Sunday, January 31, 2021


So if a President commits Insurrection, does he get away with it because not one lawyer would agree to defend the indefensible?

SO WHAT DO YOU DO, WHEN YOUR COUP FAILS? Apparently blame other people for what you did. I guess, just disregard their Nazi outfits, Confederate flags, hundreds of social media posts which showcase their interest in false information, hate speech, and overthrowing our democracy, and every other Red Flag that has been shoved in peoples faces. So it seems followers of Donald, believers of his lies, conspiracies and racist garbage like 'Jews somehow had lasers from space, shoot down, and cause the historic and horrifying fires that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of miles of forests in California. The worse part of that insane comment, is the part where Jews were doing this. Really, it's 2021, God damn it, and we have an actual out and proud anti-semite, unless it's all for show, carrying a gun, supposedly legit, as a Congresswoman or man… unbelievable.
So let me understand their pitch: Somehow after storming the Capitol, they want us to believe they were all there peacefully, simply paying their respects? Or, that their leader, Donald J. Trump, had invited them to storm the Capitol and whatever they did do was at his command, so, they were being patriots and had every right to do it, and did nothing wrong? Disregard the deaths they caused… The cowards that these monsters be, some of them, who all outed themselves on social media, before, during and after the now infamous historic day, as the traitors that they be, are now accusing others for their own actions. It wasn't us, it was ANTIFA!  It wasn't us, it was Black Lives Matter! They instigated the horrors, not us, we were just white people taking a vacation in Washington, ask Rudy. Just disregard the urine stains, and broken windows. 
I'm sorry, after you've hung a noose, within feet of the Capitol, while chanting to lynch their own Vice President, after Trump told them Pence wasn't with them anymore, the people who did this, can not use the excuse that BLM members were behind this. How dare they! They accuse others of sneaking in undercover, of causing all the real death and destruction. Really who needs white hoods, when you can accuse others of wearing white face and doing your crimes.
The Republicans as usual want to forget everything, no matter how impeachable the offense the person has done, when it's one of their own. While anyone else, should get death! Really white boys in power who think they're better than everyone else. How many hearings did we have to endure about Benghazi? We had years going after Hillary, years! 5 people died on January 6th, and they want to put it behind us, for the sake of unity. Unity, this!
Now I understand Republicans, if we can still call them that, maybe we should already rename them the Patriot Party, as supposedly Trump is pitching, and let them fully out themselves. Hopefully that would end their spell over what used to be considered a normal political party. Not that they actually did anything to help the people then, but at least the camouflage they used would make them at least bearable to listen to or watch. But, listening to them now, as they argue against what actually occurred during our election. And of course the attempted coup on our government. And I'm sorry to the talking heads out there arguing that what happened couldn't have over thrown the government… have you not been paying attention, especially the last several months? How one by one Trump was removing people in our government in charge with his own puppets. Did you not remember, as the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, when nobody came to rescue the Capitol for hours? 
We don't know about what could have happened, if the attempted, became an actual over throw. Perhaps if they had hung Vice President Pence as they chanted they wanted to, or in fact killed Nancy as they pitched they wanted to find her and stab her in her back! Or instead of the patriots who showed up and stopped the coup, saving us from the insurrectionists who call themselves patriots, who believe they had the right to kill anyone on the say so of Donald J. Trump, or worse, Junior or Rudy. We haven't reached February yet, and they want us to act like it already never happened. As their leaders argue they should be allowed to carry guns into the Capitol and still refuse to wear masks.
Which brings me to Stephen Miller of all people. He was on Maria Bartiromo's cesspool on FOX, arguing against Biden's Executive Actions as if Joe was breaking the law, and going against the Constitution. When in reality, all Joe is doing is reversing Trump's own Executives Actions, or fixing other issues that one can do with those powers that all President's can do, yes Trumpeter's even Democrats. Let's not forget a lot of Donald's Executive Actions were in fact his own reversing of President Barack Obama's own Executive Actions or laws Obama signed into law. What's really hypocritical of the wannabee Nazi, is he was arguing on air that Biden's Executive Action's were trying to over write laws, which is exactly what's Trump's were! And neither Obama's then or Biden's now are. And Maria's rant about Joe's Executive Action to stop funding Private Prisons, was well nauseating, as she whined about what would happen once the prison contracts expired?  This was basically her argument:  What about the inmates? Are they just gonna be set free? All the evil illegal criminals would be set free to rape and pillage your communities… Oh my God! The expression on her face could have made me spit out hot coffee, if I was drinking any. While Stephen attempted to smile which gave me shivers up and down my spine as I pictured him in full Nazi regalia, as he ordered the prisoners in the Nazi camps into the gas chambers. Go ahead argue against my comments.
