Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lets also get rid of the Minimum Wage, and might as well forget going to College 

Simply astonishing what they’re trying to pull. If they somehow get into The White House, they will completely gut our Government, except of course The Military. Raise taxes on all except the top 1%, who will all get even bigger tax breaks. Iraq will suddenly again need military action. Abortion will become illegal. The current 'peaceful' protests which are just beginning, will grow into a full fledged revolution. Get ready for some 'bread lines'. 
Sounds like a plot for a crazy science fiction, doesn't it. Well, this plot may be coming true.
If you think I’m crazy, perhaps you should sit back and research what’s been happening around these parts. The States newly crowned Republican Governors combined with the right's majority in the Congress have been gutting or trying to gut Education, Union Rights, Collective Bargaining, as well as peoples' Voting rights to name just a few. 
And thats without discussing how they've have extended our financial crisis with their never ending quest to stop Obama in his tracks. Other proposed changes, loosening or ridding Child Labor Laws, gutting Social Security, Welfare, and Medicare. And now they want our children to basically give up on getting a higher education, that is unless you work three jobs and luck out in receiving any financial aid. And since they'll be no minimum wage, these poor folk will need to work five or six. The American Dream would be dead!
It doesn’t stop. It won’t stop, till the voters who haven’t, wake up and help vote these suckers out. The scariness of this is how 'in your face' they are about it.  And how they lie straight-faced right to the camera. Complaining that "the Democrats are using Class Welfare" "that the Democrats aren't willing to compromise", that our President "is out campaigning, instead of doing his job." Sorry every time you go on television and trumpet your proposes and plans and scream bloody murder that he's not doing his job correctly is campaigning and not doing his. Amazingly, that's all they've been doing since they got in office. 
And now that the Democrats and especially 'the People' have begun to realize what's really been happening. Maybe finally change will come. 
Surely these ingrates can’t win, can they?
Just One’s Man’s Opinion

Two excellent articles which fully explains the subject quite well, highly recommended

GOPers’ degree of contempt
Candidates blast feds on education
A couple of eye-opening quotes which appear in the article:

Herman Cain 
I do not believe that it is the responsibility of the federal government to help fund a college education,” “Our resources are limited, and I believe that the best solution is the one closest to the problem.”

Michele Bachmann, 
My preference would be to see the end of the federal government involvement [in education] and to enhance the local schools and the parents’ hands in all of that.”
“I believe that children would be better served and . . . society would be better served if that role would evolve back to the states and to the local governments,” she said.

Herman Cain’s Distrust Of Minimum Wage Goes Back To Restaurant Days
A couple of eye-opening quotes which appear in the article:

Michele Bachmann has said she wouldn’t rule out lowering it. Ron Paul has predictably said it should be eliminated entirely. 

Rick Perry, in his book “Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington”, has rued the role the commerce clause played in “creating national minimum-wage laws” and “establishing national labor laws.”

Herman Cain  
Minimum wage laws prevent many unskilled and inexperienced workers (i.e. teens) from getting their first job and prices them out of the market,” the plan says, listing a number of potential “solutions” to urban poverty.

A minimum wage increase is an ineffective way to raise someone out of poverty,” Cain told lawmakers in February 1995.  
“The minimum wage has never been a living wage, so the government’s notion of helping workers is not logical or realistic,” Cain once told the Birmingham News. “The best way to create a living wage is to let the marketplace dictate it, not government. With unemployment rates so low, most businesses have to offer more to attract employees anyway.”

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our President is winning in a landslide. You read it here first.

Here’s why. Seemingly overnight everything seems to be going President Obama’s way. The numbers for the economy had a nice bump, the stock market soared higher then its grown in percentage in decades. The instability of the foreign markets have proven to be the real cause for the recent economic down turn and not his policies (as the republicans have been shouting from the rooftops). One by one he has kept his campaign promises and delivered on them. And after his latest foreign policy victories (not to mention he’s the only candidate whose pitching any real-world economic answers), he most importantly has found his voice as a President.  
After years of being attacked by the right. Having his policies, campaign promises, agenda and even citizenship attacked non-stop for longer then he’s even been President, which caused many on the left to question if maybe the attackers are right. The economy is in the crapper and all they hear everywhere is about Gridlock and default.
But, and there is a big BUT here. Every week the field of Republican Presidential candidates adds another ‘winner’ to the mix. Instead of heeding the voice of their party and finding a ‘real’ candidate who could change the dynamics of the race. A Republican who projects any semblance of what leadership really is. A person who has any real plans, except the same old rehashed failed policies. A candidate who people could actually see as a President. Whose the polar opposite of what currently is out there, who seems to be for them, the people.  
Instead we get a continuous stream of eccentric, out there fringe players who aren’t ready to step up to prime time. Making political gaffes, not knowing history, geography, the constitution, or even what they can legally do as the President. 
And added to the mix we get the latest additions to the menagerie ‘Joe the Plumber’ and yesterday’s announcement that Terry Jones, ‘the Pastor who burned the Quran’ is also running for President. Aren’t they embarrassed by this. With all the people they could choose to run against our President, they choose nobody who anyone really wants running our country. Come on Sarah, at least you live on our planet.
All I can say, thanks for everything fellows. Its seems all your hard work, all your lies and deceit has now begun to come back to haunt you. It seems the citizens of our country have begun to finally wake up. To finally see through your agenda. Your blind loyalty to corporate greed.  Thanks for making our President destined to be re-elected. And this time, with a majority in the Congress, the next several years will see a re-growth in the American spirit as the jobs begin to come back and our economy gets back on track, and the real change he promised, will finally come to fruition.

