Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Wall, Obamacare, Water Torture, Regulations, Trade Deals, Abortion, Immigration, Sanctuary Cities, Voter ID, Pipe Lines, and he's just getting started. Are we scared yet?

WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED at the swiftness of what Trump has done? Sorry, I've been saying this for months, Donald knows exactly what he's doing, and now he has the power to do what ever he wants to. Trump might appear like he's having a meltdown or a hitching a fit, but the nut job has a plan which may not seem obvious as its happening to most, but when looking back, everything he’s done appears orchestrated from the start. Donald spins everything, actually tells us what he plans to do, and the world sits back disbelieving. Every time it happens, nobody but his inner circle believe him, all sounding like possessed puppets, while everybody else practically laughs in his face. But then whatever he pitches comes to fruition, maybe not in the way he pitched it, but it happens anyway and the rest of us freak out or sit back stunned that the madness has actually gotten worse. The experts act like he's all talk and no action but look what he's just done. They say Donald's all bluster with no muscle, really, well surprise, surprise, surprise, seems the Mad King is doing exactly what he promised. The man may be crazy, but whether he is or not, Donald does seemingly get everything he wants. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, can you imagine when Donald gets comfortable in that throne of his? Each time he does something that everyone scoffed at, as he signs yet another Executive Action, his ego grows even bigger as his followers watch him get exactly what he promised and what he wants. Scarily him getting exactly what he wants, hasn’t lightened his mood, Donald actually looks even angrier and his wishes grow even darker. Look at the so-called normal Republicans, they seem to be living a dream. Every thing they've ever wanted is now within reach of their treasonous grubby little mitts. The poor Democrats don't seem to know what hit them as they grasp at straws trying to act like they can actually do anything. Sadly they won’t admit it to themselves, that everyone knows, especially the Republicans that they simply can't do a thing but whine and argue amongst themselves trying to figure out how they got themselves into this mess. They did everything right, had the right platform, had the polls, had the perfect adversary, and even won the popular vote, but in the end lost the prize, and now we're seeing the ramifications of that defeat. Scary, huh? 

Now about the whole Mexican wall debacle, enough already. Does it really matter in the end if we the American people will be paying for it? Cause come on did you actually believe we weren't going to pay for it one way or the other in the end. So what if he said the Mexican people would pay for it, as with everything its not how he's promised his pitches, its the fact that he's delivering on those promises. Screw the niceties, the American people are simply fucked. Obviously the Republicans are in on it anything the Donald wants cause its everything they want on steroids. But talk about hypocrites, after stopping almost everything the Democrats or President Barack Obama wanted in times of crisis or not, now these fiscal zealots, these scrooges are suddenly free spenders. Where’s the money for Flint Michigan? Silence. What about Zika, or Hurricane Sandy? Remember how stingy these sellouts were when those states effected by the historic floods when asking for aid? Health care for our citizens, sorry nope. Fixing up the Social Security and citizens pensions, not a cent. The Post Office, shut it down! Our nation's infrastructure, zilch. Well, I should say, Donald has been pitching that, so yeah for him, of course like all his other wants, getting his friends in Congress to approve the spending on his wish list may not be so easy and whipping out a pen and signing his John Hancock on some piece of paper which they claim gives him the power to do what ever he wants. I seem to recall President Barack Obama signing a few of these, that mostly were stopped by ever getting enacted. So, a wall on our southern border, knock yourself out. Lets just build the damned wall already, or at least stop talking about building it, till you actually can, and lets get on with the business at actually doing your job and running our nation. I've just had it with these Republicans liars, we've spent years hearing arguments about our deficit from them. Remember George Walker Bush's stimulus package that they pinned on President Barack Obama, because he signed it into law. Instead of making it a bigger and a better stimulus, they made it as small as possible bitching about the deficit the entire time. So instead of assisting the fix, they tried to taint anything that our President did for political purposes. Screw our nation, its worth if we can get back into power. During his entire Presidency, Barack Obama practically had to blow the Congress to get any concessions from these soulless, heartless trolls. Of course it matters that he's lied to millions for months that Mexico would pay for it. But he's lies to millions of us everyday about everything else, and that still found him sitting in the Oval office. Why should a little thing like, the American people paying for it matter, if he gets the wall built finally. As the Trumpeters keep saying, 'Screw what he says, whats in his heart really matters, and what he accomplishes.' Or something like that. So get on with it already. What annoys me most about all of this is now the Republicans have no problem spending the people's money for anything he wants. Suddenly the coffers are open. Yes, I guess its the good old days of Republican control again, where deficits and budgets don't matter, and anyone who argues against them are just sore losers and unpatriotic. Remember The Dixie Chicks? I'm sure the haters out there that went after their patriotism where they announced that they were ashamed that George Walker was from Texas, because he lied us into the war, all voted for the Donald. Well aren't you proud now, as we prepare for nuclear winter.

The sad joke about all this is, they're throwing out numbers like 13 to 15 billion dollars as if its nothing and we all know by the time the project is completed, if it ever gets completed, that the final costs will probably be closer to 15 trillion then billion. Much like their replacement of Obamacare, they’re doing it without a plan anywhere in sight. Nothing but bullet points and talking points and Cheshire grins. So currently, lets get this straight, that they have no way of knowing what the wall will really cost. How it will be made. What materials they will use. They haven't agreed on the height of it or even hired architects to design it. The numbers thrown out are simply estimates, estimates! Of course, why do I feel a Trump builder will be in charge of it and Donald's company will win the bidding to build the wall, while Trump pockets a massive windfall. Its seriously maddening. I suspect this is how Donald does all his business deals. He pitches a fantasy that's not possible in reality, but he somehow makes anything sound possible. Everyone agrees to his dream, all smiles around the table, then everyone goes about the business of doing what they promised. But then reality strikes, his pitches turn out to have 'issues' with reality, and when he doesn't get the answers he likes, all the niceties go away as he barks out orders and tends to get his way until the bills start coming in. What happens when its trillions, lets see him pitch himself out of this one. Lets see when the bills come due, how he tries to side step these bills the way he's done on countless occasions.  Why do I expect to hear Donald arguing that as President, he doesn't have to pay. i mean isn't there some kind Executive Privilege when it comes to paying bills? Well if there isn't I'm sure we're gonna discover that in Trump's America it is totally legal. It was interesting watching Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto tell Donald no, again. Not just to reiterate that his nation wouldn’t be paying the bill for Donald’s big wish, but since he decided to do the Executive action, that he was cancelling their meeting. Listening to Donald try to make his big fail a positive was the best thing I witnessed all day. Lets see how he gets out of it, cause so far, Donald has. I'm just wondering what if anything ever brings Trump to his knees, or will the Mad King get everything he wants. And if he does, are the items on his wish list gonna lead to the end of our nation forever, or will we be able to survive this latest momentary lapse of sanity. At this point in time, its feels like Judgment Day is just around the corner, and any second now we're about to reach the turn.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Remember that pivot we kept hearing about, its finally begun, but not in the way some expected, cause I don't know about you, but I feel a dictatorship coming on. Don't you?

AS SENATOR AL FRANKEN ONCE ENTITLED A BOOK: 'Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them' which so suits the Republicans and the Trumpeters, who surely have no shame, no conscience, no soul and I doubt any of them even have a heart. Before he ran, Trump said he would release his taxes if he ever did, and yes its on video. Then once Donald ran, any time he was asked, he said that he would release them once the audit on his taxes was done, he just didn't have a date. Even though every one with knowledge of the tax system explained that Trump could release them any time he wanted to. This was just an excuse to bide his time. In his usual zeal to pitch his greatness, he also would say things like, because of the hugeness of his business empire, it was gonna take some time.  

