Sunday, December 22, 2019


Donald spent his first campaign pitching Hillary’s Incarceration, vowing she’d be Impeached if elected. Then spent much of his presidency in a desperate search to come up ways to cover up his own crimes and misdeeds. How delicious is it, that his quest for a false narrative has in the end impeached him

YOU SHOULD HAVE STOPPED WHEN YOU WERE AHEAD. How dumb is he? Or how stupid does he think the rest of us are? The most orange conman in history, and his band of roving thieves, had gotten away with stealing Hillary’s Presidency, and fleecing millions of dollars along the way, all thanks in the end to William Barr. But instead of turning over a new leaf, as we discovered on way too many occasions, Donald’s dealings with Russia, wasn’t his first time playing crooked games to get what he wants, he just continued doing what he’s always done, cheat and lie, to get ahead. Now some have argued, that once William Barr saved his bacon and Donald had somehow skirted the axe in regards to the Mueller Report, that was when he pulled the trigger on the Ukrainian scheme. I mean the infamous and far from perfect phone call happened the very next day after the Mueller’s Report’s findings, were seemingly dismissed as a nothing. Leaving the majority of American’s wanting to scream at the top of lungs, ‘Hey people! Mueller found stuff! He’s guilty! Hello!, It's time to impeach him! And lots of words and thoughts that I’m sorry, I’m not gonna write here (don’t want the authorities getting angry at me)’, so logically some have suggested or offered as a deduction that once Trump had been reprieved and the Russian plot was now considered not bad enough to Impeach him over, or even to bring up in public, the very next day he pounced on Ukraine. Makes sense, very logical. But, as we’ve learned that's not exactly what happened. This scheme to force Ukraine to announce that they were opening an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden, as well as receiving the almost $400 million in military aid, was happening months before July 25th. It didn’t somehow enter Trump’s mind as he had his minions dial the phone for him on that day. This criminal act had been an ongoing scheme to try to force a new President’s hand. Sort of why the whole notion of Impeaching a President was conceived and written up in our Constitution, if you ask me.

More likely, the scheme was already underway, but the ending of Mueller’s pull on the mindset of the American people's apparently occurred. Sadly Mueller's coming out party in public didn't set the world on fire, or cause Donald to take that long green mile out of power and into a death row cell as many of us hoped. More likely it signaled to Trump, that it was safe to go to phase two in their plot to steal election number two. A personal pitch via phone to the new Ukraine President making sure the newbie knew exactly what he required for any protection money to be handed over. Mind you, we've learned, that he wasn’t actually seeking an investigation, he was just requesting an announcement of one. I'm sorry, why is this ludicrous explanation warrant any discussion at all? As some expert on television explained one night, in the real world, one never announces you are gonna be investigating someone, because that would sort of warn the suspect. That they could hide or destroy evidence for example, or perhaps buy one way tickets out of the country to escape the authorities? Right, Rudy Giuliani and your buddies Lev and Igor?The only time ever, one should know that there is an investigation actually happening is when they come out an announce it after they make the arrests of the supposed criminal. So this pitch by the Trumpeters is simply yet another bogus and ridiculous lie as all the other defenses and excuses that they keep coming up with. I mean why even announce you’re opening up investigations on the Biden’s, if you don’t intend to actually do any investigating, that is if you actually ever intended opening them up in the first place, right? Its like the investigations that William Barr keeps opening up on the people who started Mueller’s, or the many Benghazi and/or Hillary’s servers investigations. You want to talk about real witch hunts? Lets investigate nothing, and waste millions, and then when the evidence proves your conspiracies false, ignore the findings and continue to pitch whatever made up explanation you can come up with, it doesn't even have to sounds legit, these liars don't care. Just anything verbal to get away with yet another criminal act and push to boulder further and further to after election day 2020. Much like Trump’s supposed hiring of investigators, or detectives, or bomb-sniffing dogs, for all we know, to search the globe for the truth behind Barack Obama’s birth place. Remember how he screamed, shouted, and lied for years saying how much dirt they had uncovered, how everyone would be shocked at the revelations? But in the end, like with all of Trump's other accusations and lies, there was nothing, but millions of fools out there that now believe the ravings of a lunatic in kabuki make-up.It’s now been reported, that 15 minutes after the phone call between the two presidents, Trump ordered the funds to Ukraine be held. Seems after Trump said, “I want you to do us a favor, though” President Zelensky’s response wasn’t what Donald wanted to hear. Funny how this bit of intel wasn’t known before or during the hearing, but only came to light because of the Center for Public Integrity. They sued and won a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against The Defense Department. Who having lost the case, provided the information to the nonprofit under a court order. Funny how all the evidence hidden that keeps gets uncovered is always bad for Donald. Nothing proves he's innocent. I wonder why, he keeps obstructing justice? What's he hiding? Oh, that’s right, his crimes. Tell me again Mitch how a swift trial with no witnesses is a good thing for Democracy. And please, explain it to your constituents, as you run for yet another 6 term assignment. Perhaps finally your followers will wake up and drop kick you and your criminal wife out of office.Now in my last post, I ended it with the question of who was the genius that came up with the Ukraine angle on helping to get Trump’s crimes covered up with false evidence, To somehow finally clear Trump’s name, and prove he won the last election fairly and squarely, by connecting the dots between Ukraine and Hillary Clinton’s missing server with those 30,000 bleached emails. While also showcasing Ukraine was the culprits who did it, and Russia is just a victim of the deep state political enemies of the president. Plus for his future needs, take down his most obvious opponent in the upcoming campaign, Vice President Joe Biden, by going after his son Hunter Biden. We’ve seen the game before by Donald. Blame others for his own actions. Call others the puppet. She’s the racist on stage not me. They are the real criminals in politics. I’m just trying to drain the swamp that the do-nothing democrats have drenched us in. Just disregard all the acting heads of government that are doing my bidding. So what does a criminal do when they get caught, either fess up their sins and hope the court of law and public opinion will be lenient, or lie and or do anything to keep themselves free, to hopefully continue their misdeeds without any further repercussions. When a rat gets his tail court in a trap, who are you gonna believe, the rat with a chopped tail, or the pounds of cheese that they’re drowning in? I questioned who came up with the idea, I knew it wasn’t Donald himself. Sorry I won’t give him credit for this out of the box idea, even though, the more i think of it, the more it is possible that he could. In a bad movie, which sadly our world feels like most of the time, I could actually see the genius being his current wife. Whispering sweet nothings into his ear as he munched on a Big Mac in Bed, while watching a rerun of Fox and Friends. Am I the only one? But all kidding aside, I’ve been pondering this for a while now. Who? The Republicans keep screaming to the high heavens that the Democrats have been trying to Impeach the President since before the election. Honestly I can't argue with them on this, but its not exactly for the excuses they use. I mean we all witnessed the wikileaks phenomenon, we've all learned about the amazing number of connections between Trump and Russia and how his campaign worked with them to steal Hillary's Presidency. Even though Mueller supposedly didn't find enough evidence to tie them to the crime. But lets not forget Jr.'s, with Trump's inner circle, meeting in Trump Tower to get dirt on Hillary. Sorry, that alone should have started an Impeachment investigation. Do I have to remind you of the Mueller investigation and what it uncovered? So when we finally did get to The Impeachment Inquiry, all of that information was already known. I'm sorry, do you want us to believe Trump just came out of the womb last week, and we should disregard everything he's done, that would've put everyone else either out of office or in a prison cell? And should we completely forget about the obstruction he’s pulled with both the Mueller investigation and the Impeachment Inquiry? I mean Trump was impeached over obstruction of Congress, wasn’t he? Or should we disregard that too?I pondered If it was Rudy, or one of a number of names and faces that have become infamous because of their association with the Trumpster’s in one way or the other. Well now its being reported that it was Vladimir Putin himself who pitched the idea. Possibly in one of their top secret meetings that nobody is allowed in except the Russian translator and the two world leaders. If Trump is actually innocent, and really a dupe in all this, upset that everyone thinks he’s the guilty one, I could honestly understand why and how he would be acting like the lunatic he’s acted since the reports started coming out that he was a treasonous monster in orange war paint. And if it was true, and he actually believes everyone is out to get him, it would fit perfectly with a lot of his crazy talk and strange body language, and especially his lack of trust in the folks who say it was all Russia. So his willingness to believe Vladimir Putin’s take on what occurred in the last presidential campaign does make sense, and why he would be so willing to believe all the other crap Vladimir has preached. Well, that is a big if, and one I completely disbelieve, but seeing it through the eyes of a man cornered who thinks the entire world is out to get him, it is possible that some would believe the lies of even your most hated rival. I mean Trump says he believed President Obama and the FBI and others have spied on him, so either its another deflection or the man is way too paranoid and surely in the market for a good therapist, if not a straight jacket. If Putin himself pitched the idea, either as a way to get over on Donald’s good side, or just as the perfect excuse and most logical solution for them to cover up their mutual crimes, that I could believe. I mean wouldn’t you also use any excuse to get away with, lets say for example, stealing a presidency? But lets not forget the real reason the Russian President makes the most sense out of anyone. Who may I ask benefits the most when Trump stops funds to Ukraine? Certainly I’d wager, not the US of A or Ukraine. Remember, the two nations are at war over Russia’s annexation of Crimea itself. Maybe the funds which were held up was because Vladimir wished for it, or perhaps it was Donald’s way of giving a pal or a benefactor a favor. We’ve seen how generous Donald is with his friends, maybe hurting another nation to assist in overthrowing its enemy, I suggest wouldn’t be beyond his generosity of spirit to a pal. Not to mention finding the perfect scape goat to finally cover up your part in getting Donald elected, as well as helping to hurt the possible next democratic Presidential nominee by keeping him in for at least the next four years. I mean, how much do you think Vladimir only wants Donald John Trump as President of these United States and nobody else? If, and its a big if, we somehow survive this nightmare, and Trump is removed, and we select a Democratic President, especially with a Democratic led House and Senate, Putin’s days of not getting punished for his crimes will be over. Just think, if we can win back the majority in all branches of government, then we can actually drain the swamp that Donald gave us, as well as fix the messes that we should have been fixing all along, but the republicans kept halting us at every step. We could actually vote in the Equal Rights Amendment,  fix the voting situation, figure out Immigration and healthcare, and finally enter the 21st century that so many on the right are fighting tooth and nail to stop us from getting to. To actually make a more perfect union as our forefathers had tried to, instead of taking us back to the good old days that Donald and his brethren want us to go. 

