Saturday, April 29, 2017


If there is bright side in any of this, Donald’s insanity has prevented the Republicans getting anything accomplished   

IN AN ODD WAY WE SHOULD THANK THE MAD KING, if it wasn’t for his own lunacy, right now Paul Ryan would be the happiest man in Washington, and Americans probably would be marching by the millions to protest the loss of their now treasured Obamacare and probably a lot more. On the bright side of this nightmare we are surviving through, it appears the Trumpeters vetting of their inner circle was worse than the nations voters who elected the Mad King in the first place and that lack of investigation could be the thing that actually drop these fools all on their asses. It boggles the mind when you sit back and realize that Donald, if he had come into office and actually turned out to be a normal semi-sane individual, most everything he had pitched in his campaign and promised at the Republican National Convention in theory could have already come true. But instead what we got was a man seemingly on a self-destruction course surrounded by zealots keeping the mad king living in his own delusions. As well as Donald’s protectors in the majority party who all keep trying to hold off the inevitable, the possibility that every one of these Trumpeters will eventually be escorted out of their homes and offices in handcuffs. Just wondering when the bottom drops will all the Republicans crumble along with Donald as each truth is revealed to the world? But until it does, it appears every day something new dribbles out, making the suffering our nation is enduring a little bit easier to take. The Republicans and the media’s talking heads all warned what a shit storm a Hillary Clinton White House would be because of all the threatened Congressional hearings against her and of course all those threats of impeachment that caused too many out there not to vote for her. They kept pushing the nation was tired of all of her criminality! Surely these experts are having whiplash these days as they all realize they too were fooled by the liars on the right. I don’t know about you, right about now I’m jonesing for a good Benghazi hearing. I’m fantasizing as the fools try to catch Hillary in a lie and failing once again. What cracks me up about Donald’s attacks on the judicial system, the man doesn’t know the law. He never took a class in it, shame he also didn’t take any political courses either it seems, since he could surely use a good instructor. His winging it just might get all of us killed! And talk about karma on an epic level, after what they put the former Secretary of State through, the Trumpeters deserve everything that’s been happening to them and worse. Watching their stuck up lying faces, as their words are ripped apart, as their worlds start to implode like cornered rats trying to invade a mouse trap they can’t escape, is making what they’ve been trying to do to our nation almost worth it. But I’d prefer it if the shoe was on the other foot and Hillary was the one still being attacked, because frankly she could handle it. I think those 11 hours on the stand surely proved her abilities. She wouldn’t be tweeting up a storm and her talking heads would at least be arguing about the lies about her as opposed to the truth about him. Which brings me to a certain twice fired general. As is the case with everything that is wrong in the Trump Presidency, yet another thing is being blamed on President Barack Obama and his posse. At least Hillary Clinton so far hasn’t been tainted with this one, but I’m sure she eventually will be. Anything to keep their deflections alive. Seems according to the nuttiest spokesperson ever for a sitting American President, Sean Spicer, it appears its Barack’s peoples fault that General Flynn wasn’t vetted. Unbelievably, even though Obama fired the General, the Trumpeters, supposedly never looked into his background. Guess they trusted the man they ridiculed for years as an illegal alien to have done one job right. Happily the press pool who were listening to the latest talk salad by Sean weren’t having any of it. I must say, it is amazing watching these press briefings. Not how insipid Sean is, but its actually mind blowing that he allows the reporters to openly argue with him. The back and forth is pretty unbelievable as Spicer tries his best to talk his way out of whatever bull he himself just slipped out. Melissa McCarthy perfectly captures it and because of her brilliant take down of this idiot, having to suffer through any of his appearances have now almost become something I actually look forward to. How sad is that? Having said that, my patience with his lies went out the windows the first week I had to suffer through them. Just like all of the other Trumpeters, even though I simply hate everything they stand for, and despise every single lie they utter, when ever they’re on, it’s like road kill, it always almost feels like I just can’t look away it. I’m in such disbelief that this is happening that I sometimes don’t even realize I’m watching reality. That is until something is said that makes me scream out uncontrollably curse word as I change the channel trying to calm myself down. The annoying thing in all this is, if you do change the channel, the same fools are showcased else where repeating the same talking points and lies. Well keep it up people, at least in my case you are losing a viewer.Speaking of wishing Donald had learned the law or at least sat back and watched a few episodes of Law & Order because it seems every time he decides to add another Executive Action to the pile, Donald gets slapped down again by the judicial system and as is his lot angrily tweeted up a storm to whine his case. Sir, perhaps you should learn the law before trying to change argue that you know best. Stop arguing that the lawyers are wrong, or threatening even in a tweeter rant that they don’t know what they are doing. You sir, don’t! It just amazes me that his lawyers argue his case for him, when they know his desires don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Perhaps if he had, Trump could complain that they are wrong and he is right. Right now they don’t have a legal leg to stand on, considering everything he proposes are seriously against the rules, it’s amazing the judges don’t crack jokes as they explain their reasonings against his. It has been fun watching these legal minds destroy every one of his illegal notions. His handlers who should know better, continue to appease the man, still trying to explain away what he says and what he tweets. Still arguing that we shouldn’t listen to what he says, but hear what his heart is trying to say. They seem more like lawyers for the mob then political aids as they smile and argue to the world that his desires are legally sound, fully knowing they aren’t. I guess one must do what one do when you sell your soul for prosperity and power, especially when playing with the Devil. People keep asking what Lucifer looks like, well right now in America, he appears in the guise of an orange faced man child who so wants to be king.Now about those tax cuts proposed by the Trumpeters, should I laugh, scream and curse, or simply yawn. Why bother getting angry because there is no way in Hell their proposals will ever see the light of day. I shouldn’t write no way, Trump sits in the Oval Office right? But from the little we got in details, a single page outlining their wants and desires, it appears would totally explode the deficit far beyond anything we’ve ever lived through before. They’re actually trying to make these tax cuts, they’re describing as the largest in American history, which is even bigger than the one that Ronald Reagan enacted, into a good thing, disregarding the negatives that that tax cut caused. As usual with these Republican tax schemes the rich get richer, the poor gets pocket change and the nation gets financially fleeced. We are supposed to expect a windfall of economic growth from this tax scheme, like we supposed to get with all the other ones, and all we’ve got from them is exactly all we ever get from any of these Trumpeters, talking points with no proof, just nice sounding phrases. All we’ve got to do is have faith that they know better. I swear its like we’re parishioners in a Church and must buy every parable they preach to us as if God up above was speaking to all of us directly. I mean how many of the Republican candidates, have come out and told us that ‘God spoke to them’ and we aren’t supposed to think, how nuts are they? A sinner in all regards, as far we know has somehow become the savior to millions of Americans. They believe anything he says as if written in the good book and any attack on him is looked upon as the devil was spewing some filth. Look at how they demonized Hillary Clinton, how they talked about her, excuse me, how they still talk about her. Look at how they still disbelief President Barack Obama was even American. I can not believe this is all racism, it isn’t only about the former President’s skin color, it’s something to do with who said it. Citizen Donald J. Trump was the face of the birther movement. It was his words that got people to believe the bull, and it was even more bull by him that got him into the White House. The more people argued against his lies, the more his followers believed him over them. Look at what happened when Hillary Clinton pushed Trump’s Putin ties, they laughed at her and fell even in more love with him. Even now as the truth of what she said comes true, his sheep are acting as if you are tying to crucify their Jesus and doubling down on his lies. Can you imagine if, fingers crossed, when he’s escorted out the White House in chains, how all those lovely 2nd Amendment followers will react? I’m seriously wondering, how the heck does this happen? How does a Donald J. Trump, a liar, a serial cheater, a thrice married