Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Our forefathers are seriously spinning in their graves, as Trump's choices are announced. The only outcome I can see is the end of America as we've known it!   

SO IT ACTUALLY CAN GET WORSE! That's what I was thinking as the next set of names were announced, argued about, discussed and cried over. Anyone who thought Presidential elect Donald J. Trump, was in it to help our citizens, as opposed to himself and his ass backward leaning friends, were sadly mistaken. If the sheep haven't woken up yet from the con game Donnie pulled, if or when they do, they will finally realize what Trump is getting ready to do, or worse, has done. To simply end our nation or should I write, alter it into something that none of us hoped or dreaded it could actually ever become. Making America great again, while a groovy tag line for some, for others, its historic linkage to Nazism in Germany in the 1930's only made what we thought could happen that much scarier. While those who opposed his candidacy, who have been screaming we told you so from day one, realize that what we thought and expected could happen, well its reality, and unnervingly its actually made even our worst predictions look remarkably tame by comparison. 

Boy don't you hate it when you're right? Just this once, I so wish I was wrong, boy how I wish! Since Donald announced his candidacy, with his outlandish speech. Scaring half our nation into thinking, is this a real or a sad joke. The nearer we get to his swearing in, the worst his Presidency actually seems it will become. With each new announcement, with each new tamper tantrum on twitter, the level of anxiety in the pit of my stomach rises a bit higher. I keep imagining that this is some crazy drug induced episode, of course the problem being I'm not wasted and this is supposedly really happening. Donald Trump is gonna be our President? Is this really taking place in the real world, in real time? Maybe the citizens of our planet are being manipulated in some kind of crazy cosmic game of chess? Or I'm having a really bad dream, that I just can't wake up from. Or I did something real bad, and its all my fault… but whatever I did to have caused this, I am so so sorry. Please forgive me, whomever and please make it stop! Let us all snap out of it and either Hillary Clinton won, or the campaign itself hasn't yet begun. Whatever the reasonings, Trump's Presidency has seriously been doing a number on my mental stability. Seeing our nation turn into a pack of racist wolves, while discovering that our neighbors could turn out to be closeted Nazi's or Klansman, makes me happy for once that my father passed away years a go. Watching whats occurring in the streets of America would surely have made my father cry. Is this what he fought for in the Pacific during World War II? Somehow, either through lack of voters or voters being fooled into voting for Trump, or the Russians rigging it, or Trump rigging it, or just somebodies bad joke, Donald Trump will be running the free world. And it appears most if not all of his surrounding cast, will do everything in their powers or with Trump's blessings to make the lives of most Americans worse then it is today. A Republican dream fulfilled!

Seriously, what is abundantly clear is that all of his threats against the social safety net weren't just verbal attacks during a campaign but things he plans to actually do! All of his arguments against environmental regulations, his assault on the Affordable Care Act, bringing coal back, his unbelievable announcement that women who choose to have an abortion and the doctors who perform them should be punished could all be real in a matter of months. Even his attacks against the minimum wage looks like they weren't just political noise. And shall I bring up his attacks against the media, seems the only station that will ever be given access again to him, is Fox Faux News. While the rest will be prosecuted for crimes against the state. There's even a thing going around the Internet that The Donald will be able to text message everyone whenever he wants, so Big Brother it appears is named Trump. 

All those promises, or should I call them threats, plus more, are in fact looking to be on his docket. Which would almost be acceptable because at least, this is what we (not me), but apparently the voters, voted for. So yeah us, I guess we got what we wanted. But his promises to clean up the swamp, well, they're turning out to be the things that he lied most to the voters in his campaign. Seems the man who pitched himself as the ultimate outsider, is gonna surround himself with a pact of insiders who in fact should never ever be allowed inside any of the walls of power. Hysterically or should I write insanely, I seriously can not believe this is real, Sarah Palin, yes, the woman from Alaska, is in discussions to have a post for our future leader. I swear, every time we hear a new name, there should be a drum snare somewhere, being struck. When Donald Trump announced that his Treasury secretary's choice was gonna be Steven Mnuchin, I could only imagine what Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were thinking. One of the people that took advantage of the banking crisis, who made millions off of the backs of unsuspecting victims, who helped take our nation to the brink of implosion may now be in charge of the Treasury department. You see, he used to work for Goldman Sachs, yes that Golden Sachs! So it appears that the man who spent months railing against the banking system is now welcoming him into the fold. Well Bernie and Elizabeth might not be banging their heads against the wall, but I am. But hopefully they've already come up with plans to prevent this utter disaster, at least one can hope.

I can already see a day, if and when Donald is unable to continue, where they will create a fake Trump, or a propped up unconscious one, that will appear on screen, like a bad B budget movie. Where the only things that will move are his lips and his handlers will be running our nation into the ground. As for the members of Congress who promised to go after Donald J Trump's 'issues' when he was still a bad dream as opposed to our own nightmares, well they now seem to wanna act like the man's a boy scout. Nothing there to investigate, we should just trust the man, look what he's sacrificing to make America great. Let us all bow down, shall we. Everything they attacked Hillary Clinton for and demanded hearings on, that apparently Donald has ten times as many issues with, they want to let slide by. Guess it pays to have the majority, doesn't it? I only hope that when the time comes, and the Democrats have to put their feet down, they do it as obnoxiously as the Republicans did and make the Donald turn a much darker shade of red then his normal artificial orange. Of course by the time that happens, we might all be learning how to speak Russian and the President's title could be changed from Commander-in-chief to maybe, King or even possibly Czar?

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Cronyism, McCarthyism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, child labor, and more, seems Donald Trump 'is' taking us back to the good old days, and there's nothing 'great' about that! 

