Monday, May 31, 2021


Hmm, Mitch, seems without their bipartisanship you just gave Democrats a gift, now it'll be even easier to go after the traitors in our midst … remember Kevin, the truth will set you free, or if you're guilty, maybe send you to prison for insurrection! 

GUESS REPUBLICANS, WANT TO LOOK BAD, having had the chance to be patriots, and actually do the right thing,  and uncover the truth, instead played their usual games of deflection, blame, and possibly political suicide, by torpedoing a bipartisan commission to find out who if any power players in Washington were in on the attack and who is actually innocent, and have seemingly lost their minds. I understand they're trying very hard to take away as many people's rights in voting, and take our constitutional rights from us, but after the last election, haven't the GOP learned that the people rise up and vote in record numbers, especially when we realize monsters in Trumpian orange are trying to destroy our country. Well, guess thanks to Mitch, it's time for the Democrats to uncover the truth about what happened on their own. Makes sense, since currently they're the only political party actually performing politics to help Americans, as opposed to everything in the soulless monsters hearts, you know republicans, who's mission is to hurt as many Americans as possible. Heck, they were all in on Trump's genocide… weren't they? When will those hearings begin?

So enough with the bipartisanship, Democrats, you tried, repeatedly, on a loop. I'm sorry, if only one side if playing, then you are pretty much giving the non-players the victory, and the American people once again get the shaft. Democrats when will they learn? The Republicans aren't changing their spots, and especially they ain't changing their votes. They will only double down on their villainy till our very Democracy is dead, and the land of the free and the home of the brave is just in ruins and ash, burnt to the ground by hatred, lies and deception. Are you paying attention Democrats? At the exact same time Republicans are filibustering bills that could help Americans, they are going out pitching it's the Democrats who are not bargaining in good faith.

If you didn't guess by now, in the Republican dictionary, the word bargaining means, you take whatever we want, agree, then throwaway everything else or it's no deal, take it or leave it. Or maybe worse, spend weeks or months, negotiating and actually getting everything you want, but then at the very last minute, decide, nope, no deal for you, and we just played you some more, and you fell for it again. Which pretty much was Trump's way while in power. Mitch and the Republicans would negotiate with the democrats, and at the last minute after the two sides finally had nailed a plan, Donald would swoop in and throw a wrench into the whole discussion, and nothing would get done. Pretty much kicking the can down the road for the next or two, or never.  But somehow, the Democrats would get blamed for it again…  

So Democrats, you tried, to be the good American, but the minority prevented you guys, the majority from doing it. So, do it alone, enough. I for one would not complain, if this commission, or whatever they finally describe it as, is any where as thorough and fact finding, and in your face, as the most recent Impeachment hearing, or even the previous one.

So, the question I need to ask is, will this committee and/or investigation, interfere with the current investigations and trials, already coming Donald's way. How ironic, hysterical, and fitting, that once the Democrats do begin this, it may turn out that at the same time they want to subpena Trump to testify, about this, he might also be subpoenaed to testify in the many upcoming legal hearings and court cases for his obvious taxation issues, and other criminal acts, Cy Vance is overseeing. I can't wait to discover if Donald somehow gets away with everything, because he was president, somehow that saves him from everything again, you know, making him the king he apparently thinks he is. Its am amazing when Trump does it, a President is pretty much a king, but if a Democrat sneezes, it's life in prison or death row.

Of course sadly, looking as evil as possible, seems to be what the trumpeting Republicans are going for. Especially now with their current ongoing attempt at preventing as many people who might vote for anyone but them, while attempting to place others in power who aren't in it for the American people, but themselves and their masters. The worse they get, the more crazed, insane, racist, and vomit inducing or worse they get. It's as if their point blank evilness, is giving them strength, while weakening our very Democracy. 

