Monday, July 25, 2016

Is it possible that all my hopes and dreams were disappearing or was this actually just the Russians playing games with our Democracy? 
Wow, not the morning I expected. I woke up all smiles everything light and sunny and then I received my first 'push' and the smile was wiped away from my face. Seems, the DNC hack that was released yesterday has put a spin on today's opening events that scarily might have ramifications in real world events. If the conspiracy theory that is now being drummed up by the Clinton campaign and most importantly the FBI, which announced they are investigating the hacking by the Russian based organization, that calls themselves Guccifer 2.0, it's possible if true that Putin himself ordered the hack! We have seen, for months, Donald J. Trump cozy up to the Russian leader, most of us joked about it, some of us wondered what was his motivation? Seemingly he loves dictators and he seems to spout off some of their rhetoric, so any discovered connection between Vladimir and the hackers, would be a gigantic international incident. In fact, Donald Junior was already interviewed and he made light of the accusations. Of course calling it the Democratic way of trying to cover up the guilty Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Seemingly with this one email dump, everything Donald J. Trump has been suggesting is now true. Because of one email. Everything he has said is peachy cool, all his hate speech, all his rhetoric, or his lack of plans are fine, lets drop kick Hillary because of emails that Debbie as far as I can discover said no to. She didn't agree and say lets do it, she responded that this wasn't a good idea to attack Bernie on his faith. 
Of course, I must admit, I personally did question Bernie's faith or queried it because of some of his actions at the time, like speaking on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar at a Church, seemed odd. If you look back at the beginning of this campaign you will find some of my questions, and as I always use as my defense on it, I am Jewish and some of his speeches I found to be anti-Jewish and there is that whole being into Fidel that bothered me. That said I am not affiliated with the campaign, just a fan of the great lady, so, sadly since she is, and this was in the conversation at all, Debbie has to go, and she did. Thats the end of one side of the story. But for me the story really has to be about who hacked the DNC, why wasn't this looked into when it happened? Why didn't we get a congressional hearing on this? One of the two major political parties get hacked and nothing! Just a blurb in the press and jokes from the other side and the so-called liberal media, which if they were so pro Hillary as others claim, they certainly are doing their best to hide it. Why did they wait for the release of the documents in the first place? So now the damage is done, and more damage is gonna be done. And the talking points aren't me must find the hackers, lets find the guilty, no, the talking points are, lets blame the Hillary campaign, and Debbie for they planned this all… simply amazing how its always Hillary. 
I am not forgiving what was written, but can we have a little perspective? She has been punished, just turn on your TV, the woman has now been branded a witch by many. Sadly this could actually end her political career and war criminals like Oliver North are celebrated. Wow, but she resigned and she is facing her punishment, like a grown up. So not  a Republican result. Was Russia involved? Meaning was the leader of their country involved with hacking the DNC and is he is cahoots with Donald J. Trump?  Thats the main question I want answered by the FBI.
Wouldn't it be ironic if Donald becomes President, and he gets Impeached for making a deal with Putin to help elect him President. It always cracks me up that every single thing that the Democrats do is wrong, is evil, that there is a conspiracy with everything! But when it's about them, the Democrats are covering up something, even their own conspiracies are the Democrats fault. Russian hackers, hacked the DNC, why didn't they hack Donald J. Trump or the RNC, I'm serious?  
When it was learned Paul Manafort would be leading Donald's campaign, a man with lots of dealing with the Russian's and other not so nice individuals, that should have warned everyone that anything like this was possible. In March of 2016 he joined their campaign, the hacking happened in June of 2016. Coincidence or maybe not. Just throwing that out for the conspiracy nuts out there who like me are beginning to wonder what and who is behind this and why? Well just hoping by tonight's opening gavel, the uproar, would have subsided and we can get the real show to begin. Or will this morning's uproar be the end of the beginning for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Oy, I need a sedative.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, July 25, 2016

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