Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Karma has begun to bite Trump on his tuchus big time, as his past misdeeds have come back to haunt him in a really bad way, and boy can you see it on his face and in his demeanor

DONALD IS TOAST… at least that’s how it feels as I write this. If what we’ve learned so far, even with out all of the redactions filling in the blanks, it doesn’t look good for the liar in chief. Even without that so-called smoking gun proving without any shadow of a doubt that our sitting president got into office with the assistance from a lot of people he shouldn’t have ever been associated with, which doesn’t include all of the other very bad things Donald is alleged to have done. And thanks to the recent revelations from Michael Cohen, General Michael Flynn, and David Pecker no less, Donald J. Trump turns out was in on the crimes to hide his infidelities and his other misdeeds during the campaign, which eventually got him into the White House. 

That alone would be enough for any president or political figure to have to seriously think about resigning and making a deal. But, that treasonous act is only the first of many investigations which are now beginning to swallow Donald’s entire world up. Even if what Donald, Rudy and Kellyanne Conway keep saying and tweeting are the opposite. Even if the traitors masquerading as politicians in what used to be known as the republican party, come out and act as if no crimes ever occurred. And if they did, it doesn’t matter because the man is president, and you can’t indict a sitting president. Disregarding his crimes, or that those crimes by him and others aided his coronation. That’s right, that the latest and most insane excuse from the trumpeters. Apparently Donald committing the crimes doesn’t matter any more, he’s already practically admitting it anyway. You see there’s a method to his madness, according to them even if he did it, it doesn’t matter. That’s the new defense for Trump’s crimes. Since he’s the sitting president and he can’t get in trouble for any crimes that he might have committed, no matter how treasonous, he’s safe. Like Donald once said, he could shoot a  man on Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen to him. Even if those crimes helped him get into the presidency. Who’s the genius that thought up this defense? Scarily I’m asking how many will believe it, or worse, what if that’s how he gets away with all it, as he transforms from president to king of Trumpland. 

The shame in all this is, all of the players in this game that Donald is playing are crooked in one way or another. So when the star witness, turns out to be somebody like Michael Cohen, it gives Donald’s defenders the most obvious defense they can come with. How can you believe a word that Michael Cohen says? Especially now that the words convicted liar has been tattooed across his forehead for all of the world to see. How could we possibly believe that he of all people is finally telling the truth? Of course the trumpeters seem to forget and disregard everything else that’s been revealed, as they’ve done since Trump became the presumptive nominee of the republican party. Something the hypocrites in the trumpeting version of the republican party pretty much do that with all of their members, no matter how disgusting, deplorable, or treasonous they turn out to be.

Those talking heads who are trying to brush aside Donald’s illegal and treasonous actions, with all of their never minds and who gives a flying… totally disregards what we learned just this past week, that publisher David Pecker has corroborated with Donald all the way back to 2015. Unbelievably, but not surprisingly it turns out that Donald J. Trump, while a candidate for President, was in the room with Michael Cohen and David Pecker as they discussed and agreed to work together on a scheme to aide the republican candidate’s campaign for the presidency. Oops! According to David Pecker, Donald orchestrated the deal, not Michael Cohen. The National Enquirer, which David Pecker publishes, would align their ‘news’ as pro trump and anti Hillary. Anyone who saw their covers could figure that out. But what we the general public didn’t know was that the editorial of the publication was in coordination with Donald’s campaign. Shall we say, time to resign. Seems Donald set up a hush money scam with the publisher, using tricks like ‘Catch and Kill’ to bury items that could ruin his presidential dreams. Well Rudy, Donald, and his other talking heads are now pitching as their excuse that there was nothing illegal in paying off women for his personal failings, According to them, everybody does it. John Edwards did it and got away with it. So see its nothing to lose sleep over. Of course, the reality is, they did it to stop the stories from getting out, because Donald was running for President and it could hurt his chances. So instead of reading weeks, if not days before Election Day about Trumps paying off women illegally, and whatever other news bits that would damage his electoral chances, we got the Wikileaks dump of emails stolen from the DNC. We got lots of accusations from Donald and his crew of how crooked Hillary was, how she as president would rip off the public and enrich their own bank accounts, how her presidency would be a non-stop legal nightmare for her, and because of that, nothing would get accomplished. Sounds familiar

Amazingly, less then a week after Donald’s really bad day of December 7th, his D Day if you will, we’ve actually gotten an even worse day for him to deal with. On December 13th, it got even worse for Donald, and my smile grew a lot bigger, as it turned out that David Pecker, the publisher of The National Enquirer, had agreed to corroborate with the investigation, which pretty much has cooked Donald J. Trump’s goose. With Pecker’s agreement, we have learned that the meeting that included Michael Cohen and David Pecker, which dealt with publishers assistance during the campaign, you know, dealing with the hush money. The payments to at least the 2 lovely ladies that we know about, was attended no less by the man himself. That’s right, Donald who completely denied a meeting ever took place, or that there was ever a conversation or deal, was in the meeting.  The one that he suggested that people speak to his attorney Michael Cohen about it. The one that, according to them now,  even if it happened it wasn’t crime. The one… like rat caught in a trap. So conspiring with David Pecker, in the real world, to help swing the presidential election, should be enough alone for Donald’s presidency be on borrowed time. But sadly the real world ended the day Donald came down that escalator and spewed hatred, and the sad news that he was running to take over the free world. And since we’re not living in what I hope isn’t reality these days, that alone might not be enough to sway enough republicans to help kick out the treasonous actors. 

And now fools like Alan Dershowitz and Devin Nunes, are showing their vile faces on Fox news and spewing bulls…, sorry, garbage, that General Michael T. Flynn was entrapped by the FBI when he lied to them. Apparently the fools on the right are gonna try to overthrow his guilty plea. So, lets get this straight,  the man who was running our national security for Donald, shouldn’t know not to lie to the feds? A lifelong military man, a fool who stood in front of the world and chanted to lock Hillary Clinton up, because of her supposed treasonous actions… hogwash. I guess we are all also to believe that he didn’t know that working with foreign nations at the same time that he was working for Donald’s cabinet, especially without telling anyone was a treasonous thing, either? So I guess Flynn’s defense’s scheme to attack the FBI in their plea for the lightest sentence possible for the traitor to the judge, was simply a pitch to Donald to get a pardon. And his seeing the light and giving up the Donald was simply buying time till he could send out smoke signals for a pardon. Because Trump’s response afterwards via an interview makes it sound to me like their pitch might actually work. Donald still wuves his little general, his little Michael. 

Well lets hope the treasonous general, still gets locked up for at least some time, when perhaps the traitor to our nation will maybe see the errors of his ways, and in turn, come out and fully apologize to Hillary Clinton and to the citizens of the United States for his crimes against democracy. Of course I’m fully expecting his future to be similar to Oliver North, another man who committed treason for a different republican president. But instead of being ridiculed and spit at as the traitor that he was, he became a political hero for the right, and has made a living off of his treasonous deeds ever since. Expect Flynn to be a star on Fox or worse Sinclair sometime in the near future, even perhaps while serving his time in federal prison. I’m sorry, the man deserves no cheers, no accolades, only ridicule and scorn. Flynn has only admitted his guilt to lying to the FBI, that’s it. He supposedly has been very helpful and forthright with information to his inquisitors, but as far as I can tell, he hasn’t apologized for his actions to the nation. He helped a traitor get into the White House, so no soup for him.

I do have mixed feelings on what we’ve learned recently, especially in regards to Michael Cohen. With him my feelings shifted from thinking he was a dumb witless stooge, a fixer who did the dirty work for Donald. Then with his seemingly change of heart, I thought for a few days that perhaps the man wasn’t the total douche bag thug that I had always sensed he was. Yes my friends, a former Trumpeter has been saved, Michael had finally seen the light. But then Friday, December 7th, occurred and even though the American people finally had his big reveal, we also discovered the man’s change of heart wasn’t total. On that day we learned Donald’s one time attorney was hiding things, he wasn’t the reformed sinner that he wanted all of us to think he had become. When I heard that, I was real disappointed. I mean I wanted this smoking gun in the guise of Michael Cohen that we all had been waiting for, to be perfect, not to have a blemish, not to give Donald any wiggle room to escape that long green mile. 