So far, the Republican's current trajectory of bile and venom has caused them to lose the White House and the Senate in 2020, and 2 years before that the majority in the House as well. Hopefully this current attempt will be smacked down either by The John Lewis Voting Rights Act when it gets signed into law, or the courts will throw out all of the new restrictive anti-democratic and totally racist bills as completely unconstitutional. Or even if these monstrous republican laws stand, and no new over all law for our voting rights gets passed, the anger throughout the land, at what the republicans are pulling, especially after January 6th, will wake everyone up to the madness, and democracy will win once more. Of course, as things are going now, if that miracle occurred, then we would once again possibly have a Constitutional crisis because the bills which Republicans have shoved into law, gives them the power to throw out the people's votes… something which for some reason almost nobody is talking about, and is actually the most important thing that should be… so in 2 or 4 years, if God forbid, that scenario happens, and the Democrats win in states with the trumpeter stink all over our Democracy, and the Republicans in charge throw out the American people's votes and give the victory to their Republican minions, the American people will rise us and make the January 6th attack look just like a picnic, a tourist trip, as the lying douche bag republicans in Congress described it, while trying to gaslight Americans.   So enough already with bipartisanship Democrats, you tried, time to go it alone… they were in on it, time to prove it. Remember these fools are up for reelection in less than 2 years, let's show the people who they're really voting for.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, May 31, 2021

Monday, May 24, 2021


Remember the Civil War,  am I the only one who thinks, the current crop of trumpeters running the GOP, might be on course to try to secede… 

I GUESS SOME ATTEMPTED COUPS aren't worth getting to the bottom of? Could you imagine if the opposite was true, if the January attack had occurred and President Barack Obama, or better yet Hillary Clinton were in power, and it was their followers, and the Republicans were in charge… these Republicans? Boy I sure can, remember Benghazi? Shall I remind you what they did to Hillary? I didn't think so. Well I think we would be having a non stop court proceeding, with Lindsey, Teddy Cruz and Marco Rubio railing against those traitorous Democrats … of course this scenario would ever happen, since Democrats still believe in the rule of law, in our Democracy. I guess, these Republicans, or what was once  classified as the Republican Party, only seemingly believe in the Confederacy, Putin, or simply their golden calf. 