father of multiple children who grabs women in buses by their genitals, turn into a Saint? How does a man who should be looked upon by his followers as the Devil become their latest messiah? As we seen throughout history, with a savior sadly the truth isn’t always the important thing. It’s how they make you feel inside. Somehow that belief in the latest would be Jesus is so powerful that it causes people to lose their minds. To argue against whats right in front of their eyes, unbelievably willing to even kill in some cases. We question how people turn into the religious insanity that the members of ISIS seem to be possessed by, when in our nation we have the Trumpeters to kill over Donald J. Trump. Not that anyone’s been killed so far, as far as we know. But give it time. Love him or hate him you’ve got to give him props for his ability to con people into believing anything he says, and somehow he’s gotten his Trumpeters believing everything. When King Donald tells us its true, its his word, so screw whatever anyone says. We are simply supposed to believe him, no matter how many times he’s proven wrong. No matter how many times his lies are proven laughably false. If you listen to any of Donald’s followers, if you suffer through yet another spin by the liars in Trump’s payroll the similarities between a Preachers follower and a Trump sheep is scary. To them this man is a God and his followers are his flock.Every time they bring out anything new, yet another proposal to showcase Trump’s accomplishing something, anything, there are never ever any specifics. For the Trumpeters it’s always lets worry about the details later. When later comes, their plans are always revealed to be utter nonsense that doesn’t work in the real world. Whose numbers never add up. Which always translates into being torn apart by all the experts showcasing that what they’re spewing this time as usual is totally bogus and in the long run will only hurt the situation instead of making it better. Just like the fools on the right who argue against Global Warming, throw out made up numbers and then argue against all the experts, as they spend billions trying to stem the inevitable by raising street levels and actually relocating whole communities.One of many excuses they trudge out for their lack of answers is that it will all be figured out in committee. Like their recent and fabulously dismal healthcare pitch, ‘we the people’ are just supposed to believe their lies will work. Disregarding all evidence that argues against them, in regards to anything they’ve pitched in the past showcasing this trickle down theory garbage. To add fuel to the fire, everything they’re doing is also in secret, done behind closed doors. Which is what they always accused President Barack Obama of doing, which of course what they do with everything. They argue against others, while doing the exact same thing. Like when they argue that President Barack Obama is wrong for taking $400,000 for one speech, but never discuss Donald’s $1.2 million fee. They still throw out their lies that Obamacare was done in a secret location, sprung on the public in the dead of night, and just voted in by the majority Democrats. All they do is talk amongst themselves and then come out with the polices that looks like it’s going to make their last proposal look good in comparison. Sadly every time they come out with a new proposal they actually make things worse. As in their first attempt to rid our world of healthcare, unbelievably in order to try to appease everyone their plan kept removing things, as they tried to wrangle one group of the Republicans who refused to agree with them, bargaining ways to not to make the package better. Completely ass backward, pretty much par for the course.So now they parade out Trump’s tax scheme, a single page outlining how their fantasies will save us all. Sadly their no footnotes at the bottom showcasing what Trump’s cut is in all of this. They want us to believe this piece of crap will solve the job situation, that our economy will soar, and all of our problems will be solved. That’s right, that’s it. We are betting our nations solvency on the pretense that all the extra money in the hands of the corporate head honchos will be spent on their businesses and in turn on their current and future employees. Perhaps if the tax cuts were given conditions that yes the funds would be used for the businesses and employees, and not simply to line their pocket books, then it might be more acceptable. But having the federal government tell its citizens how to spend its money, that they won’t agree it. Isn’t that the big taboo against Obamacare, beside who signed it into law, the government telling its citizens what to do. Of course the elephant in the room, and no I’m not discussing the latest photo of our President’s ever exploding waistline, as he swings his golf club on his weekly paid vacation, but yes, I am talking about his finances. Yes thats me again bringing up his taxes, sadly the man is making me sound like a broken record, but the obvious problem in all of this is Trump or shall we say his handlers who are suggesting tax cuts, when we have no clue what these tax cuts means for him financially. One of the suggestions if enacted has already been reported would have given Donald Trump a $30 million tax break in 2005! Thats the one year we know anything about thanks to the two pages Rachel Maddow showcased on her show a few weeks back. The man is earning untold millions as President outside of his salary as the Liar-in-Chief. Which I thought he wasn’t supposed to be doing and until he took the oath was under the impression that it was in fact against the law to do so. Astonishing I’ve discovered, and I don’t seem to be the only, for the most part the person who sits in the Oval office can pretty much do anything they want. Which makes all the cries about Hillary Clinton during the campaign, that much more unnerving now. Seems the only thing keeping our President from fleecing the nation is precedent. Well Donald is certainly setting his own and seemingly according to his followers can continue to do so as long he’s the Commander in Chief. He announced he would be putting his businesses in a blind trust, but as we discovered its not so blind and no, we can not trust him. With no answers from anyone about how these decisions effect Trump’s finances we as a nation are just supposed to go along with this charade. Much like the owners of sports franchises who blackmail their home cities or states into paying for the arenas and venues the teams demand or they will go else where, these corporate tax breaks really only help the owners while stripping away the funds taxpayers have been paying in. Somehow this is a good thing, as our cities have less and less money to spend on their necessities, as the owners stuff their pockets. At the same time, the Trumpeters pitch jobs in America, the workers they employ aren’t even on our shores, but overseas and drastically underpaid. The make America great pitch doesn’t seem to help workers in America, his pipelines that Donald approved are actually using steel from over seas! Such a hypocrite our 45th President is. According to Robert Reich Trump’s big tax scam would reduce federal revenue by $2.4 trillion over the next 10 years, and we’ll just supposed to believe that this would be covered by the growth in our economy. The first Bush President called this voodoo economics, well this one is makes Reagan’s seem tame by comparison. Plus what about that infrastructure money, from where? What about all those wars we seem to be headed towards, where are the funds for that coming from? And remember he still wants the wall and we still have to pay for Obamacare!It appears the closer we got to the 100 day target, the more Donald Trump is blown away at how difficult and how much work it takes into being the President of the United States. Maybe on a bright note he now might realize Jared Kushner shouldn’t be in charge of everything in our nation. Maybe Trump will finally realize that yes, he has to bring other people in who actually know what they’re doing and not just his son-in-law. It’s mind blowing that this imbecile actually thought being president was easy. Maybe now he’ll realize why Hillary Clinton should now be the one in the hot seat and not him. Just wondering if or when the fool will wake up and call former President Barack Obama and apologize for being such an ingrate. Sadly that acknowledgement probably would just be a temporary, fleeting change of behavior, and his inner demons would retake him. As we’ve learned all to often the times that Donald behaves like a human being are way too infrequent, usually scripted, and always with an agenda attached to it. As people argue about Trump, his family and what part the government they should  or should not allowed to be touch, what’s missing in all if this is whats going into their pockets. As people make jokes about Ivanka speaking on the world stage, the money that she’s making for her father appears not to be a subject that any of the Republicans have a problem with much let touch. Like Donald’s weekly jaunts to Florida and all those days on the links, somehow his in your face screw you to the people is argued by the Republicans as the same thing President Barack Obama did, no difference there. Its bad enough that his treasonous activities don’t seem to be a problem with any if these patriots, but the money that he and his family and his businesses are making that isn’t seemingly any of our businesses to me is staggering criminal. I guess we should compliment the big fellow, seems as he’s reached that big 100 finally he actually did one thing good, the government didn’t shut down on his big day, because the President signed something into law. I guess I was wrong, he actually can do something good. Well there’s always tomorrow to make up for it, right?

