Saturday, January 11, 2014

Part 1: Maybe next time Governor, when someone asks you a question, you shouldn’t: a) attack him b) respond like you’re Tony Soprano, and c) showcase why you will never be President. That is if you WANT to be President.
Sir, you are a public official. Voted in by the people. You are not a King. People’s actions have consequences, someone actually died, possibly, because of the actions of people inside your inner circle. You wanna act like an ass if queried about this, then don’t expect the press or the rest of us to still appreciate your personal charms. You should act like you give a damn, not like somebody has insulted your weight, when people query about such a gigantic screw up. 
Perhaps you were out-of-the-loop on this, we can only hope that that is the case. And disregarding the fact that this did happen under your watch, and honestly anyone of us could have had their co-workers or even family members do things without our knowledge. There seems to be some logic in that, some. 
Perhaps this debacle is just what you needed to reveal how you respond when a real emergency occurs. You seemed to showcase your compassion and humanity during and especially after the destruction of hurricane Sandy. Endearing you to lots of people. 
But, after the problems of this ‘traffic-gate’ when a reporter queries you about possible “political motives” instead of attacking the reporter, you should have expressed your anger at what occurred and announced you would find out what really happened, and if something that was done was wrong, someone would feel my bile. Perhaps then your usual obnoxious response wouldn’t have bitten you in your ass. Payback is a bitch my friend and today you are paying the price for it. Having to respond to this now major news story. 
The Tony Soprano Act simply has to stop. Whatever your decision is, in your political future, to run or not to run, this ridiculous incident has tainted your political bio. How you respond to it and what your actions are afterwards will reveal if you do have what it takes to be President. Ask yourself Governor, do you? 

The above sentiment was written from 11am to noon, while I was traveling on a subway; at about same time as Chris Christie’s Mea Culpa, so I hadn’t heard what he had to say yet. The next section was written after I watched it on recap.

Part 2: So it seems, Governor Chris Christie is sorry. He had absolutely no knowledge of why the trouble occurred. He only learned about ‘the emails’ the day earlier when he received a call early in the morning. So he’s really really sorry. A lot of he’s there, governor. Basically the speech was…me me me me me.
So it seems, he wants us to believe he was blindsided by this. He’s as much, if not more of a victim in this then anyone. Basically he’s Jesus and the rest of his inner circle are now renamed Judas. 
Simply the Governors claims are hard to swallow. You mean that after all of the shit hit the fan, you never saw fit to investigate what had happened under your watch. Even if as you joked in that earlier press conference that the whole idea that it was politically motivated was a crock. You mean to tell me that in the four months since it happened you hadn’t told your minions that you had to get to the bottom of what happened, who and what was responsible. Cause this minor mishap cost money and hurt people. And as we’ve been learning more about actually might have broken a few laws. Whoops. The fact that you fired a person cause she lied to you is heartening, but the fact that you didn’t want to learn the facts from the horses mouth, has me troubled. 
Sounds like you already know the answer. Maybe you didn’t know about it before it occurred, but after the embarrassment of what occurred. The massive screw-up. The innuendo’s that have being thrown at you daily, that after all this time that you hadn’t speculated the possibilities. Maybe started investigating people… maybe possibly in your inner circle. I mean Governor when their’s smoke there surely might be a little fire. 
Which of course leads me to speculate, that maybe just maybe you did have something to do with it. Or at least had a hand in trying to sweep it away as no big deal.
Well sorry Governor, it is a big deal. Bigger men have been toppled over smaller scandals. In any event, if it comes out that you either had any knowledge of the incident before, during, or after. And If you in any way tried to cover up what happened, your future in politics is over. Forget 2016, you’ll be happy to survive 2014.
Of course this is all conjecture, as Chris Christie announced to the world he was blindsided by this. He is as much the victim as anyone else who suffered because of the traffic ordeal. Perhaps that explains it, maybe he’s been in shock. That explains his lack of interest in what occurred. Or maybe as others much more educated have suggested something isn’t kosher here. Several possible scenarios that debunk Christie’s Mea Culpa not only as a stalling tactic, but worse as a bold faced lie have been talked about on television and the news media, some of which make much more sense then the Governor’s announced innocence in the matter. 
Perhaps next time when somebody asks a question, maybe you’re respond like a politician who cares, and not a tyrant who had something to hide. Maybe then your innocent, boy who cried wolf speech might have come off a little more believable. A few years back, a different governor of another state, New York, resigned because of a personal scandal. I wonder what the governor of New Jersey will do, if it’s revealed that he either knew about it or tried to cover it up... I wonder how quietly he ends his tenure as governor without having to have the state and/or federal police drag him out of his office or into court. It seems payback is a bitch. 
Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 11, 2014