Well the other day all pretenses ended as Kellyanne Conway, finally came out and announced that our new President would never be releasing his tax returns, ever! No taxes for you, or you, or even you, even after the audit is done. That is if there actually is one happening in the first place. I keep hearing that there's no way of knowing because of some kind of privacy rule. But simply put, Donald John Trump our nation's 45th President will never release his taxes. According to Kellyanne the voters during the campaign and by the results of the elect had "litigated" the question. That somehow this allows them to get away with everything. With all his potential business conflicts unknown and kept hidden because his tax returns haven't been released as is the tradition with his job. Enough with this he's doing us a favor garbage. That he's some sort of business genius. All I know is he's left a parade of businesses that he seemingly screwed out of paying. He's filed bankruptcy's on numerous occasions, and he seems more like Professor Harold Hill character in a movie then a man whose prepared to run our world.

From listening to the talking heads on television, and online, it seems the ones siding with the Trumpeters think that the people will simply forget about his taxes within days. Days? Really? Today after it was discussed by Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary, about Trump doing all of these executive actions to make sure Americans tax payers money is used properly. I'm sorry, we are supposed to listen to this hider of his taxes, the man whose lied about handing over his tax returns. Let alone accuse President Barack Obama of being illegitimate. Let alone about every thing he's probably said his entire time on Earth. How can we trust him on anything, especially when every thing about his background is hidden away. And it seems his businesses and our nations businesses are scarily entwined. Hence the hiding of his information is seriously unacceptable and to those who are allowing this, shame of you. By you allowing this, you also belong in his basket of deplorable 

How do we know he's done right for himself. How do we know he's in debt to all of our enemies or should I write friendly adversaries. There are reports he owes money to China, Russia, and who knows who else. Today when they announced  Donald's is starting up the pipeline's that President Barack Obama, stopped. There was no mention about the fact that he owns a stake in the Dakota Pipeline. Talk about a conflict of interest. But the Republicans smiles as they get to have their blessed oil probable gusher back from the dead. 

Hysterically one of the talking heads noted that on the White House website, the petition for Donald to release his taxes was still on it, with over 100,000 signatures saying yes, release Trump's taxes! Whoops, seems that page hadn't been deleted it yet. Probably because when the idiots they hired to do the website, saw Trumps name on it as opposed to President Barack Obama's, they kept it thinking it was a good thing, while removing any mention of our last American President. Obama bad, Trump good! That is until you read the small print… oops. 

What gets me instead of talking about the executive actions Donald Trump is doing, as a really huge story, it seems what we're getting most of is Donald's illegal voter's bull. More baseless conspiracy theory's which seem to be what his followers thrive on. Maybe they don't, but the media drinks it up and sadly since Donald began his campaign for the Presidency, he's used these assertions as fact. This one, which is not new. He's been spewing for months. He believes 3 to 4 million undocumented workers, possibly Mexican rapists, or ISIL infiltrators voted in our election swaying the popular vote to Hillary Clinton's favor. Otherwise he also would've won that too. As usual with his theories, he has no evidence. All Trump has are his usual tag lines, the "some people are saying" throwaways. But just like his Birther garbage, where he kept saying that his people have found so much on President Obama, boy are we all gonna be surprised. And of course years later, nothing ever was revealed. Reminds me of his wife's papers. Remember Donald promised Melania would have a press conference and  would showcase her papers proving the liars wrong. But instead, months later, we got one of Donald's attorney's on MSNBC explaining the situation and no documents were ever shown. Nothing. We had to just take his word for it. Unbelievable, years of attacks on President Barack Obama. And most recently day away day, month after month the never ending accusation of Hillary Clinton being a crook, no evidence, just illusion and conspiracies. And to those who say we should feel bad for his wife. Sorry. No dice. As far as we all know, she lives like a queen. She was interviewed on air, and went after President Barack Obama about his birth certificate. She's gonna be living in New York City, at tax payers expense, instead of in The White House. I'm sorry, what? And Donald has ads on the White House website for her jewelry? Feel bad for her? I'm sorry the whole family appears crooked on the surface, and they are not doing a thing to showcase they get it. They are now the First Family of the nation. They now work for us, and  can't just do anything and everything they want. Of course what do I know. Looking back its a shame The Obama's and the Democrats were actually simply doing their jobs, cause how stupid were day. Look at how the Trumps are fleecing the country and the Republicans are letting them get away with murder.

As for the Democrats, I'm sorry grow a spine. One of the reasons Donald 'won' was because the Democrats didn't go all in for Hillary, even on election day. And watching them pretty much allow everyone of Donald's deplorable's entrance into the official White House cabinet is serious pathetic. Listening to them say things like I'm gonna give Ben Carson the benefit of the doubt. What? This isn't a baby sitting job, these are cabinet positions. These were ether people that were gonna help Donald dot he job, because he wasn't up to it. Whose gonna help them do it, maybe Pence? Anything that used to knock a nominee out, this time seems to be a badge of honor or as Donald would spell it, honer if you might be in bed with the Russians. Or have no experience whats soever in the position that Donald picked for for. Or even better,  swore promised to get rid off they got elected. 

As we've been living through this never ending conflict of interests whirlwind that is Donald Trump's… well everything. Seemingly everything he touches smacks of a problem. Somehow, this ring master, gamed 63 million people into voting for him by tainting Hillary and Barack with smear campaigns while as far as we know, doing every wicked thing in the book. And with the power players in Washington bowing down to his Orangeness, whats maddening is there are still whispers of going after Hillary Clinton 'problems' but nothing on Donald. Any suggestion that their savior is bad is thrown back with smiles, and comments like, Its just the liberals "throwing tamper tantrums" 

Its like with the confirmation hearings. How dare the Democrats want to ask questions of Donald's choices. He's the President we should just say yes to everything. Just wondering when that choice by Donald included internment camps or even  gas chambers. And if you think I'm exaggerating, I guess maybe you didn't vote in this pat election, thinking, there's no way  Trump will win. I'm just gonna make a statement. And even if Donald wins, he won't be the monster he pretends to be on stage. That's just for show. That's not reality. And even if he's not up for the job, he's gonna surround himself with the best people. Oh. oops. I'm can we have a do over?

I must throw in, and compliment Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Mn), whose also a candidate for the highly sought after DNC Chair, well he was on All in with Chris Hayes and brought up Donald Trump's business interests in both pipelines. That the stock for the businesses involved with the pipeline, went up when the announcement came out. In other words Donald Trump made money on his Executive Actions. Hm, call me crazy, but isn't that a conflict of interest? Anyone? Isn't that what everyone has been saying would be the problem? Aren't they breaking all the rules? Well isn't it? Shouldn't this make even the staunchest sell out wake up and realize that something has to be done. Maybe this finally could force his tax returns to finally come out. Then either like with Hillary, there will be nothing in his taxes like there was nothing in those damned emails, or the shits gonna hit the fan and all bets are off and we will discover if this time when a President is evicted, he leaves peacefully like Nixon did or will he go all out tyrant and his end will be quite messy. Of course who knows, the way things are going all of this tax nuisance  for Trump will be another thing he gets away with. I guess lets simply hope that the majority of us is wrong and the man who now has the nuclear codes actually is the second coming, otherwise, the end is getting nearer by the day.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 24, 2017 

Saturday, January 21, 2017


So I missed Trump's Inauguration, and I hear the days events was same old Donald, so I guess I missed absolutely nothing!

