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Has the entire VP circus simply been another way to acquire a week's worth of free 24/7 air time?

Last night, after I had read that Donald, had decided to postpone his big announcement today because of the latest terrorist attack, this time in Nice, France. I wrote this piece (below) about Trump, playing all of us for fools. It wasn't done, and needed editing, but I was pretty happy with it. Figured I'd wake up today and finish it up and post it. Well as with everything with The Donald, he, I guess played with our minds, since this morning, I was awoken with a 'push' on my iPhone, informing me that yes indeed, he had chosen Mike Pence as this running mate. Heaven help us all. 

Maybe I hadn't really awoken yet, and this was really a nightmare. Of course this is a tweet, and he hasn't as I've written this come out on stage with the fool, so who knows if this tweet is real and he still will be changing his mind. 
And was yesterdays, announcement of a postponement just another way of him extending this weeks 'free' publicity. I mean the man writes a tweet and we get 24/7 for days on it. As if God had added an eleventh commandment to the tablets. 
So, instead of rewriting my post today, I've decided to post it with the added addendum on top. Since, who knows what tomorrow will bring, or even today. Perhaps, he actually didn't tweet this one himself, but one of his minions. And honestly, I'm pretty happy with what I had written yesterday, and heck his pick isn't official till the convention anyway. Not until he's voted in at the big sh*t storm. Remember, there is still that very small possibility, that Trump, might not get his Party's nomination. I know, pipe dream. The joke being that, out of all the rest, are any of them any better, and sadly most are probably worse. The Donald just doesn't hide his hidden demons, he lets the world see them. And boy do they get ratings, or at least lots and lots of air play. Of course the question there, is how many people will actually watch the convention. Will it be huge ratings, or a total disaster. I'm sure the ratings, will be discussed for a few days, as part of the talking points, in the not so distant future. And will people, like me, watch it like they are watching road kill? In awe of how insane it is. How scary a section of our society is. How is what we are seeing actually whats happening in the real world, in our world. Frankly I'm not expecting to be a happy camper watching it. Somebody better tie my hands down, because I'm probably gonna want to punch a few walls in. Especially every time I see that floating banner above the convention center, with the fetus on it. I can only imagine what the rest of the world will think of our country. Imagine the fear in their eyes, when they realize that this is what could be taking over our Government. So I guess I'll be watching, but expecting the worst.  
Back to today's subject (Boy did I go off topic, or did I?) Yesterday, Donald tweeted out that because of the events in France, he was gonna postpone the announcement:

Even though, he has now made his final decision, I still think what I wrote is worth reading. Guess you all will be the judge. And really, by the time I post this, we could get a new tweet informing us, that the earlier one was an accident or a joke. Pence ain't his pick… guess we'll all see, won't we.
Here goes: Sadly we had another horrible terrorist attack, this time in Nice, France. And shockingly the Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee has used the tragedy as his excuse to push back his announcement of his choice of running mate. I understand that might sound harsh. It is possible he's trying to show restraint. Maybe finally he's becoming the candidate the GOP establishment has been waiting for. Trying to show he's up to the job of President. I can already see the commercials promoting him as a leader, precisely because he postponed naming his second in command, his number two. Number two indeed! As expected, sadly, all of them pretty much are pieces of excrement. Sorry that's how I see them.
So has all of this been simply his latest publicity stunt? Unbelievably after teasing everyone about his final choices, actually going on the air and saying things like, its down to 4, maybe 3, but I'm really thinking about 2, teasing everyone.
And amazingly the names he's branded about are so, pardon the term, scary, each one worse then the other. Yesterday, as I mentioned this in my blog, Rachel Maddow said on her show, that if Gingrich is the one he chooses, Newt could be the most powerful Vice President in our history. Talk about an option, the man who shut down our government in 1995 & 1996 over Bill Clinton's agenda, then tried to Impeach him over a blow job. He actually left the Congress in disgrace,  but that part of his story seemed to have faded into the Liberal media spreading falsehoods and lies. But saying all that, I still feel he's the perfect choice for him. The zealots, love former losers in their party. Especially those who've been making a living on Fox Faux News. Pitching his bull so beautifully, he's now become their elder statesmen. Talk about the opposite of Donald, I mean you can't get more insider then Newt Gingrich!  
And then we've got, Mike Pence, simply so homophobic and a hater that he makes my skin crawl. And luckily we've got that amazing video of his 18 second meltdown that Rachel Maddow replayed on Wednesday night, reminding the world about the heinous Anti-Gay bill that he signed into law, which practically bankrupted his state. Chris Christie if chosen is gonna have to spend some of his valuable campaigning time being a witness on his friend's Fort Lee Bridge-gate scandal. Well I guess, he can give Donald some notes for when he goes on trial in November after the election, if he wins The White House or loses it. And of course for a few days there seemed to be a Michael Flynn being talked about, a retired General. Sounds good, until he decided to change his mind on Abortion. First he was pro Woman's Rights and in the span of a day, once the uproar about his comments were unleashed, he transformed into a zealot that would make Michele Bachmann proud! 
Maybe he simply had second thoughts? I mean we have lived through dozens of different viewpoints on every possible issue, haven't we? Maybe this is just his most recent change of heart. Maybe this latest terrorist attack got him to rethink his final decision, or maybe the real choice is actually someone completely different and he's just been playing everyone… again. I wouldn't be surprised if its Sean Hannity, don't laugh. He seems to love Drumpf so much we might find them in bed together… and yes I mean it that way. How he could turn down a perpetually swooning moon-eyed Hannity, doing anything and everything his leader commands is beyond me. How much would The Donald love that? How far fetched is that theory, well when George W asked Cheney to have him pick his running mate, Cheney went through all of the options in the world and decided to choose himself, look at how that turned out… nervous yet? 
A publicity stunt? Maybe Sean, flying Newt to the big interview or at least this latest photo op, which frankly may have been what this past week was all about in the first place. Simply publicity. Lets throw out some names and see how the wolves chomp at the bit. And it clearly worked. The man knows how to get his face on TV. If you watched any of the circus that we were treated to, its simply amazing how much air time he did get. How much more, free air time he got. Maybe Hannity's flying Newt in, will make The Donald look at his paid off publicity lap dog in a new light and the marriage could take place in Cleveland. 
Of course this is not gonna happen, not even in the year of the Trump. But the thought of it kind of made me imagine what could occur if it actually did. I still think he's gonna come out and eventually name good old Sarah Palin, or even Herman Cain. But whom ever he chooses, the scary thing is that if he gets in, that choice for V.P. will be odds on favorite of replacing him sometime during his first term. He keeps saying when he gets in he's gonna put "Crooked" Hillary into prison, wouldn't it be hysterical if he finds himself in one instead. And he has 'joked' that if he wins, he might not take the job! So who knows what will happen in the world of Trump.
Maybe the man will surprise us all and actually come up with a real name. Someone that could shut up all the whiners who complain how evil, how dangerous, how insane his choice is, and why he can never become out next President. Perhaps this is all in his plans. Its possible that making Hillary go full on hawk, might make Hillary less likable, less lady like. Since Drumpf  hasn't a clue how to do the job, his one chance is to make Hillary unelectable. And as we've discovered on places like CNN, her "unlikeability" seems to be her most talked about problem. Her "untrustworthiness" something they discuss more often then Benghazi and her "divisiveness" which Chuck Todd seems to call her in each sentence he utters. Well, I guess the truth will become a reality soon, and whomever is the lucky 'person' to accept the gig, I only hope that we don't live to regret the Donald's historic decision. 

Just one man's opinion
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