Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yes… wait-a-minute… you mean this is what replaced him… who?
When Congressman Eric Cantor was defeated the other day, by an unknown Economics Professor, named David Brat, the clouds above this great nation departed, and a little sunshine was seen in some parts of Virginia for the first time in years. The stunning upset to the powers-that-be has thankfully lessened all the obnoxious discussions on our freed POW, U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. It has at least for the hour changed the conversation about Benghazi. I wonder if Hillary Clinton becomes President, will the hearings still be continuing? And it has saved us from yet another inbred, discussing gay conversion therapy.
Simply put, Eric Cantor got what he deserved. The Congressman was a bad representative for his community and for the citizens of our great nation. Seemingly he had the power to do great things to help millions but instead accomplished heinous things, like shutting down our Government… whoops, perhaps maybe that alone was why 'the' people threw him out. Trying to remove their healthcare over and over again, without doing anything about helping them find jobs, I could keep going!
But as with seemingly all politicians of his ilk, the talk was it. The truth was simply he had his own agenda, screw the masses, at the end of the day I'll be richly compensated! Well at least he finally got what he earned… a pink slip from his bosses, the citizens of his state!  
So who is this Economics Professor named David Brat. Any training in politics, nope. Any knowledge of healthcare, probably not. Does he know anything about foreign policy… maybe? My answer to those important questions, probably, none of the above! 
The perfect Republican candidate… completely unqualified for the job! No real experience, just talking points. And in this case, he hasn't been 'coached' yet! You want to be a Congressmen, and you don't have a response because you haven't 'crafted' your answer yet! Really?   
The scary thing is, he is teaching our youth. Maybe its better for them if he becomes Congressman. Of course, then he'll probably help destroy education in his reign of terror for the rest of the children of our nation! So better yet, let him destroy a few brains. The less damage he's allowed to do, the better for the rest of us!
If this 'person' with obviously no qualifications gets elected, then they deserve him. If the citizens of his state fall for whatever BS that his 'handlers' train him to say… then screw them. They don't deserve healthcare, they can all purchase guns together and accidentally kill each other. Because voting in another crazy, when its so in your face, is the reason we are in this situation to begin with.  
Look at the fools that 'we've' elected. Racists, backward thinking, mean-spirited, anti-American non-patriotic gay-bashing haters!  Go ahead continue watching FOX FAUX NEWS and their asinine so-called reporting, that takes real events and transforms them to help sell their zealot political agendas! Helping in their small way to tear the very fabric of our nation apart.
My commentary above, was brought on by an article I discovered today on Facebook (Here's the link to the article that the discussion was talking about):
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