SO NOW ITS THE RECOUNT! For more then a year and a half, the talking heads have been discussing politics, to put it nicely ass backward! Every time there's a major development, something of real importance to report or discuss, we get fluff and talk about tweets and bullshit. Its unnerving! When will it stop? When some of us are being marched into a concentration camp or the gulag? Yesterday, I listened to so-called experts on both MSNBC and CNN scoff at Jill Stein's recount push as a waste of time. While killing the airtime with discussions of Kellyanne Conway's tweets about her feelings on Mitt Romney! This is nothing new, and each time they do it, it drives me nuts. What happened to reporting the news, the facts and letting the viewers decide. I'll use the word that's on every ones lips, 'normalizing' the crap. Hillary's emails nonstop, Benghazi, never-ending. But Trump's tweets more sacred then the bible and even more talked about. Trump is accused of rape, nothing! Trump's Foundation possibly not even legal… forgotten in a day. The Russian hacking of our election, such a nothing, who cares, no harm there! Remember that? That's right, this is what we get, instead of a real conversation about what a recount could mean. If it was at all possible that our election was rigged, possibly by the Russians, or played with to aid Donald Trump into winning the White Housepractically nothing. My question is, why the heck not? In a year when nothing is the norm and everything seems written in some scary end of the world scenario, why would stealing our election not be in this script? After what we've been through, one would think at least one talking head on one of the major outlets would make it their business to work on this story. Push it. Especially from a candidate who used that gimmick all the way through his campaign, accusing others of crimes that he himself was doing. Her taxes, her speeches, being a crook, her husbands infidelities, her family's charitable Foundation, the list in never ending. Each time he attacked others, somehow when his victims was proven innocent, they were tainted with the crime. In fact, considered by millions in our nation of being guilty enough for it to be put in prison or put to death. But obnoxiously with him, there are so many accusations, so many possible crimes we may never get to all of them. So for a man who promised to 'clean out the swamps' (I must note, that is a Nazi expression), even though it hasn't begun yet, his White House (if sworn in) would be the most corrupt in our nations history. After listening to the Republicans call every conspiracy a criminal act for decades, guilty even when proven innocent, there doesn't seem to be one reporter out there that wants be the one who brings us our next real Watergate. Why isn't there ever one issue out there that causes the Democrats to act a little crazy like they do? Why must the Democrats always be the grown-ups in the room? Maybe if Al Gore had grown a pair or acted like a childish inbred, he might have eventually gotten his Presidency. As opposed to stepping aside for the good of our nation, which we sadly learned wasn't for the good of our nation, was it? The fact that the talking heads are scoffing at this, seriously freaks me out. All we've gotten from day one in the world according to Trump is non-stop discussions on a multitude of things that the media wasted time on. So instead of any talks on policies or reality, all we got was TMZ meets the National Enquirer. Walter Cronkite seriously must be spinning in his grave.

I ask this a lot, and with each new revelation, its seems I've become a broken record. But is there anything involved with Donald Trump that isn't crooked? I can't think of one. Can you? So, maybe Donnie boy was right? Maybe the election has been rigged after all. But as it always turns out with those who call others crooked, the actors in the crime, always turn out to be the one's actually doing it. For example, as mentioned above in the Wisconsin counties, they've actually admitted to padding the totals in the voting. Whoops. The excuses that the media is using to disregard this as nothing befuddles me. One excuse that blew me away was when a Republican tool actually said things like: 'nobody would do this, its too obvious, no one would be that dumb, it would be too easy to catch them, so why even talk about it' and all I could do was sit back, scream at my television and say to myself out loud, 'unfreakinbelievable'! 

Seriously, people, am I the only one that ponders this? His wife, his kids, his business practices, his taxes, his foundation, the people he is surrounding himself with. I could keep going. Plus, lets also add to the list of horrors a new wrinkle, one that we all thought was lost in America forever, Child Labor! Seems Donald decided to choose a person to run our nation's schools whose into bringing Child Labor back! And no I am not making this up. So all we get is talk about will it be Rudy or Mitt? 'Look at the inner turmoil' that waste of air time was probably set up by the Trump gossip wing. Lets waste more time on that, instead of what this could do to hurt public school in our nation, before it no longer exists. Shall we say, the rich shall get it, and the poor, sorry no books for you! No healthcare, no social safety net, and now no public education. Wasn't Donald the candidate who said he loved the 'poorly' educated! Now I'm Pondering when the minimum wage will be discussed, as in getting rid of it. 

Maybe, I'm going overboard, just a little. This could never possibly happen, right? Just like a Trump Presidency, never in the real world. Please media, wake up and do your jobs. If this is how he plans to run our nation, we seriously are in the shitter! National security briefings, who needs them. Not our future tyrant, he's too busy supposedly choosing his quasi Gestapo, then sitting in meetings. For a man who knows nothing, the fact that he doesn't seem to realize there are things he needs to learn is frightening. I guess he will wing it or follow the advice of the experts he's surrounding himself with. You know, the ones he's hiring who have no experience in the jobs he's giving them. Like Ben Carson, a doctor, running HUD. I guess cause he's a minority, he would understand housing… right? Seems like the talking heads in the media (at least on MSNBC and CNN) all are scoffing at Jill Stein’s recount, saying nothing could ever happen with it. That the Democrats should just sit back, deal with reality and get over it. Really, what are they so afraid of? What happens if they discover with the recount, Hillary won any or all of the states that she currently has lost! And actually wins the totals here too? Imagine if she did? If there is a possibly, and somebody is gonna be recounting, then shouldn't that be a story to report? Isn't this news? Real news? Big news? Career making news? Seems the media that has been wrong for a year and a half, can’t admit, this notion that the numbers were rigged is real. To them, Jill Stein’s power play is simply a way to give her Green Party a push. Honestly I don’t care if that’s her angle, let’s see the results. Lets see if Donald really won the states that are in play here? What is he afraid of? What if it shows something illegal happened? What if the election was rigged? Why does the media who screams about twitter, scoffs at even the possibility of election fraud? I find this astonishing that something as important as possibly real rigging of our nation's election is being laughed at by these reporters. Seems their polls were wrong weren't they, or were they? Perhaps, the polls that were scoffed at after the election. Trying to wrap the heads around the fact that they were so wrong, were actually correct and the system was rigged? I mean they were spot on four years a go, and always seem to be, so why was this years election so wrong, as in terms of the polls? Again, maybe they weren't…

I understand some people think that Jill Stein is only doing this to put money into her pocket and to help boost her Green Party movement. A theory that seems the closest to reality to me. Perhaps she feels guilty for helping Donnie win the crown? I even noticed some people online claim that by doing this she will help prove that the election wasn't rigged, in fact helping Trump and Putin. Seems their opinion is that the whole Jill Stein recount is really her way to help Moscow. They want Jill to stop and have Hillary's people do the recount, after all they've got lots of money they could spend for it. I agree with that part of it, they've loaded, but I can't believe that she would waste any time on this, except to get her face in the news. I mean, she's got more money fundraising for this then for her entire campaign, and lots more press. Maybe she's gonna announce her aim to run again in four years and she's using this whole recount thing to fill her bank and to finally give her candidacy a reason for existence. The system is rigged. How funny, finally she would be doing something that she stole from Bernie, but this time actually doing it, as opposed to simply stealing a talking point.  

Now even Donald Trump has tweeted his feeling about this possible rigging. Of course, he's against any recount. Seems the man who bitched for months that the election is rigged, wants people to just go with the results, even if they look sketchy. Nothing there folks. Nothing behind that big orange curtain to reveal. Your head isn't feeling uneasy by what might have happened, that's just a hangover from every ones universal celebration of Trumps astonishing mandate given to him by his overwhelming loss in the popular vote! 

To listen to people now who allowed nonstop lies to proliferate on air for months, who hired trumpeters as paid employees to pitch the charms of Donald Trump. Who allowed neo-Nazi’s to actually question on air if the Jewish people were even equal to the whites? Who allowed nonstop racism, anti-Semitic banter, anti immigration, anti Muslim filth in the guise of reporting to become the norm. Now they want people who are querying the maybes, they want all of us to just sit back and accept what they tell us are the results. I'm sorry, we've already discovered that at least 4 precincts in Wisconsin was rigged to aid Donald Trump. We've read about all the voter problems through out our nation. We've learned about thousands of votes being thrown out illegally, and the media doesn't think that its worth a recount? 