Maybe I'm the only one that's seeing it, but it sure looks like the states run by Republicans are swiftly transforming into the territories they once were some 200 years ago. Between their new laws that prevent more and more people from voting, as opposed to what has always been,  at least the advertised pitch… you know, in America, when you are born here, you automatically have that right once you hit the proper age. It's in the constitution!  Well apparently these bible thumping hypocrites who beleive in lies and refuse reality and truth, want voting to be as it when our nation began… white males only. How Red, White, and Blue of you… And let's not forget the recent attacks on native Americans, as simply relics that were here before their great white republican hunters discovered these shores and made it their own. And let's not forget that they did it by enslaving African Americans, and performing genocide upon the only true native Americans… of course, that's something that they're trying to erase from the history books and being taught in schools.
Notice I didn't mention the insensitive prick's name who spewed the very insulting and bigoted comments. Between racists attacks against pretty much all people of color, including Asians, and Jewish Americans. Yes, according to the real whites out there, us Jews are also not included with them in their racist backward, inbred, white people's handbook, treasured by those who consider their heritage better than others. One would think in the year 2021, crap like this would be a relic of the past, as some have said, since Kamala Harris is now our Vice President, see, racism is a thing of the past… Instead, it's the essence of those who found in the Republican Party who found their voice in Donald John Trump, a pathologically lying carnival barker, that they all fell for, and whose soul's Lucifer now owns. Somehow the more he hurts people, the more Godlike his hold on them gets, if this isn't madness it's pretty close to it.
So Republicans scream, we must not look back, only look forward in regards to a day they will probably be having parades over in their neck of the woods, like they now do for their Confederate heroes. Cheering the traitors, who stormed the Capitol, just as they cheer the Confederate soldiers that fought for the right to own slaves! 
At the same time they're cheering these insurrectionists as patriots, they keep trying to blame others for the crime against Democracy that they mostly all seem to be in with or in on. Either they are all in on it, for the patriotism of it, but any violence and bad vibes from it weren't the bad people, those were actually others in the crowd. What? Others that have yet to be revealed, uncovered, identified or brought in for questions. Somehow according the them, they describe the terrorists in Trump garb, as visiting the Capitol on a peaceful family tour, and the actual culprits was actually ANTIFA or BLM, presumingly all in white face and body makeup, covering their true skin colors. Disregarding all the truth, or worse, defending those traitors to our flag, as the real heroes willing to attack the Capitol in defense of our flag. Of course completely ignoring that the one flag they didn't bring was the American Flag. Instead, these peaceful flower children, brought Confederate, Nazi, White Power flags and pennants, covered with Trump commentary and hatred. Lunatics, all possibly related to their family life stock, if you ask me. 
But investigating lies, sure. Conspiracies by the mile, why not. Isn't that the staple of these modern Republicans, well isn't it? Thank God my parents were always Democrats, and never fell under the spell of these current monsters in charge who still call themselves Republican, after suffering through what some of my friends, or sadly former friends have transformed into. Because man, I would hate being me right now if I had my mind warped by so much bullsh… , as opposed to the angry confused Jewish Democratic American who is watching with growing worry and concern, that the fools on the right are really a danger to the future of our nation. Madness, the party who constantly screams about 'our' freedoms, are the ones who are gonna be the eventual demise of all of them!
I don’t understand Republicans, who don’t wanna investigate what happened on January 6, 2021, what are you trying to hide? We have lots of commissions already doing it, they shout. Really? Well, actually none investigating the how it began, only the day itself. You don’t want to find out if one of the members in the room, possibly standing next to you, actually carrying a concealed weapon, could’ve been involved with an attempted coup. Or to put it closer to home, and I can't believe I have to remind them, that there was an attempt on their very lives, or worse, the only logical deduction is, are they trying to hide the fact that they were involved with it? And what gets me is they don’t wanna investigate that, while I guess forgetting that we have videos of the event that the whole world has seen. Not to mention the millions of people across our nation and the world, who experienced it in real time on their televisions, phones and computers, who could all be witnesses in the trial, that what happened on that day wasn't no picnic! As some of the very same Republicans in power are now trying to call the infamous day, and we are talking the ones who were fighting for their very lives … and that's on video too! 
