Sunday, May 29, 2016


I presume its that, if not its all about ratings, how else can you explain Drumpf

A not so funny thing occurred to me today, does the media have it in for Hillary? I was scrolling the articles on Huffington Post today, when I realized that there was not one article showcased with is a positive spin on Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Every single one had something negative to say about her. Even when its an article discussing her leading Bernie in the Delegate math, its spun as if Bernie is tightening the race or she should be doing better.

I note, that this wasn't the first time I started to notice this, but today it felt like it was so slanted against her, that it was almost palatable. I've noticed this on Facebook a lot, where they post their articles on for us to find in our feed and read on their site. All of the articles by HufffPost are always negative about her. All. Or maybe I just missed the one good one about her, I guess it could happen, I mean I'm not on Facebook 24/7 am I?  Lets just say, I've been on it enough to have seen at least one good thing about Hillary, but for the life of me, can not recall any. 
Maybe this was a one time thing, perhaps there was an article I missed. Maybe it was just a one time thing, and yesterday there was a piece mentioning her being the most admired woman on Earth for the last 20 years or so, I know I keep reading that somewhere.
I must say, this negatively towards her, is not just only a Huffington Post thing. Every time I flick on my television, all the news channels are doing similar things. Not just FOX FAUX NEWS, but MSNBC and CNN are doing the same thing. There seems to be nothing positive to write about her.
Before every Primary or Caucus the media's talking heads are discussing that this is a must win for Hillary. Even when the polls show she's gonna destroy him that day, and if she does its never by as much as she should have won, and its showcased to be nothing really important. And if she doesn't win by a landslide, its always spun as a victory for her opponent. In states she's expected to lose, all niceties go out the window. We do get the occasional talking head that sounds like they're trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but thats normally forgotten once the votes have been totaled. As if their spin before the Primary was completely forgotten and the facts have been shown out to prove their message. It seems no matter how good or bad the numbers are, its always spun as a negative for her.
I can't wait for Inauguration Day when she's putting her hand on The Bible to swear her oath of the Presidency and the talking heads will bring out all of her scandals and her very low poll numbers. That now she's the most hated person to ever become President. This after she wins the election by anywhere from 3 million to 30 or so million votes. I mean the woman is the most admired woman on Earth for decades now, and thats always ignored.
Even when she wins in a landslide, for them to say it, it feels like its pulling teeth, it was a good day for her. Pretty much the only person on television at least reporting reality about Hillary, has been Rachel Maddow, who has done several pieces showcasing her in a positive light. And in some instances her segments have been the only ones who knock down her negatives. I know there are others on MSNBC and CNN that have shed positives on her, but those are few and far between.
Every time she's discussed the first thing everyone says is that she's disliked. Overtime she's interviewed, they bring it up. And she has to sit there and answer it, sometimes jokingly, sometime dismissively, but it happens every freaking time. Point blank to her face they ask: Does it bother you how much do people hate you? Wow. Yup they hate her so much, she's gonna be our next President, that is if the media seemingly gets their way. How both she and Donald have the lowest positives of any twosome who has ever led their respective parties? As if its a universal belief by all. 
Sorry, I don't get it. The woman has the most delegates, the most votes, by millions mind you, but that seems to be the least importance fact that they ever report. Its like its their mantra, they keep bringing up all of the scandals that were proven bogus, to remind people of them. Seemingly to use the FOX playbook against her.
On the reverse, we get Drumpf, who one would assume would be the perfect person to go after. But instead of doing their jobs, they seem to be enjoying the fact that this possible insane businessman somehow has bamboozled a nation. Bernie has been using this bogus idea for months now. I'm the most popular, everyone loves me, look how I'd beat Trump easily in polls. 
Sadly after 40 years of attacks by The Right Wing zealots, on Hillary and her husband, which have all been thrown out, are now the line of attacks and questions against her on the air and in print. So now, it seems, seemingly all of these so-called reporters has forgotten what their previous incarnations, the newsmen who proved that the attacks were all lies and bogus, never happened. Its as if the news media had turned away facts for ratings, and lies and gossip for ratings.  Even when they reported the facts years before.
Instead of going after Trump, as if, look we better be doing our jobs, cause all of our futures depend on it. They ignore real news about him, And use his very talking points as jumping off points attacking her. For example, the orange face buffoon brought up the Vince Foster conspiracy, but instead of laughing in his face, the news media ran with it, in fact making it into another bogus attack on her again. Its maddening, and when some reporters and talking heads, try to remind us of that, those few voices are drowned out by most of the others trying to bump up their numbers.