But honestly Michael Cohen doesn’t have to be perfect, he just needs to be the someone who can help connect the dots, which he was doing according to Mueller’s investigators in regards to their investigation. So at least Cohen’s getting some time behind bars that he so justly deserves, and most importantly he seems to be giving up the ghost on Donald. I must add, listening to Donald go off on Michael Cohen, as opposed to Michael Flynn who he is still praising, you know that Michael is telling the truth and Donald, well Donald doesn’t know how to react, how to keep his fat trap shut, or how to stop his stubby little fingers from tweeting. And as usual those outbursts always come back to bite him. After Michael was sentenced to spend over 3 years in prison, Trump tweeted some really juvenile insults and attacked Cohen and his family. Which apparently Michael Cohen wasn’t pleased about. So the newly convicted former fixer came out in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC and said a few things that should really shut the orange faced fool up. Words in my opinion that should send shivers down all of the trumpeters spines. “Nothing at the Trump organization was ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump. He directed me, as I said in my allocution and I said as well in the plea, he directed me to make the payments, he directed me to become involved in these matters. Including the one with McDougal, which was really between him and David Pecker and then David Pecker’s counsel. I just reviewed the documents ... in order to protect him. I gave loyalty to someone who truthfully does not deserve loyalty.” Honestly, that’s all I need to hear. Shut Donald’s presidency down. Anyone who knows anything about Donald has to feel that his commentary rules Donald out of ever being in the dark in any of the things that he probably was involved with. So please stop giving this shyster in orange face paint any benefit of the doubt. Quit believing his ever changing excuses, and his point blank lies about what occurred. He did it. He was in on it. They all were. The entire Trump organization, his family and even his presidency is a sham. I’m just hoping in the end that Michael Cohen will be remembered in history as Donald’s John Dean.

So, unluckily for Donald not only do we have a real life tabloid nightmare smacking him in his crooked orange face, we’ve also got the second knock out blow which also would normally be enough to at least have started impeachment hearings. Seems we’ve now learned that Donald and his family… excuse me his organization, yes this is a mob, is up to their neck in the Trump Tower Moscow project. Something we’ve discovered Donald has been dreaming of seemingly most of his adult life. Finally the deal was coming into fruition, and I actually don’t doubt what other people keep saying, that getting that dream tower built, was the real reason Donald ran for president in the first place. It is possible Donald wasn’t thinking of the political ramifications with the deal, just the deal itself. Remember as he keeps pitching, he’s a builder not a politician, so who knows in Donald’s mind it’s simply a hotel. Of course lets disregard that in this case he’s got to deal with Vladimir, because nothing gets done in Russia without Putin’s say so.

Remember all those times Donald came out and told everyone that he had no deals with Russia? Well since these revelations have come out, Rudy and Donald, amongst many, are now using the excuse that a lie isn’t criminal. That’s right, they’re currently pitching that none of those thousands of lies mean jack. Somehow the deal, kept secret to the world isn’t a problem. Never discussed by Donald’s defenders. As usual they’re trying to use the fact that the lying of it is the only problem with what occurred, and since he wasn’t under oath when he said them, its not a crime. But lets remember that when Donny became president,  he swore an oath on a bible to defend the constitution. My question is by constantly lying to the American people about his past illicit deeds, isn’t he breaking that oath he swore? Isn’t that a crime?

Speaking of liars, according to Rudy lying to the American people isn’t a crime if you’re the president. That’s their so-called legal defense. So what? Who cares? Sorry Rudy, sorry Donald, it matters and some of us do care. Maybe the lying isn’t illegal even with my question still out there to be answered, and these lies shouldn’t cause a president to resign from office, no matter how wrong it feels. But his dealing with Russians and others on the deal while campaigning for president, while hiding all of it, surely sounds like they doing something shady, if not impeachment worthy. And lets add an additional wrinkle to the mix. It turns out, if you deal with the wrong sort of people eventually they will turn on you, especially if they’ve been alone in a cell in a foreign land under the thumb of the feds. Which brings me to Maria Butina, a Russian spy who pled guilty on Thursday, December 13, in a plot to influence conservative republicans. Maria Butina will possibly be a name remembered as a tipping point in our nations history. I wouldn’t be surprised that before this is all over, besides Donald and company going down, if half the republican party goes down with them after their association with her is fully revealed. Amazing only 1 day after Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and his 3 year sentence was handed down. We’ve learned that a Russian spy began canoodling with the NRA all the way back in 2011 and did seemingly very little to have the republicans falling all over themselves over her Russian charms and her love of weaponry. Yes this crazy script we are living in even includes a hot redhead spy, perhaps Scarlett Johansson can play her in the movie.  

The only question we should have to ask now is when will VP Mike Pence’s own illegalities start coming out? After all he allowed Michael Flynn to get in, and even after he was warned about the general’s issues, he ignored the problem. What’s up with that? Let’s hope some time before Donald vacates the premises, Pence’s criminal acts also causes his resignation. Even if he didn’t commit any crimes, he got the position by illegal and treasonous means, which should simply mean go away Mike. That written, Pence should never be allowed to become president, and he shouldn’t be allowed to pardon Donald for any of his crimes. And ironies of all ironies, Nancy Pelosi could become our next president before all of this is said and done. Since she will be the majority leader of Congress when the Trump/Pence team is jettisoned off of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and she would be third in line for the presidency, that means she gets the gig. Can’t wait for the republicans heads to explode. That is if Pence doesn’t get to stay as president and choose his own pet poodle to be his vice president. I can only image which monster he would choose, or who his handlers would I should write. Of course, the proper thing to do in all of this is to have a phone conversation with Hillary Clinton and hand her the gig she shouldn’t have gotten over two years a go. They could make a deal so Donald vacates the premises, quietly, he could save a little face. And if he agrees and Hillary Clinton is installed as president, without any difficulties, the feds would not send him to a federal penitentiary immediately where he would wait until it’s time for his big death scene against the wall or in the hot seat. They would allow him to leave the office with his head up and those crimes which helped him get into office would be forgiven, in the same way that Nixon left after Watergate. 

All I know is, I’m thinking the second part of Donald’s tenure or however long it lasts, should be a lot more fun to live through if you love democracy, and want to watch it work its magic. That no one is above the law, and in the end things somehow work their way to the right conclusion. It should be interesting seeing the next election campaign’s commence, and not just because there will be so many qualified candidates in the democratic party to run for their party’s nomination. But because we still don’t know if Donald will run unopposed as the incumbent in his party, or will he still be even president. If he is, and runs again, will he have any challengers? Or better yet, will Pence be one of those challenges, going after a much weaker Donald? Or if things work out better than I can even hope for that will fools in charge will be gone, already replaced by Nancy Pelosi. And what if Nancy is the president, who does she pick for her vice president? What if its Hillary? Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that make a statement and a half? And if so, does Nancy then run as the incumbent, or does she step aside and let Hillary run as the true incumbent? See lots of fun questions to ponder as we start the countdown towards the end of Donald’s presidency.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Friday, November 23, 2018


Donald illegally installs a puppet as Attorney General to spy into the Mueller investigation or worse… can we just call it what it is, obstruction of justice and fire the bum? 

SO LIKE MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS I did my patriotic duty on Election Day and voted, but because I actually worked as a poll worker on Election day for the first time, I also had to vote as an absentee voter for the first time too. Which meant I couldn’t get to my usual voting location, and voting absentee was the only way I would be able to vote if I wanted to. You see the worst part of the gig was having to be there at 5AM, and we didn’t wrap till 11:30PM. Which honestly means, as an absentee voter, I am not sure if my vote actually was counted, since the absentee ballots were taken to central location where they would be counted later. Happily the way things went, living in New York, my vote turned out not to be really necessary anyway, and the people I wanted to win did. But to put it nicely, it was a very long day, but it was also a wonderful day spending it assisting my fellow Americans in doing what obviously everyone who voted witnessed and felt. The energy in the room, the excitement in the air. No I am not kidding. I actually got to see Democracy in action, and witnessed the voting process from another perspective. I mean the way things were going I honestly felt depending how things went, that this could be the last time that we, the American voting public ever got the chance to vote again. Let alone work for the election board on Election Day as a poll worker. Remember Donald has jokingly talked about being president for life… so in theory, this could be the last time we the citizens of the United States actually have the right to vote. No seriously I honestly believed that, I mean can you blame me? Besides seeing the process and assisting others on Election Day, probably the best part was not sitting home watching as the results came in. After suffering though the last election, as the trumpeters took control over Washington, the thought of sitting through another excruciating horror show was frightening.  

But, as we all know by now, my favorite color won the day and it turned out that a lot of people, most ever in a mid-term election actually voted. If you hadn’t guessed, that color was blue, as in the Democratic party, can I hear an Amen. Yes we can. The people practically shouted out loud and very clearly on Election Day, letting everyone know they ain’t at all happy with the insanity, lies, bigotry, criminality and probably treasonous actions that Trump has enveloped us all in, helping to turn Donald’s unhealthy orange hue into a very deep and very blue funk. That said, you must give the Republicans their due, they surely know how to disenfranchise the voters, between gerrymandering and every other unimaginable undemocratic method they can come up with. Guess thats why they’re the trumpeting Republican party and not the people’s Democratic party, whose political leaders believe that every American citizen over the age of 18 has a constitutional right to vote. It is pretty anger inducing when you discover that the Republican Party's only real way of winning is preventing citizens from voting. To actually make sure that the people’s votes aren’t counted the way they should be. Otherwise the blue wave that we are still awaiting its final overwhelming victorious message, would have been even more historically huge. But the experts on television are now saying, that the victory by the Democratic Party is the largest of its kind since 1972. Yes, yet another sad thing by the Trumpster that resembles Nixon’s Presidency. Lets hope Donald's ends in a similar fashion too.