AS GRACE AND CLASS LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE via limousine, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, and via helicopter, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelleand was replaced by something akin to a bully in junior high, Donald John Trump, you know the one's that never graduate. My only question is how many of us will get beat up and/or put in detention by the Trumpeters when they discover even with all their power, the resisters out there still won't bow to his excellency.

After our nation's 44th President left his post and was officially replaced by our latest, our world shifted just a slight bit. Instead of watching the Inauguration of the Donald I decided to skip it and sit through the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things. Luckily I received the box set this past week so today seemed to make sense. That's right I watched all eight episodes in one big swoop, and kudos to all involved. Seriously good television, I highly recommend it. That said, I simply couldn't stomach watching what I expected to witness on my television. At one point, before starting the marathon, I turned on my television to discover seemingly on every channel the celebration had already begun hours before the official swearing in. Some cheesy concert was happening, with some godawful cover band. In the 5 minutes I turned on CNN, they were panning the crowd and focused on a close-up of Hillary and Bill Clinton, showcasing how classy they are. Actually looking happier to be there then Donald and his current Mrs., appeared. 

So I put on Stranger Things, sat back and tried to forget what was occurring in our world at the very same time. As the day continued, between episodes, I checked out the Internet and flicked the channels to discover what was happening, and sadly nothing that was, was anything different then I expected. Some of it turned out to be as sad, scary and obnoxious as we've come to expect at his campaign rallies. Watching the clips, and listening to the talking heads discuss what did occur, it seems during Donald John Trump's acceptance speech, which he announced ahead of time that he wrote  himself, he unbelievably pitched an anti-Semitic slogan, he plagiarized Bane's description of our cities from the film, The Dark Knight Rises and hysterically stole a riff from Jerry Seinfeld's The Bee Movie. Seems plagiarizing is big in the Trump family. Scarily, as with Trump's RNC acceptance speech, this one made you feel like our country is teetering on the edge of destruction and despair. It seems he didn't try to win over the rest of us, there was no transition to leader in chief, this was still the wannabee dictator appeasing his followers.

It turns out that after Trump was sworn in, shockingly to me, neither bible they used during the ceremony exploded that he placed his hand on. Sadly, no lightning bolt came down from the Heavens, the ground didn't shake, the world didn't end. So yes, I was wrong. Shame, I would have loved to have seen that. Any how, after he left the big ceremony, Donny actually went to work in the Oval office. Trump did exactly what most of us figured he would do. By beginning to dismantle everything that President Barack Obama did and even more. He signed an Executive Order to make the Repeal of Obamacare a priority of his administration, whatever that means. He also cancelled an Executive Action by President Barack Obama, that was supposed to lower mortgage rates for thousands of people, in other words he's already hurting the average man. Way to go Liar-in-CHief, I thought you ran to help the common man, oh, just more bull by the master conman. In addition, to a few other evil decrees, if you go to the White House's website as soon as President Barack Obama exited the White House, the pages on the site for Climate Change, Disabilities and LGBT rights disappeared from it. The links that used to work, don't work anymore. One other thing, while I was on Facebook and Twitter sites, I noticed that the  @POTUS posts now had Donald Trump's face on it, and his Vice President, Mike Pence was also now in my feed. Seems, instead of giving me the choice to follow the new President, I was given a free way for Donald and Mike to try to brainwash me into following their rule. I immediately blocked both handles as well as several others I discovered 

So after finishing the series, yup, eight hours of creepy, scary fun television, and happily I feel I didn't waste any of it, unlike the millions who suffered through Donald's big day. I then turned my television from a DVD viewer back to a television to discover Donald and his wife dancing the first dance as the first couple at the First Inaugural Ball. Talk about white men have no rhythm, Donald proved it again, as he made President Barack Obama's dancing during his two Inauguration days more akin to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire then this klutz on ice-skates. Also as usual, Trump's choice of music which is always suspect, and this time was no exception. Frank Sinatra’s classic, 'My Way' by Paul Anka. You know the song which lyrics start off 'And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain…' I don’t know about you, but I’m sorry, is that supposed to make you feel good about him or for our future? And now the end is near… And Nancy Sinatra was not pleased about it in the least, actually doing Donald's favorite form of whining, she tweeted about it. "Just remember the first line of the song." — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) January 19, 2017, "And now, the end is near." Boom! But just as I was getting excited about the fact that one of my childhood crushes agreed with me, I discovered in the Republican land of fantasy that that in fact wasn't the case.…On Fox Faux News, Breitbart and of course had reports that the lady herself backtracked that tweet. Seems she was trying to make a joke about it. "It was a joke not a warning." — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra)  2:22 PM - 19 Jan 2017, which was then followed by "What a rotten spin to put on a harmless joke." — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) 4:35 PM - 19 Jan 2017. So who knows what she was trying to say. Perhaps she realized that she could have putting a bulls eye on herself if she had in anyway been negative to the new regime. Can't blame her, a lot of crazies out there who seem to have loss any of their fear in releasing their hidden or not so hidden monster. Every day it seems some nut job is attacking  an innocent victim. It sometimes feels like the days of feeling safe in our streets is over. Maybe Donald's scary description of our streets is true, assisted mightily by the NRA's take over of America.

We as a nation, surely have more then a few regrets, the day after Donald's big day, as hundreds of thousands marched across our nation as well as over the world in protest. Dwarfing the crowds that came out yesterday to honor the man for his Inauguration. These throngs of men and women today, are protesting the attacks on women's rights and the Trumpeters agenda against them. Perhaps if Donald's speech yesterday had finally pivoted, like many had hoped he would have months a go, as soon as it appears that he actually could win the prize as opposed to more of the same, today's protests wouldn't have grown so huge. It will be interesting or is that scary listening to our new President's description of today's events once the tweets begin spewing out of him. Will he downplay the crowds and how he will describe those who have yet to bow down to his magnificence. Will be insult the thousands as sore losers or will he take what is occurring as a smack in his face, an insult to his reign and get even more obnoxious. Or will he wake up to reality that he isn't loved and adored by the majority and if he wants to be, he better change his tune rather swiftly before the crowds rise up against him. After todays protests, it appears what he's already done to start off his tenure as President hasn't swayed anyone to begin crushing on him. If today's peaceful, happy demonstration showcases, the masses will rise up. What happens when we the people finally wake up and discover all the threats against our social safety net have come true. Todays peaceful march will be replaced by something akin to the Arab Spring, and if that happens, I pity, yes pity what the crowd will do to Donald Trump, and his family and his Trumpeters.  Cause it ain't gonna be pretty. That is if we haven't already been turned into a police state run by a police force akin to the gestapo or KGB.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 21, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


So, the Trumpeters want us to forget 8 years of obstruction, lies and accusations of illegitimacy… really? Well, not on my watch!

