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To those who 'still' persist on telling us Hillary Clinton is unlikable, and isn't worth her speaking fee, last night she proved she's worth every blessed penny

Finally, the moment we've been awaiting for occurred, Thursday night Hillary Clinton came out to accept her party's nomination and showcased why she's the person who should be our next President. On a day that almost felt unnecessary, I mean after 3 days of a perfect showcase of who and why she is ready to lead us. I was already sold. We were showcased who she really is, and not the cartoon character that everyone has tried to make her out to be as her husband had talked about in his brilliant speech. The woman that we were presented by the DNC was not the woman who is talked about on Fox Faux News, or whom the comics or talking heads describe when they start every segment discussing her trustfulness or why everyone thinks she's unlikable. It is honestly maddening. As opposed to what she's accomplished and given to the world. If she wasn't a politician the woman might already be on Mount Rushmore.
While watching President Clinton a few nights earlier tell us whom Hillary is to him, I looked at my friend who was watching it with me and said, "Everyone asks me what I see when I think of Hillary Clinton, and I said that." What I meant was, the way, President Bill Clinton described her is how I see her. I don't see a liar, I don't see someone whose not trustworthy or unlikable. I see a loving mother, and champion for woman's rights. I honestly can't even fathom the person that the media has been trying to make her out to be for decades. And when you look at her resume and what she's tried to do to help women, children and the less fortunate, how does that square with the nightmare that the haters still describe her as, even after last night's speech.
So the evening began with a lot of speeches that honestly was putting me to sleep. I must admit, I was exhausted from the previous nights convention viewing (If you had read my blog, I had watched it on tape so I didn't get to bed to the Sun was already rising outside my window), and I guess that was hitting me. I was awoken from my slumber when Khizr Khan, whose son Army Capt. Human Khan, a 27 year old Muslim-American soldier who was killed in the Iraq War, came out and shook up this campaign. As he was railing at Donald J. Trump for what he's been saying for months about the Muslim people and about patriotism. Finally I could sense something big was gonna happen and it did. Mr. Khan pulled out a pocket-sized Constitution, and the place went crackers. Boom, I cheered! It was a stunning moment, and possibly the highlight of this entire Convention. As one man, one American, simply put the Donald in his place by saying: 
"Donald Trump, you're asking Americans to trust you with their future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?" he said. "I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words, look for the words, liberty and equal protection (under) law." 
I was expecting to cry sometime during the evening, and was actually surprised I survived Chelsea's speech. Hillary's accomplished daughter, came out to tell us all about the mother she knows. The woman who raised her and she gave all of us a beautiful portrait of a woman who has spent her life not only loving and nurturing her, but of doing the same for millions and millions of others. And man it was a beautiful sight and I was just thrilled and yes the emotions were boiling up in me, and then she introduced a DNC video which was narrated by Morgan Freeman, by the end of the video I was seriously crying. Whomever was responsible for it should be applauded, it had hit that sweet spot that I had been waiting for, and I was ready.
And then Hillary Rodham Clinton, came out in a white pant suit looking every inch the picture of a President. Please don't curse me out because I mentioned it, I'm actually a fan, my mom wore them in the 1970's. I actually only mentioned it because the media has already done so. The fact that no one ever discusses what the men wear but what the woman wears is always part of her campaign or any woman's campaign cracks me up. That said, I must mention, whomever dressed our President and most of the power players speaking should get kudos, and yes, I want Obama's suit. But seriously, Hillary came out and she slammed it. In a speech which showcased why any complaints about her speaking fees, are a joke. It seems she's worth every cent she gets, and man all that practice paid off, cause what she pitched was one fantastic speech. I have to throw in, I've heard lots of speeches by her this year,  and over the years and I have to argue with those who comment she isn't a good speaker. While she isn't a Barack Obama or a Bill Clinton, she certainly ain't bad, and honestly she's tons better then most of the Republicans that we got to see at their RNC convention or ever. 