After what our nation has lived through, not to mention the hacking of one political party by the Russians, with the assistance of the FBI, one would think with such a divided population, that the powers that be might want to confirm the right person was being sworn in in January. I mean wouldn't it make sense to make sure, before its too late? The good thing is, if somehow we discover that Hillary actually won both the popular vote as well as the electoral collage, knowing her, she's already got her choices for all of her cabinet positions set in place. And I have no doubt, all of them are actually experienced in the positions she wanted them to have. As opposed to Donald who seems to be choosing people by their TV Q scores and how little they know about the task that they are being given. I guess if he can wing his Presidency, so can they wing their assignments. That is before before we all crash and burn from their incompetence.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I'm seriously having doubts about what to be thankful for, but like the turkeys our President pardoned today, I guess I should look at the bright side and just this once try to forget the bad.

IN A YEAR WHEN ALL CONVENTION went out the window and a great lady was seriously screwed out of her rightful place in history, looking at the positives is not an easy thing for me to do. And thats without discussing what might be in our near future with The Donald running this nation. But with all the good things that have occurred this past year and over the last eight, and somehow trying to disregard all the nightmares I’ve recently had about what our world might turn into, that innocent positive boy inside of me, still hopes the world will be better tomorrow then it feels like it is today. Of course hope, is something I have a lot less of then I did just a few days a go. 

Last weekend, John Oliver had a brilliant ending to his second season with a bit entitled ‘FU 2016!’ Which was punctuated with the loss of so many talented people, including Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. I mean it was bad enough to suffer through the crowning of King Trump and the loss of Hillary Clinton, but hearing the names of those we lost this past year, really did a number on my tear ducts. Perhaps in the new year, the talk that the election could be overturned and Hillary or even some other Republican could replace him, does bring me some solace that 2017 already feels like it’s gonna get better. Of course like everything else in this years election, I’ll believe it when I see it. And if it doesn’t happen and Donald does get sworn in, my only hope is that the man can’t be as bad as I expect him to be, or could he? There’s always Impeachment to look forward to... Well that’s for another day, this is about looking at things that I’m thankful for. We’ve got plenty of time to think about that, or do we? Have you heard today’s latest... don’t get me started. 
The first thing I’m grateful for is that our current President, Barack Obama lived to see his entire term. No seriously, if you listen to the rise of hate speech lately and all the disgusting attacks we’ve heard since he initially ran for his job, the fact that the man lived to handover the assignment, even to an orange faced could be tyrant is a victory. What a triumph for our nation and our world. To see a man and his family handle the job with such class and accomplishment is something I will treasure forever, and I will marvel for decades that he actually got elected in the first place. 
Today watching the ceremony at the White House as he pardoned this years lucky turkeys all I could do was smile and laugh. As he handled the annual tradition with such class and humor I couldn’t help to think how lucky we are to have lived during his tenure. I’m sure like our ancestors who talked about their leaders, President Obama is one for the ages. To see history happen right in front of our eyes, the good kind, and recognize it as it happens is pretty special. I’m actually getting emotional just thinking about it. How lucky we were to be so smart to have elected him in. So for that I am forever thankful.
As the nation prepares to transition from an Obama Presidency into a Trump (that is if he does get sworn in) White House, looking at our Presidents achievements, such as our economy, job growth, Gay marriage and Obamacare, all I can say is thank you sir, you reigned supreme! It’s just astonishing or is that sad, how many of the people that should’ve given him thanks by voting for Hillary, instead decided that the turkey they did vote for, was a man that makes most of us feel like we do after we’ve stuffed our faces way too much during the Thanksgiving meal.
I for one will be forever grateful to have seen (on television) his inauguration live. Sitting there with tears falling down my cheeks. To witness the thousands who stood outside to experience such an historic moment in time. To listen to his words. Simply something I will never forget. Of course, maybe his biggest achievement was making marriage legal for the LGBTQ community. I may be straight, but I’ve never been more proud of our nation. Finally the land of equality had made it to its most important of circumstances, its most sacred vow. The marriage between two people. I haven’t personally had that moment, and may never, but whenever I witness it, I’ve never been more sure that real love exists. To see this once forbidden happiness, this love expressed opening and legally, was truly an inspiring experience. It to put it nicely made me high. And yes it almost felt like I was on something, in the same way the President Barack Obama's Inauguration made me practically giddy. Now if we clean up the remnants of bigotry in regards to discrimination in laws still enacted or currently being shoved into real legislation, I could maybe think the world has truly rid itself of one more negative. 
On a positive note, I must say with all of the hatred that has spewed out lately it’s almost amazing that the LGBTQ has seemingly been speared whats been done towards the Muslim or Mexican communities. 
Not sure if this is a good sign or not, but with all the negativity of this past election campaign, its almost forgotten (at least in the streets of New York City), how good everything looks. Obama's work on fixing up George Walker's mess is finally having visual results. Its a shame President Obama didn't have one more year to finish the job. Scarily, the last night I felt so good about my city was right before 9/11 so I'm not sure if this means anything, just figured I should I’d mention it.
On a personal note, as a novice in political commentary I am very thankful how many out there have dropped by to peruse my almost daily diatribe on my thoughts of what’s good or worse in our political world. So let me give thanks to those who have graced my blog, even those who disagreed with me. It’s a special feeling to have what sometimes just pours out of me without any idea ahead of time, welcomed by even a handful, let alone sometimes hundreds in a single post. Like today's which began when I thought back at our President's turkey pardons, I never know what or where my inspirations will take me, or come from. Sometimes after they're written, I go back to read my own commentaries and go did I write this? Happily, so far, as I can recall, nothing that has come out of me is something I would take back, apologize for, or be embarrassed by. As always, let me know if I've crossed the line, or not.  
Of course I’m thankful for my friends and family and loved ones. And all the new friends I’ve gotten through this blog. And the fact that even at my age I’m still able to pursue my passions in the arts, even if that pursuit sometimes feels like you’ve been punched in the gut one too many times. 
Lastly I’m thankful and grateful to have had the chance to vote for someone I’ve admired for more then half my life. I'm thankful that more then 62 million other souls in our nation agreed with me and voted in record numbers. She may not have technically won the election (yet), and she may never gain the title, but for months I got the chance to dream it, and I actually got the chance to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of these United States (And as I wrote that last line, my eyes began to tear up, again), and for that I will always be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, and to all a good night.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016


I know he has to spin it in the best way possible, at least until he's left the building, but just pondering if our current President missed that history lesson?

WHILE HATE IS BEING RATCHETED UP in our nation, as our future king surrounds himself with seemingly a clown car filled with enemies of equality and democracy, it seems our nation has suddenly turned into Germany during Hitler’s reign of terror… and sorry, I won’t apologize for not falling in line with those who bent on their knees to blow him or sold their souls like those who now disregard everything he does as a sacrifice for the good of the nation while helping to destroy it from within.