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017


As we close in on the end of his first hundred days, our 45th President wants to put a cheery on top by possibly shutting down our government!

WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THE PEOPLE TO JUST SAY NO MORE? If its not the lies, or the possible Russian entanglements, or his conflicts of interests, or his never ending tax audit, tell me what will it take? Perhaps when he nukes someone on a whim or blows up the wrong nation after a testy twitter spat? Please tell me, what will it take for his enablers to start turning their backs towards Donald when he enters a room? What will it take for them to say that’s it, no more? I’ve given up on the sheep out there who still believe Hillary is the enemy of the state even after all we’ve witnessed over the course of the recent events. Even as her warnings of Trumps lies and the Russian involvement become more real each passing day. They simply refuse to believe they were fooled by his lies about her and that their hatred of her stems from the very lies they refuse to wake up from. Until they snap out of their brainwashing, nothing or no one is believed even when the proof is thrown into their faces. They simply don’t want to believe their savior isn’t a true prophet and just like other followers whose Gods turned out to be false, they all seem willing to go down in flames for him. Listening to them stretch their lies into an art form as they try to make their brainwashed beliefs into the truth and the truth simply a liberal lie. Well I’m done with it, I’m done with all of it. Its bad enough when the citizens are deaf, dumb and blind to it, but its simply infuriating when its also our political leaders who are living in their own hemisphere as the insanity just below the surface is continuously seemingly near its breaking point. I’m at the point to believe, that if the Russian revelations are proven correct, and if there is a smoking gun buried somewhere deep in all of their activities, the political sellouts would still lie their asses off to keep the man in power. Screw his treasonous activities as long as they get most of what they want. Just wondering, if the rest of us who haven’t been blinded by the carnival barker rise up and make the Woman’s March on Washington seem like a Sunday stroll on Fifth Avenue, will the powers that be crumble under the weight of their very lies as they try to save their own skins? If the first one hundred days proves one thing, these political leaders don’t care what the fool does, as we’ve learned all too often, these Republicans currently playing games with all of our lives have no heart or soul, and most deserve a swift kick off of Trump Tower, hopefully streamed online live for all the world to cheer. So the wannabe King, the delusional pseudo President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, says in one breath that his first hundred days are the most successful ever of any President, and in the next argues who came up with such a ridiculous yard stick in the first place, as he realizes his accomplishments mostly have turned out negative. The self proclaimed savior spent months pitching his business genius. That once in, the world would feel whiplash as his superior Trump genes took our nation to financial glory. Donald  we were being led to believe, by share will alone, would be making America great  again. Just wondering when that windfall will effect anyone not named Trump, or like other political leaders who sucker millions into their scams, will our nation be left bankrupt, our citizens starving in the street, our nation at war with others, while the leaders live like kings and laugh straight to our faces as they tell us to eat cake and try to pay for our own medical needs out of pocket. The only thing this lunatic has achieved is making our world seemingly a much darker and more unsafe place. Seriously what does our tweeter-in-chief have to show in nearly hundred days in power, a Supreme Court judge, that only got in because of Mitch changing the rules. Other than that he’s announced a bunch of Executive Actions that have either been put on hold by the judicial system or he has stripped the Executive Actions that his predecessor had signed over the course of his presidency. That said, his Executive Actions has definitely not been a positive sign, that is if you appreciate the wonders of nature and breathing.Maybe we could call his first hundred days the most consequential beginning of any previous president as opposed to most successful. I mean President Barack Obama had to deal with the nation imploding around him and get George Walker’s stimulus package signed into law. But for the share amount of insanity, I’m afraid nothing comes close to the cataclysmic craziness that has to be the Trump tenure so far. I mean how many wars has the businessman president already possibly caused by his unnecessary verbal tirades on foreign nations. It would be nice and much more reassuring when he or one of his talking heads come out and all of their stories would be in sink. One of these days, Pence or Trump or Mattis, or any number of Donald’s basket of deplorables will say something that causes a nuclear spitball battle with one of the people on the other end of the assault. I’m afraid with one of these spats, none of us will be the winner in the end, as our world will be changed for the worse in one way or the other. I mean for Gods sake they misplaced an aircraft carrier, lied about an armada, and than tried rather badly to cover up the mistakes. Its gonna be hysterical listening to the Republicans, eventually when the next Democrat comes into office, as they complain about all manner of things and this time I hope the Democrats ignore the noise in the room and treat the Republicans with the respect they deserve which is none. Simply put Trumpeters, don’t even start.Lets call Donald’s learning curve what it is, a stunning picture of how not to run a nation. If there was any question the Trumpeters had any expectation of actually winning the election,  as opposed to just trying to weaken Hillary Clinton’s presidency, I think they’ve answered it. Otherwise one might think they would have realized winning the election was the easy part. Governing the most powerful nation on Earth takes work, and as our clueless new President and his Trumpeters has discovered can be a little complicated to run. The fool thought he could snap his fingers and Healthcare would’ve been accomplished. He actually figured I guess that like in his other life as an independent businessman he could just wish it so and things would just fall in place. Those pesky people in Congress will just fall in line. Funny ain’t it, the man who crowed he could do anything, who refuses to release his tax forms so the truth behind his fortune and his connections could explain so much, failed in his first major attempt at anything accomplished. How does a man get so far, and failure so much and still achieve what he’s achieved? I mean was his success all a house of cards and does the man have nothing but his song and dance? Its been such a short time since the man took the oath of office, but why does it feel like President Barack Obama left years ago? Talk about a seismic shift in our landscape. The nation and the world Donald spoke about during