issue,” Perry told reporters after meeting with voters in a sports bar in Iowa.After I went to see the movie a `Gift of Life’ and had a conversation with Rebecca Kissling, and I really thought about this through the Christmas holidays and that’s the conclusion I came to.” When asked if a mother’s life was the only instance when he would allow abortion, he was concise as he boarded his bus: That’s correct.
"That's correct." I guess he answered the question. Wonder what tomorrow's answer will be.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why do I think it matters to speak one's mind, especially today with all the B.S. that fills the airwaves 

Do I have an open mind? Does my political beliefs sway my opinions? Has my viewing habits since childhood altered my perceptions? Are my political views been pushed to the left, because I get most of some of the news about things by watching MSNBC and by reading The Huffington Post on-line. As well as a dozen different websites, newspapers, listening the radio, and watching the local newscasts.
I mean world issues, political uprisings, wars, and economics can be simply be too much to think about when you have your own life to deal with. Has news reporting changed from reporting the news to simply ‘commentating’ on the news. Has the emergence of the Internet and its’ bloggers changed the way our world and it’s people see each other. Are we getting the truth or are some of or all of its content simply fabricated untruths tossed around by scared, uneducated people with vendetta’s. Dreamers who hope the world someday will be the Utopia we read about in childhood. Is the information we are getting simply today’s version of the old ‘telephone’ game. Is my displeasure of the Tea Party and at it’s parent (the republican party) more about its talking heads or it’s politics? Should I discuss, report, complain, bitch, or make sarcastic comments about some of today’s biggest problems? What gives me the right or the nerve to discuss my views on the internet? Is what I have to say important enough to have others read it. And of course, should I put out (there) more commentaries to confuse the issues even more. Can I expand the conversation? Solve some issues along the way. Would I be helping or making things worse? Does the world even need another blog spouting off personal viewpoints? Aren’t there millions of blogs already? Why waste what little time I have on subjects that I have no chance of changing? How does what I say have any power to alter the minds of others that I do not agree with?
These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself since the notion of starting a blog began bubbling to the surface. And now that I’ve actually got up the nerve to do this on a regular basis, these questions are even more important to continue asking. I prayer I’m not the only one who questions himself and questions each entry into this blog to make sure I’m not going too far. These are the questions I should be asking myself before I subject anyone else to my opinions. Especially if I want to do anything besides venting.
Can I do some good here or simply just try to entertain the people who accidentally discover this blog? Can this blog actually do both? Can one blog even make a difference? And what's the deal with my entries on movies or comic books? Do they even belong here? 
Lots of questions, indeed to ponder. And for good reason, these subjects are important to me. And they should be important to everyone. The topics I write about are things that I truly care about. Injustice, people’s rights, racism, bigotry, sexism, gay bashing, basic human rights, etc. There are too many experts who know that what they are saying is the truth. They have no doubts in their minds. You could tell them the Earth is round, and some might argue against that. Even in the face of the obvious.
I think my entries into this blog so far have showcased my feelings on a lot of issues I’ve mentioned above. Only others can a test if I’m a man just spouting off lies and misinformation. Or if my commentaries actually add not subtract to the conversation. So I’ll let them do my talking for me. But I’ll address the comic book or entertainment entries. We all need a little me time. Time to escape all the crap we have to deal with on an everyday basis. Time to forget all the stress of finding a job, paying the bills, and the sudden events that changes your outlook on life in a moment. Times you just want to stand under a train and scream your lungs out. The many things that have been created to make life a little less difficult. To help you forget. You’ve seen one too many debates. Stamps are going up, yet again.
Films, television, music and yes even the world of the comic books are my means of escape. My way to re-energize my minds and help to make everything a whole lot less stressful. And besides one can learn a lot from pop culture.
In today’s world every things going at a rapid pace. Sometimes one simply needs a break.  