I understand this isn't a normal election cycle. The news media keeps harping on that. But this attack against Hillary is nothing new. Maybe its because she's a woman. maybe its because she's a Clinton. Maybe its simply because she's Hillary, and when you try t do something, those standing in your way will do anything to stop you. All I know is, I find it astounding that a woman with her resume, with so much going for her, is always showcased to be everyone negative they can come with. And all the positives never actually occurred, thats all made up. Let's just believe the bull and forget her numerous accomplishments. I mean f you listen to Donald, all Hillary's done in her life is let Bill Clinton cheat on her, and everything else she's failed at dramatically. I mean it is almost laughable, all he says is Believe me or Trust me, and all reality goes out the window. 
Again I understand its ratings, but we are talking about electing the next President, and it seems the media is ignoring the fact that she's winning, in everything that matters except for their interpretation of what people like. So every article begins with her being so hated. How she's blowing this big time. That its hers to lose. Well, they're trying their best to help her lose. 
It sometimes feels that The Donald is actually the person running the news. Maybe if we ever get the chance to see his taxes, we will discover that he's actually the one paying their bills and runs the media. Maybe thats the real reason he's playing games.
And now as she gets closer to the nomination, all I keep hearing is how all her advantages are gonna slip threw her fingers, cause she's a bad candidate, doesn't know how to attack, to respond, to, blah blah blah. It seems everyone is an expert in how she's not who they want her to be. It really is amazing how, all these experts seem to be blind to facts and reality. 
These same experts, still can't figure out how Donald has won his parties nomination. They gave him 24/7 free advertising, use everyone of his tweets as important as our Declaration of Independence. In fact, breaking into real news to have segments on them. And then they're confused that his numbers keep going up. At the same time, all they do is bring up old conspiracies against her and Bill, and spend hours discussing them. Its simply maddening to me. 
I can understand why people hate her, I have lots of friends who spout off these slanted talking points that have been drummed into our brains as fact. When you try to argue with them, these victims of corporate brainwashing refuse to listen to reality.  It doesn't matter to them whom they've learned it from, if its on TV it must be real.    
When the same losers that tried to destroy our nation are drummed out as experts against her, and somehow, their lies are treated now as reality, it makes me sick. Its like former President Nixon, after his Impeachment, and resignation, the man used to go to Yankee Stadium to watch Yankees games. And the few times I was at the stadium at the same time he was, whenever they would showcase he was there on the stadium scoreboard, as if, look which celebrity was attending todays festivities, people would be cheering him. Forgetting what he had done, and why he left his gig early. I seemed to be the only one out of the all the fans, booing him. Seems in all politics its the same game, doesn't matter how bad you were when in office, as long as you were in office you must be good. I mean we voted them in right. 
Well if thats the case why is Hillary the villain here? She's never once been caught. Never once been convicted and never once has lost her job for doing anything wrong. But if you listen to these talking heads she should be put into a cell, locked away for good. 
Whats gets me is how easily it was for the right to seize anything that could be used to attack her and make it into the biggest offense that anyone on Earth ever did. Somehow benghazi and her email server situation, discovered because of the Benghazi witch hunt, is worse in the publics eyes then anything, one could even imagine. And anything others have done, doesn't matter lets all go nuts on something thats really not an issue.
Its astounds me that people, would rather attack her on these possible offenses and skip over everything else that her haters have said about any and all issues or their own peccadilloes. Bernie's taxes, his wife legal issues. Somehow all of Trumps, are ok, but Hilary's are real bad… Trust me.
I used to trust the media, I used to listen to the talking heads on the air, or the reporters I read in print or online but sadly, most of these experts have been replaced with people with personal vendetta's and no real facts. 
So either I'm alone in my opinions and crazy, I mean I know I'm not the only one out there who sees this, but if the media isn't reporting it, maybe I am one of the few, who know, the ones who have pushed her to the bank of being the next President of the United States. Or maybe, most of the voters out there, are not watching the news or the talking heads or the media saying these negative things about her.  I mean the numbers ofr news shows are pretty dismal, that is expect for the debates. Those got ratings, but the never ending hate against her actually isn't seen or read by too many, what 5% of the public watches FOX or MSNBC to CNN. Maybe that would explain why she's the one getting the votes and winning the  race. Maybe the media doesn't speak for the population, just for whose paying their bills. Perhaps, all of my sleepless nights, my aching stomach is all because I watch and read too much of this garbage. Wow, I just made myself feel better. All of this negativity is the media trying to gain ratings. And sadly, the few viewers who are watching it are spreading the virus of hate against her. I just hope that those who haven't been brainwashed into hating her, will be the majority buy the time election day happens and Hillary wins in a cake walk. And all the haters can sit back, and ponder how they all got it wrong. That the polls were wrong. That the people were number suckered into voting into office a man named Drumpf.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016