his Republican National Convention acceptance speech, that he argued our nation had become during the Obama and Clinton years has now in fact become our reality. The positive glow that our nation seemed to exude went away as the poll numbers on Election night revealed what the Gods had decreed. Seems conspiracy and lies had won the day. I had a similar feeling the day Vice President Al Gore decided to end the election and hand the world over to the person who used to be the worst president in our lifetime. That is until Hillary Clinton’s presidency was stolen by the Gods, the Russians, and whomever was dumb enough to fall for his lies.Listening to talking heads like Chris Matthews mention the other say, that the only thing that worried him about Hillary Clinton during the campaign was that she was a war hawk and he was nervous that she would be the one who went all Dr. Strangelove on us. When Trump ran he was more like a dove in regards to war. Donald he explained for all his faults was the opposite. All Trump said was the Iraq war was bad and that we should have never gotten in. But since we did, our biggest mistake was not keeping the oil. He even argued during one of the Republican debates that they had lied about WMD’s, which was the only time in the entire last two years that I sat back and said, maybe we actually have a political leader on our hands. Sadly the audience in that room and most of the talking heads booed him that day, and that moment of clarity in an otherwise insane landscape disappeared as quickly as whatever the next bombshell that was unleashed by WikiLeaks upon our political world hit the airwaves. As we sit back and witness wars possibly percolating on multiple fronts it makes me laugh that Donald warned all of us that if Clinton was elected President World War III was coming. That somehow the man who knew more than the generals would be the one who was the lesser of two evils. Just wondering how many people out there wish  Hillary was the one making the decisions now and all the military actions that Donald is seemingly screwing up, most of them we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in if it wasn’t for his ineptitude. Hey Chris and all those other fools out there, Trump lies about everything, why would you even consider what he said about this to be anything else but pompous bravado and made up garbage? I should rephrase some of that, besides the stuff he says off the cuff or his tweets, most of what he’s praised on or argued against are things he reads from teleprompters or written speeches in front of him that others have written. Why would you think he was telling the truth about wars too? Honestly we have no clue what the man thinks cause he changes his statements sometimes on an hourly basis. Unbelievably half the things he says, according to his handlers we aren’t supposed to listen to what he says, but hear what’s in his heart. Screw what actually said or done and the ramifications of his actions.As we close in on the beginning of his second hundred days, our 45th President wants to put a cheery on top of his first hundred days in office by possibly shutting down our government! Seems one attempt, the highlight of his entire tenure so far in my humble opinion, his massive flop of a failure in repealing and replacing Obamacare wasn’t enough for him. So the genius negotiator is gonna be using Obamacare as a wedge to get his promised wall funded. That’s right, the next attempt at leaving a defining legacy in his young presidency to prove he’s not a complete and utter failure will be to try to blackmail the democrats and Congress into funding the wall. His argument being the Republicans won the election, he promised a wall, the democrats will get their needed stop-gap fix on their losing healthcare, so its a win-win for all. Of course the discussion of popular vote totals and Mexicans paying for the wall is never brought up. So now the Democrats are going to have to make the decision either to cause a government shutdown if the president decides to pull his power grab or go along with this healthcare penance. Me thinks not one Democrat, well maybe there’s that one or two that should be kicked out of the party, will say yes to this smack in the face of Obamacare’s legacy. The most interesting part of this whole gamble is the Republicans in this equation. They have to decide if its worth a government shutdown to get the President’s touted wall funded. When they know their constituents won’t be pleased that Trumps promise that The Mexicans would be paying for it and not us the citizens was simply a campaign talking point and we’re the ones paying the bills. The Republican politicians whose jobs are on the line in the next election cycle have a lot of sleepless nights up ahead. How do they explain the money thats being used for the funding when everything else he promised them in the way of jobs and infrastructure never came to fruition. Remember this winning ticket for the Republicans, the ending of Obamacare, that helped them gain the majority in all three branches of government has finally turned a curve. The citizens have awoken to the truth that what the Republicans had been pitching for years was just that, a pitch and nothing more. That the term Obamacare actually refers to The Affordable Care Act and that what we’re get if Trump actually replaces and repeals it won’t be anything that none of us would ever want in our worst nightmares. Some out there probably want this what’s going on to happen. Anarchy thy name is The United States in the year 2017. To those who want less government your welcome. Well let them celebrate, while the rest of us worry our nation is being led into the ground by a pact of delusional nut jobs. That said, a Government shutdown right now might be the best thing that ever happened to the Trump White House. Perhaps we all need a little break in the action. Perhaps this could be a reset. Lets have a do over, pleae as long as its not more of the same. I mean these first few months have been exhausting right? I guess we’ll find out who blinks first in this mad game we are living in. The scary thing in all this, with all the uneasiness that Donald has ushered into our world, what do our new enemies or our foreign adversaries do while our governments spins in the wind as Trump plays his games? Is this when Korea unleashes its real nuclear missiles our way? What if their recent failures have all been a charade to fool us into thinking we are all safe from these crazies. Just imagine in the midst of the shutdown, our Russian invaders that have yet to be uncovered, along with the ones already suspected pull their power play and our government suddenly transforms into the Amerika that many in the old Soviet Union dreamed about. I know that sounds absurd, but looks whose running our nation these days. Just saying, we all laughed when Donald announced his candidacy, right? I wasn’t laughing than and I’m not laughing now, just pondering how much longer we’ve got before what he’s spewing rips our very world asunder.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, April 22, 2017 

Friday, April 14, 2017


Just wondering during this tax season isn’t it time our president released his taxes? I think we the citizens need to know if ‘this’ military maneuver lined his wallet, like the last one did 

