Sunday, October 30, 2016


So the folks screaming about corruption in our elections, are also the ones trying to play games with it, so, whose crooked? Seems they just answered their own accusation.

WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Who do you believe? When will it end? Seriously when will the clouds dissipate and this never-ending nightmare be a thing in our past? Each time a leak slips out, and of course aided by the Russians and WikiLeaks, its 'burn the witch'! Whatever the item, no matter how large or small, no matter when its proven false, it doesn't matter to the followers of Satan… oh sorry, Donald J. Trump. As long as their candidate wins, screw every aspect of decency or truth. 

The political gambit tried by FBI director James Comey to disrupt this election by throwing out something that could be nothing with 11 days left until the big dance is unprecedented. Unwarranted, and never should have happened. Mind you, I can't really blame Comey, he didn't send out his memo heard round the world, the eight Republican power players in congress leaked it. You see, they were sent a memo, letting them know that he had found something that could mean something, but no specifics are given. They instead of keeping the information to themselves, not wanting to throw out something that might be reckless, decided that they had something big that they could use to kill the witch, even if they themselves hadn't a clue what the weapon of choice actually was. I guess the risk was worth it, because haven't we seen whenever they throw out anything real or made up, the media will run with it, and run with it big time. So even before he, director Comey announced it publicly, the Hydra lieutenants, excuse me, the republicans on Capital Hill leaked out the latest October surprise. Immediately coming out and claiming they had her, this was it! We've finally got the witch dead in our sights. Because they did, FBI director James Comey came out later in the day with a note about his original memo. Not giving anyway any new information, just acknowledging in fact yes, he had sent them the memo. I guess thanks for, something.
Democrats seriously blew a gasket over what is obviously Donald Trumps most over used attack, the system is rigged. Well, now it turns out, the republicans are trying to help rig the system themselves. The octopi of republican congressmen who have been a a bane in the democrats side for years, who have each in their own way hurt Americans, by trying to hurt democratic proposals, trying to shut down our government, and seriously going after Hillary Clinton as the devil they all seem to think she is. Well they've done it again. Honestly I'm not even sure if their leaks, their tweets are allowed. Perhaps the memo that FBI director James Comey sent to them isn't even something that they're supposed to tell others about. 
Since the republicans latched onto the Benghazi embassy attacks as a means to taint Hillary Clinton, and uncovered Hillary's server, these political leaders who proclaim their religion as swords against evil have been leaking information out to damage her nonstop. Using these leaks as ammunition to continuously go after the very fabric of our democracy. Any bit of info or intel by these patriots are instantly turned into proof she's guilty of something. As soon as these latest republican leaks came out, Paul Ryan and others of his ilk came out proclaiming that this again proves she's unfit for the job. While every one of Donald Trumps issues even with witnesses are called losers simply trying to get their ten minutes of fame. Ryan in his quest to find anything to stop his worst nightmare a Clinton back in the White House, came out with his talking point against our future President, that she's unfit to be our Commander-In-Chief and can not be trusted with top secret information, so she shouldn't be allowed the briefings that all Presidential nominee's get before election day. He said this as soon as the briefings were about to begin, and he said this ridiculous opinion again as soon as this bombshell by James Comey had been leaked by Ryan's partners in crime. Just look back at the last several years, probably even further, mostly since the drum beat of Hillary's announcement that she was gonna actually run again at another chance to become our nations first woman president. Every thing mentioned about Hillary Clinton was skewed to make her look guilty. Every segment discussing her, her past, the Clinton Foundation, her daughter, her speeches, was tainted by the media reminding us all of how unpopular she is. The conversation quickly changed from whatever accomplishments she had as Secretary of State, to how unpopular she was in polls. 
As soon the Benghazi embassy was attacked, it was Hillary's fault the attack actually happened in the first place. Every word she has said as been scrutinized, every talking point torn apart, no matter the truth, the woman is guilty. If you listen to every Tom, Dick or Harry talking head on television who all quote attorney style reasoning for why anything and everything she has done is a criminal offense, justifiably worthy of the death penalty. Each attack that comes out, regurgitates all of the other attacks that have already been litigated or debunked. So even if she could walk on water the woman would surely be crucified. 
Donald Trump, whose latched onto this republican talking point, is double-downing on the notion that Hillary Clinton is crooked. That everything she does or says must be a criminal offense, that James Comey by not locking up Hillary Clinton for some crime, was in fact himself punishable of a crime. But now, Donald's reconsidering his punishment, because it seems James has woken up to Hillary's evil nature. So now as election day is less then ten days away, James Comey, possibly under pressure by his friends, has lit the latest bomb in this otherworldly presidential war game that the republicans have been playing especially once they realized who their nominee was gonna be. Helped with the abilities of the Trumpeters, they've turned our election into a road map for the destruction of our very democracy itself. Screaming the system is rigged, as apparently they've been rigging the system themselves. Each time they leaked a bit of intel from the Benghazi situation or her server and emails, they added fuel to the fire they were stoking. Usually we each leak, each big smoking gun, the attacks have been proven inaccurate, totally false, or unimportant. Each time, a new leak comes out, we've gotten a new chorus of attacks. Each time the attacks have been swatted away, have been proven wrong, the one thing we never get is an apology. They never admit they were wrong about their opinions they just double down on whatever other attack they can pull out of their asses. All we get is somehow, she got away with it again. Hillary might not have been caught this time, but that doesn't mean she's not guilty. 
In other words in their eyes, she's never innocent, the old adage that 'you're innocent till guilty' is not a part of their vocabulary, that is unless your name is Donald Trump, a Republican running for office, a police officer, a republican and anyone who isn't gay. This anger at not being able to get her, seems to permeate their very souls, and now with nothing but a memo that says that something pertaining to Hillary Clinton is on that laptop, the republicans are screaming to high heaven, that this proves everything. Why else would FBI director James Comey hand us this bit of intel, so close to election day if it was not something, and something big. So without any information, except the memo itself, these eight political leaders decided the world needed to know what they knew, but then chose to ramp up the meaning behind it. Turning it into proof that Hillary Clinton shared classified intel with Huma Adebin. Now, that pervert her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner had access to it, and since it was on his computer who knows what this means? Treason? High crimes? We've finally proven Hillary's not worthy of the presidency. We got her. Oh oh Hillary, seems you're in trouble now.
See there you go, all this rhetoric, all these attacks, all these accusations, they were throwing every possible crime that could have possibly occurred without any proof. Without any knowledge of what's actually inside that laptop. When the video's of Planned Parenthood was released supposedly showcasing that they were making a profit from selling embryonic tissues. This gave ammunition to the Right to Lifers, and those who want to rid our nation of abortion, but even when the evidence, the video was revealed to be fake, the accusers didn't care what the truth was. They just wanted to close Planned Parenthood, even if they did nothing wrong. Screw the amount of people this would hurt. It wasn't proven, doesn't matter. No apology,  just anger that their beliefs weren't proven in court. Sound familiar. They keep looking for evidence with Benghazi, doesn't matter how many times they look at it, how many times their attacks are proven false, they believe what they want. When they went after the Clinton Foundation, same thing occurred. 
It is quite eye-opening, when we flip the accusations, when Donald Trump is on the receiving end of the slings and arrows. Every attack he gets are a waste of tax payers money. It happened so long ago, or is simply just a pack of lies. Look at both candidates, compare the list of accusations against each. With Hillary the only negatives are her emails and server, and only because they keep bringing it up, even when their isn't anything there to go after. With him, we've got a never-ending laundry list of accusations, some brand new, while others, like his Foundation, his issues with keeping his taxes private and of course there's that rape accusation with a 13 year old girl which is heading to court sometime late November or early December of this year. But lets not discuss any of those, or countless others, lets go after Hillary with something that we can simply make shit up on and it seems all is right in the world of Trumpdom, and wrong in the world of reality. The one the rest of use live in.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, October 30, 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016


Seems something in Anthony Weiner's dick pics might of have caused the FBI director to reopen his email investigation on her, and now her haters are saying I told you so, while none of us know exactly what this is in the first place.