Just one man’s opinion.

© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, Dec 22, 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Impeachment has happily begun, sadly as I expected, the Inquiry turned into a partisan event, but hopefully the facts which were revealed by the witnesses will prevail over the gaslighting Republicans anything goes defense.

I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT, CAN YOU? As the American people were witness to two weeks of incredible Impeachment Inquiries. Which if there's a God or whomever is pulling the strings, will surely help push Trump out of power, and into a prison cell for the rest of his miserable life. I know we shouldn’t jump the gun, especially with Republicans pretty much acting as his defense attorneys on a bad Perry Mason episode. According to them, Trumps crimes prove he's innocence and showcase the Democrats are the real traitors in our midst. The question is, if the Republicans help Trump stay in power and then win reelection, will their gaslighting end the American experiment forever? And sadly our very democracy will be just another tale in the history books that future society's will remember as possibly a myth or failed experiment. Atlantis. Camelot. America. 

I can’t speak for others, but for me, the Impeachment Inquiry far surpassed anything I expected to witness. One by one each ‘fact’ witness testified about events they’ve heard about, were involved or was directly implicated with, or were victims of Trump’s or Guiliani’s various attacks, criminal actions, or even treasonous activities. It was even sadder then usual witnessing the Republicans once more do everything they could do to stop the witnesses from even talking. By spending all of their time either arguing the Inquiry shouldn’t happen, or bringing in bogus conspiracies that have all been debunked. And most of them sounded more like defense attorney’s giving closing arguments in a court case. What was the most maddeningly in all of this, is their entire pitch is expecting that the American people are the fools here. That enough of the voting population will fall for the pathetic gaslighting they’ve attempted throughout the Ukrainian scandal, and Impeachment Inquiry. Actually probably the entire Trump political, if not his entire career in business. 

The more evidence the fact witnesses testified to, and the more the dots were connecting, and the more Trump looked guilty, the worse the Republicans kept saying the Democrats case against the Donald is. Apparently in the 21st century, your guilt depends on what your political affiliation is, how far you can stretch plausible denialbility for your candidate, and how much you can hurt the innocent in your zeal to protect your leader. Not one Republican cared at all about what Trump actually was caught doing, only it seems willing to act like fools pitching garbage that only Donald and his rabid fan base would appreciate or believe. How many times did one of the pack of rabid dogs, masquerading as human beings, practically demand that this Trump hating witch hunt be ended? How many of them lied that there was nothing in the transcript? Apparently as Trump he's whining, it was a perfect conversation to them as well, Donald Trump is an Angel, and reality no longer exists. Sadly instead of acting like members of Congress, as impartial jurists or is that judges, looking at the evidence available and seeing what was presented as truth or lies, the Republicans came in as defense attorneys for the leader of the Republican party, and spent the entire time trying to protect Donald. Apparently this disease that destroys intelligence is also effecting the Senate Republicans as well. As Mitch and Lindsey have already announced amongst others, how they would be voting once the Impeachment Inquiry gets to the next stage, if Trump gets Impeached. As Lindsey expressed on multiple occasions ‘I don’t need to see Joe or his son or any of the Trump inner circle, I already know how I’m gonna vote’. Apparently announcing to the world that they legally need to recuse themselves from voting on Trump’s impeachment, I hope. 

Perhaps it's their way of not having to vote Donald out? I mean it is pretty obvious that telling the world in advance, actually announcing their intentions, before the Impeachment trial even begins in the Senate is a no-no.  When the Senators have to take the oath, to defend the Constitution, not Donald John Trump, will do they what they threat, or will they come to their senses? I guess we now will discover how many of them have lost or sold their souls, won’t we. The entire Republican defense, well actually there was no Republican defense, was it seems refusing to talk about Trump's crimes, trying to destroy Hunter Biden's reputation, and Joe Biden's candidacy for President. All they complained about was libtard conspiracies against Donald and praised Trump as if he is the second coming of Christ. 

I spent hour after hour expecting the Republican attack dogs, who were practically foaming at the mouth, to shout “Squirrel” and simply expect the rest of us to forget the crimes that Trump and his associates have done or are still doing apparently right to our faces. And since this is an Impeachment proceeding, let's not forget the voices on the right who were so high and mighty when President Bill Clinton was Impeached, four decades ago, because of his moral shortcomings. How dare he! He lied about having sex… excuse me a blow job with Monica’s blessing. Happily the Senate came to their senses then. These same hypocrites now act as if Trump turned into Charles Manson, and proudly walked around in a white hood, acting in snuff movies in the White House it would be fine. Apparently Clinton’s personal hick ups, were pink slip worthy, and needed to be completely investigated and convicted over, but nothing Trump has ever done is wrong in the least. Scream! 

The question is, are the monsters who are trying to cover up for Trump now their true selves? Or are the pseudo human beings we witnessed decades ago the real Republicans who have been warped through the rise of Trumpism in America? If we ever get past our current nightmare, scholars will spend decades in search of what transformed them into traitors to our democracy. That is if we, the rest of the population who don’t fall in line are allowed to continue to live in this country, or will we be silenced as others have been when a dictatorship shuts down any debate or brush back? How long have they been planning this? Have they simply come out of the closet as the monsters they truly are? Just like all the racists, white supremacists, KKK members and point blank Nazi’s who now proudly show their uniforms and costumes in the open, as opposed to hidden in the shadows for the past half century or more. The excuses the Republicans tried to defend Trump’s crimes simply drove me crazy. Seems to them, not being allowed witnesses and evidence because Trump decreed it so, was just a nothing burger. It happens every day. The I’m sorry, the President is above the law and has absolute power bogus pitch they all now spout off as customary. After spending the last presidential campaign threatening to impeach Hillary Clinton on everything the day she came into office, now apparently only Donald is above the law. Or they’ve also forgotten that in the last election their pitch they tried to gaslight the nation with, was that they were the party that were trying to save pre-existing conditions in health care, while at the same time all they were doing was trying to gut Obamacare. 

I must admit it amazes me how single-handily focused the Republicans are in their defense of the big orange turd. So focused in fact, that sometimes the garbage they were spewing sounded way too logical, that once in a while I had to go, wait it minute, maybe? Is it possible? Especially if you go on social media or see the lies that their propaganda machine is pitching. It is scary listening to their talking heads warping the reality of what Trump is being Impeached over, as they keep coming up with talking points and pounding them into our brains, seemingly trying to brainwash millions of people into disbelieving what really happened. Sadly I’ve spoken to several people that sound like FOX not by a mile NEWS viewers too often, that makes me feel way too uneasy about next years election. And I live in New York City, a so-called liberal, democratic safety zone. But the question is, is all those heinous lies to our faces working, or will the truth in the end triumph over this evil once more.  

Laughingly the Republicans now argue, because one Democrat has said he would be voting no against Impeachment, and has announced he will be switching party’s and becoming a Republican, that this somehow proves the Democrats are all gonna flip and vote against Nancy’s and Adam’s demands. And Donald will be saved! Really? I guess the what now, 20 or so Republicans in Congress who announced they are retiring from power, is a nothing, but one Democrat, will bellwether the end of Democracy… hmm. Instead of discussing the crimes he’s accused of doing, all they wanna now talk about is how this attack against Trump will hurt the Democrats. That showcasing the crimes of Donald John Trump, will only help his reelection, instead of sending him out of office in an historic smack down from the voters. That somehow this trial of his crimes, will only hurt all those who decide to vote their conscience, and vote to Impeach him, you know for not doing his job correctly.

Now lets not forget the Democrats in this test of our Democracy. Simply put, bravo. Give them all a standing ovation. In the face of a wave of conspiracies, lies and pretty much obnoxious childish behavior, all they’ve done is act like the adults in the room. Trying to showcase the evidence, the facts, the law, the Constitution, and hope the world we live in can see reality through all the smoke and mirrors the Republicans have thrown at them. Many of them tried to showcase or more appropriately warn us all, that our very Democracy is in danger of disappearing. It was simply thrilling watching the witnesses stand their ground and speak their truth, I have never been more proud to being an American, than I was while sitting back and listening to these brave men and women, speak truth to power. Sadly for democracy, the Republicans wasted hours making fun of and attempting to destroy the credibility of every one of the patriotic witnesses our nation was privileged to witness, all in their pursuit of saving Donald John Trump’s ass. 

All the Democrats did was simply their jobs, and should have made all Americans proud. By not just defending the witnesses for their courage and patriotism, but actually asking questions to them and received answers that actually answered the questions we the American people needed to hear. Nothing that came out over the course of the inquiry helped or cleared Trump, and everything actually made Trumps guilt more likely. As usual the missing and blocked witnesses and evidence could end any confusion, or questions in all of this, and hopefully if or once this Impeachment event arrives to the Senate, those missing items, will be allowed to be revealed for all the world to see. And convict, impeach, remove, or at least tarnish Trump’s name enough that a second term won’t ever come to pass. Sadly as mentioned above Trump's minions in the Senate are trying to prevent any witnesses from testifying during the Impeachment hearing. Well I guess we'll see if the turtle from Kentucky gets his way, and America takes one big step in the wrong direction and its possible end.

