Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Talk about putting on a show, plus Bernie makes every Democrat's fantasies come true by pulling a Hillary!

Wow, if you are a Hillary Clinton fan, a Democrat and more importantly an American, yesterday was pretty much a perfect day. From nominating speeches for both candidates, which got the crowds loud, you could feel the emotion in the room beginning. And then the roll-call that showcased how Democrats from two opposing candidates that sounded like they were at war with each other, even as this day was beginning, seemed to go about the events as a patriotic duty and not a partisan call to arms. And I was already on the edge of my seat. Then it began, one by one each state came up to bat and the numbers showcased what was already known, that Hillary Clinton was the nominee. I think seeing the vote tally helped lower the volume on those still not with her, but before I had that realization, I was discovering a beautiful thing happening. It was turning out that even the states that voted for Bernie Sanders, all announced hers as 'and for the next President of The United States' and it was thrilling to watch and to listen to. And as the realization that what I had dreamed about for decades was coming true, my eyes began to tear. Which emptied when Bernie Sanders' brother Larry Sanders made his beautiful speech, which was followed by Bernie doing exactly what Hillary had done 8 years earlier. He stood up and said the words everyone well at a lot of us had been waiting for:
"Madam chair, I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. I move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates, be reflected in the official record, and I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States," Bernie Sanders 
And the convention erupted as it hadn't before. And pretty much that was the end of all the suspense. There were of course a few still angry fans of Bernie who left the event, I presume trying to make statement. 
Yesterday as the events of the previous day was still in my mind, how the notion that the Democratic party was cracking at its seams, well I had a revelation about the seemingly unbowed Bernie Sander's followers. Everyone keeps telling us the loud voices are showcasing the Democratic Party seemingly fractured. I mean watching the first day's events unfolding, how could you not make that assumption.
The other day I heard a number that answered all my questions about all of those boo's. The number 47. That's the percentage of delegates that Bernie won. Not 5%, not 20%, but 47%. Of course there will be discourse. It's not like the Republican Party, where basically we had Trump and a bunch of clowns... We basically had a three person race for a while then a two person race till now. Almost half those people in that room were for Bernie Sanders.
Sadly by Bernie, playing the magical card to his followers, that somehow all the Super delegates would flip in a flash, change their votes was well delusional. Which is why when you see his followers act to some like spoiled brats who didn't get their way, one should take a step back and realize how you would react if the shoe was on the other foot. Everybody can we please just get a long, to save our world from a President Donald J. Trump! It's not like the Republican Party, where basically we had Trump and a bunch of clowns...They keep harping about how many voters there were. Remember there were 16 candidates, thats a lot of supporters. A lot who did and didn't vote for Donald J. Trump. If there were the normal amount of candidates, say 5 or even 8, I would bet that the number of voters for the Republican nomination would have been a lot lower. It wasn't that there was more interest in the Republican party, it was just that the Democrats had basically 3 well really 2 candidates. And in an odd way, Donald is running as an incumbent. All the other clowns who ran were, well clowns. Even though he wasn't a politician, Donald has been a face and a voice for decades in Americans homes, and now he is officially the face of his party. That is something people don't see to understand. For decades Donald has been a feature in our living rooms, portrayed as a lovable personality, and Hillary has been showcased as for the most part, as not so nice. Most of his racist talk, his hatred of Muslims and women and the disabled, weren't discussed until he announced his candidacy. In fact the same same networks that spend 24/7 showing the Donald with praise is the same one for decades that has showcased a woman that should be burnt at the stake. There's reason that so many people don't like her or as the media keeps pushing, trust her.
After yesterdays historic roll-call and Hillary was given the honor of being the first woman to ever be getting a major party's nomination, then the real entertainment started. Speaker after speaker told us how Hillary had personally helped them in their lives, it was seriously an eye-opener. And the quality of the presentation made you sit up and ponder if the event was gonna win the next years Emmy award for Best Entertainment Program! And then former President Bill Jefferson Clinton came up and gave a brilliant history lesson that separates the fantasy that the media and the haters have tried to tar her with, with the reality of who she really is. While I'll admit some of it I found a little too much, especially when he described how he chased her, until she said the big "yes" especially knowing his history and the scandals that almost wrecked his Presidency. But we needed to hear it from her life partner, the person who knows her best, we needed to humanize a woman who really isn't someone who ever expected to run for office.
When Clinton, basically said, he was worried that by her marrying him, that she might be ruining her chance for a future political career, that for me was the moment to sit back and say yes! What an astonishing statement. He basically said she was the brains in the family, I mean we are talking about a great President telling 'us' that she could be better. For me, thats all I needed to hear. Again, I was sold. 
The only part of the entire evening's events that I found a little too much was when Hillary appeared magically at the event on the big screen as she was digitally shattering that last glass ceiling. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but when her face appeared after seeing all the previous Presidents and didn't seem to move for a second or two and then she began to speak, it felt more like Big Brother was watching us or I have to say it or cause I was thinking it, the wicked witch looking down at Oz. Luckily the camera pulled back eventually and she seemed more human, but for a few moments, I thought that that image was gonna be ridiculed by the haters. I hope what I just wrote, doesn't give anyone suggestions.
That said, what a glorious day for Hillary Clinton. If you want to push disunity, look at the Republican party not at the Democratic. Which of course brings me to Donald J. Trump, because he seems to have lost his marbles or worse. Going on the air and suggesting to Russia to release Hillary's 30,000 emails that she deleted. Trying to deflect from the now ever growing serious charges against him and his campaign manager of possible treasonous activities with the Russians, the Democrats have begun using the charges against him as a weapon and he is obviously not happy. So now he is trying to disrupt the DNC with his comments, trying desperately to get some air time. As far as I know, there used to be an unwritten rule, that each candidate would chill out for the length of the other's convention. Well as we've seen so far, no rules apply to Donald, maybe now even treasonous ones.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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