Friday, November 23, 2018


Donald illegally installs a puppet as Attorney General to spy into the Mueller investigation or worse… can we just call it what it is, obstruction of justice and fire the bum? 

SO LIKE MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS I did my patriotic duty on Election Day and voted, but because I actually worked as a poll worker on Election day for the first time, I also had to vote as an absentee voter for the first time too. Which meant I couldn’t get to my usual voting location, and voting absentee was the only way I would be able to vote if I wanted to. You see the worst part of the gig was having to be there at 5AM, and we didn’t wrap till 11:30PM. Which honestly means, as an absentee voter, I am not sure if my vote actually was counted, since the absentee ballots were taken to central location where they would be counted later. Happily the way things went, living in New York, my vote turned out not to be really necessary anyway, and the people I wanted to win did. But to put it nicely, it was a very long day, but it was also a wonderful day spending it assisting my fellow Americans in doing what obviously everyone who voted witnessed and felt. The energy in the room, the excitement in the air. No I am not kidding. I actually got to see Democracy in action, and witnessed the voting process from another perspective. I mean the way things were going I honestly felt depending how things went, that this could be the last time that we, the American voting public ever got the chance to vote again. Let alone work for the election board on Election Day as a poll worker. Remember Donald has jokingly talked about being president for life… so in theory, this could be the last time we the citizens of the United States actually have the right to vote. No seriously I honestly believed that, I mean can you blame me? Besides seeing the process and assisting others on Election Day, probably the best part was not sitting home watching as the results came in. After suffering though the last election, as the trumpeters took control over Washington, the thought of sitting through another excruciating horror show was frightening.  

But, as we all know by now, my favorite color won the day and it turned out that a lot of people, most ever in a mid-term election actually voted. If you hadn’t guessed, that color was blue, as in the Democratic party, can I hear an Amen. Yes we can. The people practically shouted out loud and very clearly on Election Day, letting everyone know they ain’t at all happy with the insanity, lies, bigotry, criminality and probably treasonous actions that Trump has enveloped us all in, helping to turn Donald’s unhealthy orange hue into a very deep and very blue funk. That said, you must give the Republicans their due, they surely know how to disenfranchise the voters, between gerrymandering and every other unimaginable undemocratic method they can come up with. Guess thats why they’re the trumpeting Republican party and not the people’s Democratic party, whose political leaders believe that every American citizen over the age of 18 has a constitutional right to vote. It is pretty anger inducing when you discover that the Republican Party's only real way of winning is preventing citizens from voting. To actually make sure that the people’s votes aren’t counted the way they should be. Otherwise the blue wave that we are still awaiting its final overwhelming victorious message, would have been even more historically huge. But the experts on television are now saying, that the victory by the Democratic Party is the largest of its kind since 1972. Yes, yet another sad thing by the Trumpster that resembles Nixon’s Presidency. Lets hope Donald's ends in a similar fashion too.

Its a real shame that these self-righteous lying douche bags in the Republican Party have figured out that they can stay in power by cheating the citizens out of their right to vote. Or worse, they allow people to vote and then use every excuse in the book not to count the ballots themselves. Florida, Georgia and Texas, all I can say is shame, shame, shame. Your political leaders are crooks and liars, simply disgraceful, and utterly sad that so many of you voted your party, disregarding the candidate themselves and their disgusting campaigns, platforms and lies. At least the criminality of the election fraud that was showcased everywhere this time wasn’t hidden in the background at all. That is except for Fox, which is still pitching election fraud, but not what happened this election cycle. No, as a joke I turned on Fox Faux not News the other day, just to see what they weren't reporting on, and was confronted by a sad sick twisted joke, ‘the liberals are paying homeless men and women to vote illegally, and yes its wide spread’. That they’re wasting airtime on. Not Ivanka’s use of a private e-mail account... no that, we got crickets. scream! 

Well the good thing is, if we learned anything from Trump’s still unbelievable so-called victory in 2016, every vote counts. And for once, as was preached throughout the campaign, the people listened and voted in record numbers. And thanks to the people, the Democrats decidedly won back the House. Yes, we the voters listened. We didn’t believe the polls, even though what happened on Election day has pretty much showcased the polls were right. We didn’t listen to the talking heads or the Trumpeters, we the people drowned out the noise and made a statement and a half. And happily a lot of people didn’t have amnesia and just voted in the liars like the Republicans hoped we would. Was anyone at all won over by the Republicans campaign pitch that they, the same monsters who had tried over 60 times to kill Obamacare now wanted to save preexisting conditions, not the Democrats. Somehow we were supposed to believe the liars on the wrong side of history, that the Democrats were the ones trying to take away people’s healthcare, not the Republicans. I’m sorry, the obnoxiousness of them even pitching this lie, that they are the saviors of our healthcare made me want to scream... and I did a few times at my television as the orange dyed man himself repeatedly lied non-stop about this. I must say, at least this time most of the media didn’t fall for this con. Happily the people remembered what happened two years ago, and what we’ve lived through since, and most made a pact with themselves not to be fooled again. Not to believe the trolls or the bots on Facebook or Twitter.