Its a real shame that these self-righteous lying douche bags in the Republican Party have figured out that they can stay in power by cheating the citizens out of their right to vote. Or worse, they allow people to vote and then use every excuse in the book not to count the ballots themselves. Florida, Georgia and Texas, all I can say is shame, shame, shame. Your political leaders are crooks and liars, simply disgraceful, and utterly sad that so many of you voted your party, disregarding the candidate themselves and their disgusting campaigns, platforms and lies. At least the criminality of the election fraud that was showcased everywhere this time wasn’t hidden in the background at all. That is except for Fox, which is still pitching election fraud, but not what happened this election cycle. No, as a joke I turned on Fox Faux not News the other day, just to see what they weren't reporting on, and was confronted by a sad sick twisted joke, ‘the liberals are paying homeless men and women to vote illegally, and yes its wide spread’. That they’re wasting airtime on. Not Ivanka’s use of a private e-mail account... no that, we got crickets. scream! 

Well the good thing is, if we learned anything from Trump’s still unbelievable so-called victory in 2016, every vote counts. And for once, as was preached throughout the campaign, the people listened and voted in record numbers. And thanks to the people, the Democrats decidedly won back the House. Yes, we the voters listened. We didn’t believe the polls, even though what happened on Election day has pretty much showcased the polls were right. We didn’t listen to the talking heads or the Trumpeters, we the people drowned out the noise and made a statement and a half. And happily a lot of people didn’t have amnesia and just voted in the liars like the Republicans hoped we would. Was anyone at all won over by the Republicans campaign pitch that they, the same monsters who had tried over 60 times to kill Obamacare now wanted to save preexisting conditions, not the Democrats. Somehow we were supposed to believe the liars on the wrong side of history, that the Democrats were the ones trying to take away people’s healthcare, not the Republicans. I’m sorry, the obnoxiousness of them even pitching this lie, that they are the saviors of our healthcare made me want to scream... and I did a few times at my television as the orange dyed man himself repeatedly lied non-stop about this. I must say, at least this time most of the media didn’t fall for this con. Happily the people remembered what happened two years ago, and what we’ve lived through since, and most made a pact with themselves not to be fooled again. Not to believe the trolls or the bots on Facebook or Twitter.

As usual when the election results started coming in, too many jumped to announce the victors, which early on seemed to side with the Republicans pitch. I’m sorry, I know they are the so-called experts, but shouldn’t you wait at least a few minutes as to not to make a fool of yourself? And because they didn’t wait, not surprisingly the vote counts on multiple elections weren’t the expected final results. So at first all we got from the talking heads and Trump himself, was that the blue wave never happened, that Donald’s magic had worked again. But after the initial results came in and it was evident Trump’s time in office so far had caused the electorate to say you know what, we’ve seen enough Trump, Trump’s boasts pretty much went silent.

At the same time, the Democrats were celebrating their well earned majority, ignoring Donald as much as possible, as they were getting ready to get back in the game, take charge of the House, thanks to the voters, Donald played his last hand. By firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, something he’s been wanting to do since the day Sessions recused himself from the Mueller investigation. He then bumped up Jeff Session’s assistant, Matt Whitaker and made him his acting Attorney General. Point blank, Trump installed a puppet to run ‘his’ Justice Department, and the ‘red line’ was crossed again. And as usual with his appointee, Donald has chosen a real winner, or should I write the worse possible option. This one is an honest to goodness criminal. The FBI is actively investigating his former company where he was a board member. Seems they scammed people and then when the people sued and threatened legal recourse, he himself sent e-mails threatening the victims. He also has been a one-man band as a talking head on television and on editorials online on his distaste for the Mueller Investigation, how it was going too far. You know, witch hunt. And now he gets to try, as he suggested on one of his many appearances, to starve the investigation. Kill its budget, and attempt to shut it down.

For a man who seems like a rube, Trump somehow always figures out a way to solve all of his problems. And this latest play, replacing Jeff Sessions with Matt Whitaker might be his most obnoxious in your face, go ahead I dear you to fight me on it move yet. He certainly has learned how to get away with mur… I shouldn’t write that, even though some would argue, what he pulled in Puerto Rico is a crime, and most of those who died in the aftermath, their deaths should be on his hands. Much like his recent Supreme Court choice of Kavanaugh, everything about Whitaker looks shady. How many red, or blue, or green, or purple, or black, or even white lines does Trump have to shred to smithereens before even the liars on the right say enough is enough? It’s beyond time for the bigwigs in Washington, and the money players behind Fox News, to have a real serious heart to heart with themselves.

I know we have to wait for the investigation to be over, that is if Trump’s puppet acting Attorney General doesn’t end it between now and the next session begins (and no that wasn’t a pun) with Donald’s blessings, before we even actually learn if he is as guilty apparently as he appears to be. Remember, the powers-that-be can end the investigation and lock away the results forever if they want to, so that no one but those involved will ever know what the investigation discovered or whatever facts they’ve learned. Remember the only things that any of us know about the investigation is whats been leaked by whomever is doing the leaking. Add to that we don’t even know if whats been leaked is 100% fact or fiction. What we’ve gotten is a lot of reporters, talking heads, and know-it-alls reporting on what was leaked, pretty much trying to connect the dots.

Lets hope if or once the investigation gets released, what we’ve heard so far is real. Wouldn’t it be a bummer if, after all this build-up, we never learn the truth? That the Republicans shut down the investigation and quietly try to make it go away. I’m hoping that when everything is said and done that whatever treasonous actors get outed that their crimes get them the punishments that they surely deserve. That said does anyone still believe If Mueller’s investigation is stopped, that that stoppage will finally cause the Republicans to say enough’s enough. Like suddenly they grow a conscience. Anyone? Well sorry, those republicans are so last century, and not apart of this current horde of lackeys, racists and traitors.

One last thing, after the election, Mitch McConnell came out after he again was voted in as Majority Leader of the Senate, sadly the voters blew their shot this time to end his tenure, and he coined a phrase which has since become the go-to expression which we will be hearing from now on whenever there is any investigation into Trump and his family’s criminal enterprises, “Presidential harassment!” Apparently any questioning into Trumps traitorous activity is point blank harassment! So after two years of Republican leadership refusing to hold the Trumps accountable for their actions, words, or criminal behavior, if the new majority they have in the House dares go after Donald and company, that would be going too far. Trump has already announced that he would pretty much consider it an act of war against him. Since as we learned he and his family of charlatans are above the law. Somehow every other political leader, especially any Democratic ones are cool to query, but Trump, that’s harassment. Ironic that that would be the term the Republicans come up with, I mean the man is known to be a serial harasser, right?

So the big picture is, by winning back the House, the people who voted possibly could save our Democracy, or at least put a giant wedge of prevention into Donald’s plans of transforming our nation into whatever Hellhole he’s been taking us towards. As we’ve witnessed Trump seemingly losing his mind over the smack down the Republicans received, apparently the trumpeters are seeing the writing on the wall, and if somehow the end is nearer for him and not for our Democracy, then perhaps we all, or should I write, I should have a little more faith in what the framers of our Constitution helped forge over 200 years ago.

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018


Instead of dealing with yet another historic hurricane disaster, Trump meets with Kanye? This after the soulless, heartless, sellout Republicans rammed his Supreme Court perjuring savior through, both showcasing exactly what is wrong with politics, and why every vote really matters. 

PLEASE SOMEONE WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE! It keeps getting worse, and this time its taken me almost a month to wrap my head about what we just lived through. Sorry, but I’m warning you in advance, that this is one of those long ones. Simply put, too much has happened, at too fast a pace, to write a quickie. To my regular readers, and to those who are dropping by for the first time, first thanks, sometimes what I write reads like I’m trying to help keep myself sane by getting my thoughts and opinions out, as I try to figure out or find something good in anything we’ve suffered through. Perhaps one of these days, if I keep typing away, reliving what I’m trying to figure out, something constructive could be discovered. Maybe by connecting the dots the answers to our questions will show themselves. As we witness the possible death of our Democracy right in front of our faces, occurring in real time, I am stunned at how quickly we’ve gone from people laughing out loud at the idea of Trump even running for President, and how we are now on the cusp of over throwing our very sacred Democracy and installing a possible dictator or worse, the second coming of Adolf Hitler. And yes, I went there.