Maybe President Barack Obama skipped the class about Germany before World War II, when a new political leader emerged named Adolf! His rhetoric was shall we say not as nice as our current President elect or at least it wasn't in English. But his sentiments pretty much scream as echoes of the hatred spewed by this current political leader. We may have defeated that nightmare, and I guess we’re gonna survive this one. I just hope the ramifications of what’s to come won’t be as horrific and destructive as Donald’s role model. Scarily his fans are showcasing what his hate speak has spawned. Maybe its just people using Trump as an excuse to act out, maybe? Perhaps this is just their way of celebrating their victory?  
My dad once said, if a black or Jew ever won the Presidency the world would come to an end. He said this not because he was a racist and hated them, but because the bigots out there would lose their minds! I'd prefer to hope that this current outburst is just a case of temporary insanity. But sadly I think its more that they've discovered that their way of looking at the world is more common then any of us ever thought possible, and Trump's 'victory' has emboldened them into their vile acts. Sadly those acts, seem to only have just gotten started and the power players at the top are simply letting it happen and aren't taking any credit or blame. I remember my dad used to tell me that the Jewish people (of note my family is Jewish), and the Blacks (that’s what African Americans were called in the 1960’s) were basically looked upon by the haters as the same. Simply not white! As a kid I didn’t get it, and hated thinking I was different. I so wanted to fit in, but if this is what the so called white people think, I am so happy not to be a part of their race. May it disappear the way of the dinosaur! I also never got racism and hatred of any kind. How can you just look at someone for whatever reason and think they are less then you? Or even worse, less then human? I just innocently thought everyone was equal and things like that were part of our history that you learned about in class, or watched in movies showcasing the way things used to be. Being a New Yorker, maybe I was living in a bubble? I honestly thought those kinds of people died out during the Civil War! And if they didn't the few left who believed like that were few and far between. Who knew at least a quarter of the nation were secretly harboring these hateful feelings. Of course being the lone white kid in my entire public school and junior high (I am not exaggerating), I faced racist kids of color who taunted me, called me 'White Cracker' and worse, but I never took it personally. I thought they were using that as an excuse to hurt me, it really had nothing to do with my color. Luckily for me it never got that bad, which is why I've never felt afraid walking anywhere, night or day, good neighborhood or bad. Of course it turned out that the 'end of days' my dad warned me about, would seem to be happening after the African American President left office not when he placed his hand on the bible to make it official. I guess the hatred had to stew for a few years first. Marinate for a while, while he was in office. The hints were obvious that bad things were brewing. The images of the first family as monkeys, the photos of nooses and of course Donald Trumps' birtherism bullshit!
Now our President Barack Obama says he’ll push back, he'll "speak up" if Donald Trump does something that goes against our "values or ideals", but until then we should just give the man a chance to prove that his rhetoric was worse then what he will actually do once in power. Looks like our future Fuhrer's casting of his inner circle hasn't given him pause? I guess the fact that Donald is planning not only to remove as much as they possibly can of anything that President Obama has done while in office hasn't made him go, wait a minute. Or the fact that he seems Hell bent on transforming our nation into a place none of us recognize. Sir, while I might consider you one of the greatest Presidents, if not the greatest our nation has ever been lucky enough to have elected, your giving the man a chance, rings hollow to me. Especially with what we've watched in recent days. 
Maybe its me, but as evidenced in what Donald Trump seems to be pulling in regards to making his stay in the White House the biggest windfall in history, I would think that he has already pushed it way too far. That before he even gets into power, they should find a way to stop his Presidency in its tracks. For God sake, I think there are at least a dozen reasons that could Impeach him once in office, so why not stop it before we have to put our country through another months long episode that who knows how much that would fracture our nation even more then it already ahas become. But if we can't stop it ahead of time, I would have no qualms doing just that, because the man, once he's sworn in at the Impeachment hearings would surely convict himself easily. I understand that the Republicans are jumping for joy that their wants are within their reach. But what does the man have to do, before even those who sold their souls wake up and realize that Donald Trump isn't a good fit for the Presidency? That the man is actually a danger to our very Democracy! When will they stop, and realize that they are Americans before they are Republicans? Sadly I guess the answer to that is never. All I can hope is that somehow we survive, his Presidency, that the people who are in power don't play even more games with the rights of the voters so that in two years or in four, the voters who still can, wake up to the nightmare we are currently living and vote these fools out. So we can begin to dig out of whatever hole he's put us in, if that is still possible.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, November 21, 2016

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Sadly this is our country! I guess most of us have been living a dream called America, and it was just a figment of our imaginations. Seems the experiment in Democracy is ending, and a new kingdom has arisen in its wake!

SEEMS WHEN BARACK OBAMA was sworn in the realism that the Aryan Nation wasn't what America was becoming must have put a bee in the asses of all those in our nation that longed for the good old days when the only people of color that walked its streets were the native American Indians who the white people originally stole their nation right from underneath them. Sadly their ancestors needed to acquire slaves to do the dirty work and the land was filled with Africans, and unfortunates from other nations, tainting its shores. And lets not bring up the intermingling of the races, I guess that was the 'others' trying to destroy the white folk from within.