GUESS MY QUESTION TO BERNIE IS, WHAT DO YOU WANT?Because your actions seem to be helping give the White House to Drumpf

Are you you in it for the gig, or are you really trying to help elect the worst candidate in our history, to make a statement. I'm just saying, that's what it sounds like to me. Perhaps you really believe that you are gonna get the Democratic nomination. And then, because of the people's mandate, you're gonna steamroll over Donald without a problem. That's your plan, right? Anything is possible, especially as we've discovered in this years campaign. But since I live in the real world, where Donald Drumpf is a reality star and supposedly a multi-billionaire, and not our next President! Heaven forbid, your reasoning, in my opinion is simply wrong. 

And yesterday for all the world to see, you got played. Unbelievably, which seems to be the word to describe every thing Drumpf does, from his tweets to his speeches. To the people running his campaign and the talking heads he uses to promote his so-called platforms. You fell for a joke on a late night talk show, The Donald jests, I ‘d love to debate Bernie, and you jump at it like a dog in heat. Drooling at the prospect of getting on stage with the orange faced buffoon. Fantasizing how you’d wipe the floor of him and his insults. Pointing that finger of yours at him, conducting the debate, with all your might as you try to get attention from the moderators, and the viewers watching, in your usual juvenile manner. 
Well for two days and counting, both you and Donald have played tag with the idea of a real debate, hopefully getting for what you really wanted in all this, air time. Blessed free advertising. Helping I presume to bump up your poll numbers, good one Bernie. I guess it worked. And just as it seemed this absurd idea could come to fruition, the man himself, Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf throws it out the window. 
And his reasoning was actually correct, debating the losing candidate is not the political thing today, even if the debate had happened it probably would have helped him and only hurt Hillary. Bernie you were played! And the sad thing is you don’t seem to realize it.
Remember Hillary, the woman whose beating you in this race? It seems ever since your campaign realized that the numbers were basically impossible for you, all we’ve gotten from you and your band of not so merry men (really angry trolls if you ask me), are threats of an upheaval at the Democratic convention. Just yesterday your goon squad of aides, sent a letter to the DNC, demanding that they remove and/or replace (trying to make this sound less obnoxious) two high ranking officials, because they’re against Bernie. They’ve slammed him for not being the better candidate. For throwing out positions that don’t financially work. For bascally being democrats. 
Sorry if you feel that they’re in bed with Hillary, but, you don’t get to choose who votes for whom Bernie. And just because you say so, doesn’t mean its a crime. What are you a Republican? And with less then a month away from the June Primary, you’re trying to rewrite all the rules for you. Seems the only way you can win is by trying to change the rules. It  Perhaps, maybe you shouldn’t be in the Democratic party to begin with, since it took you your whole life to join the party, and I know it was only for political reasons, something you bitch about about everyone but your self. How funny, the only person, who isn’t bitching about the system is the one winning by using the rules given and not complaining about it, as Bill Maher would say, Like a big fat pussy! You even went on Bill Maher’s show last night to try to sway opinions on this bogus publicity stunt. Wish you guys had watched Rachel Maddow the other night who did a brilliant piece showcasing why it was unprecedented and completely not the thing to do. That it would only hurt Hilary in the long run and not help either fool in that bogus charade. 
Bernie, all you’ve done for weeks is try to destroy Hillary’s chances, and even worse you’ve done your best to hurt the Democratic party. In both cases, only helping The Donald to election glory in November. Now that you can’t possibly beat Hillary unless some kind of magical event occurs and the numbers flip, she is gonna be the Democratic nominee. So why in the world are you doing your best to help her lose in the fall campaign. As you claim, no matter what, Donald can not get into the White House, I would do everything in my power to stop him, isn’t that your standard line?
I understand that you haven’t been a Democrat for life and you only joined the party to become the President. But was it your intention to help Donald Drumpf become President instead. Please answer me that one. Are we gonna find out, someday that you’re really a Hydra agent and your plan all along was the over throw of our Government. I mean I know its stretch, but the evidence is mounting. Remember the videos on YouTube showing your leanings, perhaps you really are a communist. I mean in the week when Marvel Comics has decided to do the unthinkable, make Steve Rogers a Hydra double agent, anything is possible. I mean The Donald is the Presumptive Republican nominee, talk about a movie, that most people would consider a farce.
What was your point Bernie? You are giving away the biggest landslide in years for your ego. What, do you wanna be this years spoiler? And whats worse, by ratcheting up the hatred, your followers are now really sounding like its a Bernie or bust thing. Listening to your fans on the news, its pretty frightening, cause for them it isn’t about Democracy or the Democratic party against the Republican party and their hateful agenda, its all about Bernie and changing the system. Screw us all, if their favorite doesn’t win. Let our world burn because they refuse to grow up. Refuse to face the reality, and refuse to face the numbers. Bernie has basically trained them to believe that anything against Bernie has been fixed against him. Basically punching us all in the gut because their feelings have gotten hurt. 
I understand that a lot of his fans are the youth of America, so it could be childish feelings playing a part, but come on we are talking Drumpf. I guess having a network like FOX FAUX NEWS 24/7 piling on bullshit for years finally has paid off. The right has won and and as usual we the American people have lost. All hope is gone Hail Donald ‘Trump’ Drumpf our next and last President of what was once a great a powerful nation.
Or if we still live in the real world, this Bernie bull, will be a long gone story on election day and Hillary will win in a landslide and all will be right with the world. And the pain in my stomach all finally be gone.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Guess we could survive ... a 'Drumpf' Right?

