Saturday, March 25, 2017


That said, perhaps we should actually thank the Trumpeters, because of what they’ve just tried to pull Americans may have finally awoken to the truth about healthcare and Republicans might try to fix what ever actually ails Obamacare. 

SO THE MAN WHO ACTUALLY DIDN’T WRITE ‘The Art of the Deal’ even though he keeps selling himself as the author of the book, proved once again he probably couldn’t have written the best-seller in the first place. Deal-maker my ass. No wonder he’s had to file bankruptcy’s so often and he’s got a list of creditors a mile long, if he run’s his companies anywhere as haphazardly as he’s running his Presidency, its amazing the man’s businesses didn’t go under years a go. If this debacle known as The American Healthcare Act proved anything, the man definitely can’t close the deal. In less than three weeks the wanna be ruler of the world revealed he was all bluff and his bite didn’t have any teeth in it. That power to persuade they keep telling us he has, well turns out that was a lie too. All that bravado we were witnessed during the campaign and since was again showcased for all to see as just another con game in his arsenal. Repeal and replace on day one, that’s what he promised. That’s what the deal maker said day in and day out for months on end. Amazingly it turns out what he and his friends tried pulling these past few weeks, since Paul Ryan came out of his hole to present his draconian legislation, might actually be the thing that saves the healthcare law for the foreseeable future. Seems their obnoxiousness, lies and cruelty and flat out evil plans to destroy the lives of millions helped the citizens of this nation wake up to the reality of what President Barack Obama gave all of us. That Donald Trump acknowledged something that none of his followers ever understood, health care is hard. What President Obama did was huge and instead of demonizing it we should applaud his accomplishment, cause obviously it wasn’t easy.  So now I’m pondering  will the Republicans finally try to start to fix the problems with The Affordable Care Act, which in a lot of instances they themselves caused by their non-ending attack fest. Or will they do as some of them are saying, continue to try to wreck it till it actually eventually “explodes” like King Joffrey keeps telling us it will. As if its a fact, when all it ever is is a talking point. Despite the numbers that argue a much different story then the the Republicans have incessantly thrown out. What if they actually get what they want and Obamacare dies on the vine? If instead of coming out and promising to fix the national nightmare at the last minute as true heroes do, and Donald Trump transforms into the President his followers swear on a stack of bibles he is, they instead gloat that they were right? See, we told you so for years, but none of you believed us. We could've fixed the problem but you guys wouldn’t let us, so now you're all gonna pay the price. Those extra funds that used to pay for insurance will now be paying for that damned wall instead of to save your lives. Ha ha ha ha ha. Aren’t we great. Weren’t you wrong. As they make us beg for the few crumbs they allow us to have. The very few crumbs. Let them eat crumbs! Its been a pretty crazy last few weeks as the American people’s voices showcased the anger that is building up in our nation. Seems the men who promised to repeal and replace our healthcare, wanted to replace Obamacare with pretty much a tax cut for the rich, while the rest of us simply drop dead. And for whatever reason, we the people finally are having none of it. Hillary Clinton and others warned us all during the campaign about the Russian invasion, but people laughed it off. They preferred to believe the lies of a charlatan, than a career politician whose seems to have done nothing wrong in her life but spend most of it trying to help others. Sadly, that service is not what the Republican party is about. Its about every man for himself and screw whomever we can as long as the rich wins in the end. What was so disgusting about listening to the Republican Congressmen as they tried bartering with themselves into the middle of the night to get Paul Ryan’s death care over the hump. Listening to how they kept stripping away elements of it to make it acceptable to those who wanted the ACA gutted completely. In the end this is what really killed Trump’s first and hopefully last attempt to remove our current healthcare system. There are simply members of the Republican Party who don’t want Healthcare at all. As long as people are dumb enough to vote in people against their better interests, than we're gonna have people in power who can cause in this case, great things. Who would have thought that I would ever thank the Freedom Caucus, or what was once the Tea Party. Thanks to them, because of their stubbornness, they caused Donald Trumps’ big deal to fall flat on its face. So thanks inbreds. Thanks to you, millions of Americans won’t be losing their healthcare. Better yet, thanks to you, our President looks weaker now than at any time during the Trump era. And thanks to you I haven’t felt this good about our nation since the first results of election night started revealing what was to come. So maybe this debate we’ve been having will allow people to now look at Obamacare in a different light. It seems to have by the looks of all the people at the Town hall meetings. Listening to citizens tell their own personal stories, revealing how President Obama’s signature legislation had been a godsend to them. Perhaps because of that and this defeat, the powers that be will stop demonizing the law and try to fix the problems now that they realize they’re stuck with it. At least for the present. So maybe I guess a thank you is in order to Paul Ryan too, if it wasn’t for him maybe The Affordable Healthcare Act would now be on deaths door as opposed to in better shape and more popular than its ever been. Is it possible that yesterdays events will in the end make the Republicans and the Democrats get together and figure out a real fix or a better health care law of the land than The Affordable Care Act? Who would have thought, seven years to the day that President Barack Obama signed The Affordable Care Act into law, the people who wanted to kill it off, have now caused it by their very actions to be looked at like the achievement that it really is? After all this ridicule, or this falsehood, or these lies, the liars themselves, their actions has made Obama look even greater then we’ve looked at him before. So again thanks Republicans, all your hard work trying to tear it down, was defeated by all your lack of work trying to come up with a replacement. Next time fella’s maybe actually come up with a plan before showcasing something that never should have left the drawing board in the first place. 

