Friday, September 30, 2016


Hysterically his self-destruction at the debate was simply the beginning of the end, and his taxes, well seems like we've seen enough, it looks like we won't be needing them after all.

WITH LESS THEN 40 DAYS to Election Day, when everything seems to be turning bad for Donald J. Trump, all his past, is being revealed to be worse then anyone could ever imagine. And it looks like releasing his taxes, is the last thing we need to prove what a crook the man really is. Besides, its turning out that whats being uncovered will probably find him in front of several courts of law. In other words, Trump has been very very bad, which means Donald is gonna be watching our next President's reign from prison and maybe her successors too.

All throughout this campaign, it turns out that the candidates have been their own worst enemies. We all know about Hillary's mess-ups, or at least the ones the media has turned into conspiracies or worse. Seems her resume, doesn't matter at all with his followers or the millennials, lets forgot her life time of work, just consider the accusations and lies. And no I don't think she's perfect, but nothing she's done was a criminal act or done to cause harm. Possibly bad decisions, sure, of course, all deserving of being scrutinized, but so far every accusation has been proven to not be a criminal act. On the other hand, Donald has spent his campaign, and seemingly his entire life, leveling attacks, accusing others of every crime that he's actually seemingly done. As a 'common' citizen, he spent most of his career, ripping off others and insulting people, and it seems now that he is a politician, that character trait hasn't ended. There has been no pivot, except the words that were scripted that he read off of the teleprompters. 
I've been saying this a lot over the course of this campaign, The Trumpeters main line of defense is deflecting the real issues against him, and using his personality, his vile comments to change the conversation. So, unsurprising they are doing the same thing again, first to deflect his horrible performance during the debate and most importantly the last few days revelations. The news about The Trump Foundation illegalities as well as his ventures into Cuba during the Embargo in the 1990's has begun to spread and we need a good verbal assault to change the subject. Donald's historically bad showing at the first Presidential debate has probably turned it into the beginning of the end of Trumps political life and possibly his civilian life as well. As the continued assault on Alicia Machado, the former beauty queen continues, its really amazing that this latest insanity, all began with Hillary Clinton's simple commentary at the debate, which was followed by his initial response has caused much damage. 
CLINTON: This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs, and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, who has said... 
TRUMP: I never said that.
CLINTON: .... women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men. 
TRUMP: I didn’t say that. 
CLINTON: And one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. And he called this woman “Miss Piggy.” Then he called her “Miss Housekeeping,” because she was Latina. Donald, she has a name.
TRUMP: Where did you find this? Where did you find this?
CLINTON: Her name is Alicia Machado.
Transcript of First Presidential Debate, Monday,, September 26, 2016
Instead of doing what normal human beings have done for all time, apologize and try to change the subject, he in his usual unhinged manner, went off on the victim. As soon as the debate was over, he and his surrogates have been in a non-stop attack mode for days. Which culminated in a trilogy of tweets by the man himself last night.
Wow, Crooked Hillary was duped and used by my worst Miss U. Hillary floated her as an "angel" without checking her past, which is terrible!
Using Alicia M in the debate as a paragon of virtue just shows that Crooked Hillary suffers from BAD JUDGEMENT! Hillary was set up by a con.
Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?  
As usual this campaign season, Hillary Clinton responded brilliantly to his emotional outburst, showcasing yet again who is the grown-up in the race.
While Donald continues day 5 of his Machado meltdown, we’ll be in Florida talking about national service. You’ll want to watch.  
What kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?   

I must mention that the sex tape, that Trump is using to smear the former Miss Universe was debunked. Turns out she appeared on a reality type Big Brother show, and something occurred under the covers. Ta da! I'm sorry Donald, even if she was a porn star, a call call or even a drug addict, why should that matter? What does that have to do with your behavior? Why are you shaming the victim in this? No Donald you are not the victim because people are calling you out on this. As with everything else, its been reported that Alicia Machado wasn't the one who appeared in a porn tape, it was Donald himself. Seems Trump was actually the one who is guilty of that sin. Unbelievably he appeared in a Playboy video tape, if only briefly. But the tape is supposedly filled with lot of naked women. So who's the whore Donald?  
Did you notice, I just did exactly what Trump has done, I went on about his outbursts, and discarded the real issues to discuss. Its time to put that aside, and talk about the big smoking gun's in the room. The funny thing is or the not so funny, is this entire deflection his latest foot in mouth tirades, is all to do with his world suddenly coming undone all around him. Thats right folks, in the last few days, apparently every thing that he's done in the past have some illegalities involved with it. Amazingly after spending months accusing The Clinton Foundation of every criminal act possible, trying too destroy the great work that the Foundation has been doing, it turns out his is a complete sham. According to the latest exclusive report by 'The Washington Post' and writer David A. Fahrenthold, 'Trump Foundation lacks  the certification required for charities that solicit money.' Here's the link to the article.
Seems all of the previous reports, on his Foundation was just a tease. Turns out according to this report, The Trump Foundation doesn't have the proper certification to actually be a charity, if thats true, its totally breaking the law. Basically he's been taking people's money, claiming its for charity, and then spending it on paying his own legal bills, as opposed to actually using the money for charity! Why isn't that being talked about? When will NBC request it's $500,000 back that they gave to his foundation in 2012? Why aren't they all over his ass on this one? What makes that most important, his charity was never audited. If it was legal, the Foundation would have been audited every year.  Just like the man himself, totally shady. And this is on top of the latest hick-ups with his doing business with Cuba during the American Embargo against Cuba. So why isn't the media pushing this part of the story, as opposed to the Miss Universe beauty pageant part? 
The reason he's losing it over the beauty queen, is not because he's upset about Hillary sucker punching him with Alicia Machado. Its because everything else in his life is crumbling apart and as long as they can keep changing the subject, dodging the truth, the man still has a chance to win the Presidency. Lets just hope these sudden revelations is the nail that finally hammers the end of his campaign, and after election day, the only cover stories that we will be reading about Donald J. Trump is updates on his trials.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

So will Gary Johnson's "Aleppo" moments cause his infinitesimal chances in this year's election to hopefully end his chance of ruining Hillary's election or will he still help Trump sneak in?

IT TURNS OUT WE SHOULD THANK Trump for calling Hillary Secretary-of-State during the debate. According to Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, Donald should have get credit for not calling Hillary Clinton "crooked" at the first debate. Seems common courtesy is now a reason to vote for the orange faced clown. Kellyanne was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox Faux News and showcased again, why CBS's Braindead, probably used her as the perfect person to mimic when appearing on camera.  

