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First Mike Pence whines when President Obama, calls Donald out, now a grieving father states the obvious and Donald practically pees in his pants

BOO HOO HOO! So it seems we have discovered Donald's weakness, his achilles' heel, it turns out the Don Rickles of American politics is our nations first cry-baby candidate for President. Its truly eye-opening, listening to him whine, deflecting this accusation, actually any accusation that he's rebuked by.  

This latest chapter in a growing list of escapades that have to give even his biggest supporters pause, might finally be the wake up call that this nation needed to help halt the march of Donald J. Trump into the White House. As Khizr Khan, the grieving father of a slain American soldier, brilliantly smacked Donald's racism down against the Muslim people and all in fact most people. As reported everywhere, this very brave man, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, with his grieving wife by his side. Speaking from the heart in a speech, I discovered afterwards, he had memorized. And he pretty much woke up this election, and this nation, pulling out his pocket Constitution and offering it to Donald to read, if he hadn't already. Beautifully rebuking Trump's lies.  
As is his way, Donald insulted not only the man who spoke, but then went after his grieving wife, Ghazala Kahan, during a The New York Times interviewed which was published on Friday, July 29, 2016. Basically insulting their faith by wondering why she hadn't spoken.
“I’d like to hear his wife say something” 
And on Saturday, on ABC he added insult to his already disgusting comments:
“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me”
Seems Hillary Clinton was right during her brilliant DNC speech, when she dropped the mic on Donald. 
“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man who you can trust with nuclear weapons”
Khizr Khan’s wife, Ghazala Khan, did respond to Trump in a Washington Post op-ed Sunday and in my book, she shut Donald down maybe in a stronger way then even her husband had done at the DNC.
“Walking onto the convention stage, with a huge picture of my son behind me, I could hardly control myself. What mother could? Donald Trump has children whom he loves. Does he really need to wonder why I did not speak?” 
Seriously Donald, just shut up about this one. What are we supposed to make of this? Does he really expect our nation is looking forward to a twitter tirade on a daily basis when he's running it? Is he really that insane that he thinks any of this is something that make us feel safer? The scary thing is the other day he confused Tim Kaine, Hillary's running mate with Thomas Kean, former Governor of New Jersey. Me thinks thats almost laughable, don't you? That is if the stakes weren't so high.
The fact that he seems to think he's the only person on Earth that is allowed to insult anyone is beyond belief. And if you do, half the time it seems he takes you to court for it. Not that Khizr Khan had insulted him, he was just suggesting what seems apparent to most, the man hasn't a clue what our country is really all about. And if he had ever read the Constitution it was possibly when he was a kid, and it was probably because he had to for school. We should seriously test him on this, see how many things he gets wrong, because what he's pitching definitely isn't written in our most sacred national document. What are we to make of this latest episode? Is this what could be the straw that breaks the camels back? Maybe we finally witness the act that finally opens the eyes of those still hypnotized by his con job.
Maybe after one week of The Republicans doom-fest trying to make us feel like we are living in the worst imaginable country, where all hope is lost, and the next where The Democrats hit him with one bullseye after the other possibly opening a wound Donald won't be able to band aid over with today's liefest. Perhaps, listening to the talking heads trying to defend him, being hypocrites as they describe everyone of the accusations against Donald as simply the biased Liberal media assisting Hillary's campaign, will also help. Simply how stupid do they think we are? How long do you think the people will remain gullible? How soon will it be before the people tune off what Donald J. Trump is offering?
When Mike Pence the lowest piece of pond scum, attacks our President because he dared call Donald a "demagogue", as if that was a crime against humanity. I mean has he been sticking his head in the sand for the last year and a half?
“I don’t think name calling has any place in public life”
Okay stop laughing, I mean it is astonishing that at the same time his running mate basically does this on an hourly basis, he wants us to get upset at Obama for making one observation. Seriously is he on crack? You tell me, isn't that the height of hypocrisy? I understand this is their defense with every accusation. They've been doing it for years. Amazingly each time its the Republicans  who are on the receiving end of the onslaught, they always need to deflect to a failed debunked conspiracy or just throw out unsubstantiated facts to alter the conversation. Perhaps make us forget why we were talking about it in the first place. They beautifully did it during the drumming up to war in Iraq. With all their WMD lies. They did it against Bill Clinton during his Impeachment hearings, once most of the accusers were discovered to be really crooked or real degenerates were cornered they all did the same thing, deflect, lie and somehow get a way with it. Wrong nation, whoops, but lets talk about Obama's birth certificate. War crimes against Bush, lets talk about Benghazi. Gun violence, Zika, Climate change, lets discuss Hillary's emails, deflect, deflect deflect.