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Not surprisingly Donald Trump had yet another total meltdown revealing in a series of tweets that the walls are closing in.

SO WHAT SHOULD WE MAKE OF THIS? According to James Comey, as he explained during today’s question and answer session with Congress where he pretty much called our President a liar in regards to President Barack Obama "wiretapping" him and that Donald Trump and his campaign, as well as his Presidency are under investigation. But he argued that what's been going on  is not collusion, as most people have described it, but its’ coordination… hm. Meaning you might be doing something illegal without knowing you are. While that happens, that something, turns out to actually cause something else to happen, which unbeknownst to yourself is bad.  Another words, you aren't intentionally guilty, but you helped to cause a crime. Interesting, but in my mind, does it actually matter. How elected was infiltrated by the Russians, and our nation may never be the same again.I get why the Republicans keep trying to sidestep the problem, he’s a Republican in the White House, and they have a huge agenda they’re trying to jam through while they still have the majority to do all the despicable things they drool about doing, but, and its a big but, me thinks finding out any or all of the Trumpeters could be in cahoots with Russia is shall we say, a much higher priority than investigating who leaked King Joffrey’s taxes. Seriously, watching the Republicans ignoring the Russian canoodling with Donald’s minions while trying to make the leakers the big get during the FBI Director’s hearing was insanity. We’ve just spent years, years, witnessing the Republicans try to destroy Hillary Clinton with half-baked conspiracies. If she coughed we needed to have a hearing to discover if what she got was contagious. But nothing, I mean nothing that Trump or his minions may have done warrants a glance. It is quite mind blowing, but it goes with everything else that the lying heartless, soulless members of the Republican party perpetuate. Look at their American Healthcare Act, look at Trump’s budget. Shall we recall the Republican platform the RNC crapped out, or any of the policy proposals of the last decade or three.So now that director Comey has let it be known that Donald lied about President Barack Obama and or one of his minions having wiretapped him or put Trump under some kind of surveillance, maybe its time for this lie to be officially debunked by our Orange faced leader, as opposed to him libeling more innocents, like England, or throwing out that Hillary Clinton had in fact worked with Russia, much like his laugh out loud lie that she was a bigot, just to keep the deflection alive. I must remind those out there that argued that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be allowed even to run for the Presidency if she was under an FBI investigation that their silence about our President’s now ongoing FBI investigation speaks volumes. As with everything to do with Donald or with Hillary, the possible crimes of Donald don’t raise a red flag. All those sanctimonious hypocrites on the right who went after her should all be forced to watch their own bullshit on a loop like in A Clockwork Orange till the sound of their own voices and the sight of their own faces make them sick to their stomachs. Now about that death care replacement for Obamacare that Paul Ryan climaxed over and King Joffrey is pushing, I must say it’s hysterical listening to the reports that the mad king is warning Republicans who don’t vote for it, that they would face his wraith and be drop kicked out in the next campaign and replaced by more agreeable candidates. Seriously Donald, you expect them to all fall in line for you when it’s looking more and more like by the time we get to campaigning for 2018, Trump might already be pounding the pavement or a cell block. Having him argue to politicians that he needs this passed right away, regardless of how badly conceived it was or how many people it might hurt because once this is wrapped up he can focus on the other parts of his agenda, like renaming everything after himself. Every single Republican these days are telling us that Obamacare is imploding in onto itself. Yes, I’ve heard all the nightmare tales, which mostly sound like worse case scenarios’ rather than the norm. But with Republicans, they always find or worse create out of thin air, the one example they can use to prove any point they want to make. Disregarding facts, they hammer that attack, those Republican talking points, till that attack turns into what people believe actually occurred. Screw the truth, screw the facts, screw how much it hurts people.They scream to high heaven that they’re doing all of us a favor because they’ve got limited time to right the situation before it all goes boom! Since day one, they refused to help fix any of the hick-ups arguing that it was a simply impossible to fix the worst piece of legislation in the history of our great nation. At least that’s what the partisan haters of President Barack Obama’s signature achievement of his presidency. They’ve been harping against it, even while hearings were taking place, live on television. As opposed to what the Republicans claim occurred than or what they just pulled with their AHCA death care proposal. Before Obamacare was finalized they railed against it, predicting what an utter failure it would be. After it’s pathetic launch, that tainted the law as bureaucracy and just too big too succeed. I mean look at how many pages it was, it was just too confusing for any of us to deal with. So instead of fixing it, which they’ve refused to do since the law was enacted, they’ve been working to kill it ever since and now finally that they have the power to actually erase Obamacare out of existence and deliver the exact thing that they accuse The Affordable Care Act to be, the worse piece of garbage since George Washington became our first American President. They have pledged to end the Obamacare nightmare! The question being, whose nightmare? The voters who will have to live with whatever the Trumpeters finally come up with, or the Republicans who now have to deliver on what they’ve been promising for years. As the Republicans have showcased they haven’t exactly been working on except in power point presentations and the minds of small men. Its pretty obvious that the last 8 years they’ve never spent a second actually coming up with anything except of course talking points to spiel endlessly of how they could fix the monstrosity. As Paul Ryan’s proposal showcases, their real plan has been to kill healthcare for decades. There I said it. Why beat around the bush, they didn’t want to fix what was wrong with healthcare before President Obama came into office. Look at what they’ve pitched and what they’ve actually put into law. Not good. If they get their way, well good luck and try to enjoy life knowing that at any minute, you could be wiped out financially or have no choice but to head off to the emergency room. Just like the good old days when our healthcare system was threatening to financially bankrupt our nation. Guess people forgot that was one of the main reasons they overhauled the entire healthcare system in the first place. So what we get instead of a real plan to help the citizens of this nation, you know the one our President pitched during his campaign, well it turns out to be one huge piece of garbage. Yup crap, a tax break for the wealthy, millions of Americans losing their Healthcare and the creme de la creme is they finally get to kill Medicare by turning it into a voucher system, all at the same time. Now tell me again, why it doesn’t matter who wins the election, that our election was effected by the Russian entanglement, and Hillary Clinton isn’t President.  

