Saturday, July 16, 2016


And it turns out the delay was because he was having second thoughts 

Thanks Toaster face for offering Mike Pence up, let the roasting begin! Seems he wasn’t playing us, supposedly according to media reports, The Donald was actually having second thoughts. So the man he chose as his running mate, isn’t really whom he actually wants? According to talking heads, its really his family making this decision. Simply as crazy as one could every imagine, it's Game of Thrones but only in real life.  
And dig that snazzy Trump - Pence - Make American White, oh excuse me, Great Again! What a slogan! And this is their logo. I must admit I played in photoshop, but honestly actually kind of prefer it this way. Hysterically as soon as it appeared on the net, people out there, have not been very kind to it. “Believe me” I did it justice, the animated ones are a hoot. 

So this morning, Trump came out and actually introduced his new partner in crime. There they were, wow talk about your not so Dynamic Duo! Reading off of what looked like notes, Trump carefully spoke the words, making it look like this was the first time he was learning about Mike Pence as he was introducing him. Hysterically, I think one of his kids probably wrote it for him and handed him the cheat sheet before he walked up to the podium. At least he should have read it before he read it to us. I go on auditions all the time, and I can spot a cold reading from a mile away. I could swear, this was his first reading of this script. I presume, Junior or one of his off-spring must have discussed it ahead of time, maybe that was in actually the real reason for the delay. But unluckily I’m not a part of the inner circle, or is that luckily, so I’m not privy to the truth.
I must admit seeing them together, in pictures from previous events they’ve attended together and now today, they actually do make a striking duo. Without adding the usual jokes about Drumpf’s appearance, seeing Pence standing next to him, scarily looks like something that could occur. Of course Pence looks remarkably like Robert Shaw as he appeared in From Russia With Love. And if you look at his record in Government, what Roger’s character Red Grant was planning to do to James Bond, is exactly what Mike Pence is planning to do to our country. Basically end it. Kill the America we’ve all grown to love and turn it into some Ring-Wing Conservative backward thinking promised land.
Where abortion is a thing of the past, where tobacco doesn’t cause cancer, where Global Warming is made up and coal is as clean as the snow on the highest alp. Where the only good gay person, well is a straight one or one whose still in the closet! Simply put, the man hates people who aren’t straight. I’m actually surprised that Caitlyn Jenner will be appearing at the Republican National Convention, but I guess she’s the token. And luckily the laws that Pence once enacted haven’t been enacted in Cleveland yet, so I guess she can come too. I mean they do have one, opening gay black Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who will be speaking, I think. Seems with these two, they struck the mother lode! Maybe they aren’t homophobic after all, that too is a myth perpetuated by the liberal biased media who claim that Donald is the F├╝hrer awaiting his swearing in.
I will give it to the Donald, at first glance one could actually see these two together in The White House, if only in a mad TV version of course. Do these two look any worse then George Bush and Dan Quayle, or George Walker Bush and Dick Cheney? See, not really. Four years ago when Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, the thought of those two winning the White House, seriously scared the bejeezus out of me. Luckily the citizens made the right decision and re-elected President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and boy did we dodge a bullet. 
Even though Hillary Clinton hasn’t picked her running mate yet, I can’t imagine anyone she picks being any worse then the one that Donald chose. And listing the accomplishments and goals of Mike Pence, I’m pretty sure, his beliefs and positions will not help Trumps campaign. Seemingly all of them basically courting the same voters that The Donald has already sewn up. The only clear difference is, that Pence has always sided with Trade deals and as we know Donald wants to rip them all up and renegotiate them at 10 cents on the dollar. 
So either his agenda will help elect the Drumpf, because Obama went too far and Hillary is planning to even take our country further, and our nation is as they like to say 'course correcting' itself, basically anyone who isn't a Democrat would have won this year anyway. Or will they actually be the reasons that the Donald actually loses the election. So either it’ll be thanks Donald for the poor choice, or son-of-a bitch he pulled another rabbit out of his ass

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