What’s most upsetting in all of this to me is as Trump gets closer to possibly getting away with another crime spree against the American people and Democracy itself, he is still having his minions go around the globe trying to continue illegally going after his political enemies. And this pursuit of guilt is now transforming fools out their into believing Vice President Joe Biden is a criminal. That all of Trump’s behavior is yesterday’s news, or worse, just lies made up by the Democrats and the liberal media. And the only thing that matters are conspiracies tossed out by the same liars that pitched Obama’s illegal status, and Hillary’s all now debunked criminal acts, and that Trump and his family are all seemingly doing exactly the same things themselves that they continue accusing others of doing. So if or when he does get away with it, he can use the dirt that they're creating to try to destroy Joe Biden and apparently nothing in the court of law will be able to stop him, but the voters in America. That is if by the next election we actually get to vote, or if the votes we cast actually get counted.

I must say it was ironic to me that on the day that the impeachment hearings began, I missed watching most of it live because I was having a colonoscopy procedure. It is, if you think of what Trump has tried to turn our nation into… So the morning of the procedure I awoke at nine, turned on my television and began watching MSNBC, switched to CNN for a few seconds because at that moment Trump was on air whining about the witch hunt on both. I then turned on FOX not by a mile NEWS, to discover astonishingly they weren’t even talking about Trump’s inquiry. Perhaps hoping that their audience members would skip the historic event forgetting it was actually beginning in less then an hour. And then finally the next earth shattering event of the Trump era began. Donald’s Impeachment inquiry, to discover if the 45th president, actually committed impeachable offenses worthy of being impeached over. Voted on by the House, and sent to the Senate to stand trial for his crimes against our nation.  

Unfortunately this was when I had to leave for my procedure, hoping once I awoke from it, that is if I awoke from it, and got home, I hadn’t missed something historic, that would either have been the thing that finally nailed Trump to the cross, or yet again somehow Donald once again escaped the guillotine. So he could continue getting away with destroying our democracy and fleecing America and Americans for all their worth. So I gave my mom a goodbye hug and kiss and went off to discover if my days were numbered while pondering if Trumps was too. Well first things first I survived the procedure thank God and got a clean bill of health from my doctor. I got home and sadly the hearing for the day had ended. And I turned on my television to watch what the talking heads had to say about possibly the most important day in America’s future so far. As I listened and caught up, I thought back about what had happened to me a couple of days before this day's historic event occurred. 

I have written about this once or twice in this blog before, and sometimes as in with real life, politics comes into the conversation. Well a few days back, I was working with Caucasian woman in her late 60s, possibly older, for two days straight. And I don’t remember how it started on the first day but at one point she said that when President Barack Obama was president more people were caged then under trumps presidency. And I went what? And she said we shouldn’t be talking politics. And the subject was over. That was until the second day of a two day ordeal, when at one point politics came back to the front. I reminded her what she said yesterday and how the conversation had ended but since she was bringing it up I said whatever the numbers were, nobody died under Obama’s watch. While nine kids, nine had sadly during Trump’s… so far, or least as far as we know. She scoffed at that, anything that I said that was anti-trump she gave me an obnoxious smile like I didn’t know what I was talking about. She defended Trump and the Ukraine conspiracy, by claiming Joe Biden was just as dirty and so was his son. Well I was not a happy camper, and I Kind of lost it, but quietly, we were working amongst a few thousand conventioneers. I expressed my belief that she was a FOX NEWs watcher and maybe she should watch other channels, you know news, not propaganda or lies, and she acted aghast, how dare I!  She explained I don’t watch Fox I heard all of this on ABC. And I went, enough.

I then said you know last year I worked with somebody, a lady at the convention center who proceeded to tell me that Hillary Clinton was dying when we were discussing who was going to run for president in 2020. So she wasn’t worried about Hillary running again. And then she said Barack Obama was not born in the United States, because his birth certificate it stated that Obama’s father was born an African American. So we know the birth certificate is bogus because in those days, when Obama was born, black people weren’t called African-Americans yet, hence Obama is not American. It blew me away then, and it still does whenever I think about it. So  when I threw this at my current work mate, she actually said well a lot of people don’t think he was born American. Which was when I looked at her and said those people are fools. If you believe that, you’re a fool too. I hope you don’t believe that, but if you do, you are a fool, and anyone who does believe that is a big fat fool. Well suffice it to say I was very proud of myself, because I pretty much shut her down. But I was also sad because I couldn’t believe anyone could be so stupid. And what’s worse is the millions of people out there who are just foolish as this person. Well later that nights when I was thinking back at the conversation, I actually realized that the person that thought Hillary was dying, and Obama wasn’t born in the United States, was the same woman who I had spoken to the last two days. Exactly! I know. Unbelievable. And either she didn’t remember telling me this, or she was hiding the fact that she was the fool who told me the garbage that she spewed out. 

Well I thought that was interesting and something I should share here, I thought it was hysterical that I had actually forgotten that she was the person I was talking about who I was now telling the story to. I also thought it was simply sad, that she still believes the garbage. I tried to explain to her that even if Biden had done the crimes they are accusing him of, he wasn’t president at the time, plus there’s no evidence. Just people throwing rocks at the Sun, hoping something will stick. And… Trump was caught. He’s guilty, can we deal with his possible crimes? For once, and ignore all the garbage he's trying to bombard us with. Simply put, let's find out if he’s innocent or if he’s guilty as charged. She simply didn’t get is, and refused to listen to reason. Or worse, she didn’t want to listen to anything, and just wanted to believe her lying ears. Which is really sad. And a real fear, once election day arrives.

I’m ending this commentary with possibly and most important question in all of this. Why isn’t anyone else asking the same question? Who was the person who came up with the insane idea that they thought would help cover up for Trump’s crime in regards to Ukraine? You know the genius who went, I got it, I know how we can gaslight the world into believing Donald’s crimes was somebody else's. And somehow in the mix Joe Biden and his son got mixed up in it, which is a win win for the gaslighter in orange. That's the million dollar question, who? I mean who came up with connecting the dots for Trump with Ukraine, Hillary’s server with those 30,000 emails, and Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Talk about a perfect deflection. Give that man, or woman a promotion.  Every excuse they keep coming up with has been a debunked conspiracy. The question is was it Rudy? Was it Vladimir? Sorry, for once, I can’t fathom even a conman like Trump could come up with this genius concoction, that sadly way too many people believe. And my help end democracy forever.  

Just one man's opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019

Tuesday, October 01, 2019


So I took a vacation, to get away at least for a while. Sadly, once I returned, Trump 'joked' he was The Second Coming, and then it actually got worse! But thanks to his own treasonous behavior, Donald might finally put himself and his lying minions into their proper places… out of power, in prison, or on death row.

ITS BEEN A WHILE, sorry if this one goes on a little long, but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Way too many things have come and gone before I’ve been even finished my thoughts on them, let alone write something for the world to see. Each seismic event worthy of at least some sort of smack down. Each in their own way unprecidented, criminal and possibly treasonous. But because of the onslaught of events, all seemingly quickly forgotten by the next blockbuster that in the old days could be a month’s worth of stories to tell, if not years. But now before you can even come up with the handle on it or see the big picture, something else happens which puts all your thoughts and all the ideas in a pile with yesterdays news. Well I think its necessary, to at least mention or recap at least some of what has happened. And honestly, theres a lot of thought and hard work put into each unprecedented newsworthy discussion. Todays Neilizms, is some and all of the above. 

SMOKING GUNS A PLENTY… I’ll start with the latest. Officials say, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took part in the Ukraine call that has exploded upon our world. What? So now we learn that he supposedly was listening in on the conversation, as it was happening. Didn’t he come out on the national air waves and act like a stuttering fool, saying thing like ‘he hadn’t had the chance to even read more then a few paragraphs of the report. He would get to it.’ Which is interesting, since these tv appearences occurred after the news broke, and said he knew nothing about it. Oops. You mean he was lying? You mean one of Trump’s ‘best people’ was gaslighting the American people? Guess its a good thing it wasn’t under oath? Right Corey?

And now he’s apparently really really upset that the House is investigating his buddies in on the crime, as he’s accusing Democrats of “bullying and intimidation” saying now that he will try to pretty much stall and stop any effort to get to the truth and their crimes. Is he kidding? Has he watched his pals, including himself when he used to be in the House of Representatives as they bullied and tried to intimidate anyone who was unfortunately forced to sit in a hearing on Capital Hill? Buddy I would say I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re pro torture, but in google searching him, its turns out he is so in for it! Not to mention his time as the Director of the CIA, I can only imagine what schemes he pulled there while in charge. I shudder to image the crimes.

Plus it was reported that former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka, yes that Gorka, who supposedly now a political reporter for Sinclair, was traveling to Europe along with the press pool, with Mike Pompeo, in his offical government airplane. Which probably means they’re both looking for dirt on Joe Biden, by possibly extorting one of the Italian leaders such as their Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, or President Sergio Mattarella. Why not, you got to presume those phone calls from Donald to Sergio or Giuseppe setting up the meeting in Italy might be rich with treasonous conversation that also were hidden away in Trump’s top secret server. So one presumes this too will be talked about and queried at them the next time either of them are called to testify under oath. And you know both will be, sooner rather then later.