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, of course it does, what with the alt-right playing footsie and all the Russian canoodling, we now possibly have to add Nazi’s to the mix 

IS THIS ANYWAY TO RUN A DICTATORSHIP? Oh excuse me, I mean monarchy, whoops, I meant Democracy. Oops. Phew, I’m so confused these days. Meeting with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, probably showcased the clearest way yet that our recently elected 45th President needs to be removed somehow and rather quickly. What better example do you need then King Joffrey not shaking the German Chancellor’s hand for the usual photo op. Then bringing her into his deranged wiretapping conspiracy, making her look like she was trying to figure out how to sneak out of the room, and then after the meeting tweeting pitchforks and brimstone against her nation. It’s not like his disdain for her is new, having spent much of his campaign for the White House arguing against her policies and even her looks. But his Presidency is new, and one would hope that the learning curve all newly elected leaders go through would be nearing its completion. Instead we’ve gotten a man seemingly on a crash course to a padded cell or the insane asylum. Maybe he can transition from one to the other?Wouldn’t it be nice if Donald Trump actually acted like a President or even a grown up for once? I’d settle for a few minutes of Presidential class, wisdom and good old-fashioned leadership. Like a commercial break, if not a full on tilt. Maybe a few minutes respite from his never-ending vomit inducing sewage would feel like a mini-vacation, now a days. It definitely could help his image, making our humble leader a little more acceptable to the disbelievers. Sadly I must note, that even the commercials on air these days are filled with paid promotional diatribes geared towards Trump fans. Or all those voters on the fence, perhaps trying to get the people to fall under his spell like his Trumpeters. I’ve discovered to my dismay, between the ads for sexual dysfunction, and all manner of physical or mental issues there are now ads for Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court or some religious right campaign to pitch Donald’s agenda. So no respite for the weary, it’s Trump all the time, that is until he’s dragged away or we’re all in the grave. It was just sad watching Trump embarrass the German Chancellor by acting like such a lunatic. The look on Angela Merkel’s face will be something I will never forget. Seriously hysterical seeing her react in stunned disbelief at what was standing just inches away. Every time our Donald says something, anything, I wonder if this is the one that will wake up the sleeping sheep. Will the masses rise up and force our would be king out of his castle, hopefully ending the current chaos that our nation is struggling through. Sadly entering us into the Mike Pence era, which God forbid could make even Donald Trump’s short presidency a great thing. Of course, now I’m wondering if and when that removal and escorting out take place, if it’s gonna be from the White House or will his evacuation take place in New York or Florida? Seeing that the White House is just one of the three homes that the taxpayers are footing the bill or now.What chaps my butt in all of this chaos is what our President have been doing seemingly under the radar. First with his Executive Actions, some of which have already been shot down in the courts like Trump’s so-called Immigration ban against Syrian countries. But his latest bombshell to rock our lives is his so-called trillion budget. That’s right, Donald released a $1.1 trillion budget outline Thursday that makes every war hawk’s wet dreams come true while basically cutting everything else. It seems lots of his campaign promises were like much of what he spouts a total crock of manure. He proposes to add a $54 billion increase in defense spending, while subtracting those increases and cutting or should I write gutting the funds to non-defense spending at the State Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the wholesale elimination of other federal programs.Simply put if it helps citizens, its outta here. This plan, on the heels of the The American Healthcare Act of 2017, Paul Ryan’s Death care to millions, is a one-two punch in the gut to what makes America great. It is stunning listening to the Trumpeters discuss gutting things like the National Endowment for the Arts, Global Climate Change Initiative, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, and a multitude of other cuts as if letting the elderly or poor starve to death is a good thing. As if dieing of Cancer is your fault and we don’t care if you drop dead. In fact, its better if you drop dead, since the Emergency Rooms are gonna be stuck with the bills. Seems if being able to not afford health care is your own damned fault again, and if you can’t, well, screw you. Sorry for you. We’ve got your vote, sucker. Now drop dead. If you’re not born with a silver spoon in your mouth you are out of luck. Well Donald wanted to go back to the good old days. Seems the millions who were fooled again by more Republican lies, are thunderstruck that the liars that promised everything for nothing are now announcing they are taking away everything, while systemically tearing apart our nation’s government. But instead we are  discussing Trump’s crazy talk when it comes to wiretapping. Have you noticed the closer we get to truth to what when on before our election and what has gone on since in regards to Russian hacking and the aiding our political adversaries by members of the Trump campaign, if not the man himself. Luckily at least,I should really write, seemingly at present, it seems there are enough Republicans in Washington who have announced they’re against Trump’s budget desires that right now it appears that the first crack at a proposed budget by the Liar-in-Chief should fail. Sadly we are talking Republicans, with them I won’t believe a single thing they say, no matter how much they protest before hand, until the vote takes place. As we’ve discovered so far, too many Democrats are willing to cross party lines and vote against what the party leaders and what the voters want them to do. Look at Donald’s cabinet choices, each one of them are turning out to be just as bad as we feared would be the case. As one by one, they all parade out and repeat the talking points that Donald Trump or whomever is really pulling the strings have told them to say, it is apparent that any back bone they argued they would have, has bent  way too easily in the wind.Lastly, it appears that along with every other assorted deplorable in Trump’s basket, we now have one of them who has ties to a group of Nazi collaborators. No really. Nazi's! Here's an excerpt from Michelle Goldberg's article revealing some startling details that somehow Trump's crack vetting devision missed again. 

Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s top counterterrorism adviser, who was born in London to Hungarian parents, worked closely with anti-Semitic politicians and wrote for openly anti-Semitic newspapers from 2002–2007. As reported by, Gorka swore a lifetime oath to a far-right Hungarian group, the Vitézi Rend. The State Department classifies the Vitézi Rend as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany”. As the article ends, ‘Absent an investigation of Gorka, it will be hard not to conclude that Anglin is correct. “How many ducks in the Trump White House must walk, talk, and quack anti-Semitically before our country wakes up and sees the problem?” Steven Goldstein, executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, said in a statement. It’s a question everyone should be asking Republicans as long as Gorka holds a government job.’ To read more, please check out their report at:

I’ll let Michelle Goldberg’s word’s sink in as I end this Neilizms. I think they hit the nail on its head enough for some of you out there to sit up and go oh oh, here we go again, or this is the last straw. Either they knew about these facts or figured no one would discover them or care about his history and let them slide. Or worse, he was just another member of Donald's anti-Semetic cabinet, just another deplorable in the bunch. Well, for me its just another nail in his coffin. Sooner than later, that coffin will be filled with his impeached ass and our national nightmare would be over. I mean how much more evidence do you need.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


As revelations of what Ryan's Death Care means, his glee over the millions in danger of death is blood-curdling, I think its time to drop kick this nightmare out of Washington too

ACCORDING TO SPICER, "wiretapping" doesn't mean "wiretapping"… ha ha ha ha. Sean are you on drugs or have you lost your marbles? Do you actually think anyone believes your bullshit? Any of it? Not even your deranged lunatic boss, but of course he's in on the con. So a raise is probably in your near future, on the people's dime of course. Everything you or any of your brethren come up with is, point blank, one big steaming pile of shit. And we are talking elephant shit. Any arguments out there on this? Troll away doubters. I'm sorry, what else does any of the Trumpeters spew, but lie straight faced to everyone crapping out piles and piles and piles of excrement. Some with frozen smiles on their faces, while others looking more like ghouls then loved ones. I am so sick of politeness in regards to whats been going down in Washington. Switching the channels or catching up online to whats been happening this week has been a dozy in regards to the lies and pitches that the Republicans have thrown out. Sometimes when bombshells are thrown seemingly nonstop all at once, its hard too see whats really going down. Well, the land mines the Trumpeters are evading these days, by throwing their bull is seriously monumental these days. 

With the news the other day that someone tried to enter the grounds of President's vacation home in Washington away from his real home as Liar-in-Chief in Mar-a-Lago. I keep imagining King Joffrey as he roams the White House grounds, pondering what shenanigans occurred in the Lincoln Bedroom, as he conceives building the world's greatest mote to wrap around his castle in Washington. As his paranoia and the conspiracies he keeps making front page news is what's driving Washington these days. Either Donald is delusional, he's been bewitched by Steve Bannon or he's under the whims of Vladimir Putin. Whatever the reason, its time to stop the madness and end our nation's darkest hour.

So step one in Donald Trumps master plan to destroy America from within is under way, as he's gotten the people in place he wanted to help destroy each and every governmental program. Except that is the military. One might think that would be dumb, but my thinking is once Donald has systematically destroyed the programs,  his military will be there to protect him and destroy everything else that come between him and whatever mad plan he's running our world with. As Paul Ryan came out and excitingly shut down the arguments that his brainchild wouldn't work, his surprise that his plan hurt many more people then he had hoped for was sickening. His whole plan is to kill insurance. To make it everyman for himself. To now make doctors decide if they can see patients who probably can't afford the treatments they need to live. To return to the good old days when hospitals were going bankrupt because patient after patient was not paying their bills. Somehow that part of this nightmare scenario is never discussed.