AS USUAL THE ATTACKS BEGIN without having any of the facts except a memo that lets us know that something is up with something. But already its 'I told you so's and lock her up'! As usual, the lynch mob began their Impeachment talk in earnest and Donald Trump himself has already discussed this on the stomp. Again accusing Hillary Clinton of dastardly deeds without any knowledge what is even on the emails and if she's even involved with the probe. Seriously dude, could we get any facts before you lie about it, at least for once. I guess as we've discovered the man will say anything and everything about whatever as long as it gets him what he wants. 

All we do know is that something interesting sparked the FBI's noodle, and he wanted to make sure this was kosher or not. Unfortunately the timing sucks and sadly the media is pouncing on it. Like everything else, this is todays big feeding frenzy. The fact that the FBI director came out with this red herring, not explaining exactly what this is about, is wrong. I mean wouldn't it be more prudent to fully explain what this is all about before you go off for the weekend? Remember its a Friday, FBI director James Comey, so that means we get the entire weekend to let the Republicans turn this into their huge attack against her. Talk about making a possible nothing into a huge something! Whats maddening is, this could all be nothing. So it seems the FBI director James Comey is gonna do exactly what he said he wouldn't do… get involved in politics. Perhaps the questions about the director are real and the man himself needs to be investigated?
Gary Johnson, actually got some really needed air time because of this possible issue for Hillary. The current Libertarian Presidential Candidate, was drummed out to turn whatever this is into an even bigger story. Basically he says this is gonna be more of the same in Washington, because of her new position, that they would have to hire an independent commission. He actually said that Donald Trump was toast, that maybe the best thing that the people could do was elect him! I must say this for me was funny. What gets me is he's right. Whatever this is has thrown a wrench into her Presidency, that is unless director Comey comes out and fully explains today's bombshell. If she wins this will probably give the Republicans even more reasons to attack her, even if there is nothing there. Since none of us know exactly what this is, how bad it is or even if this is about her at all, why are we even making this into something of importance? Shouldn't we wait for once? All we are getting is speculation and personal opinions from people who have agendas to sell a news story and others who instantly turn anything into the next smoking gun. Oh look something new to fill air time and play on air detective.
'Crazy might beat corrupt'. So I flicked the channel and a guest on Thomas Roberts, Steve Deace, threw out his thoughts on the election in regards to this latest news worthy event. That for the most part this campaign we've had the 'corruption' candidate, Hillary Clinton winning against the 'crazy' candidate, Donald Trump. Depending on what this actually is, maybe the corrupt candidate could lose. Of course, I looked up Steve Deace, seems he's a conservative Republican. So I could be wrong, but the man's slanted in his opinions, when he calls her the corrupt candidate I have to ponder what his proof is. Where's the evidence? Just because you and your conservative friends call her criminal doesn't mean she is. Has Hillary even been proven guilty of anything, no. Funny thing, in all this, Donald has lots of times. That said, in the case of whatever this is, perhaps she finally will be proven a false prophet. But I guess I'll take it, at least the man didn't call her crazy too. 
In an almost mind-blowing update, the New York Times is reporting that the newly uncovered emails were discovered in seized electronic devices belonging to the wife of Anthony Weiner of all people, Huma Abedin, a top aide of Hillary Clinton. According to the report, Director Corey, was taking steps to "determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation." Seems the man who couldn't keep his dick in his pants and screwed up his life, might be the downfall of Hillary Clinton's rise to the presidency. The funniest thing in all this is now Donald Trump has complimented FBI director James B. Comey on his sudden gift to the Trump campaign. 
I have great respect for the fact that the F.B.I. and the D.O.J. are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made, This was a grave miscarriage of justice that the American people fully understand. It is everybody’s hope that it is about to be corrected. - Donald Trump
To read more about the Anthony Weiner connection, please go to the NYTimes link to learn more.
Of course, as I write this, me thinks this story, even with no real news, will supersede all others today, and as the facts trickle out all other news stories in the foreseeable future. It seems the media has latched onto her server as her big mistake. No matter now small or how big it is. With all the facts or none of them, but speculation or conspiracy, this ranks for them to be the big kahuna. As with all of the other accusations thrown at her, this will now be the latest ammunition used to go after her. As Donald Trump was telling his sheep the happy news about Hillary's new crimes, the usual chants were heard on the stomp to 'lock her up' and 'crooked Hillary' so in fact nothing is new here. What is new is the timing of it. What is new is the uncertainty of it. Happily several of the Clinton spokespeople have come out and showcased why the way this new revelation came out is unprecedented. Hillary who has kept silent on this until now, perhaps it being wiser to wait for the facts to come out before making a statement. Knowing no matter what she says, her words will be dissected from now till Hell freezes over, even when she's exonerated for this being nothing, as most of the other accusations have eventually turned out to be nonsense. Well she finally made a statement, and as usual showcased her at her best when attacked from all sides. She asks that the information mentioned in director Comey's memo, should be released so everyone knows exactly what this is about. Basically stop it, stop letting Trump make this into something and stop playing games with our politics. 
The timing and the lack of information in the directors memo leave too many questions unanswered, leave too many facts unknown. Worst, it doesn't explain if Hillary Clinton herself is even involved in the investigation at all. Why do this the way Comey did it, unless he was trying to play political games so close to the election. The exact thing he said he didn't want to do. If this doesn't sound political in nature, nothing does. So the election is rigged huh? I guess maybe we should see whose rigging it before complaining about it. 
Everyday this election has brought us something unprecedented to take our breathe away, which seemingly has never happened before in our political history. I guess this was today's moment for us to sit back and go man, what's next? Of course, as this election campaign has showcased, who knows what this means in the long run. Will this finally scar Hillary Clinton too much and lose her the election she so richly deserves. What looked like a slam dunk by Hillary Clinton, might now be turned into a nail biter by director James Comey's bad timing and who know's what news. But what's new is the man, who just yesterday was considered a leper, has turned the election on its ear, by throwing out a bomb. Me thinks he owes everyone an explanation or does he want to be remembered as the man who altered history by just tickling an itch that the media and the Trumpeters can't help but scratch.  

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, October 28, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Time to move on, get to work, and do your freaking jobs or get the Hell out of Washington! Remember, thats why Donald got your party's nomination, because you wouldn't do yours.