Just one man’s opinion.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What started out as a small fringe of society has turned into today’s protest movement
In the eyes of many our government seems to have been taken over by corporate greed. As the middle class has been systematically turned into a lower class. And the lower class, thought of as non-entities. As the rich have gotten richer and more powerful. And the have-nots keep getting less and less. As people get closer and closer to the brink.
During an age where most of us are living more and exclusive lives. Communicating more and more thru devices. Separating ourselves from each other. Trying to get away from all the noise and confusion. As we’ve gotten closer to each other via modern technology our lives have gotten busier and busier.  As we’ve become one global community, our world has gotten smaller and smaller.
After 8 years of watching our country be seemingly returned to the Viet Nam era. An unending war. A country seemingly being ripped by a culture war. As we watch rich fat-cats act like hooligans. Maybe, the children and grandchildren of the 60’ generation have realized that maybe its time for their own revolution.
The main reason our President was elected was because he promised change. And for the first time in a generation, the people had a leader they could follow. Not since John F. Kennedy was President has our country been led by such a charismatic leader. Our President was elected in a landslide. The people cheered and cried with joy. Finally a savior had arrived to help us right our ship.
But instead of a new beginning, a cleansing of soughts, this change was met by a group set out with one goal. To systematically stop or erase anything good he tried to do. To demonize him so that the believers would eventually give up, lose faith, and give in.
As this was happening,  this generations’ boogie men have tried to take our country backwards, back before 'all men were created equal'.
Watching Newt and Perry and Romney and a host of other blow-hearts trumpet asinine plans, is equivalent to watching Nixon and Goldwater trumpet the conflict in Saigon. 
How scary the similarities and the players in this game are.  
This morning I awoke to videos of a riot. I watched video’s of ‘Occupy Oakland’. A riot had taken place. Chaos was on my screen. Tear gas and police were brutally arresting protesters. For a moment, I was 8 years old again, Kent State was on my TV. And I knew I was I destined to go off and die in Viet Nam War, when I turned 18. Because my war seemingly would never end. And soon Americans would all speak Russian.
Then I snapped back to reality, and my Oprah moment happened.
What had begun as a small fringe movement of scared people in the Republican party is growing into this generations revolution. What if seeing what has been occurring throughout the world. The overthrow of Tyrants. Man's quest for freedom. For their basic human rights. For justice. What if people have had enough.
In the United States alone there is an estimated 25 million people out of work. Millions of people owe more money then they will ever be able to pay back. And all we see are the rich getting richer. The only people getting bailed out are the banks and corporations. While nothing seems to done to help the people in need.
While our taxes and expenses keep growing, and our  paychecks keep getting smaller. Their taxes get lessened. When we lose our jobs, we wind up in the streets. They leave their’s with million dollar packages.
Fairness has gone out the window. It all made sense. People are rising up. Maybe this movement, this revolution, is really the beginning of the American people taking back our country.
Heck if it can happen in the middle east . It surely could happen in America.