“He’s gotten very little credit for how gracious he was at the beginning and end of the debate,” “At the very beginning ― and nobody is covering this ― he actually said, ‘Secretary Clinton,’ and then he looked over and he said, ‘May ... should I call you Secretary Clinton? I want you to be happy, this is very important to me.’” 
What an egomaniac, everything is about him. Its as if he making her happy is something we should applaud him for. What is she a puppy? Of course that was just appetizer, today's Donald entree is to use Bill Clintons' infidelities. But for him what is most important is not so much Bill being a dog, but Hillary being obnoxious to Bill's harem. That's their excuse to go after Hillary. She says she's for women, she's hate women, see, and that's the excuse to bring up Monica.  
The vision that struck me is of an erupting volcano. Its sounds like Donald J. Trump is the volcano and he's about ready to erupt. And by his handlers trying to control his insanity, this tampering down, all of his ugliness is now regurgitating inside of Donald and one of these days, perhaps the next debate he's gonna erupt, and when it happens its gonna be a non-stop verbal explosion. Maybe then, ending his Presidency. Hillary will just stand back and watch amazed and disgusted by every thing he spews, and like the first debate she'll walk off the stage the victor. 
The funny thing is, all this talk about Bill's infidelities, all this discussion about what Trump will say at the next debate, is really a deflection on the real news that no one seems to be discussing this afternoon. Last night, Rachel Maddow had an exclusive on Newsweek magazine's article discussing Donald Trump doing business in Cuba, during the Cuban Embargo. Here's the link to that story.
As usual, this campaign, instead of focusing on real stories, real issues, Donald Trump throws out a smoke bomb and everyone scurries around like puppies chasing a ball. I watched this segment, which as usual had my mouth agape at the brilliance of Rachel Maddow, but seriously blown away at what she was reporting. This if true is the smoking gun. The man, if this article has its facts correct, broke the law. Unfortunately as the article explains, "Though it has long been illegal for corporations to spend money in Cuba without proper authorization, there is no chance that Trump, the company or any of its executives will be prosecuted for wrongdoing. The statute of limitations ran out long ago, and legal analysts say OFAC’s enforcement division is understaffed, so the chances for an investigation were slim even at the time." 
So I guess we'll see, I presume by this evening when Rachel or others have actually read the Newsweek article, had their aides research the story, that this 'huge' hick-up for Trump will become more then just yesterdays news. As I am writing this, Hillary actually brought it up. So yes, this is gonna be a story. Thank you Jesus. 
On the other end of the spectrum of insanity, we get Gary Johnson, whose beginning to make Sarah Palin look like a genius. But sadly what, at least, is trying to be made into a problem by the media, seems the brainwashing of the masses against Hillary has worked. Which hopefully Monday nights debate will have helped end, third party candidate's Gary Johnson slow rise in the polls. It seems, that people who are not gonna vote for Donald because he's well, Donald, and those who can't vote for Hillary for either the things she's done or what they've been brainwashed to believe she is, are instead of polling for Gary. I understand its a protest vote, I get it. I have spoken to several millennial's who give me their justifiable reasons why, I get it. I've watched the interviews on television and read the posts on line, I understand their reasons. Sadly they always bring up the conspiracies and lies about The Clinton Foundation using the charity as a negative. Even worse, they throw out the usual Trump talking points, so I understand. I'm not sure if its funny or sad, when you explain the truth behind those conspiracies and about Trump's Foundation, they refuse to listen. Acting like I'm just making up stuff, somehow the conman has bewitched their minds. When you do try to explain what their protest vote for Johnson or even Green Party candidate Jill Stein does, that doesn't seem to bother them. That it actually helps Donald Trump, they don't care. 
In 2000, Ralph Nader ran for President and came in third, that was one of the reasons George Bush got in. Not the main reason, seems Supreme Court had a big hand in it too, but without those voters we probably never would have gotten to that point. Of course we will never know who actually would have voted for either Al Gore or George W. Bush if they hadn't vote for Ralph Nader. But sadly that example doesn't seem to worry those Americans who want to make a stand. 
Even if they want to use their vote to make a statement, how in your right mind could you vote for a man who obviously has toked one too many times. I'm all for legalizing marijuana, but maybe he should've waited till after the interview? I can almost understand his Aleppo moment, almost, but blanking on the names of any foreign leaders in the world. Again, it was a question out of left field, hysterically similar to the one when Sarah Palin, couldn't answer what newspapers she read, what magazines. But, really? I'm sorry, enough of this bull. Seriously enough. Lets gets serious, this is for the Presidency, not to host a television series for next season on Comedy Central. Today Chuck Todd was interviewing a Trump surrogate and he actually asked the man, about their campaign living in their own reality. And I could not stop laughing, and the fool responded as if Chuck was nuts. Hysterical. 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


If true my only question is, how many of Donald Trump's surrogates have been skiing the slope's with him, and if not, how else do you explain Rudy Giuliani's behavior?

HM, SEEMS THE QUACKS in the Republican party led by Trump and his surrogates can diagnose all they want, Hillary's dying, has Parkinson's Disease or worse, and thats okay, but one tweet from a medical professional, mentioning Donald's behavior as, well, coke fueled, and thats going too far. Ha ha ha ha hah!