We spent months being lied to by Republicans about what became known as COVID19. All following the words of the now former President… lying straight face, as they argued the problems was not the virus, but the liberal Democrats who were trying to make the health crisis into a political event. Elected officials, who refused to follow what the doctors said we should do. Who refused to deal with the worse health crisis in most of our lifetimes, besides HIV-AIDS, who never wanted to do anything but attack liberal states because they argued that people's lives were worth less then company profits.
These monsters, ironic that their political party uses the color red… well from now on that will symbolize the blood they've all spilt during this genocide they helped cause. As I write this, we've reached 26,762,232 infections in the United States, and sadly 452,193 American's have died, which they helped cause by their actions, inactions and lies. When ever funding was discussed, the Party of death and destruction would pretty much say no, that is unless they could work the numbers and make profits off of what they've caused. Pretty much telling states and cities you are on your own, to sink or swim. If you go belly up, don't come running to us. And now that we've actually got someone in charge with a plan to right the ship and set us up to actually get past this, they're now arguing that we can't spend the money we need to implement it, or we already gave you so much that, sorry we need to wait some more. Are you kidding me? As people starve to death, homeless, and jobless, the Republicans are planning more of the same.  
Apparently what Mitch did the day Obama became first became President, is pretty much what Kevin McCarthy just did by going down to Florida and meeting with the disgraced formed President. Seems the Republicans, ain't gonna do anything to help the newly elected Democratic President help the American people. Their plan is, to vote them out of the majority in two years, and reelect Trump in four, and this time, end America for good. Go ahead, argue against my feelings. You could've voted for Hillary.
They now argue that the Democrats are trying to go it alone, that Biden's pitch of unity was all a lie. What unity! Look, they're the one's who actually have a plan… oh and by the way, as usual in all their whines, they forget what exactly they themselves did, when it came to their trillion dollar tax windfall for their backers and friends. They were warned it would blow up the deficit, but they argued that that trickle down would occur, and as it hasn't done every time they've lied and gotten this concept put into action, the deficit, which Obama had lowered to half of billion in now between three and four trillion! And of course, now, all these free spenders have suddenly gotten stingy with the funds. They once again, practically bankrupted our  nation, on tax breaks for rich folk, military spending, and Trump's damned wall. Billions, trillions, and all the while refused to spend anything to help the American people. Once again a Democratic President, has to come in and right the ship, and once again the Republicans who caused the bankruptcy and debt, are the ones arguing that we can't afford to do anything. 
So the Republicans whine that the Democrats are the ones destroying America, after they were the ones who got caught trying to overthrow our Democracy, in an attempted coup! And now the same people who aided or were involved in one way or the other in an attempt to steal President Joseph Biden's election are arguing, and will be the one's in the Impeachment trial in February, that Trump shouldn't be impeached because he didn't do anything wrong, or he didn't succeed, or that a now former President can't be impeached and removed from office, because he no longer is in office? Simply madness. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, January 31, 2021

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Saturday, January 09, 2021

So why is Donald and his Republican complicit minions, repeatedly trying to overthrow the will of the people? It's bad enough they won't do anything to help the people, but now they've even attempted to overthrow the government to keep the orange menace in power for a job he obviously has no interest in doing, why? Power, prestige, the love of the people, the chance to hurt even more people? Or is it simply to protect himself from imprisonment?

