Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Really, since when is your opinion relevant, I seem to recall you got us into this mess in the first place.

So the former president finally spoke about the current state of affairs in the world, and shockingly (not) he doesn't agree with his successor…our President. The one that was elected into office to fix what was left of our great nation and what little respect that was left us after he attacked another nation. Falsely taking us into a war, overthrowing a dictator and setting into motion the nightmare that we are currently trying to wake up from. As one nation after the other seemingly is morphing into yet another nation that we've in our own small way helped destroy. Such a fine legacy.
So it seems the fool has come out to speak, which as far as I know is pretty unusual and unheard of. I know former Vice President Chaney hasn't kept his trap shut since leaving office, but the former President, George Walker Bush has done what most past Presidents have done (at least in public), not make comments on the current man in the White House. Its kind of an unspoken rule. I understand that it was at a "private function" but he was asked, and he answered.
Of course by coming out of the shadows, and appearing to contradict President Obama's actions, our former President has possibly allowed his historic mishap in Iraq to bite him in the ass. Can we say war trials! I don't know, at least maybe we can have a real conversation finally, in the media or better yet in t he courts… if the person behind the biggest mistake in our nation's history wants to argue his cause, lets argue it. Perhaps he can wind up in Guantanamo along with his Vice President, now wouldn't that be ironic. I don't know, we keep having Senate Hearings on practically every thing related to  Hillary Clinton, one scandal after the other. But we still haven't had one real hearing on this President. Shouldn't we? Unlike Benghazi where four Americans died, we're talking hundreds of thousands of lives, and millions of dollars spent. I understand four lives were lost, but lets get some perspective here. Isn't that worth a real Senate Hearing? I mean if you're gonna waste millions of dollars of tax payers money on another witch hunt, perhaps we should really go after The Big Kahuna.  
Here's a link to the article in the NY Times to learn more:

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


If you thought the filth on the right was bad for Obama, strap yourself in, cause fellas the sh*ts gonna hit the fan. Or shall I write, it's already hitting it!

Not that there's any doubt to whomever knows me or who has read any of my political diatribes, but just to be perfectly upfront. My choice for President in 2016 is Hillary Clinton. There I said it. Call whatever I express slanted. Heck, I'm proud of it. So go ahead and ridicule me. Call me blind, misguided or whatever.
Approximately 8 years ago I voted for Hillary in the NY state Democratic Primary, and as far as I can recall, she won it. I also voted for her twice for her Senate seat. And I guess you could say I also voted for her when I voted for her husband twice.
So you see, my faith in her has been rewarded.
When Hillary Clinton, excuse me, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost, excuse me came in second to the future President, what did she do, she helped win him the Presidency. The two former adversaries, joined forces, and showed the world how Democracy is supposed to work.
I must admit at first that I was not a fan of the then candidate, Senator Barack Obama, well with Hillary's blessings, and my watching our now President as he handled himself, any of my misgivings of voting for him went out the window.
Of course, with the candidates on the right, unless any of the disgusting, practically racist attacks against our now President actually turned out to be true, like his birth place or his secret political leanings, there really wasn't a chance in Hell that I was gonna vote Republican. Simply I believe in the American people and they believe in the all mighty dollar, screw the consequences... and the fact that any of their attacks actually made them seem small and not up to the job.
And happily, my opinion of our now President was swayed, between his nomination and his eventual historic triumph. It was quickly apparent to me that the American people got it right, not that I think Hillary wouldn't have rocked it, but turns out Barack Obama was the right man for the job in 2008, and in 2012.
He's done a lot of smart things as President, but picking Senator Clinton to be his Secretary-of-State, was maybe one of the smartest things Obama has done as Commander-in-ChiefShowcasing he was above the personal and was simply seeking the best person for the job.
And Hillary Clinton did showcase as Secretary-of-State, she was certainly up to it.
Simply put, is there one person in the Republican Party, that you could name, that you would have put into the job instead of her...
And just as Vice President Gore was branded a third term Clinton Presidency as if that would be a bad thing. They have begun to attack Hillary (that was quick) as a third term ObamaSomehow again trying to showcase the connection as a bad thing.I seem to recall that things were pretty sweet under the first Clinton Presidency, that is until the second Bush got in and how shall I say this politely screwed everything up. Having President Obama, spend most of his time in office fixing the mess that 'W' left behind.
We're gonna already getting the same old attacks, but now, shall we say dressed up for a woman and not a Kenyan man of color.
Seems we are are gonna hear two central themes against her. That she's gonna be Obama 2.0, that all his "failed" policies, you know the ones that are all seemingly working, will continue under her watch as if she's simply a robot and not her own person. Or, they're gonna use all the old scandals that have all been debunked as proof that she's corrupt. Sorry, sadly it's like people who've been released from prison because they were innocent and wrongly convicted, but afterwards people still act like your guilty of the crime that you never committed. Then they attack you for being a criminal, disregarding the truth. There must be something there… I mean… right?
And now they're basically saying that, yes, she has a great resume, but what has she really done? She was a failure as Secretary-of-State, ignoring the fact that most of her job was trying to fix up the mess all around the world that was left for our President to fix after 'W's departure. And of course, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Disregarding that it was them who cut the funding which left the embassy's without enough security. But if there is a way to call something a conspiracy or find something out of nothing they will. Better to attack others, disregarding facts, truth and reality, for lies, gossip and straight out bull. Sadly, this conspiracy, seemingly will be kept at the top of the Right's talking points, until and even after Hillary passes away.
And then we have the sorted discussion about her emails. Which of course proves, without a speck of evidence, just accusations and personal opinions, that she is guilty of all sorts of illegal and unethical atrocities. And has been showcased regularly, all the scandals that have been thrown at her and her husband, which have all been debunked, are still being thrown out at her as if they actually occurred, and somehow she has gotten away with everything because she's a Clinton and who she knows. Doesn't matter if the facts prove that she's done nothing wrong. Which has been the case, time after time, every time another one is fabricated.
Sadly this seems to be all they have, except of course of their so-called policies which are literary the same policies that helped take us to the brink of depression and led us into not one but multiple wars. Seemingly a woman who has spent her life, practically half a century in the service of others, is secretly this horrible monster.
Perhaps I'm blinded by the Clinton mystic? I think not. Or perhaps they are blinded by their political handlers and personal gains.
Honestly to listen to the other side, sometimes, if not most times, it feels like they're are living in their own reality. Facts and science are nonsense, the world is flat and the Universe rotates around us.
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Fri., Apr. 18, 2015