She not only reintroduced herself to America and the world, she schooled us on what she's done, how she's done it and what she plans to do it. We learned where she came from, where she wants to take us and why in fact she's even running for President. Something every talking head kept harping on all week. And as we hopefully all know by now, she's been doing this since she was a child. Helping others, being of good service. You may not like her, you might not appreciate her politics, but she has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. And lets not forget, she destroyed Donald J. Trump in the process, tearing a hole in the bullshit that he's pitching. Showcasing what a true menace he really is. Stripping away at his lies. And as we've discovered by his comments afterwards on the stomp or in the twitter-verse, Donald is not happy being confronted with the truth. Especially when he's not able to spew his filth to deflect what he doesn't want people to see, or hear.
A lot of people make fun of Hillary or attack her because she's supposedly not a natural born politician, she's just a "details' driven numbers cruncher. Well Hillary had an answer to that question, by using that 'weakness' as her strength.
It's true... I sweat the details of policy – whether we're talking about the exact level of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, the number of mental health facilities in Iowa, or the cost of your prescription drugs.   
Because it's not just a detail if it's your kid - if it's your family. It's a big deal.  And it should be a big deal to your president.   
I must bring up that once the speech was over, what I found fascinating and infuriating is that even those who were  speaking positively about the Democrats during the convention, even agreeing with everything that the DNC had presented. But once Hillary spoke, they seemed to put a stop to the love in, as if they were waiting to jump her when you least expected it. Complaining that what she was pitching was more of the same, that she was too progressive or worse. She wasn't speaking to us. 
That's right, she wasn't she was telling you what she planned to do. Remember she's not a Republican, how far right did you expect her to go to woo you? I actually heard someone argue that Donald J. Trump pitched as many policy proposals during his speech as Hillary did. I know, I screamed out loud when I heard that sack of bull. I know about the wall, I seriously don't remember anything else. 
Personally I thought she pitched exactly what she's been promoting all year, helped slightly along the way with Bernie Sanders push. Those who seem to see the world in realistic terms have been saying that's why having a real debate in the Democratic party, would help Hillary for the general election. And any followers of Bernie, who are still against Hillary, even they had to love how she embraced them. And Personally I thought it a thing of beauty.
And I want to thank Bernie Sanders. Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary.  You've put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong. 
And to all of your supporters here and around the country:  I want you to know, I've heard you.  Your cause is our cause. Our country needs your ideas, energy, and passion.  That's the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.  We wrote it together – now let's go out there and make it happen together.
I understand that some might complain that Hillary didn't spend long enough on ISIS. But most of those voices  still believe President Obama isn't American. While I wished she had spent a few more minutes on this crisis, I understood why she spent most of her time on National issues and on Donald's failings, I mean there is so much red meat to go after him that how long could she be up there? But one of Donald's weapons against Hillary is ISIS. That fear he's been perpetuating is real amongst many, and even with her experience and expertise the few troubling blemishes on her resume, have been so exploited, and mischaracterized that it actually is hurting her. But what she did say, was a thing of beauty.  She was concise and simply shut the Donald down and it should answer anyone who complains. Don't believe me read it for yourself!
I've laid out my strategy for defeating ISIS. We will strike their sanctuaries from the air, and support local forces taking them out on the ground. We will surge our intelligence so that we detect and prevent attacks before they happen. We will disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country. It won't be easy or quick, but make no mistake – we will prevail.  
Now Donald Trump says, and this is a quote, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do….”
No, Donald, you don't. He thinks that he knows more than our military because he claimed our armed forces are “a disaster.”