DEFLECTIONS, LIES, AND NOW… TOMAHAWK MISSILES? Well seems our Donald has finally found his niche and a perfect way to change the subject, blowing things up. Sadly his big bangs, don’t show too many results for lots and lots of tax payers money. And as is always the case when Presidents push the button, or at least say go ahead, make my day, everyone, even your harshest critics fall head over heals because they’re now Presidential. Somehow no one’s wondering, why he did it and what are his plans in addition to just throwing out a bomb now and then. The best part, well actually the worst is, our businessman President, our Liar in Chief has figured out a way to earn a side income whenever they his military uses another weapon. Tony Stark our President is not. As opposed to the fictional Marvel genius, in our reality our billionaire President makes money on the weapons his military uses. I think its pretty unnerving to discover our President has given carte blanche to his commanders in the field, so its their decision what to use and when to use the toys wen they deem it necessary. Donald gets all the glory when the mission is a success and when its not, he gets to blame them and of course President Barack Obama when it fails. I have to wonder, when the man in charge has a stake in the companies that our military uses for supplying weaponry, if his own companies get preferential use because his name is painted on it. Is it wrong to wonder, if some might decide to help their careers or yes, line their own pockets, when they are deciding which military actions to take. Even if the “mother of all bombs,” the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast [MOAB], that was used wasn’t lining our President’s pockets, much like the 59 cruise missiles his generals used during the military target that blew the Syrian air base into smithereens, all will need to be replenished. Seems our President by allowing his generals to do what they think is right, just handed a nearly hundred million dollar payday to the company that manufactures the weapons his military uses. Guess what, Trump just happens to own stock in Raytheon, the manufacturer that happens to build the Tomahawk missiles that his military are using. According to the Palmer Report, a Business Insider told them Donald Trump owned stock in Raytheon up through at least the start of the presidential election cycle. There is no record that he subsequently sold that stock.  

Much like his approval of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines were discovered to be businesses he had a stake it. So lets pause to ponder the budget that our President suggested. The cut in funds to most things and the growth in funds for our what he describes as falling apart, underfunded arms forces. How much of that budget goes to companies Donald owns?  From what I read, the two days of bombing that happend over the last week or so, cost us a ton of money, so now I’m expecting Trump’s people to come out with a revised budget. Cutting out even more of the things most of us want and giving even more to his prized military, after all any second now, because of what he’s said, done, or tweeted, our nation could be in several real wars. Maybe Syria, won’t be just a itch he needs to scratch but a full on shock and awe offensive, much like President George Walker Bush tried in his failing mission accomplished. Or North Korea with their any day now Nukes ready to take aim at America’s shores. At least it seems his hatred of China as subsided, that is till he watches FOX and discovers that their opinion of our new President isn’t as nice as the way he has been drooling over them since their first date at Mar-a-Largo the other day. As opposed to what King Joffrey and his Trumpeters keeps throwing out, the American people do want to see what he’s been trying to hide ever since he announced his candidacy. Its tax season, shouldn’t the President be the one to set an example? The powers that be expects all Americans to do their civic duty, shouldn’t he finally do the right thing and release his taxes? 

We are at the point where people are in dying. This isn’t fake news or conspiracies made up on Fox and Friends. Our President is apparently making blood money off of his military actions and not enough of the talking heads in the media are talking about it. His conflicts of interests that should have been discussed and deleted before he took the oath of office are now part of the resume of the President. The fact that the Republicans in power keep over ruling the Democrats initiatives ordering Trump to release his taxes are becoming a real slap in the face of democracy and the constitution itself. The hypocrisy is huge within the right, as they use every excuse in the book to showcase how much privilege comes when you become the President of the United States, especially when your party is running all three branches of government. What’s worse according to the experts, the use of the Mother of all bombs, may actually have been nothing more than a symbolic gesture to showcase how big his Johnson really is. I say symbolic because, from all accounts the damage Trump’s minions did was pretty much a waste of taxpayers money. In regards to the first attack last week in response to Syria supposedly using Sarin gas. I write supposedly because the jury is still out who used it and what was used. Some people believe Putin ordered it’s use in the first place. Seems like everything else we have to take the word of the lying orange faced man in charge. 

Lets not skip the part that Trump supposedly warned Russia of his plans. Let me repeat that, he called up Vladimir and said a boom was coming or better yet, perhaps his Russian buddy suggested the military strike in the first place. Doesn’t the conversation between the two world leaders defeat the purpose of the big surprise Donald promised during his campaign? Didn’t he promise us that no one was supposed to know his plans before any big reveals. Well seems, the one person who he decided to side-step that policy is was his buddy in Moscow. So who knows, its possible Vladimir told Donald where to do the least damage at the airbase. Lets make it look good for Donald and bad for Vladimir, but not really. I know this is treasonous talk by yours truly, discussing our President as a traitor whose in bed with the Russian President, but why should I stop now? If our President can do it, why can’t the citizens follow his example? It took him to the White House, perhaps one day I too can take that oath of office. Except of course most people haven’t been given his gift for the lie and whatever he has that causes people to lose their freaking minds and fall on their knees and follow him till their lives implodes, while his bank account and power grows.What I am trying to get to is, when our President called their President, Donald and Vladimir spoke because of the smoke not because the sarin gas. My feelings are that they spoke for one reason only, Donald needed a deflection badly from what is now apparently his Watergate. And yes, I am implying that Trump and Putin possibly discussed a way to deflect from the mounting evidence suggesting the Russian dictator had indeed interfered with our election. The thinking being, if Trump is bombing Putin, lets disregard everything that’s coming out by the hour. Isn’t it amazing the power a little bomb throwing does to change the conversation on the airwaves. What was so disheartening about listening to the talking heads try to make what Trump did a transformational moment for him.   