Sadly I wish I was just being sarcastic. But the moment when I first noticed this issue, was on President Barack Obama's Inauguration Day. The day he put his hand on the bible and was sworn in as our nation's 44th President. As all the famous and powerful were led to their seats to watch this historic event, I noticed something that struck me as odd. It seemed to me that most of the people were white, the lone person who wasn't a powerful figure who also seemed to be the only other person of color, was the soldier who opened the door where they passed through. What struck me was how the whites in attendance looked at our nation's newest President, it's first African American President, and they didn't seemed thrilled. Maybe that should have been our first wake up call. 
Of course, racism isn't knew in our nation. But once Senator Barack Obama announced his run, that seemed to be a wake up call for those unhappy with their own lives. That unhappiness, made them long for the good old days when they ruled our land. So we begin to see hateful racist images and language, but mostly it was geared toward our new President and his family, at least what was being showcased online. And once he got in, the racism became more and more prevalent and the hatred spread beyond just him. Seemingly the more President Obama accomplished the more the racism against him and people of color grew. As his triumphs showcased yes a man of color could do as good a job, if not better then a white person, those who had racist leanings and who hadn't gotten the help they thought they deserved, the angrier they grew. I mean first music, then sports, then acting, and now politics, it seems that those who believe that they were superior couldn't handle the fact that maybe they weren't. Those others, might actually be better at things or at least equal. Simply, it was the individual who accomplished the feats, not who their ancestors were or where they came from or the color of their skin.
Sadly it seems, Hillary Clinton's American beliefs, that we are all created equal in the eyes of God or at least in its laws seemingly has put the colorblind inbreds into a terrible state. Instead of falling all over herself for the whites in our nation, she pitched a nation that was equal to all. Women, children, men, people of color, and even those who aren't straight. In their viewpoint, everything these backward thinking racists were taught in Sunday School, Church, or home, was dying off and they weren't happy about it. In other words, 'they' were taking what was ours away and they had had enough of it. And worse, Hillary Clinton was rubbing their noses in it. How dare she stand on stage with rap stars or liberals or the gays or anyone who didn't look like their Jesus that they were brainwashed into believing.
Maybe its possible that the last straw for Trump's voters was President Barack Obama himself coming out and practically yelling and pleading for Americans to vote for Hillary. That if we didn't vote for her, that itself would be an insult to everything he did for us. Honestly listening to him bothered me a little. I would have preferred to hear him say this is what you're gonna lose and gain if he wins and push all the great that Hillary would add to what he's done for us. I just wish he had pitched it to us, less like a father tells their child what was best for them, even if we don't like it. Well I guess too many didn't listen to his advice, and now everyone is gonna be punished and punished severely.
Which brings us to Donald Trump, the loser of the popular vote, who riled up the hatred in the people who I guess came out of the closet to reveal their inner hater. They may not personally be racists, but they seem to be in bed with them. All we heard over and over was this isn't the Donald we know. Even though he's practically surrounded himself with a bunch of pseudo Nazi's, people argued he wasn't one of them. That once in, he would be the savior of all Americans. He was gonna make America great again. But the more we see of what he is hiring to help run this nation, the more it is obvious that the nation he wants, is a White one! Or at least a lot less dark and all put in their places. Everyone of his policies and advisers are acting much like the Republicans did once Barack Obama became President, but scarily not as nicely. Remember that they still acted like they ran the place even after they lost the election. They looked down at him as if he was above his station.
Over the course of this election as we watched Donald Trump and his Trumpeters go about insulting everyone who didn't agree with them. Donald screamed the media was corrupt, and he's threatened to sue papers or reporters who spoke ill of him. As if he was a king who deserved to be respected, and now that the man has lied and schemed his way into the job (still hoping it doesn't become official) he's demanding apologies from those who disagree, protest, or are harassed by those who don't agree. Seriously? Really you want us to respect you because now you're our President or Vice President. I'm sorry no. You want apologies, you first! You want us to respect you? You need to respect us! Remember you are working for us, its not the other way around! You want the Democrats to just fall in line and just let you dismantle our Social safety net, then you can just drop dead. You wanted to make America great, unfortunately the great part in your comment was only about the whites in the audience.
Scarily everyone of his asks or demands sound more and more like a certain Nazi that killed millions upon millions of people who weren't who he considered pure Germans. Yes he was also elected, and yes he swiftly changed all the rules to favor what he wants. And he seems to have no problems with hurting all those who disagree with him or are different. Sadly it seems that the people that he's surrounding himself all have hatred in them, and they want all of us to quietly fall in line. Its not just the Africans, any people of color who aren't white, Latinos, the LGTBQ community. Its also the Jews and even the Asians. Pretty much everyone who isn't white or Christian. If you're rich it seems then that okay, but only as long as you play by their rules. A good example would be Donald's son-in-law.
Suffice it to say, I'm scared for our country, our future and my life. Visions of swastikas keep coming to me. What we've got is an equal opportunity offender, willing to seemingly break every rule in the book to get whatever he wants. Add to that he seriously could be a megalomaniac and all of his posse seem ready to either climb into a white hood, with noose in hand or begin goose stepping as they have their policy meetings. Of course I might be losing my marbles, but sadly I just don't think so. I think what we are seeing, and discovering is what too many voted in. I can't believe that all of them are racists or worse, but even if they aren't, they are okay with whats going on all around our country. Sadly just like the people who allowed the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930's, it appears a similar change is happening in our very own nation. The hate that filled them then, at least on the surface appears very similar to what they are pitching now. As we get closer to the Trump regime, my fear grows and like millions of others all I can do is sit back and wait to see if what I think is gonna occur happens. Well I guess on a good note, I always wanted a tattoo, I just never thought the one I finally got might be my identification number like they used in the Nazi concentration camps.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016


As we discover whom Donald wants to help lead us to the promised land, visions of breadlines fill my eyes. Seriously what have we got ourselves into?

AS THE NAMES of the worst picks imaginable, one by one, get leaked whom Donald Trump wants to hand the most important jobs to in his inner circle, shudders keep running down my spine. If that wasn't bad enough, the clown car that is the rest of Republicans still in power, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are discussing enacting everyone of their scary cuts to most of our social services. They're even discussing rolling back all of the protections in banking that was installed after Bush's economic policies destroyed our economy. All I keep wondering is why wasn't this discussed by the media for months as opposed to Hillary's God damned emails?