FIRST THEY TALK about not allowing her Supreme Court choices a proper hearing, then we discover why, they're gonna be too busy trying to get her out of the oval office to worry about that. Talk about rigging the election and more of the same no nothing Congress.

So how lucky are we, within weeks of election day, Senator, Green Eggs and Ham himself, Ted Cruz, the fool who helped shut our government down over healthcare, Obama's of course, came out and pretty much warned us all that if Hillary Clinton gets elected, there would be no Supreme Court nominee allowed a hearing. This of course followed up on the heels of John McCain's threat a few days back. Seems sore losers are the middle name for Republican power players. So any change in Washington looks like a no go if Republicans do the same thing they've done since President Barack Obama first entered The Oval Office. If I didn't know better, its another gift from the Republicans, remember Paul Ryan's argument that if Democrats get the majority in Senate, Bernie Sanders would become head of the Budget committee. Talk about something to inspire all those Bernie-bots to get out to vote for Hillary and the rest of the Democrats on the ballots.
Add to that yet another deception by Donald Trump, shall we say, another switcheroo by the master con man. For months the Donald has pushed the subject of rigging in this election, from the media to Hillary, to pretty much everything or everyone on Earth has rigged it against him. Lately his big rigging is the election results itself, and the question would he except the numbers or will he contest them. Well, I can't think of no other reason, except they've lost it, because members of the Republican party had the audacity to suggest that they would immediately start Impeachment proceeding against Hillary Clinton if she wins the election fair and squarely on election day. Well they didn't mention the words fair or squarely, I just figured someone should, but they let it be known what their intentions were. Simply put, disenfranchising the votes of millions of American people, right in front of our eyes. Turning personal opinions and conspiracies into legal arguments worthy of Impeachment. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican congressman, who just the other day announced that he could no longer endorse Donald Trump because of the now infamous Access Hollywood revelations, because he could never look into his daughters face again. Well the hypocrite has now backtracked, he still can't endorse, but he is voting for him. I only mentioned him, because this vile thing we consider human has announced that even before Hillary gets into office, that they've got enough on her to start congressional hearings against her! Adding that they've got enough on her, to last the entire next two years until mid terms and another shot for them to load up on their Republican dominance once again. In other words, don't expect a Supreme Court nominee to get a hearing for at least that long! 
Seriously, enough! Haven't they learned their lessons? The American people, the majority of them at least, want the people's business to be the business of Washington. Not the private personal court of law in a Republican nation that only exists in their own minds. Not a place where nothing gets accomplished in Washington accept trying to hurt others. What the Republican leaders don't understand is that our nation isn't whats represented on Fox Faux News. That that audience is a small minority of the entire spectrum of the people who live within our borders. What they don't understand is that they are the minority in this nation now, not the African-Americans, not Latinos, not women, and especially not Democrats. It is the Republicans who are now the minority, and if there wasn't any gerrymandering the Republicans wouldn't even be the majority party at the present time. Remember if you just counted the votes, more Democrats voted then Republicans in the last election, in other words, they've already rigged the last election, how ironic is that. Just think how different the last two years would have been with a Democratic majority in Congress, look at what our President could have accomplished. As they like to say, they've had their chance, and they failed miserably… am I wrong? And seemingly they want to do it all over again!  
In other words, thank you Republicans, thank you for putting a bee in the bonnet of the Democrats. If after this they don't elect in a majority of Democrats into Washington on election day, instead of getting any of the proposals enacted into law that Hillary wants, we the people will be witness to a never ending onslaught of Impeachment Hearings, coupled with their eternal attack against healthcare for millions of American citizens. So I guess they can alternate the attacks, while Hillary tries doing her real job as leader of the free world. 
So the Republicans would get their wish. We will spend the next four years seeing nothing get done, and the crazies that Donald Trump created will devour what is left of the Republican party. Then get ready for her reelection campaign in 2020, I can already envision their attack lines, She couldn't get anything done. She's a failure. Look at what she promised and she couldn't get done. See we told you. We warned you. We tried to get rid of her, we couldn't do it, now its time for you to vote her out of office. Sounds like something we've been living through for years. The party of no is sadly also the party with nothing except to go backwards and return us to an America that only existed in movies. A place most of us wish was just a distant memory or never in fact existed. Haven't they learned thats why they are so low in poll numbers? Haven't they listened to people telling them they don't like what they've done? Haven't they realized how popular President Barack Obama is, and how unpopular they are? Haven't they learned anything in the last eight years that they've done nothing to earn the respect or the votes of the American people? 
If this doesn't get the vote out for her and the down ticket Democrats nothing will. One of the big complaints against Obamacare is its broken, needs fixing or better needs replacing. If we get a Democratic majority, those hiccups could be fixed, if the same fools stay in office, its gonna be more of the same. If we elect a Democratic majority, we won't be faced with hearing after hearing to remove the person whom American's voted in as they've already discussed impeaching her. 
If we elect a Democratic majority, and God forbid Donald Trump gets in, who knows what programs will be enacted and what rights will be taken away by these backward thinking religious bible thumping hypocrites that believe abortion is a sin and a crime and women don't deserve equal rights and pay. If we elect back in a Democratic majority, they could at least stem the tide of destruction that the man could do, till we survive his term. That is if we survive his term.
The other day Donald Trump suggested that if Hillary gets in, she would take our nation to war. Which of course made me go oh oh, because we all know what that means. It means, Donald is planning on taking us into war. Every time he accuses her or anyone about something its always a harbinger that he's the one whose planning it or already doing it. Remember the last Republican President? The little war he got us in, that we are still fighting, well scarily, whatever war games are playing in Donald's little brain, will make George Walker Bush's wars seem small. If none of this makes you get off your butts to vote in as many Democrats as possible I guess nothing will. Americans claim they want change in our politics, it seems if we reelect in the Republicans in the down ticket races and worse elect in Donald Trump as our next President. Without him there will absolutely be no change in Washington and with him any change will be for the worse. The choice is yours America, if you want real change in our political system, vote in Hillary Clinton and return the majority of power to the Democrats in Congress, and then sit back and watch as they showcase how democracy should be done. Remember how great everything was before George Walker Bush came into power, imagine if Vice President Al Gore had been allowed to continue on the course Bill Clinton had set us on. Who knows what might have been. In theory we are pretty much at that point, Hillary replacing Bill, Donald replacing George Walker. As soon as George came in, everything turned to crap. We got attacked, we went into war, we got tax cuts for the rich, our economy tanked. Well now our economy is going gonzo, we seem to be set to soar and if Hillary gets in, her plans only seem to be setting us all on a continuous course for a great future. For me the choice is obvious, and every time the Republicans come out and hint or actually threaten our Democracy with even more games, the obvious decision is to vote them all out. Really make a statement, and a full blown Democratic landslide from the top of the ticket on down. Make the statement that enough is enough, and that our nation has indeed arrived into the twentieth century and the world is right again.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Seems the liars on the right, only want what they want, and everyone else is wrong, no matter how wrong they are!

