Thursday, July 21, 2016


So I viewed it, taped, and... wait a minute,  did Ted Cruz just tell his flock to vote for  Hillary Clinton?

Years ago I snuck out of work to see Rambo 3, I played hooky to spend half the day with my work mate, Brian, hoping that we were gonna see the worst movie ever made, and expecting to laugh ourselves silly. Well what stunned me that day was that the movie was actually half way decent. It wasn't the train wreck we had expected. And even though we actually had a real good time, we were both disappointed that the movie we saw wasn't what we expected. Expectations can kill all the fun of every thing. 
Well, last nights, the third of four, of the RNC's Sh*t Storm in Cleveland kind of had the same effect on me. I had decided to skip it, take a breather, honestly this attempt by the RNC and Donald to make Americans instantly fall in love with the orange-faced supposed billionaire was getting to me, I was seriously beginning to have all the signs of depression. That may be pushing it, but suffice it to say I was a little obsessed. Tweeting even more then the Donald seemed to be doing,  now you know that must mean its time to take a break.
So I taped the event, just in case something was reported that would make me have to watch what I missed, and as anyone who is reading this knows, supposedly all Hell broke loose during the event. I mean, the media was describing World War III. Some how Ted Cruz, Doctor Evil, had riled up the masses. Somehow all that 'unity' that the Republicans preached was gonna be showcased at the Convention had imploded. Somehow my dreams had come true and I had missed it! No!
The last time I felt the same way, and I wish I was kidding, was the afternoon of September 11th! Yes that September 11th! You see I had slept through the attack on America. I had been up late the night before, and basically missed history. I was awoken by my mother, on her third attempt to call me. It was 12:30 pm when I finally turned on my television and saw the Towers gone and I sat numb, disbelieving what had happened. But all I kept thinking to myself was, I can't believe I missed it. I was stunned and upset and shocked and angered like everyone else, but as is my way of looking at things, my thoughts were, I was blown away by the fact that the biggest event in my lifetime and I had slept through it. So I watched the events on replay, on the news. I mention that because whenever I forget to watch something, or miss something huge, I always get that same feeling. 
So after listening to NPR, scanning Facebook & Twitter, reading all my little pushes that the various news outlets sent me, I had to watch to see exactly what I had missed. See it for myself without the spin that the talking heads were trying to throw. And honestly I was disappointed. I was expecting an implosion, we got what I thought was more of a thud. But a thud with ramifications. It seems Teddy isn't taking losing as well as Trumps followers would like, or is that maybe Donald should have played a little nicer? And the media is spinning it like its huge, todays big to do. But I think, the Donald is playing everyone on this. Its been reported that the Donald read the speech and knew exactly what Teddy was gonna say, and he allowed it to happen. So the entire craziness that occurred, that was his plan. As one talking head observed, this probably helped Trump, because now Cruz is the enemy and he's made Donald's flock grow even more inspired. 
Funnily, his speech itself, was standard Ted Cruz, a lot of bull, wrapped in a Preachers vigor. But instead of endorsing Donald J Trump, he uttered the words that upset Republican's as much as 'Black Lives Matter' does, he said 'Vote your conscience'And man, the knuckle-draggers are not happy. It seems, Ted Cruz basically told his sheep to vote for Hillary Clinton! Can we get an Amen! So while it wasn't Earth-Shattering, I'm glad I didn't miss it. 
Laughingly as with every night, what we are talking about afterwards, isn't Trumps plans or Trumps family or Trump's genius, no we are again talking about a major cluster-fuck. And instead of discussing what Donald will be saying tonight, we are discussing how Ted's wife was dissed. I mean how could Ted Cruz break the sacred his oath by breaking the pledge, like all good sheep did. How blasphemous! That is of course all the ones there, who sold their souls to the Devil to got their television exposure they each need to continue their personal self serving agendas.
And I didn't even mention the other speakers lat night. We got Newt's old school Republican attack garbage, we got yet another off-spring, this one I think named Eric, how many kids does this man have? And shock of all shocks, and most importantly, we got Mike Pence giving an honest to goodness seemingly fantastic sounding speech. I say seemingly cause after a while I realized that most of what he was saying sounded like generic Republican talking points, Granted he said it surprisingly well and scarily he actually looks like he aced the exam. The first third of it, I actually got nervous, I sat up and listened and, I hate to say it, but he looked like a real candidate. Trump had done good, I mean as compared to the last half dozen Republican VP picks, at first blush, the man actually looks like he could be President. 
Seemingly Trump has picked a man who could do the job. Which makes his chances of winning the White House a lot more realistic. Which of course scares the bejeezus out of me. But, lucky for all of us, that speech, the words he uttered was just that a speech. If you really listened to it, like all the others during this convention, they sound like every other speech we've heard before. In fact, we already convicted Melania in the court of public opinion about hers. And, just like the others, Pence's speech could have been lifted off of a dozen other republican speeches I've heard before. And as is usual with Republicans like Mike Pence, his rhetoric does not match his own record or the fact, or even reality  Always spinning their negatives into practically historic records of achievement.
Pence described his record at home as practically the greatest tenure ever by a sitting political leader, and that was the major problem with last night's big speech. Sorry sir, what you proudly boasted last night, completely ignored the reality of what has happened under his watch. Specifically the actions he took,m not just the ones he got form the previous rulers of the realm. Disregarding the bull that he threw last night, and honestly could you blame him, you see it seemed his greatest achievement as a leader, his trying to shut down our Government because of Planned Parenthood funding. And of course, skipping his most infamous act, I mean why was he so shy about enacting a hate bill, signing into law, a bill against anyone who isn't straight! I've said it before, and I will keep saying it, the man is evil and scarily, he could be the demon who sneaks his way into the Presidency. 
So now we all sit and wait, wondering how Donald is gonna seal the deal tonight. Ironically I'll be working as a stand-in on  Billions, Showtime's series about a Billionaire business giant whose basically more crooked then well Donald Trump! So I'll be missing the show live, or will I, and I definitely plan to sit back when ever I get home tomorrow and watch it. Wondering if the man will implode or rise to the occasion. Well, the man is so fill of hot air, if he doesn't rise, perhaps his Presidency will explode with one huge Trumpism too many.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, July 21, 2016

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