Just one man’s opinion.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our President has successfully completed another goal  

The announcement that Moammar Gadhafi was killed is another victory for Democracy, for freedom and for our Presidents policies. A very big victory indeed. Historic in fact. One everyone should cheer, especially American’s whose President helped rid the world of another Dictator. That’s two in less then six months.
Throughout this latest mission, instead of falling behind our President and cheering his mission, like citizens of our Country have done time and again when our President has sent us into battle. We did when Bush began his wars. For some UnGodly reason, these ingrates won’t even give him the benefit of the doubt.
As it is their M.O. with anything our President has done, every single member of the republican party was spouting lies about what Obama was planning during the mission. Everyone said he was wrong. It wouldn’t work. He should have been in charge of the mission, ‘not lead from behind’. It would be a catastrophe. Not one talking head from the right ever announced he was right. His mission would fail. 
Michelle Bachmann actually claimed “Obama was planning to put troops on the ground.” Something he said he wouldn’t do and guess what Michelle he didn’t.  
Within minutes of the announcement of Gadhafi’s death, of this historical moment, the talking heads on the right came out and pronounced he didn’t do it correctly. 
No job done well. No, I guess he was right. No nothing, but complaints about the amazing thing that NATO and its Arm forces successfully pulled off. Well guess what idiots nothing you predicted came true.
Ronald Reagan tried but failed to get Gadhafi. Bush ‘friended’ him. But the pathetic, un-American African-America got him. So there you go, I guess we need someone in the White House whose not what you consider a citizen of our country, to get things done correctly. 
As John Stewart said it best... “what the f**k is wrong with you people?” “Is there no Republican that can be gracious and statesmanlike in this situation? We removed a dictator in six months losing no American soldiers, spending, like, a billion dollars rather than a trillion dollars, and engendering what appears to be good will to people who now have a story of their own independence to tell. Anybody want to give credit? What the f**k is wrong with you people?
They will not give our President credit for anything. Actually throwing out that this is a victory for France and England. No congrats to Obama. He had nothing to do with it.
Imagine if Obama had put ‘Mission Accomplished’ banners in Libya, what they would be saying about that. 
What does he have to do come down from the mountaintops like Moses before they at least say one good thing about what a triumph for Democracy this event is. 
Our President should be vindicated and congratulated as a man who knows what he’s doing.  Not one American soldier was killed in this mission, as opposed to every previous military action in our countries history. “We knew who the devil was,” Bachmann said. “We don’t know who the next one will be.”  “The Obama administration has said they got everything they wanted,” Bachmann continued. “They got exactly nothing.” 
I guess ridding the world and Libya of their dictator, something none of these ingrates ever could do isn’t enough.
Now the complaints are that there are ‘thousands’ of weapons on the ground in Libya. How terrible, if he had just done it quicker this wouldn’t be a problem. Listen guys, every time there’s military activity, weapons are left begin.  But because it’s Obama’s weapons, its a bad thing. 
How and why are political leaders and their advisors who’ve done nothing but bad for our countries citizen allowed to be the talking heads on news programs. They were wrong then, how in the hell are they given the privilege of now spouting off all their views. When obviously they didn’t know what they were talking about before. And why in the world do people listen to them as if they are Jesus walking on water.
So now that Gadhafi is gone, let us all sit back. Quit the political bantering for at least one day. Take a breath and look at the facts. Look at what the historical facts are. Our President was right. Yours was wrong.  
Our President is supposed to be everyone’s President.  It says so in the Constitution. Perhaps all these die-hard Constitutional experts should read it once it a while. Then maybe they would stop spouting off lies and half-truths when promoting their sponsors needs. Because obviously they are not promoting our citizens.
Our President has successfully completed another goal. Again without any Republicans siding with him, could you imagine what great things could be accomplished if for once they listened instead of speak through their asses.

Just one man’s opinion

Friday, October 21, 2011

Gov. Scott Walk Get’s Smacked Again
Here’s an article I highly recommend. Wanna read more, please check out the link below.
“The Wisconsin Constitution only allows the legislature to exclude the two named classes from voting -- felons and people ruled incompetent,” he said in a statement. “The new law creates a third class of citizens who may not vote -- people who do not have ID. This lawsuit challenges the legislature’s authority to enact such a law.”

Don’t you just love those closeted types. Boehner's a classic
Here’s an article I highly recommend. Wanna read more on this, please check out the link below.
WASHINGTON -- Gay people have the political power to sway Congress to combat discrimination against them, so there’s no need for a court to overturn the federal ban on gay marriage, according to lawyers defending the Defense of Marriage Act on behalf of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the House of Representatives.

It always comes back to bite you in the ...
Whoops here it comes, guess maybe he won’t be the VP for the republicans...
Here’s an article I highly recommend. Wanna read more on this exceptional article, please check out the link below.
MIAMI — Florida’s freshman U.S. senator and rising GOP star Marco Rubio is fighting back against allegations he embellished his family’s history by saying his parents fled Cuba before Fidel Castro’s communist revolution.   