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Who needs thoughtful decision-making politicians, when 
you have geniuses like Rick Perry running for President
Perry promised to “enforce the right to life” with a “human life amendment ... without waiting for the courts to overturn Roe vs. Wade,” the current legal precedent that protects a woman’s right to an abortion. “Roe vs. Wade will be overturned,” he continued, “with a true pro-life president possibly appointing upwards of two or three new Supreme Court justices, so that would be my goal.”
“I would suggest that my pro-life position has been rather strong as governor of Texas,” he continued, “but she made a statement to me that pierced my heart, and I will suggest to you that as I signed that [Personhood] pledge … God was working on my heart.”
Simply astonishing, after a lifetime of thoughtful consideration. A decade running the state of Texas. And after six  months running for the Republican nomination. You have one a little conversation with one person and now everything you thought before has vanished. Your eyes have been opened. You have seen the light. God told you, through his messenger that no matter what circumstances occur, abortion is not acceptable. Sorry. So if you’re raped, way too young to have kids, mentally or financially. Too bad. You have decided the fate of millions of women in the United States. 
What a load of hogwash Rick. Amazingly like your other brethren in this most farfetched election year, your positions on issues have very quickly changeing. Which brings me to the big question. What happens if you’re elected.  How much further will you alter your decisions then? Whose the real Rick Perry?

To learn more about this, please check out the link below
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Steven Spielberg knocks it out of the park - again - yes!

Director: Steven SpielbergWriters: Steven Moffat (screenplay), Edgar Wright (screenplay), and Starring: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig
How does he do it over and over again, after he's already directed perfection on numerous occasions [for close to half a century]. In a career that's now spans close to thirty feature films. Most directors hope for consistancy and one big hit, Mr. Spielberg keeps delivering one triumph after the other. One only has to mention 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' or 'Jaws' or his masterpiece 'Schindler's List’ to showcase why he must be considered one of the greatest film directors whose ever lived [and that's without mentioning the films he's produced or helped develope which have also become classics].
Now he has given us the best holiday present one could ever ask for. Not one but two new movies to drool over. 'Tin Tin' and 'Warhorse'. [I haven’t seen ‘Warhorse’ yet, but I’ve already gone weepy watching the previews. I'll review it after I’ve watched it. And tout its many treasures, I hope]. But now onto my review of ‘Tin Tin’. The film’s characters are based on ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ (Les Aventures de Tintin) a series of classic comic books created by Belgian artist Georges Remi (1907–1983), who wrote under the pen name of HergĂ©.  
Like other attempts at filming classic comic characters, the problems has always been in 'how to take a flat, two dimenional drawing, and transform it for the 3-D world of film. Simply answer: Get Steven Spielberg to direct the project. Simply, Spielberg has literally brought these classic comic characters to life in a way not no other film maker has ever been able to accomplish. A perfect adaptation of it source material. The quality of the animation is so good in fact you can almost qualify it as a live-action flick. That's how real this simply scrumptious looking adventure 'cartoon' is. Tin Tin doesn't feel like an animated film or a cartoon at all, tts feels more like a feature film [shot in CGI digital animation to tell its story]. I can only image what The Fantastic Four or Watchmen films would have been like if they had attempted to film their adaptations as Spielberg did. 
The only moments that you’re reminded you're watching a CGI digital wonder are in 'the row boat scenes in the middle of the ocean'. The background looks too much like photography. It'd so real that it showcases the film's’ visually stunning characters are well, animated.
That said, this definitely sets the bar in creating human life-like characters on screen. Now we can have our fantasy's come true. This is how they should film a comic book or Sci-fi movie. Doctor Strange true believers. Justice League anyone. Swamp Thing perhaps. 