Most importantly, how is it possible that a man supposedly being investigated for treason, who possibly colluded with Russians to steal an American presidency, was allowed to choose a savior in the courts? I listened to the excuses or better lies Republicans used to explain why it was so necessary to add that new member to the court so quickly, but if we could wait over a year for the 2016 Presidential election, we could’ve waited a few months for the upcoming mid-term election. As they kept explaining then, let the people decide who should be allowed to choose a Supreme Court judge. Forgetting the fact that the people had elected a President, Barack Obama, to do just that and he had over a year and a half left in his term! The people are choosing in less then a month if Democrats get a seat back at the table, if they aren’t too happy with the way Trump and his minions have done their jobs while in charge. With just that written, excluding any talk about his choice, the people in power should have simply waited a few months. Any person that Trump chose before the election, would be suspect even if they turned out to be Saints. But Trump ain’t no Saint and neither is Brett even if they keep talking about him as the second coming. The only explanation for me is, that they know how guilty Trump is and they are saving their own skins. They unlike the rest of us, have seen the reports on Russian hacking, and all the juicy rumor filled Intel that only they are privy too. They know the truth, yet never act on it. All they do is attack whistle blowers and people who apparently are telling the truth. And God forbid you are a woman who comes out to report and relive what ever horrible experience that your accused has possibly done. Oh, and if you ask why it takes people so long to come out, just watch a tape of the kavanaugh hearings, all questions will be answered. Seems, the crimes they faced might not be as bad as having to deal with a bunch of old white republican women hating inbreds who attack you for the audacity of telling your story, of being a victim. And whats worse, the trolls, bots and minions of these fools, who attack them on social networks and worse real life. Let me ask you, would be as brave as Christine Blasey Ford? Would you be willing to have your life destroyed to relive the worse experience, that in many cases they have tried to suppress for decades, just to do the right thing? I’m not sure if I could.  

Of course the Republicans have also looked at the polls and know more than us how badly their party is doing. Which explains their election campaigns this year. Have you seen anything more disgusting, racist and full of lies? I mean, according to their campaign rhetoric, they are trying to save pre-existing conditions, WTF? That the Democrats are the ones being mob-like, have they not seen the footage? Oh, I get it, just lie outta your asses, rinse, repeat and magically reality will disappear and once more the minority party will defeat the majority with less votes. Explains all the work on their part to stop Americans from getting to the voting booth. Why so afraid of the voters? Maybe because they have seen the numbers, they know the people are pissed. We were pissed on election day when Trump somehow was given the title, even though we the people had voted for someone else. We’ve been pissed each time he’s taken our nation one step closer to end times. And now some if not most of us are pissed with how they treated yet another woman, and allowed what could be a worthless womanizing drunk a seat at the table for possibly the next 40 or 50 years. Of course if the Democrats do get the majority, Kavanaugh could be impeached himself for his lies, his perjury on the stand, and his past indiscretions when he’s had one too many. Or of course, if Trump does become our first dictator in orange, officially, who knows in a few years, a Supreme Court, may also be a thing of the past, just like our democracy.  

Otherwise why rush someone in that has come out to be the only human on Earth who believes a President can not be investigated, or impeached. Of course, they know that if the Democrats actually do get in, they know that they will also be investigated for their crimes. Their treasonous actions, aiding a traitor. Their willful stoppage of any investigation into anything bad that Trump or one of his cabinet members have done. For doing their best to halt and stop any investigation into election hacking, Trump’s foundation, Trump’s family businesses, and Trump’s taxes. How many of them will be found culpable of the same crimes? How many of them are in bed with Russians, too?  Sorry, all of this can not simply be about greed, its about power and everything thats un-American.

If they can investigate and possibly remove Trump, how in any logical mind set, should Donald be allowed to choose another Supreme Court judge? Let the people decide. Of course as we’ve discovered in so many in your face, screw the people moments during this election campaign, the Republicans aren’t running on what they or Trump did, no pride in that. No, they are running a campaign of lies and attacks, trying to smear the Democrats into transforming into the enemy of the people that he’s smeared the press since his campaign for the White House began. 

Really is it all about the Supreme Court? Seems with the Kavanaugh swearing in, every heinous act, tweet, insult and lie, are all forgotten in a flash because they the monsters in the Republican party got Brett in? Everything? How does almost two years of a really bad horror show get forgotten simply because Republicans rammed through his Supreme Court savior? How is it possible that everything people have bitched about not matter in the slightest? Perhaps its just for ratings and trying to get the audience riled up for the big election to come, but the poll numbers out of left field appear to be creeping over to the red side. They got that post kavanaugh bump the Republicans were so praying for, or is that preying on? At least thats how the media is trying to pitch these last few weeks before Democracy’s possible last stand. How much of a hold on people does the liar in chief and Fox faux news really have? The ratings on his reelection stomp events are beginning to lose their luster and hysterically even Fox has stopped airing them. But they still are all Trump all the time, and during the Kavanaugh hearings, the publicity ring of Donald’s perpetual reelection campaign beat every other political channel, you know the real news stations, in the ratings by a mile.

I like so many others out there are still trying to get a handle on what happened last election, and why Hillary Clinton isn’t our President and man I am so sorry I was so right about Trump and man that really sucks. Suffering through one of the worse nights of my life, that election night, I can not remember a time politically when I was so upset, sad, disillusioned and horrified. How could this happen? How could so many people be so wrong? But living through the Kavanaugh hearings, watching the Republicans enshrine for ‘life’ Trump’s savior was in lots of ways worse. Really worse, because Trump just becoming president, we thought that at least it couldn’t be as bad as some feared. But as we’ve learned, yes it could, and with Kavanaugh now in, those fears have been multiplied by the realization that the Republicans have given Trump the opportunity to transform himself from simply our Commander-in-Chief into a possible King of the World. Which was why I needed to wait out the eventual outcome before expressing my feelings on the matter. I am sick of all the predictions by all the talking heads. Why? Just report the news. Quit filling the airwaves with opinions and what could be’s, that the job of bloggers and op-ed writers, not television reporters. I would think after the last election that got us Trump, that would have given the predictors pause. But no, every day, they’re back on our televisions, expressing their opinions, and all I feel like is I’m wasting my time from whats really happening. Except like watching road kill, I sometimes can’t turn away. Perhaps 24/7 news actually does have its drawbacks? Too much time to fill, especially when there is nothing new to report. But when there is something breaking, its better than any good mystery on television.   

When it was announced who Trump chose to save his bacon, end abortion, and install himself in as perennial King of the world, I decided that no matter what occurred, good or bad, I had to have closure on it, before I wrote my feelings on the proceedings and what were the ramifications from it. Of course while I waited for the Kavanaugh hearings to end to spill my guts about it, there were several times when the shocking revelations had me pulling out what’s left of my hair. I so wanted to jot down stuff, but because I knew that the next day, this plot twist of Trump’s insane evil plan to take over the world, which scarily showcased everything that makes you want to punch in a wall, if not cry yourself to sleep when it comes to politics, would go off on another tangent, I had to force myself to wait. Sadly I was right. As the story continued, my blood began to boil as the daily shifts in plot played out and as we watched what almost looked like both a slap in the faces of women everywhere, as well as the republicans spitting on our American flag. Each day of this torturous ever changing outcome bombarding us with what should have been a foregone conclusion, that no matter what came out, Trump would get his savior in. Even after Brett was sworn in, not once but twice, the second for the cameras, it took me several days to try to make sense of what we just lived though. How do the bad guys keep winning? When do the people rise up and say no more? Please let it be this election. Please, please. And that means Democrats and even Republicans, come out and vote like our futures depend on it because it does. I am still trying to take it all in. Still not believing how it all panned out. How the liars on the right enshrined not only a possible womanizing, molesting black out drunk who apparently has no memory of even taking a sip, and no I am not talking about Donald J. Trump right now.

I should mention, that I actually began writing this over 3 weeks ago, as our nation was preparing for that weeks major storm from Mother Nature. Seems we as a species has been very bad and she’s pissed human’s are destroying her home. Or perhaps its God’s wraith against the evil that Donald Trump and his ilk are doing since he took control of our world. Remember the good old days, when something insane occurred and we as a society sometimes had weeks or months to contemplate what just happened? We are currently living through a time when it feels like we are being pummeled on an hourly basis. I must also say that since Trump somehow got in, I’ve never been more depressed in my life about America and our future, but living through Kavanaugh’s unbelievably obnoxious and unethical hearing run by a pack of lying douchebag Republicans who have in many cases somehow have been in power for decades, has gotten me more angry about the insanity we are living through than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Seriously.