Without any thought, now Trump has turned into a President. I get it, he ordered or shall I say was told his generals were gonna be doing an operation. The only thing he could have  done was say no. But he kept out of it.I guess you could call this his long awaited pivot. But sadly, with everything in regards with this presidency, one needs to step back and look at the big picture. Like when it was reported that Trump actually earned money from the missiles the military used in their thunderous attack against Syria. I seriously couldn’t believe it. Not even he could go this low, right? But sadly wasn’t surprised. Shouldn’t this make people rise up and demand to see his taxes, I mean if this doesn’t, I guess nothing will. A while back, when Trump made the executive decision to restart up the oil pipelines that President Barack Obama had finally shutdown. When the news Donald Trump owned a piece of the pipeline, didn’t seem to cause a ripple. I thought than, time to release his taxes, but still no fall out. Seemingly the man is destroying our eco system to line his pockets and the Republicans are dumb to the con. Which bring me to tax season and our President still refusing to release his taxes. Don’t you think, the fact that he hasn’t divested himself from any of his businesses that day in and day out we discover he’s still making money from them. Which includes the businesses that manufacture weaponry,if nothing else this is the definition of a conflict of interest. I mean the man is profiting off of the deaths of people. What if we discover the attacks he’s done were done for profits and not for military reasons? Isn’t that the definition of war criminal? Amazing, before Trump exits the White House, he might be convicted of every crime known to man. So Hillary was crooked, right. So far, the only taxes we’ve seen are the two pages leaked that Rachel Maddow showcased on her show. While others laughed at her for basically suckering her biggest audience ever, as simply a publicity stunt on par with Geraldo Rivera Opening Al Capone’s Vault 30 years ago I think it was significant. The fact that so many showed up to witness history, wanting to discover what on Earth Donald had been hiding from all of us to see, says the obvious. People want to know. That the two pages leaked, actually didn’t reveal anything bad might have been a disappointment for most, but it actually made me question his reasons for hiding his returns even more. Some have even speculated if Donald or one of his handlers were the ones who released the two pages. I mean if you want to damage him, why release stuff that makes him look good? But what wasn’t released was what I want to discover? Who is he working with? What companies does he own a stake in? If the man is gonna be allowed to make money off of his businesses while holding the office of the Presidency, we need to make sure when his generals fire a bomb, the reason the firing is occurring in the first place isn’t because Donald needs to pay his bills, it should only be used if the mission warrants it. And I haven’t even mentioned Russia in regards to his taxes. Why its necessary to discover how much of his businesses is interconnected with Russia or the other nations that our President might be beholden to. If not the nations, what about the companies world wide that Trump as far as we know is doing business with. I’ve heard he owes millions to more then one, what happens when they want to get paid? Perhaps that how Putin got into bed with Donald in the first place. I could keep going, what more do you need to showcase why Donald Trump releasing his tax returns is long past due? Republicans please get your heads out of your asses and wake up, and I don’t just mean the political leaders and their talking heads. It is really astonishing to go on social networks and read the excuses Donald’s sheep throw out for him. That the tax issue is the liberal media making up stuff. The deaf, dumb and blind, attack everyone who God forbid even thinks bad about their President. They throw out accusations at everyone, disregarding the crimes his taxes may reveal. What is he hiding?The Trumpeters want us to believe the tax issue is the fake news, just as the Russian invasion is really only the whines of the Hillary Clinton followers who can’t handle her defeat. It’s like Groundhog Day for the sheep, it sadly reminds me of the lie about WMD’s, or Barack Obama’s birthplace, or the hundreds of lies about Hillary Clinton.  

How maddening it must be for the Trumpeters and more importantly to the followers of Hillary Clinton, that everything she said about Donald Trump and his cronies is turning out to be true. That those truths are beginning to turn into a blaze which is threatening to combust Trump’s Presidency for good. Right now the only thing seemingly stopping the inevitable from coming to light are the Republicans. Who continuously try to circumvent any attempts to prove if our President is a Putin mole in a war with Russia we didn’t even know we were fighting,  or if not him, how many of his inner circle are the ones who eventually will be charged with treason. Well tomorrow, on Saturday, April 15, 2017, is gonna be something. What is being billed as the Tax March is taking place, and millions of Americans are expected to come out all over this great nation and make a statement. Seems the media is expecting this protest to be as big if not bigger than The Women’s March which occurred on Saturday, January 21, 2017. I guess we’ll see if the fool on the hill responds with a release, or will he double down and throw out some Executive Action which gives $1 of every American’s taxes to his family’s lifestyle. I mean someone has to pay for Trumps weekends right? 

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Saturday, April 08, 2017


Wondering if Trump’s Syrian decision turns his Presidency into the quagmire George Walker’s became because of Iraq

TALK ABOUT A ONE-TWO PUNCH IN THE GUT. First Mitch pulls the switch and than Donald blows up a few Syrians. I guess we should start with the nuclear option, luckily I’m talking about Mitch, less casualties to discuss. That is if you don’t count democracy, and just discuss poisoning people to death. So lets thank Mitch for being Mitch, cause maybe in two years if this after everything else finally is the thing that pushes people to vote these nightmares out, that means the Democrats will get the majority again, and boy will Mitch and his pals then be sorry. That is if any of us are still alive. Of course what gets me is Mitch has been power for way too many years. He was there before President Barack Obama was sworn in and he’s still there. He was the one who made it his mission to make our 44th President a one term Commander in Chief and he was there when he took away his ability to decide on a Supreme Court Judge. Have to say it is definitely time to start term limits for congressional and senate seats. Look what it begot, the nuclear option.Shame my hopes that whomever out there is pulling the strings, somehow caused Neil Gorsuch to lose the vote didn’t occur.  Sadly the way things are going Donald J. Trump’s pick to be the newest member of the Supreme Court came to be. The fact that he was revealed to be a plagiarizer during the run up to the vote didn’t matter to the Republicans in the least. I guess nothing was gonna squash Mitch’s dreams this week. They just wanted a victory, finally, I mean you can’t blame them, or can you? After their election trifecta I presumed they expected this governing thing was gonna be easy. Anything they wanted they expected to get. Screw how it looks or who it hurts. Happily that plan so far hasn’t totally occurred, but sadly too much has. At least with the help of the citizens of this nation showing their anger loud enough to scare some sense into some of those on the right, not everything was has been so far. As for our leaders on the left, except for a few stand outs, the most they’ve been able to do bitch a lot and try to be the parent in the room. 

Our citizens have allowed these Republicans to gradually takeover all three branches of government, and now scarily they can do pretty much anything they want. My question to all of them has to be, have you been paying any attention to what your elected officials have been doing? If you have and you voted them in or worse, back in, then the problem’s with America is much worse then any of us imagine. Sadly it seems the voters don’t remember the last time the Republicans ran everything,maybe if we survive, me thinks this time the horror might stick in their subconsciousness, one has to hope. Its extremely sad realizing who currently is running our nation, cause if you listen to the way some talk, too many of them come out with statements on a daily basis simply stun with their ignorance, bigotry, racism and down right hatred of women’s, sorry, have to switch this, all rights to everyone except the lucky few. Ah, the good old days. Now Mitch McConnell, possibly the worst hypocrite of the Republican bunch, decides to take a sledge hammer to the Supreme Court and of course all of his fellow soulless pals go along with it. It appears being a pricks pays off in the end. McConnell going nuclear, by removing the filibuster for choosing Supreme Court judges, which some are calling the worst decision by any political leader ever is a real smack to democracy. It destroys any chance of debate, giving whomever is in power the ability to vote pretty much anyone in they want. Now because of what Mitch just pulled, we pretty much have to pray that none of the elderly aged Democrats on the court decide to retire or worse pass away any time soon or before King Joffrey is succeeded by the next Democratic President. Because if the next Supreme Court Judge whose elected in is Republican and replaced a Democrat, kiss abortion good bye, and probably a whole lot more.  What got me in all of this was they’re now blaming the Democrats for the Republicans pulling the trigger on the change in the rules. Always blaming the ones who are the victims. According to the talking heads, they should have waited for the next judge to pull the filibuster, as if the next time Mitch wouldn’t have done the same thing. And next time, either way, if Trump gets to choose another one, its gonna be bad one way or the other. So them attempting to knock some sense into at least a few Republicans out in hopes they might have done the trick I think was worth the shot. At least we discovered whom this new member of the job life crew. Lets hope the man, isn’t the pompous douche bag it appears the Democrats and the fact lead me to believe he is. Of course, every time I hear one of the Trumpeters come out and say this is all the Democrats fault, because they wouldn’t get on their knees is pretty shameless. Throwing Harry Reid’s decision to do the same a few years back with lower court judges, because Republicans refused to vote any judges in. Refusing to give President Barack Obama any legacy what’s so ever. I mean who needs judges right? They spent almost a year preventing our President because of political reasons, and now they rushed one through because of how important it now was to have the proper number of judges residing in the court. Stopping any vote on President Barack Obama’s last pick, Merrick Garland, because of reasons Mitch came up with seemingly outta his ass was the final voodoo needle into Obama Presidency. What gets me is how little the Republicans are taking into account the choices made by this President, especially in light of the whole Russian entanglements embroiled throughout the Trump Presidency. Could you imagine if the show was on the other foot. No if it was, all of the attacks against Hillary and her family would be made up garbage and this Russian invasion, would have already been nipped in the bud.