IT'S GOTTEN THIS BAD, THEY'RE IGNORING INSURRECTION ON FOX! It wasn't us! After storming the Capitol, they now blame Antifa. Really? You had t-shirts! Big man with big gun, turn whiney little bitch, after overthrow fails. Well you pitch the Confederate Flag as patriotic, why should anyone be surprised your the ones attempting a coup! So,Trump and his cronies tried to overthrow our government, and the very next day, on FOX they're pitching that Proud boys didn't do it. That the insurrectionists that overran the Capitol, the white folks, who were on video and the ones who shared their crimes on social media, aren't the traitors, but instead ANTIFA member's who infiltrated the peaceful protests! Not the armed, confederate flag waving, Nazi t-shirt wearing white racists SOB's who actually did. I guess these ANTIFA members were wearing white face, like the racists monsters wear black face, or in Donald's case shit orange brown. As Trump pitched, ignore what your eyes are seeing, just believe the lies I'm spewing, as  law. Scream.  They're now having segments, on 'Lets discuss all the  great thing's Trump has down in his time in office'.  I presume, causing genocide or trying to blackmail the newly elected Ukrainian President, and getting impeached for it, won't be mentioned. Or his locking up human beings in cages, and letting them die, and not giving a crap about any of them. The man is playing golf, daily, tweeting up a storm, while apparently watching FOX type TV 24 hours a day. Not once did he bring up the death and destruction of the COVID19 that he helped turn into a genocide. He still refuses to wear a mask, like most of those, who are all in on overthrowing our way of life, or our way of life before Hillary's job was stolen. The Mueller Report happened, most of them didn't even read it. They called the whole Russian story line a witch hunt and sided with a traitor. Screw reality. Then the man was impeached, they gave him a pass. His crimes, yes they admitted he did them, but they weren't bad enough to remove a sitting President. He's caused a genocide, and not only did they go along with it, they help spread his lies and his death. They argued like religious zealots, that the doctors and scientists were the liars, and went all in on Trump's Nazi medical experiments. Now, he's spent his post election loss, leading his minions into an attempted coup,  including some who just happen to work in the halls of Congress. And now they want us to just get along, and forget it. I guess that's just a little more sarcasm, right? This from the people who still want to set Hillary on fire, lock her up, for the crimes that these insurrectionists concocted, and gas lit the world with, that never occurred. Some of these hypocrites and traitors still believe that  President Barack Obama, wasn't born American!   

WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED… BY NOW! Joe Biden wins the Presidency a lot, because the people spoke. Democracy survived because, Georgians said enough. And Trump lost, and lost, and lost, and lost some more. And whined, and pitched, and then gave the go ahead, on a coup on Democracy that happily failed. And now the insurrectionists that were all in, are pitching that it was somebody else's fault. Not so proud anymore, and we should all just get along. That the Democrat of course are the instigators, who are trying to score a political point, like they argued against people telling them not to wear masks. Funny our 'lies' as they call them, actually help people, and tries to save their lives, while their actual 'lies' caused an infection to transform into a pandemic, and now an attempted overthrow of our government, but 'we' have got to bring people together! We've got to put the past behind us! We've got to be the grown-ups! They get to scream fire, cause death and mayhem, but we have to give the losers, and the sadists, the racists, and the insurrectionists, a prize for being good sports? The rioters at the Capitol asked, 'What are we supposed to do, they're stealing Trump's win'? I don't know, perhaps, stop watching FOX like TV? Perhaps listening to people who speak truth and not lies? Perhaps finally open your eyes and wake the FUQ up? Sure.
After 4 years, of the Republican party or is that Trump's, or is that the reincarnation of the Nazi party, as usual those who aren't in on their white privilege, are at fault. The Democrats are the traitors, are the monsters, are the Socialists! Are the ones who are destroying our great nation. Who knew Biden's tenure would start off with locking up treasonous trumpeters who tried to overthrow the Government, after the election and not for crimes they committed during their slow systematic takeover of our nation that occurred, right in front of our eyes. Happily Georgia turned blue and Donald purple, as the people voted a Democratic majority into the Senate for our next President. The only good part of their attempt at  transforming our nation into a Banana Republic in the coup attempt, is Republicans completely outed themselves, as the traitors they be. What's maddening in all this is, that even after the whole world witnessed it, those involved from within the harrowed halls of the Capitol, some didn't learn their lesson, some double downed on their pitch. Madness.