And if that wasn’t enough news for the week, according to The Washington Post, Trump’s Attorney General William Barr personally travelled the globe to ask foreign intelligence officials to help investigate the origins of the Mueller probe. What?!? We are talking Italy and Australia, Ukraine, to name just the two nations we know about. And this has been happening since 2016! So apparently as a private citizen, Barr travelled the globe on behalf of Donald J. Trump to investigate conspiracies and seek dirt on Trump’s opponents. What? Remember he wasn’t Attorney General till 2019! So was he travelling the globe for the sitting president, unofficially? And is that kosher? Who was paying him for doing this? Who was paying his airfare? Was this a hobby of his? Was tax payers money paying for any or all of this? Which leads me to ponder when was the offer for the position of Attorney General offered to him? Was Barr’s search for dirt, possibly on his own dime, as part of the audition for the gig as America’s attorney and Trump’s personal defense attorney? 

Lastly yesterdays trifecta of headlines which help explain Trump’s latest twitter tirade, where he actually retweeted a tweet which said, that “if the Democrats are successful in removing the president from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal” as Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted in response “This is beyond repugnant.” This disgusting retweet by Donald ended a week of insanity featuring Rudy Giuliani acting so insane, as he spouted nonsense of how he was really the whistleblower, how he had found so much dirt on the Bidens’s he gleefully announced that he would be the real hero in this story. Well the Democrats had heard and seen enough, and Rudy received a subpoena to face the House, to explain what the heck is going on. Why is a personal attorney for Trump, working with no pay mind you, going around to foreign nations and discussing our governments business? He even claims he under the orders of the state department, which so far no one seems to know if this is true or not.  

The way Rudy is discussing his discoveries, his dirt, he sounds a little too much like Trump did years a go, when he went every where he could and told the world that he was investigating Obama’s birthplace. And boy was he finding things he crowed. ‘You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve found’, and of course we never saw anything, all talk, all bluster, all lies. 

And now Trump and his aides are trying to do the same thing to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.  Not surprisingly, the House has subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents, and he’s hemming and hawing on air, pretty much let it know that he he gets forced to appear, he will make a circus of it. He promises ‘to bring charts and videos’ which means get ready for a YouTube, conspiracy video review of items that have been spewing all over our Internet for years.  

A RUSH TO JUDGMENT, so hysterically now Republicans are accusing Democrats of a Rush to Judgment ‘in their zeal to remove a man they’ve hated since day one’ because ‘if the 2 1/2 years of a failed attempt to remove Trump’ which seemingly collapsed after Robert Mueller, was forced to come out and pretty much tell the world to read his report. Honestly I would have thought that at least would have shut up the liars, because inside the 400 page document, it explains what happened and it does not exonerate Donald J. Trump. Trump wasn’t innocent, he did things that could remove him from office. Sadly we discovered that day that Republicans in power,  which included Lindsey Graham actually never even read the Mueller Report. WTF?!? Just like we learned during the Sunday news shows this week, we discovered they again haven’t even read the Whistle blower’s 9 page report, which talks about the phone conversation between Trump and the new President of Ukraine, and which the transcript that the White House itself released, to try to stop the bleeding of this latest possible Presidential eviction notice.

Imagine, there are reports that a sitting President has done possibly treasonous actions, and as a person in the position to decide the future of our democracy, you don’t think its necessary to  read the Intel that the hearing you will be attending will be about. Even if it wasn’t going to be discussed in the hearing. Wouldn’t you think that you might want to at least scan the pages to learn for yourself whats actually there? But instead of actually doing their jobs, their patriotic duty, we discovered that they were using the talking points given to them by whomever is holding their leashes. 

Remember Trump’s hand picked Attorney General didn’t even want the report released in the first place. At first refusing to release it at all. Then we got his summary. Then we got five weeks of stalling. And then we got another staged performance once more tainting Mueller’s findings as nothings, and then we got the redacted report. By then nobody seemed interested in reading Mueller's findings, especially the followers of the orange pumpkin. I understand for some people it’s party first, but they’re hypocrisy shows no bounds. Listening to Republicans go after Joe Biden and his son on a conspiracy that was debunked years ago, is for me maddening. The fact that the media is waisting so much time on it, like they did on Hillary’s emails, is maddening. The fact that they now spend so much time, pondering, if this conspiracy, which is now 24/7 especially since Trump’s impeachment inquiry became official is maddening. The media swears that they don’t want to talk about the garbage, but somehow we get segment upon segment where they discuss how this is hurting or could hurt Biden. I keep hearing, is this making Democrats look another way, regardless if its proven to be a nothing now, will it be too late for Joe to recover from the accusations, and will the American people be so tired of the ugliness even if false, that they just want to turn the page to a newbie and say good night to the past, even if it was a winning one. My hope is that even if Joe Biden doesn’t get the nomination, that the American people have learned from seeing this playbook over and over again. The Trumpeter’s lie and repeat the lie till it somehow become what happened, even if its so far fetched that when you hear it, you laugh out loud. And they argue their lie is the truth and that reality, is ‘fake news’ created from the ‘deep state’ which I presume comes from whatever Hellhole their puppet master derives from.

When they discovered Hillary Clinton had a private server, immediately she was deemed a traitor. And sadly the concocted storyline seemingly won the election for Donald. But as we’ve discovered with Trump, nothing is bad enough for the Republicans in power, or worse, his deaf, dumb, and blind followers. No proof in your face horrible enough, no crime against our nation, treasonous enough. And now the trumpeting Republicans are screaming at the Democrats for rushing to judgment with the whistleblowers report. ‘It’s second hand, its hearsay, nothing in it is true’. Which of course isn’t true, and they would know it, if they actually read it. As usual in the Republican playbook, they are trying to demonize the whistleblower, before we know anything about them. And of course, they ignore and refuse to respond when confronted by the transcript of the phone conversation that is strikingly similar the whistleblower’s blockbuster report. Talk about a smoking gun! It's true that its second hand, but the words and deeds match, and boy does it make Trump look guilty.

Remember people are still out there screaming at Hillary to ‘lock her up’ for treason for her server and emails. Even after we discovered apparently everyone in his cabinet, including his daughter and son-in-law, and the Donald himself, are using private phones to do government business. Unbelievably now we’ve uncovered they’re using a top secret server to ‘Lock Down’ Trump’s shall we say questionable asks of, or promises to, other world leaders. But Hillary deserves death by the followers of the Donald, according to them, he’s the Second Coming. Now, besides lying about Trump’s multiple crimes, all these Republicans will do is talk about is Biden’s criminal deeds as fact, which the former Vice President never did, and refuse to listen to reality, because if they did they would have to confront the nightmare they have all stepped in. 

A SELF-DEFEATING PROPHECY You can get away with murder for so long, before the cracks in Trump’s facade begins to show, and those blinded by the con, wake up and the charade falls by the wayside. If I hadn’t lived through the last decade, I would almost feel bad for Republicans. They initially, supposedly, didn’t want Trump, even Lindsey called him a kook, a crackpot. But they got stuck with him. Then they went all in with him because he was getting them the judges and the supreme court appointees they wanted. And possibly the first o many huge tax breaks. So they ignored his crimes, more like helped cover them up, and partied as if it was 1999, or is that 1879? Of course we have no clue, as of yet, come on reporters start investigating, what was really happening behind the scenes. The power moves by the Trumpeters, the promises, the demands, even possibly the threats of being primaried. I’m pondering if their were even any threats on peoples lives, I’m sure they threatened to ruin their careers. Heck we’ve been a witness to their unnerving destructive abilities when it comes to even the most powerful players our world. Look how they systematically destroying everyone that investigated Trump and called him out for his crimes.    

So for over two very long years, they’ve lied, gas lit, spread conspiracies, deflected and sided with Donald on the Russian invasion and everything else, and pretty much let him get away with too many crimes. And with the camps of refugees, we were also all a witness to the sad truth that in 2018 and 2019 with this Republican Party, that they have allowed Trump to get away with murder! Every death in those camps, is in on the heads of Donald and every Republican who had allowed that situation to happen in the first place. And worse, allowed it become a full blown horror show. And what gets me is, nobody cares who actually can do something about it. No one is even talking about it anymore. Its like these people never existed. Shame on those who have already forgotten, and shame on those who continue to allow it. And thank you to those who continue to fight for those peopled rights and to end this tragedy that Donald Trump has caused.  

So instead of Donald taking a breath and turning over a new leaf ‘look everybody, I’m the Second Coming, I’ll prove that the attack were false, I am the greatest President ever, I’ll show them all! And now I’m gonna prove it. All that craziness from me, was because I was frazzled by the witch hunt, and now that I’ve been vindicated, I can relax and showcase the real me, the man the American people voted for.’ Sadly none of that happened and ever would, unless of course it was on the teleprompter and Donald read it in his usual really need a lesson in reading mode. I would think he would have turned over a new leaf, to just not push his luck. 

But like an addicted gambler, who needs to win yet another game of chance, especially after a huge score. Win streak baby. Trump now emboldened by apparently winning the greatest con in history, thanks to William Barr, besides the presidency of course, decided to do the very same thing he just had gotten away with again. Seeking and being offered dirt by foreigners and their governments on his political opponents. I guess he figured, hey, I got away with it once, or it that twice, or is that multiple times, might as well do it one more time. And it’s all there in the now released unclassified documents that Donald’s White House approved to be released. Remember we are talking about the transcripts of the phone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian President where he asks the newly elected leader for a favor. 

