Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Feels like Déjà vu, Donald shuts down our government  and the media rewards him with a prime time slot to pitch his lies, and as usual, if Hillary Clinton is mentioned at all, she’s attacked as unlikable or worse practically a leper. Apparently even after two years of Trump, the fools on air still ain’t woke. 

WELL THAT WAS QUICK, less then a few weeks into 2019 and the wheels have already started falling off. Happy new years to us all. Looks like 2019 is gonna make last year feel like a kiddie ride. I guess we survived Trump’s second year in office, something I was beginning to believe was impossible for any of us let alone all of us. The ramifications of what we lived through, the revelations of all of Donald’s heinous acts, might take a lot of us many years to get over, if some of us ever can. So should we thank the crazed apparently overly medicated, obviously treasonous fatso for not hitting that End-of-the-World, yet, or should we all curse him out for putting us all through what I believe was the worst year by a president in the history of our nation. Instead of actually performing the role of a president, we’ve gotten what seems to be a spoiled child having tamper tantrums on a daily basis, in the White House. It’s pretty scary contemplating on a daily basis that either the person running our nation is having a mental breakdown, is either losing his marbles or has lost them years a go, or of course is in cahoots with a foreign enemy. Funny or is that sad, but when that beautiful glass ball dropped signifying the beginning of the new year, a fresh start and the end of what was, I was so looking forward to what was about to occur. Especially after that tremendous democratic blue wave over took Washington on Election Day. Plus with Nancy once more commanding the gavel, as Madam Speaker of the House, it actually felt like America just might survive the trump era. But as Trump’s problems keep growing, and reality of what’s about to come has smacked the fool on the hill, his craziness in trying to change the subject, has kept going up to yet another level. Especially as one by one the people closest to him have been taken down by one of the many investigations currently going after his very questionable actions.

Maybe in the age of Mad Max, Donald could still be called a great deal-maker, perhaps in an episode of the Twilight Zone, but in real life, I’d say whatever certificate he earned years ago, or whomever he paid off to get one, that title, that ship has sailed. As many have predicted, its turning out that somehow getting the prize, the presidency, is the worst thing that ever happened to him and to our nation. Seems Donald’s only tactic in negotiations is to try to talk over people, shout them down, insult them, and then wait them out, till in the end he settles for less then was originally offered, even by himself. In other words, in this case, the wall, the king of deal making has one idea, and its a bad one. Which sadly for him, no one but his fluffers, yes I am calling all of his fawning inbred followers who spew his lies, as written in stone, as fluffers. I’m just shocked none of them have orange powder all over their hands and faces, especially his right hand man, Pence… please don’t get me started on him. My apology’s if some find the visual offensive. I find what Donald and his trumpeters are doing vile, disgusting, vomit inducing, and definitely criminal. So if what I’m saying upsets you, and what he’s doing doesn’t, I hope you read what I wrote and it made you sick.  

So let me get this straight, after everyone had already signed off on a deal, and most in Washington, including the man himself had made their travel plans for a wonderful Holiday vacation, in fact Donald had announced he would sign off on it, a bunch of mentally challenged talking heads on television and online and the fool on the hill partially shut our government down. Instead of trying to work out a deal, to negotiate with the grown-ups, Donald spent most of his time tweeting commentary which showcases his obviously mental issues. As for his appearances especially since Trump’s shutdown began, well if you don’t think something’s up with the man mentally, perhaps you need to see a specialist. So to showcase what a fool he is, oh excuse me, what a great leader he is, instead of spending his 17 day vacation on us, at his property, on us, with all his secret service and help working, for no money, Donald spent his time all alone, except for the Mrs., where’s Junior?, wallowing in self-pity, tweeting up a storm. Sadly Jacob Marley didn’t visit him, and warn him about the three visitors to come. Perhaps the brain fart that caused Donald to pull this charade would have evaporated and the stunt would be over already. Instead of actually trying to figure out a way to negotiate to get a wall, or at least something similar enough for even the Democrats to come to the table, instead of trying to come up with something that would appeal to all sides of the equation, Donald stayed alone with the Mrs., supposedly in the same wing of the White House, stewing in his anger and rage, as his past keeps compounding his present. He tweeted nonsensical accusations and threats of shutting down the Southern border for good, as if he’s been watching Game of Thrones on a loop.  

As 2018 quickly fades into the background, our government is now partially shut down with no end in sight, and believe it or not, the Democrats are already beginning to come out of the woodwork, announcing their plans to possibly run for trump’s job, happy freaking new year to all of us! Now we are talking party! If you can recall, approximately four years ago, we had that republican clown car, excuse me school bus full of assorted hypocrites, fools, imbeciles and idiots, who all the talking heads for whatever reason I could never fathom, were called an amazing assortment of qualified choices, and on the bottom of that rung was Donald Trump. Nobody believed Donald was going to become the president, I mean, we kept hearing obviously one of the real Republicans we saw on television all the time would get the gig. Of course there was one big problem with that, everyone of the bus load of fools was an idiot, who had done or said, many things already which proved they didn’t deserve to even be in the conversation, let alone on those multiple stages of debates. So Donald Trump beating that basketful of deplorables should not have been a surprise especially when the network gave him 24/7 free advertising, while pretty much hiding everyone else. More on this later.

