Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Sorry, just cause you say it, doesn't make it a reality.

I keep hearing these words when people discuss the Republican candidates in this year's class:  "An accomplished lineup of governors, senators and business people."  But as former President George W. Bush would say: 
“There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
Really, what have any of the politicians done? All their states are in trouble because of their policies. Their so-called fixes have worsened their economies, dumbed down or strangled funding away from education, eroded women's rights and refused free healthcare to their citizens [remember the Federal Government was handing it to them free].  
Accomplishments? The only accomplishments I can figure out is them getting elected into office in the first place. What they did or are still doing in office I wouldn't actually be so proud of. 
The sad joke being, that the candidates who are still in office, all they seem to be doing is campaigning for President, they aren't actually doing their current jobs. How is that an accomplishment? Basically these candidates are getting paid to run for the next job or term. They keep selling all the same old failed policies we heard the last two Presidential campaigns. Trying to showcase what a failure our current President is, while accomplishing nothing to prove they are even up to the job.  
The way I see it, right now the Democrats are gonna destroy them in the next election... all they have to do is keep reminding the voters about all of the great accomplishments of these so-called leaders. That is of course they don't do their usual witchcraft and somehow bedevil the masses into believing their candidate's lies and promises. Remember we won't touch abortion. Remember Compassionate Conservation, remember WMDs, remember the government shutdown. I do.
Vote anyone of these 'accomplished' leaders into office, say goodbye to abortions, a real education that doesn't include Moses as a founding father, any chance at saving our planet from a complete meltdown. About those EPA rules and regulations, who needs them too. Say goodbye to Obamacare, and oh, all those newly happily married gay couples, get ready to fight, this time to keep it legal. Cause they be coming to take away your happiness. I'm just saying, if you look up accomplishment in the dictionary, none of these leaders is mentioned.  
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wed., July 1, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Well at least in terms of marriage…
You asked for change America… well, your wish has been granted. Any doubts if Barack Hussein Obama wasn't cut out for the job, for me have been answered.    
White House Lit Up with Rainbow After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling   
First, one day Healthcare's [hopefully] finally the law of the land and the next, Marriage Equality actually happens. Call me crazy, but I think its time for a party. A rainbow colored celebration… where are the Skittles?
And yes a few happy tears. I must admit throughout the day as the announcement came out and began to travel through our hemisphere, my happiness and emotion at seeing history unfold before our very eyes has truly been inspiring.
In a matter of days, because of The Supreme Court's historic decisions. Thanks to them, was made this week, but without the steady hand of our President driving this nation forward into the 21st century, none of the monumental decisions made by the court would have possibly ever occurred. Well at last not this soon. Not Healthcare, and surely not marriage equality. 
And with the news seemingly one bad story after the other. The never-ending daily reports of gun shootings, ISIL attacks and police seemingly random for no real reason abuses and killings of mostly black people, boys, men, women, pregnant or elderly for the apparent reason of simply not being white. The hourly announcements of yet another child accidentally shooting a family member with a family 'toy'. Plus listening to the rhetoric of the candidates throw out utter nonsense and biblical tales of woe. The talking heads making matter worse, not wanting to discuss facts, but more interested in political jargon and end of days scare tactics if another liberal gets into The White House. Funny, I thought our President wan't really American, but now you consider him to be the most American of all, a Liberal. People look at what he's done. At what he's accomplished. Time to throw some confetti!
And at the same time, all of this is happening, he's also had to deal with the issues of race and racism and all manner of rhetoric, while trying to deal with everything any President has to deal with. But with one added bonus, the color of his skin.
At a moment of truly history events. After months if not years of never-ending shootings, an event occurs that may have changed America for good. Hopefully through this tragedy, the subject can be broached by our President, and finally the people screaming out nonsense, trying to drown out the conversation will be shouted down by the silence, by the truth. A racist, white man went into a Church and by doing the unthinkable, by his cowardly actions, he has allowed our President to finally have the clearance to set the record straight on matters of race in America. 
Over the course of his Presidency, we've watched as his voice has slowly opened. Not that he was ever shy about talking. Nope, this man loves to talk and better yet, listen. And as his years in office has showcased, when he decides he needs to say something, on most occasions, what he has to say, makes you sit back and just wonder how did we get so lucky. 
Seriously, just as this nation was actually collapsing, here comes this, well, savior. And under his watch look at whats occurred. With all the negatives out there, the unemployment, the never-ending wars. The threat of attack at any minute by the latest terrorist organization, that seemingly get scarier and more threatening with each mutation. With people in power on one side of the aisle who seem to have it out for the common man, or whomever isn't greasing their palms and saying anything and everything to destroy any advancements accomplished by him.  
But on days when history happens, like this week, its surely makes you wonder how we do it as a nation. Even when we are at our lowest, something or someone shows up and sets us on the right course. 
Eight years ago, that was Senator Barack Hussein Obama. From seemingly out of nowhere, he appeared, inspiring millions to believe in change for our Nation. To instead of going with Hillary Clinton or one of the Republicans, to trust in faith, yes faith in this historic chance. Could the person who talked the talk, actually walk the walk? 
All the doubters, including myself at first, mine was, his lack experience, or so I thought, but others throwing out everything from racist garbage to sincere fear, not that he was Black, nope, that would be a racist thing to say, but that he could be worse, an illegal, a Muslim. Heaven forbid!
Even with all the fear mongering, over the course of the election, and sadly ever since and still occurring even to this day, our President has pressed forward with his agenda. Trying his best against every conceivable attempt to stop everything. President Obama, has successfully done practically everything he set out to do and honestly a lot more then anyone could have ever thought in their wildest dreams. Even when you think he's lost an important goal, somehow he still gets a piece of what he promised. And sometimes he gets the entire enchilada. 
A while ago, Hilary Clinton was interviewed on NPR and was asked about how her opinion of Gay marriage had changed. Her answer I thought was perfect, but the interviewer tried to make it into a political football. Hillary basically said that 10 years ago nobody even discussed Gay marriage, it wasn't in the conversation. Well, at least nobody I heard was even suggesting it. It was more a question of equal rights and stopping hate crimes. And like a lot of other Americans, her opinions had changed. And once marriage equality did enter the conversation, she was all for it, unlike seemingly the entire clown car of Republican candidates.
And on this issue, so was our President. And with the help of Vice President Joe Biden's gentle push, the end of marriage inequality was at hand, sooner then anyone could have ever dreamed. And I could use that word, cause come on, on days like today, even fantasies can become a reality. And today, more then most, makes you proud to live in, yes I'll say it, the greatest country in the history of our Planet. 
To my friends and others out there, who have finally been given the right to marry, I congratulate you and just wish you all well. What an amazing feeling it must be to finally be given equality. To finally be allowed entry into society as an equal. No longer a second class citizen, having to hide their truths to the outside world. Now allowed to hold hands and kiss in public, without the police arresting you for unlawful acts, well at least legally. I'm afraid there are too many out there that want to live with hatred in their hearts and fear that their ways of life are gone. Hence the fight over the Confederate Flag. Its hostly sad to watch these backward thinking Americans, using God and religious teachings as a reason to hate others that are different, instead of seeing the beauty in the difference. Truly what a great thing, we have witnessed. And I couldn't be more prouder of our leaders in this nation that helped to change the futures of millions of people, actually all people with this landmark decision.
Just one man’s opinion                              
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sat., June 27, 2015