Unlike the usual adaptations of fictional characters where the actors wear make-up and/or prosthetics to approximate the appearance of the characters [EG: Spawn, Dick Tracy], Spielberg's team of CGI wizards literally bring these characters to life by using the CGI process. The films talented CGI animators are able to adapt the original classic drawings by HergĂ© and for the first time ever you fully bring them to life. 
As for the human actors involved. Simply perfection. They do such a great job and are so well cast that you don't hear the actors voice at all, you only hear the characters voice speaking. And most importantly as with all great motion pictures, the beauty of this great adventure for all ages is it's script. It's for my money the first animated film ever to use a screenplay for a live action motion picture. And it's a damned good script. Worthy of a director of Spielberg’s talent to bring to life. It kept me guessing and entertained all the way till the very end. Without giving the ending away, I’m already panting [I'm sure they're already working on it]. A masterpiece. Spielberg simply does it again. And now in CGI digital animation. 
Of note: I saw the film in the 2-D version, I am definitely going to be seeing it again and this time in 3-D. Now its time to go out and see 'Warhorse'
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It's not my fault I'm an idiot
Simply amazing one would think that if you’re running for President you or your flunkies would know that there are rules. Rules you must follow in order to be in the game. Rules you must follow if you really want to be the big enchilada. Rules which if you do not follow, you is screwed. Or possibly, it simply showcases that you aren't really serious in your pursuit of the highest office in the land. 
Or maybe because both of you are so special you warrant breaking the rules just because you think you merit it somehow. Sorry, neither one of you are special in any way. Except for your exceptional gall to think you're better then the rest of us. But surprise you ain't. Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry screwed up big time this time [Or their handlers did]. Now they are trying to change the rules just months before the Virginia primary which falls out on March 6, 2012 on Super TuesdayReally. And now Newt's people are actually whining that they are being treated unfairly. We should forget the rules, if they won't allow all the voters the opportunity to vote, for all the candidates. How unfair! [This of course at the same time the republicans have been trying to stifle voter registration to minorities and the elderly. I didn’t see that one coming (sometimes I surprise myself as I’m writing) Dang, these guys are good. 
So I’m expecting the usual to occur. The excuses by members of the Right. Here it comes, I know, go ahead; others are being un-American. Hmm, kind of like Obama is un-American, right?. How ironic is that fellows, kind of like you adapting the Constitutions' Amendments, tweaking their meaning to suit your old world racist mentality. Kind of life taking your narrow world views, disregarding all facts and proof. Simply claim you're right and everyone who disagrees with you is wrong, evil, un-American, a socialist or worse different.
Sorry, even if none of the above is true and you’re correct with your opinions and your choices, you would still not be eligible for the primary in Virginia. You didn’t get enough signatures. Whoops, you are out of that state’s contest. No excuses this time. You knew what the rules were long ago. If you can't follow these simply rules, how the heck are you gonna be able to run our country. Maneuver the ever-changing overseas challenges. Make the dreaded decision to start another War. To let young American men and women die in battle. Whoops. This screw-up moment by both of these candidates showcases in a nutshell the sad truth about this year's republican candidates running to replace the President. Simply put, none of them is really is up to the task. Not one of these Bozo's has lasted a week without something coming out that's a negative. Each day it seems something even more ridiculous comes up to top the previous comments or revelations about one or several of the candidates. Too often for my comfort these revelations consist of anti-American, racist, sexist, gay discrimination and simply just plain stupid or dumb.
So Newt and Rick, sit hack, open a tall one, sit back and enjoy the primaries. And remember its only one state. Have faith, I’m sure it’ll happen again with this years group of candidates. You got 49 other states to try to catch up.
Just one man’s opinion
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Friday, December 23, 2011