But instead, more important to Trump's party, is to investigate every freaking ballot, that's supposedly printed in China, that's really hard to believe, made out of bamboo! Yes, let's investigate those items, with as usual, in any conspiracy that these losers always pitch, no actual proof that anything happened, except what actually happened in reality, that they keep arguing against. Maybe our mantra should be, remember what they did to Hillary? Let's remind them they pitched President Barack Obama's homeland wasn't American. Let's see, they cause a problem, or create a conspiracy, and they make it their 24/7 talking point. And even without a shred of evidence or better, after all of it is proven to be flat out garbage, it gets drummed up so much, to become the next worst thing by a human since, you guessed it something Nixon or Hitler could have done. And even when outed, arrested, convicted, ostracized, somehow they gain political advantage, even when they lose in court, life or in their political races. They get jobs on television, as experts, and paraded around on air like royalty, and somehow get richer, and get even more popular, then run again and this time win. And the worst part of all this is, the American people always gets shafted, as they somehow get even more powerful, wealthier and even more obnoxious. So what I am getting to is, let's make them remember what their buddies tried to do to our Democracy! They refuse to have a commission, sadly for them the Democrats have the majority, and can arrange one anyway… remember Benghazi…
So now as the Republicans continue to come out fighting against investigating what actually happened to the Capitol on January 6, now what's happened, what is happening in Arizona, is gonna be spreading across the land… all the republican led states, at least for now, are going to be concocting rereading of the ballots, not to really overthrow the election but to prove that the wrong man got him and so, the voters should vote out Democrats, because they were bad and evil. Of course while doing this, they argue, that they don't want the January 6th commission, because the Democrats are using it as if it was another Impeachment trial against Trump… huh? So when they want to investigate something, it's never political, but when Democrats do, it always is. And of course, it goes without saying that the investigations they want are on false, and made up conspiracies with no evidence, and the ones the they don't are ones with actual criminal actions and human death!
Am I the only one that doesn’t see this? Talk about white privilege. Republicans in the Trump party like to take other things and make it their own, for example those who believe Trump's pitch about Election Day, that he's been spewing months before people actually started voting.
The Democrats coined the phrase, 'The Big Lie' in regards to Trump's pitch, before during and after Election Day, that the election was stolen from him, even before people voted, well as with all things Trumpian, any term used against them, they try to flip and use as a weapon against everyone else.  For example 'woke'…Earlier I mentioned the part about anti-Semitism in their ranks, and as I've been trying to remain calm, because I recently discovered that the monsters who are now seemingly running the asylum are using Gold Stars, as an attack against wearing masks, and I'm sorry that is the final straw in my opinion. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the disgraced, fool, and her buddies, are now wearing the same symbol that the Nazi's forced Jewish concentration camp victims to wear, as a comparison to the Government having people wear masks to save their lives from a deadly virus. How evil can you get? They spend years going after Hillary Clinton concocting a scheme that she was at fault for pulling funds for a foreign embassy, Wasting millions upon millions of dollars trying to destroy the credibility of one our greatest Americans who has ever lived. But they don’t wanna spend a cent investigating how January 6th was caused. Who was behind it, and how we can prevent it from happening again. Yes I understand there are other investigations, but they are investigating just what happened on that historic day, not what came before. Am I crazy, but shouldn’t the people who work in Washington, hired by the American people, they need to investigate the causes of January 6? If anyone in the Capitol was involved with it, in fact if any of the people currently working in the halls of Congress or the Senate were actually involved, assisted, flat out planned the events, shouldn't we know that? And people like Kevin McCarthy who literally had a conversation with Trump come as he claims, begging him to stop the crazies, shouldn't he have no say in an investigation? Since he's part of it! We have a lady who is now wearing gold stars as a protest to the American people having to wear masks, who has been harassing fellow congresswoman, who has now been censored from any work in any of the committees, who supposedly gave a tour of the Capitol to one of the monsters who ransacked it’s hallowed halls! And investigation it, is a no-no? Am I the only one who thinks something isn't kosher here?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, May 24, 2021