So, now that Donald Trump has become, the officially Presumptive Republican Nominee, maybe it's time to sit up and actually believe that this carnival barker, reality pitch salesman actually could be the next President. President Donald Drumpf. Well if our nation is stupid enough to vote for the 'nominee' we as a nation deserve to get the entire package. And so, if Donald wins, he should be made to use his real name, not the one his ancestors changed it to. Thank you John Oliver for revealing to the world the truth become the bull. Hysterically, even Donald's name is a lie. I mean since he loves how our great nation used to be, well great, you know, before the Liberals, 
ethnics and Gays took over. 

Sadly, what for the most part has been treated as this seasons reality ratings smash, I mean the man seemingly is on TV 24/7. Who needs a politician, when we've got a Donald Drumpf to entertain us, doing his best Don Rickles impression sadly spiked with real hatred. Well looks like our television star has turned into possibly next seasons reality. Shame this isn't a promo for a new horror series. A Drumpf in the White House. Maybe they had the concept for the series The Real World, all wrong for decades. 
Hopefully, the real world is what will actually bring an end to his higher office aspirations.
Now that it's official, hopefully people will finally sit up and actually realize that the shit just got real. That our worse possible nightmare actually might be coming true. That Trump, excuse me, Drumpf could be the leader of the free world at the same time that he's turning ours seemingly into a walled off community with a Deportation Force rounding up all the illegals. 

What was that expression? "What a country." More like, really what happened to ours? 
I guess all that hope and change that Senator Obama promised us, has morphed into the land of hatred and despair, racism and homophobia for all. Well people loved the 1950s right? When the whole world was white, at least the ones that counted and everyone else took a back seat. Where homophobia was the norm and racism was legal. Where wire hangers were the manner in which women had to handle their unwanted pregnancies as men ran the show and the women stayed home and cleaned house. Guess its time to brush off my Pat Boone records and drink a nice glass of milk.
I understand what I'm writing is scary and possibly just the ravings of a slanted Democrat whose openly rooting for Hillary Clinton. But even if I was for Bernie Sanders or anyone other then Donald Drumpf I would feel the same way about the Donald. 