You would think giving 160 million Americans a tax break would cause Scrooge McConnell to at least attempt a grin 

It seems the latest crisis in Washington has been averted. On the same day that 160 million American’s learned they will not have their taxes decreasedc. That the republicans have allowed an extra two [whole] months. Amazing how hard the fight is to get two freaking months and how all the tax breaks the 1%ers seem to pass with ease. Of course, the vote for the bill hasn’t happened yet, so anything is possible. I won’t believe its happening till our President signs it into law. And in the celebration we as usual get a little venom thrown into the mix. Our President came out as he usually does and with an eloquent even-keeled yet inspirational statement, showcasing why he is the proper person for the job. 
Today, I congratulate members of Congress for ending the partisan stalemate by reaching an agreement that meets that test,” Obama said in a statement. “This is good news, just in time for the holidays. This is the right thing to do to strengthen our families, grow our economy, and create new jobs. This is real money that will make a real difference in people’s lives.”
At the same time he congratulates Congress, extolled the Christmas gift that the Democrats have won for the American people. And as we’ve come to expert, told it to us in an intelligent adult manner, the voice of the Republican party, Mitch McConnell had to try to put a damper on the great news. He came out and expressed (in his usual sunny positive way) his thoughts on Obama’s victory. Instead of touting how great it is that despite all our differences, we’ve come together and helped 160 million Americans have better lives. That’s why I came to Washington in the first place. I’ve never been more proud to be a politician then I am today. Cause isn’t that why we take all this job, to make people’s lives better. [Oh, sorry that was just me thinking outloud]. Instead we get him coming out, looking like he’s just drank spoiled milk. Begrudgingly approving the decision, obviously unhappy that one of his plans to make President Obama “a one-term President” had backfired so badly on him. [an aside: Does Mitch McConnell know how to at least fake a smile.] 
The president’s criticisms of House Republicans “amounted to the kind of unhelpful political opportunism Americans are tired of,” “The President seems to forget that the only reason we are even discussing an extension of temporary measures like the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance is his own failure to turn our nation’s economy around nearly three years into his administration.”
Sorry Mitch, perhaps if your fellow like-minded brethren would stop doing exactly what they’ve just tried to do again, “his own failure to turn our nation’s economy around--” would have turned out a little differently. Or should I have said better then it’s been doing. Because the dirty little secret of Obama’s economy is, the one that Mitch keeps bitching about, is that it’s getting better. Most economic figures (according to experts) are improving. The main reasons why the economy hasn’t grown at a higher rate is because of all the political games you and the rest of the republicans have played. 

Just one man’s opinion
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here’s a small explanation on how or why 
I got to this point

Well can it be here so soon, but it is, this is my fiftieth entry in my blog. Fifty. Well I guess I do have an opinion or two. Maybe I should shut up or start a blog or something. Oh. That’s right. I did. Usually when I start these things I get too busy, life gets in the way. Before you know it a year goes by. So either I have too much time on my hands, I think too much about too many things, that are just too important to me to not stop thinking on, or I’ve found my calling. You tell me. 
I have two players in my current life to thank for even getting this far in the just beginnings of what this blog could become. Facebook and all our political leaders that give me so much information to play with. Facebook? Yes Facebook. As some of you know (Those who actually read this) might recall [amazing how indulgent of me to think that anyone actually read anything I write]. I had a harrowing experience last Spring at a certain Hospital... and well the only thing that kept me sane [I was wavering on the edge], was my entries from the hospital on Facebook. But more importantly the responses I read from my Facebook ‘friends’, literally kept me going. I survived, and what came out of that experience is why you read this today.
My frustration at the stupidly of some people. My amazement at how blind others are at things right in front of their eyes. How rigid their beliefs are, that when confronted by the truth and anything that completely upends their reasonings, they will say you are lying. That your facts are wrong. I know by my commentaries here and my conversations to others, some might think my leanings or beliefs are stuck in cement. I’ve always hoped that if confronted with a different viewpoint, that I would always give that viewpoint a chance. And over the years have had my eyes opened and I've been taught a few things and learned a lot of lessons. So here it is, Number Fifty. Can't wait for the next ones.
Here's just a sample of the latest bumper crop of stories that got my creative juices flowing.     

Whining and then lying and then whining some more
“We can do better,” Boehner said shortly before McConnell unveiled his proposal. “It’s time for us to sit down and have a serious negotiation and solve this problem.
Haven’t we heard this before. Ring around the rosie. Mister Boehner you keep saying that, but instead we get, we can’t do anything. And as usual, this is after you’ve agreed. The vote comes in or you enter a big room with your Tea Party brethren and then the next thing we hear is. The bills no good, in fact I’m not gonna even allow it to come up for a vote. Lets do the filibuster dance. 

It seems the ex-speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich doesn’t have his facts straight
“For four years, we balanced the budget and paid off $405 billion in debt,” Gingrich said in May as he kicked off his campaign. “We’ve done it before. We can do it again.”
“I worked with President Clinton ... and we ended up with about 11 million new jobs in a four-year period, went down to 4.2 percent unemployment,” Gingrich said in a recent debate, suggesting that as president, he could do it again.
As far as I can recall, their relationship was far from cosy, didn’t Newt have the government shut down on his .