IN AN AGE WHEN REPUBLICANS have spent millions upon millions of dollars trying too imprison Hillary Clinton because of their beliefs about Benghazi, I find it the total height of hypocrisy that one of their own argues against the costs of hearings to help elect the next Supreme Court judge. You know the one that's been waiting for over 220 days for his hearing, for his day in court. You see, Senator Chuck Grassley explained that since Mitch McConnell and the Republicans would not be putting up a vote, why actually set the process in motion, why waste the valuable resources that the taxpayers so graciously and happily gave to us. Why spend money where it shouldn't be spent as opposed to wasting millions on yet another lynch mob against Hillary Clinton.

“My staff tells me that’s about a half a million to $750,000 to hire people to maybe work for three or four months to do it,” “So when 52 senators say they’re not going to take it up,”  “should I spend that money and have a hearing?” - Chuck Grassley
I'm sorry how many Benghazi hearings did we have, forty, fifty, and what was the talking point when they knew it would never pass, they wanted to make a statement? They wanted to show their voters that they were at least trying to do something they had promised, petrified that this time they wouldn't retain their seats in power. How many hearings have we've gotten about Hillary's server, about The Clinton Foundation, about anything they want?  
Look at how they've gone after Presidents Obama's signature accomplishment, The Affordable Healthcare Law or as they love to call it Obamacare. Today's big deflection by Donald and the media it seems, was the report that rates in Obamacare would be going up by a lot. Estimates around 22% or more, and of course everyone is jumping at this as the thing that destroys Obamacare and of course Hillary's election prospects. Lets disregard the last year and a half we've lived through and all the lovely secrets from his past we've learned about Donald Trump, and vote him in anyway. Finally ridding our nation of the nightmare that is Obamacare and save us all from its horrors. Remember how they shut down our government over it? Well I do. This is just another day at the office with these hypocrites. As soon as I heard the screams of outrage about the rising costs, and listened to the Trumpeters chief harpy Katrina Pierson say that the American people were "lied" to by President Barack Obama. First people couldn't keep the same doctors, then their costs went up and now this! Immediately the screaming begins anew, chuck the whole thing! End it now! Lets just get rid of it without even listening to the reasons, the facts, and what exactly will be the numbers. Lets hurt the millions of people who currently have healthcare without listening to a single explanation. The same thing happened when the website launched improperly, immediately they screamed shut it down. Lets go back to the failed way we used to do this, end it now before it destroys America for good! 
Trump came out all a blaze looking like he was on to something, and of course with Donald we always need to let the man explode. Usually from the rubble of his insanity, we discover that his attacks have nothing to them. Donald went off on how his employees have had problems with it is and how he didn't like it, and forget to mention that his company doesn't use it, never has and never plans to.
“Well, I don’t use much Obamacare, I must be honest with you, because it is so bad for the people and they can’t afford it. And like, for instance, I’m at Trump National Doral in Miami, and we don’t even use Obamacare. We don’t want it. The people don’t want it and I spend more money on health coverage, but we don’t use it.” - Donald Trump
Yup, can you make heads or tails of what he said. The man doesn't realize that not everyone needs Obamacare or how it actually works. If you work in a company with insurance, Obamacare is not in the equation, its for people who need to acquire insurance on their own or businesses who don't have enough employees to warrant offering insurance. It seems the man doesn't even understand the basic concept and why it was necessary in the first place. Kind of like every other thing he pitches to the voters. Sadly the media is doing what they always do with stories like this. Instead of getting both sides of the story, they seem to decide on the truth, as opposed to simply reporting the fact in front of them. They listen to all the negatives of the accusers and then go after the accused, even when they get logical and succinct answers like they did from the Democrats that were allowed to respond. It was interesting seeing them go after them and the spokespeople for Obamacare, even when they simply explained that the premium increases are mostly gonna be covered by subsidies and are in line with what the cost estimates were predicted they were gonna be anyway. The hosts attacked them about the visuals and of the timing of the announcement itself. They argued that people wouldn't be able to understand the explanations because they were either too wordy or didn't seem to fit their talking points. I mean isn't this gonna damage Hillary's chances? Isn't this gonna help down ticket races in the Senate and House for the Republicans? Shouldn't this make Hillary and the Democrats worry? 
They surely want to make the race exciting, they want the ratings, for whatever reason they don't get how many people would be interested in watching Hillary Clinton destroy Donald Trump. They don't understand, that millions have been dreaming about this for years if not most of their lives. A woman President, a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and of course the annihilation of Donald Trump. Nope seems nobody wants to sit back, eat popcorn and smile as the totals coming in, they instead want the audience to show up on pins and needles, and be really pissed, when the election is called before 9PM. As soon as I heard the experts on the side of Obamacare I went okay, sounds like my rates aren't going up too much. I guess I should have mentioned at the start of this, which I have in the past, you see I am a card carrying participant of Obamacare, and all I can say is so far so good. So I guess you can call this personal, if Obamacare goes away, I'm out of luck and stuck with whatever healthcare I'll be able to get, that is if Donald gets in. To be honest with you, right now my old insurance, before Obamacare, I can't currently afford. So, if it goes, I'm in trouble.
What gets me is in all this, no matter what the numbers showcase, no matter how well Obamacare is working. No matter the facts and no matter how many people it helps the program is a failure. According to the Republicans, they're right no matter what you show us or what the evidence is, it needs to go away. Its like the never ending arguments about Benghazi or Hillary's server, or the vile attacks on Planned Parenthood for selling embryo's to try to shut it down. If the facts don't suit them, they either make their own up or argue to end it seemingly just because its against their desires. Of course the timing of this isn't good, being just weeks away from election day it actually looks like something that the Republicans and Donald could kill over. But like with every other attack against a Hillary Clinton proposal or a President Barack Obama action, they always easily can be swatted away when you actually listen to reality and discover what either really occurred or what the experts who look at these things have come up with.
Ever since Bill Clinton became our President, all we've gotten from the Republicans are lies and accusations against the Democrats and everything that goes against what they're pitching. Ever since President George Walker Bush was given the keys to the Kingdom, we have suffered through a Republican party that seemingly is on a crash course to destruction with Donald being the final straw. Everything that could help Americans seem to be against whatever they offer us. Everything that is different or even the same but offered by the Democrats is always bad. Like the healthcare program that eventually became Obamacare, remember its actually based on the one Mitt Romney had attempted in Massachusetts. But once President Obama adapted it, it was bad. They sent us into war with the wrong nation, then argued every excuse in the book that that was okay in the long run. They destroyed our economy and the only arguments they can come up with is more of the same, and even when it appears to be working, it doesn't matter, it needs to go away. They also blame the Democrats for fixing up or at least trying to fix up their messes by always arguing that they aren't doing it fast enough or in the right way, and their fixes are unbelievably always the same problems that caused the issues in the first place. What gets me is, that the media falls for this every time. Each day a new event comes out that appears like maybe this is finally the thing that could stop Hillary. I find it funny because, all along Hillary has said she wants to fix whats wrong with the program, make it better, Hillary has never argued that it was perfect. 
Just like with Benghazi when the Republicans conveniently forget that they themselves cut the funding for embassy's around the world, they never remember that she actually asked for more security but they refused. They caused the implosion of the Middle East by attacking the wrong nation, and when their chosen leader, George Walker Bush signs the order to vacate the areas, it becomes Obama's fault because he followed the plan. They complain that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law and they forget that George Walker's father had made the deal, but now its all Bill's fault, which of course mean's it's Hillary's because she's Hillary. They complain, argue, lie and make stuff up and even when they are proven wrong, they argue some more and argue the world is rigged against them. Well, let the crybabies whine, let them try to make something that actually sticks to her, I'll just wait for the real bomb to drop against him. You see everyone of the attacks against Hillary this year appears to have been nonsense, but whenever Donald Trump has one, watch out, its big. His taxes, his connections with the Russians, his personal issues with women, his business dealings, apparently everything, and his foundation. As I've mentioned a few times, the deadline on The Trump Foundation paperwork is days away, that is unless Donald somehow finds a way to push it back the deadline or somehow gets away with this scam too. Since he's been able to do that the entire campaign, it will be fun to watch if this time the deadline passes and he has no choice but to face the music. I just wonder once in prison if the convicts healthcare is covered under Obamacare or simply your basic HMO?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016