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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Oh, and I guess we should thank President Joe Biden and the Democrats for so far doing what they promised.... Sadly Mitch and the republicans are doing their worse again, attempting to screw Americans out of our constitutional rights.

I AM SO SICK AND TIRED ABOUT THE LIES and insanity, and apparent transformation of the Republican Party into a white supremacist offshoot of the communist party? How funny that the political leaders who got their marching orders from Putin are the ones accusing Democrats of being socialists… am I the only one who sees the irony in that? It’s like Donald came, swallowed the Republican Party whole, and what he spit out, what remains, is a pack of crazed losers who can’t see reality or admit the truth of anything, even if it’s killing them and us! I'm almost at my wits end when I turn on the cable news and watch as the talking heads keep asking, the why question. Why do you think the Republicans are doing it? Why are they lying? WHY?!? Why? Who gives a flying fu --! Enough. Who cares? Why even give them or even the question air time? I mean after the last 5 years or so, why ask why? Can we not simply try to forget what we suffered through and focus on what Joe Biden and Democrats are trying to do, like the good things? Can we just have reports that the other side, what used to known as republicans, are simply pulling the same old thing. In other words, nothing they are spewing is worth discussing. Unless, we are talking the drips and drops of legal news that comes out every so often, with the hope that someday, maybe, some if not all of these monsters will face a court of law and imprisonment for their crimes … and sins.
I've mentioned this before in the past in this blog, that growing up my father said a number of times 'that if a black man or a Jew ever became president people would lose their sh --' minds, yes he said the 's' word… well apparently my father was right. Cause, man, since Barack Obama became possibly the greatest President at least in my lifetime, the crazy have seemingly taken over a lot of our world. Well at least most of what used to be whatever the Republican party was, at least the ones in power. And after January 6th, possibly  all of the ones not in power too. And it seems sadly those in power have now been corrupted by Donald's ways of getting his way, and have all taken up his agenda, to lie and cheat, and steal their way to ultimate power. And all those who get in their way, friend or foe, watch out, you are now on borrowed time. Of course, they seem to forget the big but in all this, remember republicans, Trump lost! And this time not only did he lose the popular vote by over 7 million votes, he also lost the Electoral College… by the exact same vote count  that Donald had won four years prior that he has never stopped saying was a landslide. So what gives Republicans? I guess the lies and the hate is all they have, cause they haven't pitched anything to help the American people in decades, or is that ever?
So apparently losing the official election this time, and the popular vote twice in a row, somehow it turns out that that means that Trump is the republican future, really? And  their most recent losing past or current status of complete failure hasn't woken them up to reality. Unless of course they realize, that like in 2016, the sadness of the republican party was the best of a bad batch, and what's worse, even after a helping to turn a pandemic into a genocide, and our nation into the second coming of a Confederate militia, he probably still is! How pathetic and sad is that for them. 
Somehow a man that caused their party to implode, helped to erase their reason and sanity into history as well, is the person they want to tie their futures on… well keep it up the party of insurrection and death, perhaps their head scratching decision  might just give the Democrats and Joe Biden the super majority in the House and the Senate, they need to actually get things accomplished without blowing up the filibuster. I guess my question is, what happens when Trump goes on trial, loses, and winds up in prison on multiple cases, and maybe lifetimes worth of incarceration?  Will they still call him their patron saint, visit him now in prison and still follow his commands, or will they finally give up the ghost? Or will they still expect Trump to become president once more from prison? And will his followers still bankroll his run, or should I write, his legal defense? Well I guess the good thing in all this is as the republicans eat their own, and systematically remove the so-called normal members of the party, and replace them with even worse insane losers, their newer members should help to give the Democrats a better chance to gain seats. You know the ones who refuse to get vaccinated and attack those who wear them and want to receive their doses of the vaccine. Not to forget the one's who believe President Barack Obama was not born an American citizen, and those who agree with Donald's pitch that Hillary was the racist in the race for President in 2016 and not himself. So it's come down to this, after 100 days of a Joe Biden Presidency, as we witnessed Biden smoothly brush aside all attempts by Mitch McConnell and the republican party to delay our 46th President from doing his job. As most of them, went along with Donald's whine for the ages, letting him continue his juvenile tamper tantrum that his golds throne was stolen.  Happily enough of us voted the right way in 2020, and because of that President Biden was able to get passed his initial pitch, his COVID19 relief package, The American Rescue Plan, with as usual no help from the republicans at all. Of course now that the package passed by the slimmest of margins, the same trumpeting republicans who screamed that Biden's package would destroy America for good, are already out there pitching parts of it to their voters as if what they were now gonna be getting they should be the ones to get the credit, now the Democrats or Joe. 