KARMA IS A BITCH, ain’t it? After spending the entire tenure of President Barack Obama’s presidency, obstructing every thing he tried to do. In fact proudly announcing to the world that they would do everything in their power to make Barack Obama a one term president. Isn’t that right Mitch? In the good old days that used to be enough to be considered treasonous and crimes against the state, but not in the age of Trump. Now those who spewed it, want everyone else to bow down and behave like they never did anything but what they were elected into office to do. Take us back to the 1880’s, remove abortion in America, hurt as many people as possible and always triple the deficit. Remember all that obstruction started even before Donald Trump and his friends started the birther movement. And somehow now, that birther movement never occurred. All the republicans did was respect Obama and treat him exactly like they want us to treat the President-elect. And for some reason when we do the disrespecting we’re the ones who are being unAmerican or worse.
It cracks me up listening to these hypocrites not understanding why people are questioning Donald Trump’s legitimacy, especially with what has just come out in the press. With all the loving between the Russian President and the President-elect, with Vladimir Putin himself coming out and practically climaxing over Donald Trump. Best part was having Putin, unbelievably  accusing President Barack Obama of conspiring to hurt Donald Trump’s legitimacy as the next President. Seriously Vladimir, you’re complaining about our President conspiring after you just helped elect Donald Trump into the White House. Well, now I understand why Donald and Vladimir are such good friends, they love blaming others for doing things that they themselves are masters of. Lying straight to your face, always accusing others of crimes and smiling as their bank accounts keeps expanding. They created a cottage industry before Obama even entered the Oval Office, trying to destroy our president and his policies. Without a thought about how it would hurt our nation and its citizens in the process they were like vultures going in for the kill. Just as they’ve done in the pursuit of ending Obamacare its never been about helping people, making something better. Doing whats right for the people themselves. Its been one thing, appealing all of President Barack Obama’s achievements. They want him out of the history books, an in the process may actually destroy democracy right in front of our eyes. That is if any of us survive. Why does the movie Mad Max come to mind? Whatever President Barack Obama proposed, even if it was one of their own ideas, its was bad. Nothing this man could suggest was good enough for them, and what was maddening in all of this, every idea they offered seemed to benefit the 1% and hurt everyone else. Everyone! As what we just witnessed in the vote-a-rama the other day, most of their so-called policies are exactly the same or on steroids.  Take, take, take away everything they possibly can. No health care for the peasants in the street, shrink government as much as its possible, give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the 1%, add billions of dollars to the debt for building the wall. Yes, you know that’s whats gonna happen. Has anyone heard anything good they want to do that benefits the citizens of the United States? I’m serious, I can’t think of one. Their drive has never been about helping people, its been about repealing something that was helping people. The replace was never in the equation, cause if it was, why hasn’t there been a committee created to do that by them. President Barack Obama has always said that if they could come up with something better or come up with ways to fix them, as you would do with any other situation. But for some inane reason, the only thing they do, is want to repeal and leave everyone, I mean everyone hanging. How do you remove 30 million human beings from their life lines, with out having something to replace it with. From what I can make out from the dribs and drabs that the talking heads are spouting or leaking, it sounds like they want to take us back to the good old days. Where everything was imploding, hospitals was closing, and our economy was tanking. If they actually wanted to fix the problem, wouldn’t you have thought by now they would actually have something concrete as opposed to a few bullet points of wants. Well, wouldn’t you? So in other words, that ‘Repeal and Replace’ tag line was simply a talking point they used to scam millions. If you were keeping track of the votes, they stripped everything. Every provision they claimed they wanted to be in the new health care program was cut. Every single one. They are ecstatic about taking things away from us. Let’s celebrate a big FU to our constituents. Look we won, America look what we just took away from you, and we took that away for you, and this away from you. To make matters worse, nothing new was proposed, nothing. So now millions of people are out there scared, worried, crying their eyes out scared for their very lives and the lives of the loved ones.   People like Reince Preisbus and Kellyanne Conway have always been arrogant, but now they’re downright tyrannical. Its very unnerving when bullies are given too much power, especially when they think they have dominion over you. If you listen to how they ridiculed President Barack Obama, or how they take about Hillary Clinton, these are not nice people. Now that they have the power, listening to them ridicule others who didn’t see in Donald what they saw is downright scary.   

“We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!” 11:29 PM - 6 Nov 2012 @realDonaldTrump

As the above tweet showcases, hint hint, look at the date, those who argue that the Democrats are being disrespectful to the President elect should go blow themselves. Are you insane? ‘They’ never disrespected President Barack Obama, bite me. Seriously throw yourselves off of Trump tower and do the rest of us a service. As usual every thing they accuse others of, they themselves have done and are doing. To have the man who spent years arguing that our President wasn’t legit because of his skin color is seriously disgusting. To have his Trumpeters now come out and whine that the democrats are being unpatriotic because they won’t blow him is possibly worse. Rachel Maddow had a great segment showcasing the number of Democratic congressmen who didn’t go to Richard Nixon’s second Inauguration. Hint, Watergate was exploding at the time. So what the Democrats are doing is nothing new or that creates a new precedent. In fact a few power players in Washington miss out on the Inauguration every time it happens. So stop with the over dramatics every time its a democrat. This is America people, we are not your people you work for us. You were elected, not crowned. This is not a kingdom, you have been hired for four years to do the job of President, not to run your own empire. So snap out of this Game of Thrones mind set and realize that we are living in a democracy. If Donald you do that, you will be surprised how many people would be less opposed to your leadership. Otherwise, what happened to President Richard Nixon, will happen to you.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 17, 2017  

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Watching the powers-that-be enact their evil plans, its seriously making me wish they stop playing and, just end our misery already, save us all the agony.

I STARTED THIS BLOG, as President Barack Obama was starting his run for election, and as we slog into the beginning of the nation's next President, its hard to believe how we got from there to here. How did our nation go from the ecstasy of the Obama presidency to the swamps of the Trump swearing in. How did the people that lied straight to our faces, wrangle a nation to not believe facts and reality and side with a carnival barker? It seriously boggles my mind. Somehow in that span of time, we went from the classiest most educated, well read man possibly in our history who sat in that most highest of chairs, and a Internet troll, womanizer, Alt-Right loving pervert is now gonna be sitting in his place. We went from a health care in our nation seriously spiraling out of control, to a nation on the brink of full coverage of all of its citizens, to one which now looks like one where only the deathly will be able to afford any health care. I've written close to 240 commentaries,  Neilizms if you please,  so far for this blog, and sadly too many of them have been about Donald, his Trumpeters and the rest of the republican gestapo, and definitely not enough of them were about the great things that our President and the Democrats have accomplished. In retrospect, maybe that was one of the reasons over all that we've come to this point, where the inmates are now running the asylum, the press, the media, ran with all of the evil, all of the filth that has defined the entire right for the last decade or further. But, mentioning all that, I guess I have to thank the deplorable's who inspired me to go off so often on them,  boy did they give me a lot of material. But I must thank the people, yes you (the reader), who have actually visited my blog given my voice an audience. Surprising to me, as my little graphic above showcases this site has just passed it's 30,000th page view, which excites me to no end and makes me want to continue sounding off on things that need to be addressed in my own way. Which brings me to todays little conversation, be it with myself, or with the readers of my blog, cause that what this whole idea really is. Besides keeping me sane, before I began this blog I will admit to having conversations out loud, alone usually with just my television. If someone said something or if a news report hit me the wrong way, yes I spoke my mind at it. Eventually those conversations became these Neilizms. 

