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And astonishing afterwards, it was discovered that his wife's big speech was actually plagiarized from a certain current First Lady. You can't make this sh*t up!

Thanks RNC! Keep this up, by Friday Hillary's Poll Numbers are gonna go thru the roof! Day one of what I like to call the sh*t storm in Cleveland, or as its officially titled The Republican National Convention, opened and the entire televised event was as bad as one was hoping it couldn't possibly be. 
The highlight, or was that one of low points was Donald 'Drumpf' Trump introducing his wife. Actually entering through a fog as 'We are the champions' by the late great Freddy Mercury blasted through out the arena. The visuals matched what I think this whole week will be about, The crowning of the next king of Westeros, oh  excuse me, I mean the next President of these United States.
It simply was a surreal moment. Almost as odd as Clint Eastwood's now infamous RNC 2002 when he spoke to an empty chair. It was that surreal.
And then the lovely lady came out, looking like Cersei Lannister, and beautifically almost phonetically, she read off of a teleprompter, lovingly describing her husband "That you judge society how you treat its citizens." Up until that point I was listening attentively, trying to enjoy the script she was reading, but when I heard "That you judge society how you treat its citizens." I pretty much had reached my limit. So I had to take a break, paused the show and I tweeted my response to her.

After taking a break, I started Cersei up again and suffered till the first night's festivities was over. And then wham, a few hours later, today's major screw up was revealed! Not once but possibly twice. Turns our Donald's lovely wife was pretending to be the wife of the future President. She was playing the part so well, that she actually plagiarized the words previously said by another woman whose husband was running for the hot seat. And then later it was maybe discovered she also had added a little Rick Astley into the mix, as two lines in her speech sounded amazingly close to the 1980s no. 1 smash, as she promised that Donald was 'Never ever gonna give you up, and never gonna let you down'  Seriously wow, 'Believe me'! 
First the rolling out of of his Vice Presidential choice has been universally panned, and now his wife's introduction to the world is discovered to be a sham. 
I keep hoping that the Drumpf will disappear and a real candidacy will emerge, somehow. I mean if God forbid he wins, at least I can try to imagine him as human, as opposed to the candidate that we've all grown to hate and abhor. Its possible that if he somehow gets in, our nation will have elected its first F├╝hrer. I wish I was joking.
Amazing this, whoops moment was discovered hours after the evenings events had ended, that some of the lovely lady's speech was actually plagiarized from Michelle Obama's very own 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. Simply wow. Can't wait till they edit the two speeches together at the DNC next week. 
Amazingly and hysterically as I wrote this, somebody actually just that, thats right the two speeches 8 years apart, edited together for all the world to see! And its already trending on Facebook and of course its been on the news, and watching them edited together is mind-blowing. And whats even better, Michelle's take on the material is shall we say better delivered. Can't wait to hear how the Donald's people explain this one away. I spoke to soon, urns out, today, the man himself, Paul Manafort, tweeted basically that whole Melania-gate is Hillary's fault! Yup, seems Trump's wife was a threat to Hillary and she had to take her down. Its Hillary fault, Melania plagiarized. Well, I guess thanks, Hillary?

And wait… amazingly this article is rewriting itself the longer I stay up late. It turns out, that as I was editing my piece last night, The Trump campaign issued a statement, later in the evening, that did not address the controversy, but calls it a "Beautiful speech" and a "success"
Melania was interviewed earlier in the week, according to reports I read online, where she claimed that she had written the speech herself. All I can say is, if Donald didn't give her the speech to copy from, they must have watched it together. Honestly it doesn't matter, because it turns out there's proof he had watched Michele's original speech, and actually tweeted about it, way back in 2008.
How funny, and ironic, that the thing that might have won him the Presidency just might have killed his chances in the end. Thank's Twitter! Talk about crooked!
Any way, back to the convention, which sadly means first, Rudy Giuliani's scream-fest that made me want to take a shower. I pretty much tuned off, after that, but I didn't change the station, just ket it on, wondering what the next road kill would be. The worst speaker of the night for me, had to be the mother of a victim from, you guessed it, Benghazi! Yes, to really stoke the fires of hatred and to rekindle the never-ending conspiracies about what occurred on that tragic day. They rolled out Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith. And she was a force of nature, using the sympathy card, as an excuse to go after Hillary Clinton with seriously delusional accusations!
“I blame Hillary Clinton. I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.”
And of course, the crowd ate it up. The worst part was when someone shouted out "Hillary for prison" and she responded:
"She deserves to be in stripes"
I guess it could have been worse, but watching the most over the top grieving showcase of mothers loss made me wish whomever had thought this was a good thing, would somehow be struck by lightning! So of course I wrote another tweet, reacting in the mature manner people have grown accustomed to read.
I'm sorry I know all they have is the Benghazi conspiracy charade and we know they have to use it for all its worth. Of course completely ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton's witch hunt concluded and then the head of the FBI explained that Hillary did nothing intentionally wrong. But that will never be good enough for the true believers or is that truly delusional.
But with this latest mishap, his argument about Hillary's judgement has to finally go out the window. I mean, he let his wife plagiarize the current First Lady, try to wriggle out that that one con man. 
So from now on, hysterically, the only thing the world will remember from last nights opening event, is that Donald Trump's beautiful wife, an immigrant who earned her American citizenship, and rose to the heights in Cleveland, was discovered to be a charlatan simply dressed up for the ball. I sort of feel like singing "Don't cry for me Argenta" because sad to say Melania Trump on this evening for me, and for all time will always be the 'Evita' of Presidential Politics in 2016. If there's any consolation in all this, she's got the cheek bones if they ever cast the movie of this years campaign. 
How ironic, years a go I was taking an acting workshop, and in the back of the room sat this beautiful young woman, who I later discovered was being groomed by a certain Donald Trump! Thats rights, small world. We did a few scenes together, which was when my instructor told me the news. No it wasn't the Mrs., or one of his exes. But, Donald, just a head's up, you better get your wife more training, honestly she didn't pass the big audition. 
Tic-tic-tic, thats the sound of the clock ticking down, as Trump's chances of becoming our next President disappear. By the time Hillary announces her running mate on Friday, me thinks the road to the White House will be smooth sailing from here on out. This is gonna be one fantastic week, Hillary must have slept like a like a baby last night. 

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