RICK SANTORUM only his mother could love him ...
Well if you want a President whose willing to “Die On That Hill” he’s your man.
If you wanna read more on this exceptional article, please check out the link below

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum recently pledged to “die on that hill” fighting against same-sex marriage, and made a similar vow to repeal all federal funding for contraception because it is “a license to do things in a sexual realm.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last night’s I sat back to see who might be President. 
Actually I watched it to have a good laugh (and I had quite a few)
At least thats what these so-called candidates hope will happen after next year’s election. While the debate was actually interesting, none of the candidates left seeming ready for the job.  Honestly not one of these blithering idiots swayed me to vote against the President, but at least I got the chance to see them attack each other. Spill a little blood. And see how they fight back. Most of them seemed like a children fighting for attention.
For me, surprisingly Newt came out best. The only candidate that at least seemed to know the facts and at least try to stay above the fray. Of course with his history, there’s no way he will ever be President. Ron Paul was well Ron Paul, I actually would love him be the nominee, at least then the debates with President Obama would be adult and rather entertaining. At least when he says something he actually has conviction, unlike most of them spouting off their campaign slogans.
Michele Bachman had two really bizarre moments. One where she was discussing Obama’s foreign policy. Not knowing that Libya is in Africa, is a big boo boo. Really showing she’s this years Palin. Lady if you want to be President you should know your basic geography. I wonder if she can see Africa from her window? But when instead of answering a question from Anderson Cooper (the moderator of the debate), she made an emotional speech to the mothers of America. Looking straight into the cameras with eyes turning glassy, I swear I was expecting tears to flow.  
Perry was actually much better then he’s been, at least this time he came to play. Smacking Romney with several really good body blows. Specifically on illegal aliens. His logic against building a wall to stop them from entering the country made actual sense. Perry was the only candidate that seemed to be living in the real world (for the moment)... I just wished Anderson had asked each candidate who wanted the wall built, where was the funding for the wall coming from. Social Security? Since raising taxes is practically illegal these days. But when Perry twice called Cain ‘Brother’ it really bothered me. I mean if he had called any of the other candidates ‘Brother’ it wouldn’t have bothered me as much. Was he being insulting? You tell me.
As for Romney, it was fun watching him try to weasel out of the attacks. His worse moment for me was when he put his hand on Perry’s shoulder, a no-no in debates, and chastising Perry for interrupting him like he was the teacher was really eye-opening. And showed why he doesn't have what it takes to be President.
Cain as usual proudly touted his ridiculous ‘9.9.9’ plan. Trying unsuccessfully to explain it as the difference between Apples and Oranges. Romney actually scored many points against Cain by explaining that it would actually add more taxes then fixing the tax code.  
As for the rest of buffoons on stage enough said (in other words, let’s not waste our breath on people who haven’t got a chance in hell of being the nominee).
The smartest man, might have been Huntsman for not even showing up. Really does anyone think this clown is gonna be in the race after the first Primary? 
How sad for the Republican Party, and how wonderful for the American people. Because more and more the obvious person that should be President after the next election, is the one already in office.  
Just one person’s opinion.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I read a great article today by Amanda Terkel on, that I highly recommend. Eric Cantor On Occupy Wall Street: I’m Upset Democrats Are ‘Joining In The Effort To Blame Others’ (  ‘He then jumped to criticizing political leaders who have embraced the movement, saying it was wrong to blame Wall Street for the country’s economic problems.
Ok Eric, we won’t blame Wall Street. Let’s blame the people really behind the mess... You and your fellow Republicans. You of the party of 'No'. You of the party of deregulation. You of the party of racists bigots. You of the party of going backwards. You of the party of Voodoo & trickle down economics. None of these things helps us in anyway, except make things worse. You and your cronies who are trying to go backwards instead of forward. Using division and deceit to quickly decimate policies which have done nothing but good for decades. Using tricks and illegal games to alter voting rights, people’s rights and everything else they can get their hands on, for nothing else then their sponsor’s greed. Screw the masses, we need another million in our banks.
Or as it states in a yesterdays fantastic article by Robert Reich again on ( explains “Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, Michele Bachman and the other tribunes of today’s Republican right aren’t really conservatives. Their goal isn’t to conserve what we have. It’s to take us backwards.” and “They’d like to return to the 1920s -- before Social Security, unemployment insurance, labor laws, the minimum wage, Medicare and Medicaid, worker safety laws, the Environmental Protection Act, the Glass-Steagall Act, the Securities and Exchange Act, and the Voting Rights Act.
Anytime our President succeeds, it’s amazing how they claim it really was Bush’s policy’s that really accomplished the mission. When in reality they had nothing to do with it. Example, the killing of Bin Laden.
And of course, you and your buddies blame the President for things he had nothing to do with, like the Wars that Bush sent us into. Or throwing out slanderous, racist comments that have no basis in truth. And doing it so often, like a mantra, that people believe the bullshit.