Well, yesterday was one of those conversations to my television. I tweeted a public response to Lawrence O'Donnell after I watched a segment on his show last night. He was having a conversation with someone (I should have written the name down, sorry), on how unpopular Donald Trump was in the polls. I almost screamed right then and there, enough with the damned polls. The impression they were giving was that once the republicans realize how unpopular Donald Trump was, they, the republicans might run from him. Meaning all of Trumps desires would be swatted away, he would be a lame duck president in reality. They would actually stop being his lap dog and grow a spine. Of course I laughed out loud at their assumption. haven't they noticed right now, the republicans are getting everything they want. They're one-by-one dismantling Obamacare without anything to replace it with. Nothing but promises. That tagline, repeal and replace was simply a lie. An easy to use talking point, with no meat on the bone. So all that talk we've gotten from the so-called normal republicans was simply that, talk. Look at how they jammed through all the measures in the vote-a-rama that gutted seemingly everything. They have the majority, and unlike the democrats, they will hurt as many people in t he process with a thread of guilt in their hearts. The only way the democrats can stop anything is if a few republicans break rank, which they almost never do.  

So Lawrence, if I can be so forward and call you Lawrence, why would you think the republicans give a rat's ass what the polls say? The American people hate the Republicans, look at the polls. They hate them more then they hate him. In fact he's probably making them look better, that is till the reality of what they've just done starting waking the people up. Look at how almost human they've been lately. They almost seem to have a heart, at least a few of them. Look how we actually got some semblance of a hearing during this weeks' Confirmation Hearings. But wait for their votes. Wait to see how Donald gets ever single deplorable reject into his basket. I'd be shocked if any of them don't make it. Even Ben Carson, now come on, did you watch Elizabeth Warren destroy him? It seems Donald and his Trumpeters are a match made in heaven for these republicans, and the only people that don't realize this fact of life is the so-called liberal media. The Republicans come out, yell and scream and act outraged at some insanity said by or discovered about our Donald, but that doesn't seem to have slowed them down in any capacity from doing every disgusting thing they've wanted to do for years. Why would they change anything, they've got Putin's puppet and they're gonna play with his strings, till its too late to save Democracy. And our world officially ends.

Amongst the many items that the republican buzz saw just gutted was the CHIP program. Yes, the Children's Health Insurance Program, Hillary Clinton had a huge hand in getting going while she was First Lady. Hillary Clinton only mentioned this more times then her opponents name during the campaign so its something that most people should know about. But seems, the good this woman did, wasn't discussed during the campaign, only Donald's tweets were. This great program which has only helped over 8 million children, was gutted by the republicans. That's right, they voted to defund it for no apparant reason, except to spite Hillary Clinton. Unfreakinbelievable. Seriously their motto should be, 'No health care for you!' Oh about draining the swamps, in the midst of all the gutting of health care and other necessary items, they gave a huge tax break to millionaires and according to a headline on HuffPost, they rubber stamped $9 trillion in new debt! You know its quite maddening after listening to the republicans year after year rail on the democrats about the debt. How we needed to balance the budget, screw everything else. This of course after the previous republican president, George Walker Bush blew up our world. President Barack Obama spent years trying to get our nations ship on smooth waters, who was stymied on everything because the republicans demanded the deficit needed to be lowered and removed before we could do anything. Ironically a lot of their complaints about our economy not growing fast enough, possibly was caused by their very actions, they refused to give his plans a chance to strive. But like Obamacare, instead of fixing it, it was deemed a failure before it even was implimented. All we heard from the Trumpeters was they would cut restrictions and lower taxes on businesses and the 1%, and somehow magically the economy would now grow by 4%, or more. It would just be unprecedented, just because Trump's name was attached to it. Because as we all know, Donald Trump is a genius at business. Look at his track record, doesn't that make you excited to see how fast our economy will grow, how rich we will all get? Well, it doesn't excite me, I wasn't one of the many who got fooled into deals with him on the basis of his selling skills. And it shouldn't excite anyone else on Earth, except for those who will benefit. Well at least at first, because pretty soon, reality is gonna hit, and what happened before will happen again, but probably worse this time. Cause now, instead of an idiot in the White House being led by a leash by his vice president, we're gonna be led by either a mad tyrant or a Puppet of Putin, I mean what could go wrong? I hope what's different this time, is this time, the people, won't take it lying down. We, the people, will be mighty upset when they realize they've been fleeced, and not just from the usual republicans, they've been fleeced by the con man who promised to drain the swamp. Wo promised them everything, with a resume proving he couldn't deliver on those promises. But one people only wanted to hear his interpretation of his story, not what the facts really are.

Guess what people, right in front of the world and seemingly in the middle of the night, these, whats the best word to describe them, perhaps pure evil fits. Most or all of their other actions have made you ponder if any of them even have a soul. All we've gotten from them is hate. All they do is take away stuff from us and give it to the rich. I'm sorry when your president hands you free healthcare for thousands of people and you turn it down out of principle, seemingly to spite people, their is no heart. They seem to be on a mission to hurt people and surprise, surprise, surprise, all of them have turned into multi-millionaires. Why isn't that investigated by an independent investigation? The worst part is whenever they talk, they lie straight to your face, shushing away any facts. Responding with nonsensical answers that almost make sense if you don't pay too much attention to the actual words. Everything sounds like talking points which all of them memorize and spout off all of the time. If they say its true, its true. 

For them, that is the end of the conversation, if you disagree, you're wrong. Everyone else is telling lies. If you dare make a comment in opposition to anything, you literally get threatened by one of Donald's attack dogs. Omarosa Manigault, of Apprentice fame way back in September of 2016 warned how Donald detractors would have to bow down to our orange faced leader. Several of Trumps surrogates have been down right tyrannical when discussing people who aren't swearing allegiance to him. It sounds like sometime in the next few months, Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, could be these dissidence's new home. I wish I was kidding. Its only gonna get worse kiddo's, that is if it ever gets better again. Because when they discover they can do anything they want, and get away with it, I can't even imagine how bad its gonna get. That is until the people rise up, if we can. Seemingly out of the days of the KGB or is that the Gestapo, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, went after Walter Shaub, the head of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, came out and slammed our future president for his lack of ethics with his bogus plan to address his potential conflicts of interests. Seems Jason wants a private meeting with Walter, maybe he wants a blow job to or a kiss on his pinky ring. Basically, the Trumpeters say he can do it, screw all precedents. Screw how it looks. AN since we can't see Donald taxes, we have ne way of knowing how many millions of dollars the man will be pocketing  Now its up to the powers that be, if they allow him to actually get away with it. That If or when something is revealed that better get his ass out of office and into a prison cell, that then they will act and actually do something, or will they let him slide then too? I mean they own the majority now, they can do whatever they want and for the most part, we no one can stop them.

Yesterday, Rachel Maddow had a piece showcasing why all of this tax business and ownership of his businesses is a problem with Donald Trump. Seems, Donald bought one of Junior's company's in South Carolina, well the Donald doesn't want to pay for the clean up of this facility, because its not his problem, but the previous owners.  Seems the new owner of a business isn't liable for it. Of course, that should mean Junior should pay for the clean-up right? Somehow in this wacky world we live in, thats not in the conversation. They want the people of South Carolina to pay for it. Thats right the tax payers. I don not get it, there are reports that he's stiffed workers on his majestic,, as he would call it, new hotel in Washington. Came in under budget and onetime, not exactly. Sure, if that translate into behind schedule and ripping off those who construct dirt and then yes sir you are a business genius, and the worlds most successful scam artist.