PERHAPS PITCHING A REVOLUTION, isn't a good idea, especially, the night before own your run-off election, when you're trying to win. Or better yet, when you're trying to get your argument across, it's proudly wiser not to try to steal our democracy, by arguing that your vote was stolen, but never showcasing any proof. Much like Donald's most infamous pitch, President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States! Never once in his months, oh excuse me, years long assault on this century's greatest President, did he ever showcase anything. Just more of the 'Believe me' lie, and the 'Oh boy you wouldn't believe what I've seen'. And the people fell, over a cliff, and now years later, lots of people died because Republicans refused to remove Trump when they had the opportunity. They lied to keep him in power, and when he pitched that COVID19 was a nothing that would disappear magically. And they're still doing that, even while 4,000 people on average are dying a day now!  
The orange man has systemically destroyed the very infrastructure of our government, while never once in his years in power, actually doing anything for the actual infrastructure of our nation. Remember he was the great builder, his fake name on skyscrapers the world over, that was one of his pitches. The nation is crumbling, hire me, I'll build it back better (well he didn't say that). The great builder! Sure, the builder of lies, destruction, starvation, infection and death. Even as the horrible numbers grew, and the body count mounted, they continued going along with him. They refused to remove him for his impeachable crimes, then sided and went all in with his genocidal COVID19 pitch. But instead of keeping the people safe, giving us a monthly allowance to survive until the vaccine arrived, and our lives could go back to whatever normal will some day be again. They pretty much forced us to go back to work without any protection, and demanded our children pretty much be one of Dr. Scott Atlas Nazi medical experimental guinea pigs. As the numbers continued to mount, they double downed on the lies, even as they themselves got sick, even after the orange lying genocidal maniac used his own illness and magical cure, he supposedly got, as a way to ridicule and insult the millions who have suffered because of his inexcusable handling of the worse health crisis of this century.
The madness in all this is, millions still voted for him. What does a politician have to do wrong, that the people say next? They let people starve, get sick, die, get thrown out their houses, separated families, spent years riling up the racism and hatred in our streets, and seemingly not one of them actually even talks about the people infected or dead. All they talk about is how they were the victims.  
Trump has golfed every day since he lost, and he never mentions the people, only that he's upset about losing.  He has tweeted, watched TV, vented, lied, and pitched insurrection. They lie about everything, do everything illegal under the Sun and some have made millions, probably all illegally, and when they get caught on video, audio, and live on air actually murdering people, no one cares. They throw out one outlandish accusations against anyone, and something sticks. Baby eating pedophile pizzeria's with basements, comes to mind, and millions still voted for them. And even after weeks, or is that years of attacks on our election system? Every day even crazier accusations are concocted, pitched, then repeated on a loop. Then tossed away like the garbage that it is, except for Trump's brainwashed losers and now complicit insurrectionists. 
Every two years, we get to endure yet another election campaign, where too many of the people in the Republican party strictly vote party, completely ignoring the monster that is campaigning in front of them. Or already in office, wanting more time to do whatever evil they've been doing or saying. As opposed to voting someone in that actually has their best interest in mind, and not their own. The saddest joke with Trump's "rigged" election accusation in all this, and the most maddening thing as well, is that all these 'elected' officials, the one's who just had elections, their ballots were the same ballots that they now say were defective and should be throw out. Now, with their own votes, they should count. What the Fu - -?! You want to toss out a Presidential election, overthrow it, but your own votes, weren't affected and should count… WTF? And shove it! Somehow, that part of the equation never comes into the conversation. But when it does, these traitors who are spitting on the Constitution, argue that one thing has nothing to do with the other,  really? Let's simply disregard that every person in power in the states they want to throw out Biden's votes, are all run by Republicans! Many who for the most part are complete trumpeters, and say, which boggles my mind, that they agree with every freaking thing that Trump pitches, WTF x 1000! So it seems finally we found the one thing that the Republicans, at least the few so far that have showcased their patriotism, in this regard at least. One would think, a hundred other things should have kicked him to the curb by now, but no. Or a little thing called genocide, I would have thought, definitely would got more people seeing the light. I've got years of blog posts here, I've written if you need a refresher course to remind you, on his accomplishments, as FOX not by a mile NEWS calls them, if you are a glutton for punishment. 

