Monday, August 24, 2015

Sadly it seems for some on the right, it's a good time to attack
In one amazing and emotional moment, our former President showcases once again, at how lucky we were to have had him, as our President, even for just one term, as the leader of the free world.
And just like clockwork, the vultures on the right are chewing through anything to give themselves political talking points, to try to out do each other, anything to gain traction against the Frankenstein monster that they've helped create. Using this great man's personal health as an excuse to attack his policies as a way to attack Obama and in turn Hillary. Cause all things that they claim are bad are the fault of Obama and by extension, Hillary.
Growing up during the Carter administration was a life changing experience for me, in the same way as living through the Nixon years, or Clintons terms in office, and of course our current period as led by President Obama. Each defining a time in my life that showed me the different sides of the political debate. 
A child of the 1960s, born in 1959, I grew up in a time of great change in our nation. After Watergate and Viet Nam, I was a fully formed Democrat. From Flower power to Motown, from The Beatles to Neil Armstrong. I spent much of my teens with the fear that my future was in Viet Nam... and probably my last days on Earth would be spent evading death by the Viet Cong  While living through all the political assassinations, that kept me thinking Dr. Strangelove was not a movie... you can imagine what my young mind was thinking.  
The Presidency of Jimmy Carter was the first time I had faith in our political system. I actually cried cause I was too young too vote for him in 1976. The good guy finally won the day. The people arose and defeated the bad guys! 
But less then 4 years later, his plan to free the captives failed and everything decent about this great man was thrown away and the bloodthirsty mentality of the mob demanded revenge. We needed a real man... So we elected an actor to play the part of Commander-in-Chief. And sadly Jimmy Carter was just a great man and not something ordered from Central casting. Honestly for me it was the first time I felt utter disdain for political talking heads and the media. (To be honest I heard similar things about Nixon, but I agreed with those attacks, so my viewpoint here could be a little one-sided.) Helping to end his political career and dumping us into my worst nightmare, the Reagan debacle. 
After Carter lost, my faith in the political system was shook. I practically turned blue holding my breath at the Supreme Court's decision and then when people still re-elected Bush even after he made the worse decision ever by a sitting President, starting a war with the wrong nation. Well let's just say, I go into every election cycle knowing somehow that my worst fears will come true. 
Amazingly somehow we seem to survive anyway.... and like the Phoenix, out of nowhere came Obama, to right all the wrongs of the Bush years. And remember, Jimmy Carter was one of the first Democrats to choose Obama as the nominee. Surely signally to the masses that Obama had it in him to right our ship.
And now looking back, he was actually one of the better Presidents we've been lucky to elect in the last half century. History has a way of proving what really happened as opposed to how it's spun in the media. 
In the past week, as this amazing human being came out with such grace and dignity, they actually began insulting the man a day after his announcement of the sad news of his medical condition. Using it as ammo.
As always, staying as far away from classy as humanly possibility, and excusing it as 'we aren't talking about his health' oh no, not us, we wish him all the best, we're just saying he sucked big moose as President. No hard feelings.
Simply astonishing, giving the perfect example of why he was and will always be a better human being then any of these mental geniuses. 
One would think that his illness would give them an excuse to say something nice for once. But no. Evil to their core.
My thoughts and prayers go out to our former President. Keeping fingers crossed that this great man defeats another challenge. And shows up at our next Democratic Convention to introduce our next President.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday., August 24, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Guess its OK, when it comes to scoring a few measly political points! 
How hysterical, Ted Cruz of all people wants to change our Constitution...Really? Ted Cruz, now ‘I’ demand to see your birth certificate. And more importantly, both of your parents since there is real concern that neither of your parents were Americans or had become American citizens before you were born in Canada. 
Then guess what, you aren’t really an American...! In facts as reports have explained, if that’s the case you are currently illegally holding a Senate seat and must resign! I wonder if that’s a criminal offense lying about your Citizenship? One would think so, wouldn't one. And better yet, this means he can't be elected President. So sit down and shut up! This explains how you seem to want to destroy our way of life, lets shut down the Government… again, Dr. Seuss!
It seems the birther party is in a big pickle. They’re in Trump mode and seem to be following his whims, screw the very fabric of our nation. I guess its good for ratings, I just can’t figure out for the life of me, how this is any good for our Country.
Seems the party who swears to high heaven anytime anything is done to change the Constitution is suddenly all in for changing the 14th Amendment, and has no problems altering the most basic right as an American. You're born here… you are American. Its not complicated. 
Whatever happened to their fits about the 2nd Amendment, I guess guns are not to be touched, but people’s rights can be taken away from them. Huh? 
Ok, what if we change it, so that at least one of the parents need to be citizen, in order to be considered official. A major get, if you ask me, but if you get that, you can’t own guns as a private citizen anymore! None! Sorry. Makes sense, get one, we get one. I dare you to suggest it.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday., August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After a half of century of public service is this what it comes down to?  
Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clintonthat's what I called my latest 'sketch'. Believe it or not, this is my first ever attempt at capturing the essence of possibly our next President. I've personally always admired her, but I've never tried to capture her likeness in art. Hopefully my illustration gives her the gravitas that I think she deserves. And as a portrait of a possible President, I think it feels just about right, but I'm just the artist, not the patron.
Sadly the politics of the moment, seems to be having an effect on her popularity, its amazing how much you're loved till you start to run for political office. 
Forgot all of her qualifications, all of her experience. Her work for woman and children around the world. Everything that she's ever done, which for the most part is all we heard before this current political cycle. That was until, Benghazi and the sharks smelled blood. And the attacks, that what she really did in her 'posts',was simply holding office while waiting for her coronation as Queen of the Universe.
And with the popularity of FOX Faux News, and after The Citizens United RulingI guess if you throw a billon dollars worth of negatives at anyone, even, dear I say it God, he/she wouldn't be so respected and loved with the amount of attacks this woman has gotten, on a daily basis.  
Remember until Bernie Sanders took fire, she was the only candidate, the only, and they attacked…  and they had two years to make her look bad, and boy are they trying, and sadly even succeeding probably better then they had even hoped. 
Before she ran, all we seem to get was attacks towards her, why isn't she running, why won't she say anything… all talk, all filling dead air. Then when she announced we got what are your policies?, we want everything… now. And through out we've gotten the Benghazi-gate and Email-gate. Both conspiracies are mostly smoke and mirrors. But with the media trying so desperately to make something out of the 'emails' and of course, now that a democrat, Bernie Sanders is actually gaining traction [because he's obviously captured the anger of the people who have been stuck in this meandering political game that our country is currently in.] Scarily what we are being showcased in the media and the news is the constant attack of the common man, and there is no better voice then Bernie Sanders to say what they want to hear. The perfect outsider, and possibly the perfect candidate for 2016. And probably the main reason I think Donald Trump has gained favor at least in the polls, is people are simply fed up with the B.S. specifically that the Republican Party has thrown at us for over decade. The worst part of all this, is that is seems The Republicans have decided to yet again double-down on the failed policies.
It's honestly scary if you believe in democracy. And sadly, it feels like I'm watching a replay of V for Vendetta and A Face in The Crowd in a loop every time of The Republican's open their traps.
So far, everyone of her policies seem to be right on target. She's saying the right things, her campaign strategy seems to be on course. And now she's responding to the attacks with intelligent well thought out answers, that actually shuts down the lies as what they are…total nonsense. And amazingly, I've yet to hear her make one verbal mistake, in fact, so far she's been practically the perfect candidate on the stomp. That said, sadly it seems to be that the media is really trying to push the negatives about Hillary, any semblance of a problem, gets drummed into a major problem, simply trying to come up with another news exclusive, even if its nothing it get shouted as this days bombshell. But even with all the attacks and with an honest to goodness real opponent to battle for the nomination, she still seems to be right on course for the nomination. And I for one can not wait for the debates. It could be another Clinton Vs. Obama battle to the finish.
So, will the stars align this time for her or is Bernie this election campaign's version of Obama? Or will this time, she be able to win the big prize. 
Win or lose, this great American has solidified her place in the history books. Personally I hope, her story has an even more historic chapter to write. I can only imagine what she could do leading our nation forward. I also understand, if she wins, the attacks on her could actually get worse and we could be in for another eight years of Republican blockage. But as we've seen with President Obama, a strong Democratic President can accomplish great things when given their chance.   
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., August 18, 2015

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Perhaps never… well its their extinction   
When will the republicans learn, they've demonized Senator and now President Obama, he was elected twice... easily!
They demonized Obamacare, 19 million and counting!
They continue trying to make Hillary Clinton unfavorable, and they keep touting Bernie...  
And they never have one damned idea or solution, except of course, to shut down our Government...
Not one of their candidates seems to have an idea that hasn't failed in the past, and none have anything original to add that doesn't sound like it was a bad joke. Seriously!
It's actually sad, that the Republican Party doesn't have one, not one candidate that might be ready to be President, at least 'W' had something... Sadly 'it' was useless.. And any and all of these would be suitors make him almost seem acceptable, even his seemingly dumber brother. Really scary! I mean whose casting these candidates? Seriously…
Not once in any of the comments or educated guesses does anyone ever discuss their qualifications, or their expertise. All they ever give us is talking points and hatred!
They're against education, unions, women's rights, women's basic healthcare, healthcare, equal rights, gun control, infrastructure, jobs, peace, ecological reality, even simple basic math... Oh they love tax breaks for the 1%! And all the news media is worried about is Hillary's favorables and how the Republicans have succeeded in lowering hers… excuse me, Congress is at what 5%… Hmmm, can we say, Hillary in a landslide!
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., August 5, 2015