Each and everyone one of their candidates seem created for a sitcom or horror show, spouting concepts and idea’s that make most everybody laugh at or listen in disbelief. The question being: which of these fools are stupider, more inane, and more backwards. 
Of all the candidates, I can’t decide who is the worse offender. Possibly Perry, possibly Bachman, Newt, or even their new poll leader, Cain. Cain? They are scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Everyday he seems more radical and more out of a touch with reality. Throwing out racist comments against our president “I'm not African American I'm a Black Americanand scarier policies like 9.9.9, a deranged concept that every economic advisor tell  us is a complete and utter mess and will only makes things worse. Of course every time he shouts out 9.9.9., I keep hearing Nazi’s shouting “Nein, nein, nein.”  Very fitting these days with all the Nazi B.S. they’ve been spouting.  But how inappropriate, that in the 21st century a ‘black American’ is spouting out racist sounding rhetoric and how sad. 
Today there’s a great article on HuffingtonPost (again), by Andy Ostroy ‘Herman Cain’s Fuzzy Math’ ( that explains it better and in more detail.  Each time Cain tries to explain how 9.9.9. works, he adds more lies into the mix, as he tries to make his argument make sense.  I find it funny that Michele Bachman explained it best. “If you turn Hermain Cain's "9-9-9" plan upside down it becomes 6-6-6. I think the devil is in the details." Cain’s statement about Immigration “I just got back from China. Ever heard of the Great Wall of China? It looks pretty sturdy. And that sucker is real high. I think we can build one if we want to! We have put a man on the moon, we can build a fence! Now, my fence might be part Great Wall and part electrical technology. ... It will be a twenty foot wall, barbed wire, electrified on the top, and on this side of the fence, I’ll have that moat that President Obama talked about. And I would put those alligators in that moat!”  Backtracking on his statement, he now claims it was a joke.  But, in his new autobiography he said the same thing.  But there is nothing in the text which which showcases its a joke. In other words, he's lying thru his teeth. If a joke, it wasn’t very funny.
Of course, God forbid Romney wins the election, we have no idea where he stands. Since he seems to change his stance on issues daily. So good luck figuring out what he really plans to do.  
Of course the worse culprit (thank God he isn’t running... yet), is you Eric. Mr. Canter seems to have everyone in his party in love with him. And he’s such a bigwig in their party, he'd probably jump to the top within days if he ever decided to run (I hope he’s not reading this). You with you draconian economics, trying to kill off social security, Medicare or anything else great about our country. Watching the deficit panel and your childish tamper tantrums. The way you spoke to our President, it was great seeing you stew in your anger. I kept waiting for you to say something that you would have to backtrack on for months. You came close several times.
And don’t get me started on all of the crap these pseudo politicians keep throwing out, which afterwards they explain “it was only a joke”. Like Cain’s ‘electrical fence’.
The only thing these ingrates know how to do is rile up the masses. Spouting racist and inhuman concepts that anyone with half a brain could see are too scary for words. I guess that means that about 35% of the country’s citizens believe this crap. While the rest of us, fear who might be in charge after the election. 
Honestly, more and more it seems to me that this coming election will be a bigger landslide then in 2008. Yes it was a landslide. I make this statement because of the protests that seem to be getting bigger by the day.  Now one month old, spreading across the globe with no end in sight. Two years ago the republicans fought back, lied thru their teeth and took advantage of people’s hopes, dreams and frustrations; and took over the Congress and a ton of Governorships.  But, after two years of obvious bullshit by the fools on the right, the truth is finally smacking our countries citizens awake.  
We have witnessed a party literally try destroying our economy and our country several times. Actually blame our President for wars which he never was apart of creating (just cleaning up Bush’s mess). And of course calling the Stimulus package his, when in fact Bush was the man behind it.  Which probably was the only reason it passed in the first place.  I understand that Obama signed it into law, but again, it wasn't his plan.  During the discussions the democrats pushed for a much bigger package but the republicans fought tooth and nail to make it as small as possible. 
And while it didn’t do all it could have, it saved or created over a million and a half jobs.  Something which the party of ‘no’ claimed never happened, especially Perry "Not a single job was created." And instead of using the funds to create and save jobs, these ingrates used the funds (if they accepted them) to balance their budgets. A lot of our financial problems stem from the wars that were created under Bush destroyed our economy. 
How in the world can’t they see that their policies haven’t worked, and will never work, ever. The fact that every policy which President Obama has pushed for, they pronounce them unAmerican and dangerous.  
It doesn't matter that our President's Jobs plan seems to be "the only Jobs plan that has a chance to actually grow the economy and create millions of new jobs" as the economic wizards say, and "his Jobs plan is the only real option". "That none of their policies will help", infact the republican plan,  they say "would make things worseAnd not create a single job". When will they learn, when will they listen. Oy, give me strength.
Just one man’s opinion. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