END THIS MADNESS! Unbelievably it's now been a few months, since Joe Biden won the honor to be called President-Elect, even if the Republicans, or what was once the Republicans, keep arguing against it. I had planned once it became official to write a piece about Democracy winning or losing, God forbid, and the ramifications of what in my opinion, I witnessed. After the last Presidential Election, the one that Hillary should now be extending to her second term, which I don't think I've still gotten over. One of the worst days of my life and obviously now our nation's history. Whatever actually happened in that election, Russian helping or not, Trump simply wasn't the right person to be responsible for the lives of over 330 million Americans. If the last four years hasn't proven that already, the last 2 months have written it across the sky in hundred foot letters! Donald Trump is the worst Human being who has ever walked this Earth! And boy, I've never been more sad to be so right about something in my whole life. Damn it.
I expected to start writing this the day after Election Day, way back when in November 2020, last year! But as we all know, all expectations went out the window on that historic night, when Donald lost by a lot the first of many times, and he wouldn't accept it. No matter how many courtrooms threw it out. No matter how many recounts, proved Joe won by even more votes then less. But as the days turned into weeks, then months, my itch to write something down was quieted down each day by the history and the insanity that we were all living in. When or where do you start? How do you begin? As the last year of this blog can attest, my output, while individually quite long, has been gradually further and further apart. Sorry to say, watching the nation you were luckily enough to be born in, be torn apart by insanity, as your neighbors start to out themselves as no longer closeted communists, womanizing horrors, hate filled Nazi's who proudly march across your television, and worse your neighborhoods! And for some reason can get you depressed, and in a constant state of, when will this nightmare end? 
I grew up the minority in my neighborhood, I witnessed racism, as people have color have witnessed racism their whole lives throughout history. Of course my experience of being white and Jewish, can not be compared to theirs, and I could never say I completely understand everything. But I hope my perspective helps me to understand how it feels, and how anger inducing it is to watch that hate spread across our nation. Because of one man, more then any other. Donald J. Trump. How did the clone or the second coming of Hitler become the spokesperson and model for behavior of at least 75 million Americans? You vote for them, you speak their words, you believe their garbage, sorry, you are one of them. You attempt to overthrow the government, sorry this one, we don't kiss and make up.  
I've just been worn out by what we as a people have had to endure. And worse, witnessing as death and infection has spread into a pandemic of deadly proportions, and people are demanding that this genocidal murderer should not only be given a second term, but they want him enshrined for life! No matter how criminal he and his buddies get, no matter even if he didn't win the election!  An entire misinformation campaign drummed up, out of something Putin or Mao or some third world leader would create, was washed over all of us, as they tried to turn Donald into King of Trump land forever, and the rest of us, into his servants or slaves.
Looking back now, how naive, I was expecting to write a piece about a simple American Presidential election, ha, ha, ha. Have I not been reading my own blog? But instead, we got a month's long attempted coup by the sitting, losing President. Practically every day, another unbelievable event occurred, making me feel like a spinning top that couldn't get control of what was in front of him, or my very life. Watching how the media was pitching this, how most were witnessing reality, while others were watching a world that doesn't exist. Trump's pitch that the world was conspiring against him, became even more absurd, and scarily believed by his brainwashed masses. I felt stuck, frozen, horrified at our world. My apologies for staying silent, possibly some out there wanted to hear my thoughts on this, if I might be so bold, while our world burns. But you see, I'm one of those people, that when they see something, unbelievable, really unbelievable, I tend to stand back, watch, frozen in stunned shock. I once witnessed a man go on fire, but I was so stunned, I stood there in shock, as everything moved in slow motion. Happily on that occasion, another pedestrian, noticed it and helped put out the fire, as most people walked past oblivious, and I stood doing nothing. More shocked at others not noticing, or doing something, then the actual man on fire in front of me. That's how I was feeling, our nation is on fire, the President is attempting a coup, a real overthrow, and people are just passing by, acting like nothing is happening. An entire channel, channels are dedicated to pitching the lies, and somehow this is allowed. They call it Free Speech or some other bullsh t excuse, as they shout fire in a crowded movie theater and expect to be given the keys to the kingdom for it.  