The phone transcript's showcase that the Whistleblower’s Report is real and not hearsay. So for once I’ve got to thank Donald for doing the right thing. The man actually outed himself? But sorry I don’t believe it either. And after watching the trumpeters come up with a defense of his crimes on the fly, while at the same time trying to flip the talking points, that now the Democrats are somehow the traitors, showcases why he decided to release the phone transcripts in the first place. I guess his only defense now is, ‘see, what I did, its right in front your eyes.  What has always been the most maddening aspect of Trumps crimes is, that they are always in your face.  The ‘I must be innocent. If was guilty as the evidence makes it out to appear, why would I be dumb enough to release it’ defense. He’s using the excuse that, really, this, we just talked deals. That’s gonna end my presidency? This? I’ve been doing deals all my life, this is how it’s done. That is apparently Trumps defense. I can already hear him say this little word salad out, ‘And even if I did everything, I’m president, so sue me. But you can’t till I leave office. And A.G. Barr is gonna help me stay in till I’m good and ready to leave.’

Point blank, Donald J. Trump tried to extort the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for dirt on a potential opponent in the 2020 election, Vice President Joe Biden. Pretty much, ‘No dirt Volodymyr, no money’.  Basically double downing on what he had already done and gotten away with in getting into the White House in the first place. That itself is wrong. The fact that he used the financial aid that the Congress had set aside to help Ukraine protect themselves from Russia’s continued attack, after their invasion of Crimea, I think is a nail in Donald’s coffin. The question is, does he do this on every phone call, with all the world leaders. As we have discovered, that answer is yes. it's been reported that Australia, Britain and Italy might have also gotten this Trump tactic. Could you imagine the conversations with Vladimir? Jeez, lock Trump up, lock Barr up, lock Pompei up and throw away the keys on all of them. Before they do something really bad. Ha ha ha. I think that red line, was crossed before Donald stole the Presidency.

Please remember those funds that Ukraine was promised and so desperately needed was only released, after the Whistle blower handed in his report. Not because Trump was being the good guy here by finally actually releasing something. Even though he is now is coming out saying he was the reason the money actually was going there in the first place. This had nothing to do with President Barack Obama, who actually approved it. And please give a rousing applause to the reporters on the case who uncovered and revealed this crime to the world. Remember, everything else the House has asked for is tied up in legal hoops as the Trumpeters try to cover up, whatever deed they did do, that they shouldn’t have done. Now thanks to its release, Nancy Pelosi, pushed the button to begin the Impeachment Inquiry. Imagine if the trumpeters hadn’t been stonewalling, Trump might have already been out of office months a go.

WE DONT NEED NO STINKING PRIMARIES. As if trying to just hand the election to a Democrat, now the Republicans are really in deep trouble, seemingly everything they said was ‘fake news’ from the ‘deep state’ before has exploded in their faces. Unbelievably right before this latest laugh fest erupted, the Republicans were announcing that they were ending primaries for the Republican presidential campaign in several states. I mean why have a primary Republicans? Why let the people decide they’re not happy with Trumps work? Perhaps they would choose another Republican candidate, more traditional, maybe? Funny during the run up to the 2016 election, this was one of Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ arguments against Hillary Clinton. The conspiracy that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had rigged the primaries so Hillary would be the nominee. And guess what, he’s actually doing that now, he’s pulling the same crap that he accused other people of doing, but he’s actually doing it. Or at least the people helping him in the party are doing it, either under Trumps demands or their own volition. Perhaps that notion, no primaries, should be chucked? Right now, its conceivable that Trump could be kicked out of the presidency before the primaries actually begin. And thanks to Donald practically throwing them under the bus, ‘I think they all made phone calls about the Ukraine phone call’, his vice President, his Attorney General, possibly the entire kit and caboodle of the Trump cabinet, will be thrown out on their asses and some into a prison cell for their own wait for the long green mile. And if that happens we might have a new president, Nancy Pelosi and if dreams do come true, we have a new Vice President named Hillary Clinton. For some reason if Trump does resign, or get Impeached, I think Pence, will be out the door as well. Boy would I throw a party, not to mention millions of Americans around the nation and the globe.

Right now it feels like it’s Christmas and the 4th of July all rolled Into one. I just hope in the end my stocking isn’t stuffed with coal, and our democracy isn’t history. And our nation has been able to turn this terrible page over for good.

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


As the Democrats begin to showcase who may and may not be in it till the end, the former Vice President, Joe Biden might have come up with the perfect slogan for 2020, “Let’s Make America, America Again!”

HAS IT BEEN REALLY ONLY BEEN A FEW WEEKS since Robert Mueller spoke and pretty much told the nation Donald J. Trump was guilty on several fronts. But, and its a big but, he just couldn’t indict him, arrest him, imprison him or slap him on the wrist, simply because the media has been pitching it as if he could as if it written in stone. Sadly Democrats holding their breath, and patriots alike should have known from the beginning that that possibility was simply not in his job description. Even though many of us have been holding onto that hope, because of all the talking heads pounding it into our heads, that Mueller would get us the answers we needed to help remove the monster in orange from his throne. Robert Mueller had been pretty much been thought of as Democracy’s last chance to get out of this mess, but as we’ve now discovered it turns out his job doesn’t actually allow him to be both judge and jury in his decision. Only investigator, and organizer of the information they uncover, no matter what William Barr’s been throwing out. He could however, write or say, that Donald J. Trump was innocent of the crimes, or that they could find nothing to implicate him if they found nothing, but sadly for Trump’s sake they found a lot, despite what every protesting Republican keeps saying. So he couldn’t clean the slate of Trump’s crimes and treasonous acts, no matter how many times Trump tries to gaslight the American citizens, or how many times William Barr comes out and distorts the Report's findings. Sorry trumpeters, your God did it, no matter how many times you listen to the made up garbage that Fox not by a mile new spews. 

Unfortunately, ‘we the people’ didn’t get what we’ve been dreaming about for years, and many of the at least out spoken Americans, are now angry at the Democrats for having expected Robert Mueller to come out in the first place, and save Democracy, as he was pitched. Why did the Democrats wait? I have to ask here, why is is always the Democrats fault, when the Republicans get caught or do the crime? Some of the Republicans who at least acknowledge we were attacked, don't go after the Trumpeter for their part in it, they go after President Barack Obama, for allowing the Russians to do it in the first place. madness people. Why can’t we for once actually go after the criminals, and not the patriots. We were expecting an answer, finally an end to all of misery's, and because of that, many people apparently are now angry at the Democrats for having expected Robert Mueller to come out and save them. To give us the answer, and end all of our misery. People are upset, because they were told to wait for the report, and now that its out, they’re angry because those in power, who have it, aren’t already putting Donald into chains. Sorry people, removing a sitting president, isn’t as simply as going on a twitter rant, there are steps you need to go through.

Sadly the fact that it wasn’t in Attorney General’s Barr’s job description either hasn’t prevented him, Donald, or the republicans from trying to shut it all down by using the words of a man who actually isn’t supposed to be make the decision in the first place. A man who came out of left field, and in less then a month after taking over the Justice Department, as Trump’s Attorney General, has pretty much thrown out what has been uncovered as nonsense and unnervingly made the final decision that Trump didn’t do anything bad enough to be punished pretty much on his own say so. And please remember, as opposed to Robert Mueller who presided over the investigation for more then two years, everything William Barr has done since taking over the job has gone against precedent. Much like another Attorney General named James Comey had done before the 2016 election, which like then could alter our next presidential election now. It was, as Robert Mueller explained, the Congress’s job to decide on this or any President’s future, not his. It was the House’s job to decide once reading his report, which route to go. It was not his job or the Attorney General’s. And now that the House has his report, if not the unredacted one, it is up to them to decide to investigate none, some, or all of the uncovered acts reported on in the report. Or better yet, open up an official Impeachment hearing since Robert Mueller’s report  has given them an outline to take it to the next phase, and possibly end our misery. Be it impeachment, possible removal, or possibly even sanctions, since getting the Senate, or should I write Mitch, to go along with this or anything at all, might not be in the cards. 

All we hear now from Trumpeters and members of what’s left of the Republican party is that the Democrats are gonna use the Impeachment hearings simply for political purposes, to try to hurt Donald to win back the White House. They keep forgetting about the obvious reasons for the Impeachment Hearings in the first place, that a crime of epic proportions has occurred, we were invaded by Russia, and that finally needs be dealt with. I mean wouldn’t you think if a foreign nation tried to and possibly succeeded in taking over our presidency (am I the only one who believes that takeover has been expanding to our nation as well), that that would be something everyone would want to investigate to see what the truth is? Then why is that subject something Republicans want to simply go away, silenced as if it never occurred? I guess the most obvious answer would be, that the Trumpeters themselves, some of whom, may have been in on it. Or if not that, perhaps it’s that they simply don’t want to lose their power they’ve currently finally obtained. Decades of hard work. Otherwise why is our nation being invaded allowed to be shoved away, as Trump and his minions appear to be doing their bidding? It’s as the Trumpeter’s want us to believe the entire nation has collective amnesia, and we’ve all completely forgotten what they pulled against Hillary Clinton, against our Democracy, and against the citizens of these United States. 

Not surprisingly and of course it fits their pattern, but hysterically, and rather maddening, some of these liars in trumpeter orange, are now calling out Nancy Pelosi and others who dared to even suggest that if found guilty, Trump should go to prison. The hypocrisy, in their cries as they accuse those saying the words as trying to turn our nation into a “Banana Republic”. Seriously, we’re still getting chants of “lock her up” ringing loudly and clearly at Trump’s current reelection events. Sometime you just want to slap your television, when you see such hypocrisy. They will scream and holler that Mueller’s report has exonerated their leader, while refusing to actually read it,  while attacking those who have as liberal leftists, all the while refusing to discuss the crimes laid out in it, or what Mueller himself has said, all they do is attack and try to demean whomever dares go after traitor's running our nation. 