So how to change the subject of Russian entanglements inside the Trump White House? Hm, let me think. I know lets throw some sarin gas into the mix. Now I’m not saying that anyone in the White House is connected to this heinous action by another deranged political leader. But the timing could be construed as something needing a congressional investigation. As usual, our President has changed his mind on things, seems the man who tweeted nonstop for years arguing not to attack Syria, now decides to at the first chance he gets to go all in. After the attack took place, the President reportedly felt ‘compelled to act’ on Syria after seeing images of dead children. I presume to could change anybody’s mind, but somehow all those thousands of refugees he’s been insulting and demeaning might have a hard time think what he was doing was nothing more than a political show. I’m just saying, is there a better way to change the subject of Russian entanglements, then a military attack? I mean if we attack a Russian pal, and then tell Vladimir Putin to stick it, shouldn’t that put an end to all the talk about any Trump and Putin deals? I’m sure we’ll gonna get a lot of that. So today they the talking heads were acting as if this was a one time thing, it was simply making a statement. People died, but lets make a statement. His killing is a bad thing, but ours, its all good. Here comes war people, sorry its coming. Somehow I’d be stunned if their real plan isn’t just to blow up the area completely and kill off the demon known as ISIS. Sorry, but not sorry to all those who get hurt in the cross hairs. Maybe in the process, take whatever natural resources that we’ve earned in the process, heck isn’t that what made America great a century ago, its greed? Maybe I’m delusional, but I seem  to recall Donald mentioning bringing back the draft, if it was necessary. So all those mother and fathers with children of the right age you might want to rethink that vote of yours, cause your kids might be the next ones on that plane to war. What better way to make the people forget all about King Joffrey’s faults. Get those poll numbers jumping higher, right? Remember 9-11, even George Walker Bush appeared Presidential for a while. That is till reality struck and it was way to obvious that the fool was just too much in over his head as our nation imploded right in front of our eyes. Sound familiar? As if drinking the same kool-aid, several of the talking heads came out after Trump made the decision to attack, by saying that his military action had officially turned him into a real President. I guess now that he has blood upon his hands, we should all swear allegiance. I guess we’ll learn soon, what else has been unleashed by the latest very unexpected and most unwanted development of yesterday. The headline has changed on today’s morning edition, instead of something on the big vote for the judge on Friday, its all gonna war! See, Donald J. Trump pulled another perfect deflection. Now stepping back and just discussing the situation with Syria, disregarding who our President is, but what Syria’s President just did, honestly I’m torn. After what Bashar al-Assad just pulled with gassing his own citizens I guess he left us no choice. Seems President Barack Obama’s plan didn’t take or somebody was lying, as the removed Sarin gas somehow was back on hand and seemingly used on his own people. I guess that needs investigating, I mean when did the Syrian’s require it? Who helped them get it? Maybe they were hiding it somewhere, but where? What about the experts? How did they blow this, if they blew this. Sadly with everything else happening, one must ask was Russia the one pushing the button in the decision to use the vile chemical weapon, cause that has been rumored to have happened in the past. On that regard, the Russian President called the U.S. Strike in Syria a flagrant violation of international law. Acting like King Joffrey is the baddie in this real game of chicken that our President's crack team of military experts have come up with. So it seems we might be having a lovers quarrel, it'll be interesting if we finally get some harsh words by Donald against his former best bud or will that part of his game still be off limits.

As with George Walker Bush seemingly turning into a President over night when he was faced with 9-11 and all those pesky Weapons of Mass Destruction, maybe Donald will awaken from ineptitude and transform into the military genius he kept bragging to us he was on the stomp. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants if the man did know more than all the generals? Guess we’ll gonna find out shortly, right? All I can say is lets hope whatever the mission his henchmen have conceived eventually doesn’t turn into another Iraq, another never-ending war. We can only hope now that maybe the business magnate did surround himself with the right people, or as they say, we are in ups Schitt’s Creek without a paddle. Seriously I’m just hoping this time the action he’s taken turns our flawed leader into the President we so desperately need right about now. Since he is our President and it appears we are stuck with him, we had better hope whatever he’s planning now isn’t one all of us will live to regret.So is this gonna be Trump’s Waterloo, or will it be his Bin Laden success? Will his sudden blood lust make him the King of the World or reveal him to be the charlatan that so far he’s only proven to be. How will this use of power effect his demeanor? Will it awaken whatever humanity is supposedly inside our 45th President, or will it turn him even more into the dictator that he seemed destined to become. Well, I’m hoping we live through another All the President’s Men and not another Amerika, what about you?

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Sunday, April 02, 2017


Now that fire is beginning to scorch the White House, as Nunes reveals himself to be a stooge and ironies of ironies erupts as the ‘Lock Her Up’ general may be getting the karma he so justly deserves, is it terrible to say I’m beginning to enjoy watching a presidency implode right in right of our eyes?