So this time it’s going to be the Democrats turn. They have a room full of options, and for the most part anyone of them would make a good if not great president. Sadly for me, the talking heads for whatever reason keep showcasing Bernie Sanders on the monitor for the people who probably will be leading the Democratic Polls. Well without rehashing all of my thoughts about Bernie, suffice it to say, If Bernie is the nominee which I doubt will happen this time either, he will be the only one I will not vote for, even if it is to save him to save us from another four year term of insanity. Sorry I trust him less then I trust the ass hole in chief. And if we’re going to go on that subject of Bernie, when is he going to release his tax returns? All that said, if its Election day and the choice is between these two old putz’s, I might have to vote for Bern… sorry, until I am forced, I will not even contemplate voting for someone I just can’t stomach.  But the idea, that Donald might be reelected. I better change the subject, I’m feeling sick. 

Okay back to 2019, I am actually very happy with several of the names running for president, or should I say who will probably officially throw their hat into the ring. Even if my personal favorite probably won’t be in it again. Let’s just say, if you know who ran, yes, I’d vote for her once more. And even though every so often online I see people saying that close associates of the former first lady say she’s going to be running, I don’t believe it, or won’t or can’t. Still too painful. My feeling is, the only way Hillary will get back in the race is if somehow things go the right way and Nancy Pelosi becomes president. Third in line you know. And as a major smack to the Republicans and specifically Donald J. Trump, now awaiting sentencing or trial, and as a huge shout out to Vladimir Putin, she’ll appoint Hillary Clinton as her vice President. Now wouldn’t that be an amazing moment in history. Wouldn’t that make a statement. Then Nancy, now the President, as leader of the Democratic Party could become the Democratic nominee, even if she never planned to run for the office of President in the first place. Sorry to all the other possible future presidents in 2020, thems the breaks. But then the question will be does Nancy decide not to run as President. Who know, maybe once in power, Nancy will thrive and decide, you know, fate plays wonderful games. But if she doesn’t, look who’s in the next room. After all, Speaker Pelosi might as many believe feel that Hillary is the rightful President. In this scenario, Hillary could then run for reelection, but as the Vice President and for her rightful seat at the throne of power. Now if this happens one of a dozen or so possible democratic candidates for president could now become Hillary’s running mate. The highlight in all this would be, watching and listening to  republicans heads and minds exploding. As they again begin their smear campaigns.

One last thing about Hillary and Bernie, it is pretty amazing to me how the should be president, who won the popular vote, who actually got the second most votes for a presidential candidate in the history of our nation behind only President Barack Obama, who is apparently loved by the crowds whenever she appears in public, is such a non entity in this upcoming election. If she is mentioned its always derogatory, she’s always attacked and usually described as unlikable. Its like right after the Donald’s Inauguration, anytime Hillary spoke on politics or tweeted she was attacked. 

Now she hasn’t even announced if she will run and the fools on television are attacking her again. First the other day a A. B. Stoddard was on MSNBC bitching that the democrats were meeting with Hillary, because they were trying to get her blessing, the Queen of the Democratic establishment you know. Somehow, according to this witch, this endorsement would be a mark against any democrat who was stupid enough to do that. As if she was a leper. And now on Morning Joe, on Tuesday morning,  they actually had an entire segment talking about how in comparison how likeable Elizabeth Warren is. I’m sorry, show this great lady at least some respect. If things had gone slightly differently she would now be the sitting president. You could hate her all you want, but with her running our nation we would never have lived through this nightmare we are currently in. So no, she is never in the discussions about whose running. As for Bernie, well his face is planted everywhere and his name is discussed whenever they showcase the democratic candidates. I’ve written reams on my problems with Bernie even being allowed to be a candidate in the Democratic primaries. That said, I could swear in June 2018, that the rules and bylaws committee had ‘changed the rules to ensure that anyone who wanted to run for President as a Democrat needed to be a Democrat.’ And sure enough it’s been reported in Newsweek magazine. Here’s a link: https://www.newsweek.com/bernie-sanders-democratic-party-2020-election-new-rule-967928 . Simply, in order for any one to seek the democratic party’s nomination, a candidate must publicly announce that they are a registered Democrat, who will accept the Democratic nomination, and will “run and serve” as a member of the Democratic Party. I guess we’ll see if that was real or my mind playing tricks on me once more.