So unless all this Russian stuff that's percolating actually kicks Donald into reality and out of office or the James Comey FBI intrigue of was he a traitor and how much of one he is, actually kicks the man out of his gig and into his very own prison cell. Or one of the many Trump issues actually gets him into an Impeachment hearing, the only hope we have now, until he blows us all up to kingdom come is if the people rise up. In just a few days, Donald Trump will be having his Inauguration, with whats transpired so far, with what the republicans in power have just down to our democratic safety net, the only question I have is will anyone in that crowd decide that our new leader shouldn't be the world's most powerful man. I wouldn't be surprised if there's at east one nut job in the thousands that will attend. I must add, if it was Hillary Clinton's big day, I would be saying the same thing, but for entirely different reasons. Cause as we know, if Hillary had won, with the rhetoric that he spewed and some of his followers who shall we say are closer to the Children of the Corn, I actually surprised most of them can walk upright on two legs. Just saying, I wouldn't be surprised, if something happens. So will this Inauguration Day be remembered for the protests, the pomp and ceremony, an appearance by Vladimir Putin, or something else. I still expect to see a lightning bolt come down from the heavens when Donald places his hand on the bible and begins his swearing in. The only reason I'm at all interested in watching any of it, is to see how the masses act, to see if he pulls a 'stache out and if their would be a horde of goose-steppers on parade. So like many, I will be doing something else, and discover afterwards if as usual something occurs that makes you weep for democracy and what could have been if Hillary Clinton was the person being sworn in and not the other candidate.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


As I watched his inner Nazi starting to come out, that scarily turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, you see selling off his assets or releasing his taxes is officially off the table. 

Donald 'Trump' Drumpf:  Con Man, Liar & Crook, & those are his best qualities. © Neil Feigeles 2016

YOU HAD TO FEEL BAD for CNN’s Jim Acosta as President-elect Donald Trump decided to showcase how he deals with those who try to mar his aura of greatness. Why not just rename him King Joffrey Baratheon already, that’s how it felt as Trump’s face turned a darker shade of red and yes, I almost saw a little ‘tache forming underneath his nose. Unbelievably and chillingly, our next President went after CNN for reporting ‘fake news’ and when Jim Acosta wanted to ask a question, Trump turned into the Trump that only should appear in our worst nightmares. Basically saying point blank to the reporter that CNN was on his shit list. It was pretty shocking seeing this and should have made all members of the press corps rise up and turn their backs on him. I must mention, something that Chris Hayes mentioned on air tonight, I noticed the same thing and was glad to discover it wasn’t just me losing it during the press conference. While Donald was shouting down CNN, shockingly in the background applause and cheers were heard, well according to the television anchor, it turned out that the Trumpeters had hired people to cheer the press conference. Yup, brings to mind his announcement speech where he hired people to be in his audience. I wonder how many people will be paid to see his Inauguration day event. To make this diss even worse, Donald Trump later took a question from Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle, who ironically asked Donald “What reforms do you recommend for this industry here?” In other words, the fake news site which promotes Alt-Right philosophies and right-wing conspiracies wanted to know how to clean up the news? What? I’m confused here. Oh, they consider their bogus reports as real and facts and news as fake. The world has gone totally mad. 

Of course I found it funny that this so-called ‘fake news’ channel was broadcasting the Congressional Hearings, and discussing this slight afterwards. So after the smackdown by Trump, between their airing the hearings, listening to the talking heads on CNN discuss being dissed by the future President kind was a sight to behold. Listening to them defend themselves and try to explain what they really did was exactly what the Trumpeters was praying for. As usual whatever they throw out, thats what people out there are discussing. Not the real news at the press conference, but the diss instead. 

Now about the other stuff, seriously it boggles the mind, what we got was a show and what bothered me most, the same insane fool who was a candidate was the person who was standing there less then two weeks from being sworn in and it seriously made me sad. I understand being a partisan followers, but this man is beyond the norm. Too beyond. Just as with his props on the stomp, his steak, the wine, the hats, on this occasion, his first press conference in 6 months, we got we got props showcasing what a big successful businessman he is. This time next to the stage was a table covered in folders, which supposedly were filled with paperwork of businesses that Donald Trump was handing over to his son’s to run. Of note, no one was allowed to look inside the folders, so they could have been blinks sheets of paper. Chris Hayes noted that during his campaign, some of the items Trump was showcasing as his own products, for example, his steaks, turned out to be steaks that they just bought at the local supermarket. In other words the Donald lied again. Along with the folders we got a lawyer, Sheri Dillon, whose worked for the President-elect for over a decade, she came out and explained why selling off his businesses actually would be a bad thing. Let me repeat that, somehow his selling off his companies, the sales, the profit or losses, could be looked at either way as something bad, so why bother selling it off. Screw the conflicts of interests, screw the rules. Either way, the man would be looked at suspicious. So, in other words, its better to keep it this way, and since he’s handing it off to his sons all is right with this world. As Trump himself said “I have a no-conflict situation because I’m president … it’s a nice thing to have.”  Basically in Donald’s and his Trumpeters minds, once he’s sworn in, he can do what ever he wants and its all legal. Boy are they gonna get a rude awakening, especially if or when something actually comes out.Now if you really want to talk about a conflict of interest as Donald Trump doubles down on his line in the sand. Seems no taxes will ever be released till that damned audit ever gets done. I presume with his stepping into the White House, that audit won’t be occurring any time soon, if ever. Of course as we all know, he can and always has been able to release them, he’s just lying to the world as he keeps trying to whatever demons he wouldn’t want anyone to see.Seems that someone or something has to wake the GOP into realizing what they are allowing to take over our world. I understand why, I get it, but someone needs to explain to them that country supersedes political motivations. I’ve been trying not to watch too much of the Congressional hearings, its just hard to listen to people whom to put it simply, scare the crap out of me, but I’ve tried to catch some of it. One never knows what or when some gem or foot-in-mouth comment would occur. So far its been pretty quiet, and both disheartening and uplifting as you watch the partisan statements and comments from the perspective cabinet members on both sides of the aisle. In my viewpoint, neither Jeff Sessions or Rex Tillerson, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, todays deplorable on the hot seat, warrant getting the assignment. Both have too many issues that in most instances would have made either of them acceptable, but this year, sadly they will both probably get the gig. At least a few Republicans sounded like they were trying to actually do their jobs and not just say yes to Rex Tillerson because Donald wanted him. But they haven’t voted yet, so I’ll await to see if they just stamp him yes or will this be the Congress putting their line in the sand and lets see how Donald responds to that. Especially once he’s sworn in.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Under oath Senator Jeff Sessions demonstrates the rights hypocrisy, as Russia's involvement gets clearer, while his Republican pals pitch Hillary as New York's next mayor.