They want this plan gone, its ain't working and they refuse to even listen to the other side of the argument. They actually argue against even talking about trying to fix it. Its a dead horse, just put it out of its misery. Funny they never seem to want to discover the horses side of the equation. They never seem to want to listen to the people who are liking The Affordable Care Act. Human beings in this conversation don't matter. Anything with Obama's name attached to it must be erased, and while we're at it, lets push it as far as we can get away, that is until they throw The Trumpeters all out of power and into shackles.

How ironic, now that they're threatening to actually replace Obamacare with this nightmare, turns out most people who have Obamacare actually like it. As its been proven over and over, if you ask the same people who scream bloody murder just at the mention of Obamacare that their own versions of the ACA, in whatever name its be given, most will say they love their health care. And most are scared that they won't be able to afford whatever the final version of the Republicans plans will be. Now that the reality of the rhetoric is coming to fruition, as we discover what Trump has agreed upon, with Ryan's master plan to kill off an entitlement program… as he proudly touted on television. This would be historic! Death Care, everyone of Donald's campaign speeches it seems were all a pact of political lies. My thinking is all of the "wire tapping" bullshit conspiracies were simply a ruse to deflect from what he and his pals are doing.

As with every Republican platform, the people in our nation are the last things on the minds of the political right. All their positions do is hurt citizens, while helping the rich get even richer. Seems all the money that Ryan's fantasies are saving on our budget is being off set by the billions of dollars being given to the rich. According to the numbers the GOP bill would cut Medicaid by $880 Billion, while giving a massive tax cut, all those savings to the rich, to the tune $883 billion. In other words, if these numbers are correct, the system would be worse off by $3 Billion, and the doesn't begin to discuss all the millions of people who would be hurt if they actually implemented the bill. Another lie by our King, that he was gonna help the little guy. That he knew how to game the system because he's been doing it his whole life. And man, millions of American's bit into it, hook, line and sinker. Really? Tell that to the millions who if they even afford insurance in Trumpcare or Ryancare or whatever they decide to call it, how high their rates will soar. What good is insurance if you can't afford? The liars on the right keep arguing that Obamacare is in a death spiral, that if they don't do anything within the next year or so the whole system will implode on itself. They actually lie to us and tell us they're doing this to help people, while making everything worse. They keep telling us its gonna implode, but the Congressional Budget Office, the same office that came out with the terrible estimates for the Republican's American Health Care Act, tells us that Obamacare is fine. That like all the other Republican lies against President Barack Obama's signature achievement, this latest harping on its immense implosion is simply not true. This has always been the way the Republicans respond to everything, they throw out lies and scream top the high heavens that what they are saying things like, its been reported every where, or everybody knows what they are saying are true, yet never show proof or evidence. Always we must take them at their word. Like the discuss global warming, or dead people voting or whatever else they pull out of their asses.

As the more and more of King Joffrey's inner circle get revealed to be contact illegally with Russia or other countries, its so much fun listening to them try to change the subject. Kellyanne Conway who for whatever reason was allowed all over television this past week, after practically disappearing except for Fox Faux News of course. Seems her free on-air commercial for Ivanka is forgiven. Of course I'm kind of surprised anyone from Trump World is allowed on news outlets such as CNN since they are now as as I know not allowed during the Presidential Press new conferences which star stand-up comedian Sean Spicer. And lets not forget the recent revelation that Rex Tillerson, yup Donald's U.S. Secretary of State, used an alias while working for Exxon when discussing things like global warming! Wayne Tracker, that's was his name, oy, and the Republicans wonder why we need time to investigate anyone who wants to work in a President's cabinet, seems if they hadn't rushed the vote, something like this could have been discovered, discussed and hopefully any answer questions could have been resolved before we got stuck with another turkey hired to literary destroy our nation from within.

Lastly, as I finish this up today, Rachel Maddow showcased a Donald Trump tax return from 2005. Oh my God, yes! Haven't watched it or read about it, but I presume because she announced the news event a head of time, on Twitter no less, Trump in a stop gap measure to lessen whatever damage that comes out of it, actually released more information on that year's taxes attacking journalists who dare to do something so illegal. How dare they spoil his surprise. I mean some day before we all go up in blaze of Nuclear War, Donald eventually promises to release them. well, perhaps today was the beginning of that surprise. Hopefully he won't get the last laugh again, and hour nation will survive this seriously bad joke.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, March 14, 2016

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


While the world screamed foul, it turns out the Republicans finally showcased their Ryan-Don’t-care health care proposal and its the same old playbook, ugh!