We are watching a political party bend over backwards, while somersaulting on pogo sticks during a hurricane, while bowing down to its orange dyed mentally unbalanced leader, as if they are working for him or a foreign entity, and not the America people. Its been 27 years since we had to deal with another Supreme Court battle like the one we just suffered through, and power has totally corrupted the majority Republicans. Sadly it’s possibly gotten worse since Anita Hill had to tell us about that disgusting Coke can. Now we have our beloved social networks to multiple that hate by millions, and I would think that by now, as a nation, the way we dealt with Brett’s accusations and his accusers would have been handled shall we say a bit differently. Especially in the #metoo age. But perhaps thats exactly why the old white fools performed the way they did. They had to send a message. All I can write is, lets hope that message that the media is claiming is gonna stop the blue wave from drowning the republicans, is as much a lie as every other thing they spew. This time, so matter how much they try to suppress the vote, so many people vote, that the share numbers will wash away the Republican majority, and any illegal actions they try, and Democracy will begin righting all the wrongs that have recently been written.

The trumpeting Republicans has completely fallen under the whims of our current president and will do everything in their power to skirt the rules, rush through without investigating evidence or witnesses, and skip all precedent, forgive or completely act dumb about all lies their people spew, to get anything they want through. If the Democrats lose in November the nation currently known as The United States of America is surely on borrowed time. That is definitely a forgone conclusion if the American people decide to sit out this November’s election and Trump gets to go down as America’s last president, and first king, or is that emperor? But history could be righted just a little, perhaps a lot, if the majority electorate actually gets out and votes as many of these lying traitors out. Of course in places like Georgia, we’ve discovered, that even with the masses wanting a Democrat in, its possible the current Republican in charge has cheated in such a way that just like with Hillary, the winner of the popular vote may not become the victor in the election come this November. Point blank, Uncle Sam really needs you to vote. And vote like your life depends on it, because it probably does. The democrats need to vote so overwhelmingly that nothing the Republicans do to steal people’s constitutional rights will be enough to overthrow the people’s wishes. I have to write this, and I mean this with all my heart and soul, anyone who doesn’t cast a vote this year as if our very Democracy depends on it, or worse, doesn’t vote at all in protest to make a statement, should all join the Communist Party, and ponder giving up their United States citizenships. 

So a few weeks back, Hurricane Florance was about to attack… okay, I know some of you might have already forgotten that week’s disaster, just a hint, remember the tropical storm that hit Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, South Carolina, to just begin to name some of the places that were effected. I’ll just presume some of you remember, I know 3 weeks right now is like a lifetime, but just go with it… as our nation hunkered down for that latest monstrous hurricane, that yet again the climate deniers refused to believe wasn’t at least partially caused by man’s self destruction and greed. Ironically these same people believe charlatans who claim the horrific once in a generation storms which are occurring on an ever quickening pace, are caused by the Gays, abortion, equal rights, the Democrats, the Jews, the libtards who spewed their lies about Kavanaugh and any deviant who dares disagree with their rules. But global warming, oh thats simply a made up scam concocted by fools who rather listen to what an orange faced liar recites off of a TelePrompTer during a reelection stomp speech, than to scientists and people with knowledge and experience who have spent their entire careers researching and reporting the facts. 

Now about that Supreme Court hearing, as the evidence mounted or should I write as his yearbook revealed, it became crystal clear why the Republicans rushed the Kavanaugh hearings through. Seems the Boy Scout out of “central casting” as Donald described him, turned out to be a man with lots of hidden demons. So many in fact that the Republicans pretty much broke all the rules and hid millions of documents, especially those while he worked in the George Walker Bush White House. Which included torturing prisoners of war, former Vice President from Hell Dick Cheney’s favorite past time. Something that the Democrats kept trying to bring up which the Republicans kept trying to change the subject. Brett’s perjury in those matters didn’t seem to bother a single Republican, they just kept spewing the line that he was already vetted 6 times in his career, so why the sudden interest in his past, probably just political excuses by the Democrats to slow down the process. I mean that was so 35 years ago, why torment the great white hope by actually showcasing the monster behind the curtain? Seems, if you’re a Republican, you can lie when you testify. Apparently perjury is no longer a crime when you have the majority. Maybe America is already dead and the people just haven’t been informed, perhaps the powers that be are playing with us and are simply waiting til after Election day to let the citizens of the United States in on that bit of news.

Throughout the Kavanaugh hearings, the way too brief investigation which at first seemed like a life line for our Democracy, but sadly showcased too swiftly that it was simply just a sham, caused by Senator Flake’s supposed concern at what, in his own words, could destroy the very fabric of our nation. The Democrats did their best to try to take Brett down, but the trumpeting Republicans in power who seem to all be racist old white men who haven’t a clue about the female body, apparently believe that women were just created from a rib of a man and that they are the property of men. Sadly as we’ve discovered most of the woman in Republican politics also believe that bull too. That would explain some of their rhetoric which sounds like religious zealots when discussing women and politics. Of course they believe they know best, screw science, medicine, common sense or reality. Ignorance can be bliss if you just close your mind and simply fall in line, and are the majority, even if you didn’t acquire the majority vote.

So we suffered through the hearings, we witnessed a woman being grilled by another woman instead of the white old lying grumpy males, while the Democrats tried treating her like a human being, who showcased a reasonable and believable tale of horror, and how it had effected her life since that horrible experience occurred. We then watched a very arrogant, angry and pompous white male acting like he was born to be a judge on the Supreme Court and how dare anyone showcase his truth. He cried, whined and acted like a baby, like a man scorned, certainly not like a man who showcased at all, the qualities of someone who should be even mentioned in the same breath as the Supreme Court. This is a man who spent a lifetime doing evil work for the Republicans. Some have called him the Forrest Gump of Washington politics, because for the last 40 years or so he has been involved in some way or another with aiding the Republican agenda. From working for Ken Starr on the Bill Clinton Impeachment hearings, to assisting George Walker Bush during his battle against Vice President AL Gore during the recount, to then assisting George Walker Bush the former worst president in history with his torturous crimes, by perjuring himself when applying for his previous job in the courts. 

Every time new evidence came out, mostly outside the halls of Washington, that should have been looked into by the FBI or whomever was investigating the truth, which could have been brought into the next round of hearings, that is if we had them, was instead brushed aside by the majority as nonsense. But we will never know as long as the Republicans have the majority what they did and what they didn’t investigate. The good news in all this, that is if you can get any out of the horrors of Brett as a now sitting Supreme Court judge, the Democrats have promised that if they get the majority in November they will investigate this and pretty much everything that has occurred since Donny put his hand on that bible and got sworn in. 

We’ve have been told by the media talking heads that just 4 people were talked to during that way-too brief investigation. Instead of the week long investigation that the people were promised, we got a half week including the weekend question and answer session. We got pretty much a bogus attempt at wasting a few days times to quiet down the protests, instead of a real investigation into what actually happened. So even though, for several days, before during and afterwards we got an onslaught of reports of people from their high school and college years coming out, not one of those apparently mattered to Trump or his minions in the Senate. I honestly felt for a few days that here was a chance Brett might be stopped, because news reports seemed to showcase that yes, she was telling the truth, and that he was a sloppy drinker who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. I mean the elections were coming up in just a matter of a few weeks, shouldn’t the Republicans want to at least look like they were tying to get the woman’s vote? I mean with the numbers that kept growing every day, it seemed that it was inevitable that Trump would lose this one. But of course he didn’t. And Brett, we discovered turned into Mister Hyde and it worked. Seems in his days long preparation for his hearing, Kavanaugh was told to act like Donald, to act like a prick and the way things are now-a-days, it worked like a charm. That pathetic display which made most people come out and say Brett didn’t have the disposition to be a sitting judge on the Supreme Court let alone in his current position, actually was the thing that put him over the top. The man who initially had been described as a saint who never drank, swore or possibly defecated in his life, by the Trumpeting Republicans who jammed him through, were hiding all of Brett’s inner demons that they could.  

I am exhausted by what we’ve lived through the last few years and the fact that all our lives seem to be the plaything of a tyrannical monster right out of some dystopian nightmare written by a very angry mentally challenged author. Perhaps ‘we’ as a collective nation deserve what we are getting. Didn’t we recently go to war by attacking the wrong nation? You know the one George Walker Bush got us into and the one apparently we’re never ever getting out of again. George Walker might never pay a price for all the millions of people who died, all the lives he destroyed, and how pathetic he was as our President. We know Cheney surely hasn’t. Look at what ‘we’ did to that country under their watch. The destruction we caused. I understand they weren’t angels, but they didn’t attack us that day, other people did. Sadly when the Democrats were back in power they were too busy trying to right the ship Titanic that the Republicans had turned America into to go after the monsters that caused the crash into the iceberg in the first place. So instead of taking to task the horrors that they did, the now new majority tried to fix the nation, which gave the monsters on the right the chance to try to tear apart President Barack Obama and the Democrats, and way too swiftly regain the majority they so justly deserved to lose. Unfortunately for the good of the nation, the Democrats always try to do the right thing. Somehow no matter how horrible or obscene the Republicans get, when it comes to campaigning, they know how to get the people to listen to their lies and to magically forget everything they’ve actually done. Somehow, the lies they spew, the insults, the conspiracies, the racist garbage takes over the air waives, and the real facts and the real records get thrown out. Scarily the only time Donald J. Trump actually ever told the truth, was during that infamous debate, when he went off on Bush and expressed what a shit show it was. Remember how everyone booed him. How this was gonna end his campaign. It was the first time I believed he had a chance to win. I can still remember getting the chills at the thought. How petrified I was at what those ramifications meant.