WATCHING THIS YEARS GOLDEN GLOBES was great for a number of reasons, of course the one that hit home to me and it seems lots of people if you go online, is the great Meryl Streep’s astonishing acceptance speech for winning the Life time achievement award. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to hear what we all heard. Maybe a few zingers knowing her political views we discovered during the campaign. Yes, she was a Hillary Clinton supporter, like many of her supporters, Hillary’s defeat hit her very hard, and like most of us who have watched Donald Trump’s disgusting ‘impersonation’ of Serge Kovaleski,  a physically disabled man,  instantly we felt and still feel that by doing that vile act, he should have been disqualified to be President right then and there. Every and any excuse that he or his Trumpeters have come up with have never actually done the one thing that should have been said from day one apologize. Not too difficult to do. ‘I’m sorry, I apologize, I was trying to be funny.  I went with the crowd. I might have over done it, in fact I know I over did it, it will never happen again’. But instead they attacked anyone and everyone who called them out as wrong. So hearing Meryl Streep use this as her tipping point, struck home. But no one was expecting what she did. I was simply expecting a funny acceptance speech and nothing as political as it turned out to be. I seriously got chills as she eviscerated Donald Trump for just one of his many sins. By the end I actually stood up, cheered out loud, and applauded the greatest actor of our time. The audience at the event seemed to feel the way I felt throughout her speech. In awe, in admiration, and yes even with tremendous pride in our country once again. I hadn’t felt this patriotic since I can’t remember when. Oh yes I can, seeing Hillary Clinton accepting the Democratic nomination at the Democratic National Convention as all those balloons dropped. Seeing President Bill Clinton acting like a kid, playing with the dropping balloons seriously made me proud of the nations voters. When our President Barack Obama signed the law giving LGQTB community was another one. Of course both times President Obama was sworn in, as well as probably every time the man makes a speech or even begins singing a tune. It just makes me proud to be American, and that we actually lived to see the day that our nation could be led by such a great example of humanity.  And of course last but certainly not least, when President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Now that was one great moment that I will remember for a long time, as was listening to the great actress say things that needed to be said. Straight to the audience in that room and millions out there watching it live and now online. As we discovered the morning after, the intended listener had indeed heard her words, and as is his lot, responded in the juvenile manner that he seems to troll in. Hysterically Meryl Streep never once mentioned Donald Trump by name, but he and the rest of us, knew exactly whom she was talking about. So his denial of the truth of what an ass he made of himself that day on the campaign stomp, and his response to Meryl Streep should showcase to everyone what Donald Trump is, the ultimate troll. You know the ones you block on twitter and Facebook. The words whose emails you immediately send to the spam folder. Personally I’ve blocked him on both, sadly because it is who it is, that of course doesn’t shelter me from them. As we inch closer to Inauguration Day and all that implies. A movie star has set the world a blaze with her, I will call it, historic smackdown of sadly our nations next President. As a follower of the great lady through the years, I’ve always admired her for her talents on the stage and on the screen. As showcased in the clips at last nights Golden Globes festivities, the woman’s range is phenomenal. How lucky we have been to be alive during her extraordinary career. Personally I first witnessed her great talents before I saw her work on film. The first time I saw her was in a performance of Anton Chekhov’s classic The Cherry Orchard in 1977. I can still remember the second she walked on stage as Dunyasha, she seemed to float on air, and seemingly glowed. Why I remember this so much is easy to explain. I remember scanning the playbill, looking for her information, and then I discovered Meryl Streep, and spent all of intermission, trying to figure out how to pronounce her first name. The next time I witnessed her was on screen, and pretty soon after that she won her first Oscar. And the rest as they say is history.  As Donald showcased with his response to Meryl Streep proves, as I awoke to discover, then seeing it later, over and over and over again, on Facebook, Twitter, HuffPost, and the news on television. And then of course we got the Trumpeters throwing anti-patriotic comments at Meryl, and asinine excuses for why what she destroyed him on wasn’t true. As usual Trumps actions were being misconstrued by the biased media and the Hollywood elites.There is a striking difference showcased by those who side with Donald and those who don’t. Seems when it comes to Trump, it feels more like Wrestling fanatics or mixed martial arts sports. Meryl Streep categorized it pretty perfectly. Hillary’s fans seem to generally idolize her, love her and admire her. And ever since the results of the election shocked the world, the feelings for this great lady have only grown larger and stronger. A perfect example  of this was happening the same time Meryl Streep was about to tear down the roof in Los Angeles, Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, was seeing a performance of The Color Purple on Broadway. Well let’s just say it was a love fest. A striking contrast with the recent reception that future Vice President Mike Pence received when he went to see Hamilton. Where Mike Pence was given the proper response to the policies that he’s preached for years.Now getting back to Hillary, a funny thing has been going around lately. No, not the flue, but yet another Republican game they’re trying to again do the deflect the issues at hand. Seems the republicans are trying to throw a wrench in New York City politics, but pushing a false narrative that Hillary Clinton’s now planning to run for the office of Mayor, this is what the Republicans claim to be her next step. Of course, we aren’t hearing this from any Democrats or from the Clinton campaign or even the lady herself. Not sure who started this latest fantasy for some, but the people who are pushing it all happen to be playing in the Republican sandbox, so why is any of the media paying any attention to yet another crock of… amazingly I don’t even think Donald has tweeted about this.  Honestly I wish it was true, cause I would vote for her. But sadly the truth is simply Republicans trying to hurt New York’s current mayor, Democratic Bill de Blasio. Simply put, let cause some friction with the democrats, weaken the Mayor and maybe we can slip into office. Which is the only way they can win in the Big Apple. The sad fact is, the Republicans don’t have positions on anything all they have is tricks, lies and conspiracies. All we have to do is look at most of them, especially every single deplorable  heading into his White House. I’m almost expecting one of Trumps sons to run for the post. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see Hillary battle another Trump, and probably like in the general election Hillary would win in a landslide, at least in New York City.  Today several things occurred to show the contrasts in our political world. As the world woke up to Meryl’s moment to twist the knife into Donald Trump’s back, and Donald was tweeting his usual bile, the FBI released Intel informing us that Russia might be getting ready to blackmail our President-elect. Seems they have some pretty nasty things about his business and personal activities that could force him to act in their best interests and not ours. This Intel, is probably why Donald lost it over Meryl. But, happily this Russian thing, ain’t going away, No matter what Donald or his Trumpeters wanna argue it away.This, the Russian connection. I mean without sounding hopeful, but perhaps this possibility is the smoking gun! Yup, again, another smoking gun that could bring the man done. Cause if it is true that Donald or his campaign knew about it, and the blackmailing angle comes to fruition all hell would break loose for our Democracy.  The only question will be how soon will the Republicans leave the sinking ship, how many of them will go down fighting with their new savior, and finally if or how the Democrats will use this to take the man down. Or will they ‘pussy’ out and then historically always do. It seems tomorrow’s big talking points in Washington will be this latest wrinkle in Trumps rise to power. This supposedly has pushed back some of the Congressional Hearings to approve or kick out Donald’s deplorable choices for his cabinet. Which is a good thing, since some of them having been vetted yet. But that’s tomorrow, today while Jeff Sessions was being grilled by the Democrats, showcasing what a liar he is, the nation was preparing to sit back and listen to our current President. As usual, he did not fail to make you want to stand at attention, salute the flag and simply be proud to be American. A study of contrasts, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, as compared to Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and the rest of the Trumpeters. Sadly watching our President make his going away speech, the reality that this dream we’ve been living for the last 8 years has ended, and the nightmare we are about to all step in is about to begin. Hopefully that dream that we all believed in when President Barack Obama hasn’t dies with his administration.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Friday, January 06, 2017


The Democrats warned everyone, but sadly the people didn’t want to listen and in one big swoop our nation as we know it might never be the same.  

NO HEALTHCARE FOR YOU! I just figured out how the Republicans will make all of their issues go away all at the same time. Simply put, they're gonna cut Obamacare, and Planned Parenthood, and the money thats saved off of the general budget will be used to pay for the wall across the Mexican border. I'm amazed I didn't see this in advance. I might hate them and wish them ill, but you gotta hand it to them, when they have an issue they want solved, even if its one they concocted themselves, they will work at it and work at it till that talking point turns into the monster that needs to be taken down. For example Voting fraud. No matter the facts, no matter the ramifications, no matter how many people it hurts. As long as they get what they want, screw the consequences. Well in big mash-up they've now figured out how to take down Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, get all of Donald's nominees for his cabinet approved, and build the wall without the small problem of having Mexico to pay for it get in the way of it being built. Plus lets throw in a little more disrespect for our President to make them whistle while they work. Seems the Republicans sitting pretty right now cause they're gonna be getting everything they want, till all Hell breaks loose. That is when all of their games causes our world to set to go its axis.