Or better yet, the extended version that I just discovered on the web:
If you don’t like being called TEABAGGERS  We’ll be happy to call you  KOCHSUCKERS'
Not child friendly but boy talk about in your face. Another T-shirt just waiting to happen.
This brilliant zinger of course is a reference to reports that billionaire Koch Brothers have been providing funding to Governor Walker through their PAC.  And of course the famous prank call made to Walker by a Buffalo journalist pretending to be David Koch.

Man who writes your script Romney. Thanks to you, this campaign has just turned into an old Warner Bros. melodrama. 
“I’m not allowed to communicate with a super PAC in any way, shape or form,” Romney said. “If we coordinate in any way whatsoever, we go to the big house.”
I read about this a few days back, but there’s been so much to talk about I thought maybe I’d skip it. But: “we go to the big house?” What are you John Garfield? Well I tell you one thing Mitt, you sure helped liven this week. I mean the Middle Class Tax break fight is a real bummer. So thanks for giving me a even more material to kvetch about. Oy!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And let’s watch all the naysayers freak. 
The sky is falling--again

So the wicked old witch is dead. Ding Dong the witch is dead. Hot dang, let’s throw a party. For some reason as soon as I heard the news of the passing of North Korea’s plantation owner, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, this classic song came into my head, of course I changed a few words in my interpretation.  
But in the same way as kidnapped victims fall under the spell of their captures, the citizens of his North Korea were brainwashed by their prison warden. Their leader, there slave owner. For what else can you call a people who are under the mere whim’s of one man. Someone who controls every part of their life. From birth to death. To the point of brainwashing you into total obedience. You have become their God. 
Because that was the reaction I was witnessing on my television screen. These oppressed people were grieving the loss of their God. Crying themselves sick. In the same way as other tyrants are grieved after their passing [or assassination].
Now of course the talking heads, the so-called experts, most from previous administrations or wannabee’s are having seizures at the possibilities now that junior might be running the joint. [An aside, how young is in. I mean the kid looks like Hiro from Heroes’ DNA got mixed up with ‘The kid in King Arthur’s Court].
I know this could be bad, I mean he can tap that little button and start a nuclear war if he soils his diapers. And he might be exactly like his father or worse. Or maybe his Aunt or the other top dogs over there, who will be really in charge. 
Oh my God! Stop worrying already. If that happens, it’s over. Say good night Gracie. We be all dead. 
Just wanted to wake you up you big strong military geniuses. Okay, calmed down now. Good because that’s as bad as it could get. That’s the worse case scenario. I think.
What if perhaps junior’s been the good son. The obedient son. But secretly he hated his father and his ways. What if the kids’ gay? Didn’t see that one coming did you? At least then the country might get a whole lot more colorful.
Perhaps he’d free his people. Feed them. Build infrastructure. Bring North Korea into the 21st century. Make it the model of a modern society. Maybe start negotiations to join the two Korea’s together. I mean it worked in Germany. Right?  
Of course if he attempted any of this, his life might be cut short, or worse. His people might be in for a worse fate. South Korea might actually attack first. Heck, there’s got to be a Michelle Bachmann or Newt Gingrich type in South Korea pushing to attack the North Koreans. 
I rather think of the sunnier scenario if you don’t mind. At least for a few days thank you.
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., Dec. 21, 2011
 #1    “You know something? (Newt) You’re 
a f-cking a--hole.” 
Tom Sorensen of Iowa City, asked Gingrich. 

You’re a f-cking a--hole.” Classic line buddy, I couldn’t say it better myself. Gingrich’s comment back “Luckily it’s a free country,” while said in jest, had a sinister undercurrent to it. Now that’s more of the Newt that I remember, the Scrooge of Washington.
At the bottom of the terrific piece, on [where I first discovered this verbal bitch slap] was the second bull’s-eye of the day. During a separate incident in Oskaloosa, a Scott Arnold [a gay Iowan], pressed Gingrich on his stance on gay rights. What if [marriage equality] is the biggest issue?” Arnold asked Gingrich. Then I won’t get their support. ... if that’s most important to you then you should be for Obama.” Gingrich responded. Arnold answered: “I am, thank you.”
Dang, that’s telling him. As Rachel Maddow would say, Today’s Best Thing of the Day is: Two Iowan’s, who bitch-slapped the former House Speaker right to his face.
Thanks to both of you, I’ve just come up with a new idea: T-shirts with quotes on itI can see it now: You know something? (Newt) You’re a f-cking a--hole.” stencilled on the front [of course giving credit to the people who come up with these zingers]. Simply perfect copy for that first T-shirt. Talk about genius. Ha Ha, the Neilmeister does it again.