So I sat back waiting for the decision to come down from down high, and as each decision went the right way, Trump's delusional attempts got crazier and more deadly, while he completed ignored the elephant in the room, the thousands of people dying a day. Somehow, doing the job in the White House, has never been the priority of this White House. Somehow, only the whims of an aspiring dictator and genocidal maniac's mattered anymore. And anyone who dared go against this maniac, were now deemed enemies of the state. During the insurrection, after Pence explained to Donald for possibly the last item, that he wasn't gonna go along with the coup. Trump let his people know that Pence was now a traitor, and afterwards, inside the Capitol, the insurrectionists chanted "Hang, Mike Pence," as they searched for him. And then these same traitors shouted in an airport at Lindsey, the biggest Trump minion, after his 5 minute, mea culpa, as now an enemy of the state. As Trumpeters were seen in a mob going after the disgraced Senator, calling him traitor now. Nice, when the minions created by the monster, turn on them. Doesn't feel nice does it? Karma…
As the current occupant in the White House, continued his attempt to pull a coup on our Democracy, spewing conspiracies seemingly out of his ass, pitching his election was stolen some more. Pitching fraud 24/7 against everyone, while himself pitching the biggest fraud in American history, the attempted overthrow of The United States government! The man who pitched President Barack Hussein Obama was an illegal, without a shread of evidence. The putz that spewed Hillary Clinton was a crook, a racist, the traitor in our midsts, while performing libelous and criminal activities to try to win his eventual Presidency. The hypocrite whose non-stop assault against seemingly everyone, unless they're practically swallowing his… Putin concocted conspiracies. 
I've been waiting for an actual conclusion to this election before writing something here, as above explained. Not that it's officially over, till Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually get sworn in, and the trumpeters are flushed out of government. 
And not that I haven't opined a lot. If you saw my constant commentary on Facebook and Twitter, I've pretty much written several novella's on it. But as is my process, something hits me and I go, unfortunately with the fool on the hill playing his games, and his series finale turning into a mini-series of kardashian proportions. This putz in orange tie dye, war paint, has tried to transform his cancelled reality wreck into a pick up for a life time contract. And what gets me most in all this horror, he isn't even pretending to be trying to do the job of a President anyway, that he's been actively trying to overthrow our Democracy to keep. He's playing golf, watching TV, tweeting and pitching lies, as 'we the people' get sick, lose our jobs, lose our homes, starve, and lose our lives! While everyone associated with Donald, who all refuse to wear a mask, even after seemingly all contracting the virus, swear he's the second coming of Jesus and the only person stopping the rest of the world from destroying us all. He was our savior, as he was letting it all burn down! During the attempted coup, as Trumpeters tried to overthrow Democracy, Republicans locked in, Congressmen and Senators, refused to wear masks, that is the rule in the Capitol, and as is their lot, and it's on video to prove, that they were trying to spread a little COVID19 to their fellow political leaders. Unbelievable talk about white privilege and ignorance. 
I swear it's a death cult, while possibly already being infected, Rudy performed his circus act all over the world, spewing his never ending pitch of fraud, except of course in the court of law, where conspiracies without any evidence get thrown out of court. In one of his more scary, and sickening moments, in front of pack of Republicans in a fake hearing, Rudy asked a witness to remove her mask, so 'she could be heard better', scream. Luckily the witness declined his possibly deadly suggestion. Question, can the witness sue Rudy for attempted murder for his ask? Pretty much, trying to infect another human? Why not? Trump definitely should be arrested for premeditated murder, upon the citizens of these United States. What we're barely surviving through right now, never needed to happen. Trump knows it, and if he doesn't he's insane. Who knows what's worse? The man with no empathy, right now one would think is in the throes of guilt, but more likely, he's actually most upset because his planned overthrow, failed. And now, the evil social networks, are finally shutting down his heinous rhetoric. So he got caught once again, this time in an attempted coup! How must that feel to know you caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands, while infecting 20 million and growing as I write this, and not care about that in the least? Only his supposed stolen election. Get over it. The number one job of a President is the care of the citizens of our nation. We're currently on a pace of 1 million and more infections per week, and it's speeding up. Hospitals are over flowing, and now there are states that out of room, they now have to decide who gets the care! And what do we get from Donald, Nothing! The reason 81,283,098 Americans voted for Biden, Donald, was because you've destroyed millions of Americans lives! How does this murderous POS not comprehend that? You came in with a wrecking ball to destroy our nation, and boy oh boy did you almost succeed.  