The worse part about the whole kavanaugh debacle was, the final vote was 50-48 and it turned out as usual to be a political straight line party vote. Most in the Republican party in the Senate looked at the facts or the ramifications, they just voted along with their buddies. So 49 of the Republicans who voted ‘Yes’ disregarded everything shady about the nominee, and 47 Democrats looked at the facts, considered what it could mean for Brett to be sworn in and what those consequences were and voted ‘no’. Even if you didn’t believe the accusations, Brett’s demeanor should have turned you into a ‘no’ , but not one republican even wanted to discuss his many lies, or his previous convictable perjuries when questioned in the past. Not even Jeff Flake, who became a hero to millions of Americans for a few days. That is til the truth of what the bogus hearings really transformed into. Perhaps, Jeff himself was in on the charade, to cover himself for his presumed run for the presidency, or more likely, his television gig on one of the political networks, as soon as he exits his office. 

But even with those votes out of the way, there was still hope. All we needed was Republicans Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and one Democrat, at least in party affiliation, Joe Manchin, to vote with the Democratic party line and Brett would be toast. All we needed was these 3 to vote against, and Kavanaugh would’ve been forgotten in history, as opposed to being possibly remembered in the future as the man who helped enshrine Donald J. Trump as Emperor, first ruler of Trumpland. For a few hours it got tense on Capital Hill, when Lisa Murkowski voted ‘no’. She simply said, that it was too much of a rush and not a thorough enough investigation to vote him in for a lifetime appointment. But sadly all hope faded pretty quickly, once Jeff Flake announced that even though he wasn’t happy with the 3 day query, or should I write joke, that  he announced screw it, he was voting for Brett because there was no corroborating evidence. Which was when I screamed at my television that the fix was in. How could their be any, they never investigated the witnesses or the evidence, nothing that kept coming out. They hid in a room regurgitated what they already had, and figured out the spin they would say to get past this minor inconvenience that they had to all go through, in order to get Donny’s baby in. They didn’t really investigate, you two faced liar. You of all people, Jeff Flake know that. Remember you were on the committee which got to see the reports from the investigators. This, ‘no corroborating evidence’, turned out to be the go to phrase by anyone who was on Trump’s side. I mean how could there be any answers when they didn’t investigate the people who claimed they had things to share? 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t shocked when Joe Manchin announced he was voting yes, I mean, doesn’t he always vote as a Republican to save his job as opposed to do his job? Happily to report, according to polls in his area, his voting ‘yes’ for Brett, might actually lose him his seat of power. One can only hope, Republican or Democrat, that his replacement isn’t any worse. The final nail in America’s coffin however was driven in by what turned out to be the biggest lying douche bag in Washington, whose on a par with Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Paul Ryan. Susan Collins of all people, who has spent her career promising to her constituents that she would never vote in anyone who would vote out Roe V. Wade, repeatedly lied through her teeth when she said that she would wait to see the evidence and listen to the witnesses. At the same time refusing to meet any of the citizens who wanted to let her know how they felt. These woman and men who had wanted to share their horrifying stories of abuse. Seem’s when Brett told her that a woman’s right to an abortion was the law of the land and that he would never touch it, she believed his lies. Why? She knew what Trump had promised. She knew who had suggested him in the first place, and what their agenda was. 

So sadly when she had the chance to do what the late John McCain had done last year, when he thumbed down the bill to kill Obamacare for the people and not just to fall in line with the rest of her party. Collins instead announced ahead of time as if she was about to repeat McCain’s historic move, she then came out to an audience of millions and wasted 40 minutes of every body’s time explaining why she would be voting yes. Susan Collins decided to go against everything she had pitched for years. Seems she’s just like the rest of the monsters on the right, who didn’t care about women or their rights. I always had a bad feeling about her, but like others who believed her charade, Collins appeared to be a voice of reason. One of the moderates as they like to call them. But at the most important point in her career, the vote that will put her name into the history books, she outed herself as just another lying Republican who only cares abut her own pocketbook. Instead of proving her word, she announced she was gonna vote ‘yes’ to Trump’s choice. Sadly nowhere in anything she spewed that day, brought up his perjury when it came to Bush’s torture, or his many lies about his yearbook and what he and his disgusting teenaged friends had put into that historical document, which proved what a POS he and they were. Susan Collins like the rest of the Republicans never brought up the fact that Trump was getting a man who announced a President  can’t be impeached! They actually went out of their way to not bring that up. Or that he was chosen by a religious white-wing organization, who wanted to bring religion to the classroom and the white house. Who apparently are okay with destroying our democracy as long as they can have as many guns as they like and can continue transforming our nation into what hellhole they have conceived of as their heaven. So the gas lighting of America has worked its magic once more. Brett Kavanaugh is now a sitting Supreme Court judge, till he retires or we as a nation goes buh bye. And if the talking heads on television are right, the way Brett got him, by acting like a POS, that it has helped rile up the sheep on the right. Somehow this Trump victory, has caused every fowl disgusting racist comment to be forgotten that Trump or his minions have spewed and what just occurred during Brett’s enshrinement proceedings never occurred. 

Well screw that, I’ve personally had it. I’m voting straight party line for the Democrats. Not that that is really a change from every other election I’ve participated in. But this year, there’s one big exception. I’m actually working at a polling station on election day. Nice way to earn a few bucks, by helping other citizens when they arrive to do their patriotic duty. I must tell you, after going through the training session, which is a requirement, my admiration for those who have done this job in the past has grown enormously. Lets just say, it ain’t as simple as it looks. And that doesn’t even mention the responsibility I feel and the excitement I felt when I received the e-mail explaining to me that I had passed the test. Yes, there was a test, and I passed and I get to work on election day. Yeah me, yeah Democracy. I honestly wanted to see Democracy working for its citizens with my own eyes, from another angle. I mean, scarily this maybe the last time an American will be able to vote. Yes, I believe that. I must add once more with a caveat, that anyone who doesn’t vote this year as if our Democracy depends on it, is as delusional as Donald J. Trump. They say this each Election year, but I honestly do believe that this election is the most important in our lifetimes, just as the last one had been. Trump proved why it is important to take your vote seriously. And how important it is to have the right person in the job. What can one man do? Unfortunately way too much damage. This upcoming election proves that even the midterms are important, and hopefully will cause people to come out by the millions as never before to make a statement. And according to what I’ve been seeing, the numbers so far in early voting, are through the roof. Of course we don’t know as of yet who those votes are for. But my feeling is, perhaps that Blue Tsunami I’ve been praying for is happening even as we speak. If we can all just somehow drown out the lies and magical thinking that the republicans are trying to weave over all of us. As they attempt to make us forget what has actually happened and what we know to be true. I’m hoping by early Election eve the realization of what might just be happening will cause Trump to start packing his bags. Once he realizes its over, what with Mueller they say about readying for his big announcement in February, Donald’s probably gonna start making plans for lots of plastic surgery, for his years on the lam. While he tries to evade capture and his eventual life on death row, as he awaits his well deserved ending.  

That is if the people vote, and don’t all turn out to be the sheep who all believe the lies they learn from Russian bots and the fools that share the conspiracies as truth. That is if the people start seeing everything that Trump spews as lies, as opposed to the most obvious ones which people throw away as supposed bad jokes. I’m hoping that the amazing Woman’s march that took place right after Trump was announced president was more than just a statement. As well as all the other protests that have sprung up since that have made America sometimes feel like we are back in the protest glory days of the 1960’s during the Viet Nam war. I’m hoping everyone out there who voted for Hillary or Bernie or even Jill Stein, comes out in droves to prove that their votes mattered and were robbed by Russia interference. I’m hoping that at least enough of the fools who got suckered into voting for Trump and his minions last time, have woken up and are pissed at the monsters who told them the lies, who got them to swallow everything. Maybe through guilt or common sense, or even a sense of patriotism, lets hope they all vote out everyone of these Republicans traitors and charlatans who had turned them into the sheep they became. How could these people that we voted in do that to us? How could they tell us lies and go along with Trump as they did when they know he was lying? And now we are culpable in their crimes, by way of atonement, maybe the former fans of Donald  will now vote the monsters out. So you think your vote doesn’t matter? How you’re making a statement, or a protest vote, is a good idea when the possibility of the end of Democracy actually can come true? And are you still justifying it by saying you would do the same thing again, even after what we’ve lived through...well shame on you. Enjoy whatever Hell you wind up in. I just hope there are enough real American’s out there, and somehow that in the end, everything works out. Otherwise, its been run living in America, what was once the greatest nation on Earth, but sadly was destroyed by fools on the inside who allowed wolves from other nations to destroy it. Lets hope those wolves die off quickly and returns to the place we all loved just a few short years a go.