Me thinks the reason why the most unqualified person maybe ever, beside George W., is doing so well is people love the fact that he can get away with almost anything. He can say anything and lie about everything, even in the face of audio or video tapes showcasing the truth. It doesn't matter with Drumpf. I'd wager a bet that all of his fans wish they could do the same. I think they're living through him. Even though, all evidence indicates the man is basically a crook. If not illegalities, he surely has learned how to go around the rules. HIs excuse with his taxes. Every day a new scam, pyramid scheme, seems to be in the news. And as I write this, not one of his clients, students, fools, who signed up for any of them, have ever gotten what he promised. We have a presumptive Republican nominee who might be going to prison for fraud some day soon and for some reason this supersedes Hillary's emails. Maybe we should start calling him Deadbeat Donald or something like that. Throw a tag line on him, lets see if he likes it. 
For me the saddest thing about this whole charade is that with Hillary Clinton, we actually have a candidate whose basically the perfect person for the job. The most qualified, most experienced person from Washington who actually sounds like someone whose tenure as President could get our nation to the next level. And sadly because of her husband's legacy and her own and The media's need to find anything to keep their news cycle running, instead of really going after Drumpf's mishaps, they let him throw out a 40 year old accusation as news and spends day wasting precious air time reexamining bull, that they themselves had thrown out as bull, and try to spin it as new exclusive news. Pathetic. 
Because of all the scandals that she and her husband have had to deal with over the years, both thrown at them, and created by their own careless thinking… the emails are the best example. We have something that the Drumpf can use to continue the bull for as long as people allow him to skirt all the questions about his policies, his comments, his taxes, and all of his scams. Guess the Republicans got what they wanted from their Benghazi witch hunt, discovering the crime of the century… Hillary's emails! Tarnishing what could be the most qualified candidate maybe ever in the history of our nation. SO instead of focusing on all of her accomplishments and her well thought out proposals, we get talking heads arguing over bull, gossip and innuendos. 
And when they ask him about his accusations, Drumpf throws out bullshit like this: well, I don't really know, bout such and such, but if I'm asked, I will answer. I just know that others think its an issue. Not me. Others, so lets put Hillary in prison, because I know things. I'm not telling. Believe me. Trust me. I know. I know. Thats pretty much his standard line to every and any question that he gets. Doing his best to run out the clock, exhaust the questioner and as usual, get away with not answering any questions. I'm sorry reporters, you call yourself professional journalists? Maybe you're the frauds as much as him, because you've been letting him get away with murder for over a year. And all we hear afterwards is, well we tried to get an answer. Well, guess you failed, perhaps you should get a new line of work.  
And because of your failure to do the job, a fool in orange face, who spouts vile hatred, whose making people's worst traits the flavor of the month, could be out next President. Good job fellas, I smell ratings.  
It does make me wonder. As I watch our current President do everything with class and intelligence, that perhaps, our current leader and chief was just too good. That the masses couldn't handle it. As they say in the news, its very unusual for a sitting President's party to win back the White House. The nation likes to adjust, course correct itself. Perhaps we had it too good with President Obama, and its now time for the down cycle. It happened after President Clinton's 8 year's. And sadly, who knows where we would be as a nation, if a President Gore had continued Clinton's, policies. Which of course, gave us George W's Hell on Earth, until Obama course corrected the biggest mistake in United States history. Be it by the voters or by The Supreme Court.
My hope now is that people wake up, that the news media goes after Donald Drumpf as if this was Watergate and the fool loses in the biggest landslide since the days of Ronald Reagan. Wouldn't that be nice that for once I could think of old Ronnie in a nicer way then I usually do. Comparing his landslide victory against Hillary's destruction of The Drumpf.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Friday, May 27, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