SO THE REPUBLICANS DID EXACTLY HOW THEY ACCUSED the Democrats of doing it 8 years a go, except of course much much worse in scope. Sounds like they did exactly what they  bitched about against Democrats for years, except the Democrats never did that. This seems to be their way of doing all legislation. They concoct a problem, come up with a way of making it worse, try to jam it through, and showcase how inept and evil they really are. With no qualms about how many people they hurt as long as they can help their backers. They actually designed their so-called American Health Care Act, their plan in secret. They didn’t have hearings or meetings or an open conversation with the public. NO, they just got into a room and concocted a piece of legislation that it appears nobody but themselves actually likes or thinks it could actually work. Of course the plan turns out to be every wet dream that Paul Ryan has been trying to enact for years. And now that they finally announced their top secret legislation to the world, they’re trying to jam it through without even finding out how much money its gonna cost, how many people will lose their healthcare and how much debt our nation will get into because of it. No they actually want to jam this through with in mere weeks,  continuously harping that Obamacare is imploding before our very eyes and that any day our health care system will be gone. Oh woe, is me. They spent over a year putting President Barack Obama’s health care initiative together with bipartisan support in what eventually became the Affordable Care Act or what the Republicans tried to taint it as Obamacare. In fact, much of the bill was based on what the Republicans wanted, Obama sadly was tying to work with the Republicans, something, they spent his entire tenure religiously doing the opposite.Paul Ryan whose now practically climaxing talking about taking away people’s healthcare is currently going around and demanding that Republicans simply fall in line. Screw what’s wrong with the bill, or what they don’t like about it, and screw how the masses might rise up and smite those who sign off on it. If you go against what I want to be enacted, you will have to face the wraith of the Republican voters who voted them in. They finally have the chance to do what they’ve promised for years, and if they didn’t do it now, how could they ever face their constituents again.Screw the ramifications, all that matters is we repeal Obamacare and put something, anything else in its place. Screw anything and everything that our new President Promised on the stomp. Hurting people, not our problem. Why wait till they actually come up with a real plan. They spent years bitching that Obamacare sucked, but never sat down and actually came up with something to replace it with. They just wanted to get rid of it and go on to other things. Other things to destroy. As Donald Trump hysterically finally opined  “Healthcare is hard.” My problem with their plan, or should I write Paul Ryan’s Ryan-Don’t-Care wet dream is basically its another tax break for the rich. Seems everything with Republicans is tax breaks for the wealthy. That will fix everything that ails us. I get that logic with jobs, I don’t agree with it, but I’ve heard it long enough to get why other people believe the lie. At least when the Republicans throw out that drivel that the rich will take the money they’ve been given and then invest it into their businesses. The money would hopefully be spent hiring employees, perhaps giving some raises, and the money’s earned could then be taxed and the cycle of economic growth would continue and hopefully we would all prosper. Except of course, that theory doesn’t seem to come to fruition, ever.  All that said, what does that have to do with healthcare coverage and insurance. How does tax breaks for the wealthy have anything to do with healthcare. Not surprisingly, the Republicans or should I write Paul Ryan and those inbreds who created this nightmare have striped away the last eight years of health care and turned it into a worse version of the system we have before. You remember the one everyone complained about which was the reason we created Obamacare in the first place. Just a few mentions, it looks like there’s a cap to have much insurance you will be covered by. Depending on your age, will depend on what you pay. Funnily, instead of being forced to get healthcare or be penalized for not having any it, now, those who don’t get healthcare or whose coverage lapses because they missed two months in a roll, whatever your payment will jump 30% higher, for one year as punishment for being a slug. A much steeper penalty then the one Obama put in place if you decided you’d rather skip it and get insurance. And that’s just the start of what’s wrong with their plan.   So seemingly in the middle of the night, the Republicans, between Donald Trump bombshells, have begun to destroy yet another achievement of the Obama administration. Very clever one two punch these Trumpeters are, along with the Republicans, as one by one hand they lower our nations character and in another they destroy one safety net one at a time. Each one of our allies and each one of enemies are shaken and stirred on a daily basis depending on one of Donald’s Executive Actions or one of Trump’s tweets. Unsurprisingly, this followed a few days after King Joffrey’s latest nuclear blast, his accusation that former President Barack Obama, “wiretapped” him at Trump Tower. Which of course has yet to be showcased as anything more then either the delusions of a mad king, or something he read on Breitbart. Or as  some suspect, something that Steve Bannon whispered into Donald’s ear as he was putting him to bed, tucking him in way past his bedtime.   A few weeks back, Donald came out and decried the terrible terrorist attacks in Sweden, which were immediately debunked by all and it came out that it was simply something he had seen on Fox faux news, which was first reported on Breitbart. And now Trump comes out and announces to the world that President Barack Obama, wiretapped him and the only thing that people can figure out that again it was an article, written on Breitbart, authored by a Conspiracy nut. And when the nut was queried, as usual with crazies like this, no proof is ever showcased. Trump calls CNN and a bunch of liberal leaning news organizations as fake news, but promotes conspiracy theory’s with no proof, just he’s got a feeling in his gut. The joke in all this is now the White House is saying, or should I say Sean Spicer said during one of his press conferences that even if they investigate, as Trump has requested and discover no proof that he was wiretapped, like it never happened, Donald still might believe he was wiretapped. Sounds a lot like his stance on President Barack Obama’s birthplace, on how many illegal aliens and dead people voted in our past election and how many Muslim people were in Jersey chanting death to America after 9/11. I must admit when I first heard about this it made me scream out loud, not because apparently the nut job is getting everything he wishes, but as soon as King Joffrey requests something, Republicans snap at attention and say, Sir, yes Sir! Something they fought against the entire time President Obama was in office.  As we’ve witnessed since the Russian invasion into our election went from being a conspiracy by some and transformed into what eventually could take down our nation’s 45th President, the Republicans have tired everything in their power to throw away any Russian intervention into just sour grapes by the Democrats and the left leaning media. They went after Hillary Clinton and Benghazi with a vengeance, but nothing, I mean nothing seems to be worth any hearing in regards to Donald Trump. We need to do whatever our King desires and any one who disagrees is obviously gonna be Trump’s next twitter victim. For the most part the Democrats went wait a minute, but sadly whenever they whined before about one of Donald’s mad episodes, no one seemed to listen, especially since the Republicans got the majority in everything, except of course the Popular Vote. But maybe we all should thank Trump, no really we should. Thanks you Donald Trump! Amazingly King Joffrey’s latest lie, could finally be the thing that kicks our orange faced spray tanned leader out of office. Seems for once I should be happy that the Republicans are gonna be doing exactly what the Donald wanted them to do. Investigate our former President, to discover if he actually wiretapped his successor. If the wiretapping actually happened, if so, who did it, and if they did it, why was the wiretapping approved in the first place. And if no wiretapping was done and Donny boy lied, hm, that a big problem for our current President. You see that is an impeachable act.So first Sweden and now Wiretapping, perhaps Steve Bannon is the one pulling the strings, and if Donald gets all his Intel from Breitbart, isn’t that where Steve Bannon ‘used’ to run? As the mad king seemingly spirals into insanity, the question I end this commentary on is, is Donald being manipulated by Bannon, owned by Putin, doing this on his own, or are his minions controlling him and/or has all this power he now holds in the palm of his hand, gone to his head? So is Donald the Manchurian Candidate, a Trojan Horse or simply a Mad King trying to destroy his own empire?