Just one man’s opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, October 19, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018


As Donald systematically removes “the best people” in power that could hurt him, while the Republicans do their best to protect him, several of Trump’s very best are demonstrating how his very own choices could actually end him

“I WAS DIRECTED TO…" words that will be remembered for years to come. Four words which could start the ball rolling in removing our sitting President from a chair he never rightfully should have ever sat in. Especially if the new revelations we learned this past week turn out to be real and not the words of a man who’s pleading to not spend the rest of his life in prison, turns out the be what actually occurred. I was gonna call this piece, Michael Cohen the gift that keeps on giving, cause come on, look what this sleaze bag has come to. First coming out with audio tapes and now pleading to eight counts, two of which totally screws over DJT by implicating the orange faced liar in the crimes that Michael Cohen admitted he did for Donald. If anyone deserves his comeuppance, this fixer does. Am I the only one out there who remembers the hateful tweets the now admitted felon spewed. So Hillary was gonna get what she deserves? Really Michael? Perhaps with your new honestly she still might, by being sworn in as the 46th President of these United States. Listening to the news people, and his so-called friends on air describe his demeanor in court and how he’s feeling behind the scenes, was striking. As they try to humanize the man without disregarding what he did for over a decade. I’m sorry, I honestly don’t care how the man feels. I only care about his crimes. I only care how he helped place Donald into the seat of power illegally.

That said, I have to say, thank you Michael Cohen for actually doing the right thing, as your lawyer Lanny Davis said you would, whatever your motivations are. Apparently you’ve seen the light and you’ve seen the error of your ways. Of course Michael also realizes that if he doesn’t speak up he would probably take the brunt of Donald’s wrong doings and be spending a lot more time in federal prison then whatever his final deal comes out to be. According to most of the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, and even one or two on FOX, Michael Cohen explanation in court, in regards to Trump’s knowledge and involvement with the paying off the two lovely ladies during the campaign has turned our 45th President into an alleged co-conspirator. In a moment reminiscent of John Dean’s implicating Richard Nixon, which was the beginning of the end of that President, this bombshell announcement could be the beginning of the end of our current one. Regardless of what you think about his politics, if you do the crime… sorry you don’t get rewarded with running the United States of America.

Apparently paying off ladies, using illegal means, including campaign funds or private funds, without disclosing it in your taxes, to hide bad deeds ain’t kosher, be it personal or business, and especially when it comes to a political office like the presidency. Sadly for Trump pay offs aren’t legal, especially when you try to hush them up. Heck, it ain’t collusion, but in a pinch it’ll work. Lets never forget, they didn’t get Al Capone for his murderous crimes, but they got him for his taxes. While there might not be proven collusion yet with Russia, which I guess will have to wait, since Mueller hasn’t started making any announcements on that matter, but we have a sitting President who’s Presidency is now tainted with real possible crimes. With the knowledge that Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen swore under oath that  he was instructed by the now President to pay off two different ladies to keep quiet about their affairs or one night stands, or however you want to call his behind the scenes moments with them.

If that wasn’t a big enough demon to slay, our justice department, the one that Donald keeps insulting as a band of monstrous witch hunters, just got an even bigger monster. While not the slam dunk that Michael Cohen’s apparently is, Trump’s former campaign chief Paul Manafort’s conviction on eight counts out of the 18 is pretty much another nail into Trump’s proverbial coffin. Of note, it was just announced that the 10 counts he wasn’t convicted on, all could have been convictions. Seems 1 person in the jury box refused to go along with the evidence. So yes, Paul Manafort was convicted on 8 counts, 8,  and according to his attorney he is now deciding on his future. Which means we don’t know if Manafort will appeal his convictions, or if the prosecutor will go after him and retry him on the other ten counts that this jury couldn’t come to 12-0 decision. Or perhaps as the other basket of deplorables one by one give up the ghost, Manafort might go maybe its time I should too, before its really too late. Or his easiest out, on these convictions, if Donald will swoop down and save him from his life in the gallows by pardoning him. And the best part in all of this, in September, the now convicted felon, has an entirely different trial waiting to begin. 

I can only imagine what the should be President, Hillary Rodham Clinton must be thinking. That is if she’s even giving any of this notice. I won’t even fantasize that some time in the near future she comes out and pretty much announces ‘hey fellas’ my crown was stolen illegally. See, I warned all of you. So don’t you think the rightful winner of the election should get the seat at the table that Donald and his henchmen stole from her?’ I would love it if she did do that, as Trump and all of his treasonous basket of deplorable’s are banished from the Kingdom. Or how the entire Republican party must be thinking behind the scenes, because in front nothing has seemingly happened. Its still unbelievably a real witch hunt by the Republicans on Hillary, and no I am not kidding. Thats right the same week all of this really bad news has come out about Trump, instead of opening up an investigation into if what Michael Cohen said about Donald is true, they are actually holding a hearing about Hillary again.

‘And remember Democrats, no talking about Impeachment?!?!?!’ Its maddening, according to the talking heads on air, the Democrats are supposedly in a tight position, but since its the Republicans who have basically sold themselves down the river on the back of Trump’s coat tails, shouldn’t that be the opposite? No according to the geniuses, they can’t bring up the word impeachment because history says that’s a losing gamble. You see when it happened to Bill Clinton the voters slammed the breaks on that in the polls and scared off the politicians from going on to removing President Clinton. So if they pitch impeachment the next election trying to win back the House, the voters according to them, will erupt in anger and vote back in the Republicans and Democracy as we know it would be going the way of the dodo bird. I noticed several of the Republican talking heads pitching this, at the voters, see the evil Democrats want to remove our President over fake news, lets watch them a lesson and vote the republicans back in. But they also say, if the Democrats play it cool and simply wait for Mueller’s announcement, ‘just wait’, the waiting for the drip, drip, drip, to have its probable effect on the masses, they say it looks like the Democrats could win it in a huge blue wave. 

Point blank, I don’t agree with their logic and spin. There is a big difference between what Bill Clinton did and what Donald Trump did and is doing. Clinton lied, yes thats perjury, yes, but to cover up an affair, or however you will like to describe it. While yes, this has to do with, OMG another scandal with women, Trump committed campaign finance crimes and probably treason covering up his misdeeds and cheating ways. I’m sorry that is a big difference.  And remember the masses, the majority of this nation loved Bill Clinton. I can’t say the same about Donald Trump, if you wanna go by poll numbers, Donald is on borrowed time.

So we’ve gone from Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ to Donald Trump’s way too Orwellian “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” To Rudy Giuliani’s latest legal defense “Truth isn’t truth.” Without a doubt, I’m expecting Trump to go full Richard Nixon and tweet out “I’m not a crook, Hillary is, Obama is, I’m well Donald Trump, God’s gift to the world!” After all, he’s now actually calling John Dean a rat, not because Dean was in on the crimes, but because he testified against Nixon. What gets me with Trump and seemingly the entire Republican party, the crimes themselves never seems to matter. The people who discover the crimes, the investigators, the reporters, the court of law, are the rats. The flippers as Donald was way to happy to repeat during his FOX interview as if he was on a loop. Apparently in Trumpland the good guys are the criminals who don’t flip or rat out their associates, not the ones that keep their mouths shut and take the fall. The criminals are the victims, simply because they got caught, not because of their illegal actions.  

Now I must mention that before Thursdays bombshells exploded in the faces of the Republicans who sold their souls and dignities for a seat at the Pumpkin’s table, this commentary was gonna be all about another former member Donald’s inner circle from Hell. A woman named Omarosa and how her pitch to peddle some books, or should I write millions of books, might have turned a pariah for siding with an obviously poster boy for racist every where, into the vessel that would cause Trump to step down. So all I want to write about her is good work Omarosa. For once I’m loving the drip, drip, drip, and I’m much more preferring this to the Wikileaks nonstop dribble that helped elect... or should I write helped hurt Hillary Clinton enough to turn the election results and our world upside down. I guess it makes sense, or is that karma that a person who got famous for being a bitch on reality television or at least was pitched as one, might be the bearer of poisoned fruit that takes down the monster that helped create her. If Donald John Trump is the Doctor Frankenstein in this real world horror show, Omarosa has got to be one of his most diabolical creations. Don’t you love it when the baddie gets destroyed by one of his own making? Seriously, she was cast by Trump to be pretty much the token person of color in his administration. But before we all go all lovey dovey over her and her now leaking of audios and videos, always remember when she started working for the Trump White House, she once, announced or should I write threatened a warning that we all would bow down to the Donald, or we would all suffer the consequences. That said, since she started proving what she wrote in her ‘Unhinged’ book was factorial, by releasing audio tapes of the conversations discussed in the book, which up until minutes before the other people on the tape claimed that those conversations never took place are proven liars to their faces. Helping to out even more liars and traitors in our midst. 