So a funny thing happened the other day…
Its bad enough that what 30% of the population actually gets off their ass to vote… and then we have the arguments about closed Primaries by those not really a part of the party except when it benefits their plans to run for President. Which of course has nothing to do with the Super Delegate arguments that come out seemingly only when it suits your argument.
But I'm sorry, how is a Caucus at all allowed… seems a few, a very small percentage of the population gets to decide who represents us… really? And we call this the Democratic process? Somehow 30,000 people have more say so then 700,000! It feels more like the 1% are controlling the rest of us, as opposed to the masses telling the powers that be what to do. Bernie's threat that once he's elected, that millions of people who put him in power willl stare down Washington and magically all of Washington will just follow him where ever he wants us to go, completely goes out the window when you look at this showcased chart. Seems the masses want Hillary, not the other way around. Guess thats another talking point by BS thats well BS…
The little I know about Caucuses is what is showcased on my television. Lets see, they all get together in a farm house to decide who should be our next President… just like we're back in school at a Pep rally. And then when Candidates win the caucuses they consider them as real as a primary… My one question is why? Whomever came up with this in my eyes should be put into a cell and locked away for ever. Well to me, this graphic showcases another example, of why our political system is totally screwed up… and how Hillary, sorry Bernie, has the people behind her, and why she will be our next President. No matter what the talking heads throw out… but if you listen to Jeff Weaver and the other hired hands that are pushing the Bernie agenda on us, the reality of her leading by 3,000,000 votes mean nothing. Well, when she wins the popularvote as fellasthe Delegate votes, combined with herSuepr-delegates, maybe then will the haters, simply go away. But that would be Democratic… we wouldn'twant that in today's Democratic primary would we.
Today's hysterical newsworthy election update: So Hillary turned down a Bernie request for one last debate before the big California primary, because frankly its not necessary anymore. Of course, Bernie Sanders backers are upset, saying they're disappointed, its a real shame, because the voters who haven't voted need a refresher on their policies. Really? After 9 debates that Hillary clearly won most of, there isn't anything new out there. That is unless you have some kind of October surprise. Which from what we've seen so far, there isn't any. I've watched all nine, plus her 11 hour Benghazi watch hunt Television special, and me thinks all we'll get is more of the same. And to actually throw out lines like "why is she afraid…" is just too laughable to actually respond to. Believe it or not, that isn't even the funny part. The funny part was that The Donald has challenged Bernie to a debate in California. As he put it "talk about ratings!" to showcase for all to see, that for him thats what most important in a campaign, the ratings. Not the issues, obviously not his policies that seem to change hourly, depending on who he's trying to BS… It seems, how many people watch you on TV, is the most important thing to worry about when running for the highest office ei the land. Well he is a reality star, right? Maybe he should choose Kim Kardashian as his running mate… if he's only in it for the ratings. Simply sad. Funnily, the biggest punchline was by Bernie himself… Bernie agreed! So now we're getting two losers arguing amongst themselves on National television on why they are more popular, and better then the one person whose got more votes then either of them. Who actually has plans and doesn't use personal attacks as weapons. These two 'candidates, are actually showing us why its time for a Woman to become President… because the men are simply children behaving badly, that all need a good spanking. Sadly, Donald would probably giggle when the hits begin and ask for more.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Must be a Tuesday on political television channels
So this was my tweet after discovering today's blockbuster, oh excuse me, today's weekly news about Hillary Clinton's emails."State Dept. Clinton violated Email rules: Problems go back several administrations"  So today, the Media is 'trying' to make this news… LOL
Seems the media, or should I write MSNBC is making this into a thing today. I can only imagine how Trump will react, and can only wonder how Bernie will use this to his advantage. 
Its just amazing that again, the media jumps on it, as if something astonishingly news worthy actually has happened. I fully understand how this is news, but seemingly nothing new has come out from today's report from the State Department. Its sounds to be a rehash, of old news. Except maybe now presented on the State Department's official stationary. Yet, of course, for the news media, its huge! 
Yesterday, I saw a really enjoyable film, Money Monster, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and directed by Jodie Foster, which I highly recommend by the way. The film beautifully showcases the way the media uses visuals to punch a storyline. Well seeing those images of Hillary tweeting, could have been mixed with the visuals in the film, and it would have felt seamless. I only bring this up because today's coverage on MSNBS's big announcement about Hillary's emails, could have been in the movie. Hysterically throughout one segment, as they were describing how she was using her emails, behind the 'talking' head, they showcased multiple images of Hillary using her mobile phones… texting, or tweeting or… we never actually got to see her POV of whatever devices she was holding. I presume that's exclusive evidence in their producers eyes.  
Well, I for one am not biting this apple. If and only if a smoking gun actually comes out of any of this, then and only then will I look at today's big announcement, as a  blip on the radar. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how Trump uses this as ammunition against her. I'd  Honestly prefer a 'real' scandal then the ones he keeps throwing out about Bill's infidelities of 40 years ago. Well I'm sure her haters are chomping at the bit to fry her over today's latest ramifications. Maybe they're thinking we finally got her, 40 years and finally maybe they can slay their personal demon, a Clinton … I mean Hillary must be bad right? In their eyes, she's even worse then Donald Trump!