To read the entire article, please check out the link below:

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are the Republicans right and  the rest of us crazy?
This morning I had a thought (don’t you hate when that happens), and it made me sit up and think. With all the massive unemployment, people getting downsized. Companies downsizing. Maybe I thought, are the Republicans on to something. Are they right? Maybe there is some truth in all that crazy on the side of the rich. Maybe they have the answer, and the rest of us are too dumb to see the truth.   
On the one hand, we pay too much in taxes, but without taxes, there would be no fire fighters, national parks, police, sanitation, military or public education. No FBI, CIA, funding for all overseas activity by our government. There would be no Welfare, Medicare, Social Security, or any basic human services.. 
And if the taxes weren’t there, everything would then be run privately. No government overhead. No tremendous debt. China suck it! America would literally be the land of the free.
Of course the job creators with all that extra cash (sans taxes), would have more money to invest with. They could then hire millions of more employees, lots more people would have money to burn. With all that extra money, people would spur our economy to greater glory. Salaries would rise. People could afford their own insurance and medical. All in the world would be great.
Of course, with this theory they would probably be super corporations controlling their industries. They could charge what they want. Raise their prices at any moment. Therefore, all of the items mentioned before, plus anything else I skipped (that our taxes currently pay for) since there were no safety regulations, there would be nothing to protect us from corporate greed. Whoops, didn’t think about that did you? The ‘job creators’ would control everything. They would lower their wages. And raise their prices for their profit margins. The vicious circle would begin again, but this time even much worse. Our ‘pitiful’ economy would seen like nirvana if that ever would happen. Until we are back in the middle ages, Where the few would run the whole enchilada.  
You think its bad now. Just wait if a Republican gets into the White House.
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Dec. 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Aren’t they human too

Ever since Mitt Romney began running for President (it seems) decades ago, his one big flaw has been that he’s changed his mind, seemingly every time he open’s his mouth. Besides the undeniable truth in that statement, the question really should be, ‘So what if he does, isn’t that something each one of us does, sometimes on a daily basis.'  You mean to tell me that you never changed your opinion on anything. That once you decide, that’s it. Sorry, my minds made up. If that’s true, perhaps there’s something not right with you. 
Don’t shoot the messenger, before you listen to his reasoning. You mean to tell me that you’ve never met someone, fell instantly in like, love, or even hate, but soon realize that your feelings have changed. That’s never happened to you. See you have changed your mind on something. An obsession one week, becomes just another fleeting fad the next. This week you like Pepsi, next week you find it too sweet. You watch a film and either love it or hate it, but years later you watch the same flick but this time your opinion on it has changed. I personally hated John Carpenter’s The Thing when I first saw it opening night in 1982. But recently watched  it again, and this time really enjoyed it. In fact I found it to be a much better movie then I remember. See I changed my mind. Should I not go into politics? Is that the litmus test for political office these days.
In that same context we get Newt Gingrich asking us to believe that he’s a changed man. That he isn’t the same person who ran the Congress during the Clinton administration. I mean is it possible, yes, that he is a new man. Perhaps this time, he might have the maturity to run the land. Newt’s been devorced twice and married three times, he certainly changed his mind on a pretty important matter. Does this negate him as a political figure?
On the other hand, we’ve got several candidate’s, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan whose opinions never seem to change. Is that better then Newt Gingrich or Mitt Rhomney? Their minds are set in stone. Perhaps that’s why their policies seem to be out of the dark ages.
So what’s worse. I understand Rhomney seems to change his minds on an hourly basis or depending on who he’s talking to or where he is. But is that any worse then someone whose opinion is set in stone, but completely wrong?
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, December 19, 2011