And thankfully while the Democrats are now in the majority, yes, in all three branches of government, working up bills while trying to negotiate and get things done, that will help the American people. Amazingly it seems 'we the people' like a President and a political party who are actually trying to make our lives better. What a shocker politicians trying to save us, as opposed to suggesting we drink bleach or shove light bulbs where the Sun don't shine. Hello, republicans, maybe you should try it once in a while, your numbers on Election Day, maybe you could win an election legitimately, and for the right reasons.
But what are the republicans doing instead, simply continuing their usual pitch, that the Democrats are bad, and every single thing they are doing or pitching is ending the America that we used to live in. I mean they're now attacking President Biden for wanting to give Americans free community college, as if they're indoctrinating Americans with socialism! Simply another over the top lie that we all by now should laugh off and say enough already. But no, somehow every few years, we get another round of insanity, as soulless sellouts pitch it and worse too many idiots out there believe the garbage and then attack others for it. 
I am so sick of their 'we know best, screw reality and what we've done in the past mantra, simply trust us now, because the other guys are really scary. Or as Donald pitched non-stop in 2015 'Believe Me' which maddeningly transformed into 'what do you have to lose?' How much time do you got? Donald, Mitch, whomever? As usual, their latest tone deaf pitch, tries to act like everything they've done in the past is spectacular. While everything they've actually done is the exact opposite of what they say they did. They accuse others of being the ones who want to destroy our nation, of spitting on the Constitution, while they actually were the ones that voted to overthrow the votes of the American people! Hm? The Big Lie, has given the party of law and order a license to rip up the rules of the game. As their recent attempt to have millions of votes thrown out, without any evidence, because Trump said so, showcases. And just like they did, almost 20 years ago, after the American people voted George Walker out of power for their colossal failure, they are spending every waking hour trying to prevent the people's choice, you know the winner in the election, to do his job. Already blaming President Biden for all his failures so far, most of which are conspiracies and lies seemingly made up out of thin air, or were caused by Trump's minion's while in office, that the current administration is now cleaning up.
While trying to pitch that everything that Donald did was perfect, just disregard your lying eyes, and everything we suffered through. They actually pitch, give us the chance to rule, again… look at what a terrible job Joe is doing! Don't you remember how great things were just mere months a go? Wasn't Trump the greatest? I mean I keep hearing their talking heads grading Donald an 'A', WTF? Could you imagine what his grade would have been if he hadn't caused a genocide? I guess we should just disregard the two impeachment's, the estimated 30,000 lies, the almost 500,000 dead, and the 30 million infections… that was so last year. 
Which of course brings me to something that I am so sick of hearing about, 'The Big Lie' which is what the media had dubbed Trump's pitch to the masses. That his election was stolen and everyone else under the sun besides Donald's buddies are in on it.  Of course that sickness I feel in my stomach at anything Trump pitches, goes without saying with everything he pitches. This conversation that the elected republicans and all the talking voices that pitch 'the big lie' always skips the part about their own ballots. Seems they forget, that the ballots that they are bitching about, are the same ones they themselves were voted in on! So if Trump's election was stolen, maybe their elections were stolen from the person they ran against? Maybe they themselves shouldn't be in office… hm, crickets from the republicans as usual. At least they're consistent with this, remember Obama's birth certificate, no evidence was needed then either. All those accusations against Hunter Biden, which was supposed to deflect from the actual international crimes of the man in orange, and his complicit insurrectionist leaning buddies. Now as is his way, Trump is trying to transform the meaning and pitch 'The Big Lie' in reverse, like the right is currently trying to do with the term 'Woke' and using it to attack anyone who isn't into blowing the Donald back into power.   
How sad and down right scary watching as the Republicans eat their own. Seeing any semblance of those who live in reality, one by one be taken out, in a display that reminds of what happened in Germany during the Nazi takeover… and yes I went there. Don't agree with me? Sit back and watch the film version of the Broadway musical Cabaret, and if you don't see the similarities of the events in that film with the growth of the MAGA party, you are blind. I understand it's a movie, but I'm sorry, what we are living through now, is the most theatrical experience that I think any of us have lived through, and if the comparison fits… I guess I should ask, do you not remember watching in 2015 into 2016, as the enemies of Donald, one by one became his subservient minion? And that  takeover of the party by the trumpeters is near complete now, even as their current group helped cause their loss in the most recent Presidential and Senatorial election races.  But these 'republicans' play the long game, as their Supreme Court Justice gamble has showcased, and as their now election rights bills get shoved into every American face.