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sorry Bernie, its called a life time of support, this not a criminal act, this is not Super-Delegate-Gate

I'm sorry Bernie, seems you're a little upset because you're numbers aren't good. You're screaming to high heaven, again, that the entire system is rigged. I'm sorry Bernie, or is that simply BS? If the numbers were rigged, you'd have half the delegates that you currently have, not more.
As you constantly remind us, You started this race with only 3% in the national polls, and now you are a head of her in some national polls. Exactly. Nobody knew you until you announced, except those who followed Washington politics or saw you on one of the late night talk shows or news channels. Hillary on the other hand, has been a fixture of national politics for 4o freaking years. Ever since her husband first became a national figure. And lets not forget, Mrs. Clinton was also a force for change by herself, it just didn't hurt that she was also married to a future President.
Even before Hillary ran this time, she had spent several years cultivating her eventual candidacy for this years election. So as probably the least surprising candidate for The White House, ever, this eventually was already in motion before her big announcement.
And as the national polls indicated before that day, for years, she was the one person out there, that most people wanted as our next President. I guess you don't remember, for years, even when she was Secretary of State, people would ask her was she gonna run.
Lets not also forget, all along the way, Mrs. Clinton, has been financially backing and helping Democrats get elected for decades. If, excuse me, when President Obama made history becoming the first non-white person, the first African American to become President, remember how amazing it felt to help him win the election. Pretty good right? Well how would helping elect the first woman into The White House feel? I'm sure a lot of these fans of hers feel that way. 
So her candidacy was already a given from the day she conceded to our current President. And as she likes to mention and as I love to remind people, after she lost, she immediately went into election mode for her opponent and helped him win that November.
As opposed to Bernie, who has never really helped another Democrat at least it seems unless it helps his agenda. This whole campaign as he piled up a heap of fundraising money, he as far I know, hasn't given anything to any of the Democrats to help their campaign. He recently announced he was gonna help 3 specific candidates, 3, but I'm not sure what that meant. Unlike Hilliary. I can't remember ever seeing Bernie at another candidates rally's trying to help them get elected. Can you?  Its only about Bernie, and his agenda.
Now about those Super Delegate, really Bernie, I mean BS,
so Hillary has all the Super-Delegates in her pocket and you're pissed that they chose her even before she was in the race. Even before she announced. Even before before you entered the race. How is that democratic? I mean, I smell another Hillary conspiracy about to emerge. I can see the head lines now: Super-Delegate-Gate.
Perhaps, if like her, you had spent your career helping those people get elected. Campaigning for those people, given some funds to their campaigns they would be backing you instead. But we wouldn't want to bring that side of your story into it, would we? It might screw with your image.
Guess you don't remember that Hillary ran for President 8 years ago, remember? And there are millions of voters and people in Washington who wanted her to win and backed her them. I'm sorry sir, you have to play by the rules, you can't change them as the campaign is going just to help your own cause. Sadly I feel like I'm watching a bad version of what the Republicans were trying to do with their Stop Trump movement
I understand as the election campaign has gone on, and as the delegate count grows, your argument does sound like it has merit. Except, sorry BS, you showed up late to the party. It's not just the masses you need to convince or woo or win over throughout the course of this campaign. The people who are Super-Delegates have been dealing in politics for years, and Hillary has been dealing with them for years, perhaps they know her and like her, not just because she has helped them. Perhaps they actually like her plans. Have watched her do the job when she's had the job and like what's she's accomplished. And sorry Bernie, maybe they simply arentin into you… could be as simple yes that.
Funny, now that Bernie is finally getting his well deserved air time, all we hear from him is his railing against the Democratic establishment. Reading off lists of numbers to what looks like a classroom of students. Trying to school all of us in what Democracy should really be about.
When this race began BS didn't give a rats ass about the Super Delegates. In fact he scoffed at them whenever he got the chance. But now as his time in the spotlight is fading. As his pile of cash disappears, because his followers are waking up to reality, at least the ones who are still living in it. 
As his pipe dream of becoming our next President slowing sinks away, now, its all about the Super-Delegates. And sadly, as been the case since Bernie's campaign began, he's complaining about the establishment, its them against us. 
But, instead of looking in the mirror and seeing the cold stark truth, Bernie, you simply did this to yourself. This movement that you've cultivated for years, which became thing during your campaign, probably will fade away as soon as the reality of what your campaign really was about. Great ideas, great aspirations, but not based in reality. 
And sadly, the numbers never really added up. Free. Free? If I'm elected everything will change, because you my children have the real power. When Washington sees all those millions telling them to do what I ask… blah blah blah blah.
And now that the end is near, as the numbers surely must be finally knocking Bernie upside his head into reality. Now we are beginning to hear, that the fight isn't over. 
That they are planning to go to The Democratic Convention, and unless all the Super-Delegates switch to him because of some national polls, they will turn the Convention upside down. Simply, give BS the Nomination, screw the popular vote… Remember the popular vote. Seems thats been thrown out of Bernie's equation. The most unliked candidate, the most hated woman, has the most votes! Screw the Super-Delegates… she still has the most votes. And the most Delegates, even without the Super-Delegates. Bernie's entire theory is national polls and momentum. 
Well, lets compare an election 8 years ago, between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. The exact same momentum that Bernie is seeing this year, is what Hillary saw then. At the end of the campaign she won 9 out of the last 12 primaries and/or caucuses. Sounds a lot like this year's campaign. But Obama got the needed Delegates and won the nomination, and she conceded, And then did her damnedest to help him win. Thats called Democracy Bernie… maybe Bernie should learn a thing or too from Hillary on this one.