Just look at the list of names that have been banded about and look at what they might be in charge of. As Secretary-of-State, Rudy Giuliani, Nikki Haley, or even Mitt Romney. Secretary of Homeland Security, the notorious racist Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Secretary of Defense, Tom Cotton, or how about the next Attorney General, maybe being Ted Cruz or Jeff Sessions. General Michael Flynn, as our National Secretary advisor, and lets not forget the already announced Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist. Hysterically and scarily even Sarah Palin has been thrown into the mix. And notice I haven't mentioned his family and son-in-law whom it seems he wants to not only run his company in a supposedly 'blind trust', he also somehow wants them to work for him in the White House. And whats so bad about his choices so far, is that they either like him have no experience in the positions they are being considered for, but it appears most of them have conflict of interests and a lot of legal issues. How do I say this, lets just call them the cesspool of losers. One of the things Donald Trump claimed was that he would surround himself with the best people. Well, these are seriously not the best, not even close.
Yesterday Hillary Clinton came out, really for the first time since she technically lost the Presidency and again proved why she should've won. Seriously, watching her talk about the Children's Defense Fund, listening to her briefly discuss how the loss effected her, proved that once again why any complaints about her speaking fees is simply jealousy, the woman's a great speaker. Yes, she's still upset she lost, but she's unbowed by it. It just befuddles me that she didn't win, how could we as a nation blow it so terribly? I mean if Trump was a decent Republican maybe, but him? Look who we had the opportunity to lead our nation. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. Talk about a mind. Talk about a waste! Why would people vote against what is best for them? I understand unhappiness, I understand fear and I understand people will do a lot of things to try to survive. Obviously we've all met or sadly personally gotten swindled by a great salesman, or as in this case, I mean conman. I even understand racism, well not really, but I kind of get it, but still, I just can't fathom what just occurred. As Hillary Clinton spoke lovingly about the children that were being celebrated at the event, my eyes began tearing up because my country that I love so much might now be in so much jeopardy. All of the things that make it great, are now in danger of either being taken away or modified into nothing. Everything that President Obama helped stop the Republicans from doing, are now in the cross hairs of these so called patriots. And all I have is fear. 
When Al Gore's presidency was awarded to George Walker Bush I was upset, I mean we spent weeks suffering through the 'hanging' chad debacle. I was a fan of Vice President Gore, but mostly I was a fan of what Bill Clinton had done, and was hoping for a continuation of more of the same. By the time George Walker was sworn in, I wasn't expecting much. We did have his father as a hope that what some of us felt about George Walker, might be wrong. So I was hoping we would survive his tenure without too much damage. Of course when he attacked the wrong nation, I expected that the voters would kick the fool out. But no, and as we all know, by the end of his second term, we just barely survived the worst Presidency in our nations history. Looking back the only thing that worked out in the end, was that George was so pathetic that we got Barack Obama to announce his run for the White House, and look at how great that turned out. It took our President almost his entire tenure to right the ship and it seemed we were on course to go smooth sailing into our futures. Talk about optimistic. Look who we had as a possible President. The person that some thought should have been our Commander in Chief, eight years ago. A former Secretary of State, and a woman who had spent her lifetime preparing for the job. Man I was stoked. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to sit back and watch where this great lady would take us in the next eight years. The things our current President couldn't accomplish in his tenure, Hillary Clinton would be able to get to.  
Not sure how many people remember how it felt to live in America right before that election that changed our nation forever, but I do. I used to walk around New York and marvel at how great everything seemed to be getting. The city was cleaner. There was nonstop construction. Jobs seemed to be easy to find. Our nation seemed to have rid ourselves of a lot of the hatred in our past. From racism or wars, to hate crimes. Women had rights and it felt that most of us were equal, and the America I lived in was the America that I had read about. I was so excited for our futures, and then the Supreme Court chose our next leader and the bottom dropped out from underneath all of us. I spent the next eight years walking around in a sad daze. Once the chase for George Walker's replacement began, yes I wanted Hillary, but what was so great with Barack was that either candidate was an amazing option. When Barack Obama was chosen by the voters, I jumped right into his pool and have been swimming with him ever since. I can not be more proud of our nation for getting it so right with him, and I was expecting us to do it again with Hillary. 
Sadly as we've discovered, a lot of the voters that voted for President Obama, defected to the Republican nominee, and the rest is history as they say. Kind of reminds me of the Reagan democrats, when will people learn? Much like the Republicans lied their candidate into the presidency with George Walker, an idiot who wasn't up for the job, it seems the public was fooled into doing the same thing this year. That said, even with what we lived through with this campaign, I still figured reality would wake up the masses. But instead it seems a reality star who acted more like a cast member of the 'Real Housewives' meets 'The Sopranos' was what sadly too many people wanted. What is apparent and what has been since the day he announced his run for the office, is that Donald Trump hasn't been preparing himself for the office. His game plan was to win the election and seemingly wing it. Like in that classic political film 'The Candidate' starring Robert Redford. At the climax of the film, after he discovers he actually won the election, he asks his campaign manager, played by Peter Boyle "What do I do now?" Scarily I think that's gonna be his mantra for the entire tenure of his presidency. 
What frightening is if he gets the people they are throwing out as official members of his inner circle, either they'll be advising him or he'll be ordering them to implement policies and positions that will set us on a course with no safety net for the citizens of our nation. And now, there will be no one like President Barack Obama to stop him. I guess I now hope that the Democrats have as a big a set of balls as the Republicans did, and if necessary do what they did. Shut down our Government, until reason and reality wake Donald Trump up. The problem being, we will be having a loose cannon in the White House, and we have no clue how he will react if that occurs. Sadly if Trump's presidency is worse then George Walker's, the Great Depression and the Great Recession will seem like Heaven on Earth. And for the first time in my lifetime, I honestly can say I am scared for our futures, and the future of the Republic.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


As the reality struck millions, some of us are having a hard time getting out of bed while others seem to want to make her the excuse for his winning. 

WELL THE BOTTOM DROPPED OUT for a lot of people, and the streets are filled with terrified individuals who are beginning to resemble the Arab Spring of a few years back. So far for the most part, it hasn’t been violent and police are letting thousands of the disillusioned get some of their terror and outrage out. Of course, once there's a Trump in the White House, if it happens (I’m still fantasizing that something occurs and someone else puts her hand on the Bible on Inauguration Day), the people letting the people vent could be replaced by the military and those protesting could face the real anger of the Donald, and it could real real fast.