So William Barr decided to spew a totally tainted take on Mueller’s Report, completely twisting what was in it, by first coming out and delivering to us his 4 page summary while acting like he was the final say in everything, when he wasn’t. He also refused to answer questions, explaining that once the report was released everyone would see he was right and the President didn’t do anything wrong. Pretty much telling the American people to just hold hands and sing America The Beautiful. This occurred almost 2 months a head of the Mueller Report’s release, which of course we all know was redacted. As soon as Barr came out with his false take on the Report, it was reported as proof Trump was innocent. Of course there were voices out there saying, can we wait to read the report, perhaps William Barr’s take on it, isn’t exactly what’s in it. Let us not forget how he got in, with his term paper, pitching Trump’s defense, which turned out to basically be his pitch to us citizens on what Mueller handed over to him. His personal take on our Constitution. So Fox, not by a mile news, spent 24/7 pitching Trump’s innocence and the Democrats being traitors. Not to mention, William Barr, repeatedly coming out and now actually attacking Robert Mueller for doing a bad job! And because of all the lies, and most importantly national security, I mean we were attacked by Russia, and half of political system is ignoring it, to protect a sitting President, screw the danger to our Democracy. And I guess, being the patriot that he is, Robert Mueller  had to reluctantly come out, but only after announcing he was retiring, so he could actually say a few words, to give what he himself called his only response to the report he was planning to ever make. 

But in reality, all Robert Mueller actually did was come out and narrate his report, by reading sentences and paragraphs taken right off of the pages of the Mueller Report. Words that Robert Mueller thought he needed us the American people to hear. Words that sadly practically nobody has actually taken the time to read themselves. And by doing so, he put an exclamation mark for the ones he did choose to point out. His reasoning's why he did not indict Trump, and why he couldn’t clear him of any charges, from the investigation, and most importantly Russia’s attack on our Democracy which probably had a hand in Trump’s electoral college victory. All of these needed to be heard, and shouted out to the highest rooftops. Trump wasn’t cleared, Putin did invade our nation, and there are many items that should be looked into by the House written down in black and white. And all of it is in the Mueller Report.

Of course not knowing Robert Mueller personally, and like most of us, except for the few times we’ve seen him on tape speaking, or watched him on video loops walking, this was in a lot of ways, our first real introduction to him. And I for one was not disappointed. Other then this pretty momentous occasion, all we’ve seen of Robert Mueller or heard about him, is what the media has presented to us, and how they categorized him. From every side of the political hemisphere, all we got prior to and during the investigation, especially before he handed the final report over to William Barr, was that Mueller was a straight shooter, a man of total integrity, and that he was the person who should decide our nations future. Someone that was overwhelmingly excitingly welcomed when he was given the position of leading what was to become an investigation into the Trump world and possible Russian activities. So it was actually thrilling for me, to discover as I watched his nearly 10 minute pitch for his now historic document, how the man had far surpassed how the media had pitched him. To put it nicely it irks me when listening to liars like William Barr, and the rest of the talking heads running the Trumpeters publicity channel, as they now go after Robert Mueller as a loser and a nobody who wasn’t up to the job. For me this is a real a slap in the face to this great man, to our nation, and to the rule of law. Shame on them.    

But that being written, I got the feeling by him coming out and finally speaking, that Mueller was actually more frustrated at how some in the media was running with William Barr’s interpretation of what the Mueller Report, then he was upset about the fact that the majority of the American people hasn’t read it yet. The man understands that most Americans won’t sit down to read a 450 page anything, unless Stephen King writes it. But I would presume he would expect that the members of the Congress would take the time to peruse it, perhaps scan some of the pages or at least open the cover to see the contents page at least. Remember our nation was attacked by a foreign nation, hello! Apparently nobody in the Republican party, except one or two stragglers, want to even discuss it. Of course if you read the report, you would find a fascinating section on the attack on our Democracy by the Russians. How they invaded us through social networking and helped sway masses of American’s to turn to Fox, how WikiLeaks was used to hurt Hillary and help Donald, and a number of other items we’ve been hearing about in leaks and whispers, but which are all outlined and discussed in detail in it. 

Plus, Robert Mueller coming out, might at least keep the conversation going on what Trump and Putin pulled the last election, and are probably already doing again. Perhaps now that the 97% of the public who is estimated as non-readers of the Mueller Report, will after hearing all the buzz about his appearance, might pick up a copy of it, or download it, like I did, and start to learn first hand what Mueller and his team uncovered. After reading the report myself, I know my feelings on what is showcased. And now after seeing him live on television, I was standing in bedroom, cheering his heroic comments, Knowing now, that he, because of his refusal to left the orange man off, is now considered public enemy no. 1 by the Trumpeters, and as a patriotic American, I can not think of a higher trophy to be but to be on their radar.

I mean I was ecstatic to see the man we all prayed would get this right, was for once advertised perfectly. And like in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’, when happily it was turned out that Private James Ryan himself, was a man that was thankfully worthy of the other soldier’s sacrifice. Well watching this, yes, I will call him great American speak truth to power was as patriotic as it ever gets. While he may not have given any of us the final solution we had hoped for, either a full exoneration or a total guilty as sin finding, he stoically demonstrated that he was a man of his word and the very definition of principle. Robert Mueller pretty much said, read the report, and Congress please do your jobs. He gave them a road map, he threw out a ton of bread crumbs, and now he want them to do their constitutional duty. Robert Mueller simply said here you go, people you got your questions, I have the answers written in clean and concise English. Almost everything you are seeking is in it, despite what those who haven’t read it keep saying. So why not spend a few hours and learn a thing or two, it might even open your eyes. 

So because of the dirty tricks that the trumpeters are pulling Robert Mueller needed to repel the way William Barr and the Republicans has mischaracterized his findings since he handed it over to the current Attorney General. Mueller pretty much told those political leaders and all the talking heads who are using those same Barr lies, to quit using them as proof that nothing was uncovered. To halt making this political, and to start making it patriotic, our Democracy is at the crossroads, its time to put partisanship aside and do your jobs. To cease lying to everyone who can hear, that the President and his minions, did nothing wrong, when there are hundreds of pages which actually report the opposite. To stop characterizing everything that was revealed as a partisan political lie made up by those horrible liberal Democrats. And most importantly, its time to remind our political leaders and the citizens of the United States, that Russia actually did invade us during the last Presidential campaign, and are still doing it. Despite what Donald J. Trump keeps trying to spin, and worse keeps trying to cover up, and yes Russia helped Trump get in. 

I could keep going, but I if I did, this might not come out for another week or so, and by then this commentary would feel so like last year, if it already doesn’t. I mean, actually I didn’t expect my conversation on Robert Mueller’s coming out, and the reactions to it, and the report itself, so far would turn into as lengthy a commentary.  I’d like to menton how the Democrats are handling the post Mueller Report release and as this has been going on, and beleive it or not, I am in a happy place. While my favorite isn’t running, many of those who are are making be almost giddy with excitement. I must admit I have my doubts about Vice President Joe Biden, because of his age, and sometimes it gives me pause how a man of his years will handle the campaign especially if he gets the nomination. That being written, after watching today’s afternoon campaign stunt speech, it gave me hope that he is up for the job. And at least for me one of his best lines, which I used as part of the sub-head of this piece, “He says, ‘let’s make America great again,’” Biden said of Trump in Iowa. “Let’s make America America again.” Funnily it turns out Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’s former lawyer, actually originated the quote.  Personally, I dont care who came up with the slogen, so whomever did, borrow it for Joe, good one. They say you can’t go home again. Well hope we can, in the case of our Democracy. 

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sunday, May 05, 2019


After this web of lies that William Barr has spun, enough, I get your fears but sorry Democrats, the trumpeters are making it impossible for you not to… Donald wants his day in court, so Nancy time to give it to him, let’s all watch him hang himself

POINT BLANK, WILLIAM BARR IS ONE BIG FAT LIAR, and boy I so hope his smugness, arrogance, and pointblank criminal behavior gets him incarcerated. Even if it’s only for contempt for refusing to release the full unredacted Mueller Report, which includes all its pertinent evidence and paperwork that would help them flesh out the breadcrumbs, Robert Mueller might have left them to discover and work with. And of course his failure to testify in front of the Democratic led House of Representatives, and as its Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi point blank expressed, lying under oath! It is a shame Barr decided not to appear in front of the House, something he was scheduled to do, but decided to skip it after his testimony in front of the Republican led Senate didn’t go as wonderfully as the Trumpeters hoped. As the minions on the right once again showcased what soulless sellouts they are, by simply refusing to do anything that might hurt the Donald and their political futures, or at least discuss what the Russians had done, which was reported a lot in Mueller’s report! 

If you listen to Donald, William Barr, FOX news and the rest of the right wing propaganda machine (yes Bill and Hillary were right, it exists), at least they admit that we were attacked by Russia, but according to them the Trumpeters had nothing to do with it. The fact that foreign agents be it civilian or political operatives, some working with Vladimir Putin himself, had contacted apparently every single trumpeter, and they had discussions about everything, including voter information in several states that Trump surprisingly won, but even doesn’t mean squat. They all repeat Trump’s mantra, The Mueller Report proved Trump was innocent, "no collusion" mimicking the words that William Barr or Donald J. Trump himself had concocted to gaslight a nation into believing a lie that he pitched to actually get the gig in the first place. According to them, the real criminals in this historic event are President Barack Obama and the Democrats, especially former Secretary of State and should be President, Hillary Clinton, because they did nothing to stop them, sanctions be damned. The real traitors in the sordid affair weren’t those who were in on the conversations, those who agreed to meet  because of the promised juicy dirt on the Democratic nominee for President, or those who conspired to work with the Trumpeters to cheat the system, and of course let's forget all those who lied to get Donald in, and to protect from his removal from office now. According to the aspiring dictator, which was repeated by William Barr and several Republicans at the Senate Hearings, the real traitors in our midst are those who dared to go after Trump or any of his minions all. How dare they accuse are glorious leader or any of his treasonous family members of crimes. How treasonous these monsters be, they must be taken to task. They must answer to the laws of Trump's great nation. We, the followers of Donald J. Trump, are above the law, and our interpretation of the law is now the law of this corrupt nation.   