THE BIGGEST JOKE OR IS THAT THE SADDEST ONE, is the continued attempt by the White House and the President himself, as they try to change the subject by continuously throwing accusations, excuse me lies against President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Always with no proof or evidence accept for having seen it on Fox Faux News or read it on Breitbart or some other Republican conspiracy website or cable news outlet. Seems when it comes to anything connected to the nation’s 45th President, Trump’s favorite words are the only ones you need to hear to know that everything they say is simply a lie. ‘Believe me’. We’ve heard those words said more times by Donald in the last year, than probably we’ve heard in all of our lifetimes combined. Believe me, I know more than the Generals. Believe me, Hillary is a bigot. Believe me, I won’t have time to go on vacations and play golf. Believe me, I never settle lawsuits. Blah Blah Blah! In my book believe me means, I’m a lying sack of manure and whatever I say is simply a deflection from the truth. You see the longer King Joffrey’s in power, even as it appears his whole presidency is imploding around him, the closer he gets to implementing his plan, the destruction of America into whatever place he and his pals envision it to be. As we watch at the very same time, Donald and his Von Trump family singers fleece the American people for as many millions or billions that they possibly can. Sadly all of this thievery is being aided by almost all the power players in the Republican party. I have to wonder how many of them are also in cahoots with Putin or one of his emissaries, or are they just feckless politicians with no hearts or souls turning a blind eye in order to get their agenda’s finally achieved. Sometimes I sit back and watch in disbelief, as they spew their talking points trying to change the entire story from what is actually happening into a conspiracy world of make believe that they themselves probably don’t even believe half the time. That being said, if you listen to or read any of the things that some of the politicians that preach the word of God say, which is most of the Right’s political leaders, who actually all along are doing the exact opposite of what their supposed real savior, Jesus Christ, actually advocated his followers to do. For the most part they all sound delusional, evil and downright medieval and somehow they get elected and reelected back into office and now seemingly are the majority in our political world. 

What are we to make of Devin Nunes and the interesting developments in regards to his relationship with the President? Was he always in bed with King Joffrey or just Paul Ryan or a bit of both? As with all Republicans like Kellyanne Conway all we’ve heard about them from everyone was how great they were in their jobs until the worm turned. How personable they’ve always been until their lies came back to bite them in their asses. People on both sides of the aisle praised both Nunes and Conway repeatedly, even one of my heroes Rachel Maddow piled on the platitudes in discussing Kellyanne when she took the job of running Trump’s campaign, and ‘believe me’ I was not pleased at Rachel for it. But because of her okay, I decided to give the woman a second chance. Sadly my original opinions turned out to be correct and Kellyanne was revealed to all the world as the lying dog that she is. Happily it didn’t take long for Rachel Maddow and most of the media to see something  was what up with Kellyanne and much to Rachel’s credit, she was amongst the first in the media to call out Mrs. Conway for her lies and word games. Honestly one of the highlights of the entire Trump debacle was watching Rachel Maddow destroy Kellyanne Conway on her show, especially when she got the chance to confront her live on air. Watching Conway’s face as it looked like she was being pummeled by an invisible fist, I can actually hear the comic book sound effects, and feel the force of the blows. Hey in trying times, one needs to grasp for as much good as possible, otherwise it would be just too utterly depressing.

As for Devin, thank the powers that be, listening to the talking heads in Washington, they seem stunned at what the chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has done. What gets me is, why would anyone believe that someone who served as a member of President Trump’s transition team could be considered a viable choice to head a commission in charge of discovering if his supposed former boss was guilty of crimes against the state? The one word I kept hearing about him is how “honorable” he is. To listen to Nunes say “it appears like the Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigation,” after seemingly being a pawn in King Joffrey’s mad plan is being hypocritical to say the least. But he is a Republican so why am I surprised at all, this is their modus operandi after all for everything. Anyone besides me who can not believe this actually happened in the real world, I swear we must all be living the same nightmare April Fools joke. Devin Nunes actually met with two sources on the White House grounds, who he promises he will never reveal their identities. Oh my! So lets get this straight, the head of the committee who is investigating if Trump was in bed with the Russians, Devin Nunes appears to be trying to prove President Barack Obama had indeed “wiretapped” Donald Trump just as our orange-faced President had tweeted weeks before. Its been reported that Devin switched Ubers no less to make whomever was following him, if anyone was following him, lose the puppet of Donald J. Trump. Me thinks Devin has been watching too many Jason Bourne movies. Somehow when he was tipped off, about this top secret Intel from whomever, since Devin keeps insisting out loud, to whomever asks, that he will never give up the sources identities. So get this, the first person he met with was Paul Ryan. Hm, strategizing, maybe? Instead of doing the proper thing, discussing the events to the members of the committee like he should have done in the first place. Yet another chance to play ‘spy vs. spy’ cold war games and failing miserably. Could the ineptitude of the Trumpeters be more hysterical or is that sadder? As once again their method of deflecting the subject has blown up in their collective and probably treasonous faces. Which of course meant that all the Trumpeters had to throw out even more outlandish conspiracies in hopes that the pile of questions that are now almost a mile high against our President would be tossed aside as just yesterdays fake news again. 

Unbelievably with all this going on,  just when you thought this April Fools of a Presidency couldn’t get any crazier, out pops the latest development. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn coming out and asking for immunity, it keeps getting better and better. The man whose more famous now for being the ass who rallied the sheep at the Republican National Convention with the mantra of “Lock her up,” then for all his years in the military, is now the person out of all the Trumpeters who seems headed first to his very own prison cell before anyone else in what is jokingly known as Donald Trump’s cabinet. Oh the web they weave these Trumpeters. Questions abound. What was the reason he jumped the gun and asked for the deal? What is his story that he thinks is worthy of immunity. Of course, I want to hear him explain how he’s not guilty for asking for immunity, since he actually argued Hillary Clinton was guilty by association, because 5 people close to her were given it to testify. Let me repeat that, 5 people associated with Hillary Clinton received immunity to testify, not Hillary, she never asked for it or was offered it. He argued that people who asked for and received it were guilty period. Don’t you love the double standard of these Trumpeters, Hillary was guilty until proven innocent, no matter how ridiculous the conspiracy. No matter which lunatic accused her of the crimes, seemingly whatever they spewed was believed by many, no matter how many times the lies were proven false. And the President and his cronies are still doing it. And lets also not forget, that when Hillary Clinton testified for over 11 hours about Benghazi and her emails, she didn’t ask or was offered immunity. None. So shouldn’t we presume the man is guilty if he presumed she was? The question is not if he’s guilty, its how many crimes he's guilty of. I want to know, what does he know that’s worth immunity? What crimes has he committed that has made him need immunity in the first place? Why was it necessary for his attorney to tell the world that his client was seeking immunity in the first place? Which makes you ponder, who else involved in the biggest political scandal since Watergate is out there also seeking immunity or threatening to do so? In the end the most important thing that I want to learn is, was Donald Trump ever in cahoots with Vladimar Putin? If so when did it begin and is it still occurring as we speak? Has this whole affair been decades in the making or just this political cycle? If not our President, I mean it is possible the whole Russian thing is beyond his mental grasp, who if any in the inner circle was the ringleader? You call yourself a patriot sir? Prove it finally. I now see why President Barack Obama fired him, its just sad that the next President in the White House, disregarded the previous ones orders. But than again, the answers to all of the other questions would probably explain King Joffrey's decision in the first place to hire the loser. Of course knowing our world these days, Michael Flynn will most likely be our next Oliver North, so get ready for the General’s close up on the premiere episode of the Flynn Report.

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