We've spent the better part of the summer discussing Hillary Clinton's health, as diagnosed by the Republican party and members of Donald Trump's camp. Every crockpot television doctor, including a supposed real doctor, Drew Pinsky, whose show was cancelled after he went on air and speculated he was gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.” Of course the funniest comment for me was Rudy Giuliani's suggestion to "Go online and put down 'Hillary Clinton illness,' take a look at the videos for yourself," and seemingly half the users of Facebook have turned into medical experts, because they've witnessed videos, sometimes slowed down or doctored to make it look worse. They've read untold number of posts and blogs, even major newspapers discussing the state of Hillary's physical and mental health. For a while this was non-stop conversation on Fox Faux News which culminated when Hillary collapsed after the 9/11 ceremony and it was later revealed that she had pneumonia. 
Actually Hillary's real diagnosis of having pneumonia, probably ended all the talk about her health. So collapsing outside her limo, might have been the best thing that actually happened during this campaign, how ironic. Actually demonstrating that the woman is human and simply got sick. She's not some frail, not dying and she doesn't have a brain cloud. The big Orange Crush and his friends are just full of crap. Of course it didn't hurt that Trump's own health issues, his odd doctor that looks like he was cast for The Addams Family. Plus his Dr. Oz debacle, might have helped to end the speculations at least for now.
The funny thing about Howard Dean's assertion, even if in jest, even if just to rattle Donald's chains, is it actually makes sense. As soon as I read his tweet, instantly I went to myself, you know he could be right. Because it actually sounds like a logical explanation for why Donald J. Trump acts the way he does. His behavior, his odd outbursts, his tangents the way he speaks, something is seriously up with that. I understand as we get closer to election day, as the pressure increases and the possibilities gets closer that he could be President, that in itself could cause Trumps antics. I mean he just spoke in front of 80+ million people, I'd be freaking out too. But sit back, look at the debate again, if only for a minute, or better yet watch it speeded up, or just without sound. His demeanor, look at his eyes, the way he sniffled throughout the debate. How thirsty he seemed to be.
Of course, I'm just throwing out a conspiracy at the moment, well actually running with a tweet, that seemed to strike a cord with some, cause the story is todays big firestorm. Personally, I'm just visualizing the man, in a stall in the washroom before the debate, taking out the teeny spoon, to match his teeny hands. Sorry, had to. I can actually see him taking out the little bottle, opening its lid and shoveling a little bit up his nose, just to get a boast. Maybe heading to the stage, or every other event he's been to in who knows how many years. Honestly am I the only one who sees this? I can not wait to see, some actor recreate this scene in the movie version of this election. Of course if people start coming out of the wood work, now that this is news, with video, audio, photo's or any evidence showing that Donald did or better yet is skiing the slopes wouldn't that be something? I mean wasn't Gordon Gekko based on Trump? Or was that Patrick Bateman, no sorry, that's Juniors idol.
But after watching Hillary and Bill swamped for decades with every manner of conspiracy. After witnessing on air and online the crap that they've thrown at Hillary this campaign, mostly stuff that is so far fetched it's laughable, and none of which I and most people who live in reality believed for a second. But one on the surface laughable tweet, actually seems more logical then any of the one's hauled at Hillary. 
As with everything else in this campaign even this, Howard's assertion, which he double-downed on when interviewed on television later. He was asked would he walk back his comment, would he take down his tweet? His response, basically was 'no'. This ridiculous, but utterly possible idea, is actually being overshadowed by another one of Trump's many blunders. One involving a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machedo, who claims she was verbally abused and publicly shamed in 1996 by Donald J. Trump. Hillary Clinton brought this up near the end of Monday night's debate, and Donald acted like a guilty man when Hillary brought this up. Since the debate he's gone off on the former beauty queen attacking her as he's done all too many times during this campaign. And worse his surrogates have been shaming her and trying to make her out to be a slut, a whore, a gold digger or worse. The most vile accuser, actually happens to be one of Donald's spawn. Eric Trump, trying to shame the former beauty contestant he said:  
“There’s a word for women like that, and it’s gold digger,” “I’ll bet that’s also how she won the pageant, and when my father saw her for what she really was, she decided to talk trash about him because he was about to expose her. But I don’t need to say anything else, I have faith that Americans have learned by now what to think about and why they shouldn’t believe illegal immigrants.” “And that’s exactly what she was and why she’s going to vote for Hillary Clinton,” “She was an illegal immigrant then and she’s still one now, in my eyes and everyone else’s. Yet, here’s what I’m confused about. She had the opportunity to become my stepmother back then; all she had to do was shut up and look pretty. My dad would have married her on the spot and then she wouldn’t have had to wait all these years and sleep with God-knows-who in order to get an American passport. If she’d played her cards right back then, she would have made it. Instead, she chose to get fat and do it the hard way.” -- “probably better things happened the way that they have,” because otherwise his father could have ended up marrying a woman” -- “And that doesn’t bode well for a man who’s as wealthy as my father is. If you think about it, even if they’d have no kids, he’d still have to pay alimony for all that food she stuffed down her throat. And judging by the weight she put on after winning the pageant – she ate so much food, you could have fed half of Africa with it. And then still have plenty left for seconds.” -- Eric Trump
Please reread that a few times… seriously what the heck is wrong with this doofus. This kid is the splitting image of a coke fiend, and I can imagine him with his father sharing a spoonful or two together in that stall I mentioned above. For me the most telling sign that this ingrate is a racist Nazi pig, was this line in that entire tirade. 
“She was an illegal immigrant then and she’s still one now, in my eyes and everyone else’s."
Hm, "illegal immigrant" really, who just happened to win the Miss Universe pageant. Buddy, she wasn't an illegal immigrant hiding out in American, she was a beauty contestant from Venezuela! The fact that this jerk considers the woman to be an illegal simply because she's latino proves his ignorance. It was pretty astounding how fast the attacks against her happened. The only good I can seeing coming from all this, is it gives Hillary a breather, and best of all, its showcasing again what a woman hating male chauvinist pig Trump is.  
Like clock work, this is happening at the same time Donald is bringing up Bill Clinton's scandalous past. Seems every time they argue that we shouldn't discuss Donald's racist past because it was so long ago, in the same breath they go after Clinton for his escapades of the past. Then they go after her for her husband's infidelities because she allowed it, or she didn't leave her husband, or she wasn't nice to the women who supposedly bedded Bill. What a bitch, she didn't throw them a damned party, burn the witch! That we can talk about for days, but Trumps piggish ways no one's interested in. Like his taxes, nobody's interested. Its just the Clinton News Network, what Trump likes to call CNN, they're the ones who are liars, not us. She's the crook, not me. She's the bigot, not me. My temperament is the best.
Seems, the debate is over, its yesterdays news and instead of discussing how bad Donald J. Trump did and how great Hillary Clinton did, the media, and of course me, is discussing what is really just a joke. But the joke isn't the tweet, its the man himself. People come on, how much proof do you need? The man is a joke. A sad, pathetic, tiny handed charlatan, and Monday night more then 80 million people witnessed that live. Lets hope they saw what I saw.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


So if one candidate decides to play games and throw spitballs as opposed to answer questions, are we still supposed to grade him on a curve or is it about time to throw the man to the curb?

PREPARATION MATTERS, seems you really need to study the facts or at least know them to demonstrate to the world that you're ready to actually do the job. Monday's debate between two Presidential candidates, or should I say what some thought would be a debate between two Presidential candidates, but as I suspected only one actually showed up. As expected, Hillary was prepared and ready, not just for the debate but for the Presidency. Donald simply tried to wing it, making it abundantly clear that being Commander-in-Chief, knowing the facts, having a grasp of the issues, is something the man has no interest in. Instead he threw out every lie in his arsenal, trying to kill the time, and Hillary and the facts were having none of it.  

