Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So now the voters aren't at fault, just the candidates who they didn't vote for!
I was listening to NPR yesterday about the Massachusetts's Governor's race between Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker, that is currently in a statistical tie in the polls. No biggie, I mean there's plenty of time for one of the candidates to pull away before the voting really begins.
But what got me, I guess the word is annoyed, actually more pissed off then annoyed, was when one of that states constituents explained that he might not vote for the democrat, because "she lost to Scott Walker in her previous attempt at elected office""She didn't try hard enough last time!" "Its her fault Scott Walker is in power!"
Excuse me, is it her fault your fellow citizens listened and fell for the lies of Scott Walker! Your friends and loved ones  believed his campaign bull, his magic fixes. Well as you can see, his campaign was a complete and utter lie. Fabricating facts and figures as the gospel. And look what transpired! Try to remember fella, it wasn't her doing. It was the citizens who voted him in. 
Perhaps its time to make up for that mistake and actually vote in the candidate who will the job. I'm sorry, any one who falls for these born again compassionate Republicans who have seen the light. Who promise and swear upon a stack of Bibles that they will do not do certain things and then we discover once in office, instead  we get women, healthcare and Abortion hating self-appointed moral leaders who deem their personal religious beliefs more important then their political promises. Shame on them and the people who blame others for whom they've voted in. 
"Let's teach her a lesson" sorry sir, this isn't Kindergarten, this is the real world. Vote that Republican in, and let's see how long it is before getting rid of abortions is the first thing that's spouting from their lips. Remember we are stuck with these people, seemingly forever once they're in. So maybe to spite someone because you feel they didn't do such a good job in their last campaign, to teach them a lesson, is really a stupid reasoning to vote the other candidate in. Remember we've heard these lies before…
Perhaps its now time to wake up, to stop watching FOX none-news and realize that electing the right people into office does matter. 
Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tues., Sept. 30, 2014