For months and months, or is that years and years, the republicans in power have been spouting lies about how they are doing their best to try to create jobs.  Promoting bills that cut the deficits seemingly as the only way that works.  But in reality almost, if not all the bills they’ve brought in for votes have been tax breaks for wealthy and bills that would send us deeper off the cliff.  Instead of job creation, it seems most bills are geared to getting rid of as much progress as possible.  Putting us back into the 1930’s,  especially in the areas of labor unions, minimum wage, child labor laws and of course abortion.  For the most part as I see it and as most of the media explains it, these bills are redundant.  Meaning there is already a law in place which solves the new bill’s issues.
It seems everyday I read about another proposal or bill which would make abortion practically illegal and almost impossible to get.  Even if the woman’s life is at stake.
Now the latest BS bill which passed in the House yesterday (but hopefully will be blocked in the Senate.  And surely if they allow it to pass, President Obama will veto it),  from everything I’ve heard and read  H.R. 358, the so-called “Protect Life Act,” is the most blatant attempt yet to try to end a woman’s right’s yet.   Sponsored by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) (And promoted by the usual nimrods in the republican party, actually allows hospitals and doctor’s to say ‘no’ to women, even if it’s life or death situation.  The hospitals can actually decide not to give out information so their patient can find help elsewhere, so they won’t die because of something going wrong in their pregnancy.   
The bill is yet another bill that makes sure no money from the federal government can be used to pay for abortions, something which is already in the books.   House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) called the bill a “savage” attack on women’s health. 
Supporters of the bill say its purpose is to free taxpayers from having to pay for abortions and to free hospitals from having to provide them against their will.  The Hyde amendment, which has been in place for 30 years, already prohibits the flow of taxpayer dollars to any kind of abortion service.  So each time they bring out a new bill, they are wasting valuable time and energy.  So instead of tackling jobs and the economy (something they keep claiming),  they waste the chance to get anything accomplished.   Which of course is their mission.  Do not help President Obama in anyway, if we do... OMG, he’ll be President again. 
So why another bill?  Easy answer.  Simply, it’s yet another bill trying to end legal abortions for good.  I guess they figure that if they keep trying they will finally succeed.  By continuing to throw out new bills, each with new amendments thrown in with abortion killing sections,  the rest of us won’t know what they are really trying to do till its to late.
Maybe they think this will help their cause.  Killing off all the liberal uppity women.  Because we all know that republicans, not any of  those God fearing white women, ever would dare to have an abortion.  It’s a sin!  How barbaric!   How Democratic of them. 
Of course for a group of politicians who came into power claiming that they would help the economy, it’s amazing how little time they’ve spent doing anything about the economy except trying to kill regulations and abortions.   We all know that the best way to create jobs is go back to how things were before our economy went into the crapper.  Kill off all of regulations that helped us begin to climb out of the hole should be scrapped.  Pure geniuses these republicans are.  How blind do you think we are, hypocrites?
For me  the amazing thing is they keep trying and unfortunately, little by little they seem to be succeeding.
Of course this is nothing new.  The republicans have always considered women second class citizens.  Proving the point when they helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972.  Heck, women don’t deserve to make as much as us men.. We are know best!  Oh really. 
The amazing thing to me is that less than an hour after they tried to pull another hidden agenda, these same ingrates passed the so-called EPA Regulatory Relief Act , the House of Representatives passed a bill that the EPA warns will kill thousands of people prematurely.  Heck we don’t need to breathe air that’s breathable... Yet another bill trying to kill regulations.  Cause heck we all know that regulations are what’s really destroying our economy.  
I’ll say it again... what nimrods these bastards are. Especially when we find out whose funds are helping them stay in office.
Finally this is a call out to all Democrats and other reasonable people out there.  If you think its bad now, go ahead vote in some more Republicans and Tea Party members into power.  Could you imagine if they get the majority in the Senate too. And don’t get me started on the Presidency,  talk about a horror show.
Just one man’s opinion.

Here are a few articles I’ve discovered on this any other related topics on  Highly recommend and eye-opening content.   