This is getting seriously bad, I’m talking about my tears. Someone wrote that Hillary’s defeat is the worse they felt since 9/11. My response was, no this is worse because the attack and destruction came from within. We did this to ourselves. Seriously it’s been a week and still I’m an emotional wreck. I can’t watch something about the election or read anything without my eyes tearing up. A perfect example happened on Saturday Night Live, during its cold opening. Kate McKinnon was in her Hillary Clinton drag performing the late great Leonard Cohen’s classic Hallelujah, and by the time she sung the words "I'm not giving up and neither should you." I realized again that I was crying. For once I was happy Alec Baldwin wasn’t wearing orange, because honestly I can not find anything funny or good or happy in where our very own citizens has put us. 
I’ve also noticed that since we suffered through the election, or at least those who hoped the results would be different, that it’s hard to get up the energy to write yet another commentary about what’s been going on. It seems before the election as as we got closer, I never had a problem just whipping out the words. Each day another motherlode of events got my juices flowing, but since, I can hardly get the energy. I guess this is similar to a great loss, a death in the family, like a dream you've had has finally been destroyed. Maybe it was our democracy?
As the vote totals are still coming in, it seems that yes, the electorate decided this year to actually make herstory, but the way our nation's democracy is run, the people actually don't elect the President. But because technically Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, the blame game is in full spin. People are saying that the reason Hillary lost, was because the voters weren’t enthused about her, at least that’s what I keep hearing. Seems everyone is falling over themselves to try to blame someone, anyone for the results. The progressives are blaming Hillary and the DNC because they didn’t go with Bernie. Even Hillary is blaming others, in her case FBI director James Comey’s late October surprise and his follow up two days before Election Day. The people’s President, Hillary Clinton, suggested it riled up his base and got them to vote in larger then expected numbers. As usual, her reasoning is sound, makes sense and is at least one of the reasons the chips fell where they did. I wouldn’t been as nice in my description, but remember, "When others go low, I go high." Somehow the fact that more people voted for her doesn’t come to mind when they whine that Donald won. They point at polls. They point at crowds. They actually said after the election that she couldn’t drum up enthusiasm, something which was a constant theme from day one. Screw enthusiasm or however you want to call it. Guess people in grief, their memories are very short. Did they not see that event with over 30,000 people on election eve? Again she won the popular vote. Over 60 million people voted for her and the tally isn’t finished. 
It seems the republicans attack against Hillary during the campaign, coupled with their years long opposition to everything President Barack Obama wanted to do worked to rile up his sheep and they voted in the right numbers in the right states. That strategy probably halted the growth of jobs that might have pushed Hillary over the top. Even though Obama’s policies seemed to be on course for slow steady growth, those jobs gained didn’t reach the masses fast enough. People have very short attention spans, seems that their lives even though much better then it was eight years ago, too many of them didn’t gain in Obama’s term. 
Donald’s quick rich scheme suckered more investors, this time those people, were the voters of America. Not enough believed the evidence presented on television, they sadly believed the lies thrown out from his Republican enemies. Not enough listened to all those who claimed Donald ripped them off. Not enough buyers into his scheme believed that his racist, hateful rhetoric and sexual illicit advances against women mattered or were in fact real. My thinking is too most Americans, what was showcased about him during this nightmare we called his campaign was more reality television then the real world we live in. So all his misdeeds were simply made for television. I mean come on, if we weren't all experiencing it together, wouldn't most of us think that the people telling us about it had lost their minds? Making stuff up! There is no way possible what happened actually happened, I swear I keep waking up hoping that that week never happened.
Well, the honeymoon phase Donald Trump expected if he won the Presidency never happened. But instead of parades of people celebrating in the streets as their new savior graces us with his winnings, the reality of what might become caused our citizens to erupt in anger and the protests began. Almost immediately, thousands started joining up on the streets, as if there lives and futures depended on it. Sadly not enough of the electorate before the election believed the nightmare could come true. There was very little of what he promised discussed in the media and too much wasted airtime spent on Hillary's emails. So now those whose candidate lost, are in a tizzy and they’re hoping that perhaps if enough rise up that Donald would just quit because the people don't really love him. 
The Trumpeters, well they are not very happy that people instantly didn’t bow down to him or them, practically threatening those who don’t quit complaining. When the announcement that Steve Bannon, of 'Alt Right' fame was announced as one of Trumps main advisers, even that was argued by them that the media is lying again. There is no racism with Steve. All of his past evil words or actions never happened. The person they know, and the person that ran the campaign is not the evil son-of-a-bitch that the liberal biased media is describing. Much like their arguing that the masses of people complaining and worried that Donald might do what he’s pitched weren’t giving Donald a fair chance. They are also arguing that the racism or worse reactions also spreading throughout our country by the Trump sheep are being made up by those opposing the president elect. 
I was speaking to a young lady, who it turns out didn’t vote. A New Yorker, so honestly her vote this past Tuesday wouldn’t have changed the outcome on Election Day, since Hillary won New York. But her answer to me why she didn’t did open my eyes to one of the main reasons Trump won. She didn’t believe Donald was gonna do any of the stuff he pitched in his winning con. She didn’t believe he had the power to deport millions of illegal immigrants. She just simply didn’t believe. She also thought Donald’s daughter Ivanka was wonderful and didn’t seem to know anything about her except perhaps what she had seen at the RNC or what she’s read in all those fluff pieces floating out there. 
Sadly I hope I’m wrong but as some have put forth, it’s possible what America has elected into office could be our very own version of Adolf Hitler, and that very possibility is causing me many a sleepless night, and this is just week one. I already imagine our very own concentration camps popping up all over our nation, housing those who disagree with the rule of law. Or at least the new one, one of his cronies will enact once he places that tiny hand of his on the bible and is sworn in.  Perhaps Guantanamo can now be retrograded to house our own political prisoners. Maybe one day thats where we'll find Harry Reid, Michael Moore or even Hillary and Bill for the crimes of simply being Clinton's. Watch out media, those who oppose them might be in trouble now. The New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and any of a number of newsmen or outlets who refuse to cow down to their wishes. Still not seeing the resemblance to Germany in the late 1930's.
It wasn’t so long ago when Russia had overthrown its Communist past and actually elected in a Democracy. Or at least their version of it, and look at how swiftly it has turned back into a dictatorship under Putin. And just like in America, the people there freely elected in their own current leader. Scarily even in America that possibility is on the radar. I’m not sure how powerful the rioters would feel if Trump's SS military under the tutelage of Putin starts mowing them down. Perhaps ironically in the interest of protecting us from those unlawful protesters, Trump’s force would deem it necessary to remove all the  guns from civilians. Wouldn’t that be something that the pro-gun candidate, decided that that was one issue he was wrong about and he himself ends the Second Amendment.
Lastly as the names are being announced who Donald will be surrounding himself in his cabinet, each one seems to be scarier then the one before, including Steve Bannon of course. But today I had a great laugh, Ben Carson, this years chief clown in the race for the Republican nomination. Of course calling him a clown is sort of redundant when you discuss any of the menagerie of candidates that blessed us in the Republican party. But Ben Carson, announced today that he wouldn't be accepting a cabinet position in the Trump White House. Hysterically the man came out today and said that he didn't know enough about government to accept any offer. But, didn't he run for President? Maybe like Trump, the game for him was winning the prize, not actually doing the job.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016


As protests erupt throughout the land, a few thoughts on this years election. Like Donald claims he's got a mandate when he actually lost the popular vote… eh, nope!

SEE DONALD WAS RIGHT the election was rigged, by gerrymandering districts the Republicans won the day, and maybe in the process destroyed our nation forever. Be it with the assistance of Russia as its seriously being reported or the fact that people knew about the Russian invasion but never came forward, which I presume is a serious crime. Powers that be, please look into that pronto, before Inauguration Day. So far nothing expected in this election has been normal, so wouldn't it be something if after all we've been through, they rip his presidency right from underneath him on a legal technicality. Seems the Soviets and the Trump campaign were in cahoots, plus the FBI had a hand in letting it happen with the aid of people in high political office, and maybe even the media was in on it too, Fox Faux news! We were promised an Impeachment hearing from many members of the talking heads in Washington politics, perhaps the Impeachment is still occurring, but the names have been changed from a she to a he. Every time Donald Trump said that Hillary's crimes were worse then Watergate, I was thinking, nope, your's are sir. Well, if its true about any of it or amazingly all of it, me thinks Donald J Trump is the one whose topped Watergate, and hopefully like last time, the man is gonna be leaving the gig before his term is supposed to officially end in 2020?