So finally the event that we've been waiting for happened, and for days the media has been beside themselves pondering what was gonna take place. Which Trump would show up? How would Hillary be able to handle which ever version that he decided to perform as? Would Trump be able to handle an entire debate or would he lose it as soon as it started to get hot on that stage? Would Hillary stumble and would Trump soar? Yesterday I suggested pretty much what I expected to see during the debate and amazingly I was pretty accurate. One candidate prepared, while the other again showcased his absolute lack of knowledge on well everything. I expected Donald to start off strong, at least appearance wise, and it seems most of the talking heads agreed with that description after the debate ended. Yes Donald, seemed fine at first, but as soon as we passed the fifteen minute mark or so, the insanity that we've all witnessed since the man announced his candidacy begin to reveal himself, and boy I'm surprised the men with the straightjackets didn't make an appearance. 
Happily Lestor Holt, the moderator, was kind enough to bring up Donald's birther past, and if you wanted to give the Clinton campaign a helping hand, Donald practically gift wrapped his responses that hopefully should end any or most of the possibilities that Trump's African-American outreach might have gained. I mean his comment, that "I think I developed
good relationships over the last little while with the African-American community…" says it all about his outreach. A little too little, a little too late sir.
For the most part the audience kept their emotions in check, but there were a few outbursts, like when Trump suggested Hillary release her 33,000 emails that she had deleted, the cheers rose, and Lestor Holt, reminded the audience to keep it in their pants. But the only person the moderator should have reprimanded was Donald J.Trump himself, who seemed to turn into a heckler on stage, interrupting Hillary on seemingly everyone of her answers. Hysterically, Trump who argues that Hillary is too weak to do the job, whose campaign and the Republicans joke she's practically at deaths door, spent half the debate sniffling as if he either had a cold, or had done a line of coke before the debate. I wonder which option is true? He seemed to drink lot of water during the debate, I've read that's a sign that you did a little nose candy. At one point there was an obvious sigh by the Donald, at something Hillary had said, one that topped anything Al Gore did during his sighing debacle debate with George W. Bush. On the opposite side of the debate, Hillary looked healthy enough to beat Trump in a wrestling match. She answered all the questions, hit Donald left and right on his history with racism, used his comments about China making up Global Warming against him and even swatted a way the email scandal with one sentence. 
By most accounts, Hillary won the debate, and Trumps performance is one for the ages, but not in the good way. We spent the entire debate witnessing two totally different worlds. Two candidates with opposite approaches to how they see our world and which direction we should go. Nothing new was actually said last night by either candidate, yet, by listening to the same words they've each been using to demonstrate their ideas, plans, complaints and arguments against the other, their differences have never been so clear. One is Presidential, while the other is a clown. One wants to improve our nation, continue on our countries trajectory of positive change, improve racial inequalities and finally give women equal pay. While the other seems to want to rid the world of every positive change that our nation has seen in the last one hundred years, from gay marriage, to even the women's right to vote, to the minimum wage.
Not surprisingly afterwards Donald came out and blamed everyone and everything else for his pathetic performance. From his microphone supposedly not working, to Lestor Holt's partisan questions.  He even argued that he should have used Bill Clinton's scandals against her, and maybe he would next time, this time he was trying to be nice, I man Chelsea was in the audience… that was his excuse for not go there. The only people that seem to think he did well are his surrogates and his followers. After watching the debate on MSNBC, and listening to the talking heads on that network, and seeing what other channels was discussing including, ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as CNN, I decided to see what the other side of the Universe was thinking, and not surprising their view points on it were to put it nicely not agreeable to what others had thought. The funniest part of it all was seeing their instant polls. Everywhere else, Hillary won handily, but in Fox Faux News land, they showed him winning by margins of 70 - 30 or bigger. After laughing out loud for a few minutes, I switched back to reality. Remember these are the same people who proclaimed that President Obama was losing and the polls were wrong. That their internal numbers showcased that Mitt Romney was gonna win in a landslide. Personally I'm just happy that nothing happened to ruin Hillary Clinton's chances to win, and Donald did enough damage that hopefully the people still undecided, have decided there's no way they could ever vote for him. One down, two to go. The only question I have now is, will Donald study up for the next two, or will we be getting more of the same.

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Monday, September 26, 2016


With 100 million+ viewers estimated, the first Presidential debate could finally reveal why Donald isn't up for the dance, and has no business even being on that stage

IT'S FINALLY HERE, the first Presidential debate starring Hillary Rodham Clinton and featuring Donald J Trump, and the world gets to see what the talking heads are estimating to be one of the most viewed televised events in history. Honestly I'm not expecting it to be that big, but who knows, I mean the experts have been so on point this election, haven't they? Well, not really, but maybe this prediction could come true, and a lot of voters can witness the vast differences between these two candidates. And that 'lesser of two evil' comparison that some are throwing out will hopefully be forever put in the trash for the ridiculous notion that that is. Sadly most of the viewers are gonna be watching to see what Donald does more then how Hillary performs. Of course there will be many like myself watching the debate just to see her showcase her knowledge of everything, but I'd wager a lot are gonna be viewing it to witness what he will say, how many lies he will utter, and how many insults he will throw. I'm thinking of starting a drinking game each time he repeats the expressions 'many people say' or 'believe me' or 'trust me' or …

