Monday, November 16, 2015

Or is it just a few bad apples & some scarily wanting to be our next President?
If anyone is seriously gonna be voting for the next election, watch these 'Americans' showcase why the term Ugly Americans has become so popular!
In the wake of the Paris attacks (no I'm not discussing World War II), A bunch of Republican leaders and Presidential candidates have announced their opposition to any of the Syrian refugees to be allowed to enter our sacred shores. How American of them… guess they forgot our history! Forgot our values! Just bask in your fears and hatred and try to make political points in the process. And worse seek funds because of it.
Its possible we could be discussing the start of the real World War III. As opposed to all the others that have occurred since the end of the last War to end all Wars. It seems, finally we have a real threat on our hands. Not just a foreign war amongst warring sections of a few small countries that we seem to be giving advice to and lots of our tax payers money.
Ever since President George W. Bush disregarded the warnings and we got attacked on 9/11, and we entered this current vicious non-ending military action, by attacking the wrong nation! It seems we have been playing war games in the sand. With Drones and air power, and for the most part, without boots on the ground, supposedly. Leading various attempts at downsizing this latest threat, which currently is ISIL. Each step seemingly a logical attempt at fixing a sadly illogical enemy, And sadly it seems, each attempt has actually seemed to strengthen this monstrous entity's zeal for their eventual goals. Seemingly to destroy everything that disagrees with their centuries old religious beliefs.Or their twisted interpretations of those sacred laws.
The scary part of this is, there is some small part of me that sees a grain of salt in their justification for their hatred and demonizing of these poor refugees who are simply trying to find a place to live. Not for their hatred and demonizing, I completely disagree with that, but for their fear in the unknown. The what ifs.
So, if you wanna live with the what-ifs scenarios, then if, a few or the many, of these refugees or as they like to think of them as mindless terrorists, are amongst the thousands entering our shores. What if they are simply here to infiltrate our mighty nation. And defeat us from within!!! Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmmb!
I'm sorry, if that was true, that scenario would have occurred time and again over the years with each new foreign invasion. I mean, the Germans came, we didn't demonize all of them after the war was over. All Germans aren't Nazis! Are they? If not, then how are all Muslims, terrorists? Just saying.
The Irish, The British for Gods sake…we do have some history fighting them, don't we ? Guess we shouldn't have let The Beatles on our shore!  I mean we did call it The British Invasion… didn't we?
That said, as we know, this is a different age, a different enemy, nothing is out of the question. But, we live in the real world and sorry, I have to believe that these nightmare scenario's are just that nightmares. For me, the scarier threat is if one of these so called Americans become our next President. And that people simply do not seem to change. This hatred that some of these people are spouting sounds like the same garbage we heard decades ago against numerous minorities and immigrants.

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Is anything in your bio, real, or are you just a surgeon with a Walter Mitty complex?
Its pretty amazing watching Ben Carson get upset because for a 'few days' people are asking him questions… imagine if they gave him a lie detector test… the sweat poring down his brow. But then again, the man seems so, relaxed most of the time, he might hum as he answers all the questions with out a problem.
Imagine if an entire business model was created to attack him and go after his place of birth… if a news cable outlet went on a 24/7 attack mode on everything and anything he has ever done… hm, oh, thats right, thats what they've been doing to our President since he began his first campaign for President… Oh, and there's Hillary Clinton, nope, nobody ever went after her…  not one conspiracy not one attack… oh, her husband, kind of was attacked without end… and there's Jack Kennedy's Catholic background and family history… and then… Buddy me thinks you protest too much!
I think its more like this. Simply you've fabricated your life, like a new version of The Great Imposter! Sorry sir, if your candidacy is based on how you've lived your life, the only thing we have to gage, if you are up to the job is what you've given us. You're running on a campaign of being the one candidate that will tell us the truth… right? Since you have no public record of accomplishments… No military experience. No budgetary experience, no seemingly real world experience, just what would you like us to believe?
Sorry sir, if we are basing your candidacy on your storytelling… your tomes… how many books you written… these are what we have to go on… so we need to see if what you wrote and what you are pitching actually happened…I mean, did your publishers hire any fact checkers for the books? Or did they just publish them as is… because of your personal charms?
How truthful have you been to the world…since the few people that they've spoken to so far, seemingly none have ever have had knowledge of any of your so-called amazing experiences. The one's which you claim, changed you into the man you became. What if these experiences never happened, then what do we have to go on? Just your word. And if your words continue to sound like a crazy person is spewing them, with your odd explanations of historical events, like "Pyramids were really Grain Silos"… which happens to be my personal favorite… seriously would you believe someone else, who claimed the same things that you do? Really?
The more you persist and act like you are being attacked, the more it seems you are hiding the real truth. That your past stories, the fables you made up about yourself, to make yourself feel better about who you really are are simply that… made up. After seeing pictures in the media, of your home. Your shrine to yourself… you and your pal Jesus doing a selfie, I think the only thing we really know is that you are a surgeon who has concocted a make-believe facade…
And scarily you seem to speak in biblical times when it comes to how you see our world and how you want to run it. We have yet to get any semblance of a real plan for any of the issues that face our world today. Sorry, but using bible text as your outline on how to fix our tax code is scary…
At least he hasn't point blank said, I think… that God spoke to him and told him to run! No, all I've heard him say, was that the people have told me to run, they asked me… sounds a little too much like he's making himself into a prophet… hm,  that portrait of him & Jesus is beginning to give me the creeps.
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