Of course William Barr’s cowardly decision to skip the scheduled Congressional hearing in front of a pack of hungry Democrats and even some Republican as well, at least some in the Congress in the Republican party, actually care about the rule of law, that can't be said of any of the Senators. If I am wrong, I apologize, and if I am, those in the minority of the Republican party, need to step up loudly, screw your political careers, the future of our American Democracy is about to be Camelot of the future. A great experiment that was toppled by mistrust and lies and sadness. I was so disappointed that the outed lying soulless Attorney General decided to skip part two in his, time to lie some more capital hill tour. I was looking forward to watching their knifes carve the hopefully soon to be impeached Barr into little perjured cubes.

No matter what he and the rest of the monsters on the right are pitching, how righteous he tries to make himself out to be, unless Barr is as dumb as the Donald as insane, he has to realize that the next time he sits in front of the Senate or when he eventually testifies in front of the House, even if its for some other hearing, he will be torn apart for the lying douche bag that he's fully revealed himself to be. Of course we will still get the same Republicans doing their worst to protect their treasonous orange leader. Hopefully the onslaught of right, justice and the American way thrown at Barr by the Democrats, will actually cause William Barr, Donald J. Trump, and the rest of the lying treasonous mother trumpeters to crap in their collective underwear, as they all realize that all of them are gonna get locked up. Be in a real federal penitentiary or in a prison of their own making. At least I hope they all get ostracized by society and don’t one by one become paid talking head experts on our televisions and favorite online social networks, like Ollie North or Newt Gingrich.

So I now have to ask Americans, if in Trumpland the rule of law officially dead, or is it still at least on life support, hoping to survive this horror show we are all suffering through? If I asked the liars on the right, they of course would say all of the Democrats are sour pusses who are still upset that Hillary Clinton isn't our President. They're all sore losers. Well you know where you can stick it, to those who agree with that version of the story. If watching Trump’s AG’s testimony in front of the Senate doesn’t worry any democracy loving Americans out there, nothing will. Actually using words sounding like they came right out of Richard Nixon’s very own mouth, Barr tried to brush aside his own treasonous and impeachable actions, as he continued to help our current commander-in-chief to gaslight our nation. William Barr pretty much testified under oath, that the President of the United States, any President, not just Trump, is above the law. That with a snap of his fingers, as if he was Thanos and had absolute power over everything, a President can decide to end any investigation into him or her, or I guess that means anyone, that he decides to. Somehow now, according to William Barr’s interpretation of our Constitution, a President of the United States in his viewpoint is a King, or probably more to the religious fools who follow an orange jackass, their God! I mean they talk about him as if Donald's the third coming. have you seen the pictures of Trump walking on water, for God's sake. And you know what, watching what Trump has done over the course of his campaign and now his presidency, the comparison to Thanos, actually makes sense. Doesn’t it feel like at least half our nation has transformed into mindless soulless Trumpeters who don’t seem to realize, what happened in Germany in the 1930’s with Adolf  could actually be what we are living through now. And yes, I went there, heck somebody has to.

So now according to Barr, any sitting President can end any investigation whenever they like. Just as Barr promised Donald in his ‘pitch’ for the Attorney’s General gig, when he from out of left field delivered from the depths of Hell his ‘I figured out how to save your ass, 19 page job application pitch. Trump’s new volunteer with the plan, was then voted in by a straight Republican Party majority vote, even though watching the hearing made it played to see that if he hired, things could go really badly, really fast. This should have been apparent to even the blindest of people, and I am not talking eyesight. Who couldn't see that Barr was the wrong person for the job who was being put into place, to save Trump's bacon. Unfortunately everything Barr’s done since handing in the application sounds like it was outlined in the pitch itself. Except of course for all of his lies, deflections and downright treasonous responses and actions on behalf of Donald since getting the key to the Attorney General’s office. 

Witnessing the Senate hearing on television was eye opening, then after wards seeing the clips of it again online made what we all witnessed even the more shocking at how obvious William Barr is being. As he point blank lied under oath, selling out our democracy to help cover-up his president’s treasonous demands  and activities. It was maddening watching as nothing questionable Trump or his associated had done, was bad enough for William Barr to even bring up. He as well as any of the Republicans, who made it their mission to  protect Trump. None of Trump’s considerable conflicts of interests seemed to matter to Barr or them. None of his many obstructions of justice mattered to the patriotic flag waving bible trumpeting republicans at all. Donald's many tries at ending or at least hampering the many investigations that were occurring during the last few years was no big deal. Trump asking others to lie for him in regards to his own criminal activities, according to them was such a nothing. 

Robert Mueller discussed all of these items in great length and with great detail in the his report, which they would know, of course, if you had read the report! Which apparently only Democrats, real reporters, and patriotic Americans thought would be the logical next step in the process of discovering if people associated with our political system, were bad. I mean after two years, wouldn't you think people who were pro Trump, would want to know if their leader was a false God? If Trump was aided, assisted, or was in bed with a foreign person, government official or whomever might have helped to install Donald J. Trump into the presidency? So now that the Mueller Report was available, even if Redacted, wild you think they would want to learn what the investigators had uncovered. So one would think that would be next, am I crazy? Especially if our very democracy is in jeopardy, and if everything looked as if the person who is currently is our President, was aided by others in shall we say many questionable ways. Especially when that person in power who is being investigated, acts guilty all time, and does everything to attack and shut down the investigations on a daily basis. Plus if they had actually read the report, which funnily is part of their jobs, they would have found that Robert Mueller had in fact investigated, discovered, organized, and set up, the report so that the Attorney General could hand over the full report to the Congress, so they could decide what legal actions were needed to be done. Which is exactly how the system was created to work. What's maddening in all this is when Barack Obama was President, it was the polar opposite, as anything and everything real, imagined, conspirator or out of someone’s ass was treasonous actions, or impeachable sins, with gleeful threats of prison time a constant talking point about Hillary Clinton, because of her vile server, her missing emails was the worse scandal since Watergate.   

Not surprisingly it turned out William Barr’s hiring did in fact signal the end of Mueller’s Investigation, as some had feared and I actually wrote about in a previous Neilizms. Boy, who couldn't see this one coming. You replace the current Attorney General, who refused to shut down the investigation, after finally firing the previous one because he refused to end the investigation years before and had recused himself for it. So he placed Willam Barr into power, who had already signaled what  was to come. A few days in, he shut down the investigation and declared Donald J. Trump was actually under a witch hunt as Donald had expressed, and Trump was finally vindicated. I might add, to those who accused Trump of crimes, well time to pay the piper. You are now the criminals in our midst's, and now Lindsey and Mitch will go after your pathetic Trump hating, Democracy loving traitors. It's time to shut down all talk about what happened. That's right people, let's forget the past, and lets only discuss what a great job Trump has done as President. Look at how great our economy is going. Just disregard how he’s destroying Democracy every day a bit more, how the rule of law is clinging to life, and of course all of his and the other trumpeters treasonous activities. 

If there is a bright side in the perpetual, every worsening nightmare, apparently this stunt Barr and Trump are trying to pull, might finally be the wake up call to the doubters and fearful. Seems more and more likely that it's about the right time to start those Impeachment hearings, and I for one second that idea. During his confirmation hearing, the Democrats gave William Barr every chance to recuse himself, since obviously there were conflicts of interests by the score. But sadly the Republicans currently with the majority in the Senate, showcased that finding the truth was the last thing they were trying to do. The collective disregard of his sins of the past, or the little fact of how he was chosen to protect their leader, and their own backsides. Our democracy, the truth, and our next election isn’t on their minds, except in regards to how they can lie their way back into power once more. And this latest display during the the Senate hearings, by the trumpeting republicans double-downed on the horror show that they themselves have allowed to fester into what's more and more transforming our nation into the second coming of The third Reich. As we’ve seen over the years, the Republicans never actually ask a single question about Russian’s attack on our Democracy if it at all connects Trump with the attacks. They make it sound like its completely ridiculous, 'come on he's Donald J. Trump, he's a great builder'. Each time new evidence comes out to showcase that the ridiculous actually occurred and is still occurring, their denials of any Trump participation becomes more and more absurd. At least they admit we were attacked by Russia, the problem being they refuse to do anything about it, besides what the now proven under oath liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders' has come out to lie about. Some Republicans talk a good game, but they all side with Donald in the end. They all vote almost every time on a strict party line for any of his wishes into reality, while at the same time Donald has private over one hour video chat conversation with Putin, probably discussing the plans to do a do-over in 2020. 

Sure they go after Russia, but somehow, Trump’s hands in the pot always gets overlooked. But all they’ve done since we discovered Russia hacked our last presidential election, even after it became real and not some unbelievable plot twist from a cold war novel, is cover up for the Trump’s crime syndicate. And they did it once more during the Senate hearing with William Barr as several of them seriously should now resign for I would write pretty much spitting on our Constitution. By ignoring the criminal and possibly treasonous activities by Trump and a number of his associates, in regards to a foreign power seeking to overthrow our way of life, and instead spent all of their time attacking the investigators who dared go after Donald and friends.  