Should we remind Donald that “without the media” his name wouldn't be known by anyone except perhaps for readers of gossip columnists in the pages of New York City tabloids. 

WHEN DOES IT STOP? When does his list of excuses end? When will the media that’s supposedly in bed with Hillary stop giving the fool more free air time then anyone could possibly wish for? I simply don’t get it? Donald Trump is actually insulting the same media outlets that never stop showcasing him. He’s attacking the very idea of fairness in the press, and those same outlets he’s attacking seem to love being the butt of it. Hillary is lucky if they even discuss her stomp speeches, let alone air them. Even when networks promote the event or show Hillary Clinton in the background on their monitors, if they do, we almost never get the entire speeches but only segments of it. Instead we get discussions on the hacked released emailed from WikiLeaks with questions about how much damage does their guests think that these revelations will do to her candidacy.

Honestly why don’t they just run Donald Trump’s teleprompter tirades on a loop, since most cases, its the same speeches except for his never ending ad libs. Yesterday MSNBC actually aired all three of his, and yup annoyingly they were the same speeches. Again except of course for his habitual verbal assaults that are the only reasons to actually watch any of them. So I guess its a good thing they film his speeches, I just wish they would just tape them and then just showcase whatever is new or relevant to the American People. Seriously, most of his talking points we’ve heard from him from the day his campaign began, with some adjustments to fill in his so-called policies and whatever newsworthy events he could use to bamboozle his followers. Of note lots of those ad-libs are deflections of whats the big thing that day that could throw a huge wrench in his aspirations to become our next PresidentSo besides continuing his attacks against the women who have come out to prove the man’s boasts to be true, and his attacks on the media, Donald also went after the “phony” polls. You see now that his numbers have fallen sharply, now they must be fixed. Somehow when he’s behind the polls are fake, but when Donnie’s ahead it proves he’s winning. I guess Trump is living in the same place that Mitt Romney lived in four years ago when his people seemingly was letting him believe his own delusions of victory. So when everyone started announcing President Barack Obama was gonna win and win easily, the Republican nominee, and his surrogates argued that something must be amiss. Until they were escorted to the computers that showcased the reality of the situation. Either he’s delusional or Donald is living in his own world because everything is now against him. The only polls he brings up now are the Internet polls, the ones that don’t count. The ones that show him winning by 90% … For a man who has read and played people for decades brilliantly, its amazing how dense he is, that is if he’s even looking at the numbers now. If he is, can even he be this dumb? I can’t fathom how Donald doesn’t realize that he destroyed his own campaign, by his own actions or words, and by the way he’s unravelling right in front of our eyes. According to Trump, none of that craziness is why he’s now turned a close election to a possible landslide victory for Hillary Clinton. According to Donald Trump now, the polls are wrong, and that Romney feeling smacked me in my face, as he argued that we should look at the numbers of people at his events, obviously he must be winning. According to him, "We’re winning this race. I really believe we are winning,” As Hillary Clinton said hysterically, "No, Donald, you're not."
Or sure you are Donnie, and I’m the billionaire! I guess he doesn’t remember the recent events filled with Bernie Sanders supporters. Thousands of people came out for Bernie on a regular basis, even more then have been coming out to see Trump or Hillary. He also argued that the First Amendment needed to be updated. In his estimation the press has too much freedom. Actually suggesting we adapt some of England’s laws. Trump wants to make it easier to sue the media! “England has a system where if they are wrong, things happen,” I guess he forget about a little something called The American Revolution. Seems the press most be hitting a nerve. Donald never misses an opportunity to get any press, sadly we New Yorkers have had to deal with his need for attention a lot longer then just his Apprentice days or his decision to enter the 2016 Presidential campaign. 
Why is it that Republicans are all for the Constitution and attack anyone who disagrees with a single word in it, but whenever it suits their needs they're all in for changing things about it. They scream and shout about anyone who wants to put a few restrictions on their precious Second Amendment but without hesitation they argue to change the First Amendment or any others. And then they argue they're the real Americans the rest of us are the real sinners.
While Hillary Clinton continues on a quest for the Presidency acting like one would expect a candidate to behave whose seeking the highest office in the land. Donald Trump is instead making excuses, attacking his accusers, the media and anyone who disagrees with him and actually going after our Constitution. I guess this whole attack on the media and on polls could actually be his latest deflection. Remember, we’ve got a huge milestone coming up for Donald, he needs to bring in the paperwork to the New York Attorney General to prove his Trump Foundation is legit. If Donald doesn’t deliver or when he does, whats written on those pieces of paper could define the rest of this Presidential campaign. In one big moment, the man could be the nominee of the Republican party, and in the next Trump could be arrested and brought into custody for fraud, tax evasion or worse. Remember Bernie Madoff… I’m not saying his crimes on Madoff’s level, but my feeling is he’s up there somewhere.
So this issue of Polls going against him, or the media piling it on him, does let him change the subject from the real deadline that’s approaching. As we’ve seen from day one, anytime a huge hiccup occurs we get a new deflection by the Trumpeters. A new leak is brought up, some old attack is brought back as the latest smoking gun. Whenever there’s something Donnie doesn’t want people to talk about the onslaught begins anew. So attacking the press, the media, the polls, or everything else that he blames for his faults as a candidate is just the norm for Donald. Remember we are dealing with a habitual liar and a person who must take credit and the spoils of everything, no matter how it hurts others, no matter the consequences. Sadly as we’ve discovered nothing about this election has been traditional, so why should we expect the ending of it to be any different. When Al Gore’s Presidency was taken away by the final decision of The Supreme Court, I’m sure there weren’t many who thought something could ever top that historic election. Unbelievably, me thinks this year’s has and I can only imagine whats to come before its all over.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Seems reality has defeated a media driven candidate with nothing to pitch but the show… and we the people wanted reality, experience, know how and… her!

NOW THAT THE VOTERS ARE BEGINNING TO SPEAK and our future is being written right in front of our eyes, why did this crazy campaign seem as difficult during it, when looking back its probably gonna be seen as a huge victory for her and for our democracy. I knew this election wasn't gonna be easy. A woman getting elected for President? In what universe do you live in? 