The worse part of this entire ordeal is the fact that the most important person in the entire investigation into Trump’s possible crimes, has pretty much kept his mouth shut. Which has allowed people on Trump’s side, to pitch a non-stop lie attacking the investigation and those doing the investigations. See no collusion, if they had something by now, they would have said something. Its all a hoax. Shut it down! Seriously, its been maddening, as the voters out there, seemingly were believing the lies, and the supposedly polls showcased the people believe their lies and misdirections. But as we’ve discovered, whats occurring behind the scenes, when it comes out surely is the best way to shut down the fools on the hill, lying to save themselves and their windfall.

And as has been the case, Robert Mueller’s only response has been, what happened this past week, Manafort and Cohen went down. Seems investigating actually finds crimes and the criminals who did them. And the best part in all of this, Robert Mueller is too smart to give Donny any edge. These legal decisions, their victories against criminal running our government, really have nothing to do with him, but with other legal court of laws that Mueller has dealt them out to. The smartness in this is, now the people can’t say its just Mueller who of course is one of the 17 evil democrats trying in the worse possible manner to steal Trump’s presidency. Plus, if the cases are under other court of laws other districts, Donald might not be able to shut down the flippers with the gift of a pardon. Donald you are toast, the king has no clothes. All the lies are being proven false. The truth, or as you call it the fake news, is coming from you and your henchmen and you are all going down. 

Amazing just a few days ago, Omarosa was the big story of the week, with all her talk about hearing Donald say the ‘N’ word and of course the audio tapes. But now it seems Mueller’s work is coming to fruition. In addition to the two felons that both are awaiting their sentences, an even scarier list of people have emerged against him. To cap off a very bad few days for Donald, and hopefully the week when we can all say this was when the wheels finally actually fell off. Besides the convictions of Cohen and Manafort to showcase what a great job these investigators are doing, we now have learned that two of Trump’s closest advisors, business associates and friends were giving immunity in the Cohen probe. These two more than the felons just convicted could spell greater doom for Donald and his entire criminal enterprise, not to mention his presidency. 

The first of the two, of course made the biggest splash, David Pecker of National Enquirer fame, because of all the dirt he must have on Donald, and the obvious role the tabloid newspaper had in destroying Hillary’s reputation and helping to pump up Donald’s candidacy. David Pecker, the chairman of American Media Inc., which owns the National Enquirer, has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors. Which pretty much means they had him for campaign finance crimes and he was probably looking at years behind bars too, if found guilty. I presume he got the deal to explain why he never published the interviews in The National Enquirer in whats called a catch and kill scheme, which is when a publisher buys a story and kills it instead of publishing it. In this case, this catch and kill was used to kill a story that could have possibly ended Donald’s campaign. With that as a wedge, apparently every misdeed and vile crime that Donald has done is now a possibility of getting uncovered, especially with the explosive information that David Pecker, supposedly had a safe at AMI, which had all the smack on Donald, that David Pecker catched and killed. One can only imagine what was in it, possibly stuff on Donald getting urinated  on during his romps with his hired ladies? Why this matters, according to Associated Press, Trump and Michael Cohen, coordinated the cover stories with David Pecker that were published in the National Enquirer. All the conspiracies against Hillary like pizza-gate, her supposed crimes, her health scares, all the God-awful imagery of her looking like death, a zombie, or worse. Everything that you now hear from the followers of Donald who when you ask, why you voted against Hillary or worse why you hate Hillary, are all unbelievably the cover story’s on assorted National Enquirer cover, that we now discover were in cahoots with Trump’s campaign. Which of course were coordinated with the so-called news coverage on Fox News. Remember The National Enquirer was the only publisher in America that endorsed Trump for President. Sorry that’s a lie, Jared’s New York Observer also did, but thats another story, for another time. 

I must mention here, as they say for full disclosure, I have worked at American Media from time to time over the last decade or so. I should also add that by writing this, it could possibly cost me not to be hired by them again. One never knows. I’ll presume what I write won’t hurt me, but if it does so be it. Better to be totally up front then to forget to mention something that later could be used against me. See he’s a liar too, not us. WITCH HUNT! Anyway, usually when I work at AMI, I work as a freelance production artist, to help get their celebrity related magazines out to the press on time. The three I have worked on for the last several years are the Star, OK! Weekly, and US Weekly. And yes I have seen the company’s chairman David Pecker usually walking swiftly, looking very important and way too busy for anyone to imagine. But I haven’t spoken to the man in decades, and never once at AMI. You see years before I first worked at AMI, I used to work at Hachette Filipacchi, another magazine publisher here in New York City, and yes, as it just so happens at the time David Pecker was then running that company. It was there during my tenure as the art director of circulation and promotion at HFM, that I got the chance to work on the launch of John Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine in 1994 and 1995, thats a story in itself and Hollywood, yes I am waiting for the call, which was when I finally got the chance to meet David Pecker and work directly with him for a very short period of time. During our meetings, I always found him to be a no nonsense commanding straight shooter who knew exactly what he wanted and definitely was the perfect casting for the head of a huge corporation. I honestly have nothing bad to say about the man, at least as far as I know from my personal meetings with him. But since then, even though I have worked off and on at AMI for over a decade, I’ve never once spoken to him since I entered its doors. The few times we have made eye contact while working at AMI there didn’t seem to be any recollection on his part of who I was, or when we worked together. I mean it had been decades, and the man runs in powerful circles. That being said, when I began life at AMI, one of my first jobs I had was working production and traffic on the National Enquirer. But it was only for a few weeks, and at the time I never dealt with David Pecker or actually saw him. 

One last thing in regards to David Pecker running AMI. I have to ponder if his tenure at American Media could be coming to an end. I understand he’s gotten immunity for what he knows and what he can give the investigators, but what if it comes out is that he was aiding Donald Trump, assisting a criminal into power? I have to ask how the money behind American Media thinks of him now? The man might know magazines, obviously he knows the law, considering he made the deal, but you gotta wonder how it looks to the powers that be that the man who runs the tabloid is in bed with treasonous thugs? You want to be considered a real news organization, you can’t be run by people who are criminals or are associated with one who stole the Presidency, can you?  Not that I’m calling David Pecker one, but the what if’s do come to mind. See I told you this might hurt me, what do you think? Now that my full disclosure is out there and my possible future employment at AMI, lets go on to the last of this weeks bombshells. I promise I will be short.

The second lucky winner of immunity this week, so far, could without exaggeration be the final nail into Donald’s coffin. I know I’ve written this before, but trust me, this one is huge. When it was announced that Allen Weisselberg, the CFO and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization and the Treasurer of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, was granted immunity because Michael Cohen brought him up in conjunction with the payoff of these two lovely ladies and the catch and killing of their stories. One would think, any of the people I mentioned already could help get us to the end of a Trump Presidency, but Allen Weisselberg might be the only one the investigators need to shut not only his Presidency down, but his entire criminal enterprise. This news that Allen Weisselberg, has been given immunity, must have shoved a spike into Trump’s heart and all the members of Donald’s inner circle. I can only imagine the tweets that we will be seeing over the next few days, cause the ones we’ve already gotten are pretty much insane. Maybe they should decide to sedate Trump for a few days, from what we’ve seen, especially lately, the man does need some rest. I also have to throw in, I wonder if they should start a suicide watch on him? I mean the walls are closing in, who knows how Donald will react, when he fully realizes that his family’s accountant, is now giving up the ghost. Point blank, Weisselberg knows where all of Trump’s bodies are buried. He knows about the finances of the Trump organization, not to mention Donald’s taxes themselves. We can finally learn if Trump is really under audit, possibly his first and biggest lie of his political career. Lastly  remember Weisselberg knows how tied up Donald is with the Russians. How they have helped finance his life, his businesses, and that little hotel in Washington, D.C.,  and how much money his family is making from it illegally. Plus he knows, how his sons and daughter and son-in-law are running Donald’s criminal enterprises while they are supposedly in charge.

Phew, talk about a week. We already know Rudy Giuliani’s deaf, dumb and blind, but even he seems to be have been struck mute, at least for the day or two, with the latest revelations. Robert Mueller and his merry band of investigators in one big swoop has shut up or is that shut down the traitors, and sent a real message to the president. So the question I leave you with is, what after all this will make Donald finally give in or give up? Perhaps when one of Trump’s family members sell out their father, or husband or father-in-law, to save themselves from prison or death row? I guess sooner rather than later, we will find out. Now can I call Hillary President, please?

Just one man’s opinion.
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