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, March 8, 2017 

Friday, March 03, 2017


Which was sad for Donald, giving him no time to celebrate his supposed pivot into appearing Presidential, as Jeff Sessions own lies comes back to bite him in his Russian loving ass

SO MANY THINGS TO DISCUSS, WHERE DO WE BEGIN? As the madness appears to be getting crazier by the day, sometimes its hard to know what to write about. As this weeks multiple memorable moments in our political world unfolded writing about one thing seemed to fall by the wayside as the next bombshell occurred. Just as you might start on that event, some other crazy occurrence will flash on my television, or a push on my iPhone screen and my original inspiration might be temporarily pushed aside. The problems come when you try to merge the two, or three, or five. When I begin my commentaries, something, anything might spark my imagination, get me angry or inspire me to sit down in front of my computer or my iPhone and spend the next 4 to 8 hours or longer writing up my latest Neilizms. Other times I just jot down a few paragraphs as I’m travelling on the train or bus when something strikes me for whatever reason. When those moments happen it gets pretty exciting inside my head, as seemingly out of nowhere my latest commentary begins to write itself. This week for example, my commentary was conceived after waking up to hear people’s opinions on Donald’s latest attempt to right his sinking ship. His big Congressional hello to Trump's world. In that one moment transforming Donald J. Trump into the President some had been waiting for. Almost as if by clockwork, that event now feels like a life time ago as yesterday’s big event yet again proves that whomever is choosing Donald’s deplorable cabinet really did a terrible job of vetting them. Or maybe he did the job that he was hired to do, destroy our nation from within, right in front of our eyes. So I’m gonna start by discussing Donald Trump’s first address before Congress on Tuesday. From what I read and saw, maybe the delivery was different, more Presidential, but the substance, the words he read were the same. I must admit right now, that I missed the speech and have yet to sit down to watch any of it. I've read several articles, listened to too many television discussions on it and way too much time on social media seeing people's reactions to it. As I wrote on Twitter minutes before our orange faced liar-in-chief began, ‘I simply couldn’t stomach him anymore’. How sad is that, to actually feel sick thinking about whom is running our nation. I’ve never felt like this in my entire life, even with Richard Nixon, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan. I also ‘thanked those who would be suffering though it for me’. As I finished I predicted and was accurate that yes, ‘anything I did miss would surely be discussed nonstop afterwards’ and if course it was. Waking up to hear the voices in the media talk Trumps performance, making it sound like our 45th President had shocked the world once more by finally giving a speech, in front of Congress no less, that finally made him appear presidential, and I missed it! What are the odds? Even Van Jones of all people came out and uttered a shocking response, well it was shocking to me, “He became President of the United States in that moment, period”. Honestly to hear anyone say anything like that about Donald is something I never thought I would hear, especially from someone as left leaning as Mr. Jones. Why this tribute was so inappropriate is pretty obvious to me, and hopefully to most people. A few weeks back, Donald approved a military mission in Yemen that went very badly. A mission by the way, that President Barack Obama had decided not to do cause I guess it didn’t pass the sniff test I guess. Once the mission turned shall we say into a disaster, the Trumpeters and specifically King Joffrey himself have tried to turn this failure into a great victory for our nations newest President, while blaming everyone but himself for the debacle that it truly was. For the victims of his attempt to look tough on the world stage. I guess in a Trump  administration, the buck stops elsewhere else, maybe possibly even Moscow. So the big moment happened, the widow of a slain NAVY Seal who was killed in the Yemen mission was recognized by Trump, a Carryn Owens, the widow of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, a now slain NAVY Seal, was being saluted by Donald and this was the moment Donald stepped into the shoes of the Presidency. At least for the ones who didn’t see through the charade. He’s responsible for the man’s death and now he uses his widow to make himself look good. For myself and many others this moment while beautifully patriotic at first glance truly showcases the Mad King’s obnoxiousness. If you listen to some of the media & of course the Trumpeters, King Joffrey hit it out the park. Really. Really? Not the first time we’ve heard some try to pitch this bogus story line.Another thing they pitched today was that the Democrats were being so disrespectful during his big TelePrompTer speech reading. How dare they sit after Donald’s proclamations, after his telling more lies, after pitching his desires and whims and promises? How could they indeed? What a joke. I guess all of these trolls have amnesia or worse mental issues. Somehow