Its really turning out that Bernie Sanders was also correct, the stacks are against all of us and look at where its found our nation. And no, I don't believe the reason Hillary won the Democratic primary was because the DNC rigged it. Sorry fans of the man, as showcased in the general, she won the popular vote. Give the woman some credit. Simply put, Hillary also won the primary because she got more voters then anyone. And I'm sorry, I have to mention this, a recent poll showcased that Bernie would have beaten Donald, so its now Hillary's fault Trump's president. Excuse me? I'm sorry, if the shoe was on the other foot, Bernie probably would've been treated the same or worse then she was. Meaning he probably would have also lost anyway. The leaks would have been about Bernie and his wife this time, made up for real. Believe me, they would have destroyed him like they destroyed Hillary. I could be wrong, but we will never know, will we? So stop blaming the victim here, which is Hillary. She won, she ran a clean campaign, and more people voted for her. In fact except for President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton actually had the most votes ever by a Presidential candidate. As of now, 2 million more people voted for her then Donald. Think about that one for a while. So all this talk about taking about the Democratic leadership is the wrong way to go, its more, how do we fix the gerrymandering and rid our nation of the Electoral College and none of this nonsense would happen again. 
Blame those who didn't vote or who voted for the third party in protest, or to make a statement. Not to mention those who voted because the media allowed a conman to get away with everything. One hiccup after the other it didn't matter. They allowed lies and conspiracies to trump experience and reality. They allowed a talking point, to become the only thing important, and ignored everything else. Instead of hammering away at everything. Instead of shutting down that lying talking point, they allowed surrogates to get away with none answers. Which has left our nation on the edge of a cliff not knowing whether whats to come is the end of our world or simply some terrible mine field that we will all have to suffer through until we get in our next fixer in chief. 
You know, like our current President, Barack Obama, he righted the Hellhole that George Walker left us in. Sadly when he was elected, what seems to be happening now, happened then. And it looks like a large portion of our nation fell for the Republican propaganda once more.  Just as we were about to soar as a nation, as the past screw-ups were fixed, the people who voted or whomever rigged this election decided to slip back into the past once more. Or perhaps we've just got a lot of angry white people out there whom hate minorities, the gays, the government, foreigners and anyone else that could be blamed for how pathetic their lives are. 
Call it a hangover, call it depression, call it the fear of the unknown, or is that fear of the known, we are talking Donald Trump here. All I know is since the realization of what occurred began to sink in, that hole in the pit of my stomach has gotten deeper. Anything and everything associated with the election gets me emotional. The most amazing thing in all this is watching my mothers reaction to a Trump victory. To put it nicely she's more stunned then I am. I actually talked her into voting in the primary and yes she voted in the general election too. Since my mom refuses to go on the internet, thats right, she doesn't have an email address either. So except for what's on television or what she reads in the daily newspaper, she's been getting much of her political updates from me telling her about the latest insanity by Donald, from one of his Trumpeters or what I've seen online. I think at first my mom thought I was making things up. I mean there no way what I was relaying was true. As it got wackier and scarier she began turning on CNN and MSNBC. About three weeks a go I discovered my mom was now watching MSNBC practically all the time. Talking out loud, to her television, like me, trying to make sense of whats occurring right in front of our eyes. And it seems she's as upset, stunned and discombobulated by Trump's election as I am. Seems my political vibes are rubbing off on my mother, I wonder if thats a good or bad thing? 
Now talk about history repeating itself and I'm gonna use Baseball as a metaphor. I know, whats baseball have to do with our world possibly coming to an end? Just go with this please, I think it'll make sense. There are three strikes in baseball, right? The third strike you get, you're out. Makes sense? Everyone gets that? Well, time to get chills. In 1928 the Republicans took control of all three branches of our Government and guess what followed? Thats right, the Great Depression. I would call that Strike one, I think you're beginning to get my drift. Get ready for Strike two. Remember when The Supreme Court decided our election in 2000, after Al Gore won the popular vote? Again the Republicans had control of all three branches, and we all know what happened next, don't we? The Great Recession and endless wars! Sadly I couldn't get a better example for a Strike two if I tried. And finally Strike three, Donald John Trump is now elected leader of the free world and that's right the Senate and the House are colored in Republican red once more. Sadly that makes Strike three, which mean our nation possibly just struck out! And just like in baseball a strike three means you lose. So possibly that lose could mean the end to everything we consider dear to us, our very way of life. Yes, it could be that bad. 
Now about that Strike two, you know the last time a Republican claimed there was a mandate with the election? That's right, it was George Walker Bush! After getting the Court's fateful decision, the fool, came out and announced that the people had handed him a mandate, and he proceeded to use his mandate to potty much cause mayhem to our nation. Well, that was no mandate and neither is Donald J Trump's Electoral College win. How can it be a mandate when the other candidate wins the popular vote? Yes, he won the Electoral totals, and yes so did a lot of his fellow Republicans win the day. But even though he won the electoral college, his victories were pretty much within striking distance. Those totals could have easily flipped to Hillary's side and this years story might have had a completely different ending. I think most of us can remember how late the night went, mandate my ass. This was no Reagan landslide, no this was a nail biter and because of the electoral college and gerrymandering, Trump won. Maybe not fair and squarely but as they say, them the rules. 
Now about our citizens, seems many people out there are now freaking out, and freaking out loudly and disruptively. Protests are erupting everywhere from out of anywhere and are happening all over our nation. And in several cities in other country's, including England. The online community, has turned the election nights shocking results into a wake up call up to the people worried that what candidate Trump pitched to his followers might now come true. Seems the fellow that was laughed at, or ridiculed about, or people said could never be elected president because of what he said, whats he done or what he promised to do, actually somehow conned his way into the big house. And now that's its shall we say too late, they want to complain loudly about it. Well sorry kids, seems all your friends who wanted to make a statement, lost us our nation! Thanks Susan Sarandon. They didn't listen to the LGTBQ community or the Muslims or Mexicans that Trump insulted. They didn't care about Donald's running mate who promised to take away women's rights. They listened to the spin and believed the lies about Obamacare rate hikes and refused to believe the experts when they were told most of the hikes would not be felt by the citizens themselves. They fell into a trap baited by the Republicans to replace a "failed" health care system with something else, that as far as we know hasn't even been thought of yet. What did these fools who voted either in blind faith or deep hatred against Hillary think would happen to those who currently get health care through Obamacare. That magically they would all be eligible for something or did they simply not care that millions of Americans are now in danger of being left to their own for their health care needs. Well as usual they believed the people who had lied to them forever, sheep being the sheep that they are. Simply they were deaf to anyone who was screaming out loud in their ears. Nothing it seems could knock simple common sense into those who decided to help destroy our nation, by voting for a man that pitched plans to hurt all the above.
On the bright side, everyone of his issues could now be huge problems for a sitting president. Every thing discussed online, on air or in print, legal or business, inside our nation or foreign, Donald Trump has so many hiccups that we could be spending the next four to eight years, in court dealing with his illegalities. Hysterically for me, anyone of them could be Impeachable! And lets not forget his family now being in charge of his company, talk about conflicts of interests. As of now his kids who are gonna help his transition team and help set up his presidency, are also gonna be running his businesses. Nothing shady in that is there? What is wrong with this picture? We are all in it! Get ready for the sideshow, the Washington power players might be so busy dealing with Trump issues, Hillary Clinton could be spared a few witch trials. Of course that would be thinking positive, and sadly this week, after what we just lived through, my positive notions are out the window.
All I know is that the person I wanted to be President, who was gonna continue on the road that President Barack Obama had taken us on, lost. Or her Presidency was taken from her by nefarious means or one's legal but seriously shouldn't be. And unless something even more amazing occurs and somehow this story has an ending none of us can predict, our nation will be run by a man whom most of us have no idea where he will take us. How far backwards we will go. How many people who will lose because of what he does, and of course will our nation survive if some or all of his promises come true. I guess we'll see if elections matter won't we? Lets discover how one vote counts! Lets discover if his pitches were as much lies as his attacks against his opponents were. Lets hope his bark was louder then his bite and the man actually turns out to be a better president then we all could have hoped for. And lets hope his policies don't turn our country into the Third World nation that some of us fear it just voted itself into becoming. Fingers crossed people, lets hope all us negative ninnies are wrong, and perhaps the man when realizing that he actually won the biggest con of his life, wakes up and actually does the job he now claims he was born to have.  
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, November 11, 2016