Even if you believed like myself that Hillary Clinton was the leader our nation needs, and have believed for years. I mean look at her resume, I mean come on, what more could you ask for in a Presidential candidate? Of course I know we have the little issue of her last name, and her husbands so called ghosts and those damned debunked conspiracies from oh so many years ago. But really look at what she's done, from her earliest years helping to prove discrimination, to even now with her family's foundation, the woman has been for one thing, helping others. And unless we discover a secret bank account somewhere, apparently neither Clinton has made any money from it. Luckily for all of us, and unlike Donald Trump her taxes are an open book so we know how much she's earned. In other words those accusations are simply attacks without merit or facts or proof. Despite what the liars who want her to lose say, one would think that people who have been proven to be wrong about everything from the economy to science, to even our weather should also be disbelieved when they lie about Hillary. But for what ever reason, those lies stick, even when those liars are throwing them out. When you ask people and I have about where they get their information for their arguments against her, why they believe she's lying. Without exception they mention Fox Faux News or one of Donald's surrogates or something they've seen on the internet. Whenever she's been attacked or accused of anything, most if not all of those questions of her character, her job performance or even her personal life have been debunked or explained away as misunderstood or misinterpreted non issues. Seemingly if you want to make someone look bad you can, and they've tried. As opposed to the other side of the campaign, Donald Trump who appears to be a never ending Pandora's box of evil, who keep deflecting his truth by attacking others for his own actions. Somehow, his activities are never discussed but the accusations of others is all that ever is the thing people are talking about.
When you look at both candidates. At their histories. At their politics. At what they've done and said the difference is vast. Look at how they've campaigned, look at their stomp speeches, look at their ad campaigns, websites, surrogates even the political leaders who have come out to stomp for each candidate. Look at their positions and platforms. Look at their endorsers and listen to the people discussing each nominee. Look at their running mates? Why was there any doubt? Look at their public and private faces, seriously? Even look at their off spring? Look at how both families have spent their lives helping others as they entered adulthood. Why was this a contest in anyone's eyes?
I understand that Donald is good television. I understand that the media has made billions of dollars throwing out conspiracies and spending hour upon hour discussing them as reality or fiction for decades. I understand how the haters on the right have been throwing out things against our current President, accusing him of all despicable deeds as he cleans up the mess they left behind when the American people voted them out of office. That the incessant drum they keep beating that our nation is heading in the wrong direction has wore down a lot of people's beliefs in the system, because their lives haven't been affected in a good way for years. I get it. People need someone to look up to, especially when in hard times. Sadly seemingly like clockwork, the leaders of those oppressed, more often then not turn out to be charlatans or worse. Just look back at history. Seriously I still can't understand why anyone thought any of the failed clowns that seemed to come out of the woodwork to run for the Republican nomination were any good. I could understand why the number of candidates kept expanding, I mean none of them in my viewpoint had it in them to run our nation. They each may have positions of power, but their positions on the issues and their voting records defeated each one even before they entered the race. And their pathetic campaigns once in it, made their loses predetermined before they said the words. So a media driven candidate beating a bunch of has beens should never surprise anyone especially one whose mastered the art of conning pretty much everyone. So someone with Donald's star power and skill at BS'ing people was the perfect weapon to easily defeat a bunch of losers. But defeating someone with Hillary Clinton's abilities, or in fact any democrat who ran this year was something only a rigged election possibly could have accomplished. Its a shame the good guys never rig the system, they just get blamed for it by those already doing it. No matter her negatives, no matter the amount of nonsense that the media incessantly tries to throw out at her to try to poison the audience, the reality of Donald Trump eventually would overcome any attempt by the media to try to sway this election. 
I also understand the players in the game on both sides of the field. The pros and the cons of the Clintons and of the Trumps. I get how good or bad both candidates are and how everything they did has helped or hurt people. From their work in politics to their work in the private sector. As politicians in office and as lawyers defending their clients. In the case of the Clintons, and most importantly Hillary the great far out weighs any negatives. Whatever money or influence you think that The Clinton Foundation got her, ask yourself how much good her family's charity has done. The list of accomplishments that people joke about that Hillary likes to remind everyone is long and seriously world class. Simply hers is a life of service. In the case of Donald, the only service he knows is when he asks for a waiter. Honestly what good has he done? Seriously what? I'm talking about for others. Yes, he's built up this huge empire, of course we honestly have no clue what he really runs or what is really a business that pays him to have his name involved. We keep hearing how many jobs he created or how many people he employs, which sounds great and is an accomplishment in any one's book. But what has he actually really accomplished? Perhaps a lot of tall buildings, perhaps he's an agile deal broker. But look how many businesses he appears to have ripped off. How many people have come out of the woodwork to tell their personal or business nightmares of dealing with the man. Seriously the only thing the man has, and its the one thing that I keep hearing about from his advisors, surrogates and of course followers and those Americans voting for him, are his supposed positions on policy's. On the stomp or after debates it seems that they wish Donald Trump would shut up and just talk about his policy proposals, then all would be good. They somehow always say that they expect him to surround himself with good people once he's in office and that he would follow their advice. Really? Why would he do that then if he's not following anyone now? So why would people think he would change once in office? How far in the rabbit hole do you need to be to still believe that the man's gonna pivot? After I guess he's actually begun destroying our nation from the inside out, as the leader of the free world.
I say supposed positions, because his few policies that he says he has, that is after he spends endless minutes attacking and demeaning others, could just be his talking points read by Donald that others have written for him. Do we have any clue what he actually intends to do if he was elected into office? Honestly what's believable when the person telling us things, lies about everything? And his deflection is everyone is lying about his, and everything is rigged against all of us by them. We have one candidate, Donald J. Trump, who has spent a lifetime, living it up like a Pimp or mafia king, or even charlatan religious leader or emperor, or anyone who makes money off the backs of others. Donald Trump seems to have a never ending list of businesses that he's decided not to fulfill his part of the deal. Somehow they do their jobs, but him, he weasels his way out of it. Screw everyone else, as long as I can live or at least act like I'm the king of the world. Listen to the way he talks about people, especially women. Then we have the other, Hillary Clinton, a person who has spent her life helping others and had to do that while a cottage industry of attackers seemingly grew up around her. Ever since Hillary Clinton became a political force for good in our world, people have been going after her. Somehow each set back, is simply a scar that she's acquired along the way as she's continued to move up the power grid of our nation. From First Lady, to New York State Senator to almost Democratic Nominee, to Secretary of State and now to Democratic Presidential nominee. On each step of the way she's come out stronger and more ready for the job of Commander in Chief. Seriously, has anyone ever run a better campaign then Hillary Clinton? Obviously Bernie Sanders threw a wrench in her plans, especially with memories of her defeat to our current President, Barack Obama from eight years ago. My argument with those who were upset that Hillary seemed to have been anointed for the job was they didn't seem to remember why she almost won in the first place. Remember? A lot of people wanted Hillary to win the Democratic nomination, but like grown ups we realized that idea was over at least for now. But our real dream electing a Democrat back into the White House was still alive, and happily he won and so did the American people. And unlike seemingly all Republicans who have lost the race for the Presidency, after the campaign, Hillary didn't quit public office or get a gig on cable news, she along with her husband continued their great work on the Clinton Foundation, and of course she spent a great couple of years performing the role of Secretary of State. And now as a Democratic candidate for President, all she has done is showcase how world class she is. Look at how Hillary has run her entire campaign, how she has handed every attack and nonsense thrown at her during it like an adult. Compare her surrogates to his, her endorsers to his, how she presents herself, how she discusses the issues, how she actually knows pretty much about everything, and he doesn't. Why was there any question about her winning this election? If you have watched these two candidates side by side for months, on the stomp, answering questions, head to head at the debates or even their conventions there is no comparison. We have one candidate that has a lifetime working for this moment and the other who has spent a lifetime getting away with murder. So as the most recent poll numbers indicates, the masses in this nation has been paying attention and it looks like Hillary might actually win in a landslide. Everything it seems is gonna wind up as it all should be in the first place. There will be no last second hiccup like with Bush and Gore, this race will not be decided by anything named chad. It seems the creme has arisen to the top and the reality of who deserves to serve as our next President is actually gonna happen. Seems the people have watched for themselves and compared the two candidates are deciding that a reality television empty shell is no match for a qualified experienced knowledgeable who actually is ready on day one and not just for his close-up.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday October 23, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Are you freaking kidding me? So now it seems Trump's Russian pals want to hang near our voting booths on Election Day… honestly what could go wrong?

THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! After months of hearing how the Kremlin was meddling in our democracy itself, it turns out they want a front row seat to this years election. Seriously? Seems they wish to observe polling locations and requested it in three states. Happily so far, they were rejected by officials in Louisiana, Oklahoma and in Texas. Seems they each received letters from an officer of the Russian Consul general in Houston, named Alexander K. Kazharov who asked them to allow someone to be "present" at a voting station during the presidential election. Really, do they think people have been asleep at the wheel? Of course, many Republicans were, hence Donald's nomination and the millions of other people who are are still thinking of voting for him. As reported they've been hacking multiple servers for months now and have been releasing personal and political documents on a never seemingly ending stream online. Not to mention the untold business connections Donald Trump has with them, and of course all the members of his political team who have their own connections. Now they want to see it up close? See how our election process operates, perhaps maybe they can effect the process and assist the Donald into the oval office. You feel that cold chill down your spine, perhaps its just a case of the Siberian flu entering our borders. 

Remember my deflection theory I seem to harp on all the time, you know, the one that Donald J. Trump keeps pulling. Every time a new hiccup springs forth that should derail his candidacy, say his Foundation or punishing women for having abortions, they bring out a new conspiracy to change the subject, a new email leak. Well this is his other con, blaming others for doing exactly what he himself is doing. Lets call it the blame game, shall we. Accusing others of a crime, while you secretly do it. Some of his better ones have become stables in his campaign events. She's crooked being the big one. According to him, The Clinton Foundation really is a political slush fund for them. Bill Clinton's offenses are worse then even his. She's the bigot, which turns of course into Hillary being the one using her African-American friends just to get their vote, not me. Or even the unbelievable, Hillary's the one hiring goons to rough up Donnie's followers at Trump rally's.
But of all his accusations, the worse has to be something Trump's been using for a while now, that our election is rigged. Its causing mistrust to voters in our nation that the system is stacked against us and Hillary Clinton is behind it all. So basically in my view, Donald is the one doing the rigging, and now maybe it looks like he's having a little help from some of his Russian friends. Perhaps it was one of Donald's Moscow connected surrogates who suggested having them inspect how our country actually elects our leaders democratically. As opposed to poisoning off all of its political enemies, or simply imprisoning them for crimes concocted in the KGB tainted brain of his. Kind of sounds a little like Donald's threats towards Hillary at the second debate, and seemingly all of his enemies.
Besides whining about Hillary, he's been going after the media as the bad player in all this. That they're all in it to win it with her. All of the attacks against him, which is of his own making is the media making stuff up just to hurt him. Disregarding all the free publicity he's received for most of this campaign, all the puff pieces that were written about him. All the many phone call conversations that you had live on air. Helping transform the man into part of everybody's family. Sadly we all have that nutty uncle that needs to be left in the attic when company arrives, sometimes they get out and embarrass the Hell out of you, and his attack on the stomp today, is the perfect example of what he's been doing. Accusing the media of doing everything ugly to help Hillary win. 
They lie and fabricate stories, to make a candidate, that is not there preferred choice, look as bad and even dangerous as possible. - Donald Trump
Right Donald, they're all out to get you. Today, as he was complaining about the lies, the media, Hillary, the world, what everybody's been saying about him, Donald announced he would be suing these women who dared to have come out and accuse him of doing exactly what he had boasted to his buddy Billy Bush. Donnie's a little busy now getting those Foundation papers together for the New York Attorney General right? So this will wait till after the election is decided. I presume win or lose, he's gonna go after their asses for ruining his reputation. So, while destroying our nation if he wins in the first 100 days, in his spare time Trump's gonna be taking them all to court. I know the Republican haters will be going after Hillary once she's in, threats of Impeachments probably on an hourly basis. Everything she says or does or has done will be subject to a Congressional hearing. But Donald, his Foundation, his debts, his ties to Russia and foreign governments, these women, Donnie has lots of explaining to do, and hopefully lots of prison time in his future. Doing that if he wins, would probably be the only thing I'd look forward to in a Trump Presidency. Watching the man's plummet from the heights of the Presidency to seeing it all unravel in real time, as our country is destroyed from within for voting for the biggest con man in history. Not that I would ever wish that would happen in a million years, but at least I'm looking at the upside of it if he does. Heck we survived Nixon, Reagan and George W., I guess we could survive even Trump.    
Its funny, or is that scary, and maybe I've watched the television series 'The Americans' way too intensely, it appears to me that this election seemingly is turning into an episode of that series. Or any other Cold War drama set in the 1950s or 1970s. Just sit back and think of all of the Russian imprints in this election campaign. Remember how many times our Donald complimented the Russian leader. Remember how his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort had to leave his post because of his Russian ties. Or how he was interviewed by Larry King on a Russian sponsored television network. Lets not forget to mention, how the newest Soviet leader, or should I write newly re-elected President Vladimir Putin is trying to return Russia into the evil empire it once was. Seemingly the historically recent Democratic overthrow of the Communist empire, is sadly only a distant memory of todays ramping up of old school KGB style politics. With all his devious actions, Putin seriously is trying to turn what was once a warming friendship with the two nations, and quickly returning it into the Cold War enemies of the past. 
As Hillary so perfectly described Donald's part in Vladimir's plan, simply the man is Putin's puppet. Trump's suggestion of corruption in the electoral process itself, surely must be making the Russian leader's heart skip a beat. His little puppet, Donnie, is playing right into KGB hands. So now, after all this, why not allow a few Russian spy's into our voting booths. Lets see how they can somehow tweak the numbers. Lets discover how they can play games with the machines themselves and orchestrate the perfect takeover of their enemies nation. Alexander K. Kazharov, by asking nicely for the opportunity to witness our electoral process might have given us all a big clue to the Russian plan to over throw our government. As with most things Trump, listen to his words, what he is warning us about is usually telling us what he has done or is planning to do. This interesting revelation of possible rigging being attempted by a foreign government, showcases the exact thing Donald is warning us against. So it seems, with Donald going full force that our Democracy is in danger I would think its about time for the Feds to really look into Trump's connections with the Russians and with his puppet master Vladimir Putin. Just saying, maybe its better to do this sooner then later. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016


With Hillary Clinton's historic victory seemingly apparent, after what we've all lived through, do you actually expect the man is gonna go away quietly? If we thought it was bad before, expect things to, honestly explode in all of our faces.