I'm planning on viewing it the way I watch all of Hillary's events, expecting her to hit it out the park, showcasing her mind, heart, experience and all the traits that make her my choice for the job. That said, especially with events as big as a debate, there's also a little fear that something will burst the bubble. Perhaps, Trump will actually come up with a smoking gun, that will destroy the dream I've had for decades. Happily so far with each of these hurdles, each obstacle, the previous debates, the primaries, the conspiracies and those damned emails, Hillary Clinton has been able to ride her victory train smoothly on its path to the Presidency. Just when it seemed she hit a bumpy patch, things always seem to right the ship, and her polls numbers that had begun to look too close for comfort, again returned to a nice safe lead. 
My feeling is the debate is gonna start off just fine with Trump being his most Presidential best, seemingly the man will be ready to con America. Hillary will be her usual businesslike, professional commanding self, more prepared for this debate then anyone in the history of debates. As the minutes fly by, Donald will begin to unravel, as his answers continue coming up short. By this time, he will remember that the teleprompter isn't there and his memorized talking points will be forgotten and this charade will turn back into the unstable loud mouth candidate that the Republicans keep lying to themselves and to everyone else that Trump isn't. Hillary will just have to stand there and be the grown up on that stage, correct Donald's little or should I write huge lies and showcase she's so above this petulant bully that her poll numbers will start to soar. My biggest fear is that Donald has something up his sleeve. I mean no matter what you think of the man, he seems to have a way to throw something out or say something that changes the dynamics or the conversation. Happily Hillary Clinton, has never failed to deliver at any of the debates I've seen her in. From the Rick Lazio and the John Spencer Senate debates, to the Barack Obama and most recently Bernie Sanders Presidential Primary debates, Hillary has pretty much showcased that she's no frail damsel in distress, besides what Trump tries to describe her as. And for the most part she's walked off even or decisively won the night. Not once has she failed to demonstrate she's knows her stuff, she's not playing, that this is serious, I'm ready from day one and fella's there's a grown up in the room. You wanna play, lets play. 
Well Donald, whose demonstrated throughout the course of this campaign that we never know who will appear, what he will say, or how far he will go, has never had to face what he will be facing against Hillary Clinton in the debates. I understand he's spent decades in front of microphones, appearing on his reality series and acting the showman and conning the masses. We've all watched the many debates that the Republicans had, seeing as the supposed, what was it 18 or 20 candidates, in the clown car that was known as the Republican candidates for the Presidency. That the talking heads laughingly kept describing as an amazing assortment of possibilities. Supposedly all worthy Presidential adversaries against Hillary or Bernie, really? I'm sorry, each one of them seriously not qualified to do their current jobs and all worthy of a one-way ticket out of town, and out of office. So when the Donald, came in and destroyed the rest of the losers I wasn't surprised. Sadly instead of reporting on Donald and his shady past, seemingly most ignored his reality and ran with the show, allowing his unbelievably easy primary victory. The worst part of it, was not one of other candidates in that race was any good, so even though Donald Trump ran the most despicable, vile, racist, over-the-top hateful campaign that we've seen in our lifetimes, and possibly ever as a country, the voters of the Republican party seemingly had no choice. 
That said, as the debates went on, and the clown car shrank, Trump actually never did that well during the debates. Remember who he was debating, his competition, can anyone forget the debate he skipped, cause he couldn't handle the moderator? I mean come on, could you imagine any of them on that stage against Hillary, I can actually visualize their knees shaking at just the thought of it. Not one of them is in the same universe as Hillary, not one of them has her grasp of the issues and knowledge of well practically everything. Hillary has debated against both Bernie and Barack and I'm sorry Donald, I Know Bill Clinton, I know Barack Obama, you sir are neither, by a mile. Remember those debates happened before Donald was trying to be controlled, and lets not forget that this was also when he was trying to win over the Republican voters and not the majority of the United States. It'll be interesting to see when the spotlight is on, if Donald wilts. If the man spins out of control and if the nut job that many of us believe Trump to be, fully  reveals himself to the world. And if he does, will the world finally respond in the right way? 
Remember 100 million people or so will be tuned in, no matter how this debate goes, the experts say that the first debate always gets the most viewers, so if Hillary comes out and showcases how far above the man she is in capability, intelligence, compassion, knowledge of the issues, and proves he's the real crook, the real liar and the conman he truly is, then Donald Trump is toast, and the first debate could end this years contest once the moderator says goodnight. However if Donald comes out, actually seems coherent on the issues, and somehow shows up as a credible candidate, then maybe we've really got a race to the finish. Both of my visions of what could happen will turn on how both candidates respond to their own issues, and how they go after their adversaries when their issues are discussed. I guess we will find out, won't we. The one question I have is how much of the pre-game show will I be able to watch, who will push my button, and how angry will I get before I simply shut my set off until the bell rings, and both of them come out for war.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, September 16, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016


As I flicked the channels my anger began to build, no wonder their followers don't get it, they never see it on their television's or if it is, its always discussed from a slanted point of view 

I SIMPLY COULDN'T BELIEVE IT, FOX news, or as I call it Fox Faux News, was skipping the opening event of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Even better, our President, Barack Obama, was the big speaker at todays event, so how could, a news outlet miss it? Maybe showcasing a positive for African-American's is a no-no in white racist television? Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend any of their viewers, good! Personally I think a major museum showcasing the history of the African-American history, being launched by our nations first African-American President is pretty historic, don't your think, and something that should be reported on? I mean, I turned on my television, flicked to CNN and saw the event, I flicked to MSNBC, yessiree they were all in. Flicked to FOX, nope, nada, nothing. I tried it's sister stations, same story. What I did find, instead of a history lesson on the struggles of the African-American community for equality and their successes, I found, stories about the protesters in Charlotte, and segments on Hillary's emails and nothing pro black!

