Thursday, July 28, 2016


If you thought Michelle was great, you hadn't seen nothing yet. 

Seriously how the heck is Hillary gonna top last night. And does she have to, as we watched Donald J. Trump be unmasked for the "demagog" he seems to want to be. On the day Donald seemed to transform into Treasonous Trump, by many Americans, as he suggested that Russia Cyber attack our country! Even if in 'jest' as he now tries to walk back his 'treasonous' words, but acting seriously like a deranged unhinged mental patient while he was saying it. The future Vice President, Tim Kaine, using his own son's deployment to Paris, as he explained, two days earlier, made using this patriotic moment in time as the perfect attack line against the Republicans nominee. "I trust Hillary with my son's life" I mean how do you top that, how do you argue against that?  Well, the Talking heads for the Republicans are, and listening to them on television afterwards is maddening. As they try to deflect Trumps possible treasonous actions by reminding all of us of the now debunked Hillary email conspiracy scandals.
Simply put last night, the Democrats pulled no punches. One by one, each spoke and amazingly topped each other. As one left the stage, everyone was like, well and we thought no one could touch Michelle's extraordinary speech. And then Vice President Joe Biden, tore a new ass into Donald. And that was after Leon Panetta jammed Bin Laden down Trump's throat.
Then Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg came out and took Donald's billions and punched him in his stomach. They all gave one brilliant speech after another, both praising Hillary Clinton for her qualities and experience, but most importantly  hitting one bullseye after another at Trump that brick by brick built a wall of accusations that transformed the Republican Presidential nominee from the facade that people think of him, into the delusional tyrant who wants to rule the world and along the way hurt everyone and anything that gets in his way. And man they made a good team of prosecutors, I am very glad that the DNC went last this year, good luck with the liars on the RNC  with responding to the assault that Donald received. And Donald, sorry you are no Rocky.
I must mention that I didn't watch d
ay 3 of the Democratic National Convention live, I actually went to see a New York Mets baseball game. They lost, but it was the first time I was at their new ball park Citifield and I was pretty impressed, you did good fellas a major step up from Shea, sorry Mets fans. So anyway, once I got home after midnight, I had already read some of the highlights before I sat down to watch it. That said, when I did I was astounded how amazing each speaker had done. How each built upon the previous to construct a case against voting for Donald and why you should vote for Hillary.
"I trust Hillary Clinton with my son's life." Boom! Talk about a slogan for the campaign or for the ages! VP nominee Tim Kaine blew the 'Trust' issue off the table with his brilliant statement endorsing Hillary. Much of what he said, about his past was told when Hillary first introduced us to him as her running mate, but on that afternoon the world as a whole wasn't watching it. But even if you had seen it, last night what we saw was an inspired candidate and who ever wrote the speech is a pretty good wordsmith. Boring? That's how everyone keeps harping on, that's how the media described Tim Kaine as he was being discussed when his name was mentioned before Hillary announced. Well, whomever called him boring is nuts. Honestly by the end of his speech when he was listing the names of some of our most historic figures in our history. Both men and women and their most famous accomplishments it was thrilling,  by the time he finished his riff with Hillary at the climax, I was in tears. 
A seriously well written passage that definitely needs to be showcased on a loop and played non stop on Fox Faux News channels all across this great nation. And then he went on a tear off of Donald's bullshit motto "Believe me" using an hysterical 'Queens' accent each time he repeated Donald's favorites two words besides "Your fired!" He had the Convention on its feet, it was seriously great. And of course his comment that I already mentioned that he would trust Hillary to protect his now deployed overseas son, which might have been a bit over the top, but when you've got a son who volunteered to serve in the military service, use it. You think Donald wouldn't, look at how he showcases his kids. So, Donald argue against that, argue that he trusts Hillary with his son's life and he sure as Hell doesn't trust you with walking his dog. If you judge a candidate by who they choose as a running mate, I think Hillary won this round. Honestly the whole night was like that. Each person gave Hillary enough free material to run the table till November. 
And then President Barack Obama came out and blew the roof off, giving a speech for the ages. I mean seriously the man can make a speech as we've witnessed a lot over the last dozen years, but the way he both discussed his legacy, the country's reality as opposed to Trumps America, which Donald described as if we live in Mad Max's world. President Obama gave Hillary an endorsement that make all others seem like hate mail. Several of his knock-out blows were astonishing. "We don't look to be ruled." Boom! "And the American dream is something no wall will ever contain" Pow! 
And maybe the highlight of his whole speech was his beautiful shout out to Bernie Sanders, "Feel the Bern!" The smile on Bernie's face was priceless. 
The moment he said, what for me will be a line I will remember possibly to my last dying breath, was "That's why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end." I actually leaped to my feet and cheered. There you have it in one brilliant take down, the campaign of Treasonous Trump, our first American dictator in training. 
And then we had the picture that will be showcased for years. Our newly minted Democratic Nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, walked on stage and the two world leaders hugged. Yes world leaders, something Donald J. Trump could never say or seemingly understand. And the place went off its hinges. I mean what can you say, if you viewed it, it was truly an amazing moment in our history. 
So tonight, Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother to the world, she will tell us who Hillary is to her. After last weeks Trump family singers came out one by one extolling their father as practically the second coming, it will be simply a beautiful thing to watch a woman, who've we've all watched grow up into an extraordinary woman in her own right extol the virtues of the woman she knows.  And then Hillary Clinton will come out and speak and the world will stop, not to see what she says, but trying to compare her to Obama's speech, and Michelle's speech and her husbands or even our Vice Presidents, but she doesn't need to compare. As we've been discovering, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can make a mean speech , a great speech and knock it out of the park. I can finally say I witnessed it in person a few months back in Brooklyn. So tonight the world will sit back and hopefully see the woman whom I have been following for decades. And then her husband, former President and future First Dude, will enter the stage and the place will go nuts. And then Tim Kaine will appear. All I can say is tonight, nobody call me, I will be busy watching our next President truly showcase why she will be our next and first Woman President. I for one can not wait.
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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Thursday, July 28, 2016

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