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE, the more they stay the same, as Donald still gets to hog the air time, even as he's heading for an historic loss. WTF, so all of news channels are showing Donald Trump on the stomp at Fletcher, North Carolina. This taking place after his latest screw-up, last night at the Al Smith charity dinner. The fundraiser for the Catholic organization is always an amazing place to see Democracy at its finest. Right after the last debate, the two current Presidential candidates both appeared together and showcase that even sworn political enemies can act like colleagues and grown-ups. Its a pseudo roast between Presidential candidates, but it is never mean spirited, and all in good fun. The best part of it is listening to the candidates make fun of themselves. Well, as usual, Donald didn't get that. Showcasing with a series of 'jokes' Trump used recent WikiLeaks leaks to go after Hillary Clinton. The low blow was with his comment about her hating Catholics…

"I wasn't really sure if Hillary was going to be here tonight because, I guess, you didn't send her invitation by email. Or maybe you did, and she just found out about it through the wonder of WikiLeaks,"
 "We've learned so much from WikiLeaks. For example, Hillary believes that it is vital to deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different policy in private."
"That's OK, I don't know who they're angry at, Hillary, you or I. For example, here she is tonight, in public, pretending not to hate Catholics." - Donald Trump
The most stunning part of all this, the booing you could hear from the crowd was jarring. Actually more so then the ones at the last debate after Donald dropped his 'I'll let you know' answer to the question would he concede defeat, if he lost. The rest of his set was so-so but the mood in the room was obviously altered. Happily Hillary Clinton's set for the most part rocked, especially because it followed his and he couldn't respond. 
"People look at the Statue of Liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for people around the world. Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a “four.”
Maybe a “five” if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.
You know, come to think of it, you know what would be a good number for a woman? Forty-five." - 
Hillary Clinton
Seriously who ever wrote that, bravo. But my favorite joke of her set has to be her dig at Rudy and his response was perfection, an almost perfect Scrooge, the next time they cast the part. Seemingly the man has no sense of humor, especially when he's the butt of the joke.
And look else (ph) at the dais — we’ve got the Honorable Chuck Schumer, the Honorable Andrew Cuomo, the Honorable Mike Bloomberg, the Honorable Bill DeBlasio, the Honorable Dave Dinkins, and so many other wonderful elected officials. 
And we have Rudy Giuliani. - Hillary Clinton
Boom, the best part was watching the people around Rudy, laugh out loud at the man and he looked like he was about to swallow his teeth. That said, Hillary's speech was gracious and felt right in with history's best speeches at this event, and as usual showcased her for the leader she is. Donald read copy and acted like he was performing at a celebrity roast. Seriously eye opening and worth watching, even if just to hear the jeers from the audience at the event.
Back to the television coverage of today's Trump event, one of three he announced during his usual talking points. Finally after 15 minutes or so, MSNBC cut his sound. I checked all the news channels and they continued airing it allowing the man to read off his entire speech. It really is amazing, I understand that he's the Republican nominee for President, and there's just 18 days left till election day, but just run a repeat of his others. Nothing he's saying is new, except when he adds the latest stuff that the Russian's have helped leak. That said, the man looked at half speed. Trump read off the teleprompter, but there is no snap, crackle or pop it was almost as if he was going through the motions. There was no joy, you didn't see that glint in his eyes. Honestly it was quite sad, that I almost felt bad for the man. Almost.
Of course, once the sound was off, what we got on MSNBC, with Trump still in the background, was Andrea Mitchell wanting to discuss about a WikiLeaks email. Something to do with Hillary's Foundation and a $12 million deal. What gets me is, not once during the conversation did she bring up the fact that the email could be fake! Remember? This was actually discussed during the last debate, and it was one of Hillary's strongest smack downs on the subject. Remember these are stolen, illegally released either possibly real or possibly made up… maybe Andrea is still pissed at Hillary for ignoring her on her plane after the debate when she was answering questions of the press. 
I'm sure this will be today's big deflection, to stop the talk of Trump's issues. I mean even his Access Hollywood revelations seems to be old news these days. That is until another accuser comes out. I should also mention that this is being drummed up the same week when Donald needs to release the paperwork to the New York Attorney General, to prove his foundation is legit. How is this not being talked about? I found it interesting that Hillary's Foundation was queried to her at the debate, but his, wasn't? Especially with this deadline only days away. If in fact his foundation is real, it hasn't been audited since it's inception, since the paperwork supposedly was never either handed in or approved. As far as I know thats a crime. A big crime. No approval, no charitable foundation. So if he doesn't have the proper paperwork, thats an even bigger crime, since he's been running his foundation without it being audited, whoops. In this case, you can't use the bullshit with his personal taxes of not paying taxes. Because this isn't his personal or business taxes, this is his charity. It needs to prove where it gets its money, how it spends it money, and in no way is this supposed to be political in nature. Which apparently is exactly what he did according to his reported donations. This actually could put the man behind bars, but instead we are discussing hacked emailed from decades ago where supposedly Clinton people said bad things about Al Gore. Somehow this is supposed to rupture Hillary's balloon, make Al hitch a fit on the stomp, reaming Hillary and Donald will get all of her voters. Well why else would this leak matter?
Watching the usual surrogates gleefully discuss this as opposed to the Al Smith dinner, or Donald's pathetic performance at the third and last debate is laughable. Anything to change the subject and try to make the population forget all of Donnie's negatives. One of the Trumpeters, Steven Cortes, who actually seems to talk more then Boris Epshteyn. Annoyingly Steven is even more obnoxious then Boris, I wish I was kidding, because he at last seems nice until he says something that makes you want to smack the man's face off. Well Steven, was arguing that as the outsider, the fact that the people were upset at what Donald pulled at the Al Smith dinner was fine. It didn't matter that what he did and said was unacceptable. It didn't matter if it was unprecedented. This putz brought up the discredited catholic commentaries that was on one of the leaked emails, as if to insult Hillary. But laughingly after the shows host brought up the statement that Cardinal Dolan mentioned that Donald had said to Hillary at the end of the dinner. 
“After the little prayer, Mr. Trump turned to Secretary Clinton and said, ‘You are one tough and talented woman,’” "He said, 'This has been a good experience, this whole campaign, as tough as it’s been.'" 
The scowl on his face, transformed into his huge phony smile and he acted like all was great in the world of Catholicism. Seems in private there is civility in the world after all. 

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