At the same time he's causing genocide on the peoples lives, he's attempting genocide on our democracy! Arrest these traitors that performed insurrection, in their attempted coup. Enough niceties! They accuse the rest of us of being the traitors in our midsts, because we won this war. How sad that Donald was such a sore loser, that the American people was subjected to the biggest public tantrum by the biggest genocidal maniac in American history. We spent 4 years in perpetual Hell and now the ringleader of slander, corruption, lies, impeachment,  and now genocide, decided that if  'we the people' didn't vote him in, he would overthrow the government and make them pay even more.

MAYBE THERE IS A GOD. As against all odds, after stuffing the Supreme Court with yet another Justice, in record time, no less, Trump's plan to have them overthrow the election and hand him a dictatorship happily didn't go forward. I guess I owe the lot of them an apology.  Especially the new one. My bad. But can you blame me?  And oh Mitch, I'm confused here? There wasn't enough time to put a vote on for Merrick Garland, and we had, what 14 months?  When Trump was up for Impeachment, you refused to spend anytime on witnesses, because why,  it wasn't necessity, right? But we had enough time to enshrine a new Supreme Court Justice in 8 days! And now astonishingly once again, when it's time to make Trump pay for his crimes, as the Democrats are threatening to Impeach Trump, this time for Insurrection! This time, OMG, we have no time… sorry.  Man Mitch you're wearing your Moscow all over you.

PERHAPS HILLARY WASN'T SUCH A BAD CANDIDATE, after all, as others have suggested, four years ago. The American people were so sure Hillary was gonna win, too many sadly, didn't go out to vote. Believing only fools would have fallen under the spell of the horror in orange. Honestly I'm still shocked how many people voted for him in the first place, and stunned how many more voted for him now! I still can't believe Hillary wasn't elected, and I'm still grieving the 'what could have beens'  when she didn't. As before, this year, the polls made it out to seem the race wasn't as close as it appeared most of the time, but in the end the American people once again showcased their preference for the Democratic candidate, for both times, Donald lost by a large amount. And once again, the Electoral College has proven that it needs to be excised into the history books. As someone perfectly wrote 'the Electoral College is America's punishment for slavery'. Thankfully enough of the right people in the right states did their jobs, and voted this time, and the rightful person won. Let's hope having the issue of the majority of American's once again almost having their voice stolen makes the powers that be in Biden's tenure, finally decide to fix that little hiccup, so American's don't have to ever deal with this nightmare ordeal ever again.
The American people voted, and we won the day. The bad people lost, and got exposed for the traitors in the midsts that they really are. Now we get to sit back and hope that Republicans will at least give President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris a fighting chance. Of course I expect the attacks against anything that the Democrats puts forth as a worse thing then Watergate, ignoring of course the horrors that they themselves went all in for when Trump was pitching it. The hypocrisy will be huge. My big fear of course is that in two years, just as the Democrat's agenda is finally paying off, the ordeal we as a nation will be living through will give the people amnesia about what we just lived through. They will blame everything on Biden, and elect a pack of lying Republicans and this time the Republicans win back the Senate and House, and the end actually comes in 2024 when Trumpeter wins a lifetime appointment as King or Queen of the world. Well that won't happen right? 'We the people' have learned our lesson, right? George Walker, didn't do it. But, maybe Donald finally broke whatever spell being a Republican used to mean, and from now on, will always mean, the party of Insurrection. Ironic, the party of Lincoln, is now officially the party of treason, the party of Trump, the party of death, infection, starvation and lies. Yeah, the good guys won. Me so happy. After four long years, we all can try to get a good night's sleep.

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