Not that I’m a fan of Liz Cheney, but really Republicans? Sine she refuses to go along with Donald's lies and not being shy about it, you guys are now gonna silence her.... Because she's speaking the truth about what happened in the last election, you’re going to try get rid of her and replace her with what another trump suck up? Well, at least one thing about these current republicans, they ain't hiding their evilness. Every day they out themselves more as the monsters that they be. While they go about trying to cancel what actually happened in the past, attempting to white wash our nation's racist past, and transform slavery into something that sounds more like summer camp. At the same time attempting and so far sadly succeeding in rolling back voting rights. So apparently the trumpeting republican's plan is to consolidate power by all going in on 'the big lie' by removing all those who pitch reality, rewrite as many election laws as possible, and most in your face, by getting back into power by minority rule… by white rule! Sorry, this is no time to play nice, or mince words. Who needs voters and if you don't win by getting the most votes, they are now jiggering the system that they can throw out the votes and put in their preferred complicit minion. So who needs voters, I guess? Who needs to do the people's business, when we can get away with doing whatever we want, win or lose somehow always game the system.   
I mean it’s bad enough that Mitch and the rest of his Republicans are trying to white wash history, ridding us of any semblance of historical facts of how our nation was created, formed, and bettered. Somehow trying to make slavery something some might want to aspire to, as well as their usual attempting to turn the Confederates into patriots and not traitors to our American flag! No wonder it feels like they’re trying to stop anyone who isn’t white from voting. Apparently the party that constantly complains about their First Amendment Rights, being cancelled, and 'the cancel culture', are the ones who are always cancelling things. Currently they're trying to cancel people abilities to vote, with the now over 300 new bills concocted, just since the last election. Let's not forget, they did try to cancel the last election, and hysterically because of pitching Trump's lies, Rudy Giuliani is now being sued for his many own lies about election fraud. I'm not sure, but I think it was Trump who suggested, they postpone Election Day because of the pandemic. You know, the one he helped turn into a genocide! Speaking about eating their own, seems Liz Cheney smacking back at the lying douche bag twice impeached pariah, for his insurrectionist leanings, is bad. Her not going along with 'the big lie' isn't going along with the conman's most recent ponzi scam, that he won, his crown was stolen, and all those who disagree are the enemy of the state. Which is why they’re trying to take away everybody’s rights to vote! 
It's really amazing, that even with a minority they not only retain power, but somehow gain even more, all the while working behind the scenes, and more and more in your face to game the system, to win power even when they lose elections. What gets me is, after the republicans have done everything in their power, especially the last four years and don't get me started on what they did while Obama was President, to cause people not to vote for them. It's hysterical listening to them all lose their minds, when people don't vote for them, stunned with anger and disbelief. As if the only way they could have ever lost their campaigns was if the election was fixed. And since Trump pitched that con, after he lost, and they lost the majority in the Senate, why not go with Donald's lies? I guess it's better then to admit they lost, right? Heck it goes with their pitch, and gives their brain dead followers more ammunition to play revolutionary war games in their dreams at night.
Have the republicans not been playing attention to actual polls, you know the ones not showcased on right wing leaning media outlets. So when people vote them out, when they claim that the election was fake, as opposed to the realization that maybe the people weren't just not that into them anymore, if ever. Maybe lying for over 30,000 times in four years to the American people, might get 'us' to say, you know what, let me go with the other guy.  I guess 'we the people' finally answered Donald's question 'Yes, we lost too much! I’m sorry giving a tax break to multi-millionaires and billionaires, while neglecting everybody else isn’t a reason for the rest of us, who didn't get a windfall from their tax con, to vote for them. Throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans, as the only help you give, during possibly their worse crisis in history, might be a reason why people didn't vote for them either! And I guess I should remind you, trying to take away people's right to vote, isn’t a way to make people love you and want to vote for you. It’s amazing how many people did vote for Donald, they should be happy that there’s so many idiots in America that would vote for people that are actually making or at least trying to make their lives worse. And their solution to this situation, is not trying to make things better for the people, but to make it even harder to vote! Well let's hope whatever they do, their latest attempt to stop reality and the future from arriving in America, will fail. Go Joe go. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, May 6, 2021