And that's what they were all doing today on all the Sunday News programs. One liar after the other, and then the worst of them all, Paul Manafort acting every inch the snake oil salesman he appears to be deflected his appearances away. I could honestly feel my skin crawl. To listen to him try to evade all questions about this is maddening. Today I witnessed him asked at least a half dozen times in just one interview, and each time he repeated the same response. Its the biased liberal media, trying to change the subject about ISIS and about her missing emails. No sir, it is you who are changing the subject. It was simply maddening as he simply refused to answer the actual question. We can go back to ISIS in a minute,  lets discuss his attack on this grieving mother. Sadly I had to change the channel so I'm not sure if anyone actually asked him about his possible connections with Russia. But I'll have to wait to see whats reported afterwards. Sorry, I have lost my stomach when ever he appears on screen, so from now I'll have to take the medias word on him.
Remember all this started because Donald decided to attack an innocent person for no reason. And by the way he did it, he basically showcased what a racist he is against the Muslim people. By suggesting the reasons she didn't speak was because maybe she wasn't allowed to talk, I mean we know the Muslims and how they treat their woman, right? Honestly I can't fathom this is even happening, with all of the things we are dealing with, the man has no sense of humanity or humility.
And remember, she didn't say anything to him, right? She was silent, right? I must admit I pondered when I watched them on that stage, if she was gonna say something, and half the time I was worried she might collapse, but I never questioned her reasoning for not saying anything. It almost seems she was worried that he might collapse and she was simply there to make sure he was safe. Each holding up the other in their grieving it was a beautiful thing to watch, and yes I cried. Imagine how you would act if you were the parent speaking in front of a room filled with people and the nation. Most you don't even know. These aren't people in the spotlight, these are grieving parents who lost their beloved son! He was a patriot, and this clown running for President is so thinned skin that he won't let them say their comments and leave the spotlight, in peace. Letting one lone voice fade in the wind, doing the polite thing. Hopefully after this showcase of Donald's obnoxiousness, for once his arrogance and ego will lead to his eventual downfall and maybe this was the match that lit the fuse. Plus, seeing them interviewed afterwards, sitting together, his response then hers, was again, simply beautiful. The serenity they seem to embody is almost palatable. And yes Donald J. Trump, she can talk. Her tongue hadn't been sliced off by the Muslim monsters you suggest they all are. And every thing you say now, to dispute them only makes you seem just what President Obama suggest Trump is, a demagogue. Isn't his thing, they went after me first? They threw the first stone? Right? Whats his excuse this time, what her body language was threatening, like he insinuated a  few weeks back about President Obama's posture. Simply make you want to punch a wall. 
Of course what gets me is, since the campaign's really began the day after the Democratic Convention, with Hillary and Tim taking a three day bus tour, Donald Trump has basically tweeted and made a few campaign stops. He hasn't spent a cent and she's spending I'm sure quite a few. As usual, Donald does a shall we say, not politically correct thing and gets days of free publicity. I guess my only wonder is, if this latest freebie will finally be the one that pricks his balloon? Will the people finally see what a vile despicable person he really is, or will they continue to fall under his supposed charms? I guess we will soon see. I would suggest that it feels like the tide has finally turned against him, and each time we get another Trumpstorm on Twitter, another lie or something, one of the latest is his now proven lie about the upcoming Presidential debates. Seems that the dates were set up over nine months a go, before either candidate won their perspective parties, but all of a sudden he's blaming the Clinton campaign for the schedule. In fact he tells us that he actually received an email telling him that the NFL is very upset because they know how big the ratings are gonna be for the debates. Turns out of course that this is a lie, their spokesperson said no letter was sent. And when queried about this the standard response is, almost word perfect, that this is just a deflection by the liberal media -- blah blah blah. So simply, they won't answer the accusation. A lot of people are thinking Donald doesn't want to do the debates in the first place, maybe this is just his first excuse of many to not have to. After all, its all of them against little old Donald J. Trump. 

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