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And why sometimes watching movies can open one's eyes to the real problems in our society
Yesterday I watched a film I had never heard of.  One which resonates with me, especially with all the racist rhetoric going on in today’s political world.  The film The Intruder, which starred a very young William Shatner was released in 1962 and honestly blew me away.  I think all of the candidates running for President should be required to watch it, especially those candidates who have been using racism as a means to get more votes.  So possibly then, the tone of the conversation could change for the better.
The film dealt with integration in the school system in the south. In a truly realistic and frightingly way.  The Intruder was directed by Roger Corman and is strikingly different from his usual output and I mean that in the best sense.   Mr. Shatner doesn’t disappoint showcasing what a really talented actor he is, electrifying every scene he’s in.  What’s truly enjoyable about his performance is how in every scene you can watch how he navigates his feelings and how one emotion will change into another in the blink of an eye as he tries to continue his cause.  The camera and your eye simply can’t stop watching him, fantastic work.
Of course what’s truly disturbing about the film is it’s dialogue, characters, but mainly Mr. Shatner spout off the ‘N’ word and other similar words multiple times is simply chilling.  Each time I heard the words, the words which I won’t repeat because they offend me, let alone millions of others actually made me sit up and think about the racist tones of today’s politicians, as well as the commentary by some in the media.  Listening to Mr. Shatner say these racist comments made me wonder what he was thinking as he was saying these disgusting terms.  As an actor you have to forget your own views, you have to make your character come to life, to make the script believable.  And Mr. Shatner makes every word believable and quite scary.  Seeing the mobs threaten the innocent minority with violence literally made be think about how far we’ve come as a society.  How quickly it seems people can be swayed into becoming the worst sort of people.
Watching the townsfolk turn into racist mobs is truly frightening.  And truly educational to reveal what we’ve been through as a country to get to the day when a man of color can be sitting in the Oval office.  How lucky we are that in today’s world we’ve come so far.  But as the election gets closer and closer I've witnessed how far we still have to go.
In an odd way, it reminded me of several other salesmen movies I’ve watched over the years.  While The Music Man and Elmer Gantry’s subject matter is very different, the concept’s are the same.  A lone man, in a light suit comes into town and just by saying things, stirs up the town’s citizens into organizing.
I highly recommend the film as entertainment, but more importantly as a lesson in what racism is about.  Hatred and fear.  Using people's worse beliefs because they are hurting us,  for me the worst thing someone can do.
Growing up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; in the 1960’s was for me different then I would think many others had to deal with.  Being practically the only white person in the neighborhood.  Having reverse racism and hatred thrown at me practically everyday in one way or another.  Actually being embarrassed because I ordered ‘Vanilla’ ice-cream and having kids tell me I’m a racist because I didn’t order Chocolate is rather eye-opening at the age of 10.  Having Mrs. Pointer from Lefferts Junior High give me a book on African history because I ‘survived’ my years in Lefferts made me think about why she believe I ‘survived’ why because I was white.
As a person whose grown up truly believing what a great country we live in, thanking the Powers That Be, that I was lucky enough to be born in America I find any and all bigotry offensive.
I had hoped that we as a society we had gone beyond one’s skin color.  I always believed that as it states in our Constitution that All Men are Created Equal, so for me, racism has always struck a cord.
I jokingly used to say, that if anyone had the right to be a racist I did, because of all the bigotry I had to face as a child.  That as opposed to others, I could relate to what others have had to face.  But honestly I never had to face what others had to, simply because of my skin color.
Whenever I see or read about it, it angers me.  When politicians or the media uses bigotry to rile up the masses it offends me.  My belief that anyone who does this should be punished and made to see how wrong they are, especially people running for political office.  Remember they are supposed to be governing for all not just for the few.
It’s the 21st century people wake up.  In this day and age, using one’s race or religious background, or sexual orientation as a means to insult people or a way of getting elected is unacceptable.  And anyone who does so should be confronted with their statements and made to answer for them.  Honestly in a nation where the majority of the people are actually not white anymore, don’t you think those days are over.  Don’t you think these bigots should be shown the door.  Don’t you think that we deserve that as a people.  It’s bad enough that women today are still not treated as equals, but the so-called minority being treated as illegal, who should have no rights because their skin color is different is the worst possible racism.
I was very proud to be an American when our President won.  My big fear was when President Obama won election what  the ramifications that might come from the bigoted few would be.  And how bad.  That one day, the have-nots would finally have had enough and riots and violence would begin.  The fact the south still proudly showcases the Confederate flag for me shows how far as society we still have to go.
And now finally the masses are being to protest.  Watching the political games of the bigoted right with our economy, killing any real plans to create jobs as people suffer in hunger and fear makes me want to scream.  When will they simply go away or do the right thing.  All I can say is thank The Powers That Be, we have at least one person in Washington who seems to get it. And how ironic, he’s a person of color.  Yes,  Mr. Cain, an African American is the grown-up in the room, sorry if you think that terminology is wrong.
That said, watch the film as entertainment...