Yes she can! You needed to read the words she said, before she went in for the kill. "No Donald, you don't!" Sadly you can't see how she said it, but that actually made her words more pointed. After saying "No Donald, you don't!" She paused, stared directing at the camera, and looked directly at us. Making us feel she was looking directly into Trump's eyes, and man, I would not want to be at the end of that dagger, It was amazing. I cheered! I stood up and I applauded, no kidding. And then I phased out for a moment. I must admit, one of things I did last night while she was speaking was picturing her as our President for the next 4 or 8 years. Imagining her come out for press conferences, State of the Union speeches, or moments of National importance, I always do this when ever anyone is running for President. I did the same thing last week during the RNC, and happily my mind kept kicking the idea away. But last night, I just saw it. I mean, honestly what more does she have to do? Not only does she look Presidential, has the resume for the job, she also sounds like a President. So I had to rewind the show, a bit, to catch what I missed. And it turns out I wasn't alone, seems Hillary simply blew the house down as everyone was reacting as I had moments before, it was goosebumps again. Hey DNC, just show that on a loop in ads, please, I'm telling you, its a winner. Do yourself a favor, if you missed it live or blinked at that moment, find the sequence online sit back and be thrilled. If you don't jump for joy like I did, you must be reading the wrong blog. That's one memory of this convention I will never forget. And this was one of the moments when I had to jot down what definitely will be repeated 
When you have no ceilings, the skies the limit and history was made, and the world is a little more equal
Is that the perfect bumper sticker or what. Or:
It comes down to what Donald Trump doesn't get, America is great, because America is good.
Well I can see it, and whomever said Hillary has no sense of humor hasn't been paying attention, I mean there were quite a few very funny moments, One felt like a throwaway, when she was discussing Trumps 77 minute convention speech, she described it as:
He spoke for 70 odd minutes and I mean odd.
And what turned out to be a very funny moment, mostly because especially this year, the Republicans continue denying the reality of Climate Change and we are facing a candidate that has jumped into their doubting pool. For me the line was hysterical. Again, watching it is better then reading it:
And I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street again. I believe in science. I believe that climate change is real and that we can save our planet while creating millions of good-paying clean energy jobs.
After she said the words "I believe in science" she paused and the place shook with laughter. She has surely learned to pause when her audience reacts. She knows when to continue and when to enjoy the moment. By the end, after Hillary laid it all out, after giving us some very amazing and memorable lines, which I'm certain her campaign will use as slogans that can help propel her to The White House. Lines such as:
A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man who you can trust with nuclear weapons.
And that was that. The Presumptive is off her title, and now she is the Democratic Nominee for President. An historic first. And I couldn't be happier. I will admit to being very nervous that Donald's hypnosis on the masses is quite frightening, coupled with 40 years of built up conspiracies, give the Republican nominee a fighting chance. And until she actually wins the Presidency there will be a knot in my stomach over the notion that he actually could be our next President. But I can only hope what we witnessed last night, and over the entire two weeks at both conventions, should make Americans sit up, take stock and vote Hillary in. I don't care if its by 1 vote or 20 million. A landslide or a squeaker. As long as in January of 2017, Hillary places her hand on the bible and gets sworn in as our next President. 
One final thought, maybe its because I watch too much political news on air, that's besides all the things I find online and in print, but by last nights finale, I had had my full of talking heads trying to convince me of what they think of what we've seen or what's too come. And what was even more maddening, the talking heads would be going on these long winded personal opinions and behind them in the distance we would see people on the stages making speeches, and for some reason the news directors of these so-called news stations felt that their talking heads were the reasons we were tuning in in the first place. And even when the big names spoke, half the time, they had to chime in repeating what we had just heard on screen. So sorry MSNBC, CNN and even if only by accident Fox Faux News, I had to turn my viewing over to CSPAN. For what amazed me was, when I did I would discover who was speaking on stage, that the powers that be didn't think I needed to listen to. Its bad enough when you discover that Fox Faux News refused to show mothers of the victims who were killed by police or the Black Lives Matter movement, because they consider them terrorists, but to have all the news media pick and choose whom we should see. It was quite eye-opening to go back and forth seeing what I was missing out on. Today, I discovered that the new team of Clinton and Kaine are starting a three day bus tour to jump start their campaign. Just as her Husband and Al Gore had done to jump start their own. Well, just as at the convention, I discovered what the news media doesn't show, and man its pretty eye-opening. Hysterically, the best thing they don't show on CSPAN are the talking heads, all trying to sway the news with their own editorial spin.
So I've decided for the most part, from now on if there is any major news event I will l turn to CSPAN, and only turn on CNN or MSNBC afterwards. I will not be turning on Fox Faux News unless Hillary or Tim are being interviewed and I will not listen to any talking head pitching Donald's lies. Enough. 

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, July 29, 2016

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