Wednesday, June 29, 2016


So after all is said and done, now you want us to decide for ourselves… well I'd like a refund on your bill!

Unbelievable… what nerve! For more then two years we've had to deal with a witch hunt in search of a smoking gun. They wanted Hillary Cinton's head and they were willing to go down in flames looking for any possible conspiracy to take her down.
Run by partisan Republicans whose only mission on Earth is to destroy and halt her seemingly destined Presidential victory in November. Amazingly after spending millions upon millions of tax payers money, as well as valuable time, that could have used to go for immigration, infrastructure… guns, and many other important issues facing us. I know, lets finally find out what Chaney and George W knew before September 11th… they revealed that nothing of major significance was discovered in their zeal to destroy her. Nothing, except their perpetual talking point, her email server, seemingly in their eyes a crime worth beheading.
Then Gowdy actually has the nerve to come out with his Republican buddies on the committee and throw out more excuses, more conspiracies, and now they want the citizens of the United States to print out their 800 page pile of garbage, their findings, their reports and we should read it for ourselves and come to our own conclusions… unfreakinbelievable!
Isn't that what the crack committee was supposed to do? Isn't that why we spent all that time and money for them to discover and report to us their findings? I mean we didn't hire them to write a whodunit, did we? Honestly I'm just happy this happened when it did, ss opposed to sometime in the fall or near Election day. Of course, already we've gotten the talking heads spewing their nonsense, spinning their lies to still score political talking points against Hillary. 
Well let them, as we've seen from all the past attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton, its always politically motivated, having nothing to do with reality or facts, seemingly all conspiracy based upon utter nonsense. 
In fact just hours after the report was released, Megyn Kelly of FOX FAUX NEWS, had a segment on her show discussing the report as if the smoking gun had been discovered. Megyn was doing her best to showcase her righteous indignation, with fury raging in her voice, as she described the Benghazi terrorist attacks as if, how could the American people not see what a horrible person Hillary is. Honestly I heard two minutes of it and I had to change the channel, I was seriously ready to drop kick my television. 
The way the nimrods came out, sullen faced, looking like they ate something spoiled, trying to spin gold out of thin air. Showcasing again how slanted this inquisition has been. The fact that we discovered afterwards, that the Democrats on the committee didn't even get the finished reports till after the media did, demonstrates that. The committee was supposedly formed to find out what happened and how to prevent the tragedy from happening again. It wasn't a hearing to persecute Hillary Clinton, of course that's what it turned out to be. Anyone who watched her 11 hour grilling could see that. Even a blind person could see that. 
Yes, the entire charade was a chance for the republicans to try to take her down. And amazingly after 2 years and countless millions of dollars, nothing, nada, zilch. And this was after the previous hearings had come to the same conclusion. Nope not slanted in the least.
Of course what happened was a tragedy, but Hillary Clinton was not personally responsible for it. She did not "murder' anyone as a friend of Trump has tweeted, or as many a guest on FOX keep accusing her of doing. 
Donald Drumpf Trump who throws out accusations and lies like he breathes the air, and expects everyone to believe him. Obama's birthday place, Warren's heritage, are just two of his beauties. Each time he is confronted with the facts and the truth, even video and audio, his responses are always that's not true. Believe me, trust me.  
No Drumpf, I don't believe you and I definitely don't trust you. Tou throw out accusations, prove it! Decide for yourself! Crack Republican committee members, really?  
But as yesterday showcases, they never do. What they do, is go on to another attack and then list all the previous debunked conspiracies as historic facts. And the media always brings them up, sometimes calling them conspiracies, but always reminding viewers about them, never letting them go where they belong, the trash heap.
The sad thing is this should have never been a witch hunt. Like other committees in the past, for example The Watergate hearings, it wasn't about political parties, it was about finding the truth. If it had been, Nixon might have never resigned. Instead of coming out with the report and saying that they discovered no wrong doing on her part, exonerating her of their accusations, they decided to throw out more accusations and more conspiracies and now want us to decide for ourselves. Ha, ha, ha. You should be happy, you did your jobs, congratulations. You've proven her innocence of at least the crimes you choose to accuse her of. Shouldn't you owe her an apology.  Or are we gonna get another situation like when a member of Congress yelled at President Obama calling him a liar… 
Cheer up Gowdy, you just helped elect our next President, and saved the world from a Drumpf in the White House. 
But of course they will never admit they were wrong. Today I wrote a tweet, after reading a report that the NRA was gonna be spending $2 million on ads attacking Hillary for all the deaths in Bengazi:
Simply evil! The day after she was exonerated, the #NRA is doing this.
Well the trolls on Twitter and Facebook were having none of it. Attacking and basically asking me if I had read the report? As if any of them had. Sorry I don't need to read the report, if there was anything really in it, Trey Gowdy would have come out like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, with a big huge grin, as opposed to looking like Lurch in The Adams Family. Face it the haters will never give up. Sadly some people are just lost causes who want a Drumpf in the White House, want him to take us back to a time when America was great. You know, when slavery existed, when women couldn't vote, and when weaponry were muskets. Well, maybe in that case, they would like to keep it modern. 
They will never admit defeat, they were wrong, the facts prove it. There was no smoking gun. Give the woman the respect she's earned. And no Donald she wasn't sleeping on the job, like you probably were all through your schools days.  Somehow I'm pretty positive you skipped history. Republicans, the facts prove that you're just trying to spin the results of your findings to suit your talking points. 
So today or sometime in the near future, I'm expecting that the Republicans, while still in the majority, will form another committee to discover why this one failed to find out anything they could pin on her. I mean there's gotta be something right?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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