Just one man’s opinion.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Okay so now that the rest of us have begun finally standing up for our rights, now we are the anti-American’s... how utterly un-American those statements are.  This is America people, we are allowed to stand up and protest, that’s what makes America great.  That’s how America was born, in revolution, remember?   Not in cowing down to the rich elite. That is why we became the great country that we’ve become.
Can people be so into their own lives that they don't realize what is actually happening to our country. How utterly stupid can people are.  The other day I was sitting at work overhearing a three-way conversation.  The discussion was about the protesters on Wall Street.  They couldn't figure why these people were protesting.  Really?  Why were they making so much noise?  Why were they disturbing our lives?  Why don’t they just go home, and be quite and let the country sink into the ocean.
After 15 minutes of this nonsense I had to say something which was basically.... "You don't understand why they're protesting, really. After all the BS that they've witnessed especially the last few years, can you blame them?" But still they looked at me like I was crazy.
This after the republican big wigs have all gone on the band wagon on how Anti-American the protesters are.   How they are like Nazi's.  This is how the Nazi party got started... Nazi's!   Talk about calling the cattle black.  I mean when the Tea Party people were protesting it seemed that the Republicans were okay about it.   It’s their right, why maybe because they agreed with them.
Of course when these protests really began in Wisconsin  and the other states whose Collective Bargaining were being illegally stripped from their contracts.  When the minimum wage was being attacked.  When child labor laws and environment protections were being thrown into a ditch, it seems people were too busy watching what was happening in Egypt then in our own backyard.  
Amazing it seems, every time these ingrates make comments or comparisons about the President or anyone they disagree with, they always use terms like Hitler, Nazi's, and/or un-American.... or some even throw out the N-word for good measure.  Honestly do we really need people like this making important decisions for us?
Let's simplify this shall we for the people who do not get why most American’s have had enough and have begun to make some noise.
  • President Bush and his right wing clan caused our economy to practically sink into oblivion.  With their Trickle down bogus economics which doesn't and has never worked.  Not to mention going into a war(s) that we never needed to be in.   Talk about a waste of money and unfortunately of human life.
  • President Obama was elected in a landslide to change the tone in Washington.  He should have been allowed to get his agenda out, but no,  they couldn't have such an obvious occurrence happen.  They spouted off that the landslide that put him into office was a lie, a mistake, people were brainwashed by his message.  We didn’t know what was good for us... only they did.  They of course branding anything and everything he tried as anti-American or worse.  The racist propaganda that has seeped into the national conversation is surely the worst off-shoot of their agenda. The old game of using bigotry and people’s worse fears against each other has seemed to work.  Making even President Obama’s biggest supporters begin to recede into the background. And before he was even in power these idiots who threw us into this situation made it their business to stop anything from getting accomplished. They proudly announced it.
  • The 2010 election brought in a lot of new republicans who all claimed their agenda was to create jobs... oh really.  Instead they came in and made it their business to try to kill our way of life.  To set the country back at least 50 years.  The only thing they haven't done is in fact create jobs, or suggest any real ways except for tax breaks for the wealthy. And cutting everything else if possible.
  • Maybe people have finally had it.  We've witnessed the power of the Internet as all over the world citizens united, protested and started changing their lives for the better (we hope).
Perhaps that is why they are protesting.   And the crowds are growing by the day.  Perhaps the fact that all they see is BS.   That nothing being promoted or announced by the republicans give them any hope that things are gonna get better.
And it seems like there's no end in sight.  Right now a growing number of people are getting closer and closer to their breaking point, and honestly I can’t blame them.  Can you?
Let me ask you what should people do.  Just sit back and let the country completely go over the edge as they starve in the streets.  As Peter Finch said in the classic motion picture, Network. "I'm as mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore."  Sounds like a slogan they should use.
Recently our President proposed his job act.  One which all economists agree with.  Now the idiots on the right say he's out campaigning instead of doing his job.  I'm sorry selling his program is his job, getting the country back to work, is his job;  as it should be there's.
Looks to me that until someone blinks and people see that jobs and the economy are finally on the right track, the protests are only gonna get bigger and louder as tens of thousands of people grow into hundreds of thousands, if not millions.
I for one, am an interested bystander in their protests, that is while I still have my job to keep me a float. I'm hoping that maybe this will shake up the republicans and that possibly they might finally do the job they promised and should be doing in office.  Simply help the American citizens get back to work.  
Just one man’s opinion.