Well just when you think it can’t get worse, and you know there are people who are saying Donald is going to win this in the end, he is the sitting president, after all, and since they’re the Democrats they’re going to give in… because you know the Democrats they’re see too many people suffering, the media will make it look like they’re getting blamed… eventually as usual they’re give up.… I’ve already begun to hear voices on the right trying to pitch these lies. But this time, I think the Democrats got this one. I actually think that two years of experience dealing with him, especially after the recent election results, have showcased that no, this time they’re wait him out. I think Donny just might have misread the tea leaves, which makes my theory I’m about to run past you a very interesting or is that scary conversation opener. Part of my theory I’ve begun to actually hear talked about on television. So I guess my notion isn’t too farfetched. But you tell me if yes, I’ve lost my marbles and I’m the one who needs therapy, not our commander in chief, or not, and yes, I just scared the bejesus out of you.

I know things happen had a pace these days that lots of important things happen that are forgotten while the latest trumptopian disruption occurs, and it always turns our world has twisted a little slightly more oft kilter. A few days back, or was that weeks, Donald announced that he had defeated ISIS. That he had won the war, his mission was accomplished, he was the man. He proved that only one man was needed to figure out all that ailed us in Syria, and Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am, he succeeded. Well not really. Of course, the war isn’t over. Donald isn’t a military genus, or even an idiot savant in the game of war. None of that is true.

Which brings me to Donald’s big television event. Going into it, my thinking was Donald was gonna spin some garbage and try to drum up support for his necessary wall, but instead of having us the American people pay for it, the funds to build it would come from already funded military spending in our defense budget. I know, I understand, but this would be Trump speak, and the men and women returning home from overseas would now help to begin the construction of the great southern wall. He would also re-open the Government, because he won, the wall was being built and he made America great again. See, a win-win for all of us. Huh? Yes, that would be the spin. Disregard that the money he planed to spend will come out of funds allocated for other military actions. Disregard illegalities. Disregard reality. So Donald would pitch to Americans him invoking his supposed ‘national emergency powers’ and ordering the military to build his bloody wall. Not a bad plot twist if you ask me. Of course we now know that didn’t happen. Instead what we got was a farce. 

Donald requested time, he snapped his little fingers, and magically a prime spot on television, at 9 PM New York time was handed to him on a gold platter. Donald wanted to pitch something rather important to the American people of national importance, and as usual, when Donny asks for something, for whatever reason pretty much everyone agreed to air, and air  it live. It’s been a while since I actually sat back to watch something Donald was saying on television. Especially if he’s on the stomp, basically pitching lies and how great he is. But this one I wanted to watch, especially since Donald had been making it sound like something big was breaking and of course the talking heads on television made it sound like that this could be something. But instead, we got nothing. No, I’m not kidding, absolutely zilch. Why am not surprised? We pretty much got all of the trumpeters talking points put together into a nine minute on-air rebuttal for a wall at the border. At least for this night, nothing was enacted. He didn’t announce a Presidential order of some kind that would send every one over the edge. I guess that’s something. However, he did say, or should I write what it really it really felt like, he threatened all of us, by announcing that “tomorrow he would be inviting congressional leadership to the White House to get this done”. ‘This’, meaning his big plan for border security, which of course includes the wall. Which laughingly he waited to do, pretty much after every other item was mentioned. Almost as if he was going to skip it, and shock the world, but sadly that did not occur. Which brings me to the highlight of the entire waste of time, which was when he informed us that it wasn’t he who wanted the wall, but some unnamed “law and order professionals” who had been the ones who requested the $5.7 billion for a wall. Not him. Sure. He then halfheartedly threw out that because of the democrats it would be a steel barrier that he would be asking for, and not a concrete medieval wall. 

Well after Nancy and Chuck came out, like adults, to pretty much scowl about Donald’s bull and point blank call him out on his lies, and after Rachel Maddow did her usual fantastic take on what we witnessed, Lawrence O’Donnell actually stopped me in my tracks when he showcased what a piece of work Trump truly is. Apparently the entire event by Donald was a political stunt. No serious, and after listening to Lawrence, I completely agree with him. This rebuttal, which really is all that it was, was in reality simply his pitching to his followers for campaign cash for his re-election. According to the e-mails which Lawrence O’Donnell showcased on air, that the trumpeters sent to the fools who still follow the pitchman, they needed to raise $500,000 in a day for wall funding, for our national security or some such nonsense. But what Lawrence revealed to us, was that on the e-mail, it turns out in the small print, that the money people contribute to is actually going to Trump’s re-election campaign. In other words, the man suckered everyone. 

Let me ask you, how many stations across the country Donald got free airtime on? How many millions of people were suckered into watching his political pitch? How much money is he pocketing? Just like in the campaign, when it was all Donald all the time. When will people wise up? Yup, the douche bag did it again and everyone who pulls the strings on television, fell for it as usual. The big losers in all this is the American people. Because the longer the shutdown goes, the costlier its gonna be to our economy and most importantly to the citizens of this nation. The only person who might actually benefit from the shutdown, is Donald and his re-election campaign. This about that one, as you try to pay your rent because your president shut down our nation over a lie.  

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 9, 2018