Just one man's opinion 
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Sat., May 21, 2016

Thursday, May 05, 2016

From out of the rubble that was once the Republican Party, a orange faced monstrosity has become the new face of their party   
So thanks to The Republicans stoking the flames of hatred and fear, political unrest, and practically anarchy in your government. First with W's force wars and then with The Tea party uprising, the right has been galvanizing its sheep. And with the help of FOX FAUX NEWS, brainwashed a citizenry into the followers of a potential tyrant. Every thing that Donald Trump has been pitching has only been the warm up to what we will be living through if as they say, God forbid he somehow actually wins the Election in November.
Now of course this horror that I am sensing which would be a Trump Presidency, might still be stopped at the Republican Convention, if somehow, the Stop trump movement can prevent him from gaining the Delegate amount needed to gain The Republican nomination. That concept which only a few days back seemed to be the standard line of hope given by the rest of the Right. Praying for Devine intervention, that we would be saved by a contested convention. Seems, that last gasp of hope that was being drummed outloud by one and all has been silenced by one accidental elbow by Red Cruz into his wife's face after he finished his concession speech. Amazingly just a few days after he tried to make Carly his Joan of Ark. Of course, asa we learned with his reading of Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Cruz doesn't get it,  Joan burned at the stake… Carly only slipped off the stage, but the comparison is palpable. 
After a year of a carnival barker psyching out one after the other of the clown car of political fools who lost their footing to a TV pitch man, it astounds me how none of them could defeat such a yutz.  
And now that it seems we will finally be getting the match nobody was expecting, listening to the talking heads on television, it seems they are as befuddled buy Trumps destruction of his competitors as they were. And their assumption that Hillary will fall away by the way side as the other unprepared challengers is as funny to me as their assessment of this entire political campaign.
If Hillary indeed gets the nomination, that is, if Bernie ever finally concedes the inevitable and its really a two person race, between her and him. One wonders if reality will finally wake up the masses who haven't been voting for lack of a reason, who for whatever reason hate her and would rather anyone one else on Earth be the President. One hopes that if the option was what the option is now, that is Donald Trump, I can only hope that whatever reasons one has for not voting for her, the idea of a Donald Trump becoming President will make those haters vote for her in spite of their hatred.  
Over the last day and a half I've heard and read about a wave of Republicans that are so anti Trump that they deftly won't be voting for him. The question of course is for once will they think of country first and instead of abstaining, actually vote for Hillary and really send a message to the people in charge of the right.
I've been saying from day one, that all the candidates no matter how great the media was describing them really were a clown car full of fools. That each one of them, shouldn't have even been in the conversation to be considered. That if any of the 18 or so candidates were really the next great President, Trumps ascension, never would have happened. 
The scary part in all this is, is the popular as mad as they seem to be, at least with the Trump followers and the Berniebots. Is this a real movement, or will we actually get what once hope we will get in the end. An election of the one candidate in the entire race that actually is ready for the job. Who actually has the experience, has already played with the big boys, has a life time of experience, and actually seems Presidential.
Guess we will all learn soon enough. I have faith that our country will elect the right person, of course they did and we still got W. But then we also got the first Clinton in t he White House and we got our country President.  And hopefully the people have learned. Well at least enough of them for victory in November for The Democratic party and for the world in general.
One last thing, just as I was putting this post to bed, it seems that Donald Trump is doubling down on his plans to destroy the world. Seems he's picked Ben Carson, the brain surgeon, to help choose his pick for Donald VP… what could go wrong. This sh*t just got real!

Just One Man's Opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms Thursday, May 5, 2016