none of them remember that’s exactly what the Republicans did against President Barack Obama, every single time he spoke. And sadly no one yelled out that Trump was a liar, like they had done to our 44th President, although I hear some booed as our Donald came into the light and hit his mark up on that stage. It appears we got was a lot more mainstream Republican garbage with a lot less Bannon influence. It appears that Donald’s very bad few weeks, which have followed the first six weeks of his very bad Presidency made a good performance almost mandatory. So the toned him down to appease the powers that be. The Democrats while agreeing that this was probably his finest performance ever and most Presidential, wasn’t getting on their knees and blowing him as everyone else was doing. Most of them seemed to see what wasn’t in it, how he could possibly do all the things he wanted to do without exploding the deficit and take apart most of the programs that he seems to be trying to destroy from with in. Sadly for Donald, his good performance has almost totally been forgotten by rather an interesting development. It turns out that this little issue that has followed has over shadowed the Trump candidacy has once again taken over the conversation. Just like General Flynn, whose membership into the Trump basket of losers was nipped in the bud just weeks into his gig as National Security Advisor for Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Trumps just confirmed Attorney General has been discovered to have possibly been playing footsies with Russia. Again? Sadly yes, it was reported that Jeff had two meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Which under normal circumstances might not be such a bad thing, except unfortunately for the good Senator from Alabama, during his Congressional Hearings he kind of said he hadn’t had any. That’s right, he was asked several times, if he had or if he knew if anyone in Trump campaign had had any contact and he had sad none. Whoops. Well today I awoke to Jeff Sessions turn on the hot seat. As yesterdays big revelation become today's biggest news story. With most of the top names in the Democratic world calling for Jeff Sessions to resign from his post, or at least to recuse himself from any investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. I must give some credit to the Republicans out there too, cause many of the big names also suggested Jeff say bye bye to Donald. Several hours later Sessions actually came out and even though he denied anything bad, he would in fact do as he promised during his hearing and recuse himself. So give the man some props, at least on this day he did the right thing by recusing himself, that said, in my opinion, lying very badly trying to explain away his possible treasonous activities. 

To make this even worse today for the Trump regime, just as I was about to upload my finished commentary, I discovered online that its been reported that Donald, yes, our new President, also met with a Russian Ambassador in 2016. Along with Jeff Sessions, Donald met with a Sergey, yes the same one that Jeff tried to make light of. The man he mysteriously forgot to talk about while being grilled on the stomp during his Congressional Hearings. The one he now amazingly remembers and throws out as nonsense. Seems Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisyak was an invited special guest to Trump's first ever foreign policy speech back in April 2016. Before his big speech, seems they met with the Russian, and during his speech Donald made a point of going soft on Russia. Perhaps their meeting was the reason he didn't go after them. Perhaps Trump was given an ultimatum, perhaps he wasn't. All I know is that if this one is true. No matter what his excuse is, just like Flynn and like Sessions, he lied about not having any contact with any Russians. Seriously this is getting messier by the day, I guess you live by the sword, you die with it.

To add fuel to the fire, it has also come to light that Donald’s son in law Jared Kushner, now a senior advisor in the White House who along with Michael T. Flynn, yes the same General Flynn who had to resign from Trump’s cabinet mentioned above, met with Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, in December of 2016. Accordingly as I researched this piece I discovered that Sergey and Michael have known each other since 2013, and supposedly were in contact thorughout Trump’s campaign. Seems the apple has turned for Herr Trump, now instead of any bad news being drowned out by another controversity spewed out by his royal doucheness or one of his Trumpeters to deflect the real problems, his worst nightmares are becoming the media’s choice to harp on, while all his mishigas is now thown out like yesterdays dirty laundry. First it was Manifort, then it was Flynn, now its Sessions and maybe Kushner, and you know Bannon surely must have ties. Pretty amazing huh? Wait tlll Donald’s dealings with Russia comes out, man the shits gonna hit the fan when that happens. And maybe just maybe by then the Republicans will decide to get with the good side and force Trump to release his tax returns. But by then, I have a feeling his tax returns will be the least of his problems. I just hope his madness doesn't cause too much irreversible damage.  

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, March 3, 2017