One would think this moment, which took decades to accomplish, whose timing of the opening, as our President mentioned in his speech today, was pretty amazing. Months before our first African-American President leaves office, the nations newest African-American museum opens finally in Washington DC, the capital of our nation, and he gives its maiden speech. But, Fox Faux News, instead chooses to discuss the racist black folk destroying property, they're all drug abusers according to the networks chosen preferred candidate. Astounding, and you wonder why Trumps followers are chock filled with racists, or people who may not be overtly racist, but fully believe that they are above those whose skin are darker. Or as a Trump follower was interviewed proudly proclaimed, that "Whites were better then blacks!" without realizing what a racist statement that actually was. I see it on the air everyday, I read it online way too many times, but especially with the media run by the Christian right or at least run by Republicans. The in-your-face proudness of this hatred seriously showcases how far our nation needs to go. How quickly we could turn back the clock and return us to the bad old days of slavery. As I child of the 1960's who grew up in the 1970s, this current racist garbage that we've been confronted with has been for the most part, anger inducing. 
Growing up in a predominately African-American community, where I was the minority, for example I was the white kid in most of my classes. Actually for most of the time, in the entire school, so where ever I went, everyone noticed me. I actually could feel the tension in the room when I entered, or as I walked down the streets as the brothers watched me as if I was the danger, I was the threat. Or I was the one to pick on, make comments to, which made me both hate my color and some of the hatred itself. Even today, when I'm the only white person in the room or when I'm walking in an area when I am the one person without a natural tan, those memories come back and those feelings of the other kick in. 
Funny, I never hated the people of color for going after me with racist remarks, for I felt they had earned the right to do it,  the white man had earned its shame. I just wish I wasn't the one who was on the receiving end. I was different, I stood out, but I was the lucky one. Because even though there were times that got a little scary, I've never really been afraid of a person of color, simply because they were a person of color. It was always about the individual and never about their skin color. You see, I don't see color, I see individuals. I can not fathom how my brothers and sisters, in the African community feel living their entire lives with that perpetual feeling. So I've lived somewhat like many in the black community have spent most of their lives dealing with and believe me, its not a nice feeling. Luckily I never faced anything like they have had to endure, but there have been times, when I've been confronted by racists whites who talk to me as if since I'm white, I naturally would agree with their racist comments. Sometimes I spoke up, and sometimes I didn't, but each time, my blood curdled. Of course I've gotten the same thing with anti-semitic hate speak, which I always found odd, don't you, I mean come on look at me, unless its a self-loathing idea, my jewishness is written all over my face. 
Its the same thing when I hear hatred over the LGBT community, woman, other religions, even my own, or the disabled or handicapped, I just don't get it. I grew up actually wishing on numerous occasions, that my skin changed hue, and my heritage was different, I found the black culture, and their skin color so beautiful and vibrant. Maybe because I grew up in the 1960's with things like, Shaft and Cleopatra Jones, or Get Christie Love, or Sammy Davis Jr., or The Supremes, or Stevie Wonder, or the man who inspired me as a child to one day attempt my hand at performing, Ben Vereen, or a hundred other names. Michael Jackson, even OJ Simpson, as a kid, there was enough inspiration, and really it seemed even then, that the ugly American's in the room weren't shaded but too white for their own good.
When I was a little kid, my father explained how Jewish people and Black people were similar, both segments of the population had suffered, both had been put into bondage and slavery, and both had endured and triumphed. As a Jewish boy in a Catholic world, even religion seemed odd to me, especially when those of one argued their God was better then others. The differences of everyone, I thought should be celebrated, not hated. I loved celebrating Christmas, not because of the religious aspects of it, but because of the love it showcased amongst its followers. At least for the length of the holiday season.
I seriously can not believe people proudly throw out racist comments. I can not believe we have Pastors preach hatred to people whose skin tones or faiths are different. I can not believe we have a Presidential candidate who yells out at a rally, 'Hey that's my African-American friend'! A man, whose history is peppered with racist activities. Whose insulted every man, woman and child of most religions and faiths. At least in the good old days, in the 1980's and 1990's, and even the 2000's, the bigotry wasn't in your face. I'm sure it was always under the surface, waiting to rear its ugly face, but man I seriously ponder on most days, what happened to our nation. Like many I thought it was gone, that the hatred, and the bigotry had been excised by the greatness of men like Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., man I am so upset that it now seems to be worse! Somehow, with the election of Barack Obama, the historic nature of his victory had awoken every vile, disgusting, racist bigot in the land. Perhaps the reason is, the new racists who are out and proud, are more like zombie racists. It is 2016, theres a zombie apocalypse in every storyline these days. Don't believe me, look at the leaders in the bunch of deplorable's. Look at who the media promotes, look at their surrogates and their talking heads. 
And no Republicans, by saying that, that this whole revival of racism to the tenth degree, began when Obama was elected, wasn't putting the blame on our President, he didn't start it, you did. Much like the Republicans are trying to pin Birtherism on Hillary, because someone in her ranks pitched the notion, that she swatted down faster then Donald changes his positions, blaming our President for the racist revival is seriously fucked up. Maybe his election riled up the bigots when they realized that they had officially, finally lost their argument. That yes, a man of color could be intelligent enough and actually better then even the high and mighty whites, and his color had nothing do with it, or maybe it actually did. Perhaps the history of the African-American in our nation, was somehow ingrained into this man, who had somehow won over a nation. Even with a name that many found repulsive simply because of their racist upbringings or beliefs. And he swamped two very, very white fellas, and one very great woman.
When Barack got in, at that historic inauguration, at one point I had an image of Cleveland Little in Blazing Saddles in my head, as he rides into town and all the white people stand agape, the next scene we get the lynch mob. Funny thats kind of how the Whites were looking at our newly elected President, and they've been preparing the lynching ever since. Fox Faux News, has spent years going after our President's birth place. They have followed the lead of their candidate, Donald J. Trump, and without coming out in White Hoods, have done their best to try to insult the people of color who live in our nation and those who believe that we are all equal, no matter the shade, no matter the sex, no matter the religion. Their arguments always go against common sense or facts, as they make up facts and figures that try to prove how less intelligent, how not on par, how inferior the African-American's are and the comments are seriously insane. Listening to their talking heads, is unnerving, and whats worse, when those talking heads spewing the garbage are African-American's themselves. Talk about a pack of Uncle Toms. Its funny several years back I called one of them, one of Fox Faux New's talking heads, an Uncle Tom, and lots of people weren't happy, 'how dare I',  it now reminds me of the reactions from The Trumpeters and the Fox hounds, when Hillary called half of his Trump's supporters 'deplorable's or worse'. I guess its okay if you do it, but not when you're called out for being it. I just can't believe that a network that calls itself 'Fair and Balanced' is the last thing from it.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016


His change of heart was all a political gambit, proving once and for all that the man 'is' a politician, and the worst kind at that. 

WHAT AN ASSHOLE! What else can you call him, the man peddled a racist lie for years, then one day he comes out and announces Hillary started it and then proclaims he finished it. Then it turns out, it was all a con! He still believes President Barack Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, he just wanted to end the discussion. So, did Hillary start it or was that a lie too? Donald, please explain. At least now we know why he couldn't or wouldn't answer the questions of when, if, how or why he finally believed our President was legit. Talk about a revelation. I think if someone woke up, realized something they believed was wrong or they had been pitching a lie for years that turned out to be a mistake, that that person would come out and explain the why on how his belief had been altered. That is if he actually ever changed his mind. Which is it, and does it matter?