Honestly why bother caring anymore, but it seems the Republicans have figured out a way that we can build the wall across the Mexican border, and not have to wait to pass a new bill. All that legislation, who needs it to rile up the masses. And even better we the American people get to pay for it and Mexico is in the clear for the bill. At least that’s what I heard yesterday on television. Of course, Donald Trump came out today and said, the liberal biased media is lying, eventually the Mexicans will pay, heck, Trump would never lie to us. Seems President George Walker Bush signed to bill to build a wall bordering Mexico, which was partially built. Turns out all they have to do is request the $10 billion in an appropriations bill, Donald could sign it, and they could starting building it without any new laws enacted. An you know what, I honestly went cool when I heard it. Why not? Lets fight on things that’s really important. Maybe if the wall is built, at least that talking point is over. As Bernie would say…”We’ve heard enough about your damned wall!”

With all that going on, almost forgotten in the Whirlwind of Russian espionage happening,  and with the new news that we the people will be paying for the wall, Donald's latest additions to his basket are being over looked. You gotta applaud Donald, if you're gonna spit in the public faces here are two that surely will leave a stain. First lets throw in a little Bridgegate into the mix. After Trump used and abused Chris Christie, and then threw him away, he's decided to add Bill Stephen into his cabinet. Wow. The man was thrown to the wolves by Governor Christie, as his way to escape his part in the scandal. Plus there was also news that one time political pal, Pam Bondi, you know the one, he gave money to while he was under investigation, and then the investigation magically disappeared.

Add to this,as Rachel Maddow noticed, a not so funny thing is occurring on January 11th. It seems the Trumpeters are throwing it all out there and trying to ram their agenda down our throats all at the same time. On that day we are getting six confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo, Betsy Devos, John Kelly, Elaine Chao and Rex Tillerson. We get Mitch McConnell doing the old ‘vote-o-rama’ meaning, this is the day when they'll be voting in all of their amendments to kill things like Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. And top off the  trifecta that day, Donald Trump finally will be having his first Press Conference since July. Interesting, the poor Democrats are not gonna know what hit them. Say what you want about the Republicans, they know how to get what they want, no matter how deplorable or despicable. 

And that doesn't even start to mention what the Republicans are trying to pull in Congress. In their very first vote, they immediately tried to gut the ethics committee power. But at least for the day, the people spoke, well at least enough of them called up their congressmen, jammed the phone lines and the power players in Washington, realized that maybe we should wait till no one would notices this to do it. Of course Donald Trump took  credit for it, because he tweeted the timing wasn't a good thing. In other words lets wait a while, before we go too far… as Janet Jackson would sing. Once that failed to happen, they tried something as, maybe even worse, pushing through a way to give the Congress power to fire or penalize federal employee salary's down to $1 an hour… talk about McCarthyism. Why is this important, a few weeks back the Trump transition team wanted the names of people in our government who were working on climate change. So once this is enacted they can now punish people who go against their desires.

I understand that the Republicans hate our President. I get it, you would have to be an inbred not to. So for the next 4 years their ambitions is to return our nation to where it was, before Obama was sworn in. I am talking our being on the cusp of financial ruin, at war and seemingly near our nations end. But sometimes it stuns me. Well today, Florida Governor Rick Scott was on air, to discuss the tragedy of the latest killings in our nations caused by gun owners. He announced that he had been in touch with President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence about the tragic incident at the airport. That they promised to help in any way possible. As I heard this, a funny thing occurred to me. Hm, why hadn't he spoke to President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden? Wouldn't that be the proper channels, you know, the people in charge, not the one's coming in in a few weeks? Well, maybe if he eventually gets around to calling up our President, Barack doesn't answer the phone. And in another slight to our President, today it was reported that the Trumpeters have ordered all ambassadors in the world that was appointed by President Barack Obama to resign without replacements announced. In other words, who needs them. Remember the Benghazi embassy that they blamed on Hillary, it was the Republicans who cut the funding. Seems get ready to blame the next Democrat when they come in, cause be then somebodies gonna be paying for this political move.

Let me add one other thing, to all those people who laughed at Donald Trump when he announced he was running for President, who scoffed at his announcement, and who all turned out to be wrong. He would never really run. Trump was just doing it for fun. There's no way he could ever win. I must admit I was one of those, I'm still in disbelief. Of course all those same experts, also laughed out loud when Donald announced he was gonna build a great wall. Of course, there was a one-two punch, with the construction of the wall, the paying for it was necessary. No ands, ifs or maybes, Mexico was be paying for it. Millions of unemployed low waged workers heard the words they were dreaming of, and the hook was baited. The wall would be built and Mexico would pay and then America would be great again! Well, if this latest wrinkle, if it comes to fruition is true, the republicans have proven once again, that no one can take a negative and turn it into a positive better then then can. And sadly in the case of the Democrats, no one can take a winning hand and lose as badly as they seemingly always do. The Democrats had Majorities in the House, the Senate and the President Barack Obama was coming into office. The Democrats cleaned up the environment, gave millions health care, got us out of the worst financial situation in 70 years, and even had the best and most experienced candidate possibly ever and somehow the Republicans turned that into where we are today. All along their followers believed their lies, and sadly, never wanted to listen to the other side or at least the experts who had the facts. What the Republicans are planning to do with Trump's assistance is nothing new. Its just that the wants by the fringe are just about to become the needs and have to be's by the new majority in power in Washington. So when Paul Ryan comes out and announces that he's gonna add Planned Parenthood defunding into the Obamacare kill bill, why is anyone shocked. When they say, they want to change social security or welfare or food stamps or any other assorted items to save them, we all know they plan to shut down those programs. In the case of Planned Parenthood, the fact that keep throwing out the debunked proof as evidence, that the whole organization now needs to shut down because of that same evidence, just makes me want to scream. But sadly the sheep wouldn't or couldn't believe the truth that was staring them in their faces.  When Donald said, "Believe me" they did no matter how far fetched or ridiculous it was. Just wonder what if anything will wake them up, and if or when they do, will it be too late to right this ship before it all goes up in flames?

Am I the only one that stops every once in a while and ponders what would be happening if Hillary Clinton had won. Who she would be naming? How she would be handling the transition. I actually imagine the Republicans on the side, screaming to high heaven how she stole the election because of her server. How, her Foundation was crooked. Boy how I miss not having those congressional hearings in our future. How I miss the threats of Impeachment on her for something that was first reported on Breitbart. It is amazing to ponder everything that they would have attacked her for, but with their savior, nothing is being talked about. The Trumpeters, are pushing penalties and prison to those who don't get on their knees and blow the man. They refuse to even contemplate that Russia hacked and effected the election. It shouldn't matter who won or lost in the election, it should matter that they tried. The fact that for them, any discussion of Russian involvement is just an attack on his legitimacy, is a sad, pathetic excuse not to deal with reality. As all this is happening, still no talk about his taxes and still no apparent  selling off of his businesses and properties. Is it a bad thing to hope Donald hits the button on day one, and end our miseries, sooner rather then later? Sadly right now, that's the only way we get out of this with the least amount of suffering. I wish I was kidding.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, January 6, 2017