As usual when the election results started coming in, too many jumped to announce the victors, which early on seemed to side with the Republicans pitch. I’m sorry, I know they are the so-called experts, but shouldn’t you wait at least a few minutes as to not to make a fool of yourself? And because they didn’t wait, not surprisingly the vote counts on multiple elections weren’t the expected final results. So at first all we got from the talking heads and Trump himself, was that the blue wave never happened, that Donald’s magic had worked again. But after the initial results came in and it was evident Trump’s time in office so far had caused the electorate to say you know what, we’ve seen enough Trump, Trump’s boasts pretty much went silent.

At the same time, the Democrats were celebrating their well earned majority, ignoring Donald as much as possible, as they were getting ready to get back in the game, take charge of the House, thanks to the voters, Donald played his last hand. By firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, something he’s been wanting to do since the day Sessions recused himself from the Mueller investigation. He then bumped up Jeff Session’s assistant, Matt Whitaker and made him his acting Attorney General. Point blank, Trump installed a puppet to run ‘his’ Justice Department, and the ‘red line’ was crossed again. And as usual with his appointee, Donald has chosen a real winner, or should I write the worse possible option. This one is an honest to goodness criminal. The FBI is actively investigating his former company where he was a board member. Seems they scammed people and then when the people sued and threatened legal recourse, he himself sent e-mails threatening the victims. He also has been a one-man band as a talking head on television and on editorials online on his distaste for the Mueller Investigation, how it was going too far. You know, witch hunt. And now he gets to try, as he suggested on one of his many appearances, to starve the investigation. Kill its budget, and attempt to shut it down.

For a man who seems like a rube, Trump somehow always figures out a way to solve all of his problems. And this latest play, replacing Jeff Sessions with Matt Whitaker might be his most obnoxious in your face, go ahead I dear you to fight me on it move yet. He certainly has learned how to get away with mur… I shouldn’t write that, even though some would argue, what he pulled in Puerto Rico is a crime, and most of those who died in the aftermath, their deaths should be on his hands. Much like his recent Supreme Court choice of Kavanaugh, everything about Whitaker looks shady. How many red, or blue, or green, or purple, or black, or even white lines does Trump have to shred to smithereens before even the liars on the right say enough is enough? It’s beyond time for the bigwigs in Washington, and the money players behind Fox News, to have a real serious heart to heart with themselves.

I know we have to wait for the investigation to be over, that is if Trump’s puppet acting Attorney General doesn’t end it between now and the next session begins (and no that wasn’t a pun) with Donald’s blessings, before we even actually learn if he is as guilty apparently as he appears to be. Remember, the powers-that-be can end the investigation and lock away the results forever if they want to, so that no one but those involved will ever know what the investigation discovered or whatever facts they’ve learned. Remember the only things that any of us know about the investigation is whats been leaked by whomever is doing the leaking. Add to that we don’t even know if whats been leaked is 100% fact or fiction. What we’ve gotten is a lot of reporters, talking heads, and know-it-alls reporting on what was leaked, pretty much trying to connect the dots.

Lets hope if or once the investigation gets released, what we’ve heard so far is real. Wouldn’t it be a bummer if, after all this build-up, we never learn the truth? That the Republicans shut down the investigation and quietly try to make it go away. I’m hoping that when everything is said and done that whatever treasonous actors get outed that their crimes get them the punishments that they surely deserve. That said does anyone still believe If Mueller’s investigation is stopped, that that stoppage will finally cause the Republicans to say enough’s enough. Like suddenly they grow a conscience. Anyone? Well sorry, those republicans are so last century, and not apart of this current horde of lackeys, racists and traitors.

One last thing, after the election, Mitch McConnell came out after he again was voted in as Majority Leader of the Senate, sadly the voters blew their shot this time to end his tenure, and he coined a phrase which has since become the go-to expression which we will be hearing from now on whenever there is any investigation into Trump and his family’s criminal enterprises, “Presidential harassment!” Apparently any questioning into Trumps traitorous activity is point blank harassment! So after two years of Republican leadership refusing to hold the Trumps accountable for their actions, words, or criminal behavior, if the new majority they have in the House dares go after Donald and company, that would be going too far. Trump has already announced that he would pretty much consider it an act of war against him. Since as we learned he and his family of charlatans are above the law. Somehow every other political leader, especially any Democratic ones are cool to query, but Trump, that’s harassment. Ironic that that would be the term the Republicans come up with, I mean the man is known to be a serial harasser, right?

So the big picture is, by winning back the House, the people who voted possibly could save our Democracy, or at least put a giant wedge of prevention into Donald’s plans of transforming our nation into whatever Hellhole he’s been taking us towards. As we’ve witnessed Trump seemingly losing his mind over the smack down the Republicans received, apparently the trumpeters are seeing the writing on the wall, and if somehow the end is nearer for him and not for our Democracy, then perhaps we all, or should I write, I should have a little more faith in what the framers of our Constitution helped forge over 200 years ago.

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, November 23, 2018