Committee Chairperson, Lindsey Graham, who was running the show, besides outing himself, by revealing that there were portions of the Mueller Report that he never actually read. Wait let me repeat that, he was the Chairman of the committee, yet he skipped reading the whole report? Really? I guess that would explain why none of his questions had anything to do with reality! Instead he went off on the FBI agents, who remember lost their jobs, because they tweeted love notes to each other, for the sin of dissing Donald. I guess Lindsey forget we already had hearings on the two, they already got punished, fool. Which is what gets me so agitated with their constant 'lock her up' chants. Hillary Clinton was already vindicated, lets not forget her 11 hour testimony, you know the one where she never got upset, cried, whined or committed perjury while being questioned by the most heinous soulless liars in political history. Remember haters, James Comey declared her innocent, if not as clean as his high and mighty ethical brain could handle, she was cleared. After he pulled the stunt twice. But her clearance never mattered to them, they still want to get her for crimes they keep making up. There's got to be something, no one can be that great a human being, so let's keep going after her till Hell freezes over, damned if their searches winds up destroying our very Democracy. 

The Republicans never go after the people who actually committed the treason! On a lighter side, what was hysterical to me was as Lindsey was rereading old tweets, practically giddy salivating over how disgusting these treasonous democrats were. But what he was reading sounded a heck of a lot like the things he himself said around the same time in February of 2016 about Donald, “I’m not going to try to get into the mind of Donald Trump because I don’t think there’s a whole lot of space there. I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.” How come Lindsey isn’t being accused of treason, oh that's right, he’s blowing the Donald on a regular basis, or is it the other way around? I presume the parts of Mueller’s report that Lindsey or William skipped, were the parts that showcased what treasonous mother trumpeter’s Donald J. Trump and his band of evil henchmen really are. Simply put, when Lindsey slipped about skipping at least some of the report, I’m sorry the Democrats and even one or two of the Republicans should have pounced on Lindsey when they got their chances to question the now confirmed perjurer. He didn’t read the report? He didn’t read the report! I’m sorry, Lindsey, you must resign your chairmanship of this committee, and really, you should put in your resignation letter to the Senate as well. How dare you. I'll add one more sentiment,  that others have said, what would your supposed good friend John McCain say about how you are performing your sworn in duties.

So a short recap on why right now, at least for me, William Barr, is the most hated man on Earth who isn’t named Trump. Just like Lindsey, Trump’s personally chosen AG, the highest law enforcement officer in the land, didn’t read or at least look at some of the evidence that went into Robert Mueller’s report. Which means when he was making probably the most important legal decision in decades, of his life, and didn’t peruse the entire investigation he failed at his job. He glanced at it, with obviously preordained feelings about it. I mean it took him two whole days to read everything? Sit back, see the picture and then decide that there was nothing there? This decision to tell America that Donald was not found guilty by Mueller, is supposed to end the entire incident. That's it, it's over. That we were just supposed to take Barr's word for it, because he had been declared by the powers invested in him by Donald J. Trump, that in all practical purposes Trump was vindicated. 

So Barr came out, much like James Comey did when announcing with Hillary Clinton. but instead of saying that there weren’t enough to arrest Trump as James had said twice altering the course of history. William Barr came out with his 4 page summary, and pitched that there was nothing there. That the whole investigation found nothing, and the Trumpeters have run with it.  Immediately attacking the Democrats for their witch hunt, and actually demanding apologies by those who accused Trump. Then almost 5 weeks went by, till the Mueller report was finally released. But before doing that, Barr once more, came out, and pitched how innocent Trump was. How Mueller had found nothing, which was why Trump wasn’t already in a cell, as his face faded from orange, while his outfit now matched Donald's favorite shade at the tanning salon. Once more the Trumpeters screamed for joy, and shouted his innocence, even after the Mueller report finally dropped, and to the amazement by most, and the shock by none who believed Trump was a treasonous charlatan, it turned out nothing William Barr pitched about Mueller’s findings were true. His pitch and his summary, didn’t reflect anything at all that is inside the pages of the Mueller report. But sadly the Trumpeters keep pitching that the Mueller report cleared Donald, disregarding whats actually in the report, but merely echoing the words trumpeted by Donald and his lying treasonous followers. Obviously now we know why, because they haven't read the report, Barr's gambit is working. People would rather listen to a lie, from liars, then believe that their President and his minions could be treasonous actors in the greatest con ever perpetuated in American history, if not the world.

For the most part, during the hearing it felt like I was watching a loop, as the Democrats would ask actual questions, and every freaking time, William Barr tried not to answer them. It is rather amazing whenever we get any of the liars associated with Trump up on the stand, their hearing, forgetfulness and outright lies are worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records. Either acting like he hadn’t heard the question, or in my opinion, actually more like he's a fumbling idiot pretending to have dementia. Then every time it was the Republicans turn, the world once more transformed into a bizarro backward universe. As they one by one attacked the real traitors in our nation, no not the trumpeter's silly fool, but those who want Trump removed from office for his treasonous crimes. The scariest part for me in the entire hearing was when Barr testified that a President, any President, in charge, can end any investigation into themselves at any time. So as Donald has said all along, he could’ve fired anyone investigating anything into anything that involves him, the king, which I now presume he is officially called while walking around the White House in his PJ's, even though they haven’t said it out loud in public yet. Wait election day is coming, if he wins … 

The only thing that made watching the lying obvious soulless William Barr and his buddies in the Republican Party worth sitting through at all was seeing the Democrats showcase once and for all that yes Virginia, we still somehow could get out of this nightmare eventually. Amongst those Democrats were several running for president who showcased why our nation would be very lucky to have any of them get the gig. Especially Kamala Harris, who personally I think is genius at prosecuting witnesses during Senate hearings, and who, through her questioning prodded William Barr into admitting that he hadn't read the full evidence associated with the Mueller Investigation. Oops. Which after wards made her declare that the man, whose titled our Attorney General, but who is acting like a Defense Attorney for the President instead, should resign his post for dereliction of duty. Plus listening to Senator Cory Booker’s take down of Trump's current Attorney General during the hearing, as he queried Barr how all of the ‘issues’ covered in the redacted report, were simply tossed away as nothing, in Barr’s summary and his current testimony in front of the Senate, aw well as his public statements in regards to how innocent the Trumpeters all are. As I watched Barr try to side step the questions, I had the revelation that he possibly didn’t read any of the stuff that Robert Mueller could have entitled in the Mueller Report ‘Attention Congress, yup Donald J.Trump did it, I just can't write that, because that's not in my jurisdiction, and by the way his minions helped’. 

Of course the joke in all this is, Trump has now come out attacking all of the Democrats in the committee who are running for president as using the Barr hearing for their own political purposes. Ha ha ha ha ha. One would say after you put in an Attorney General to save your bacon, and attempt to cover-up the greatest theft in American political history, you saying that the Democrats are playing politics is pretty hypocritical, while others might add outright outrageous, while adding a few expletives. 

While the nation is still grappling with the ramifications on every thing and what the truth really is, or even now if should we impeach the President or just impeach William Barr. To add madness to the insanity, it's now come out it turns out that Robert Mueller is upset at how William Barr’s mischaracterized his report. That twice he wrote letters to Barr complaining, that basically Barr was lying his ass off at the expense of two years of really hard investigative work. That they actually had phone conversations or meetings about his issues. Seems Mueller is pissed with Barr coming out like James Comey and acting all high and mighty. Right now there is a running battle on if or when Robert Mueller will testify in front of the House or the Senate, or in front of the public.

Apparently, it takes less than one term of a President’s tenure, to totally destroy the supposed democracy that's still left in our nation. Can we finally admit it, the Republicans simply don’t care about the truth, facts, or anything. All they want is power, screw the pain others might suffer for their greed. After watching the Senate hearing with Barr, that revelation I felt. makes it abundantly clear. If Donald J.Trump gets a second term, this time it would be the American people who are to blame. I get that the republicans are the agents who are leading Trump's treasonous actions. But sorry, we gave George Walker a second term after he attacked the wrong nation and set us on an eternal war, while practically imploding our economy into another Depression. Sadly, Trump's attacks on Bush and Cheney's actions in regards to the war, is the only thing Trump might have said that was at all true during his campaign. Which is why when he said it at the debates, it didn't end his candidacy, right then and there, as many pundits thought it would. Remember many of us knew Bush had attacked the wrong nation, I personally figured if someone would do that, he would never get elected again. Especially after the way he got in, in the first place. Stupid me. It actually made me sit up and take notice with Trump, which was when I said to myself, oh oh, this could actually happen. But when anyone brought that bit of negativity to the Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' storyline, especially when it was actually happening in real time, we were attacked as unpatriotic and in some cases like the Dixie Chicks, their careers were practically ruined by the machine behind the seat of power. 

So now, to actually elect Trump in again, a person who showcases everyday that he's not up to the job, or in the least is at all interested in it, except when it comes to getting what he wants. A man who pretty much is showcasing how easily it is to transform our democracy into his dictatorship, especially when one of the political party's running our nation, is in on the crime and the cover-up. While at the same time the party in power all seem to have way too many connections to a foreign nation, which is the same nation, Mueller outed as the ones who attacked our country. So if Trump somehow gets in again, this time, that would be on the American people. Yes you. So Americans what do you say, do you want to live in Trumpland for the rest of your lives? Or do you want to return to living in America, the home of the brave, the land of the free? It's on you, and who you believe and who you eventually vote for. I for one know it would definitely never be a person named Trump.  

Just one man’s opinion.
© Neil Feigeles, Neilizms, Sunday, May 5, 2019