We are talking Donald J. Trump, a man who trots out Don King of all people, a convicted killer, who spends his time discussing the "Negro" problem and tops his sermon off with the "N" word before he introduces the man of the hour. What a talent Trump has for picking his surrogates, if that alone doesn't disqualify Donald for the Presidency, maybe nothing does. This is taking place at the same time he's now pitching 'Stop and Frisk' and unbelievably using the riots in Charlotte, to explain that drugs were the real reason all those people were protesting. Hm, what? What planet is this fool living in? Seems the latest murdering of an unarmed African-American by a cop had nothing to do with it, is that how he's trying to get the black vote? Then Trump comes out, trying to self-edit his own words and says, he only wants to implement the discredited procedure in Charlotte, thats all, no biggie! Of course disregarding, that as President he'd have no power to implement that procedure in Charlotte, Its a state's prerogative. Again showing the man needs to read up on what exactly he needs to know to run this place. Maybe now that Cory was canned by CNN, he could go out and buy the man the Cliff notes on the job of President. From my viewpoint, the man looks closer to being placed in a mental ward, then being suitable to be the President of these United States.
So which is it, which story do you want us to believe? Or are we just supposed to go with whatever he says, as he's saying it? No matter how preposterous, no matter how made up. No matter how much evidence comes out that the man is lying through his teeth and we are supposed to disregard every criminal action that the press is uncovering as simply a media lie. Like 'The Washington Times' reporting on his charities and his Foundation. When confronted by the accusations his campaign's response was that it was all a crock, yet refuse to give any explanation to argue against the charges. So as usual its a 'Believe me' scenario. At least they haven't 'pleaded the fifth' yet. Of course this latest course correct could have just been him being a candidate, meaning Donald telling a supporter he really was lying about his Obama approval, just to add him in gaining voters. But honestly, does it matter what he believes? The only thing that matters is what he's thrown out for years, over and over again. The allegations, the accusations, the flat out lies, and of course the Tweets. Who knows if the man actually ever believed our President wasn't illegal, he could have just threw out the shit just for the fun of it. 
Also, as the debate is getting closer, the reason a lot of the talking heads have suggested Trump came out and made his announcement when he did, was to stop the issue from being a stumbling block at the debate. Which of course is the exact opposite of what it did. Instead of his being asked one question, now he's gonna be asked several, I hope. Wondering if he ever believed our President was legal in the first place? Was the entire thing a game for him? Does he understand what the ramifications of what he did, did to our society? Was his announcement a lie, simply for political purposes or was it the truth? And if so, when, if, why and how did he come to believe yes indeed our President is and has always been a United States born American citizen. Phew, see Donald, seems your ego, made your biggest selling point to the deplorable's, that you're not a politician and simply a successful businessman a flat out lie. Sadly for Democracy, his followers don't care if Donald lies, or what Donald says, as long as the Trump is as obnoxious and hateful as possible the man has their vote. I mean he gave them Atlantic City casino's and Celebrity Apprentice, the man's their God. And just like the religious right who believe anything their leaders say, no matter how hateful or vile it is, Trump's followers do the same blindly, as he takes us all the the brink of the apocalypse. 
The flat out truth is we have no clue what the man believes, except that he believes he can say anything, do anything and get away with everything no matter how many people he hurts. The man accuses everyone else of crimes against humanity, as its turning out that he's possibly the second coming of Adolf Hitler or worse. And don't get me started on Junior, seriously what mad Nazi scientist came up with him? Well, just like with that monster, eventually we prevailed over his hate, I just hope that our victory occurs this year on election day or before, and 'this great disturbance in the force' will be defeated by his Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Friday, September 23, 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Is Donald J. Trump the OJ Simpson in this campaign, and if so does that make Hillary Clinton the Marcia Clark of this election?

A FUNNY WELL NOT SO FUNNY OBSERVATION occurred to me as I watched Sunday nights Emmy awards, is Hillary Clinton being vilified this election campaign, in a similar vein that Marcia Clark was by the media during the now infamous and historic OJ Simpson murder trial. I can already sense that some of those who are nice enough to read this probably just laughed at the idea. I know what I just wrote must sound far fetched to most and maybe it is, but hear me out on this, there's logic in my insanity.

Believe me, the last thing on my mind when I turned on The EMMY Awards Sunday night was a revelation about this years election season. I was expecting to sit back, smile, laugh, cheer, applaud and maybe even cry a little and yes I did as usual, and it wasn't until Sarah Paulson won the EMMY award for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for her role as Marcia Clark in 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story' (phew) as she was finishing up her acceptance speech, that this notion came to mind and my mind exploded. 
“I along with the rest of the world, had been superficial and careless in my judgment, and I’m here today to tell you I’m sorry,” - Sarah Paulson
Wait, what? Oh my God! Wow! Face palm! Honestly I was one of the many people who made fun of Marcia Clark. Yes I admit it, I mean come on, the way the talking heads made fun of her, how could that not effect how we felt about her. And to make me look even stupider, I was one the many who believed OJ was innocent, that the 'racist' cops had somehow faked the evidence, and the poor 'innocent' hero of my youth was being framed. Stop laughing, sadly I wasn't alone in my blindness. So, yes I will say it, I am sorry Marcia Clark, I apologize. You see, apologizing isn’t a problem for some people, Donald J. Trump. At least the murderer eventually got what he deserved, if not entirely, at least karma came in and gave him a little kick in the butt.
I can remember the entire event as if it was yesterday, from the Bronco chase to OJ’s eventual verdict of not guilty. And yes I was one of the many who cheered when the verdict was announced. Ironically the thing I remember most about the entire historic event was Marcia Clark, how she presented herself, her hair, and how the media turned her into a pariah, into a criminal. I must add it wasn’t till months later, when I witnessed OJ being interviewed, that I actually could see it in his eyes, that the man was guilty. It wasn't until the mini-series aired had I even spent a second thinking about her. For me Marcia Clark for the most part was forgotten, except for the occasional 'where are they now' specials or when she was promoting a book. 
While watching the mini-series, Marcia Clark was made out to be a woman, a three-dimensional person, a real human being just trying to do her job. Which was to try to convict someone of a crime that all the evidence proved was guilty, excluding the ‘show’ that the defense produced. Because that's what the OJ Simpson trial was, a show, a performance, and millions of Americans including the Jury on the trial  actually let a man get away with murder. And just as most of us judged her as a way too serious hard edged woman, with no feelings or a heart,  and they've used the same template on the former Secretary of State.  Interesting, they create a scenario and then they use it as a talking point. She's unlikeable, she a liar, she's untrustworthy, and she surely has no humanity. She formed ISIS, she started the Birther movement, she's the crook, she's the liar.
Well isn’t that what the Republicans have done for decades against the Clintons, more importantly, isn’t that what Trump and his surrogates have been doing during their entire campaign against her? Look what they did to our current President, it seems more then half the nation actually believes Obama isn't American! What you think that came out of thin air? They’ve managed to turn a well meaning woman whose spent most of her adult life helping people, whose Foundation is actually saving millions of lives, who simply wants to do the job, help the citizens of our great nation, and they transformed her into a lying cheating nightmare. At the same time they’ve managed, like with OJ, to take all of Trump's faults, all of his shenanigans, all of his criminal acts, all of his hatred and make it into the top rated show on television. Just like OJ was a celebrity, a commercial pitchman adored by millions, Donald has spent years propagating this facade, this celebrity and just like OJ the man is seemingly getting away with murder. The murdering of a great woman’s accomplishments. And just like with OJ and Marcia Clark, the media has transformed this election race and possibly helped a criminal get away with murder, in this case possibly the destruction of our nation. You may laugh at my comparison, but really how far fetched am I? And let’s mention another comparison, after OJ was acquitted, he eventually found himself in prison. Well there’s a strong probability that Donald could very well wind up in a prison cell before everything settles. Its pretty ironic that all we hear from the Republicans and of course the Trump camp is Hillary could be impeached once elected. Well in November just weeks after the election, Trump goes on trial for his bogus Universities. Besides that, there are a number of other cases in the process of winding up in court, so there is a good chance that if God forbid the man actually gets elected, he might have to resign from the Presidency in disgrace, and possibly could spend a lot of time behind bars. Perhaps he can share a cell with OJ... If my worse fears do come true, at least I could have that to look forward to.