Whoops, he did it again 
Yesterday House Speaker John Boehner, did what he's done on a too regular basis, he changed his decision on another major vote. His latest change of heart was his announcement that he will not approve a two month extension on the middle class payroll tax cut. 
In a deal he had backed just a day earlier. On Sunday's Meet The Press Boehner's excuse this time, "How can you do a tax policy for two months?" and "I believe that two months is just kicking the can down the road."
After the Democrats verbally smacked the Republicans about leaving town for their long 'holiday' break, announcing that they would not leave till a deal was completed 
So as usual John Boehner did what he always does he backed the compromise. Then with his approval the Republican and Democratic leaders in the Senate negotiated a compromise extension which passed overwhelmingly by a 89-10. With the positive vote, they then left Washington for their 'Holiday' break. But once gone, Boehner comes out and says "No" to the deal. Surprise.
Aren't you the genius John Boehner. You figured out a way to make Congress not to pass anther bill.  So unless the Senate returns to Washington, the tax cuts will expire, so that millions of Americans will get a tax increase. Simply astonishing. So the party that refuses any new taxes, because of John Boehner, will be the party that allowed tax increase to go into effect. Very nice John. You did it again. Aren't you a winner. Of course you're the only one. Millions of American's get their taxes raised. 
From now on, if President Obama and the Democrats allow this game that Boehner has been playing to continue, then they deserve all the bad press that they get.
John Boehner has done this game on too many occasions. Each time it seems it's an earth shaking bill that will change the country's future for the better, and each time he comes out as Mister Agreeable. But at the last minute changes his mind. Forcing the hands of the Democrats and our President into a corner. And for some reason millions blame them for the problems. 
Well Mr. Cry Baby Red Face, the jigs up. Your games been revealed. You need to be smacked. Allowing your agenda to again hurt millions is not a nice thing. Perhaps that's why you are always tearing up. Perhaps the tears is your sub-conscience screaming out loud telling you, you is a bad person. You should be drummed out of Washington. John Boehner, I hope the voters are watching and vote you out.
So Senators, it's time for you to come back and fix this problem fast. 
And thanks John, cause of you in less then a year, the Democrats are gonna be in charge. And then, perhaps getting things done in Washington will be the standard and not the exception.
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final debate show’s whose for war just because we can
OK here we go, on December 15th, at the Sioux City Convention Center in Iowa, during the final 'Not Ready for Prime-Time' Republican presidential debate before the Jan. 3rd (first-in-the-nation) Iowa party caucuses, had one significant moment. Michelle Bachmann and Ron Pauls heated exchange over Iran's nuclear weapon capability. Simply she’s for a Preemptive strike in Iran and he’s for gutting our government’s ability’s to protect our CountryBasically this exchange showcases a major reason why neither of them should be President. And why any of the others who agree with either candidate’s position should be taken to task as well.
Even to question if another Preemptive strike should happen anywhere, for me is the ultimate insult to all the brave men and women who have just served over a decade (in the previous attempt at using this stupid, un-American war tactic). Haven’t we learned already what a huge mistake this tactic is. Wasn’t the so-called evidence presented in Bush's war, prfved to be utter crap.
So like Bush’s big mistake (the worst decision possibly in the history of our great nation by any previous President), we should start another war. Just because some experts with knowledge of the area, think their insights prove that we are in danger. I wonder if any of these so-called experts are the same idiots that President Bush Jr. used to start his war?
In their zest to release President Obama of his position, these ingrates are willing to start another war with just thoughts and opinions guiding them. But luckily for us, President Obama is in charge, and remember he was one of a handful to not vote for the war last time. Me thinks he will veto any bill trying to start another war prematurely.  
Isn’t War the last thing that should be discussed, not the first?
Not, if Michelle has her way, it's better to make a mistake, and be safe. Then afterwards you can admit that your proof was wrong. Whoops. Of course like our last President, who continues to lie thru his teeth and claims that in his heart he made the right decision
Michelle Bachmann, you are a former tax accountant. What gives you the audacity to talk about starting another war. More bloodshed. More lives lost. More money we can’t afford to spend. Why don’t you instead focus on fixing the tax system. Perhaps your experience there might actually do some good. Instead of leading us into another decade of war and death and financial ruin. Perhaps you could lead us into a decade of prosperity and financial growth. 
Well Michelle, now that’s an agenda that I think you could sell. Its called a positive message, for once what Newt says makes. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, December 18, 2011