Just one man's opinion
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016


I personally think a straight jacket is in their futures, but what ever you believe you gotta marvel at their ability to spin lies and to somehow make the deplorable's swoon

NO MATTER THE QUESTION, no matter the subject, no matter how utterly insane the talking points, the Trump surrogates just throw away facts and respond with answers which to put it nicely are utter rubbish. They stick to it, and stick to it, and stick to it, and stick to it some more, and every time they do it’s always angers me watching the fools on the other side of the table get flummoxed and tongue tied as they can't believe they are losing the argument. Sadly as the liars seemingly keep winning the shouting matches, the facts and the rest of us are the loser in their game of lies.

So this is there argument, the Trumpeters, as with everything in this election cycle, they keep trying to push this 'false equivalency' that they insist to argue on everything. They did it with their Foundation, they keep, well they’ve been using it as an excuse for not releasing Trump's taxes. Their number one excuse for every evil that the man has done is that she also did it too, or she started it first, or...  the excuses are endless. Somehow, they never say what he did was wrong, we know he doesn't apologize, but they either say the accusations against him are politically motivated or simply lies. Or for me the funniest response they use is “factually" inaccurate. Whenever they’re confronted with his settling of a case or his paying a fine, or when Trump has plead guilty or admitted his faults in a case in the past all you get from them is legalese. That whatever term is used against Trump is “factually" inaccurate, that the man is a saint, I'm sorry these surrogates are simply talking through their assholes! For no matter what he’s done, somehow Trump is the lesser of two evils, by throwing out a crazy conspiracy like Hillary founded ISIS or she's the bigot, or most recently that she's the one who started the Birther movement. They always say his actions are nonsense, but hers is a criminal offense, and somehow they expect the world to believe it. 
So this is their argument that her side started it, TA DA! End of discussion, that’s it. We are just supposed to forget everything he's spewed for the last five years, but at the same time they want everyone to tar her with his filth. I ask you, how can they be so evil? Then his surrogates argue that the Democrats are pushing this accusation against Trump, this Birther nonsense that she started, because Hillary has no proposals to pitch, and this is their way of covering up that they have nothing. That Donald Trump isn’t the one bringing up racism, they are. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, supposedly Donald it seems is pitching policies, no really, I'm not joking. He's now the policy wonk and all she does is attack and spew out ugly bigoted commentaries, that’s all she has… Calm, breathe, phew. Sorry, it seems this has hit a sore spot in my gut. Even thinking about this as I put down my thoughts of it makes me shake, and to listen to the liars on the right come up with this garbage, just thinking about it, well to put it nicely I wouldn’t be the happiest camper at your party right now. I must write I feel like a broken record today, writing the same thing I’ve commented about over and over again, as I watch as this campaign begins to feel as if I’m reliving past Presidential campaigns, but not in a good way. Somehow Trump has turned into, except for the obvious differences, your typical Republican candidate. His policies suck, his talking points sound good as talking points, but in reality are proposals that would only help the rich and hurt everyone else. Taxes, health care, ecology, and even the military, the man’s ideas will only hurt this nation and send us into a free fall that could as far as I can tell end our nation as we know it. But somehow, no matter who the messenger is, the pitches seem to work. It’s party first, no matter what that party has really done. 
Maybe this 'change' thing that a lot of people keep bringing up is something that even someone as scummy as Donald J. Trump can't blow. For no matter how low he goes, no matter how many skeletons that keep coming out of his closet, for whatever the reason, he somehow gets even closer to the brass ring. Listening to the talking heads, and hearing how they describe the polls, the mantra that the media has pushed for years, Hillary's unlike-ability and her untrustworthiness seemingly has worked, and sadly today I feel that Donald could actually win this thing. If somehow a Bush could win re-election after invading the wrong nation, why shouldn't this circus clown win. When Al Gore lost, well when his Presidency was given to Bush, I've always felt that was the 'change' that the talking heads always talk about, of course that year it was helped a lot by the Supreme Court. Today, as I watch Trumps birther baggage seemingly being played against Hillary by the Trump campaign it feels like the land of insanity has taken over our reality and its seriously not a good feeling. I have to hope that somehow, before this is all over, my worst nightmare won't come true and the dream I've longed for for years will become reality, to see a woman President in the White House, and that woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton.
They've somehow taken a great American, a person whom we all should aspire to be and turned her into a crook, a liar and everything Donald J. Trump is being revealed to be. Yet the worst offender maybe in our nation's history seems to be lying his way into office, America please wake up. Whatever you think of her, we are discussing the future of our nation, don't you think we deserve the best to take us to the next level, as opposed to the worse, that could take our nation back to the dark ages, where this time we might not be able to come out of. I mean does anyone actually think there's another Barack Obama out there somewhere, that could rescue us as well as he did, if we have to fix the mess that Donald J. Trump puts us all in? Do you? Well I certainly don't, which is why I'm hoping my panic attack today is simply something I ate. That tomorrow when I wake up this headache I feel will be a long forgotten nightmare.

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© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Monday, September 19, 2016